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The German Church Is In Schism

The news is now everywhere. In what clearly amounts to a “German Schism” (very much redolent of the “Dutch Schism” of the Sixties) the German bishops have overwhelmingly voted for the desecration of the Holy Host and the rape of the Sacrament of Communion by allowing Protestants to (try to) receive communion.

Make no mistake: Paul VI had nothing more to oppose to the Dutch schismatics bishops than some faint meowing, but in the case of Francis not even that is to be expected.

This Schism follows the Amoris Laetitia pattern, according to which “in certain cases” sacrilege and scandal can be allowed. Discernment, concrete situations, all that satanic dog shit is present here, too. The fig leaves do not change the reality: this is a very official, if undeclared, schism, and if we had males as Cardinals and Bishops it should be treated as such. We have kitten, females and homos. Therefore, don't hold your breath.

In the Schismatic church of Germany, it is too much to ask that the Protestant spouse shuts the Francis up and either dies without pretending he/she can receive communion or converts to the Catholic Church. This is too difficult, see. It could cause cataclysms, global warming, a resurgence of the Nazi Party and, worst of all, a problem with the Kirchensteuer. Therefore, it is better to invent a new religion applicable to all the “special cases” we want (make no mistake: they will become the norm very soon; not that it matters anyway) in order to keep the paying customer satisfied.

Truly, Germany has become (again) the main source of all the shit now threatening to submerge Europe, both on the political and on the Catholic sphere.

By God's grace, my faith is strong. Therefore I know, I know for certain, that all the Saints and the Angels are looking at this disgrace, and that nothing of this will remain unpunished.

Nil inultum remanebit.

Think of this, you damn satanical Bishops, and shiver.

Or not, and then may God's just punishment incinerate you and make you suffer forever.




Bishop Tobin, Or: And Now For Some Gossip And Unseemly Speculation

What a loving, loving, loving brother!



Bishop Tobin is, as many of you know, one of the FrancisTribe, pretty much at the forefront of the adulterers-and-homo agenda.

This makes him, both to me and to every reader of mine with a robust common sense, suspect of having some skeleton in the closet. Say, a mistress, or a male “lover”, or paedo tendencies, or financial malfeasance.

In today's church, if you can be blackmailed you can be pretty sure the gay Mafia will knock on your door and demand compliance and complicitousness with their agenda, or else.

It is, therefore, not entirely surprising to this old correspondent that a tired Bishop Tobin, very late in the night, inadvertently tweeted urbi et orbi something meant as a private message, containing the words “nighty-night, baby. I love you”.



The bishop promptly deleted the tweet, and the diocese explained that the tweet was meant for…. his sister.

Now, it can be that “baby” is one of those inside jokes running inside a family. However, if this were the case the bishop would be able to show a ton of such other PMs, with an abundance of babys and I love yous, to his sister just to put every rumour to rest. This would most certainly be the case, as two people engaging in PMs in the middle of the night obviously PM a lot.

Also, a public tweet of the bishop's sister, again confirming urbi et orbi that “baby” is the affectionate nickname with which she has been jokingly called since, say, around 1957, would not be amiss. Alas, as I write this I have seen neither.

Now, as Bishop Tobin is – for the reasons described above – a prime suspect for illicit and possibly homosexual relationships, it seems pretty reasonable to me to ask that good Catholic journalists start doing some sound investigative journalism on this, until satisfied that this was really an innocent family joke.

I have, like all of you, enough of “progressive” bishops and their skeletons in the closet; therefore, we have every right to ask that this matter be thoroughly researched.



Robbing The Poor To Give To The Thieves: Robin Hoodie At Work.

The Papal Foundation, a US charity helping the poor worldwide, has been the latest victim of Mao-Tse-Francis, who was found with his hands on its funds like the proverbial child with the proverbial cookie jar.

The details were – if we did not know what first-class scoundrel the man is – astonishing in their brazen arrogance. The Papal Foundation gives grants normally between $100k and $200k for worthy projects worldwide. Francis asked them for $25m (more than one tenth of their piggy bank) to give them to… an Italian hospital with a sordid recent past of corruption and assorted other criminal offence.

Again, it would be beyond belief if it would not involve Francis, a man who at this point could be suspected of pretty much everything under the sun without anyone saying “I'd never have thought it…”.

Francis robbed the poor to give to the thieves. He did it in pure South American dictator fashion: “give me the money and shut up, because I am the humble defender of the poor”. A common hoodie in a horrible London neighbourhood would behave with more class.

His wish was, initially, only mildly opposed and, predictably, the US Cardinals involved in the decision did not think it fitting to displease the Evil Clown. They aren't smart, because they must have known that this would, at some point, be leaked and cause a huge scandal. Which promptly happened.

This disgusting episode shows not only Francis' robber instincts, but also the cowardice of those – particularly the US Cardinals, starting from Wuehrl – who have been his willing, if allegedly grudging, accomplices in this. Shame on all of them, but particularly on Francis, daring to put his dirty old hands on money meant for the poor and giving them to a thieving, totally discredited organisation.

Once again, this goes to show that Francis has no moral dimension whatsoever. You are either in his team or you aren't. If you are, he will allow you to get away with financial malfeasance, homosexuality and paedophilia. If you aren't, he will crush you if he can and insult you if he can't.

This is another nail in the coffin of this pontificate, that will be remembered as a nightmare for centuries to come.

Please, Lord, let this scourge end soon.




The Romneyfication Of Donald Trump?

For the second time in the last month I have seen Trump courting – for more or less “too clever by half” reasons – the moderate left in the US.

His amnesty proposal may be a Machiavellian ruse to force the Democrats to expose themselves as the enemies of hard working, legally residing Americans. However, I note that several weeks after the proposal was made the 1.8 million potential amnesty beneficiaries are now a fixture of the political landscape, whilst the battering of the Dems in November remains uncertain – and might become impossible if Trump keeps playing the moderate -. Again, I understand the sophisticated chess game he is playing. Again, this might be one sophistication too much.

It has happened again yesterday, with Trump's move to direct Sessions to elaborate ways to ban devices allowing legal rifles to transform into “machine guns”. Everyone understands he means bump stocks, but even I know that bump stocks do not do that, as you still need to pull the trigger once for every bullet that you want to shoot, and I knew at seven that this does not make of a rifle a machine gun (note to younger readers: when I was a child there were a lot of movies and cartoons around with machine guns; by the second grade at the latest there were no uncertainties. Turns out we knew more at seven or eight than Trump at more than 70.)

Once again, Trump is courting the leftist moderate, trying to persuade them that he is not an ogre. This shows that the relentless invectives of the media are beginning to seriously influence him, making him move to the left to counter their narrative. Worse than that, he is adopting the language of the enemy.

This is wrong, and I do not see any chance of it succeeding. Trump polarises people, and the only results he will obtain is to alienate some of those who like him without gaining any of those who hate him anyway.

This is Romney-thinking, and whilst it may seem a reasonable approach at first sight Bob Dole, McCain, and Romney show that it does not work.

Trump is suffering the departure of Steve Bannon. He needs around him people who remind him of why he won and all the others lost.

This is not good.


Heretical, Petty Little Bitch: Pope Francis About His Critics.

Not many seem to have noticed it in the midst of the rampant paedo scandal, but Mao-Tse-Francis has, last week, done something extraordinary.

In an interview to in Italian newspaper, he has openly admitted that a number of Catholic blogs call him a heretic. The statement was followed by the usual insults, but what interests us here is the message sent by this extraordinary admission.

Mao-Tse-Francis is admitting, as a fact of life, that many orthodox Catholic bloggers consider him a heretic. This is such an admission of total failure as a bigger one can not easily be given, short of open confession. It should have crossed the mind of this nincompoop that, by the very admission of the phenomenon, he is admitting its sheer scale. No Pope would be concerned with isolated nutcases. But in this case the phenomenon – nay: the movement ) is so strong that even he finds it impossible to ignore.

It is such a complete loss of face for a Pope to have to admit that he is widely – and in particular among the right kind of Catholics – considered a heretic that every other heretical Pope, if endowed with a properly functioning brain, would accurately avoid the subject. Not so Francis: firstly because he is stupid, and secondly because he is such a little bitch that he could not resist insulting us. Which is the other message sent out with his admission.

Too much of a heretic to avoid a mass insurgency, too stupid to shut up about it, and too petty to resist the temptation to insult us.

This last interview is an accurate picture of this Pontificate.



PaedoVatican And No End

That sickle would have been better with a rainbow painted on it...

And it came to pass another fairly high prelate in Faggot City (this is the new unofficial name of Vatican City) was unmasked as both homo and paedo. Monsignor Amenta, apparently a Bishop and a Sacra Rota judge (no less!), was found in possession of child pornography on his computer. Read on the link the pathetic details about this old pig, unable to stay away from the genitals of men in public.

Quis judicet judices?

Whilst this guy was apparently promoted to his position by Pope Benedict whilst already known to the Italian Carabinieri, I would not put Francis and Benedict in the same frying pan on this. There can't be any doubt that Benedict was sincerely interested, and generally successful, in combating paedophilia among the clergy; nor can the man be accused of not being a private investigator if – as it seems very likely, knowing the man – he was not informed of Monsignor Amenta's stomach-churning inclinations. The difference is this: that in the case of Benedict it is a fact that he acted to fight against paedophile clergy, and in the case of Francis it is a fact that he either aided and abetted the homo Mafia, or he is their hostage, or he is one of them. As to child abuse, Francis basically dismantled the apparatus set up by Benedict.

Now: as this little blog has noticed many times, whilst not all homos are paedos, almost all paedos are homos. It follows that Francis' relentless cover-up of the homo Mafia is bound to give him cases of paedophilia inside the Vatican, whether he knows it or not, whether he wants it or not.

I have written only very recently about Francis nuking his own Pontificate, and only hours later the next scandal erupts.

Truly, Francis is one of a kind.



Filth Beyond Belief: How Francis Nuked His Own Pontificate



The way FrancisChurch is unraveling under our eyes is, whilst depressing in consideration of the man’s obvious wickedness, still consoling in that, as often stated, oportet ut scandala eveniant.

This article  links three of Francis’ closest collaborators to a year long, relentless cover-up activity, and all three wear a red robe: Cardinal Maradiaga, Cardinal Errazuriz and Cardinal Ladaria. Astonishingly, Cardinal Ladaria is the new head of the CDF.

Read the article for the sordid details. 

Note that three out of these three men were promoted by Francis to position of higher responsibility in full knowledge of the polemics and accusations surrounding them.  This is, again, a behaviour that can be explained only if we assume that all three major components of Francis character were present in turbocharged fashion: 

  1. wickedness,
  2. arrogance, and
  3. stupidity

Even an extremely wicked and arrogant man would, if in possession of a modicum of intelligence, have known better than to surround himself with an entire line of smoking guns. Not so Francis, who – being stupid – actually proceeded to shoot himself in the black boots multiple times and even dared to factually dismantle and make impotent Benedict’s  effective reforms meant at countering clerical abuse. 

Again, this is the same unbearable insolence, the same unspeakable arrogance of the man who, asked about the “gay mafia”, mocked them asking them where this gay mafia would reside and whether they would wear an identification badge. His insolence and stupidity was already evident with such assertions; what surprises now is not their existence, but their scale. 

Make no mistake: Francis is never going to overcome this. The scandals will never leave him, and who knows what other smoking guns are about to emerge. His pontificate and his reputation are well and truly screwed among both Catholics (we knew that) and worldly people (this is a new development).

Francis has nuked his own Pontificate.      

Can’t say it’s very sad to see the atomic mushroom go up in the sky. 



Best Article I Read Today

Saint AR-15


The best article I read today is here.

Concise, impassioned, perceptive, and very impressive. It explains to bad priests and worse deacons the fundamentals of freedom. It also explains why they have already lost. 

A propos losers: the rage of the enemies of freedom after the late, unfortunate massacre prompted and facilitated by stupid laws declaring schools “gun-free zones” has been, up to now, nothing more than a hysteric show of childish, impotent rage, “not my President”-style.

Get angry, you dumb idiots. Get mad. Lose sleep.

May you keep losing forever.


Haiti first. Then Philippines and Thailand in short succession. The abetting of paedophile monsters within Oxfam is already expanding with tragic, but welcome speed. Oportet ut scandala eveniant.

For those who might not be familiar with the organisation, Oxfam is basically a humanistic church allowing atheists to feel good with themselves. Hey, I'm an abortionist who does not believe in anything but his own convenience and pleasure, but to persuade myself that I am good I will donate some money to “the children in Africa”, unwittingly maintaining a monstrous army of scroungers living out of feel-good feelings. This obviously includes the young people you see in London and elsewhere, targeting the young and stupid blessedly unaware of how much of what they donate goes to feed the scroungers.

Turns out the scroungers are paedoabetters, too.

After the violence of the invective against the bimillenarian organisation of the Chuch, I now fully expect Oxfam to be utterly and completely disintegrated by this scandal. Nothing else is necessary to persuade us that the extremely violent attacks to the Church were due to sincere indignation rather than anti-Catholic animus.

Will it happen? I very much doubt it. Oxfam is that kind of rubbish perfectly in sync with the modern world.

They will do just fine, I reckon….



One Tenth Of His Faith

I saw just another documentary about a man I deeply admire.

A strong character, not given to sophisms and shades of gray. Extremely determined and with a very strong sense of duty. A military genius. A devout and loving husband. A man able to command extremedevotion and unquestioning obedience from his men. Most of all, a man of very strong faith, a faith he carried with himself not only in battle, but in every little aspect of his life.

His name was Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson.

“Stonewall” Jackson was a Protestant.

I do not ask, today, for people among our Catholic leaders with one tenth of his discipline, courage, determination and sense of duty.

But I wonder how many of our bishops have one tenth of his faith.



There You Go Again! Florida Shooting Exposes The Liberal Hate For Freedoms

Massacre-stopper. Very beautiful to boot...

It's becoming repetitive. Every time there is a massacre in some place where the Libtards have decided to make people vulnerable, said Libtards blame sane, freedom-loving Americans for the dead.

They appear – being Libtards – unable to notice that these massacres almost always happen in so-called “gun free zones”. If you are bent on making a massacre, where will you execute it: in a place where everyone could have a concealed weapon and kill you on the spot, or in a place where you know you will be able to butcher people at your ease?


Try to explain it to Fauxcahontas or Nancy “Botox” Pelosi, though.

Still, my main argument for the second amendment is that the debate should never be about safety, because safety must never go at the expense of fundamental freedoms. The freedom – nay: the sacred duty – to protect yourself and those you love, and the freedom – yep: another sacred duty – to protect yourself from a tyrannical government would (cough) trump every consideration of alleged safety even if there were some merit in them, for which there is no evidence.

Granted, in Europe there are fewer of these massacres. But note this:

1. They happen anyway, with the difference that when Muslim terrorists enter a restaurant or a concert hall they can massacre everyone at ease, safe in the knowledge that the customers of the establishment will not be armed. How pleasant must it be, to be slowly butchered together with all other restaurant guests because you have decided that you will leave it to the police to try to save your life.

2. They happen even in schools, just like in the USA, as happened in extremely gun-controlled Germany in 2005. The bad guy will always get to guns and ammos. The good guys will be slaughtered like lambs. Welcome to gun control land (and yes, every “gun free zone” is gun control land).

3. Security bought at the price of freedom is never an argument. Actually, it is an argument in favour of a Nazi regime. A regime which disarmed their citizen at the very start, but also made the Country extremely safe. If this is the security you want, you must be a Libtard.

Another massacre, another day or two of inordinate Libtard screaming, and, I think, another defeat for gun control.

America has woken up, and it is becoming great again. I am confident that the American people will not buy the liberal rubbish about to be dished to them.

The march for this particular freedom is not, however, completed, and much is still to be accomplished. For example, every indiscriminate, generalised limitation to gun control like the existence of “gun free zones” not only endangers those who operate inside of them, but makes it far more difficult for normal citizen (say: a school teacher, or a student, or a student's parent travelling with public transport) to exercise their sacrosanct rights.

The madness of the second amendment debate is not the freedom it entails, but the attempt to limit it of the very, very illiberal, freedom-hating soi-disant “liberals”. The amendment does not invite for any sort of debate, and it is formulated in willingly brutal terms.

The debate comes exclusively from the enemies of freedom.




‘Umble Paedoabetter Pretends Nothing Has Happened

Hhhmmm... Perhaps if I keep pretending nothing has happened they will forget?

'Unble Paedoabetter Francis pretends the world has not noticed what a piece of Obama he is and keeps lecturing us about opening our hearts and such like saccharine nonsense.

I am not buying it.

This guy has now irretrievably compromised himself and the only think he deserves is to be covered in righteous mud until he either resigns and hillaries off to Argentina – provided they want him; there might be some hut free in the midst of his curas villeros – or else kicks the bucket and goes wherever the Lord's Justice has decreed fitting for him.

It is bad enough to have a man engaging in a shameless cover-up of child abuse to protect his friends.

It is even worse to see the same man lecturing us about how we should become more like him.

May your days be short, Mao-Tse-Francis. And whilst I really wish you salvation with all my heart, I can't avoid thinking that there is a very deep, extremely stinky, excruciatingly hot hole being dug in hell as I write this, just for you.



Mao-Tse-Francis: The Culprits Revealed!

Don't worry. Everything will be fine!

As the world looks in astonishment at a Communist Pope (and this is not a joke or hyperbole: Francis truly is one who sides with Communists against the Church) I can, today, reveal the results of my several years long investigation into the root causes of, well, a Communist Pope. The culprits will be exposed, and humanity will not have to wonder anymore how this could happen.

The results are as follows:

1. Pope John XXIII.

Opened the Pandora's Box of “change”. Deluded in his senile confidence that the Chuch's dominance was so strong that nothing could touch it. Far too desirous to be liked. Too weak to make himself heard. Took out of the exile heretical theologians. The useful idiot of the subversives.

2. Pope Paul VI

Astonishing, almost schizophrenic mixture of moments of sanity and impotent watching as the Church demolition took a much faster pace. Whino extraordinaire with no balls worth the mention after Humanae Vitae. Countless atrocious episcopal appointments. Allowed the religious sisters to morph into aggressive lesbian communes. Thin-skinned (no encyclicals after HV). Allowed the Durch Schism, the Dutch Catechism and many atrocities more. Apart from HV, useless to pretty much everyone but Satan.

(2.5. Pope John I. Declared Innocent for lack of inculpatory evidence as Pope).

3. Pope John Paul II

PR-enamoured Pontiff very mindful of keeping an appearance of orthodoxy whilst allowing all sort of subversion to go on for more than a quarter of a century. Vaguely heathenish Earth-kisser for the joy of the cameras. Koran-kisser to boot. Had himself publicly criticised by Feminazi “sisters”, did nothing against them. Crushed South American heretics, allowed all the others to thrive. Countless atrocious episcopal a d cardinalatian appointments. Made of the Church a circus.

4. Pope Benedict XVI

Only German Pastor in history to ever flee before the wolves. Does one thing right (Summorum Pontificum), ruins all the rest: horrendous appointments, spied by his own butler, changes his mind on the SSPX at the last second. Resigns because… too weak to fly to “world youth something”. Insists in remaining Pope so no one calls him a Celestine, creates even more confusion. Praises Francis to the sky. Drinks beer at 90, wants world to know. Announces his impending salvation to the adoring crowd.

Honourable mention goes to the Kitten Cardinals: who, by refusing to whistle after very publicly wetting their lips, showed Francis that there was pretty nothing he could not dare. Mao-Tse-Francis is just another byproduct of their cowardly silence.


I have said it.

Now I can sleep in peace.



“International Day Of Love”

Today is, as you all know, St Valentine's Day.

However, this obvious reference – albeit largely forgotten from the secular world – to Catholicism is clearly intolerable to the atheist, anti-Christian hordes now ravaging the West.

Therefore, St Valentine's Day is now (as heard twice on the radio) the International Day Of Love.

Can't wait for those evil people at the BBC to pick this up and give us another dose of soppy sentimentalism of the “gay marriage” type.

As I have often remarked, language shapes thinking. Those who want to subvert your thinking will first try to change your language: “gay” instead of “sodomite”, “dreamer” instead of “illegal”, “irregular family” instead of “concubinage”, and so on.

I'll stick to St Valentine's Day, thank you very much. May he pray for us in heaven.

And by the by, today is Ash Wednesday.

No mention of that on those radio channels.


Fake Blogs



As the Blogosphere is still infested by (increasingly irrelevant) fake Catholic blogs, I thought it wise to enrich my readers with a little guide to spotting the “c” site. Here it goes:

1. The “little things” blog. The publication in question is all smell of lavender and freshly-cleaned-laundry pretend-spirituality. The fresh air in the morning is the angels talking to you; the act of throwing out the garbage is a spiritual experience. Everything is good. There is no crisis in the Church. Just enjoy the sight of the sparrows.

2. The “Holy Spirit” blog. The writer eats a huge bowl of penne because the Holy Spirit has “guided” her to another mountain of carbs; therefore, it must be good and he who says otherwise is blasphemous, judgmental and pastaphobic. Whatever they do, it must be the Holy Spirit guiding them. There is no crisis in the Church. Actually, it will be “exciting” to see where the “Spirit” will lead Her.

3. The “everything is Catholic” blog. This type of blog is aimed at the promotion of everything that is wrong, under the pretence of something Catholic being found in it. From obscene TV series to pop singers, and from tattooes to drug use, everyone and everything teaches something valuable to someone. There's something deeply Catholic in Lou Reed, you know… Obviously there is no crisis in the Church, merely untapped possibilities.

4. The “middle of the way” blog. This is the “moderate” catholic blog managing to do everything wrong under the pretence of meaning well. Premarital sex is not a mortal sin, but an “immature choice” one should “openly discuss” with his children, and being “gay” is something that “invites” us to be “more welcoming” as we “reflect” on the Catholic “plan” for that person. It is as if the blogger drew a line in the sand and then positioned himself half a micron on the right side, lest people think they are rigid.

5. The “fake conservative blog”. This blog is written by someone who does not claim that there is no “issue” with the modern church, but wants you to know that the Traditionalist reaction is “bigoted” and “backwards”. We need to “engage”, and positions of “closure” do not lead anywhere. This blogger type will also throw around accusations of intolerance like they are confetti, normally not understanding the irony and implied contradiction.

If you think of your favourite bad “c”atholic blog you will find, methinks, one of more of these types reflected.

Then there are the good blogs. Which ones are they?

The intolerant, “homophobic” (read: Catholic) and “bigoted” ones. The ones of those who write that there is a crisis in the Church, that V II is at the root of it, and that everyone who tells you otherwise is gravely deluded, outright dumb, a covert enemy of the Church, a public sinner or a not-so-covert pervert.


The Catholic blogosphere explained in one blog post. A not one shade of inclusiveness.



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