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Time To Be Worried, Papa Emeritus

I have written in another post about a world with Benedict not resigning and remaining in charge. I’d like to sat two words here about his rather proximate meeting with his Maker.

Benedict has, in the past, raised huge eyebrows talking of his salvation as a done deal (I wrote about it), without him being known as a new San Paul or Padre Pio. If I were him, however, I would actually be worried. Let us see why.

The fact is, Benedict isn’t a quisque de populo; he is a guy who has had a big influence on the church and on countless faithful for many decades; and he is a prelate, and a theologian to boot. He must know that he will be judged differently from the old man who, at times, got drunk at the pub.

Dr Ratzinger was a poisonous influence during Vatican II, and the fact that he wasn’t nearly as bad as others made his poison more insidious. He also consorted with, or was appreciative of, theologians who were seen with suspicion or sent to the wilderness only a few years prior. You only need to read books like One Hundred Years of Modernism to understand that this guy was, without a doubt, part of the heretical push, albeit in much lesser measure than others. Everybody, in pre Vatican II time, would have been afraid of hell just stuff like that.

Then we have Pope Benedict, of whom I have just written in the other post. This was the guy wearing red shoes to be reminded that he walked in the blood of the martyrs, but not willing to undergo the harsh conflicts necessary to deal with the harsh realities of the job. Nor has he the excuse of being too simple, or too naive, like John XXIII might have fancied himself on a bad day. No, this one was always – and is, in fact, to this day – a keen and sharp intellect. Therefore, his caving to the wolves around him in everything that really counts cannot really be salvaged by the occasional good decision or sound gesture. Be it Summorum Pontificum, homo mafia, or Bishops’ appointment, Benedict was always wetting his lips, but then he never whistled. He even had to have his own Assisi gathering! This is, I think, a heavy burden for a man who, like every Pope, should set his life at nought , but was afraid of even enforcing Summorum Pontificum.

Lastly, we have the Pontiff Emeritus. On at least two occasions, possibly more, Ratzinger lauded Francis’ Pontificate (I wrote about it on both occasions). It is nothing less than staggering that a man still in full possession of his faculties, as Ratzinger is, would be so gregarious, so much of a yesman to the very end, that he would praise the man systematically trying to destroy Catholicism, including of course that little that Benedict did himself.

I wish the man, sincerely, all the best. Which is why I notice with sadness that, with already one and a half foot in the grave, he has never recanted his role in V II and, in fact, still seems to think he did quite well in it; has never said a word about the effects of his decisions on the Catholic Church; and has not yet said, not even almost in dying, one word of condemnation of the countless scandals of the Evil Clown, though he actually praised him on more than one occasion.

Honestly, if he is not worrying, as it seems he is not, this is another indication of how thoroughly a son of V II Ratzinger is.

We Would Have Been In Trouble Anyway

The Pontiff Emeritus has recently expressed his desire to go to his reward soon, and this has prompted in me the desire to write not one, but two posts. Let us talk, today, about his health.

Whilst the man undoubtedly still has a fully functioning brain, if you look at a recent picture of his you will see the degree of physical decay that has now set in. Francis may be ill, or not, but he easily looks twenty years younger than his predecessor.

So I reflect on what papacy we would have had in the last eight and a half years, if Benedict had not resigned.

I think we would have had a horrible, horrible one.

Not a strong man when in the fullness of his physical ability, Benedict was, as Pope, clearly never man enough to do what he knew is right. Rather, he was happy with some alibi gestures, like Summorum Pontificum, whilst the wolves around him largely did what they wanted and kept installing their friends as bishops and cardinals. In fact, Benedict’s utter inability to set the tone in the episcopal appointments is, even more than his weakness in having SP seriously enforced, witness of his weakness.

Benedict was the guy happy to commission a 300 pages report on the homo mafia, knowing that he would not be the one who has to deal with the problem.

A strong Pope would have said “pray for me, that I may have some mercy on the wolves”. For Benedict, hunting the wolves was never in the cards. He merely hoped not to be pushed around all day.

If, therefore, Benedict had been still in charge in his late Eighties and Nineties, he would have allowed his handlers to boss him around like you wouldn’t believe, in tune with his innate lack of fortitude and his very German gregariousness and herd mentality.

The problem with that is, I believe, that whilst Benedict was never man enough to be a strong Pope, he was always intelligent enough to realise it. He must have looked with discomfort at the more and more overt pressure that would have been exerted on him as years go by. A lion will, with age, lose some strength in his roar; but a kitten is in real trouble. Faced with a difficult situation, and lucidly seeing his limits, Benedict did was all quitters do: he quit.

I think this is a sensible reading of the situation, and one that accounts for Benedict’s desire to feel that he was not fleeing from the wolves, but doing the sensible thing seeing his advanced age and declining physical abilities. Still, this tells me that, in good part thanks to his eight years’ inaction on the homo mafia and to his episcopal and cardinals’ appointment, we would have been in trouble anyway. In fact, we might have been better off with a total idiot and Clown as a frontman, allowing more people to open their eyes, than with John Paul II 2.0, showcased to the simple as a wonderful example of health martyrdom whilst the wolves feast in the background.

However, looking at him now, I cannot but realise that we would have been in real trouble anyway.

Waiting For The Hearse?

Francis has already chosen his own hearse….

The Italian Bishops have just announced that their synod will go on … until 2025.

There will be a “listening” phase, finally ending the deafness the Bishops are experiencing, until 2023. After that, there will be the synod proper, which will go on another two years. At the end of this phase, there will be “actions” distributed to the parishes. One never knows, the parishes might need a phase of reflection and listening after receiving the actions, followed by a phase of ear checking so they are sure their own deafness has also finally ended. At some point, perhaps, something will happen. Or not.

Call me the usual optimist, but I am really, really missing the urgency here. It is as if the Italian Bishops, aware of the potential for conflicts that awaits (with all their shortcomings, Italians tend to be different from the Germans) but forced by the Evil Clown to go through the process anyway, had decided to draw the process for as long as possible, hoping to see, at some point, that particular coffin receiving the corpse appointed for it.

This has tradition not only in Government and in big companies, but actually everywhere where there is a need to stall without the conflict that comes with it. The process of “discernment “ and “listening” appears, to me, a very elegant way to drag things out waiting for the Requiem Mass; which, if you ask me, should be substituted for a thanksgiving one.

I might be wrong. But I think I have seen this very mechanism at work more than once in my professional life. This is not what “reformist zeal” look like.

This look, to me, like waiting for the hearse.

How YouTube Works And Why It Has To Be Broken Up.

She has just discovered Sensus Fidelium

I think I know how YouTube works. Let me explain.

I think that some frustrated, 23 years old, 350 pounds, tattooed lesbian land whale (or, alternatively, some extremely thin, soy milk-intoxicated 23 years old, tattooed fag boy drowning in oestrogen; or, perhaps, some 23 years old, 350 pound, hysterical, tattooed hippo boy believing he is a land whale) discovers a Catholic channel with thousands of sermons on it.

The freaky individual decides that, this being Catholic stuff, it must be “racist”. Therefore, said freaky individual whose sex was, to his great dismay, decided at birth proceeds to slate said channel for cancellation from YouTube for repeated violation of their terms of service, because we live in very gentle times and that’s how we call censorship and persecution.

This goes to the supervisor, who either belongs to one of the above mentioned categories or is terrified by them, and has no desire whatever to be the target of the next YouTube Witch Trial, in which he/she/it is made to abjectly apologise before he/she/it is fired anyway.

Therefore, the YouTube Channel (which is called sensus fidelium, in a further piece of evidence of h-h-homophobia) is deleted from YouTube for the violation of YouTube rules called wrongthink.

An email is sent to the channel owners, because in these gentle times you politely inform Catholics that you are persecuting them. We are merely following procedure, Sir. It’s not our fault, it’s you who are Catholic. We can’t have that. It’s wrongthink, you know.

At this point, something strange happens: the matter goes up the food chain, and lands by someone who – whatever his personal convictions – actually thinks, or did not have his entire existence devastated by hormone injections. Result: the site is reinstated, Latin name and all.

You would think that all is well that ends well. Not so fast.

First question: have all those who have decided and approved of the deletion been fired? If not, why not?

Second question: how long before the madness rises higher among the YouTube ranks?

The issue here is not that the site was reinstated. The big scandal is that it was deleted in the first place. YouTube must be broken up, because as it is it is a massive threat to Democracy.

Imagine if this had happened to one of those lgbtfu sites? They would have heard it on Mars?

But of course I am dreaming.

Such a thing could never happen at YouTube.

Drunk Or Commie? You Be The Judge.

Francis’ little helper?

Is there no limit, no limit at all to the stupid revolutionary propaganda of this evil tool of Satan?

I am told that Francis likes Fernet ( I do it, too; it might well be the only taste we have in common), and when I read his new apology of looting and race baiting my first impulse was to think “he was tipsy, or drunk, and said too much”. However, if the statement about the “Samaritans” (yes: race baiting, Marxist propaganda and looting now make you a “Samaritan”) was prepared, then there is something more sinister at work.

With advancing age (or disease; we will know which is which in due time) Francis seems to become, if possible, more aggressive in his denunciation of Catholicism and in his promotion of the Marxist agenda. Apart from alcohol abuse (which, in case of off-the-cuff comment, we certainly do not want to exclude), this seems to be due either to his becoming more petty and more unhinged as the years pass or, if we are lucky, to his becoming more venomous and more desirous to punch some fists to the Catholic wall as he has been told he is approaching the time for the check out.

In both cases, what changes is the immediate motivation, not the spirit or the mentality behind this man’s actions. The mentality is the one of an old, bitter, lewd old man who, after scrounging from the Church he hates all his life, is now indulging in his childish desires to damage her as much as he can before he goes into what he thinks will be annihilation and nothingness; something we know because, if he believed in God, he would be absolutely and completely terrified and would, as a result, most certainly behave differently.

It is difficult, from the point of view of a sane Catholic, to accurately gauge what is going on inside the already not very smart mind of this individual. His hatred of us is not of the systematic, lucid, intelligent kind. He says and does what he feels like saying and doing on the day. Seeing an intellectual pygmy trying to kick a skyscraper does make you wonder about the sobriety of the pygmy, but the pygmy could be – besides being full of hatred – just very, very stupid.

Francis kicks the skyscraper all the time. He certainly angers us. The skyscraper does not notice it at all.

He might have been drunk. He might have been… Francis.

You be the judge.

The Smell Of Brimstone And What We Should Do About It

How horribly, horribly impolite!!

I have started noticing this some time ago, but I wanted to wait in order to see whether this is a real trend. Now, I think it is: Gloria TV’s cartoons are getting increasingly more assertive against the Evil Clown. I cannot get a .jpg picture, but one example is here.

This is, of course, extremely good.

Every Catholic who stumbles upon a Catholic site whose orthodox credentials are obvious (Gloria TV is a prime example), and sees Francis ravaged, will forever remember what real Catholics think of the guy. Long after he has forgotten what the article was about, or for which reason he googled, or happened to read, the article, he will remember that Catholics think that Francis is a clown.

I remember when I was was pretty much the only one (at least, that I knew of) calling the man evil, a clown, a joke, an ass, and the like. I am extremely pleased to see that I am now in an ever-increasing company.

The unprecedented challenge to Catholicism that Francis and his ilk represent need to be met with an unprecedented reaction from faithful Catholics. This has always be so in the history of the Church (from the scandal given by Marcellinus to the scandal given by Paul VI trying to shut down the SSPX seminary in Econe), and there is no reason it should not be so now.

New challenges must be met with new solutions, because what is most important – the integrity of the Church and Her faithfulness to Christ – must always come first.

This is why all those who keep looking at the present times with old spectacles risk damaging the Church instead of helping her, and I wonder how much they want to help the Church and how much they want to simply feel good with themselves, or avoid the painful, tiring job of, actually, thinking. First among those are the “sweet Peter on earth” crowd, who keep looking at a stinking pile of shit and telling themselves that it actually smells of roses.

No, Francis does not smell of roses. He smells of sheep, of course. But most of all he smells of brimstone, big time.

I welcome every Catholic site which understands this obvious rule of communication and tries not to be polite, but to save souls.

Give your garden variety, lapsed, distracted Catholic seeking info about the latest papal excrementation a spoon of the Mundabor medicine, and he will never forget the taste. Give him the usual rose water, and he will happily keep trotting on his way to a very long purgatory or, very possibly, hell.

When I die, I will not be asked what I did to promote civil conversation. I will be asked what I did for Christ.

Let those who are rotten inside be polite outside.

We believe in One who whipped other guys.

Of Hens And Grandmas

It was very, very early in my, by now, fairly long life. A little scene I never forgot.

The protagonists of this story are my late Grandmother and a chicken, or a hen, whatever it might have been as I would have difficulties in telling the one from the other to this day.

My grandma had clearly selected this hen as her particular friend for the morning, and was looking at her in a warm, friendly, utterly trust-inspiring way.

Without any hurry, and with that good-natured expression stamped on her eyes, she was assuring the hen of the utter and complete sincerity of her intent. You might say, today, that she was asking the hen to give peace a chance, or to let friendship win over hate.

All the time I was looking, with a fairly vague idea of what she might want to do, but without any real certainty, as I had never assisted to such an exercise in rural village diplomacy.

I remember to this day my exact vantage point, and how I could see, from my comfortable, sitting position, both the utterly friendly expression of my clearly friendship-craving, peace-loving grandma and the hesitant, uncertain demeanour of the hen, visibly conflicted between her better instincts and the smile offensive of my late ancestor. If that was a hen, it wasn’t a huge, that is, very old one. I suppose she was good enough for the day.

This kind of ballet went on for what, to me, seemed a while. Grandma was in no rush whatsoever. She seemed to really want to strike a long-lasting, beautiful friendship with the, no doubt, succulent animal.

As my grandma was slowly, patiently winning the trust of the two-legged bird, I remember noticing, with my very young but already somewhat observing brain, that there was no alarm among the other hens. They were all going after their own business, enjoying the sunny Summer morning without a care in the world. This would, methinks, have contributed to the undecided behaviour of the Chosen One, who would certainly have run away as fast as she could in case of general panic.

How this ended, you have already understood. Grandma managed to get near Mrs Lunch, grasped her with a fast, assured movement, and went away with the bird now clearly alarmed and trying to scream “treason!”. It was likely due to my presence that she did not execute the bird on the spot, but rather made it disappear in the direction of the kitchen, never to be seen alive again, in best Augusto Pinochet style. I saw the bird at lunch, though; and, being already then not really the bleeding heart, vividly remember not being saddened one bit. Grandma’s skill, not her victim, is what remains with me to this day.

I reflect now that, on that sunny morning in the Sixties, I saw a little theatre of life.

Satan lures his victims with fake promises of friendship. He wins their natural resistance and persuades them, little by little, that all his fine. Their irreligious stance, their fornications, their abortions are no great deal. Their sodomy is perfectly fine, its “acceptance” and “celebration” quite ok, laudable even. The other hens around seem to think all this quite normal. There will be no alarm.

But when Satan has his chosen victim in his hand, there will be no going back.

Do Not Cry, Good, Faithful Catholic Soul.

Pray for us, o holy Mother of God

Today, 13 October, is the anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun.

Days like this one are like a heavenly balm in an age like the one we are living. It is not that we would normally not believe in the miracle, and the Francis-induced state of worry causes us to believe in it. It is, rather, that we have always believed in it, and the recurring of the anniversary is like an old friend visiting us again, reassuring us of his friendship and affection for us, encouraging us to resist any feeling of despondency, and rejoice in a friendship that will, by God’s grace, never die, no matter the outer circumstances.

There is a reason why the Church gives us assurance about the legitimacy of believing in the one or other miracle. It is to make our faith nearer, warmer, more involving. It is as if the weary soul would receive a warm embrace, just when it feels like crying. God knows Francis and his band of evil people make us feel like crying at times.

Do not cry, good, faithful Catholic soul.

The Blessed Virgin is lovingly watching you. The same God who made you to be happy with Him forever will, if you ask Him fervently, give you all the graces you need to die on the right side of Truth.

On this day, try to pray your Rosary more fervently than usual, relax at home if you can; if you have the possibility, make yourself a good risotto, with a glass of a fine red wine. Cheer up, and do not give up to sadness.

Everything is under control.

The Woke Revolution Eats Its Own

I must always smirk when I read news like this one.

Let us leave aside, for the moment, the absurdity of the event. Let us focus, instead, on the absurdity of the atmosphere that made it possible.

This is an obviously very woke, very leftist, very minority teacher accepting to work in an extremely toxic, woke environment, with a dean who seems gone out of a parody movie (and possibly terrified of being a white male in such a terrifying woke environment).

Guy obviously thinks that being woke exempts him for following all written and unwritten, explicit and implied, possible and future rule of wokeness. Big mistake, as there is no way the guy can be normal for a couple of minutes and not be called out.

What follows is the usual woke humiliation ritual, which reminds me a lot of Stalinian trials. Woke guy apologises a first time to his lords and masters, the students; then a second time to the faculty; he also sends out to the students more information, hoping he does not get eaten alive by them; you see, he tells them he has worked with minority in the past. Alas, he makes things worse as the number of things you can’t do increases by the minute, and stating you have worked with minorities in the past is apparently one of them (no; I didn’t know it, either). Then the guy tried to apologise for the way he had worded his piece of apology.

As you have already understood by now, it was all in vain. Professor Woke was kicked out of his own seminary, reported to some Stalinian Office Of Thought Purity, and we don’t know what else follows from this. He has been teaching since 1995 so I assume he is tenured, which might give him some protection; but these days, you never know.

I will not be sorry if he loses the job. And his successor. And the successor of his successor. These woke professors are part of the problem, as is abundantly clear from the abject apologies they always send out before being shafted anyway. They should all get to pay the price of their wokeness. It applies to the deans, too.

What a rubbish life these people must be living. Constantly apologising, constantly terrified of using the wrong word or doing the wrong thing, constantly afraid of not being up to scratch with the latest way the woke dogs have chosen to be offended and, unavoidably, tear someone to pieces.

They have made their bed. Now, they should lie in it.

Liar, Liar, Wheelchair On Fire

Well, I can’t say I am surprised.

Two separate sources (at least one from the inside of the Vatican walls) confirms that the survey sent out by Francis about the Traditional Latin Mass gave quite the contrary answer to what Francis claims.

In short, the Bishops answered in their majority that the Traditional Latin Mass is good for Catholicism and promotes Catholicism.

Note here that Gaenswein, who knows our guy a tad better than your average Pollyanna, was “worried” that Francis “could” lie (means: was sure that he would). Francis’ character is so obviously rotten, that the people around him know already what he would so before he takes action and actually lies.

Reflect that this here is the same guy who said “Soon, Soon!” to the poor old faithful couple asking when the persecution of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate would end. He is also the guy officially called a liar by Archbishop Vigano’ for pretending not to know that McCarrick was exactly one of those sheep whose stink Francis seems to like so much. He is, also, the guy who lies every day about the mission of the Church, the importance of the Sacraments, etc.

In short: we know what kind of guy Francis is.

But I hope you will find the way to inform the one or other colleague, friend, or relative about it. The more people know Francis, the less damage he can do.

Michael Virus Speaks

Pornocracy, Vatican II, And The “Unprecedented Times”.

Pornocracy is the name given to a phase in the history of the Church, which went on for more than half of the X Century, in which women, or bad women (there is much confusion on the matter) wielded a great influence in the life of the Church, to the point of – be it as virtuous women, as some say was the case at times; or as concubines and lovers, as must have happened in other cases – being the unofficial Popemakers. This “government of prostitutes” went “officially” on for some five or six decades “only”. However, it is not difficult for anyone willing to look to persuade himself that, for another 100 years or so, the situation remained chaotic and utterly explosive.

Popes removed no one knows why, replaced no one knows exactly how; possibly killed, but perhaps not; said to have been simoniacal, heretical, or utterly corrupt, but we can’t know exactly. Priests (apparently) openly marrying, just like that, and a Pope possibly killed by priests for fighting against this. In a world, barely believable stuff. All happened, as a whole though there may be doubt about the details of single episodes, to our very own Holy Mother Church.

This has been widely publicised for the wrong reasons . The Synodus Horrenda – which I actually always found beautiful, and a great example of PR – or the same Pornocracy years have been used, at various times, by Protestant or Anticlerical elements to try to discredit the Church. In reality, though, these confused but difficult times have two very important messages for us. The first: the excrement has hit the ventilator, for around a century at a time, way before Vatican II. The second: the Church emerging from such troubles is a clear, living sign that She is, verily, Indefectible.

Of course, every crisis is different. You may say that never before V II heresy had been so officially welcomed inside the Church. But every big crisis in Church History was, in its own way, unprecedented. Marcellinus’ “trial”, Honorius’ betrayal, Liberius’ sellout were all “firsts”! The same can be said of both the Great and the Western schisms!

You are living in unprecedented times, but there are several precedents of unprecedented times, we are simply living a new variant of a very old virus!

Therefore, my dear reader, do not be discouraged when the Evil Clown makes an ass of himself again (without reading the headlines, I am pretty sure he did that today, too). This, too, shall pass.

The Church that went through periods of utter confusion, for many decades at a time, will get through this, too.

Pray For Mr Skojec, Blinded By Arrogance

This is serious, serious stuff, Mr Skojec…

Watching Steve Skojec going down the road of perdition, slowing erecting an altar to his own oh so self-esteemed intelligence and wallowing in his own discomfort at being, actually, a Catholic, has been quite a show in the last years. It was like watching one of those car crashes, filmed in slow motion, that are made to test the safety of cars.

In this particular slow motion film, you could see the crash approaching from afar. It was clear that the driver was heading for the wall, “pedal to the metal”, but very proud of his desire to head towards the impact.

The car has now smashed itself against the wall, and the wreck is quite a sobering sight.

After so many years feeding a (numerous) family on Catholicism, this guy now talks like a boy of 15 all proud that he is flexing his budding intellectual muscles. As is the case for every atheist decrying the supposed cruelty of God, his rebellion highlights the very issue that is at the root of why Christianity exists. “It is wrong of God to punish people for their rebellion to God” is, in fact, quite the unwittingly comical statement, albeit the involuntary joke escapes the intellect of the oh so intelligent rebels.

Let us give this little adolescent (who starts his tweet with a harsh criticism of Saint Alphonsus; I’d say 15 is too much; let us make it 13…) some fast refresher of the basics as far as my limited time and impromptu reflections allow.

The Bible is the Word of God. The Genesis is Divinely inspired. We do not read the Bible and then decide whether it’s right or wrong. Truth is received, not questioned. We may certainly have questions about the workings of Divine Truth. But these questions must come from the desire to better understand these truths, to make them more solidly, more beautifully ours; to make them, I might add seeing the former profession of Mr Skojec, better accessible to others to the extent that God’s grace and life’s circumstances allow us to do so.

They can, however, never come from the, frankly, childish point of view that we know better, and God needs to pass our test or we will move over to the atheist camp. If one cannot see the pride that is literally exploding from the latter attitude, it means that Satan has blinded him already; as, it is clear, Satan has now blinded Mr Skojec entirely, and has given him the unspeakable arrogance to try to send others on the way to hell with him.

Mr Skojec has two diseases. The first is an almighty arrogance, which is the work of the devil and very fashionable nowadays. The second is the bleeding heart attitude, which is also the work of the devil but even more fashionable as it is, plainly, the religion on whose altar him and most of the planet nowadays sacrifice, and I mean literally sacrifice their own eternal salvation.

I am, though, pretty sure that Mr Skojec did not always think in that way. In am pretty sure that, many years ago, there was another Mr Skojec; one who, actually, humbly received the Truth instead of thinking that the Truth must pass the tests of his own bleeding heart doubts. It must have been so, because this man decided to make exactly of these truths his own chosen profession, and I refuse to believe Mr Skojec was a fraud from the start.

Many years ago (and, in fact, likely at the age of 5 or 6, 7 at the latest) Mr Skojec knew and accepted a harsh reality of life: we are all born sinners and deeply, deeply flawed individuals. We are all, of our own, unworthy of Salvation. Of our own, we are nothing; actually, we are worse than nothing; we are deserving of hell for being – without God’s grace – the very seed of rebellion to God, the very God who decreed that the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the sons.

Is this harsh? Cruel? Wrong? Unjust?

Admittedly, it appears harsh. It is that kind of news that impresses itself on you as quite the piece of information since a little child. I actually remember the very moment and place when this information was, quite solemnly, imparted to me. I was, likely, 5 at the time. May the kind soul who – out of her good heart and love for Christ – gave me the, at the time, rather shocking information be happy with God forever.

However, it is not cruel, then even as children we immediately, instinctively grasp that here there is a Justice at work that transcends our little minds (no, as little children we do not say “transcends”; but we feel it anyway) . This we do because, in our innocence, we are naturally more ready to receive Truth; one of the many reasons why religious education must be started as soon as may be. Nor is the news, and the God-willed order it exposes, wrong, or unjust, because God is unable of doing wrong. If, therefore, something that God decrees or commands appears wrong to me, I need to ask myself what is wrong with me.

“If you believe what you like in the Gospel, and reject what you don’t like, it is not the Gospel you believe, but yourself”. This is not me. It’s Saint Augustine. He was quite a smart guy. But every child of 5, and every illiterate peasant with a good heart, grasp this truth in a way Mr Skojec has clearly forgotten.

We believe so that we may understand. We do not understand so that we may believe (yes, it’s that guy again..).

Truth is received. Anything else is, as every boy of 5 knows, rebellion.

But does God, then, condemn vast swathes of the earth’s population to death without their fault? Well, if you are a Calvinist you might, as far as my knowledge of heretics goes, entertain such a silly notion. But we Catholics have a completely different outlook. We know that God does not send to hell anyone who has not deserved it. We also know that the vast majority of those born, say, Muslims, will go to hell, following their own concupiscence and as befits the followers of such a travesty of a religion. But is it their fault, that they were born in such a horrible environment? It is, dear Mr Skojec, God’s will. Still, you can rest assured that the very limited number of souls, even among those heathens, who have a sincere, good, God-loving heart and die in the invincible ignorance of the Truth will, by the Grace of the same God Who bestows all Graces, be saved. But yeah, the number of those who perish is plainly so damn high that God exposes many of His missionaries to the risk of death, so that more souls can be saved (once again, showing a basic working of Christianity: man’s collaboration with God’s grace in His providential plan).

That some are lost is the fault of those who get lost. That some are saved is the merit of the One Who saves them. This is very simple, and every concept of “harshness” rapidly descends into bleeding heart syndrome if we fail to understand that an offence to God is an offence of infinite magnitude (because God is infinite) and it is perfectly fitting that this infinite offence would, in accordance to God’s order, transmit down to an infinite series of generations. When your heart stops bleeding and singing “Imagine”, and you look at God’s infinite Majesty, you understand that it is quite logical that it be so.

Much more could be said of this, and much better than I did here. Books on Divine Justice and Predestination are readily available. Help to understand (not to doubt) has never been as easily accessible as in this day and age.

Still, the old rebellion keeps popping up; showing, at the same time, the rebellious nature of man, and the desire of this rebellious man to refuse the Graces offered to him and go his own way, which is Satan’s way.

I ask you that you say a Hail Mary for poor Mr Skojec, blinded by ignorance and arrogance and in clear danger of hell. And I ask you to have some understanding for the unavoidable flaws of this post; a post which should be published shortly after Mr Skojec’s tweet chain, lest some tepid soul gets lost but, sadly, without the time for a more elaborate research and a more comprehensive reflection.

Bomb Detonation, Pachamama Edition

Heaven is watching, Frankie dear (and company…)…

The Pachamama-train took its start two years ago exactly, on the 4th October 2019. Two years later, we have another example of how Francis and his band of satanic destroyers operate.

First, you have the bomb. In this case, the worship of Pachamama in an obviously pagan ritual witnessed and endorsed by the Vatican and the Pope himself.

Then you have the denial that the explosion everybody heard was, in fact, a bomb. No, say the zealous speakers for the Evil Clown, this does not mean that we really worship a Pagan idol. We merely want to direct your attention on the plight of the indigenous people, or on the environment, or on whatever stupid excuse they can find.

Lastly, you have the institutionalisation of the bomb. Little by little, the explosion that never was continues to echo in the places that (allegedly) count. Only two days ago, Pope Evil Clown reminded us that “mother earth” is having a fit of rage, or a hysterical bout, or something of the sort.

He worships the earth, so he thinks he knows.

Meanwhile, Bishops keep blathering about the environment whilst babies get butchered. In the UK, I have heard of appeals to “eat less meat”. So, not eating meat on the day Our Lord was crucified is out of fashion, but not eating meat because one is scared of a cow’s fart is suddenly quite OK.

The sad reality that we need to understand is that, in their vast majority, our prelates do not reflect our faith anymore. They don’t reflect it either because they have either lost it, or because they never had it. When a priest loses the faith (and the more so when he is afflicted by some horrible perversion, as many of these people certainly are) he needs to avoid feeling a total scrounger, a total liar, and a total hypocrite. If he also is a homo (many of them are) he will be in desperate need of a stage, as these people are wont to do.

What does he do? He takes refuge in the values of the world and tries to extract from them the self-esteem and the social recognition (or the stage) he craves. This is why priests, bishops and – insofar as Francis has conscience and a modicum of self-awareness – Popes become apostles of social justice, or bleeding hearts for the environment, or – in the most shameless cases – allies and enablers of the pervert troops.

This is, I think, the mechanism at work for a huge number of progressive bishops and cardinals, including pretty much 100% of the evil people now working at the German “synod”.

For Francis, the matter is a bit more complex. Yes, he might feel bad that he scrounged an entire existence form the Church he hates. However, it is more likely that his social justice and environmental madness drive comes from different motivators: a huge arrogance, a total absence of scruples or shame, an uncommon degree of stupidity, and the desire to show his longest finger to all the people he hates: the Catholics and the rich first of all, those who like normalcy and common sense afterwards.

Francis says that mother earth is growling.

I say that the Angels are crying to heaven for vengeance; not only concerning the countless prelates who support depravity and perversion but, specifically, about Francis.

We will see who is right.

I still hope that we will not have to wait for long before making an educated guess.

Pope Francis, The Miracle Man

Dear Readers,

I must apologise for considering Pope Francis, for many years now, a scoundrel, a godless, lewd man and, in general, a tool of Satan.

It appears I was wrong as the man is, in fact, a miracle worker.

As he himself admitted, Francis can actually hear “mother earth” speaking (actually, groaning). He can, actually, even listen to .. them speaking to us, warning us that we are approaching dangerous thresholds! Oh, how eloquent Mother Earth… are!

Imagine! The guy wakes up, takes a bath, has breakfast, then walks around the Vatican Gardens. At some point, he kneels (yes, he can!) in front of “mother earth” and simply, silently, humbly, listens.

Forget Sister Lucia! Forget Bernadette! This guy talks with “mother earth” (erm, ur… cough….) “themselves!”

I am so deeply, deeply ashamed of having considered this guy a disgraceful joke of a pope for so many years. Had I known of his supernatural powers, I would have simply understood the errors of my way, and would have chosen a different tack.

Or perhaps the guy is just the disgrace he has always been, and with the years he simply gets more arrogant, more stupid, and even more godless.

Germany: The Rot Is Worse Than We Thought

Another clear indication of where the “synodal path” is leading has come from the news that the “working group” preparing a part of the work has voted to discuss whether priests are still needed. (Text in German: good luck!).

This is just as explosive as to promote a discussion on whether there are 3 sexes or 49. The very premise is wrong. Not only is the discussion stupid, but no one of those who have voted to have such a discussion should be considered – or, actually, is – a Catholic.

Mind well: the aim here is, obviously enough, not the one of abolishing the priesthood. All those homos out there need a fake (and, in Germany, well paid) job to pursue their perverted interests in their “free time”. So no, it cannot be in their interest to actually “promote” the abolition of the priesthood, as if such a thing were possible in the first place.

The aim of the discussion will show, as surely as the amen in the church, that the “people” actually pain for something else: something no less stupid or impossible, but which will make the proposers of the “reforms” look, actually, like modernisers stopped by evil people in the Vatican. The following outcomes are possible:

We want priests, but we want married ones.

We want priests, but we want women ones.

We want priests, but we want trannies/homos one.

Once again, this is so obvious that it is alarming that the heretics and perverts in Germany feel so safe of the direction the synodal path is taking, that they are willing to use the same methods used during the years of Second Vatican Council (totally outrageous “reforms” are proposed; the likes of Ratzinger and von Balthasar are then seen as “conservatives”), without any fear of being debunked and demasked beforehand.

It really means that the rot in Germany is far more advanced than we thought.

It also means that such rot cannot be eradicated anymore with isolated punishments here and there. When Pius XIII finally shows up, he will be well advised to cull what has remained of the Church in Germany with exemplary harshness and invest, if necessary, decades in the rebuilding of the Church from the ground up.

We do need any priest who even conceives such discussions.

Therefore, we might soon wonder how many actual priests have remained in Germany.

Father Snow Black And His Enablers

It appears the “field hospital” uses a lot of this stuff…

Two cases of drug-addled priests in Italy in the space of days have made the headlines. One certainly embezzled money to finance his vice (yes; since you asked, he was also a fornicator; and yes, he was a homo, too! What did you think?). The other is, frankly, a bit of a riddle at the moment, as I am pretty sure no priest in Italy can finance a cocaine addiction out of his meager pay. Therefore, I think that other details will come out concerning Father Black Snow 2.0, too. Apart from the man in his car, whom I don’t think was really a friend.

One reads and reflect: how can it be that a sincere priests becomes: 1) a homo, 2) an addict, and 2) an embezzler?

Answer: it cannot be. If he is the one, he does not become the other.

What can be is that the priest in question was never sincere. That his vocation was always fake. That his decision to enter the seminary was motivated by his desire to find people as perverted as him inside the system. That this arrogance slowly led to the search for other, shall we say, strong emotions. That the desire to pursue this new “vocation” caused the embezzlement to happen.

I am very angry at the priest. But I am just as angry at those who allowed him to enter the seminary, pretended not to see his perversion (or got some advantage from it) for long years, allowed him to be consecrated a priest, and unleashed such an individual on innocent parishioners.

A church that produces priests without faith is a church that candidates for a big number of priests with a sodomy, drug, or money problem. It becomes a church used as a cover by utterly despicable people, protected by people like them; people who then, after scrounging – Francis-style – out of her for many years, have the guts of faking repentance, as if a triple liar and betrayer of his habit had any credibility left. I hope this guy (Father Snow Black 1.0) is defrocked, smashed on the street, and left to fend for himself at no cost for the Church of Christ, which he has now abused for long enough. Same, of course, if the circumstances are comparable, for the other hero, the one with the cocaine issue and the not-really-explained male friend in the car.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Church modelled after Francis.

The field hospital.

The smell of sheep.

It stinks all right.

I think even the sheep are disgusted.

The Blessing Without The Blessing

The Evil Clown keeps provoking Catholics. Of course he does. He does it on purpose, then he has decided to anger you to his last day. I had a colleague or two like that during the years. These people do exist.

Follow this link, which will lead you to a papal blessing without the blessing; that is, without the …. – well, I can’t say it in any other way: without the blessing.

Catholicism is not a chat among friends. It’s a complex organisation, rigidly organised, and in which gestures count. Look at Pope Pius XII in the video above, and you will immediately notice the obvious link between what is said and what is done.

Even in the Age Of Heresy, this has not changed and, in case you doubt, I have added a video of Pope Fleeing XVI, before the flight.

This pervades all of Catholicism, from the priest who, in past decades, blessed your home, to the village procession, to the Mass. What is done will not be as solemn and emphatic as in the videos above, but the appropriate gestures will always be there.

Francis, who despises Catholicism, also despises its complex ritual and gestures. In part, I suspect, because he just does not believe in hell or heaven. In part, I believe, because, hating the Church, he just hates anything that is part of Her patrimony.

Which is why we have come to the unreal Francis video I have linked to in the text; a video with a Pope who reminds the present to “keep smiling” – nothing can be too stupid for this man, provided it sound like this stupid age – but actually considers it superfluous to proceed to actually bless (as a pope should) them. No, a chatty well-wishing will have to do. We don’t want to offend anyone, see.

And all these Catholic rituals, they so reek of Tradition…

The White Piper Of Buenos Aires.

I have seen a very funny link on Gloria.TV to a poster called Defend Truth. The link is here. Unfortunately I could not save the images. Please follow the link and enjoy them all.

The post prompted yours truly to a couple of reflections that are, I think, quite gravid with consequences.

The first: it’s impossible to sell fake Christianity to sincere Christians. It is not only the undeniable fact that Our Lord will always give to honest hearts the grace to see the light at some point, however people may have tried to confuse them when they were poorly instructed. It is also the fact that, after two thousand years of Christianity, a well-intentioned heart will immediately see that there is something very off with the nuChristianity his pope and bishops want to sell him as the real article.

It’s like giving people a cake to eat that has some mould in it, and by which it is very difficult to swallow a single bite without becoming aware – sometimes more clearly, sometime more faintly – that the thing just does not taste as it is supposed to do. Francis & Co. are trying to get people to eat just such a cake.

The second: it being pretty obvious what Christianity is for, it follows that all those who fawn over Francis and praise the “new direction” he is trying to give to Catholicism are very bad Catholics in the best cases, and outright faithless subversives in the majority of ones.

It is just not possible to deny the smell and foul taste of the mould. Those who do so act in that way because the particular kind of rot going on in their lives makes the mould actually palatable to them, and they will feel better – and free to keep lying to themselves – if you do the same.

Truths are things. They are more solid than rocks. It is not possible to get anybody to eat a moulded cake, but to the ones who actually have an interest in the mould.

Francis is such a salesman. His co-habiting, adulterous, sexually deviant, or simply faithless and accommodating fanboys and fangirls are the one choosing to eat the mould together with the cake, to live with its rotten smell and taste and call it “Spirit”. Still, the tactics will never work; then truths are things, and rot is rot.

This means that countless people, who are now choosing to play fake Christian and eat the mould because of the advantages they see in it – continued acceptance in their social circle, for example; or continued worship at the altar of niceness; or complicity with the perverted son or daughter – , will pay a very heavy price, unless they repent, for their insolence, after having eat all that rot whilst they were alive.

But really, it isn’t Francis who leads them to perdition. They lead to perdition themselves.

Francis is merely the pied (or, rather, white) Piper they have chosen to follow, very possibly to their doom.

The “Synodal Process” Explained.

This is what the “synodal process” looks like.

“… don’t focus on what the ultimate product is going to be”.

This means: everything is possible. Hagan Lio!

Focus on the process itself and how the Spirit will guide the Church

This means: we expect you to propose all sort of satanic crap. Then we will say that it is “the Spirit” at work.

This is a moment to be co-creators with the Spirit

This means: we are going to make everything new. Forget the Catholic Church of your Grandma. We are co-creators of the Church now.

“The onus is on the diocese to really think through who is often excluded from our table. The Church needs to go out and invite people back in,”

This means: perverts, adulterers, and sacrilegious people of all sorts, unite!

The document explains that the pandemic “has made existing inequalities explode” and shows that the entire human family is affected, requiring a unified response.

This means: we have lost the faith, but we still have Socialism. We are going to ram down your throats as much of it as we can. If you object, you make the work of the devil and there is no “Spirit” in you.

This is not difficult to understand and is, really, clear enough; but I thought I would make it explicit anyway.

You really need to make your bishop know what you think of the “process”.

Not what your contribution to it is: what you think of the process.

Truth is already revealed.

We don’t need homo bishops and commie popes to try to redo things for us.

Ironies Of Fate

“Ehi, I am on a plane again! Let me try to be funny and ironic…”

A Cardinal (who appears to have been one of the better ones), Jorge Urosa Savino, has died **of Covid** at the age of 79.

He was vaccinated.

It seems to me that we have, here, a rather sad “irony of fate”, to use the expression of the Evil Clown (he is not being elegantly smart, a’ la Oscar Wilde btw; the expression is extremely common in the Italian language). I am sure my readers will not deprive him of a prayer.

So, the possibly unvaxxed Cardinal Burke actually gets out of it alive, and the certainly vaxxed Savino gets to meet his Maker.

It seems like this man (I mean Francis) cannot avoid embarrassing himself at every turn as, due to the absolutely evident lack of protection given by the vaccine (and it could be worse; if you vaccinate yourself without protection you have poisoned yourself for no reason and have, very likely, lowered your immune defences; this, irrespective of other issues which might be caused by a vaccine that has been rushed out), it was only a matter of time until a vaxxed Cardinal died of the Chinese Flu.

I offer a short reflection here: the ultimate irony of fate would be if the certainly vaxxed Francis, himself, were to die of Covid.

But no, I am sure he thinks he is safe now that he has given himself the first vaccine in history that does not protect against the disease it is supposed to protect one against; and who, in order to work, allegedly needs that those who are not vaxxed also receive something that doesn’t work.

“My vaccine doesn’t work because you did not get yours” must win the prize for Most Hilarious Statement Ever.

Mind here: I am told that the American CDC has, in its website, changed the definition of “vaccine” to “include” vaccine that don’t actually work.

This, too, is another irony of fate, and the saddest of them all: that most of the populace is now ready to accept that war is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength, without a peep.

I Am A Catholic! Of Course I Wish For Francis To Die!

Here’s hoping he visits Francis soon..

The Evil Clown has complained that there were those who, when he underwent his recent operation, wished that he died. These must be people inside the Vatican, then not many people were informed of the fact, which was clearly not planned.

Kudos to them!

Francis says that some people wished his death, as if it were something bad. Hilarious. Once again, he shows his entirely worldly thinking, he shows that he lives in a world where not being nice is an offence (an offence of which he has been guilty many times, btw) and being Catholic resembles a crime.

Not even a slow intelligence like Francis is, for a moment, thinking that these people, whoever they may be, wished him death because of personal animosity. No, he must admit himself that they wished he would die because he is a damn heretic and enemy of Christ and His Church.

If the Pope is a disgrace for the Church, it is perfectly fine and, most likely, the proper Catholic thing to do to wish for his death and pray the Lord that He may, in His own good time, make it happen.

On the contrary, I question your Catholic credentials if you wish that this Pope keeps ravaging the Church for a long time; then, to me, this is a very worrying indication that the thinking of the world (that is: the undesirability of “not being nice to someone”) is more important, to you, than the Church and the deleterious effects this papacy is having on, well, everything concerning Catholicism and salvation at large.

Whom do you love, Francis or Christ?

Even inside the Vatican, in what is now clearly a place resembling Sodom like it never did in the last 1000 years, there are people able to look around them, think straight, and draw the consequences from both.

I think that more and more Catholics need not only to wake up to the reality that they are, actually, supposed to wish the death of this man; but also that they should start to say this out loud every time they can. This would have, every single time, a beautiful, cleansing, eye-opening effect on the vast mass of Catholics-by-hearsay, or other Protestants and Schismatics, in that it would make them understand, with brutal efficacy, that if a person of proven Catholic credentials wishes the man dead, not one word of such a Pope can have any credibility.

Mind you: I wish the man death, but I do not wish him hell. This would, without any mistake, be a mortal sin, and I have no intention of wilfully incurring in one. No, I would love to, one day, be with the man in heaven, all our past sins and miseries cleansed and both happy in Christ’s presence. Believe me, this is a sincere wish. Still, not wishing Stalin hell is different from not wishing that he may die of a stroke as soon as may be. And yes, Francis is a plague very comparable to Stalin, and worse in many ways, because Stalin wasn’t Pope, and souls count infinitely more than bodies.

So there. A lot of people out there are either too much in love with their goodness, and/or afraid of committing a sin if they wish the man gone. They shouldn’t, and they aren’t.

I for myself will say it out loud that I hope the man meets His Maker today, this very hour.

I am a Catholic.

I do not sacrifice at the altar of niceness.

Sorry, Adolf… Or, Science For Abortionists

If you don’t know the Youtube channel of Thomas Schwenke, today is a good day to put an end to this deficiency in your life. I have seen several videos of this guy, no one that wasn’t absolutely brilliant.

This one is no exception. It is, as they say, “science”.

I wonder how anybody, after seeing this or any other similar educational video, can decide that life does not begin at conception. There really is no escape.

Life **does** begin at conception. There is no other possibility. It’s the way it is.

Sorry, Adolf.

The (Fraudulent) Manchurian President And His Vulgar Handlers

One of the many, many flaws of the cabal currently fraudulently inhabiting the White House is the vulgarity with which they handle their demented front man. They cut his microphone, they ration his public appearances. They clearly want you to understand that whilst he is obviously demented, they are in control. Quite disquieting, really, as it makes of the Manchurian Candidate way more than fiction.

In the last days something happened which, whether you follow the space race or not, is quite a historic event: for the first time, 4 civilians went on a 3 days journey on orbit, without any professional with them, and came back safely, the mission a success. They also raised a lot for money for a hospital, because nowadays everything is done for charity or you can’t be good. Still, the money is, most certainly, good for the hospital.

mind: this is not Jeff Bezos swinging his (anyway not very controllable) willie, and his billions, sitting near some people who actually know what they are doing. This is 4 people, of whom no one is a professional astronaut, accomplishing the mission.

You can turn this any way you want: this is truly historic.

You would expect the handlers of Dementia Joe would recognise this. You would expect that the White House would release a communique with high praise for the men and women who did this, and the company behind it.

Alas, the driving force behind said company is currently not really in the grace of the White House, as the guy keeps exhibiting, in the last years, worrying signs of baseness. Also, the guy threatens more and more to endanger an awful lot of extremely well paid jobs from one of the most faithful paying customer of the Democrat party: unionised car workers. In fact, the same not-so-woke-anymore guy has just released a twitter storm against the attempt of said Democrats to bail out said workers with extremely high, barely disguises, totally shameless, taxpayers-funded subsidies. Ouch!



You would think that some decency still abides in Joe’s handlers. You would think that they would at least save appearances and to the right, patriotic thing.

But no. They are too vulgar for that.

Just too damn arrogant to even care how this makes them look.

We don’t know exactly who Dementia Joe’s handlers are.

But I can’t avoid thinking there are many Francistypes among them.

Just Be Done With It, Frankie!

Does Christ approve of “civil partnerships”, Frankie?

Pope Evil Clown has flown again and, again, he has vomited out of his filthy mouth stuff that would make his saintly pre-V II predecessors turn in the grave.

To put it short, the man thinks that civil partnerships are good.

I never thought I’d see the day.

Once again, this man shows what a Christianity-free space, or waste of it, he is.

It must be noted first and foremost that the guy never seems to show any disgust for homosexual practices. I am tempted to say that I might know why, of course; but, whether he is a homo himself or not, it is clear that this man has perverted his brain to the point that such abominations are quite normal to him.

The other point, which is also as big as Francis’ duplicity and hypocrisy, is a matter of simple doctrine. We can never encourage sexual scandal. To this lewd old man, the fact that not only other adults, but children are growing up thinking that Romeo and Ross is the other variation of Romeo and Juliet is a fully irrelevant situation. Again, one can only wonder what goes on in the head of this old pig. To think, to even conceive, that Civil Partnerships are fine, one’s mind must live in Sodom. Sodom is Francis’ natural think space. He lives there. He breathes that air.

You know what? I have a suggestion for Francis that would explain a lot of things.

Perhaps you should just come out, Frankie, and be done with it.


We are now in the fortunate situation of being – for the time being – on the offensive in the matter of Babykilling.

What we cannot do now, is try to appear “reasonable” and “nice” towards our opponents. They never are it towards us.

Culture wars are not won by being reasonable. They are won by being brutally frank and by shouting very loud. Particularly considering that we are right.

Our opponents are not “pro-choice”. They are babykillers. They are, whether they realise it or not, the carriers of the same thinking that gave Germany Hitler. They despise human life. They make human sacrifices on the altar of lust. They are just as genocidal as Stalin was.

This must be said again and again. Must be repeated at every occasion. Must be considered and described as a fact of life, which, by the way, it is.

The systematic+ insult of the other side has worked wonders for the wrong crowd, and they had to invent new words (“homophobic”) to subvert a natural instincts (the disgust for sodomy).

We don’t have to invent new words. We can leverage on innate feelings. We don’t need to use absurd expressions like “reproductive health”.

But we need to say it like it is, loud and clear.


Journalists Who Shut Up

The Bad Press Reblog

Mundabor's Blog

We were just given another example of how sheepish and easily controllable mainstream press is.

On his return flight from the Baltic Republic, Pope Francis simply ordered that questions about Vigano ‘ and his shameless silence about his accusations be avoided.

Journos all complied, obviously in order to avoid not being invited on the next occasion. Journalists who shut up on demand are no journalists.

The mainstream press has become a bunch of order takers, and they are surprised that their credibility and readership is in free fall.

The only acceptable behaviour for any decent outlet would have been to refuse to have journalists on the plane on such conditions, making clear that there is a huge elephant in the room and they will be interested in hearing what the Pope has to say when he addresses the issue of the huge elephant, and not before.

This way, they all…

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Arms Stolen To Agricultural Work

Archbishop McMahon of Liverpool has just given us a fitting example of the degree of incompetence, arrogance and outright stupidity currently plaguing the Church. Google this stuff, because I cannot put it here.

The argument of the man is that, as he celebrates the Mass “handed to him” from Paul VI, he is a follower of “Tradition”, too.

You couldn’t make it up.

First of all, words have a meaning. I cannot credibly say that I am, too, a Communist, because I think that “we all have values in common”. Nor can I say that I am, too, a Vegetarian, because I do like vegetables. If I did that, I would look just as stupid, manipulative and outright dishonest as the Archbishop does.

Secondly, the Archbishop defeats his very argument. If he can claim the respect due to tradition because he celebrates in a rite born the day before yesterday, how much more worthy of respect is the rite celebrated for two thousand years? Can the Archbishop please answer that? Pretty please?

Thirdly, the Archbishop does something I am, personally, really, really, really, r.e.a.l.l.y. tired of: he insults the intelligence of his readers, whom he evidently considers all minus habens to whom you talk as to children of three; apart from the fact that decent people tend not to intentionally deceive even children of three.

Fourthly, and perhaps most infuriating of all, the Archbishop does something very fashionable among his peers: he pretends to ignore the issue at hand. Catholics are not insistent on the Traditional Latin Mass because they think that, in principle, if it’s old it has to be kept. If that were the case, the mass would still be in Greek. The issue here is that a) the Traditional Latin Mass is the mass mandated in Quo Primum, and b) the Mass of Paul VI is not that, but merely a protestantised deformation of the Mass that should be celebrated instead of it.

Really, one wonders how these people are selected, as it seems that a staggering amount of – let us say it again – arrogance and stupidity is now a requirement for the job.

As we say in Italy: braccia rubate allAgricoltura, that is: arms stolen to (= that would be much better employed in) agricultural work.

Archbishop McMahon should not be Archbishop. He should be tilling the ground in some potato field near Liverpool; because he has made abundantly clear that he does not even begin to understand what the Traditional Latin Mass is, why Catholics like it, and what the meaning and value of Tradition is. In short, ha has showed that he does not understand the very basics of Catholicism, but he wants that we listen to his astonishing diarrhoea because hey, he is the Archbishop.

How this guy dares to show himself before his sheep is beyond me.


The Earth Kisser And The Flying Clown

The Evil Clown will soon fly to Eastern Europe and, no doubt, he will make a big show of it, the aeroplane being one of his favourite ways to make himself beautiful and look like he really cares.

I reflect on this phenomenon, and cannot but conclude that the easiness with which the Evil Clown could transform his papacy into an Evil Flying Circus is due to the fact that others, before him, have done the same, even if with, admittedly, much better intentions.

Enter John Paul The Great Entertainer.

I remember those long tv broadcasts, with the waiting for the plane, then the plane getting bigger, approaching the landing strip, landing, preparing for the august guest to show himself to the world. The question was posed at intervals, but always in the air:

Will he kiss the ground?

This TV ritual, this semi pagan gesture no Pope before him had felt the need to make, truly marks the beginning of the Flying Circus. There was something so very off with it, so pagan/vegan/new age/Buddha boy/tree hugger/soy pope, that no one of his successors, not even Mr Wheelchair Lover Boy himself – who loves to kneel in front of infidels and perverts, but not in front of Christ – picked it up.

Still, all the cameras where there, the journalist in almost breathless expectation, as John Paul slowly went down the stairs of the aeroplane and, or so it always seemed to me, expressed to God his relief and gratitude that the plane had not crashed.

It’s a slippery slope, you see. The not very photogenic, and much more sober in style, successor of John Paul the Earth Kisser refrained from such gestures, but Wheelchair Lover Boy took up the habit in style, even if he changed the procedure.

And what do we learn from all this?

You make of the Church a Flying Circus, it’s just a matter of time before you get the Flying Clown.

Dangerous Imbeciles

No hoeing the ground for her…

No wonder they treat us like imbeciles. Many of us are.

Kate R.

Thus writes reader Kate R. in a recent comment, and I think that she is right. I would like to also expand a bit and explain what I think is the real problem.

Dumb people have always existed. Mediocrity in everything has always been the guiding star of most people. Thinking has always been a business for which only a minority was ready. If you read books written in past ages, mocking the so-called “wisdom” of the time, you can have a good idea of what I am talking about. If you love Italian literature, Leopardi’s Zibaldone and Manzoni’s immortal I Promessi Sposi deal with the issue with brutal, but amusing, frankness.

However, there are two elements that differentiate this age from all ages that preceded it. They are the fact that 1) Modern Cretin has a university degree, and 2) Modern Cretin had no religious upbringing.

Once upon a time, a peasant knew he was a peasant. He could have thought that he possessed his own degree of smart thinking, with which he tried to impress the other peasants; but deep down, he knew that he did not know jack of pretty much anything beyond, perhaps, a modicum of technical/professional knowledge.

Also, yesteryear’s peasant lived in an environment that gave him, without even having to carry out the complex task of thinking, a whole set of predetermined, inescapable rules, pretty much all of them inscribed within a rigid Christian framework.

Therefore, a mediocre brain born in 1693 had two great advantages when compared with the mediocre brain born in 1993: he knew he was dumb, and he knew how to get to heaven.

This is not really happening anymore, and it is certainly not happening among the urban heathen populations of the XXI Century. They have acquired (like their peasant, or fishmonger, or blacksmith ancestor), a technical knowledge allowing them to work in their professional environment. But their brain doesn’t really know how to work properly. They feel educated and smart, though, which was not the case for their ancestors. You only need to tell them what “science” says, and they will swallow it hook, line and sinker, because doing otherwise would make them feel, well, exactly like their uneducated ancestors. They will believe in global warming, but will not believe in a Creator, and will be too dumb to simply grasp how infinitely illogical and, in a word, plain dumb both positions are.

Nor will they have the safeguard of a religion telling them to shut up, pray, and get on with the program of working towards Salvation. They will make their own rules, they will make of their own little, arrogant, dumb selves their own personal gods, and they will feel good and very sophisticated in the process.

This is the situation we are living in today; but today’s peasants are far easier to manipulate than yesteryear’s ones, because they can be easily allured with “science”. The woman who wants to be free to kill her baby in the womb will not stop for a moment – because she is *dumb*, and because she is *faithless* – and think that an abortion is killing her own baby in the womb. She will, very simply, await some stupid slogan like someone telling her that some evil man wants to threaten her “body”, or wait – if particularly dumb – for someone telling her that it is “science” that a baby in the womb isn’t really a human being…. et voila’, you have another dumb woman supporting abortion as she sips her $4.25 latte with her “sexually curious” female friend, possibly talking about marijuana, favourite bed practices, and vibrators. The same applies, of course, to their male friend, very stupidly hoping to get a piece of the action by wearing some senseless t-shirt with “the future is female”, or something like it, and not even understanding that women find such a behaviour pretty much as sexy as a drunken beggar vomiting on his pants.

This, my friends, is the reality of the Imbeciles of the XXI Century.

They are many, as they always were.

But this time, they are far more dangerous.

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