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The Big Drip

Reblog: The Big Drip

The Big Drip

The Big Drip

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Hell as imagined by Hieronymus Bosch (detail).

In a world that seems now completely taken over by evil, it might be useful to make a small reflection that some might find encouraging, or at least consoling. If you have the impression – as I do – that a huge cesspool of perversion has now become the standard of morality, please reflect on this: the cesspool has a leak.

Granted, it is a very small leak, and the cesspool does not even notice its existence. Still, it is there, and from this leak many little drops slowly, but unceasingly, drip down; mainly to hell, where they deserve to be.

We live in the presence of the cesspool, and the mighty stink coming out of it distracts us from the tiny leak at the bottom; it seems to us the stink will go on irresistibly, and dominate the world; but we know…

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The Big Drip

Hell as imagined by Hieronymus Bosch (detail).

In a world that seems now completely taken over by evil, it might be useful to make a small reflection that some might find encouraging, or at least consoling. If you have the impression – as I do – that a huge cesspool of perversion has now become the standard of morality, please reflect on this: the cesspool has a leak.

Granted, it is a very small leak, and the cesspool does not even notice its existence. Still, it is there, and from this leak many little drops slowly, but unceasingly, drip down; mainly to hell, where they deserve to be.

We live in the presence of the cesspool, and the mighty stink coming out of it distracts us from the tiny leak at the bottom; it seems to us the stink will go on irresistibly, and dominate the world; but we know the leak is there, as in the end everyone else does. The drip goes on silently, slowly, without cease.

One by one, all of the immense number of drops forming the cesspool will have to go through the leak. A tiny number of them will have been purified by the intervention of a mighty Providence, prompting them to repent and avoid the final fall into the abyss. Still, it is very reasonable – nay, it is Christian teaching – to assume that most of the mightily stinking drops – those who in their sum total make the cesspool – will drip down to eternal damnation. Let the David Camerons and Maria Millers of the world think the Judge does not exist, or if He does he’ll surely understand a little bit of prostitution for the sake of political power. They will have to go through the leak one day, and with every day they are getting nearer to it. Some of the likes of Cameron and Miller will repent, but make no mistake, most of them will drip down to their doom, and experience true Justice after they have prostituted it – and themselves with it – for so long.

How will such people like Cameron and Miller hope to save themselves when the time comes? Isn’t the promotion and glorification of sexual perversion worse than the work of every thief and robber? Isn’t a woman – a woman! The sex of the Blessed Virgin! – promoting and encouraging sexual perversion for a Country of 60 million worse and more culpable than the most obdurate prostitute? Still, even the most obdurate prostitute will be met with extremely widespread reproach, and this might help her to repent one day. The likes of Maria Miller build their own monument on the public square instead, and have the effrontery of calling themselves just and caring. You can calculate her chances of salvation for yourselves. Whilst we never know about single individuals, clearly there are those with “reprobate” written all over them, and their aggressive pushing of a scandalous public agenda for their personal advancement makes of them prime candidate for Satan when their time comes.

We may think the wicked are winning big, but the cesspool does have a leak. God will not win only when the Day of Judgment comes. God wins every day, every hour, every moment. As you read these lines, a number of dark souls have experienced what Rex tremendae majestatis means. Not one single second that you have spent on these lines has seen God’s justice inactive. No, it has been incessantly at work, in nothing weakened or deterred from the wickedness of our times.

Too often we are simply told that “God is love”, literally a half truth wilfully used to smuggle a huge lie. God is love and mercy, but He is also justice, and His justice is as terrible as His love is tender. Forget God’s justice, and before you know you’ll have in front of your eyes an utter caricature of God; a caricature, in fact, so stupid I can distinctly remember when I was 5 years old and in kindergarten (and being told of God’s justice, a concept every child will immediately and unquestioningly grasp) no one of us would have swallowed such an obvious lie.

As more and more Western democracies openly betray God and transform themselves in officially sanctioned Sodoms the drip goes, unceasingly, on. It will be a great harvest for Satan, for sure; but the harvest of Satan does not diminish in any way God’s majesty and victory. God shows His Justice in every reprobate, exactly as He shows His mercy in everyone He saves through His grace. God wins every day, every second, every moment, and with every individual judgment. God’s perfect justice is among us already, it is merely administered in small instalments; instalments so little in fact, that the evildoers do not think of them, do not care for the leak, and do not waste time thinking of what happens to the drops slowly but unceasingly dripping from the bottom of the huge cesspool.

Still, we see the leak inexorably at work. Stalin and Hitler had to go through it; Vidal and Hitchens are rather recent drippings; the time of Stephen Fry and Peter Tatchell will surely come, and neither David Cameron nor Maria Miller can add one single hour to the time allotted to them.

In the meantime, we must pray, and act. We must stay near the sacraments and do our best that we may never fall into the cesspool and become part of it; we must use the pungent stink coming out of it to draw new energy and courage to fight our battle to the end, enduring the ridicule and scorn – when it’s not worse than that – of a world slowly thinking the cesspool is the epitome of everything that is “cool”, “tolerant” and “inclusive”. We must pray and fight, fight and pray. We will be belittled and ridiculed, or worse. So be it.

When the day comes, we will have our rewards, and will look – if we have been good enough, which with God’s grace we all want to be – on those whose impious arrogance and defiance of God’s law has deserved the horrible punishments inflicted on them forever. We do not wish hell to anyone, but we know all those will get hell who deserve it.

We will have to live through years of abomination without precedent since the West was first conquered to Christianity. We have to be strong and never lose faith, and we must at all times be aware that at the bottom of the huge cesspool of the Millers and Camerons a leak is causing a slow, relentless dripping. I personally often remember in my prayers the words from the Dies Irae:

Confutatis maledictis

Flammis acribus addictis:

Voca me cum benedictis

This I hope for myself and for all of us.

Let us not lose courage. God is winning as you read.


The “Big Drip” Reblog

The Big Drip 

Fantasy Solutions To Fantasy Issues

I don’t know if it’s click bait or sincere doubt, but I see doubts about Catholicism going around again.

Give me a break.

Pestilence and heresy, war and famine, French Kings (!), Arians and Cathars, the Ottomans and the Soviets, and a lot of troubles beside, have come and gone. The Church is still there.

Does the unjust trial of Joan of Arc demonstrate that the Pope was not a legitimate one? Does the shameful destruction of the Knights Templar and the execution of several of his members, starting with Jacques de Molay, show that the Pope was not a legitimate Pope? If a Pope is not Pope when he proclaims heresy, why was John XXII still considered Pope, and allowed to go on with his heresy until the last day of his life, albeit “merely” as his own theologian’s opinion?

Popes Francis (or Popes John XXII, Honorius, or Liberius) happen. This time it is particularly harsh from a theological point of view, but at least we have no pestilence and famine. Every generation has his own challenges. We, a wealthy but godless generation, have the challenges God has chosen to give us and frankly, it does not take a genius to understand the perfect appropriateness of the punishment.

And what should I say of the desire of some to move over to a schismatic outfit? Do you know whom the Orthodox recognise as the head of the Church? Let me spell it for you: the P.o.p.e. And do you know whom they consider the Pope? Exactly the same as everybody else! The Orthodox are a fantasy solution to a fantasy issue.

There is only one Church, and it is the one that Christ established on Peter. The successor of Peter is, at the moment, Francis, as the entire planet, and the Church, and even the guy who is supposed to be the anti-Peter, officially recognise. This Francis is, we all agree, a rotten individual. This is a disgrace if we think what challenges we face and how useful it would be to have a decent Pope fight together with Trump; but it is merely a small bump on the road, a small blip on the radar screen, if we elevate our gaze and look at it from the point of view of the Church history and of Her role in the world.

Get yourself a virtual drone and let it fly as high as you can, until Francis becomes but a minuscule point down there, spitting his rage to a non-existent audience. What you will see from up there is a magnificent Church, stained – as she always was – but indefectible – as she always will be -, totally unfazed by that little, disgraceful speck of white down there.

This guy is a disgrace. But in the end, he can’t even scratch at the surface of the Church, much less cause any serious damage. I always think of him – and I wrote more than one blog post about it, like this one – as someone trying to scratch with a fork a huge block of granite. This is exactly what the Evil Clown has kept doing since that horrible day in March 2013.

Do not be discouraged. Do not abandon yourself to dangerous fantasies making of you, however hard you may refuse to see it, a pope maker. Pray more, and pray for a Catholic Pope, in God’s good time.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has just died. Everybody does one day. Francis and Soros will meet their maker, too, and that day does not even seem so far away. Whatever outrage you see happening, get consolation and courage from this thought:

The Big Drip goes on.  







Happy New Year

With the fox in charge of the henhouse, it is very easy to predict a difficult year for the faithful. The Extraordinary Synod in October might well become Satan’s major 2014 offensive.

Still, we are Catholics and, therefore, long-term optimists. You may draw some consolation from the fact that in 2014 as every year before and after, the Big Drip will continue to work its magic. Many are those who in the coming year will discover that Christ is Lord, and they are idiots.

Allow me to wish a peaceful, prosperous and spiritually fruitful 2014 to you all.


Maria Miller Goes To Hell

Woof, woof!

Like many slow people, Maria Miller must think herself inordinately smart. The so-called same sex “marriage” legislation, now undergoing the final stages of a pretty undisturbed legislative procedure, will be hailed as a great victory, and a measure possibly fitting to catapult her to the real positions of power, instead of simply being the token woman of a token ministry.

I do not know, and I do not care to know, whether the female professes to believe in God. Her actions speak very loudly, and surely show that she doesn’t. She must think – whatever she will say in public – that there is no God and when she’s gone, she’s gone, no fear of hell coming in the way of her self-sale. Alternatively, – and only if she is vastly thicker than expected – she might be one of those very deluded beings who think that there might be some kind of environmentally friendly, vegetarian, pacifist, “inclusive” Super Duper Entity over there; an Entity (probably called Super Miller) who will certainly look with sympathy at a bit of political prostitution for the sake of ego gratification and professional advancement.

This will not be sufficient – says the God of the Christians – to allow her to escape hell; she ignores Him at her peril, and the peril is huge. It is an illusion to think only Sodomites lived in Sodom. No doubt, there were a lot of Maria Millers there. Sodom and Gomorrah were, no doubt, both very progressive and inclusive.

Refusal and trampling of God’s laws will clearly not be forgiven in a woman who most certainly cannot claim ignorance of Jesus. Similarly, the open defiance of God’s laws in matter pertaining to natural law – a law that God has written in every heart, so that no one, no matter how stupid or self-deluded, can ever claim not to know that sexual acts against nature are intrinsically and gravely evil – do not allow her to hide anywhere.

No, let us not kid ourselves with non-judgmental rubbish, then we know the rules as well as she does: Maria Miller marches towards hell; she teaches her sons to do the same; she encourages her voters to follow her there; and there will she end one day, unless she repents. No more smug smiles on that podgy face, then.

She doesn’t see it, of course; or if she has a vague inkling of what would happen to her if the proverbial bus were to hit her she certainly doesn’t care. She will enjoy her three minutes of popularity in the shadow of her Prime Pimp and her stupidly smiling face will be in every trendy women’s magazine, whilst the men will very well know she is merely Cameron’s quota bitch: the overeating, tail-waggling lap dog of her coalition masters. She will enjoy her moment of popularity, though; and perhaps, perhaps, she will even think she is on her way to becoming relevant in the cabinet.

Maria Miller is, by way of her father, a daughter of privilege. Whether she knows suffering and humiliation is not known; that she does not know the fear of the Lord, is certain. She isn’t old yet, but like many of her age she is certainly set in her ways. Being Cameron’s bitch has brought her some advantages, and she must therefore think this is the way to go for the rest of her life. Stuff Christianity, she must certainly think. Let’s suck up to David and the electorate, whatever absurdity the former may want to order, and the latter swallow.

The clients come first, and the Prime Pimp must be made happy.

So Maria Miller will continue to march happily towards hell, probably leading there those she loves most in the process. All this, for the dubious satisfaction of being a very small, and in the end insignificant footnote in British history; a foot soldier remembered most probably for the absurdity, the ridicule and most importantly the impiety of the measure she sponsored, than as the smart woman she must think she is.

I must disagree. Bar an always welcome repentance, she will feel very stupid when the Big Drip catches up with her. There are no smarties in hell, then going to hell is the epitome of stupidity.

Therefore, smile your podgy face to hell, Maria Miller, if this is what you want.

You will see neither the oldest, nor the second oldest profession are of much use once you have died.


The Culprits Among Us

The recent news – largely expected, but shocking nevertheless – that perversion will soon be called “marriage” in a country obviously longing for damnation is occasion of some reflection as to how we could come to this.

However I turn it, it seems to me the usual suspects are not the most important players in Satan's chess game. Besides being rather obvious that perverts in the hands of the devil make his and their work, it must be noted that these are very probably less than 1% of the population. They alone would have never been more decisive than my cat in bringing about this abomination.

No, the culprits are among us, and in order to find them you only need to look around you on the bus, in the train, or at the farmers' market.

The nice old woman who always thought it beneath her to be hostile to “gays”; the teacher who has been blabbering about “tolerance” without having a clue of what tolerance really is; the law-abiding citizen who pays his taxes and cares more about the state of his garden than of his soul; the growing army of emasculated manginas, raised by frustrated single mothers desperately looking for you-know-what, but teaching their sons to eschew anything remotely resembling virility, and their daughters to hate the female role; the army of deluded people thinking they are “conservative” because they read the “Daily Telegraph”, but are unable to even notice what a den of faggotry that rag has become; in short, polite Little England with the tea and the scones, the tennis and the cricket: I blame them first and foremost for this, because if they had wanted to see – metaphorically speaking – the blood of Cameron and Miller on the pavement, the little whores of XXI-century British politics would have never thought of even starting this.

If this country has some balls left, Cameron and Miller will be (politically) massacred in the next very few years. Highly improbable, though, because if this had been the case the Camerons and Millers of the world would have noticed it, and would have refrained from jumping into the abyss for the sake of a couple of perverts.

In this life, Cameron and Miller will probably get away with this whilst Little England goes merrily on with its afternoon teas; but make no mistake, bar an always welcome repentance their punishment will be horrible in the life to come. Also, be under no illusion that millions of souls in this once great Contry are now at risk, and will discover in the next decades – as the big drip works its magic – what fools they have been. An entire country takes leave from basic Christianity, and very few seem to notice, let alone care.

More tea, Mrs Nice? Perhaps a dollop of eternal torment, too?



Margherita Hack Changes Her Mind About God


You might not have read my blog post about the big drip, but we have now another demonstration of how it works.

Margherita Hack had all the wrong ideas. It was very easy: if something was wrong, Margherita Hack was very likely to be in favour of it.

Militant atheist. Animal right activist. Supporter of perversion. Communist candidate. Euthanasia fan.

Margherita Hack kicked the bucket earlier today in Trieste at the ripe age of 91 extremely ill spent years, and one way or the other (actually, the one is far more probable than the other) she now knows better. 

I have found no sign whatsoever of a possible conversion, or even of the beginning of it. Whilst we can have no absolute certainty, your betting a pint on the female having escaped damnation would be, if you ask me, an extremely foolish move.

Another day, another tool of Satan takes her leave.

The big drip goes on.

Below, a musical accompaniment for the Renaissance Princes among you.


(P.s. One “Eternal Rest” for her for the extremely odd probability she might have repented and for the sake of her guardian angel, if you please.)


Evil, Genocidal Communist Bastard Undeservedly Dies In His Bed And Meets His Maker. Catholics Say A Prayer For His Soul.



The news of the death of one of the most despicable bastards ever to disgrace the face of the disgraceful XX Century (and a part of the XXI) reached me this morning. Suddenly, it was clear why the air seemed somewhat cleaner and fresher.

I have read somewhere the death toll of this genocidal son of a Communist whore ranges anywhere between around 35,000 and around 140,000, with a more likely scenario anywhere in the middle Seventy Thousand. It’s a lot of people for a Country like Cuba. Actually, it would be a lot of people for a Country like China.

As the tributes to the Evil Communist Bastard pour in (our own Commie in Chief, Jeremy Corbyn, has just vomited his own praise) I think it is very fitting to remind every Catholic of a brutal truth of life: when a pig dies it does not become a lamb. It becomes pork.

 Fidel Castro was an evil man by every imaginable standard, and he was an evil man to the very end. There is no trace in his public interventions (which continued to appear, sporadically, almost to his very end) that he saw the light, though he did not hesitate in taking Catholicism hostage for his own ends (like another man who amply deserves the same adjectives in the title, without “genocidal”). The probability that Satan had a special Welcome Committee for his new guest is very high.

We Catholics do not forget, not even on this day – least of all on this day – the dastadly acts of the bastard. We do not indulge in effeminate “forgive and forget”. We counter react to the praises that will be poured on the Bastard from all over the planet. We call a pig a pig, and a dead pig pork. We don’t shut up just because the pork has finally gone to his judgment. We know that, it life were fair, Fidel Castro would have been ignominiously executed a long time ago, instead of dying in his bed. 

Still, as Catholics we know that even the soul of an evil bastard like Fidel Castro has infinite value. We know that the Lord (antecedently) desired the salvation of even the likes of him. We know that his poor Guardian Angel made every attempt, to the very end, to save his soul.

We know – and, as Catholics, we must hope for him – that God’s Mercy can be tapped on until the very end; the thought that this evil bastard might have repented in the end and merited Purgatory should inspire in us a sentiment of hope, and should make us rejoice. It should, also, be for us a reason for moderate optimism, letting us reflect that if God pleased to save such a one the probabilities for us, average wretched sinners, might be a tad better than we thought.

One Castro dealt with, one to go.

One day, every bastard must die.






Despise And The Religion Of Niceness.

New Religion

New Religion

A new religion is infiltrating itself in the mind of effeminate Anglos. This is a religion in which everything that is not nice in any way, shape, or form is suddenly bad; nay, un-Catholic. One example is the idea that it would be bad to despise; nay, that we should be ashamed of despising anybody.

It is a mystery to me how these people (not they, of course; their forefathers) could defeat the Nazis. If they had to try again they would be defeated in no time, and would swear they must dialogue with Hitler, and of course not despise him or Nazism; because you see, this is so very bad, and we are good Christians, aren’t we now.

The contrary is, actually, true. Despise is simply the contrary of appreciation, or admiration. Therefore, we not only can, but we must despise what goes against God’s plan for us, or what evidently makes the work of the devil.

To think differently means to live in a fluffy world in which nothing bad exists, Satan is merely a bit naughty at times, and we are oh so appreciative of everyone; because you see, Cardinal Kasper would be a wonderful man, if only he could… no wait, I am saying something not appreciative about him. let me stop here, lest anyone should say that I despise the man. *

It would be simply amazing to me (if I had not lived now many years in the midst of this new religion) that anyone could call himself a Christian and not make an obvious, public show of contempt for the enemies of Christian society. But then again I am a Christian, so there…

We see this everywhere in Christian Scripture, which is certainly not dripping niceness: “Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?” isn’t generally said to people for whom one feels a keen appreciation. On the contrary, one clearly despises those of whom he talks in that way. Or is it whipping people outside of the temple the sign of a keen appreciation of their, no doubt, very high qualities we still do not know, because we have not practised dialogue with them for long enough? 

Do these “religion of niceness” people ever read the Gospel? When was the last time they did?   

The Old Testament is the same, only at times it is harsher.

Of the ungodly the Psalmist says:  “As a dream when one awaketh; so, O Lord, when thou awakest, thou shalt despise their image”. This does not mean that God falls asleep, of course; but that in His good time he will show the ungodly how much he despises them. Of course He does. God loves everyone antecedently. It does not mean that he refrains from having a clear opinion of Stalin.

Or try this: “the Lord will abhor the bloody and deceitful man”. I can almost hear the priests of the Religion of Nice here, inviting God to reflect on how good a Christian he is.  I have made only a couple of example. He who reads the Bible will find infinite others. In addition to that, two thousand years of burning heretics and of Crusades, or hatred for lie and love for Truth, speak a clear enough language. 

It goes without saying that the despise of despicable people does not mean that we wish them hell, or are moved by blind hatred of other sort. We do not love our enemies in the sense that we actually make love to them. We love our enemies in that we wish them salvation and realise the immense worth they have for God as immortal souls. But we certainly should despise what is despicable, and should hate what is hateful.

If we love truth, we despise the lie. If we love Christ, we despise His enemies. If we love the flag, we despise those who betray it. If we avoid doing so, then our fidelity to truth, Christ, or the flag can very well be questioned, because even St Francis wanted to teach the Muslims with the sword. 

What kind of spineless girls have we become, and what kind of rape have we perpetrated against our religion, if even despise should be beyond the pale of the Christian.


* For the record: I do despise the man. Big time.  I find him utterly despicable. If it depended on me, he would die at the stake.

Not nice at all, I know.  But you see, this is how the Church dealt with the likes of Kasper in more Christian times.  

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