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Adelante! has already honoured me a couple of times with the mention or transcription of a blog post of mine. I consider this one of the biggest honours a Catholic blogger can receive.

But I was truly amazed at noticing, today, that my blog post of yesterday was even translated into Spanish.

Many thanks to them, and particularly to the good soul who invested his or her time in the translation of my little contribution.

Lord, have mercy on me; and look with some favour, when my day of reckoning comes, on the little but sincere effort of this wretched sinner.



Synod: Father Rosica Has To Go

Below is the brutal correction of Cardinal Napier to another of the homo calls of father Rosica, promptly echoed by his own pals at “Fire and Brimstone”.

I have started to read the reports of the Language Groups, and from what I have seen up to now (which isn’t very much, but much more than nothing) the issue of perverts, adulterers and such is not even a blip on the radar screen. There might be the one or other more or less veiled reference here and there, but I can’t imagine that this will end as an issue of any substantial import at all.

I wonder what kind of Synod Rosica has dreamt about.

The man has to go. Sharpish.

Read more about this here.


Synod: All Reports Of The Language Groups Out On “Rorate”!

You may want to run to Rorate Caeli and read them.

I will do so as soon as time allows.

St Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle!


Synod: How To Sleep At Night

The following is meant as a help to faithful Catholics who are having problems sleeping at night. Let us examine some scenarios in order of gravity, and see how our response – always including prayer and penance – may look.


1. Francis releases a document full of the usual rubbish, but with no substantial measures besides the obvious reminder about the field hospital and all that effeminate sensitive crap. Nothing new in this case. Business as usual. You keep praying that God rids us of this scourge soon. You sleep at night.

2. Francis releases a documents that goes against traditional rules. For example, he states that whilst adulterers cannot approach the altar for communion, the bishop can decide “exceptional” “pastoral measures” that allow them to do so in their own diocese. All hell breaks loose as Bishops all over the world who are actually afraid of hell (a good number of them still around, by God's grace) start shooting at the measure. A de facto schism ensues, in which the Pope sides with the schismatics, but is hit with refusal of obedience and calls for resignation as entire bishops' conferences withdraw their support to the pope and condemn the measure. You refuse to give allegiance to the Pope in everything schismatic or heretical, keep doing what you were doing, keep not only following but openly proclaiming the Catholic rule with friends and family, refuse to be shifted by the Evil Clown one single centimetre, refuse to bend to heresy in any way whatsoever. You follow the battle as it unfolds, and in particular you follow what your true spiritual guides say. The Pope is not your spiritual authority anymore, though he is obviously still Pope for now. Your spiritual authority is the Society of St Pius X. You listen to them, follow what they say, pray, and fast. You know that as the battle rages – a battle to which you, too, are called – the war is already won. You sleep at night.

3. Francis releases an openly heretical document, and no big mess ensues. It appears that the heretics got their way. The liberal press announces that the Church has “changed her doctrine”. Confusion is everywhere as the usual bloggers order you to obey the Pope because hey, you are Catholic. You do exactly as under point 2. You will have less comfort as you feel more isolated. You pray and do penance more. You listen to all the SSPX has to say and follow their advice. You pray God every day that He may rid us of this scourge as hard as you can. Mind: Francis is still the Pope, unless people with more authority than you (say: the SSPX) state that this is not the case, and why (say: because of a council of dissident bishops declaring the Pope heretic and deprived of the office). You pray more, you fast more, you get more vocal with friends and family, who will mock you now without cease. You take everything as a badge of honour, and a great privilege. You sleep at night.

4. Francis goes really bonkers: kisses fags in the mouth in public, announces he is the boyfriend of Monsignor Ricca or the girlfriend of a dog, “canonises” Satan, proclaims the “dogma” of the resurrection of Che Guevara, takes part to an interfaith service with Satanists, or the like. No opposition besides Catholic traditionalists, as Patheos bloggers invite you to accept everything “like a child” and have faith that the “Spirit” is working within Francis. The world stuns, but stays silent as fags celebrate everywhere. You proceed as before, refuse to give any allegiance to anything the man says, and wait for God or a Synod to get us rid of him. You take strenght in the promise of the Blessed Virgin, that when everything seems lost she will finally intervene. But you don't expect the intervention within next Monday, lunch time. You know big crises in the Church have gone on for a long time. You know that you may have to wait years, and may die without seeing Truth triumph on this earth. This may sadden you, but does not affect you. You keep going on in the faith of our fathers. You are fully aware of what great grace it is to keep your faith and stand firm in the midst of crumbling worlds. Terrifying as it is to think of the amount of reprobates around you, you keep praying for everyone's repentance and salvation, particularly of those dear to you, to your last breath. What a great privilege to die with such faith, in such a world.

You, my friend, still sleep at night.


We do not know what battles lie in front of us. We know that the Evil Clown is a Jesuit and a coward, certainly; but we also know that he is so heretical and stupid – and very possibly, perverted – that there is no limit to what he could do, if he feels like it and thinks that he will get away with it. I see no signals at the moment that he could go nuclear. I very much doubt that he will even risk a major conflict. But I am an optimist by nature, and have been proved wrong in the past. Therefore, it is better to be prepared for every scenario, even the most extreme. There is no point of mess, none whatsoever, at which you should even think of giving up the fight.

Good luck to all of us. Let us remember that in any challenge lies a hidden grace, and the bigger the challenge for our faith, the greater the reward for those who stand firm. Miserable sinners as we all are – as I certainly am – this should be a great consolation and be taken for what it is: a great sign of predestination.



No, Do Not Relax!

No, I cannot relax with such a one around.

I am getting more than a bit fed up with all those bloggers who tell their readers to relax, because nothing of what is happening is new and we have seen all of this before.

Of course it isn’t new. Of course the Church is indefectible. But the Church is indefectible exactly because there will always be people who refuse to be told to “relax”, and keep screaming out loud against the heresy!

Yes, we had many crises. But they were overcome thanks to people who :1) really care and 2) say it out loud. Not through people who keep silent.

Yes, we are not the first ones standing on the brink of an abyss. Yes, we know that the Church will not fall into it. But we know that very many will be lost, and I suspect that many of the “relax” people already have one foot in the precipice. We know that the Church cannot be killed, but can most certainly be raped! We know that she cannot be wiped out of the earth, but can be wiped out of entire Continents, of which Europe and America are two prime candidates!

Heresy isn’t “normal” just because it isn’t new. A crisis is no less grave because there were other crises. The situation isn’t any less scandalous just because we had such scandals before. Heretical bishops (and Popes!) aren’t less dangerous for the salvation of souls because there were others like them before.

And be assured: in no crisis of the church there was ever lack of people who asked devout Catholics to “chill out”. It is very comfortable for them to do so; particularly if they are priests, and therefore under a graver obligation to speak out loud; or if they have a paid audience, that might desert them if they go away from the “softly-softly”, “Catholic if you allow”, “let’s be nice to everyone” mainstream readership.

The Church is not indefectible because in times of crisis God sends a couple dozen angels on earth to set things right. The Church is indefectible because the Lord inspires in good souls such a hatred for heresy, blasphemy and betrayal of Him that they cannot relax, cannot shut up, and will have to speak out.

Nor can we be invited to be “little children”. We are adults, for Pete’s sake! We are supposed to stand up for our beliefs like grown men and women do, not retreat in a very childish, and at this point very stupid, way thinking that there is no need whatever for our scandal and our indignation because hey, where’s your faith… Pope XI invited us to be ready to enter the fray, not to stay in a corner sucking our lollipop because somehow, sometime, all will be adjusted.

It’s not somehow. It’s through the vocal, sustained, harsh opposition to all those who seek to destroy the Church. It’s not sometime. It’s right now.

Yes, Francis is a leftist! Yes, this worries me! Yes, it does because not only I have faith, but I love it!

For heaven’s sake, do not relax! Keep writing your messages on fora and blogs! Keep talking of the current crisis with your friends, colleagues and acquaintances!

You are called to be soldiers, not children!


“Iota Unum Non Praeteribit”. Doctrine Cannot Change

Iota Unum Non Praeteribit.



What would you think if your math teacher would tell you that he is not planning to change math rules? Right: you would think that the talk is senseless and arrogant at the same time.

The same impression I have when I read of Vatican speakers, or bishops, who reassure us that Francis does not intend to change doctrine.

This senseless and arrogant talk is even more arrogant and even more senseless than the one of the math teacher. More senseless because God, who is the perfect and immutable Creator, is infinitely more unchangeable than anything created; and more arrogant, because even the implication that anyone could change iota unum in God's rules is a blasphemous madman.

Still, this talk must sound “encouraging” for the adulterers and perverts, and terrifying for those vaguely Catholic or vaguely Christian people who still have a (vaguely) felt appreciation for the stability and permanence of the Church. The first get the clear message that Francis does not intend, for now, to change doctrine, which he obviously could do. Therefore, what does not happen today could happen tomorrow, or the day after, or with the next Pope, or at some other point. The second will wonder how long it is before the Church changes, and will – from outside – look at the Church as just another political party about to embark in a “modernisation” process.

All this talk of Francis who “will not change doctrine” is gravely misleading with the best of intentions, and utterly heretical with the worst ones. Bishops, speakers, bloggers, and everyone else should repeat on every fitting and unfitting occasion that a Pope cannot change doctrine; that he is simply not allowed to; that he would be allowed by God to change His laws as much as he would the course of the sun, the rules of mathematics or the wetness of water.

Doctrine cannot change. God's rules are as immutable as the laws of physics; more than them, because it is conceivable that God could change creation, but it is inconceivable that He could change Himself. The fact that we received, in some instances, a more profound insight of those rules in time does not mean that the rules changed, it means merely that Christianity developed a more detailed and thorough appreciation of it; exactly in the same way as history studied in high school is more deepened and detailed, but the same history, studied in elementary school.

Doctrine cannot change. Not ever. Iota unum non praeteribit.

Say it to your priest. Write it in every blog and forum. Mock whoever even vaguely implies anything different. Attack all those who mean anything different. Hammer the concept in the head of anyone near you.

We cannot allow these Modernists to put the wrong ideas in the head of the people.




Father Rosica Is Manipulating You

I received the following comment from a kind reader called genetically Catholic. 

Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki’s is a participant in the Synod, and keeps “copious notes” on interventions on his blog. In Polish of course.

The blogger at torontocatholicwitness blog says that what Fr. Rosica is reporting, ” is in total contradiction with what I have read on Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki’s blog. Fr. Rosica may be unaware, but this Prelate keeps copious notes on interventions”.

The blogger translates some of Archbishop Gadecki’s notes on the torontocatholicwitness blog – one is of an edifying intervention by Cardinal Sarah and the other, a rebuke by the Greek-Melkite Patriarch of Antioch, His Beatitude Gregory III Laham. See them here at:

I followed the link, and invite you to do the same. 

You will read the most astonishing and blasphemous challenge to Our Lord from a piece of satanical waste called Cardinal Jose Luiz Lacunza Maestrojuan, and the prompt and clear rebuke from the (Catholic) Greek-Melchite Patriarch.

I wish someone explained to me what business Cardinal Maestrojuan has in calling himself a Christian, much less a Catholic. The man is clearly a Jew, and he clearly refuses Christ and the New Testament.

On a different note, this is further evidence that Father Rosica is not reporting to us what is said at the synod, but the fantasy version he wants to sell you to please his boss Francis and the Lavender Mafia.

I wish I could read Polish in order to follow what Archbishop Gadecki reports. It is wonderful to see faithful Catholic prelates using blogs to alert the faithful about what is happening.

In the time of internet and mass blogging, Father Rosica cannot go very far.

Though I am sure he can stoop very low


The Father Rosica Omnibus

For the benefit of my more recent readers, I thought I would post a link or three concerning the rather peculiar character known to the world as Father Rosica. 

No, he is not Queen Elizabeth II.

Someone should tell him.  


Tries To Silence “Vox Cantoris”

Shoots Himself In The Process

… And all the world notices

(… here is a bit more)…

… (or here)…

Damages The Organisation He Works For

Then Backpedals With An Obvious Lie

On The Day Of Lepanto

It is good to remember that today is the day of Lepanto.

Whilst we cannot hope that there will always be victories and never defeats, days like this one remind of us the powerful ally we have in Heaven.

We must do our bit, be vocal, refuse to kow-tow to the dominant mentality.

But we must also remember that together with all this we must also pray, and I suggest that we pray the rosary.

We have a formidable weapon at our disposal. Let us use it.



Day 2: The “Father Rosica Show” Begins

The lavender is strong in this one.

The lavender is strong in this one.


Like last year, Father Rosica is specialising in reporting what the bishops have said in that oily, heretical, more than vaguely faggoty ways of his. His desire to lick Francis’ boot is very apparent, and I am sorry to say it cannot be excused. 

Rosica appears to be the one who explains to the English-speaking press what the bishops have said. At three minutes per intervention I am sure it would not overcome anyone to get the texts; but no, it must be Rosica explaining things to us.

The most notable pearls:

Aiming to summarize the some 70 interventions given mostly in Italian, English and French as well as in Spanish, German and Portuguese, Fr. Rosica said the issues of migration, poverty, employment, war, and the major refugee problem and how to best react these challenges were greatly considered. Other issues brought up, he noted, included domestic violence, violence in the Church, and sexual abuse.

O, shut up.

We all know the 70 interventions have clearly had the defence of marriage as their main focus, exactly as last year, with the issues currently in the news certainly mentioned but merely as, well, issues in the news. Like last year, Father Rosica wants to give us a synod that does not exist. It’s getting old.

The importance of changing language used to address certain difficult situations, Fr. Rosica said, was highlighted. “The language must be renewed,” he said, noting how this is especially appropriate and linked to the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy which Pope Francis has declared, Dec. 8, 2015 – Nov. 20, 2015.

This is another pearl. “It was highlighted”. By whom, exactly? Were there many bishops who were so obsessed with pleasing perverts? I am sure apart from the odd German and his lover there weren’t many. but again, Father Rosica has a homo agenda to promote, so he makes sure the Synod is caricatured as The Great FrancisMercy Exercise.

“The Jubilee of Mercy requires a language of mercy,” he stated. Father Rosica underscored how language ought to always be inclusive, rather than exclusive, particularly for homosexuals.

Oh, I agree! Language like: “unless you repent, you will most certainly go to hell!”. Now that would be merciful! Something says to me that Father Rosica does not agree. I think what he means to say is that the Church of Christ was always unmerciful to perverts, and it should change her language now. It all smells so much of lavender, one wonders whether this man really likes tits. 

I think defrocking is in order.

“In particular, when speaking about homosexuals or gay persons,” he said, “we recognize them for who they are: They are our sons, our daughters, and brothers, sisters, neighbors and colleagues.”

Very faggoty words, these, too. I wonder if the man will come out one day, in the style inaugurated by Polish Monsignors. The phrase can be read in two ways: 1) they are not homosexuals, so we don’t “recognise” them as such. They are sons, etc. 2) we must recognise them as sons etc who happen to be homosexual, because we meet people “where they are”. Obviously, 2) is what the press will make it sound like, and it is obviously what Father Rosica meant to have reported. You notice here that these seem to be personal reflections of the man rather than express quotation of some Synod stepfather. 

Certain other issues, he shared, may also make sense to consider locally, such as polygamy.

I get the general sense here: polygamy is an issue only in certain parts of the world, so it might be better to allow the local bishops (means: the African ones) to deal with it. However, I miss from the man the even occasional Catholic word, as in: “certain other grave issues”, or the like. I am pretty sure if such adjectives had been used, the press would have picked them. But the man is less Catholic than my cat, so this is par for the course.

The message that I get is this: Rosica will, day in and day out, manipulate the sense and spirit of the bishops interventions, exactly as he did last year, in order to please his heretical and homosexual masters. 

Please find a rubbish bin for the man, and make sure he never gets out. 



Jesuitical Blabber

Welcoming homosexuals

Pope Francis has addressed the Synod Fathers in his opening speech, or I should say tosh. You find the thing everywhere on the Internet, so I will not bother with a link.

The tosh seems to have two fundamental points:

1) we cannot change doctrine, and

2) we must be “surprised” by the Holy Ghost, reject “legalism” and find new ways to be “inclusive”.

The points are obviously contradictory, and their spirit is pure Modernism. You can't have your cake and eat it. Francis knows it very well, and his Modernist muddying the waters is the result of this knowledge.

You will ask me whether I am afraid that point 2 will lead to a nuclear conflagration. Call me the incurable optimist but I do not see this happening; at least at the Synod, and actually even later. Francis has been talking of “surprises” for a long time now; therefore, it comes as no (ahem) surprise that he should do it now. The first attempt at “surprising” us ended with him going home with a bloody nose. This time he has closed the ring altogether. The man blabbers all the time, but I can't see anywhere that he is willing to fight.

Or put it in another manner. Frankie can talk his adulterous, homoerotic bollock in two ways:

1. In off-the-cuff reflections and informal speeches. He does it all the time. No Catholic with a brain listens to him anymore. It's old.

2. In official documents. He cannot do that without exposing himself to the same ferocious criticism he has seen coming at this year's synod. He would have to go past the CDF, thus losing face completely. He would be massacred by theologians and clergymen worldwide. He could end up deposed, defrocked and excommunicated. He has never done this in 30 months of pontificate.

I do not see Francis waging a frontal attack. I cannot see in him any revolutionary gut. In him I see the Jesuit all the time. He will do all he can to help the adulterers and the perverts, short of teaching that they are right and Christianity wrong.

Some people think that as Francis talks of “surprises”, he will “surprise” us with some attempt at doctrinal innovations. I beg to differ. For Francis, talk does not have to be followed by action. Blabber is done for the sake of blabbering. Once he has put some stupid sounding poppycock in the world, he is satisfied; at least then, when he known that putting the poppycock into practice would be dangerous.

Reflect on this: Francis has largely deprived the synod of open debate because he knew that – even with rigged participants – the debate would have become a ferocious indictment of his pontificate. He clearly wants to avoid the storm. It is not clear to me why this Don Abbondio would wake up one morning and discover he wants to be Che Guevara.

On the contrary: the observations up to now say to us that this here is no Che Guevara, at all. He is an old, faithless, lewd man so much in love with himself that he will do all he can to promote his popularity, until things get dangerous.

Then it's Jesuitical blabber, all the way to hell.



Synod: The Opening Salvo

Kasperite positions are being bombed.

Kasperite positions are being attacked.

The opening salvo of this synod belongs to Cardinal Erdo.

After Francis’ usual fluffy, “this but also that”, “have your cake and eat it” speech, the Cardinal – who was culpably weak last year when he allowed the infamous relatio post disceptationem to bear his name as main signatory, but then recovered and disavowed it almost immediately –   opened his own speech with the following words:

Jesus Christ is our master, our Lord, and the Good Shepherd.

It is difficult not to see in this an open criticism of a Pope so worldly, so shamelessly secular in all he does, that he managed an entire speech in the US without mentioning Jesus once. Also note the emphasis on the fact that our Lord is a good shepherd, and therefore not “cruel” or “legalist”. Not bad as a start. Not bad at all.

The rest is – if you gloss over the V II verbosity and the usual diplomacy of how good the bad pope actually is, full text here –  in line with the incipit.

Cardinal Erdo has – see the link at the beginning for more comment – basically drawn a line in the sand at the very start. This is important, because the man – who isn’t a lion, see above – would not have pronounced such a speech unless he was sure that he echoes the prevalent sentiment among the bishops; not only those present at this farce but – infinitely more importantly if the Obama hits the fan – those outside.

The opening speech seems to me, in fact, a kind of closing speech. “It is what it is” – says the cardinal to the Kasperites – “shut up already”. He does not say it with these exact words, obviously; but among prelates “shut up already” is said in a different way than among us mere mortals.

It seems to me that when a line is drawn in the sand on the very first day, something is boiling in the Vatican cauldron. There must be a pent-up dissatisfaction with Francis’ ways – both in general and at last year’s synod – that moves the bishops to act decisively from the start in order to prevent any kind of “surprise” that Francis may have prepared. No one trusts this man. They know why, and you too.

Think of this: the bishops have just finished to insistently reinforce traditional teaching on marriage; therefore, there is no universe in which Francis can come out one fine morning and say that now the “Spirit” wants to do everything differently. He would dig his own grave, and he knows it. I hope the pressure on him keeps mounting. It will keep him awake in case he is dreaming of some golpe.

The opening salvo was, if you ask me, very effective.

I would go as far as to say that it has landed square on Francis’ and the Kasperites’ head.


The Father Carota Omnibus


The Anti-Kasperites

The Stupidity Of “Sensitivitee”

This side, or that side

Pray For Father Carota

Father Carota


Father Carota is very ill, and I ask you to, in your charity, say your next rosary for him. If you do not recite the rosary, I think this would be a wonderful occasion to recite your first one, or to start it again.

Father Carota (carrot, in Italian) writes a blog that was recommended to me by faithful readers. I was always impressed by the uncompromising stance of the good man concerning everything Catholic, and by his very blunt and very charitable words (the two go, in fact, very often together).

I remember thinking that this carota was a very healthy vegetable indeed: not extremely satisfying on the moment, but very beneficial in the long term. If you want sugary things that are bad for your health you can always ask Francis, and it will be muffin galore.

After the post I have linked Father has posted a new blog post written by himself, with a courageously smiling photo.    

I confess I could not hold a little tear as I read the words “If all the other things I have done in my life have been in vain, it is all worth while saving children from abortion”.

Father, I am not sure you did many things in vain in your life, but your blog was most certainly not one of them. Many a time I have reddened by reading it, and found myself a better man in the end. Many a time I have thought how much we need priests like you, and what a desert it is to live surrounded by fluffy idiots instead of true pastors. Many a times I have thought, reading the blog, “this looks like one that will go to heaven with the Angels Express”. 

I hope the time for Father has not arrived yet, because the world needs people like him. But if it has, it must be a huge consolation to take leave of this valley of tears knowing that one has fought the goof fight with courage and determination, and without any fear of the world’s criticism, malice or ridicule. 

I will keep you in my prayers, Father, and I am sure many of my readers will do so, too. I kindly ask you not to leave us so soon, if it is at all possible, and to recommend us to the Blessed Virgin if it isn’t. I am sure you can look back to a life extremely well spent, but please try to stay with us for a while yet. 

You are such a healthy food for the soul. 



“Madness Or Possession”: Father Oko On Homo “Inclusive” Language



Via Vox Cantoris, the Toronto Catholic Witness has the translation of a very interesting interview with Father Oko. Father Oko is already known to the older readers of this blog, and I have just reblogged one of his best efforts.

The interview has some very interesting points:

  1. Charamsa wasn’t an “obscure official”, buried in the offices of the CDF because it was embarrassing to keep him in Poland. No, he was vocally active in Polish magazines, and embarked in a smear campaign against Oko himself. 
  2. Once again what yours truly incessantly preaches proves true: whenever a priest shows “progressive” tendencies, it is legitimate to suspect that either faggotry or a mistress are behind it.
  3. Once again, we notice that once Satan takes hold of a man through sexual perversion, he tries to destroy him completely. Charamsa has embarked on an ego-driven road to self-destruction because his perversion has literally eaten him out. Oko is very charitable in offering to pay for treatment. I prefer the old times, when the treatment was the scaffold.

Father Oko also has interesting words about the present situation in the Church, and the fact that bad apples will also be present in the finest catholic orchard. Not that the orchard is very fine at the moment…

Super Express: But he [Charamsa] finished in the seminary, is a doctor of theology, and until recently, was an important Vatican official. How is it possible to function like that in the Church for so many years? 
Fr. Oko: It is, unfortunately the dark side of the Church. I myself wrote about the homolobby. There were in the Church people like Archbishops Juliusz Paetz and Jozef Wesolowski. It would seem that people of their kind have provided a career for Fr. Charamsa. Those people are very supportive, it is the so-called ‘Lavender Mafia’. This sick part of the Church has always existed. Judas among the twelve apostles constituted 8.5 percent. If you convert that to the 30,000 priests in Poland, it turns out that more than 2.5 thousand priests are living badly, like Judases. Charamsa belongs to this group of Judases, of Cains. Betraying the Church the person places himself above the bishops, theologians, popes, one can even say: above God. Pope Benedict XVI said that genderism is worse than Marxism. Pope Francis said it is like a tsunami, demonic, satanic. Jesus spoke of whitewashed tombs, a brood of vipers, murderers of the prophets. According to Fr.  Charamsa these words are unacceptable, our language should instead purr sweetly. If someone thinks he knows better than God on how to speak of this, it indicates a madness or possession.
Madness or possession.

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