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Dodgers Go Full Fudgers

What the US are becoming…

Some days ago I had written, in my innocence, that of course the LA Dodgers would, upon being informed of who they are, disinvite the blasphemous group of perverts.

They don’t want to become the next Bud Light, I wrote.

Fairly reasonable, it seems to me.

Well, it turns out I was wrong: they do want to be the next Bud Light.

What this says to me is that this is more alarming than the original post. This is a deliberate woke provocation made in full knowledge of the facts by an obviously pro-pervert organisation now clearly meant to shove perversion and blasphemy down their fans’ throat.

We will see how this pans out, but it seems to me that there is now a full scale attack on Christian values and decency, probably motivated by the hope that there is “strength in numbers” and people will not have the rage or the discipline to boycott everyone that goes trannie/pervie/woke.

Make no mistake: this will end up perverting the masses, little by little, until every perversion is normalised.

Would the LA Fudgers, only twenty years ago, have dared to organise a faggofeast? Twenty years later not only they have the blasphemous trannies, but – which is likely worse – the faggofest has been entirely normalised!

If things go on this way, give it another twenty years and the trannies will be everywhere, with the p-p-professional Catholics now screaming against the invitation of the incestuous whilst not even mentioning either the faggots or the trannies.

Meanwhile, Russia becomes more and more Christian, strengthens its education system, improves its military technology advantage with the unites states, and prepares itself to give the woke West a lesson it will never forget.

One can see, once again, a clear parallel to the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, killed by the debauchery and sissification of its people. The big difference is, most likely, that social processes that once took centuries now go much faster. Just look at what has happened in the “Kinzhal Vs Patriot” duel last week in the Ukraine to see how fast the cards can change in the military technology game.

Will the US recover? Sad to say, likely not. The 2024 elections will be most likely stolen and the perversion of the American society will continue apace, until a big shock comes which, hopefully, reverses the course. This shock will likely be the outbreak of armed confrontation between the mainstream and the woke troops, or a humiliating military defeat, courtesy of China or Russia, that opens the eyes about what degeneracy leads to.

But it won’t be tomorrow. Just read what Larry Johnson writes about recruitment at the CIA and you’ll see the scale of the problem.

The LA Fudgers incarnate what a vocal, aggressive, bigoted minority is doing to the once great USA.

As long as the Conservatives – or, actually, the normal people – are worried about appearing “moderate” and “reasonable”, there is no way of winning this.

The Stuff Out Of Which Empires Die.

Pennsylvania guy.

Donald Trump will gloriously sail to the 2024 Republican nomination.

The problem will be what happens next.

It seems to me that the third world electoral system of the United States is simply not equipped to ensure a fair election. What saved the system up to not long ago was the widespread interest among Americans that the elections be fair.

This is not the case anymore. It is obvious that millions of Trump haters will prefer, every day of the week, that the election is stolen from him rather than seeing him win, whilst a much bigger number of Democrats prefers to look the other way and pretend that things are “broadly” OK. When the correctness of the electoral process is not considered foundational, democracies die.

The issue is also not easily fixable. The problem is that the Democrats control all the ratholes, the ghetto-cities, in the United States, and these ghetto-cities can be manipulated to flip a number of very important states – Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia – in the desired direction.

In these ghetto-cities there will be no scarcity of people willing and ready to manipulate the elections and produce a huge amount of fake ballots. They will do this out of ideological bigotry, financial gain, or desire to carry favour with the power structures of those cities, so that the latter may greatly advance the careers of those making such “favours” to them and provide all sort of jobs and privileges to their family members.

These are almost all states whose power structures – from the governors to the local mayors and chiefs of police – would not hesitate to arrest or disperse, with various claims of “intimidation”, those picketing the entrances of the ballot places to prevent the ingress of people carrying huge quantities of papers in grey bags. As the election is a local affair, and the named cities not a favourable environment for honest people, the provocations followed by accusations of “racist violence” would be a very easy trick to pull. Short of sheer anti-tyrannical violence, I can’t see how this can change.

Trump has, I think, not addressed this issue sufficiently forcefully. He might think that the 2020 situation made fraud easier because of the easing of voting rules (= of voting fraud) in some States, but it seems to me that the issue is more endemic than occasional. Trump needs to organise pickets and encourage the formation of ballot militias now, instead of crying “fraud” when it is very late as happened in 2020. Plus, we now know that – in another huge break of failsafes – the Supreme Court will not intervene to save the election from a bunch of criminals, and the population at large will, as a whole, accept what the social media tell them. The only thing that has changed in Trump’s favour is Twitter, but Twitter is not enough if the ballots have been stuffed already.

The 2022 elections have worsened the issue. People are now accustomed to have winners of important races announced weeks after the day of the vote. This opens an immensely wide gate to manipulators.

Mind, I do not doubt that the US will continue to work, broadly, as an efficient First World country. Tribunals will work as usual, the public administration will keep going on at all levels, the fire brigades will keep protecting people, etc. But if the level of the fundamental decisions is compromised, all the rest can only be lipstick on a Democrat pig.

This impacts the Country on a broader scale. As the United States are seen as a bunch of jokesters, their “moral lead” in the West – so it still existed – evaporates. The process is exacerbated by the fact that the rigged elections produce rigged ideologies, with perversion now pushed everywhere. So you have a bunch of perverted jokesters trying to tell everybody how they have to behave, after they have stolen the elections themselves.

This is the stuff out of which empires die.

It seems to me that the American people should make of this the first issue of the upcoming election. If this issue is not tackled and solved, at some point the country will descend to a numb state of banana republic manipulation – broadly accepted because people have families and mortgages – or, more likely, to something very similar to a brutal civil war, which will cause the side with the 300 million rifles to win and the side with the blue hair to lose.

America is ill. Its illness is very dangerous and potentially deadly. If the Country develops the necessary antibodies, the positive effects will be felt in a number of areas. If it doesn’t, expect more trannies, and more aggressive ones, around your children.

Bakhmut Has Fallen.

President Zelenski in a rare archive image.

Unless you are a Ukraine supporter (and in that case I really don’t envy you, as the cognitive dissonance must be getting bigger by the week; this, besides the fact that you are supporting a bunch of Nazis), you remember very well all the statements made by Zelenki & Co. about the importance of the “Zelensky line” in general, and of Bakhmut in particular.

Zelenky flew to Washington months ago, bringing there a Ukrainian flag with the signature of Bakhmut soldiers. He repeatedly stated that Bakhmut was a fortress impossible to take. When it appeared clear to the Ukrainian top echelons that Bakhmut would be lost, the place suddenly became “strategically insignificant” (a total absurdity: Bakhmut lies over a beautiful mini-hill dominating the Russian-held landscape to the east, and is an important communication knot) and still, Zelensky did not want to let it go, justifying his stubbornness with the argument that, once Bakhmut falls, the Russians would use the UN and “the world” to try to “freeze” the conflict. Besides being dumb, the argument once again proved how important Bakhmut always was, as nobody would fear a diplomatic offensive meant to end a conflict after the capture of a ” strategically insignificant place”.

If you want to know at what point the derangement has come (unless they are prevalently bots, which at this point would be better for my confidence in humanity), you only need to go to places like R/Ukraine on Reddit. A parallel reality seems to operate there, with commenters seriously discussing the imminent end of Wagner after its encirclement by Ukrainian forces on the very morning of the day when Wagner announced the final victory in Bakhmut. Again, there might be a strong bot activity. But boy, if the bots have to spread such outlandish news, it means that there is no refuge in reality anymore for the Ukronazis.

Meanwhile – and, if you ask me, in another show of desperation and fear – one notices that, after Medvedev’s tweet to Zelenski and Co. following the drone that flew over the Kremlin, Zelenski has not dared to go back to the Ukraine yet. I cannot avoid thinking that the guy starts to fear that the gentle Russians, who always allow anybody who is… nobody to visit him from foreign Capitals, will not forgive the drone affair, and already have a nice high-penetration missile with his name written on it, patiently awaiting his return to Kiev.

Mr Z, a man with a real sense for comedy, even visited Francis, a guy who can’t even take part in a secret peace initiative without resisting the temptation to brag about it in public. Zelenski seems to think that, as he is persecuting Orthodox priests, he will get a pass with Catholics.

Not here, T-shirt boy. Not here.

So, where are we now? Two of the three main bastions of the “Zelenski line” (Soledar and Bakhmut), have fallen, and the third (Seversk) look more and more like a big cauldron in the making and is, obviously, now completely untenable. As Colonel Douglas McGregor never ceases to remind everybody, the Ukrainians will never have a comparable position in this direction, because Krematorsk and Slaviansk are much less fortunate from a defensive point of view and west of them there is… pampa all the way to the Great River. It does not look good for Mr Cocaine.

Meanwhile, the reckless defence of Bakhmut (in part, surely, because of its position; in part, undoubtedly, because of stubborness and PR thinking whilst soldiers die) cost the Ukrainian a staggering amount of killed and maimed in action; a number which, when all his said and done, I think will hover around 35k to 50k. I am talking Bakhmut alone. The total dead and maimed for the Ukrainian at this point must surely exceed 300k.

I don’t think Zelenski finances suffered in the meanwhile. In fact, I think they are now in extremely good health.

Pray that this carnage ends soon, in a way that protects Russia and allows enough humiliation for the West to make it palatable after accounting for the incessant propaganda that will try to cover the defeat. Not all Ukrainians are Nazis (though they are culpable of looking the other way when they see those who are), and everybody has a mother.

Modern Family

I know what kind of people will accept the invitation…

Let us say there is a famous British TV presenter. Let us, further, say that this presenter, married with children, “came out” as one of the Elton John persuasion some years ago.

Now let us imagine that this guy has a brother, and that this guy’s brother is trialled and condemned to 12 years in jail for a year long abuse of a minor involving sexual acts with said minor.

What persuasion had the brother of said presenter? I think I barely need to tell you , but still: the same Elton John persuasion of his famous brother.

As I write this, I am sure that thousands of smart Brits are thinking what you and I are thinking: homosexuality and pedophilia are intimately linked. Not, mind, in the sense that most homosexuals are pedophiles, but in the sense that most pedophiles are homosexuals. Ask the Church, which has a substantial experience of this. Or the so-called Church of England. Or the British education system.

We, the Thinking Christians, know perfectly well why: sexual perversion isn’t a “born that way” “character” of a person, like being blond, or having a big nose. It is, on the contrary, the result of the homosexual person consenting to having his brain depraved by the devil through numerous acts of assent to evil.

This being so, it follows that perversion is not a kind of limited, circumscribed, “this is the last station” journey. It is rather so, that the devil will, once he has made inroads into a depraved mind, keep depraving it as much as he can, igniting in the already depraved mind of his intended prey all sorts of forbidden desires, the more disgusting the better.

Heck: these people can literally eat excrement! Is it so surprising that depravity would then target the real epitome of innocence, children? No, it’s not. I’d say that, as a rule, this must sound very reasonable, and something that in sane times would be instantly recognised. In this particular case, we know the victim is a “he” (means: surprise surprise, the culprit is a fag), though we are not told what kind of “minor” he is (spoiler alert: a 15 years and 11 months old, extremely horny, 90 kg heavy, extremely depraved gym rat homo boy is a “child” in newspaper speak). However, we know in this case that the forbidden acts happened in a two year lifespan, which makes the age of the victim fourteen, at the oldest, when the criminal activity begun.

I have this mental image here, that pedophilia hovers around the mind of many homosexuals, like a Russian drone over a Ukrainian trench, as the devil and his demons are patiently working on them. In this example: two homo brothers, one a pedo. Makes a 50% incidence of pedophilia among the family perverts. What a beautiful rainbow, nicht wahr?

(Also very much worth asking: what kind of flipping family is this one? What were papa’s, or uncle’s, proclivities? What did mama, or auntie, know? Could it be that perversion was already in the family, making the Devil’s work an easier one?).

Another consideration is this: having said all that has preceded, what kind of depraved minds could even conceive that homosexuals can “adopt” children? Does it need a genius to understand how many victims are being created by legislative decree?

But then again, the persuasion of Elton John has allied itself with the Church of Nice, and the Church of Atheism. I don’t even think that the results are under everybody’s eyes. I think that the results are monstrously wrong, and we will see them emerge on a terrifying scale in the decades to come.

Meanwhile, June is coming, when another so-called “pride month” will contribute to the perversion of the mind of the stupid, both straight and pervs.

But hey, let’s keep thinking “born that way”.

It makes people feel good on the cheap.

Professional Catholics

The P-p-professional Catholics were in full show today, as the LA Dodgers disinvited from their “pride night” that blasphemous bunch of perverts going around and mocking the Catholic faith. The P-p-professional Catholics actually took a victory lap, because perverts’ night could not have some perverts among the participants.

There was – that I can read about, at least; means if there was, it wasn’t forceful – any condemnation of perverts’ night per se. No, the P-p-professional Catholics are evidently fully ok with such events, that have now become mainstream also thanks to their lame defence of Christian values. But they will rejoice to the skies when the ultra freaks are kept out.

What a lame show. The ultra freaks are such freaks, that it was unthinkable that the Dodgers, once informed of who they are, would have not disinvited them. It does not need any P-p-professional Catholic for that. Two or three concerned parents would most likely have been enough, as the Dodgers most certainly don’t want to be the next Bud Light.

In fact, the very term “pride night” is not criticised. It is simply accepted uncritically, because hey, blasphemous trannie bad, but sodomite normal.

This is how these organisation works. Living of the money they receive, they need to advertise victories when there are none, so that the money keeps flowing.

Don’t give money to these professional Catholics.

Give it to the SSPX instead.

Why The Mainstream Press Is Dying

The Guardian needs her to retweet…

The months since the start of the Special Military Operation have showed with brutal efficiency why the traditional press is dying. The scale of disinformation is off the chart. It is only natural that alternative channels of information (from blogs to Substack mailing list, to video channels) are now making the bigger part of the information sources of thinking people.

The press does the same old prostitution job, masked behind a fake layer of trustworthiness.

Last example: the Western press is now reporting the “six Kinzhal missiles” the Ukrainians claim they have shot down quite recently. The “fact checkers” by now (I think) employed by every newspaper will let the lie pass because, well, it is true that the Ukrainians claim the victories. But uncritically reporting a propaganda lie is not information, it’s a lie masked as fact.

Anybody who knows anything about the Kinzhal knows that the only way a Patriot missile can take one of those down is by sheer luck, “needle in a haystack” fashion. The idea that six have been taken down on the same day is bad comedy. In fact, even the idea that one has been taken down pushes very hard at the boundaries of reality.

But then again the Ukrainians had to admit a huge loss of ammo and other equipment, likely in the order of hundreds of millions of euros in value, just days ago, with a series of explosions in one single location that caused a huge mushroom-like smoke column. This was tantamount to the admission that their air defence is in dire straits, because it’s unthinkable that such a weapon stash would not be protected with the very best the Ukrainians have. So what do they do when they are forced to admit that the Russians run circles around them? They lie even more, and now want you to believe their extremely expensive, vintage missile system – which has been already humiliated by Iranians drowning in sanctions, and Yemeni fighters in sandals – can take down a Kinzhal. The Official Press is, as always, eager to help.

The mechanism is the one I have already described: modern mass media are the slaves of the narrative they think their pro-Ukrainian readers want to read. They feel obliged to do it because their revenue depends, in a shockingly big proportion, from the Ukraine fanboys retweeting, sharing and forwarding their articles. An outfit like the “Guardian” will see certainly more than half of the revenue of every Ukraine article go away, unless they keep their pro-Ukrainian customers satisfied.

Compare and contrast with the new information channels.

A two-person outfit like The Duran has no overhead costs. They broadcast from their living rooms. A guy like Judge Napolitano will interview his (smart) colonels from his home office. Guys like iEarlGrey and The New Atlas will rely only on the reputation of trustworthiness they get, and know that this will allow them to weather any emotional storm among their readers. If they chase public opinion, they will soon disappear. If they are truthful they will have ups and downs, but will prosper in the end as their non-existent overhead allows them to weather any storm, and make good money in the process.

It goes without saying that other pressures apply. In the UK, the Government pays subsidies to the traditional press. Do you think they will defy the hands that feeds them by exposing every day the monstrous lies of the British Government? Me neither.

Of course, the “fact checking” forms will be satisfied.

“Vladimir Putin, whom many say has cancer, is reportedly desperately looking for a way out from the situation in Crimea. ‘He really is contemplating suicide, but in reality, he could be killed before he can do even that’, a source familiar with the Kremlin disclosed to us”.

I am sure this will get past every fact checker. You only need to show him that it is true that some say Putin has cancer, & Co. What remains out of all this, is integrity.

It goes for everything else. “Cardinal Pell, who was accused of sexual abuse of minors before he died, was considered by some of his fellow Cardinals a devastating influence on the Church”.

It really is very easy.

In the long term, this has led – and will continue to lead – to loss of readers, as more and more realise there is no need for a propaganda outlet with a prestigious name to know what’s happening. Micro-companies with quality material will take their eyeballs, their time, and the relevant revenue.

The mass media will go, unless they change, the way of Budweiser Light.

Not that I am sad about it.

Providence At Work, Or: Of Beer, Toilets, Queers, And Mohammedans.

Her resemblance to a pig is just one of the reasons why Mohammedans don’t like her.

Dr Steve Thurley has a very interesting video about a squabble between young Mohammedan high school students and the usual suspects of the pervo persuasion.

The demographics are interesting, and this is one of those episodes which, in an unbloody manner, tell people where things are going. Belgium is islamising itself fast, and has nothing of the no-nonsense approach of, say, Danemark.

They are making their own bed. It will be interesting to watch.

In this particular episode, a number of boys go out of school during the pause to tell the perverts out there what they think of them. It was the appetiser. For the main course, the People Of Father Georgina will have to wait a decade or two.

This also signals – as I have noted many times already – the destructive, self-defeating nature of European Neo-Marxism.

Marxists want to coalesce and weaponise all those they see as “oppressed” (every conceivable minority) against those they see as “oppressors” (the mainstream, non-Marxist population). In doing so, they are bound to stir every possible conflict: first of all, the one between “oppressed” Muslims and “oppressed” pervos.

The latter conflict is as inevitable as it will be brutal, because Muslims don’t have anything of the Christian gentleness, and proceed against abomination with Old Testament decisiveness instead. As they feel stronger, they will gradually make the pervos understand there is no place for them in Belgium. Some Muslims might, in the past, have welcomed perversion as a way to undermine the West; but this attitude had to die when perversion becomes something that tries to infiltrate their schools, their children, and their way of life rather than remaining the preserve of elitist Whites far removed from them economically, socially, and even geographically.

Belgium, the Country of many excellent beers, is brewing a very strong beverage for the pervotroops. The process will continue unabated, because the social relevance of the Mohammedans dwarfs that of the pervos. Brutally put: there aren’t nearly enough fags in Belgium to clean all those toilets.

Do not expect blood in the streets, “fairy” hunts, or the like. Expect, instead, a constantly growing climate of intimidation that will gradually, quietly, and very effectively do in the future what Christian feelings, social control and legislation used to do in decades past. “Pride” parades and the likes will gradually disappear, and the pervos will be forced to go back to the dirty closets whence they came. The others, left or right, will not care. They will all look the other way, and be glad that nobody tries to pervert their children in the open, under the sun, even exposing them to the lust of trannies.

The next danger (an increasingly strong Muslim influence, at some point able to threaten not only an isolated fringe despised by very many, but the mainstream) will be for us to tackle. That conflict, too, is coming, and (bar a rapid assimilation and westernisation of the Muslims, which is somewhat in the cards, but not assured) will not be pretty, at all.

When that time comes (not in my lifetime, I think; but not many decades after my departure) it will decide the future of Europe. But the pervo troops, they will long have been defeated by that time.

What can I say: in everything, I try to see the work of Providence. And it seems to me that God, in His inscrutable, providential Goodness, allows some evil not only to exist, but to operate against another evil.

The Belgian episode is, if you ask me, another example of this Providence at work.


I read an article days ago complaining that 50% of those baptised as Catholics stop attending as young adults. I am surprised it’s not more. Looking at my experience in the UK, I can give to my readers some clues as to why.

Firstly, it is a very childish experience. The lack of solemnity and the dumbing down of the liturgy has made of the Mass an exercise for children. When the children grow up, they don’t want to be identified with that stuff anymore.

Second, it is a very child-oriented experience. You see here the anxious desire to keep the children Catholic. But if being Catholic is tailored to please children, young adults will feel put off by it. It will be dismissed as not suited to one’s degree of knowledge and learning, like a nursery is for a third grader.

Thirdly, it never teaches Catholicism. The homilies are such watered down feel-good drivel, that the same homilies could have been – bar a couple of sentences, when you’re lucky – made in an Anglican church. But their Anglicans friends don’t attend, so why would they?

Fourthly, it promotes the Church of Nice. The applauses for the mothers, and for the children, and for everybody who breathes contribute to this idea that we are all so good, we wonder why we need going to church.

Fifthly, it is ecumenical. Other sects are spoken of in a climate of nice approbation, whilst the present nod in heartfelt assent of how good not only us, but everybody else is. If we are all good, one wonders, again, what use it is to go to church.

Sixthly, it is inter religious. Every Assisi rubbish meetings will be praised to the sky. People sit in the pew, and think to themselves the inconvenience is for nothing.

Seventh, a lot of those who attend are clearly not interested. They attend exclusively so that their children can attend the local Catholic school, but it is evident from their – and their Children’s – behaviour that they really don’t care. They are simply making an act of presence, because the school requires them to attend.

Eight, and probably worst of them all: they worship at the altar of the world. Niceness is equated with being a good man. The grown children realise that in order to attend at the church of nice they don’t need to go to church. Plus, they still get a (faint) whiff of Catholic principles and tenets which, to them, are not nice at all. Their worship of niceness is very established by now. The Church – and attendance in church – will be seen as a repressive organisation, according to the same rules of niceness they have heard in church for so many years. Having to choose between an uninspiring Church which does not even know what it wants, and some ideal that lets them feel superior and very good with themselves, many young people will choose the latter.

In short: the church of Vatican II is killing herself.

How do we remedy to this? Going back to tradition, in everything. Liturgy, doctrine, prayers, punishments. How do we make damage? Happy clapping, thinking we are so good we don’t need a Church, refusing to state what is specifically Catholic with non-Catholics.

There, I think I have given some useful hint as to why we haemorrhage faithful. They have their fault, for sure; but the young faithful smell the fraud much faster than their parents.

Fatness, Perversion, And Inclusion.

Do you see the connection?

I am, I think, one of the few people making a connection between the spread of fatness and the march of sexual perversion; or, more in general, between perversion and the lack of discipline and permissive attitude of which fatness is the most evident signal (a distant second would be tattoos).

I sit on the bus, looking at just another grotesquely fat young girl of, say, 21. Without knowing her, I understand the high probability that the fattie squeezed in the bus seat is in favour of so-called gay marriage, gender theory, affirming lesbians, and the like.

Why is that? Insecurity, and need of acceptance.

Fattie knows that she is vulnerable to brutal criticism. Much as she can have persuaded herself that it’s not her fault that she is a voting hippo, she still knows, deep down, that: a. She is, and b. Everybody else knows it, too. It’s like the trannie fantasy: you can pretend as much as you like that George is now Henrietta, but everybody knows the truth.

Fattie is now terrified of being excluded. Without the discipline to stay away from the fries and donuts, without parents “judging” her and teaching her discipline, without knowing what the word “gluttony” even means, and without any guidance from teachers either rotten in their brain or terrified of saying one single word, she knows she is going to remain the no-circus-ticket cannon woman.

She will react seeking all “inclusion” she can. I include you, so you include me. The mainstream ideas propagated by the msm will never be challenged. She will never dare to criticise any sexual behaviour – except when it’s socially safe: pedophilia – lest she is told about her behaviour. She will become a beacon of “inclusiviteee”.

The person without the money for the cinema will want free tickets for all.

Suddenly, nobody – unless he is Trump – can do anything wrong: tattoos, purple hair and ignoring that Georgina has a penis will become an untouchable moral imperative, because fattie knows that her very social life is at stake. In order for her to keep ingesting rubbish food, others must be allowed to live rubbish lives.

It works for boys, too; but less so, then boys are more self-assured and physical appearance is less important to them. Still, the basic mechanism will be the same.

Once upon a time, there was a received set of values, which did not allow challenges without punishment. A woman called herself a “free spirit”, the other girls called her a slut. Men would use her and throw her away. It was a system of brutal sanctions for wrong behaviour. This system of values has been dismantled, because the very guardians of the system (the boys and the girls, their parents, their teachers) have renounced to their role of social controllers. This they have done, in countless cases, because they are fat, their parents are fat, their daughters are fat, there is no priest worthy of the name around, and their teachers are fat, leftists, or terrified.

No moral values in one thing leads to no moral values in other things. It’s a slippery slope.

Our ancestors knew it. They enforced a social system of sanctions and exclusion.

Today, it’s just an endless row of letters followed by a plus.

Old, Fat, Bitter, Godless, Wannabe Hippy Ass Complains About The Young

Old ass hee-haws a lot

“Indietrismo” is the new word some speech writer in the Vatican has coined to allow Francis to express his dislike for people who are, you know, Catholics.

It means “backward-ism”, and we understand that, in the eyes of Francis, is meant as an insult.

You see, not to put too fine a point on it, the old, lewd, fat, bitter guy is angry with the people who want to go back to Catholicism, back to proper liturgy, back to proper doctrine, back to precise and correct theology, back to actually practising the sacraments, back to proper prayer, back to doing penance, and back to all that other stuff that, actually – and to the chagrin of the old, lewd guy – makes a Catholic.

I find this backward-ism, in fact, really good. It seems I am not the only one, either. The SSPX has just consecrated a $42m church, which shows that the movement is in rude health.

It appears, in fact, that the people who want to go back to sanity are, in great part, young; whilst those who think that the Blessed Virgin might have felt betrayed at the foot of the cross are, in fact, old, fat, bitter, ignorant and very, very stupid like the Evil Clown itself. Hence, his complaining in the company of decrepit, dying Jesuits who think it’s 1969, and who have by now hopefully forgotten that they are atheists, heretics, homosexuals, or all of the above. No worries, though. They will be reminded soon enough.

Back is the new forward, whilst the decrepit heretics who think themselves progressives are those who want to bring us back to pre-Christian times, when people worshipped trees and totems and animals just as the Francistroops worship the climate, the forest, and retarded girls from Sweden.

The guy is losing, and he knows it. He is losing and it makes him angry. He has already understood that, when he is six feet under, he will be ridiculed just as much as he will be condemned. For a big, fat ego like the guy’s it’s a kick on the teeth even if he is an atheist. Hence, the bitterness.

We just had a coronation.

Let’s hope we’ll soon have a new one; and that, this time, the new king will be better than the old one.

Playing With Fire

Stepan Bandera has a thing or two to say…

Olodimir Elenski * has reached a new low, and has created a dangerous precedent, with his wannabe assassination attempt of Vladimir Putin.

This was, truly, a stupid thing to do, no matter how big the pressure on said Elenski.

What goes around comes around. With the only difference, in this case, that the Russian “coming around” will be, if Putin chooses to retaliate, vastly more deadly and precise than the two Mickey Mouse drones hoping to get past the Kremlin’s defences (spoiler: they didn’t).

It really is very, very dumb. Most Ukrainian drones are neutralised by electronic countermeasures. Some of those who aren’t are taken down by the air defence system. Only a handful reach the intended target. It’s not happening with the Kremlin and, even if by a fortunate coincidence some damage would be done, it would be extremely unlikely to cause Putin more than a nuisance.

Russia, however, can strike very hard, anywhere. If Putin now gives an execution order against Elenski, Elenski will go down. Today, tomorrow, or in ten years, but down will he go. Ask his spiritual predecessor, Stepan Bandera, what happens when you land on the laundry list of the Russian secret services. You get hunted down, found, and killed.

Nor can the others sleep well at night now. If – not unlikely – the Brits have been on the Ukrainian side on this with intelligence or tech assistance, you can be sure they will pay a price for this. It will, however, not be made in the open, for all the world to see. It will be made in the dark, and only the intended recipients of the message will receive it. The same goes for the Scholz and Macron of this world. Putin pays big attention to precedent, and he knows that, whenever he wants, he can bitch slap France, Germany, or Britain without any meaningful consequence.

Also, the places in the Ukraine where NATO intelligence and coordination personnel are hiding will now, methinks, be targeted harder. Don’t kid yourself: the Russians know a lot about their whereabouts and are certainly trying to avoid breaking more porcelain than necessary. But the porcelain will be smashed if needs be.

This was a very, very dumb thing to do. It will not even work as a distraction from the lack (up to now) of the famous “Ukrainian offensive” that keeps being promised to us. In fact, people will ask what this so victorious, strong army is waiting for.

Alas, the “victorious offensive to liberate Crimea” is as much of a fantasy as the attempt at the Kremlin. Even Western sources are now saying not much will come out of it. It will be an exercise in futility, but a very bloody one.

Trying to raise the morale of the troops with murderous stunts will not work.

*V and Z are banned on this forum in solidarity with the Ukraine. Or not. You decide.

The Chatty “Missionary”

Francis is, or so he says, part of a “mission” to end the war in the Ukraine. The mission is, says the Frankie, “not yet public”, which is why he makes public that there is a non-public mission underway.

You see, there is a reason why such missions are not public. The most likely is that the components of such mission want to reach an agreement among them before going public with both the mission and the proposal. This way, the peace proposal will have more weight and both warring parties might look at it attentively.

It is really like Francis that he could not shut up about the Vatican being part of such a mission, and would reveal to the world what must evidently stay hidden. But hey, he got to feel important on the moment.

Also, he peeved the Ukrainians who, predictably, said that they know nothing about it. Makes sense, of course, for the reasons explained above. Whatever is happening, is happening behind the scenes, with the participation of actors who are either powerful (like China, the US, Germany or the EU) and therefore with the power to contribute to shape the events, or useless dreamers (like religious leaders, the Dalai Lama, this or that Rabbi or Mufti), able only to feel good with themselves and signal virtue. In both cases, it is clear that Francis spilled the beans on something about which he should have shut up.

It really is like this guy. First, second, third and fourth most important thing in everything. Virtue signalling everywhere. What a great guy.

Independently from Francis, it is my opinion that it will be very difficult to move Russia to accept peace on anything else than their own terms. They have, in fact, made clear some days ago that even China will not sway them. They will do their own thing and will accept the peace they want at the time they want. At that time, they will of course allow everybody to validate Russia’s choice by calling it their peace plan.

If you now excuse me, I have to dash.

I am on a mission to save humanity from heresy.

The mission is now underway, but it’s not yet public.

Pachamama Good, Christ Bad. Or: Tough Guys, Clowns, And Cowards

I wonder what Bishop Cibotti thinks of this….

An Italian Priest has been suspended a divinis for having dared to publish a 1300-Pages mammoth book about Francis’ heresies, with particular reference to Amoris Laetitia.

Don Tullio Rotondo, the courageous and, actually, Catholic priest, has been suspended by his own bishop.

This means that this was not, say, the CDF suspending Father for being heretical, something which would have been extremely fun to watch. It is, instead, his own pastor suspending him for being Catholic.

I wonder how many, certainly, heretical books have been published by religious in the Sixties and Seventies (and later, too) without the relevant Ordinary emitting the faintest peep. But no, in the time of “who am I to judge” Catholics are very, very rapidly condemned.

I cannot imagine the Bishop’s decision having been taken without some phone calls from the Vatican, giving him some useful hints as to what to do. I say this because I cannot imagine the Evil Clown reacting to the book with anything other than a tirade filled with expletives. But again, it’s very difficult to challenge the courageous Don Tullio to an orthodoxy contest when you are the heretic. Therefore, let us call the bishop (who, likely, desired nothing more than being left alone, as most of them do) and order him to kick the priest where it hurts.

This is so Francis it actually screams “c@zzo!!”

Sadly for the bishop – and the clown – this Don Tullio seems the kind of guy who embraces persecution in the name of Christ and it is, in fact, consoling that there are V II priests able to behave in this way.

Note here that Don Tullio does not say that Francis is not the Pope. He states – correctly so – that the guy spreads heresy. He does not flee from reality, he gives it a long, hard stare in the face, and then says what he sees.

I don’t think that Bishop Cibotti is being Ultramontanist. I think he is just being a coward. In fact, the suspension a divinis is not entering, from what I can see, the controversy. It is simply justified with Don Tullio’ alleged disobedience, seen that Don Tullio prefers to obey to Christ first. A tough guy, this one. I hope he keeps resisting. I also hope he will evolve his thinking and embrace Traditionalism.

But look: what is this to do with tolerance and inclusion? Why not choose peace instead of confrontation? Why this ossified reaction to a man simply following the Spirit?

The Bishop (a Francis appointment) knows why; he is just too coward to tell you.

The conclusion of all this is: Pachamama Good, Christ Bad. Clearly, neither Francis nor this Cibotti guy believe in the Judgment. If they did, they would believe in a very different way.

Further Proof Francis Is Just Plain Dumb

Pope Clown has made further modifications to the (don’t laugh) “synodal process”.

I think he might have done us a favour.

The new measures are more cosmetic “inclusion”, with the participation of women and lay men instead of bishops only, but with Francis making all decisions himself anyway. The result of this is that the synod becomes indistinguishable from a Sunday afternoon “meet the faithful” exercise, at the end of which Francis excrements at his pleasure; and will, therefore, be discounted even more by the faithful than a normal synod would have been.

Every idiot understands that religion is not dependent on what people, particularly lay people, think, or vote. A Catholic idiot understands it even faster than a non-Catholic one, because of the natural role of the hierarchy in the life of the Church.

The casual Catholic reader who is informed that a new “synod” (of which he never knew what it was in the first place) with the vote of women and laymen, has approved this and that, will forget in three seconds what it was all about and move to more interesting and relevant things in life like sports, politics, the history of the semicolon, or watching paint dry.

Francis is making his circus-church like the world. In this way, his circus-church becomes indistinguishable from the world and, basically, invisible. This is, in the current circumstances, the best that can be hoped for and allow for the perennial teaching of the Church to be spread more easily.

As the next measure, I suggest that Francis organises, together with women and lay people, a tombola, a karaoke, and a cooking contest.

We are almost there already, anyway.

The Monsters Among Us

Not happy with his “gender assigned at birth”…

When I read this article, and followed the link, I could not avoid thinking that the have become a civilisation of monsters. Of course, it’s they who are the monsters, but they still live among us.

It is so atrocious, on so many level. Words like “early onset gender dysphoria” can only be imagined by people who have taken leave from basic logic and, I would say, humanity.

A lot of people are monstrous here: the equipe of surgeons attempting the Frankenstein operation; the doctors who prescribed the hormone blocking drugs; the parents of the young mad guy who clearly approved of the hormone treatment and, finally, the madman himself, who, after reaching 18, certainly gave his consent to this mad, extremely tragic parody of God, where they all together (the mad boy, his monstrous parents and the monstrous surgeons) all try to remake reality according to their mad and extremely degenerate fantasies.

Let that sink in: young man dies because, when attempting to make a fake vagina out of his prick, it was necessary to perform a second – and fatal – operation to take the tissue from elsewhere when it turned out his chemically castrated prick was too little to make the fake vagina. The linked article says this is good, because you know, “girls” with “early onset” “gender dysphoria” really like to think they have a “vagina”.


However, the monstrosity goes further than this. The lawmakers who have allowed this, and the voters who are conscious of this and do not react (you would be surprised how many people, even here in Europe, have been unaware of this stuff, as it was pretty much a hush-hush exercise to please extreme minorities) need to accept the blame, too. But then again, these voters are guaranteed to be in favour of abortion and gender theory, both ranking high on the monstrosity scale.

It is no surprise the Russians consider us a bunch of perverted madmen. Whilst we are not – by far not – all like this, these are the “values” our societies are propagating, and this is the social order the Ukraine is protecting on our behalf ( whereby we do the paying, and they do the dying). The globalist, one-world, perfectly Christ-free cabal trying to run all of us is all in favour of this kind of rubbish. You need to be weaned off Christianity, you see. In order to do this, an entirely new set of “values” is necessary.

Enter “gender dysphoria”, and other monstrous world for a society of monsters.


Don’t take it on me because you’re dumb, arrogant, and so very ugly….

I am old enough to remember the days of the coming ice age. I must confess, though, that I had forgotten about it, as it was all happening when I was a child and then simply fell from the radar. It was “important” enough that it had made it to my Ministry of Education approved textbooks, though (yes: in my time, your government told you what text books you had to form yourself on).

I was reminded of the fact – and of the textbooks – by Lomborg’s “the skeptical environmentalist”, a book whose validity is confirmed by the astonishing amount of mud his opponents threw on him.

The link above shows how widespread the madness was in 1970. It also shows that, there as now, the prophets of doom were at the service of a fundamentally anti-capitalist attitude, a collectivist utopia that couldn’t be called communism, but was – and is – exactly the old Marxist rubbish, albeit with some cosmetic variation to make it more palatable. There will always be people who believe this stuff. They are those in search of purpose and self-validation for their inflated ego.

Climate change was then, and it is now, a religion for atheists. It gives people the satisfaction of the basic need of feeling good with themselves, and – in Anglo Saxon Countries at least – of that other basic need, virtue signalling. This is why the obvious recognition that nothing of what Al Gore predicted has happened – or is even happening – does not have any effect of the proponent of his theory.

It is not, not it ever was, about the planet.

It is, and it always will be, about themselves.

Sects don’t need validation. They are like the plant of the “little shop of horrors”. They demand more and more food, until things get to a crisis point. When the bubble – or the plant – finally explodes, the sect members will look for the next sect. They will need to, because sect membership validates their entire existence.

Besides the real science – and the real common sense, and the real religious spirit – the defeat of the climate loons goes through an extremely effective weapon that I never cease to employ or to recommend: public ridicule and ferocious mocking. It is beyond me how we have become so brainwashed – even many so-called conservatives – that not even an elephant-sized target like the extremely dumb, extremely bigoted, ugly beyond belief, and otherworldly arrogant “how dare you”- girl was – metaphorically speaking – instantly incinerated. We are too nice to our enemies, lest we should not be considered good by the same people we despise.

The climate change hoax will be destroyed not by facts, but by laughter. Laughter goes head-on against the very reason why the loons abandon themselves to their lunacy: recognition and self-aggrandisement. This is true everywhere, but particularly so in the Anglo Saxon Countries, where social recognition is so openly, desperately, shamelessly craved.

I have bad news for you, Gretin.

You will always remain the fool you are now.

Furious Backpedaling

“He” just realised Russia is crushing “his” favourite “gheis”.

The months go by and even the most obdurate Pollyannas begin to understand that Russia is winning, and it is winning big. The cognitive dissonance must make their ears whistle, and they need to plant their fingers more and more firmly inside them, hoping not to hear it anymore. It really is sad to see.

In this situation, it is fascinating to observe what the Western Mass media do to try and extricate themselves from the horrible situation in which they have put themselves. They have lied to everybody, in the most shameful way ever seen, for almost 15 months now, and they need to get out of this with some shred of reputation left.

I am seeing two main narratives to explain the (if you believed the narrative in the first place) inexplicable:

A) The Russians have horrendous casualties , and

B) The Russian army has learned fast.

Both these excuses are lame. Let us see why.


Even the BBC-gathered data (and I cannot imagine a broadcaster worse than this one, possibly not even CNN) clearly and constantly indicate a number of killed in action of around 11% of the Ukrainian killed in action, that is: 9 to 1. Even the biased, leaked Pentagon documents have to admit a 7:1 ratio. The BBC numbers are the result of extensive internet research (local newspapers, social media, and the like) covering funerals and obituaries all over Russia. After months of results, the evidence is now overwhelming: the Russians are paying an extremely low price for the losses they are inflicting to the Ukrainians.

Plus, the alleged underpinning of the Russians “high casualties” have never materialised. There are no video of Russian “multiple waves” Mass attacks. There are no videos of Russians attacking armed with their trench shovels, as it has been assured was the case. It seems like there is no shortage of drone, guns or shells, either (as shown from the constant tragic videos from the Ukrainian front). There are no videos of immense Russian cemeteries full of flags, as I see almost daily for the Ukraine. In short, the facts on the ground are, literally, shelling into the West’s consciousness that Russia’s army is in rude health.

B) The claim is in blatant contradiction to the narrative pushed for 15 months, and for many years before that. If the Russian army is terminally incompetent, incapable and ossified, they will certainly never learn how it’s done in 15 months, because you don’t change your army’s culture in such a ridiculously short time.

Learning how to adapt drone use to what is observed on the battleground, or changing some of their BTG, Battalion Tactical Groups (a Russian invention btw) to “shock troops” suited for a more nimble type of assault operations is, quite on the contrary of what the West wants you to believe, clear evidence of a highly evolved, very flexible, competently led armed force.

This was evident from day one to everybody who had eyes to see. Even the supposed “defeat” in the supposed “battle of Kiev” (both as real as the eponymous “ghost”) showed an Army able to master both the “deep penetration” assault (worked wonderfully in Crimea in 2014, did not work in the Ukraine in 2022; but hey, these are gambles you decide to make, accepting they might not work) and the positional, attrition campaign run very successful from the start. Again, this is a sophisticated army, led by obviously smart commanders as seen in September during the wasteful, almost suicidal, Ukrainian “offensive”, and lacking, well, nothing of import.


As I write this, the Russian side controls more than 80% of Bakhmut, the theatre of an extremely stupid Ukrainian massacre of self-immolation that will be remembered in 100 years. Slowly, methodically, and as safely as possible, they will take all they want to take, and they will not care one straw for the high-pitched screaming of transitioning British journalists, or condescending, lesbian American ones.

Russia is winning. But it’s not happening at videogame speed, which makes a videogame generation very slow in understanding simple facts on the ground. Ukraine 2022 is not Kuwait 1991. It’s a different beast, requiring a different conduct.

Russia is winning, and thank God for that.

They are on our side.

The Nazi bigots in the Ukrainian ranks aren’t.

Clown Bishop Overbeck Wants To Conscript You

He is looking at you, bishop Overbeck

As a rule, heretical Bishops try to disguise their heresies under a thin veneer of Catholicism, making it look like they are being actually orthodox, at least to those of low IQ, high ignorance, or high interest in believing what the heretical guy says.

Every now and then, though, someone comes around who is such a scoundrel, such a sellout to the world, such a worthless piece of Francis, that he does not even bother to conceal the fundamental heresy of his very being.

Today’s scoundrel is Bishop Overbeck, an individual about whom I have already written in the past.

As you will see if you follow the link, Overbeck does not mince words: the change the Church is living now is bigger than the Protestant heresy. One only needs to be able to make 2+2 to understand that this guy is very plainly saying “we are heretical, we are proud of it, and you will have to get along with our heretical programme”.

The first two statements are self-evident. The third one is made explicit by another bomb dropped by this clown: he explains that if you want to defend tradition, you need to ask yourself whether you are still within the Church. Because you see, clown bishop has decided that the Church is now fundamentally different, and you therefore cannot follow the church of yesteryear and think you are within the boundaries of Overbeck’s fantasy creation.

Of course I am in unity with the Church, you cucking fretin! It’s exactly you who have just put yourself out of it, you fumb duck!! You can go to hell without me!

(If you think these words are too gentle, let me know in the comments and I will reflect whether to make my anger more explicit).

Unsurprisingly, clown bishop is also an enemy of Russia. Makes sense: even the Schismatics over there are infinitely more orthodox than this tool here. In fact, I think I can class it, seeing the declarations, as not unlikely that this guy has some big skeleton in the …. closet (as in: closet), it being not probable that a man without such skeletons would declare his heretical mentality and intent with such open hatred for the Church as he/she/it did.

I would, here, normally appeal for the defrocking of the guy, so he can seek gainful employment by the Lutheran Church Of The Latter Day Faggots. Alas, he will not be defrocked. An appointment to Cardinal is way more likely than that, at least as long as Francis breathes. In fact, who knows, the little Judas might have tried to position himself for a red hat, a place in the – likely – last train going out of Francisstation.

There is a God, and He judges everything and leaves nothing unpunished.

It’s the only consolation on days like this.

You Read It Here (Pretty Much) First

Professional liar and Biden clown

Top secret DoD documents have been leaked and, predictably, Bidenland is freaking out.

This is understandable as the documents clearly state what the readers of this blog have known for a very long time: Ukraine has had atrocious losses, is running out of ammo and missiles fast, lies to its allies about the extent of its problems, and appears sheer unlikely to make any significant or permanent gains when they start that suicide operation called “Spring Offensive”.

In short: the document states in very clearly formulated bureaucratese that Russia is winning big, the Ukraine is being torn to pieces, and the time of reckoning is coming fast.

None of this is new to you, dear readers, because I have informed you regularly and because the information is readily available to people who prefer reality to listening to what they want to hear.

The leaks are, however, a total loss of face for all – not only the US – Western Governments, now outed as a bunch of shameless liars. They also show the extent to which senior officials like Austin and Milley lie to their own Parliament, something for which they would go to jail if the US were not rapidly descending to the status of Mickey Mouse Democracy.

How often have you read an article whose title started with “desperate Putin” or “desperate Russia”? How many times has the guy died of cancer, got Alzheimer, or been deposed by a coup already? How many times has Russia been about to “run out” of… everything? Have Milley and Austin not given to their own elected representatives a completely different picture from what they knew to be the real situation on the ground?

What about Van Der Lying, Borrell and all the other European trombones? They did not have access to the information? Really? Or is it – at the very minimum – so, that they controlled the information that comes to their desk to such an extent, that they were able to be “officially” briefed only in terms acceptable to them?

Mind, they are not the only culprits. Same as in Nazi Germany or in COVID Europe, this kind of collective gaslighting is only possible with the willing collaboration of the population at large. They are gaslighted because they want to be. The proof of this will be in the pudding of nothing happening to Milley, or Austin, or von der Lying.

After all the lies, this is where we are now, with Ukrainians killed in action likely exceeding 200,000 at this point and even the obviously biased leaked document – whose writers were certainly under pressure to be as economical with bad news as possible – admitting a seven to one killing ratio in favour of Russia, a stunning admission of brutal defeat even if the real ratio is likely more similar to nine to one.

I am curious to see how the media will choose to slowly allow the leaked information to filter to their dumb readership. The awakening cannot happen overnight. Rather, Dumb Readers will have to be gradually acquainted with reality, so that it appears to the dumber among them that they have been told the truth all along.

The smart readers, meanwhile, were getting their information from places like this one.

Faggocracy In Action: Meet Bishop Stowe

How the heck these people are allowed to be bishops is beyond me. Why is this guy allowed to hire an openly faggoty fag guy to be “in charge of worship?

And as we are there, we should pose the next question that comes to mind: what the heck is the “office for worship”? What need there is of all these “offices” made to procure comfortable jobs to one’s friends. Heck: who should be in charge of worship, if not, very directly, the bishop himself?

What does bishop Stowe do all day if he has no time to care for the worship of his parishioners? How were these things done in those blessed times before Vatican II, when parishes were more numerous and administration less bloated?

There is an entire Faggocracy that is getting fat with Peter’s pence. They have become so brazen now that they even hire their own, shamelessly, under the sun, and boast of it!

This guy Stowe needs to be defrocked and thrown on the street.

I think I know what his next job would be, but I don’t want to write it here because I am read by women.

And on the very odd chance that this Stowe guy is not homosexual himself, one wonders: what kind of kompromat does the faggot mafia have on him, to force him to take on one of their own in such a way?

Every time that someone asks you what, in the end, is wrong with Vatican II, answer mentioning this darn guy.

Boy, I miss the good old times. God has given me a different lot, and I had to grow up and live in a time of shameless “celebration” of sexual perversion, carried out by bishops!

Who made this clown a priest? Who made him a bishop? They will answer – or have answered – for this.

Nil inultum remanebit.

This is the only consolation.

Yes, I Am A Keyboard Warrior

Hates the keyboard warriors…

Francis has once again barked against the keyboard warriors.

Don’t be a keyboard warrior, says Frankie. They displease him too much.

Frankie would want to go on peddling his environ-mental cum social justice fake gospel of globalism, without any fear of being outed, every day, as the pathetic clown he is.

Ridiculed at every step, exposed as peddler of catholic fake news, constantly reminded of what he should actually do as a job, Frankie must hate us with all the rage his failing health still allows him.

The very claim is contradictory. If being a keyboard warrior is bad, why does he invite the press on his trips? Are they not supposed to do exactly the same as the people Francis criticises?

Oh wait, the journalists are supposed to actually act as his propaganda outlet. They are not bad. Proper Catholics are!

I really wish that this boor had a bit of I don’t say class – he’ll never get there – but at least sense about it. We anger you, Frankie? At least be smart and don’t show it so openly! But no, the bitching must go on, because it makes him feel good on the moment, and who cares if he looks even dumber than everyone thought at the end of the rant.

Unscripted Francis then proceeds to shoot himself in the foot again, criticising us for defending what “has always been done this way”. That’s exactly the problem, Sherlock.

The keyboard warriors would not criticise him, if he defended Church tradition. They criticise him because he sabotages it, or at least tries, in that quite arrogant, unbearable, stupid way of his.

I am a proud Keyboard Warrior. Thousands, like me, fight their little fight for Catholicism with a keyboard, helping to confirm fellow Catholics in the faith – and, with God’s grace, perhaps even help the one or other getting nearer to it – and exposing, as well as they are able to, all the lies of the circus tools like Francis and his bunch of sycophants, heretics, and faggots. Francis certainly wishes we would limit our protests to friends and family.

Not happening, Bozo.

I really wonder now: is this man really so thick that he still has not understood that his little game is up, and has been for many years? Or, rather, he knows that everybody understands that the keyboard warriors are the Catholics, and he is the problem?

Whilst I think the man obtuse, he is not outright dumb. I can well imagine he knows perfectly well that the keyboard warriors have made him look a clown for many years now. Fact is, the guy just can’t deny himself the petty satisfaction of a petty rant.

Now with one foot in the grave, there is no sign whatsoever that this man is, in the very last stretch of a disgraceful existence, approaching anything remotely resembling conversion. He seems intentioned to die just as he has lived: hating us all, with a passion.

Go on this way, Frankie boy. Your day cannot be too far away now.

Methinks, on that day you will hate us all even more, and for all eternity.

The Loyalty Game

“She has such beautiful hair, don’t you think?”

Let us say you are a young man in the Disunited States. Like many people, you don’t have the strength to go your own way and form your own opinion. Your faith has always been very tepid, and never nurtured. Your parents divorced, leaving deep scars in you. You will feel you need a tribe to belong to or undergo a total crisis.

You will vote Democrat like all your friends do.

But your desire to belong to the “cool kids” will not end there. Being insecure, you will always be in need of “belonging”.

The tribe is in favour of abortion. You don’t feel good at the idea of killing a baby, but the fact that it is legal is, as you admit to yourself, convenient. You are also looking to score the one or other of the young female members of the tribe, which makes abortion a very comfortable position to have. The tribe approves it, and it approves you.

The people around you will, then, start telling you that perversion (something your parents always abhorred) is not bad at all. In fact, it is normal. You understand very rapidly that your (natural) feelings would lead to being excluded from the tribe. Therefore, what you do is to suppress what you know to be true, and simply ignore that you are doing just that. Yes, it gets uncomfortable at the start, when you are introduced to young men with a very shrill voice, the ones your father mocked so brutally. But you get accustomed to them, because belonging to the tribe is more important.

Slowly, you discover that the tribe wants you to belong to it, but doesn’t really value you as an equal. As male and white, you carry with you the two modern variants of the Original Sin. You notice that you start apologising more and more often. You also discover that you are not expected to have your own opinion. As a person tarnished with the two above mentioned issues, your job is to obey and speak only in approved platitudes. You would resent it, if you allowed yourself such sentiments; but by now you have become quite good at ignoring them. Still, you notice by now that you are not a valued member of the tribe; you are merely tolerated as the one who, in ticking two huge Oppression Boxes, will always belong to the less equal than others.

You still want the girls, though, and you start pandering to them with the servility that is, by now, your second nature. You are now a feminist, you go to the marches, and you make all the right noises. However, it proves a difficult job, as the girls actually fully ignore you. Stranger still, you keep noticing that those very girls always talking about oppressive males regularly open their legs for the wrong guys: the assertive, macho ones. The MAGA ones, even! A part of you is starting to understand that you are just the kelp, the low-status male there to serve the few Alpha Kings and all the aspiring princesses; but they, the princesses, want to submit to the alpha wolfs, to the leaders of the pack, even as they criticise them relentlessly. They are, well, men.

Liberal women like men. At least, they sleep with them. A lot.

You? You can pay for their taxi fare to the demonstration.

You dismiss these flashes of reason immediately. They are poison for your tribe membership, and you will never be alpha anyway. Best thing to do is to keep apologising and waiting for the “right girl” to come along. Yes, she will have gone through 30 men by that time. But it does not matter, because you are emancipated, remember?

At this point, you wait to know what you are supposed to think in anything and everything. Immigration, Trump, Wall, Syria, and everything else is seen through the eyes of the tribe. You could never go back now. You have told too many people that you are a feminist anyway. Your “this is what a feminist looks like” t-shirt is everywhere on your Facebook page. Mass “unfriending” would be, now, every bit as traumatic as your parents’ divorce then.

Still, at this point something deep inside you understood what your life has become: humiliation.

The humiliation is constant. In your infinite apologies, in your constant fear to offend others that your black acquaintances never show (and no: they are not friends with you, because you are tarnished), and in your unlimited faithfulness to the tribe’s latest fad.

The list of letters after LGB keeps getting longer, and you know that all those people are claiming, inside the tribe, a special status that will always be precluded to you, because of your skin colour and sex. You keep memorising longer and longer strings of letters, though. Your survival in the tribe is at stake.

The humiliation has now become total. You are now requested to unconditionally agree that a woman can be a man, and a man a woman. You need to learn new pronouns more complex than Latin declensions, though Latin is symbolic of male oppression and you could never even quote a word of it.

What to do? What to do?

Your doubt is very short. The tribe demands total self- abasement, and the tribe is the only thing that stands between you and a huge crisis.

So you go on, now accepting your humiliation.

They have taught you how to think in exchange for your second-class tribe membership card. You shut up and suck it up.

Your only consolation is that you are not alone.

Millions of Democrat voting white males are exactly in the same situation as you.

500 Stormtroopers

Apparently, nowadays you can’t donate too much sperm.

A young man with a Gengis Khan complex wants to sire hundreds of children. The Dutch Government says: hold your horses, Gengis Boy! It’s 25 and no more! Undeterred, Dutch Gengis moves abroad and continues his “activity” as before. He even wants to help individual couples to get babies. Wait….

The mothers of his very numerous offspring are now outraged. That’s too many children, Gengis! A line of mothers now complain that the sperm of their child is more inflationed than the Venezuelan currency on a very bad year! Look, they will have to tell their already traumatised children that they have hundreds of siblings! How is that fair?

I struggled long and hard to understand where, from the perspective of the complaining mothers, the problem would be. If you are fine with not following God’s laws at the moment of conception, why would an irrelevant detail like the number of people doing the same with the same material be of any consequence? The probability of incest is, surely, extremely low and easily avoidable? And if Gengis is healthy, strong, smart and (likely in the eyes of many women) reasonably handsome, does the baby assembly line not help huumaaaniteeee?

And then it hit me. It’s not about that. It’s about wanting to eat the cake and have it! It’s about keeping, somewhere in one’s head, the utter fiction that this idea of getting a baby with a third party’s sperm be, in some way, normal. It’s about pretending that this “nice” Dutch guy, in possession of all racial, physical and IQ requisites, would have simply paid the mother a sort of rare, noble, so progressive humanitarian favour. It’s about not having to think that your desire to have a child disobeying God’s rules had as a consequence that hundreds of children have half the DNA of your son. This is not very exclusive, is it? It’s like knowing that, in a big castle where a big party is going on, 500 women have (half) your same dress!

Now everything starts to make sense. The “wife” (oh well…) of the sperm donor does not want to feel like just another uterus, a uterus that Dutch Gengis wanted to colonise to satisfy his mad self-perpetuation fantasies. No. She is so uuunique, and so sssspecial, and she is just helping herself to something she is entitled to, mmmkay?! I actually bet in many cases these mothers are single mothers, and a number of them are actually dykes.

What a disappointment, to know you are just a tiny part of Big Dutch Sschtormtrooper Project!

But hey, this is what happens when you don’t follow the rules. There is always some blowback.

This is, also, God’s law. But don’t tell the mothers of the Sschtormtroopers. You will hurt their delicate, unique feelings.

“Vision Zero”

I am always afraid of people who have “visions” of an utopic world. They end up creating nightmares. It must be so, because the flaws of this world are not a bug, but a feature. In other world, life cannot be reduced to “zero” anything, without creating much worse problems than the ones the “zero” crowd want to (allegedly) solve.

Vision Zero is, here in the UK, a common moniker for a (mad) vision of zero traffic deaths.

It sounds noble, doesn’t it? Until one reflects on the amount of sheer repression that such virtuous-sounding slogans hide. First, you need to persuade the virtue-signallers volk that this “zero” slogan is A.Good.Thing. Then you can proceed with the repression: draconian speed limits, say, or obsessive security measures. When this does not work (because “zero” is quite difficult a vision), then you can proceed to ban private vehicles; only in a limited manner at the beginning and then, incrementally, more and more as you berate and criminalise those bloodthirsty individuals happy to “kill others” (see what I am doing here?) for their own convenience.

This traffic stuff is, however, only the start. When you start selling “zero” stuff, there is no saying where it would end.

Soon enough, people will have a “zero ho-mo-pho-byyyaa” “vision”. Of course, Catholics will be a prime target. Or you can have a “zero priestly child abuse” “vision”, which again sounds well at the start but, in practice, means the end of the priesthood. You already have “zero carbon” nonsense, used to aggressively push the desired energy behaviour.

It is not difficult to think of infinite variations of this theme, then in the end no freedom comes without some cost (from the freedom to speak to the freedom to smoke to the freedom to jog or paraglide or bungee jump), and the “vision” does not do anything else than criminalising the freedom in order to suppress it.

You will say that people are smart enough not to fall into the trap. I am not sure. Recent events have shown us that, on average, people are frighteningly stupid and very easy to manipulate and, frankly, everybody who is really powerful has noticed, which is why, for example, the anti-Russian propaganda and misinformation has become so massive.

Once again, I blame for this the social media. The social media create gigantic beehives of people who, not having fought any war in more than two generations, are forgetting what freedom is and are ready to sacrifice increasing portions of it because of their “vision”.

You can’t go to church. You can’t leave your house. You can’t speak “hate”. You can’t inform yourself from sources I don’t like.

Welcome to freedom in the XXI Century; a time where journalists don’t even try to be objective, secret services declare they will help the propaganda effort, military leaders care about trannie inclusion, elections are stolen (USA) or repeated (EU) when the outcome is not the desired one, and unelected leaders public state that they “have tools” in case the “wrong” coalition wins an election (this is verbatim Ursula von der Lies about Giorgia Meloni).

In the end, behind this behaviour there is a “vision” which is used to justify the oppression; because when your oppression is a “visionary”, you have no right to oppose him.

Beware of all those “visions”. Accept a world in which people die driving, going down the stairs, eating stuff different from bugs, or enjoying sports like cycling, skiing, jogging.

This acceptance will also help you having a church near you, with a priest in it.

On Charity, Again, Or: Love Vs H8.

Ferrari Purosangue. Unthinkable 50 years ago, but here now…



Look, I do not want my readers to be angry at me, OK? However, there are things that are gnawing at me and I want to get them off my chest, now, today.

I mean: what if we are wrong? What if, say, Pope Francis is right, and we are therefore resisting what the Church tells us to do?

Bear with me for a moment.

Everything changes. Everything progresses. It seems to be part of God’s fabric of the planet that things… just… improve.

Your car is more advanced than those of, say, only 50 years ago. The same can be said for everything, from the phones to the household appliances.

I can switch my heating on and off remotely, with an app. Is this a blasphemy? No, it clearly is God-willed! The same happens to everything else. Why, one part of me is asking, this God-willed evolution in all things should be true, but only our faith should not evolve?

Take fornication, for example. (Yes, I know, I know…). Do you really think that the fornication of two people with a deep loving relationship is a mortal sin? I mean, seriously, I am… like…: really? So, if one dies straight during the act, suddenly, he goes to hell, like, I mean, with the high speed train?

Aren’t we being a little (I must say this…) rigid now?

And you see: I have always despised Francis.

Yes, I did.

Guilty as charged!

But.. but… is this not uncharitable? I mean, could it not be that God wants, from me, love, instead of judgment? And where does this lead me, if not by that most dreadful of states, H8?

I was mulling these things in my head, and do you know what I did? I went out for a walk!

I decided to reset all my preconceptions and judgments, and to just love. I abandoned myself to my feelings. I went around affectionately greeting every tree, every bush, every cat and every dog, sending positive thoughts and vibes to everyone I passed by. And you know what?

I felt so good! Yes, it felt good!

Yes. I was abandoning my rigidity, and I felt a great burden fell from me.

It felt so good. If it feels good, how can it be wrong?

You know what I am saying? I mean, like: do you feel it?

I don’t know whereto this journey will lead. I suppose I will let God guide me, I guess.

But wait: if God guides me (I guess), why would He not guide the Church? Do we need more Synodality, or less? I don’t know, like I am, like, confused.

But what I know is that we should journey together, because:

Synodality means journeying together as the People of God. It indicates a way of listening to each individual person as a member of the Church to understand how God might be speaking to all of us.

Pope Francis

Please let me know what you think in the comments.

Let us journey together!


False Charity

Ill, but not improved….

I never cease to be amazed at how many people confuse charity with simply feeling good with themselves.

Francis is ill, and the rumour mill is, predictably, spinning. We hope he dies soon. Why do we do that? Because he has an extremely important function and public role, which he has abused in the most grievous way. He is a real and present danger to the faith of Catholic and to the reputation of the Church. Bar a miracle, he will remain so until the day he dies. It is perfectly legitimate – and I would add, the only decent thing to do – to hope that he dies today. Alas, it’s not happening, but here’s hoping.

What, I think, Christian charity commands that we owe Francis is: a) the wish for his painless death and b) the wish for his salvation. I have prayed for both on a number of occasions. Let’s hope I need to intensify my prayers soon.

However, on the second point one must soberly recognise that the man’s salvation is improbable. It is very rare that God allows someone who has been his enemy for many decades to repent and die at peace with Him. It must, realistically, be even rarer when the scoundrel in question has damaged the Church he had the duty to guide and protect.

This is why, in Catholic tradition, a lifetime of prayer has been traditionally seen as a sign of predestination, and a lifetime of enmity with the Church as a sign of reprobation. We can’t just say “we don’t know, God decides, we just need to shut up”. If this were the case, then a life spent in prayerful service to God would not be a better indicator of salvation than a life spent as a gang killer in Mexico.

I have just reposted an old post that dealt with another side of the same issue: if, to you, Francis’ continued destruction is more important to you than the welfare of the Church, do you really love the Church? What is more important, your emotional, feel-good false charity, or Holy Mother Church?

No. I hope he dies soon. I hope he dies today. I wish he were already dead as I am writing his. And yes, this guy looks like reprobation like no other person I know or knew of.

But I have prayed for his salvation anyway, because his soul has immeasurable value.

Wait A Little Bit Longer

Look at this article and observe the picture at the top.

Never have I seen Francis so fat. If you compare this picture to the man who was – disgracefully – made Pope eight years ago, you would think them two different persons if it was not for the insufferable smirk.

I look at the picture. and I tried to put myself in the shoes of his knees. There is no way two 85 years old knees can carry a man of such vast proportions.

Francis says his diverticulitis has come back; this is no surprise looking at his vast circumference. You fight diverticulitis by living of fruits, dried fruits, and (most importantly) vegetables. If you keep eating meat, you will keep adding problems. I don’t know how much refined carbs he heats, but those won’t help him much, either, particularly with all that insulin clearly swimming in his blood.

Francis has now gone to the hospital again; however, this time this looks like a respiratory infection that is not Covid (how could it? Come on: science…!!!), and which will keep him a couple of days out of combat.

I wish we could be spared his presence during the Holy Week; but I think I am being too optimistic.

Still: time is on our side.

The Church is never in a hurry, and she has buried countless kings and emperors.

I am sure she can bear to wait a little bit longer on this one.

The Greatest Injustice On Earth (For The Insane)

Trannies aren’t having a good week. First, the entire planet understands their potential for violence. Before you know, they are banned from competing with women in athletics. This only follows a similar ban on swimmers only a couple of days ago.


I am, like you, pleased at this glimpse of sanity. But you see, it is just a glimpse. In fact, what it does is to perpetuate the same injustice it pretends to celebrate.

Look, you have decided that that burly guy is a woman, right? You have affirmed his right to be called a woman. You have celebrated his womanhood. You have called those who actually use their brains oppressive, patriarchal, haters and all sort of horrible things. Why, then, you now behave like them?

You have decided that Butch is a woman? Treat him like a woman, then! Everything else would be an expression of the most hateful hypocrisy! You can’t have your cake and eat it! Besides, think of how this makes Sandrina (formerly, Butch) feel! Discriminated for who she is! Refused by men and women alike! This is atrocious, atrocious, I tell you! She will off herself, and it will be your fault!!

It is obvious that the relevant authorities are being utterly discriminating and full of racist hate here. They are, in fact, creating a third sex: male, female, trannie. This is hate, because they say, themselves, that the trannies are (prevalently) female! You cannot 1. Affirm Sandrina’s right to be female and 2. Deny to Sandrina the right to be female!

The only way out of this blatant discrimination is one of the two:

1. Coherent insanity: trannies who identify as such are females. This does not destroy female sport, because the trannies who dominate it are… females!

2. Coherent sanity: trannies who identify as females are madmen, but still men, in need of psychiatric attention.

In both cases, you would have coherence, and if it must be coherence of the lucidly mad, let those who have voted this madness enjoy it, and those who haven’t enjoy the complete destruction of female sport on the altar of insanity.

What is happening now is extremely hypocritical and legally questionable, as there will be no end of lawsuits stating that such bans are discrimination against people legally defined as females.

I think the claimants would be right. This will be an interesting one to watch.

Female is female.

Play trannie pc games, win trannie pc prizes.

Mundabor’s Call For A Ban On Trannies

In more ways than one…

The murderous tragedy in Tennessee really has a lot of overtly satanical in it.

A woman thinking that she is a man, mad of hate against her Christian school for calling her madness exactly what it is. This mad hate leading the woman to attack the school at the cost of her own mad life. The wilful killing of three children, unknown to her, just in order to satisfy her need for innocent blood. It really makes your blood chill.

This is, of course, her fault. But in a broader sense, the blood of the children, and adults, who died is on the hands of all the “allies” and “enablers” of these deranged individuals.

There is no ignoring or downplaying the gravity of this. We are surrounded by satanical people that our societies have encouraged in their madness. We, the West, have inoculated ourselves with the germs of a mad virus infecting not only the madmen, but those who insist in protecting and “celebrating” them.

We need a ban on trannies, now.

The very idea of a person being mutilated or heavily drugged just to get along with his madness goes against the most elementary sense of both sanity and humanity. The very concept of (officially) sane people actually going along with this in order to worship at the satanic altar of their humanistic religion is a perversion of the human mind without precedent in human history.

Common sense has gone to the dogs in so many ways. What percentage of the US population is made of trannies? Shall we call it 0.1%? I’d say it’s likely way less. Still, at 0.1% is still means that one trannie massacre equates to 1000 non-trannie massacres. Do you realise the potential for violence of these people freely roaming around, and increasing in numbers?

I fully expect that the US Democrats now go with full force against this obvious public safety issue. They have certainly realised, by now, that each one of these deranged individuals is a potential grave danger to the children around him. They will, surely, react to this in a way consistent with their oh so virtuous appreciation for total security? Surely? Surely?

Oh wait, I forgot.

If you sold your soul to Satan, you are unlikely to be going against your new boss, aren’t you?

I bet they will attribute this to “gun violence”; as if guns, not trannies, were violent. Oh wait. It has started already…

Let’s hope that more and more people start seeing the light on this. This is what we need:

Total ban on genital mutilation and hormonal manipulation.

Forced admission of those already mutilated/manipulated in structures that can protect them from themselves, and everybody else from them, and help them to recover whatever sanity can be recovered and undo whatever damage can be undone.

Legislation to criminalise as attempted genocide the promotion of hate against humanity.

There. The path is very clearly set.

Will be, the West, have the energy and resolve to follow it? How many more children will have to die before this happens?

I look at the so-called elected President, and I am unable to be optimistic. This madness will have to go full bonkers before sanity goes back again. There are too many minions of Satan in power right now.

KKK vs Chelsea Whatever-her-name-is.

Gotta love the refreshing frankness of Paul Joseph Watson. He is a tad harsh but, as you know from this blog, harshness is what we need these days. I suggest you watch the video and, come to that, subscribe to the channel.

I would like to add to what PJW said something more germane to the aim of this blog. I am persuaded that being a Trad Wife is not only a better deal for a woman than being just another female hamster wheeling a pathetic version of the already pathetic sex and the city show. I am persuaded that a family-oriented role correspond to the deeper aspiration of most women and is, therefore, very satisfying and life-fulfilling, irrespective of the work involved.

A mother of numerous children having to care for the entire household will not have a very relaxing life. Already the worries for her offspring should make the vapid life of the Chelsea-what’s-her-name of the video look rather stressful. But the mother will have a deeply fulfilling life, perfectly in tune with her natural aspirations, perfectly in line with how she is wired. The same can be said of the countless unmarried or childless aunts who, in former decades, contributed to the enlarged families where they lived. A life lived in according to the aspirations and instincts God gave us may not be a relaxed life, but it will be a fulfilled one.

In addition to this, I would like to point out not only to the emptiness, but to the utter vulgarity of that Chelsea woman, now clearly on her way to become the next disgusting example of very badly aged drake, Madonna-style (the singer, of course).

All this tells you how deeply unnatural it is to try to behave and feel like a man, when you just aren’t one. This mad desire to be like a man is, first and foremost, unfeminine, and everybody (particularly women) notice it. This is why these women are, very obviously, trying to persuade themselves and broadcast urbi et orbi that things are fine in their life: they know they aren’t.

Lastly, I would dare to think that what goes on in the mind of these unfortunate beings is much, much worse than they let appear in the video. How many of them are, now that their eggs have gone, tormented by the baby, or babies, they have killed in their womb and will now never raise is difficult to say. God will not be mocked, and he will bless these women with abundant, if very painful, teaching moments. The explosion of suicides of old women, a phenomenon practically unknown in the past, is another tragic indicator of how things have gone wrong.

So: these SINKS have failed at being real women, and they have utterly failed at being imitations of men. They have failed at everything. It’s no surprise there is so much alcohol going on.

The younger women, with all their shortcoming, are attentively observing their mothers and aunts, and their female friends, and have decided that whatever achievements their mothers and aunts are bragging about, isn’t really worth much.

Now, same as two hundred years ago, Kirche, Kueche und Kinder (church, kitchen and children) remains the deep aspiration of your average woman, and thank God for that.

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