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The Twitter Games, Or: The Four Kinds Of “Celebrity” Wokes

Do you want to know why so many media “celebrities” (of various degrees of celebrity) are so bent on putting on display their woke credentials?

Let me count the ways.

Firstly, there are the consolidated media personalities looking for easy publicity. Actors and singers, but particularly actors, need to stay in the news, to have their name talked about, and they know that most publicity is good publicity. if you are a leftist. Therefore, an incendiary tweet here and there makes economic sense. Their agents will officially try to dissuade them from “tweeting while drunk”, but they will both know that drunk-virtue-signalling is all the rage now. If you are one of those actors who, whilst well-known now, are at constant risk of being, if not forgotten, sent down the slippery slope of “once famous actor”, a bit of woke rage makes sense. Particularly as, being pretty well-known now, they can leverage the outrage for their own benefit. Ron Perlman, Edward Norton, or Alec Baldwin do not seem to have suffered any professional damage from their woke antics.

Secondly, there are the emerging starlets. They are famous now. In 12 or 18 months, who knows. They need to consolidate their name, to become household figures. Let us start some activism outrage. It will certainly not do any damage. Emily Ratajkowski is a point (actually, cough, two) in case.

Thirdly, there are the declining “celebrities”. Things are going down fast. They need to reinvent themselves. I know of a very mediocre quarterback (for NFL standards, of course), who was staring at the end of his NFL career in the face. Hey presto, let us start the outrage engine! The guy had a wonderful success. Afro instead of America, this is his recipe. Works for him, for sure.

But then there is a fourth category, which could be the worst of them all. It is the category of the very rich who are embarrassed of their vast wealth, but certainly don’t want to give it away. At that point, activism is the only way how they can validate their vapid, empty selves. This is not a money issue anymore. It’s not a career issue, either. It’s merely the desire to feed a huge ego and try to fill an empty life at the same time. Beats overdose or suicide, I suppose.

Look at this one, for example. After hoovering all that could be hoovered around her, and reaching a huge success without any talent for singing, or acting, or even thinking, this slut with the blasphemous name, who made a career out of being, well, the worldwide village slut, needs to validate her poor self in any way she can; particularly after her pathetic attempt to still look attractive at 60 – carried out, unsurprisingly, showing her naked backside to the laughter of the nation – did not prove the ego boost she was counting on. I’d post the picture, but my readers deserve better.

You put these four typologies together and you understand why woke-ism is so much en vogue in and around the entertainment industry. If you are a leftist, it is difficult that any big downside hits you. Those who managed to do it (Jennifer Lawrence comes to mind) have gone so far out, that even John Lennon would have suffered a lot. But then again Lawrence doesn’t seem to be a genius, so there…

Whenever you read about the next entertainment fool making a clown of himself, and getting publicity in return, feel free to have your fun in putting the guy, or gal, in one of the four categories.

This way, you’ll be able to say that they were good for something.




Too Little, Too Late, And Too Stupid

five chairmen of the U.S. Bishops’ Conference condemned the Equality Act, saying it would “impose sweeping new norms that negatively impact the unborn, health care, charitable services, schools, personal privacy, athletics, free speech, religious liberties, and parental rights.”

“The Act’s unsound definitions of ‘sex’ and ’gender identity’ would erase women’s distinct, hard-won recognition in federal laws,” the bishops said.

Look, the US Bishops are meowing again!

First of all, note the language: in the modern world, nothing is, anymore, wrong because it offends God. The average XXI Century US Bishop is worried about stuff like health care, personal privacy, or athletics first, second and third. Things are bad, always, for reasons an atheist could share. The religious thinking has completely gone out of the public parlance of the hierarchy. Look, Bishops: no one needs you to worry about athletics. Let others examine athletics. You should be worried about Salvation.

Similarly, the Act’s absurd, deranged, absolutely perverted definitions of “sex” and “gender identity” are defined – wait for this – “unsound”, possibly the new PC word used in order to avoid the already PC “gravely disordered”.

Unsound. Perversion and abomination on a scale unthinkable to our forefathers are now unsound, say our Bishops. What a bunch of sissies.

But this is not even the worst. The worst is that these idiots have, in their great majority, done all they could to support Joe Biden and his perverted agenda. That they now even dare to (pretend to) complain shows not only their infinite hypocrisy, but the contempt in which they hold us, the Catholics, who know better than siding with the Devil for some sort of fake “social” reasons. This is every bit as hypocritical as those Republican politicians now clamouring they want to look into the 2020 elections.

Mind, I despise Joe and the Hoe. I loathe all these deranged, perverted, or prostituted politicians. But the ones I loathe the most are the ones who are supposed to be on our side.

Spare us your outrage, Bishops. You are accomplices and enablers of all this. This is all on you.

And you will, one day, seriously repent or pay the very, very serious price of your insolence.

Scared Of Living

The delivery guys who bring me my packages tend, as a rule, to deal with me as if I was a leper. Incidentally, I wonder if they know what leper is.

Young colleagues of mine profess themselves scared of the virus. Not for grannie’s sake (grannie only needs to isolate, and Bob’s your uncle…) but for themselves. Some of them might actually even mean it, instead of looking for excuses to work from home.

Countless teachers, here in the UK, are scared not for, but of their children, and none of them approaches 80 years of age.

OK, they are mostly women.

OK, they are mostly commies.

OK, they are mostly lazy.

But I think a lot of them actually believe that rubbish.

All over the West, countless politicians have amply understood that they should have reopened their economies a long time ago, provided they really had to shut it down in the first place. But they are now all too scared, and too clearly held hostages by an evil coalition of media and pressure groups (from think tanks to their own advisory bodies) to do anything. Boris Johnson is a perfect example. He is like a guy who has distributed “laziness pills” to everybody for months, and now does not want to tell them that the time of the happy pill has to come to an end. However, it might be a bit more complex than that.

It is as if the Country were composed of the following segments: the first, now free to abandon itself to their most beloved activity: cowering at home in fear and predicting the end; another one, terrified of actually having to work; a third one, uncaring that the economy goes to the dogs provided they can stay in bed in the morning; and only a fourth one, possibly still a minority, angry at the loss of liberty and the damage for the economy, or scared for their own future.

The Prime Minister does not care for those who actually want to work and go back to normal. He does not care for those fretting for their own livelihood. He does not care for the suicides. He does not care for the most elementary freedoms. He goes on TV and lectures you on why you must be a good boy and keep being punished without complaining.

I reflected on this today, and suddenly it was clear to me why the fight to ban abortion is so far away from victory.

These people do not care for their own freedom. They are scared of even living their own lives.

Imagine how much they care for the lives of the unborn.

No, Pope John The Not So Great Did Not Decide Anything On So-Called Female Priests

I always get an adrenaline spike when I read articles like this one.

The immediate issue here is the fact that Bishop Theurillat “resigned” (read: got the boot) around 5 years before the appointed time. The man had implied that the Church has to decide about wymynpriests.


Still, the article linked states that the usual Francis stated:

“On the ordination of women in the Catholic Church, the final word is clear, it was said by St. John Paul II and this remains.”

Also wrong.

JP II did not pronounce any final word on the ordination of wymyn. He never could. The final word is given by the Depositum Fidei, not by this or that Pope.

Reading the words of the Evil Clown, it looks like the question might still have been open before Ordinatio Sacerdotalis; alas, JP II spoke, and that was that. Sorry, folks. It has happened now. If JP had said something different, then… but no, it didn’t happen.

Francis likely says this because to him, everything that came before V II is wrong unless confirmed right by a V II source. Therefore, he sees the prohibition as rooted in John Paul, not the Depositum Fidei, of which I think he barely acknowledges the existence (cfr: Amoris Laetitia).

Alas, we Catholics see it differently: J P has merely reiterated a last word that was there from the beginning of Christianity. He has purely reminded Catholics of an existing reality.

This is not a trivial matter. No Catholics should be led into thinking that a V II Pope can reshape doctrine according to his liking anytime he feels like it. Of course, Frankie boy wants you to think that, but it is simply not the case. Please remind any person, when the occasion arises, about this fundamental traits of the Catholic Church.

As to the Bishop, I wonder why he was given the boot. Was it the matter of the wymyn alone? It could be, but honestly, orthodoxy isn’t particularly high in the Evil Clown’s priorities list. It can also be that Francis disliked the man. It can be that there are other matters we know nothing about.

Whatever this is, wymyn ordination is not a matter settled in 1984, whatever the Evil Clown wants you to believe.

Watches Without Watchmakers

An Atheist watches a documentary about mechanical watches. The intricate details of the extremely complicate machine fascinate him. He loses himself into all its tiny components, and deeply appreciates the complex way in which these little pieces work together. A mechanical watch truly is a fascinating object, and he should well feel amazed as he discovers the way it works.

Of course, being an Atheist, our friend in front of the TV set does not wonder who made the watch. He does not even think that, if there is a watch, there must be someone, or something, who caused it to be in existence; someone, or something, who put together the little, delicate parts that compose it, and the material of which these parts are made before they were made.

No. Our friend is absolutely sure, utterly persuaded that no one made the watch. The watch simply came to be. It was there. It just was. All its wonderful internal workings, all the extremely delicate balance that allows it to function just exist, without any cause, without any reason, and without any intelligent mind behind it. Actually, our friend – being an Atheist – is incensed at the idea that if there is a watch, then there must be a watchmaker. He can easily get angry when confronted with the simple fact that not only it is impossible that this exceptionally complicated watch could simply be, by itself, out of pure coincidence; but it is also impossible that all the complex, delicate, extremely sophisticated components of the watch could have assembled themselves by themselves, out of pure coincidence and blind luck; hey, he would not even admit that even the raw materials, the very atoms of which the components are made, cannot have created themselves by themselves!

No. Our friend is perfectly persuaded that from nothing came something. Therefore, a sophisticate array of delicate mechanisms all working together in an extremely delicate balance just popped out of absolutely nothing.

What do you say? That the Atheist documentary watcher actually knows that if there is a watch, there must be a watchmaker? That if he goes back to his parking lot in the evening and does not find his car, he knows that something or someone (be that thieves, police, or hurricane) caused that car to be brought away, then the car did not vanish by itself? That if he needs a new car, he knows that he will have to buy one, because cars do not have the habit of creating themselves by themselves, out of nothing?

Well, yes, you might be right. It is, in fact, quite likely that, in absolutely all aspects of his life bar the most important one, our Atheist friend is perfectly persuaded that the principle of causality rules his entire reality. He knows that if there is an effect there must be a cause, and that from nothing comes nothing. He applies these principles all the time, to absolutely every issue under the sun, bar one.

It is only when he has to submit to a superior Power, which then means obey to this Power, that he forgets, literally, the entire universe around him.

Some people will say that he has “his heart in the right place”, and this assertion is, if taken in isolation, most certainly true. His heart is, I wholeheartedly agree, certainly situated in exactly the same place as the heart of everybody else, and I am also absolutely persuaded that he can experience love and kindness, be it for his loved ones, for the Amazonian Forest, for the Panda, or for some abstract, perfect world he has created in his own mind.

Still, think of what I have just written about this man, and reflect about the immense scale of his rebellion; you will, at this point, realise that if, after a life of perfect acceptance of the existence of watchmakers, the man dies refusing to acknowledge, let alone submit to, The Head Watchmaker, he has deserved the punishment; and no, no amount of faith in the existence of human watchmakers, or love for his dog, will be of any help.

About Francis’ Departure

‘Umble Popes should pick ‘umble coffins..

I have long searched for the link, but I couldn’t find it. IIRC, in a recent article Archbishop Vigano’ stated that it is fine, if one is persuaded that it is for the good of the Church, to pray for the death of the Pope.

I am tempted to say: you read it here first.

Many years ago, in fact.

However, it is not even so. I have not invented anything, nor do I want to. It has been a long-standing tradition of the Church that it is perfectly legitimate to pray for the death of a Pope who is considered a grave problem for the Church. I remember, on this, that the opinions of theologians differ on whether a good Catholic has the faculty or the duty to pray for such an event, but this does not impact the argument I have been making (I have never told anyone that he must do like me, and pray for the speedy departure of Francis from this vale of tears). Still, as for myself, I most certainly do. Also, in accordance with Tradition, I pray for his painless death: predictably, you can’t wish Francis that he may die of anal cancer and I am (obviously) fully on board with this. If the Lord makes him die peacefully in his sleep, I will consider it a great grace, and may Francis’ “awakening” in the next world be on the right side (difficult, but hey..).

Mind: in a courageous act of quasi-V II sensibility, I even pray that the Lord that He, in His goodness, may free us of the Franciscourge unless he resigns; however, the Three Popes would be quite a spectacle (I never liked the Three Tenors; I saw The Three Amigos too many years ago, but I certainly did not consider it memorable; and Benedict does not seem intentioned to check out yet), one that I would very much like to avoid. Therefore, I’d say that if the Evil Clown kicked the bucket today everything would be copacetic in Mundabor’s world, and I would not even make an effort to cry.

Once again, we see a phenomenon that is becoming more and more frequent: in the total absence of statements containing even traces of Catholicism from the Vatican, Catholics take their Catholicism from elsewhere: that is, from people who – fallible as we all are – are considered better able to teach us sensible Catholicism than that bunch of sissies (or worse) currently in power.

The bad news in all this is: when Francis is gone, don’t bet your pint on his successor being much better. It will very difficult to be worse. It will not be easy even to keep on par. But only Divine intervention will allow us to get a Pope that will condemn, or even make us forget, his predecessor.

Still, I invite you to pray for a new chance, in the hope (long shot, I admit) that God may put an end to our deserved punishment for too many years of Vatican II madness.

The Last Days

I am not a Medical Doctor. However, I am old enough that I have seen several relatives and acquaintances die.

Many of them did not die like that, instantly, as in when there is a blackout and all lights suddenly go out. Rather, they seemed to die, to stay with the metaphor, like a light bulb that slowly dims out, its light getting weaker and weaker until it vanishes altogether. I think we can all agree on this, as I believe that it matches the life experience of many of my readers.

Now, I wonder: those people who are now very weak, slowly “shutting down” and preparing themselves (or better: their bodies preparing themselves) for their meeting with their Creator, are they not at risk of getting all kind of diseases in their last days? A body that is so weak that it can barely function, will not be very likely attacked by all kind of microbes, viruses, and the like? Is this unreasonable? Am I wrong?

Follow me now: if anybody who enters a hospital when he is about to die is tested for Covid, will it not be the case that very many of these dying people, who entered the hospital for the only reason that they are already dying, will be tested for Covid, found positive, die (as largely expected and factually inevitable) shortly thereafter, and land in the ominous statistics of people who “die within XY days of testing positive for Covid?” After which, countless of mindless liberals with a safe job in the public administration will insist for the 34th lockdown, and please make it hard, because I am so, so scared and love humanity, I just don’t care for all those who are going to be ruined.

Were these dying people all tested for the flu and all sorts of other infective diseases in years past? Or were they not tested, because it is really not important whether someone who is dying, and whose natural defence are giving up one by one, gets – say – the flu, or the Chinese Virus, in his last 18, or 26, or 72 hours of life?

You know where I am getting: I think that people who are about to die get all sorts of infections, including Covid, in their last days, which is – I would think – the unavoidable result of their bodies losing the ability to defend themselves against them. This is, normally, not really tracked or recorded, as hospitals don’t waste resources to test dying people for all sorts of diseases. But now, that the resources are there, every dying person is recruited in the number of the “tested positive for Covid” people (though they might not even show any specific symptom!), so that Dr Fauci can go on TV and tell us how many masks we need to wear.

Again, I am not a doctor. I am thinking out loud here. It seems to me that there is some common sense in what I have just said.

If I am wrong, please correct me.

If I am right, please reflect that the daily army of the dying is being recruited to make life impossible for the much bigger army of the living.

The Child, The Father, The President* And The Excrement

Many years ago, I was a little child.

Tiny. Defenceless. Looking for protection.

I remember, vividly, to this day, that whenever I went for a walk with my papa, my little hand instinctively searched his; or, better said, that one or two finger of his that were all I could get with my little fingers.

When my papa reached his hand (or, rather, two fingers thereof) to me, I grasped them with all the confidence of the little child. And I, so little and defenceless, proudly walked with my papa, who was big and strong; and felt safe, and reassured, and quite in my element.

I don’t know how long those walks were, because I must have been very tiny, and the speed forcibly limited. But I never remember tiring of it. I never remember fatiguing my little arm, for example, though I can still distinctly remember that my hands were so little, that they had quite a solid purchase with only two fingers of his. This is, I think, what happens when you feel, as a child, as happy as a child.

Alas, it seems to me that the same phenomenon is, on a planetary scale, and with some notable variations, going on right now, in the Age of the Chinese Virus.

It seems to me that hundreds of millions of people feel, as I write this, just like little children , and patiently wait for the big, reassuring hand of Dr Fauci, Dr Birx, Andrew Cuomo, Gavin Newsom, Boris Johnson, or even Dementia Joe Biden giving them (pun intended) two fingers and telling them whereto the walk leads: more lockdowns, more misery, more business closures, more quiet desperation, and more suicides.

Being little children – who never had to go through great difficulties in life, or who have forgotten them -, they grasp the two finger of Dr Fauci, or of Creepy President* Biden, and never let go. I don’t think they have much of that confident pride I had when I was walking with my papa (but then my papa loved me, and had my interest at heart); still, they have decided that it is for Fauci and Birx, for Johnson and Biden, for Newsom and Cuomo and Merkel to tell them how miserable they have to be, and they find some reassurance in this.

They seem to think something along the lines of : “I am about to enter month 12 of the lockdown; some of my friends are about to go bankrupt, and the one or other might decide to take the fast way out; but if papa Biden is telling me to walk through a sea of excrement and say nothing at all, there must be a good reason for this”.

Alas, there isn’t.

You aren’t a little child anymore.

And President* Biden is, more likely than not, papa to a drug-addicted pervert.

Elections Have Consequences

New Mexico is now getting a dose of its own Biden medicine, after Thieving Joe ordered a 60 days moratorium on the oil and gas leases on (as I understand it) federally owned land. I can easily imagine that this will not stop at 60 days.

Can’t say I am very sad.

I am, of course, sad for all those who will lose their job and voted for Trump.

However, I am not sad, at all, for all others inhabitants of new Mexico, including:

  1. Those who chose to stay at home, because who cares,
  2. The enviro-nutty sons and daughters of those who will lose their job, and will see a sizeable chunk of their standard of living go to the dogs in the next months
  3. Those who vote for Biden “because I am a Democrat”; and, most of all,
  4. Those who voted for Biden “because I don’t like Trump’s Tweets”

The fact is, elections have consequences. You can’t think you will look good in the voting booth and your childish attitude will not bite you in the end. There is a price to pay for this kind of stupid posturing.

You would think that in a State like New Mexico, where energy is a big, and growing, part of the local economy, an awful lot of people would give precedence to what is important rather than to signal virtue with one’s own Facebook friends. It did not happen, and the bill was very fast in coming. Ouch!

I think I will write more than a couple of these posts in the years to come. It is necessary that people get to feel on their own skin what happens when they put their childish feelings before common sense and adult thinking.

In the next years, whenever you know from someone who lost his job, I suggest that you ask, as the very first reaction: “how did you vote in 2020?”. If the question comes, “why do you ask?”, feel free to answer:

“in order to know if I feel sorry for you”.

Looking The Other Way: The Child Hair-Sniffing Usurper, His Drug-Addicted Son, The Niece He Is Not Allowed To See, And The Circus Tool Who Represents Them All.

I am trying, just to preserve my liver for some days, not to read what kind of stupid gestures, or more than gestures, Biden’s handlers will put in place in the first usurped days in his usurped office. However, one thing I have not been able to escape.

Remember the Pennsylvania trannie I wrote about several weeks ago? The one who released safe orgy instructions? Well, from what I understand he is now a full-fledged member of the Biden Government, with an undersecretary, or so, function.

Please don’t make me look. I don’t want to see that face again.

We see here the gender madness at work. The man has, no doubt, got his job exactly because he thinks he is a woman. He is the poster-lunatic of the new government; and, in fact, I think that he represents the Usurper Troops quite well: ugly, pathetic, sad circus tools, all of them.

It is also not, I think, entirely coincidental that the First Trannie (I wonder if Jill is jealous) should have come from such an administration; an administration led by a child hair sniffer whose wife has forbidden her drug-addicted son to spend time with her niece. Honestly, I think that a deeper look at the Biden family would reveal stuff that perfectly rival, perhaps even surpass (if that is possible) the abomination of tranniedom.

This is interesting, also, for a different reason. It is as if the Good Lord, in His goodness, did not cease to allow Democrat supporters to open their eyes on what is going on here: the clear satanical influence on this administration. The signals abound that no decent person, no matter how misguided his (initially) honest intentions might be, should identify himself with these people. The ugliness of their souls stares their voters in the face.

Will they look? Or will they just shrug this off their shoulders and discount it as a stunt for which they don’t care; a media trick meant to win the approval of people they don’t like, but merely tolerate? There must be an awful, awful lot of these people – outside of the coastal cities, where perversion is more openly “celebrated” – who look at this and simply decide that it is better to look the other way. Still, their own new administration makes it more and more difficult for them to ignore what is going on here. They will not be able to ignore for long. They should not think that they will not be punished if they do.

I have written it several times, and I repeat it here: it is impossible that in Sodom everybody was a pillow-biter. If that had been the case, the place would have been empty way before God’s punishment. What was, evidently, going on was widespread perversion, universally accepted. Still, the punishment was given to all, the doers as well as the enablers.

It comes, I think, the point where silence is complicity, and people will be judged according to the abominations they have allowed to happen and to be “celebrated”.

Of The Fraudsters, By the Fraudsters, And Against The People

You remember “of the people, by the people, and for the people”?

Well, no more.

The Government that is about to be inaugurated is of the fraudsters, by the fraudsters, and against the people.

Cue the 25,000 armed soldiers who will protect the Usurper on the day of his inauguration. A stunning, stunning show of fear.

I make a very easy prediction: Joe Biden will have a Presidency forever marked (even in 100, or 300 years; even if there will be no United States anymore by then) by the fraud that gave rise to it. He will live in fear of being assassinated by some simple member of the public who just can’t stand the fraud, decides that to pull a John Wilkes Booth on him is better than to keep living and somehow gets lucky. He will be fighting against the massive asterisks on his fraudulent Presidency as he struggles to remember his name, his wife, and his job. He will not know if he will be remember more for his being a clown or for his being an usurper. Heck, he will be afraid of his own security detail.

The veritable army (25,000 soldiers) called to protect him has been specially vetted to avoid the risk of any of them shooting at him, instead of protecting him. This is how deep the fear goes.

It is not only that the Emperor has no clothes.

The Emperor knows that he is an usurper, and he lives in fear of those near him.

Enjoy this, Creepy Joe.

The days of sniffing are over. The days of fear are now your own.

The Salem Witch Trials, Revisited

The Second Shampeachment put to shame even the ridicule of the first.

With no debate, no real discussion of evidence, and no semblance of even a normal procedure, the Democrats have decided to conclude the steal of a great Presidency with a Stalinist or, rather, Salem Witch Trial the like of which would have been considered a joke worthy of the Babylon Bee only two years ago.

We see again the way these things work. A first shampeachment create a precedent. The first “impeachment” proceeding showed that Democrats don’t need any proof of what they allege. They will make a little Kabuki theater, get a vote, and try to milk it for all it’s worth. Once the first hurdle has been taken down, and the fear of retribution for a stolen election grows, a second theater is started, by which there is no time or will to even proceed with the actual motions.

I have written in the past, and remain persuaded, that this scandalous witch hunt is made not to damage Trump (who is, actually, made stronger by it), but McConnell & Co. or, we should say, the institutional RINO party. The unwavering popularity of Trump, the amount of the anger, and the strength of the movement Trump has created on the basis of the Tea Party, will now engender a long battle with the RINOs for the control of the people that were, one day, called “conservative”, before shameless clowns made of the word a byword for “traitor”. Pelosi and her ilk of thieving bastards know this, and do not hesitate to drag their institutions in the dirt in order to achieve their goal. Plus, they desire to send a simple message to everyone who would think to continue Trump’s politic but is not a Billionaire: you will be crushed.

In time, there will be a reaction. In fact, we might see the reaction already beginning to start as another witch hunt, Big Tech’s persecution of Wrongthink, is starting to be more closely scrutinised in other Countries, like Poland; showing, once again, that those who came out of Communism understand liberty, and the threats to it, much better than the others.

For the moment, this simple consideration can be made: that the Democrat Party is run by people who do not hesitate to trample the Institutions of their great Country for the sake of a short-term political advantage. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will go down in history as shameless manipulators of gullible electors, the Carpetbaggers of the attempted post-Trump “Reconstruction” era.

Like the “Reconstruction”, they will fail.

Americans aren’t, as a whole, so easily swayed by witch trials.


It is an obvious consideration that what people are ready to give up at the first obstacle, was not so important to them in the first place.

Let us take the United Kingdom and the elections. Last year, the elections for London Mayor were postponed for one year.

Imagine that. Imagine, for a moment, Trump saying that, due to the Chinese Virus, the US Presidential elections would now take place in… November 2021. Unthinkable, and yet carried out, in the case of London, without much noise. Mind, the Mayor of London is the totally despicable Mr Khan, a mean who redefined the meaning of “failure” and a member of the Labour Party. Therefore, Boris Johnson knew he would not be accused of steering the Country towards a self-serving decision. However, the main issue was happily ignored by most: it’s not about whether the decision is self-serving, it’s about whether you believe in Democracy. To decide that one can go to buy groceries, but cannot go to vote, was a perfect example of the deterioration of the popular support for Democracy in the UK. The vote, the very foundation of British political institutions, was deemed less important than virtue signalling on a (very) nasty flu.

A very similar situation happened with the Mass. When churches were shut down all over the Country, and all over the West, there wasn’t much opposition at all from our heroic Bishops. I suspect Francis was even happy! As in the case of the vote, our clergy showed where their priorities lie. To sacrifice the Mass to the desire to appear “caring” and “concerned” is another blatant example of what is important to the Church of the XXI Century; and no, it is not Christ.

What is deemed not important is easily sacrificed. The very tepid churchgoer starts drifting out of the Church by deciding, at the very first sign of headache, or in case of rain, that he is not fit – or the weather is too bad – to attend. He will, methinks, barely stop and reflect about the very many other things which he likes to do, and by which neither rain or light headaches can hope to stop him. Similarly, the distracted voter, for which voting is a chore rather than a right bought at the price of blood, and to be defended at all times no matter the price in blood, will start to even clamour for the suspension of such an important right, because health.

We are losing the proper understanding of the very concept of democracy. We are losing the proper understanding of the very concept of Eucharist.

We are even losing the right to get out of our home for a walk.

We risk, as a whole, to see our religion and our rights sacrificed to the man-made deities of the XXI Century: health and, even more importantly, virtue signaling. This is what people do when they don’t believe in heaven, don’t believe in Democracy, and don’t believe in basic freedoms.

Our beliefs drive our actions. Our Bishops, and our elected representatives, have showed to us where their beliefs lie.

The saddest thing is that most of their voters, and faithful, actually agree with them.

45 – A Post Mortem

As the Trump Presidency goes to an unmerited end, I think that we should make some reflections about what went right, and wrong, in his very particular way of doing things.

We all know what went right, and history will be, when the current crop of bastard journalists and historians die, be very benign to this man and his Presidency. Successful Presidents like Taft only served one term. Theodore Roosevelt won only one election. Grover Cleveland failed to be reelected (first attempt!) The list of Trumps’ accomplishments is very long: from the rejection of the Paris Agreement to the Wall, from the destruction of ISIS to the tax reform, and from the end of NAFTA to the booming markets, this guy was just amazing.

What could have been done better, or at least differently? I dare to make a couple of considerations. Again, this should not be considered a real criticism of the greatest president after Ronald Reagan. Merely a sort of note for future years.

As a rule, I think we can say this: that Trump was too much of a New Yorker. His “New York Values” moved with him in the White House on day one in form of, first of all, Jared and Ivanka.

“Jaranka” is, I think, at the root of other unforced errors he made: the horrible personnel choices particularly in the first two years; the sleeping on the Wall for, again, two years; the lack of attention to homosexualist issues; these and other mistakes like this one (the indecisiveness on the illegals, the inaction on Twitter and Facebook until it was too late, or the bump stock ban come to mind) reflect the mindset of a man who is evolving toward the right values, but is not quite there. Basically, Trump went out of New York, but New York never fully went out of Trump. Whilst a Ronald Reagan had the right stuff running through his veins, Trump was, in the literal sense, a (brilliantly) recovering Democrat. This is a particularly interesting comparison, because both left the Democrat party. Still, one did it because the party veered to the left and went away from him; the other did it because the party he had always supported was not able to help him push the populist agenda he had in mind. 

Another big pass was on Big Tech. Whilst many decried the danger represented by Google, Facebook and Twitter, Trump barked a lot, but did little. In fact, he never even left his Twitter account, when he could have given a big dent to Twitter’s power just by leaving them and choosing a different platform. Guess what? Facebook banned him (I think for life) yesterday. Twitter can’t be far behind.

Welcome to the world of tech giants dominating the Country, Mr Trump. Did you think this would never happen?

I know, Trump was distracted by the impeachment attempt. But again, if he had built the wall in the first two years, I think it can be safely said that the impeachment would not have happened, period. 

The last observation that I want to make is that the boisterous nature of Trump went, at times, a bit too far. I loved the assertiveness on social media. But I have already complained about the whining transpiring from some of his tweets. We also had another example only on the 6th, when he made an extremely combative, wonderful speech, and his relatives assured everybody the fight was just starting, only to throw in the towel hours later.

In my world, if you bark, you bite. Right or wrong, Lincoln had the guts to invade Maryland and occupy their Congress in order to avoid risking their secession. I think he also had two Governors arrested. Trump should have been ready to have Governors arrested, declare a partial martial law, have the matter sorted the hard way and let the chips fall where they may; or, alternatively, he should have been wiser in being more cautious in his public statements. It’s not good when a President promises you wonderful events for a week that basically starts with him losing. 

We are now entering the Age Of Fraud.

I hope it means, as a little consolation, the end for an entire generation of traitors.

Pray for this man; who, with all his shortcomings, was the greatest thing God gave to the United States and the West in a long time.




The Swallow And The Eagle

On this beautiful day I would like to make a couple of short reflections, helping myself (and perhaps someone else) to put things into the right perspective.

Make no mistakes: this is a vale of tears. From injustices of all sorts to illness, want, and bereavement, we are all exposed to a long list of problems, because this is the way the Lord, in His Goodness, has allowed us to, with His Grace, work our way towards Him.

So we have the problems and injustices and diseases on one side, and Christ on the other. Where does this leave us? It leaves us to the point that, whenever we pass a period of time in review and reflect about what it brought us – or, alternatively, whenever we interrogate ourselves about our future, and wonder what it will bring to us, our loved ones, our Nation, and Christianity at large – we need to keep our eyes fixed on Christ, and measure the events in light of this central focal point.

We have already won, because Christ has already won. Our dismay at appalling events – individual or collective – is merely the result (justified, of course; but not all-embracing) of our flying very low, like a swallow surveying the misery of the human conditions.

Christmas Eve is one of the best days of the year to soar like an eagle, look at the world way below us, and reflect that Christ’s light, and inevitable victory, shines over all of it, all the time. It is right to feel righteous anger. It is not right to be despondent, defeatist, or of little faith.

We have already won. Let our enemies exercise, exhaust themselves trying to damage or suppress every sort of righteous cause, and perhaps getting some temporary victory now and then; their time of reckoning will come. Some of them will, hopefully, see the light in time, and we pray that they all might; many others will be the cause of their own doom.

We have already won. Always fight, never fret.

As to us, Christmas Eve is, in fact, an excellent day to make another sort of review: the one concerning our soul. If we think that we have, in the last twelve months, continued on the path to salvation, I’d go out on a limb and say that, in the end, the year has not been bad, at all. If this has not been the case, I’d dare to say that this is a problem that requires more urgent attention that anything else that might be happening out there.

I am not the youngest anymore and, with every year that passes, every 12 months period takes away a larger percentage of the time allotted to me on this earth. This, as every 12 period appears to actually go past me at a speed I could have never imagined decades ago! Yes, I might be called anytime. Still, the above reasoning is valid even if my call is not anywhere near.

I think my year has been fine. I think I can go to sleep, tonight, with a sensible, reasonable confidence that, should I be taken away from this planet in my sleep, I would be able to avoid the worst. It being this way, I cannot avoid – once I soared high, where the eagle flies – thinking that, at the end, everything is going fine.

I wish all my readers a merry Christmas, and the fundamental serenity their faith should, even in the worst times, give them.

Angels From The Realms Of Glory

Longing For The Grinch

Britain, meet your new hero..

Watch this and cry.

Some things to know:

  1. Paul Joseph Watson is right: I don’t know whom they are asking, but I can confirm that the part-time jailing of an entire Country is actually supported by a substantial part of the population.
  2. High street shops in this Country, as probably in many others, are very dependant on December. If you want to cause a massacre among high street retailers, and give big swaths of the market to Amazon, you force them to shut down in December.
  3. With few exceptions, even said shopkeepers will approve of the Government’s action whilst they are led to the slaughter, like the stupid sheep they are.

I have written about this already, but it bears repeating: the big crisis of leadership at the top is the product of a big crisis of manliness at the bottom. It is fashionable to be a soyboy. Every other behaviour would be seen as selfish.

Meanwhile, Amazon’s cash registers are singing Christmas Carols all the time. You would think the population would start counting, and would decide to think for themselves. Not happening. Make no mistake, Boris would have never dared to play Grinch unless he is sure that it pays. It is appalling to say this, but this madness appears to be what the Country wants. Don’t forget that a substantial minority in this Country has voted for a bloody Communist only one year ago.

In the end, you know what? I am doing very fine, and I do not forecast the Seppoku of the British High Street and food/entertainment industry will damage me more than very marginally, unless the geniuses start to raise taxes big time (which they likely won’t, because they aren’t that stupid). I also always saw Christmas as a religious festivity and a time for prayer, reflection, and prayer. You take the fully decorated shops away from me, it doesn’t really matter much.

But the families told that they cannot see their relatives for Christmas just a few days before, with preparations likely already underway, must be a tad more upset.

It doesn’t matter.

They will persuade themselves that it is right this way, because “mutation”…

Nativity Carol

Coventry Carol

In The Bleak Midwinter

God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen

UTO Alert, And The Proper Orgy Etiquette

Look at this.. person here.

Look at the picture for a while. 

This not easily identifiable being goes under the name of Rachel Levine, the… person in charge of the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

I honestly, honestly don’t know if this person here is a man or a woman. No, I am not joking. The fact is, if this one here is a trannie we might, I am afraid, not be told for legal reasons, with the one or other news outlet possibly afraid of being sued if they write that Rachel was, in reality, born a Philip, or a Jonathan, and was once in possession of, you know…

On the other hand, Greta at 60 might look just like that, so the jury is out on this. 

The Gateway Pundit, who alerted me to the existence of this person, does not say. What they say is that the above mentioned department, led by this UTO (Unidentified Talking Ogre), issued guidelines about the proper behaviour whilst participating in an orgy.

You see: the Devil’s Troops do not miss one occasion to undermine Christianity and, unwittingly or not, make the work of Satan. They *have to* release instructions about “safe orgies”. This would be immensely stupid and outright offensive at any time; but do not think that it is a coincidence that it comes just a few days before the Christmas break.

The annihilation of every vestige of Christian morality is the aim of these people. They will normalise everything, starting from the joke-gone-bad appearance of Mssss Levine up here.

At this point, one could write another paragraph with sarcastic suggestions about the next “health advice” of Trannie And The Pervs. The fact is, they would certainly surpass anything I could think of, and the thinking itself is an unwelcome exercise.

Blessedly, the Lord allows us to get some amusement out of this sad situation, by showing us the very face of the people actually thinking this kind of exercise.

I suggest the release of another health guideline: before reading any message from the Pennsylvania Department of Health, find the settings in your browser that allow you to disactivate pictures.

Your health will likely profit.


P.S. Whatever shaving blade Msssss Levine uses, I want it.  


The Holly And The Ivy

O Little Town Of Bethlehem

Have Yourself A… Heathen, Drunken Christmas?

The progressive, but still marching de-Christianisation of Western Europe is visible every year a little bit more.

If you are an observer of the reality around you, you notice how more and more people mention Christmas only in relation to holidays, or parties, or eating too much. Whilst I would still hear, some year ago, the rare reference to, saying, going to church, this has now gone from the conversations I have around me.

Christmas has become the Season To Be Drunk. I hear people complaining that this year, for Christmas, they will not be able to do all sort of things that have nothing whatsoever to do with the reason why Christmas exists in the first place. If you asked a sample if they know what Christmas is, I wonder how many would be able to even answer correctly.

The same happens with the carols. Or, rather, the lack of them. What I hear around is a number of completely commercial, totally unspiritual, actually meant to be totally secular, pop garbage, “all I want for Christmas is you”- style. What utter garbage.

There was, some years ago, a campaing going on, meant to “put Christ in Christmas”. I think it was sponsored by Protestant groups, because I can’t imagine the Church doing something so… so… blatantly homophobic. Nothing this year. I hope it’s virus-related.

This, mind, in a Country in which a heretical variation of Christianity is still (as far as I know) official religion. You would think this ensures the best place at the table. Actually, the contrary is the case. I am by now fairly persuaded that, if the assorted infidels of the Country did not love Christmas so much (they actually do; it makes them feel all fuzzy inside; at least they don’t get drunk so much…), the very Protestant outfit officially in charge would advocate that it is abolished, and hope that people notice they are still alive.

Nor can we, of course, hope that the Evil Clown is of any help. That is the guy I positively expect to declare Christmas racist, in some form or other, this year. I do what I can to counter the movement, but what I can do isn’t really much. We need true priests, bishops, cardinals and popes; not social worker wannabes with horrible secrets.

This feeling has been going on for some years now. Not every day, (it is a long-term, rather subtle societal shift) but, at some point, every year; and every year, it seems to me that things get a bit worse.

Still, it is consoling to think that things will begin to reverse at their divinely appointed time, and not one day before.

Thy Will Be Done

I needed a while to recover from the shock I had Saturday morning, reading about the refusal of the Supreme Court to receive Texas’ suit.

After a while, a mixture of realistic estimation of the situation and cold evaluation of the facts started to set in. I still did not feel like writing about it yesterday, but today I will give it a go.

The cold evaluation: strictly speaking, nothing has been decided yet. The suit has not been received simply because three of the five judges (the other four don’t even count) think that Texas has no standing to say that Texans are damaged if Pennsylvania et alios run their elections Jim Crow-, or Venezuela- style. This seems patently absurd to me, but I do not know what precedents there are and how they were handled. Strictly speaking, this is nothing to do with the matter at hand in the Supreme Court, where the Trump suits still are or will be, clearly alive and kicking (for now).

In practice, though, I make a very simple, sobering consideration. Justices Alito and Thomas wanted to examine the case. Therefore, it wasn’t (procedurally) outlandish. If the Justices had wanted to rid the Country of its inner Venezuela, what would have been more sensible that letting this case get in and restore justice in this way, at the same time setting an extremely important precedent: that every State answers to the other States, with which he shares its destiny, of its electoral conduct?

This would have been, for sure, easier, less controversial and way more elegant than the other way, the fraud and/or foreign interference one.

Now I ask myself and I ask you: if three of the five Justices did not have the attributes to go down the easier and less controversial way, how likely it is that they will go down the more controversial one?

Food for thoughts.

Let us pray every day for this to end the right way.

But let us never forget to pray that, as in all things, God’s will be done.




Meet Pope Pimp, The Trannie-Loving Protector Of (Likely Illegal) Trannie Prostitutes


When this man dies, I do not think there will be anything at all that is evil, or perverted, or otherwise immoral that he has not promoted.

The last example is the obvious approval of Pope Pimp for the transvestite prostitutes of Torvaianica, near Rome.

The prostituting trannies have a problem, you see: the Chinese Virus has seriously damaged their “business” (which is: prostituting themselves). This elicits a lot of compassion in a chap called Father Conocchia (I wonder about this one), who starts giving money to one of them, without asking “too many questions”. Suddenly, all the local trannie prostitutes want to be on the gravy train (which tells us that Father Conocchia didn’t give the original trannie only one Euro…). They are, apparently, all from South America, and all trannies. I will go out on a limb and say that they are all illegals.

So many trannie prostitutes looking for handouts, so little money! What to do?

Pope Pimp to the rescue!!

“Francis’ response was immediate”, Father Conocchia says. Mind, the “good” Father didn’t contact Francis directly. He contacted his almoner, Cardinal Krajewski. But hey, it is clear from his reaction that the Vatican wanted the world to know that Francis got on the trannie train very, very fast!

What do we learn from this, dear reader? We learn that any money that we give to the Vatican can be used to give money to likely illegal trannie prostitutes, whenever the Vatican thinks that the level of income they achieve from said prostituting activity is too low and needs to be integrated.

This is not straight from the Babylon Bee.

This is from Francis’ Papacy; from the most satanic joke of a Pope, ever.



Reader Kate R On The Current Situation

“Something is telling me to stand firmly behind President Trump and stay the course. Do not give in to this, do not capitulate, do not get disheartened. We need to be bold right now. We need to say this is obvious fraud (which it is) and that we demand a recount and we demand this go to the Supreme Court if necessary. There is something even bigger than the election that seems to be going on.
Stay BOLD and sure. Don’t talk as if we lost. Don’t admit defeat. Whatever he is doing, get behind it, and pray, pray, pray. He most surely is a warrior, he will not give up. We cannot give up, this is our country, we cannot give in to criminals who pretend we need to have someone ride in on a donkey with the abacus to count votes. That is nonsense.
This is their COUP”.

Yes. There is something bigger than Trump going on.

Give in on this and it is the end of the confidence in the vote, plus a licence to the Dems to steal as much as they please in the corrupt parts of the Country they control.

The consequences could, in the long term, be unimaginable.



Last Pieces Of Advice On Election Day

As I prepare to spend a sleepless night rooting for the unborn (and many other things besides), I would like to give my readers some last pieces of advice.

Stay away from the exit polls

I have already suggested that the MSM be avoided altogether. However, as the day progresses the temptation “to know” will be very strong for some. Please avoid it. They are toxic. They will gaslight you to the very end. Please stay away. Thanks.

If you really want to have an idea of how things are going…

… look here. This is the Florida map, updated every half hour or so, by party affiliation. This is now by total votes, that is: votes by mail plus early vote in person plus vote cast up to… now during election day. As I write this, Republicans are up 148k (at last update before press: it was +133k when I started writing!). This is amazing. If Rs lead even by party affiliation, when you add the expected (small) lead among independents and the obvious, bigger crossover from Ds to Rs than from Rs to Ds (the unavoidable consequence of all those Cubans and Venezuelans, plus a no small number of Blacks, now supporting Trump) you get an idea of what is happening. I think we might end the voting day with Rs up 200k + in the party affiliation, and much more than this in the final tally. Florida is a safe state now, and there will be no “malarkey” in Broward County anymore (tightened rules, and at least one “usual suspect” people kicked out in recent years).

And if you really are not easy to please…

… reflect on this: in the last decades, whenever an incumbent President has increased his vote in Florida, he has very often increased it also in the States which interest us today: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin.

Folks, things are going seriously well, and it is stunning to read on Twitter all those Dems still so confident of victory. They will, I think, cry twice as hard.

Summa summarum: a realistic (not assured, but realistic) scenario sees Trump carrying more or less easily all the States he carried in 2016, ex PA, WI and MI. This is 260 electoral votes reasonably in the bag. No, I don’t think AZ is in play. Close, yes, but lost, no. I might be wrong. But I am often right.

The only thing that Trump will, then, need, is a last assault at the remaining ten electoral vote by winning *one* of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, or the combination of Nevada and New Hampshire. He won the first three in 2016 and is well placed now, particularly in the first two. He is well within the reach of the other two. And he needs only one of these paths, whilst Biden would need all of them.

“But Mundabor, Mundabor! Trump might not win any of those states!” Yes, he might. He might lose Arizona, for all I know. I just don’t think he will. Plus, remember: the incumbent increasing his vote in Florida is quite likely to increase his votes it in WI, PA and Mi, too; all three are States he carried in 2016.

Yes, there will be litigation. Yes, PA will be a mess for days to come, and I think likely that only the Supreme Court will put an end to the Democratic machinations and frauds. Yes, there will be moments when you think things are not going so well. But stay cheerful and pray. Biden surely would want to be in our situation now.

Last pieces of advice

Ohio will likely count the early vote first. Expect an early lead of the Dems in Ohio, hopefully (I would say: quite likely) destroyed by Rs as the night progresses.

Iowa: I seem to remember they do like Ohio: early votes first = early Dem advantage.

Pennsylvania: Scranton and Philadelphia votes tend to come faster than the rural zones. I also don’t know how they treat early votes. Expect a sizeable to huge advantage for Biden at the start (particularly if they count all early vote first), and then enjoy the ride as the Republicans run after the lead in the race.

Florida: Broward/Palm Beach/Miami-Dade County votes tend to come somewhat late, possibly because in the past they had the habit of first deciding how many votes they “needed”. Wait for Broward, Miami Dade and Palm Beach to be depleted of votes before you open a bottle. However, I suggest you put the bottle in the fridge now.

Florida: the panhandle has a different time zone. Expect a lot of R votes to come from there, potentially offsetting the onslaught of “late votes” from, say, Broward.


Conservative Treehouse: see other posts. 

Larry Schweikart will have his live feed here.

Steven Crowder has a youtube channel that should have another live feed (I think language can be raunchy at times. But they are good people).

Peoples Pundit Daily (Twitter feed here) should have a database here. It does not work well as I write this, and I fear it will repeatedly crash if the traffic is too much. An alternative to the damn NYT (who also want your email for a “free trial” to get past their paywall) is the just as damn New Yorker, which has one that seems free from paywall. I’ll try to avoid it, but in a pinch it will do. Lovely typeface, too.

[EDIT: RIGHT SIDE BROACASTING NETWORK appears to have a live programme on Youtube]. 

Guys and dolls, it has been a glorious ride, and I will never forget the excitement and hope of these days of prayer and battle.

We are, hopefully, and God willing, almost there.



Please Join The Novena For Trump’s Victory

Reader Stéphane Mercier writes: 

Starting a novena this very weekend so that Trumps, well… trumps grandpa B. All your readers might join in and pray the novena if you suggest the idea in a post, dear M.
We all know Trump isn’t a saint, but he’s certainly the one whom the sane world NEEDS to win this election. Like in the Batman movie, “he’s not the hero we deserve, but the one we need right now.”

Excellent idea, and many thanks to you, Stéphane! 

Instead of praying on our own, why not star a big common Novena?

I suggest we start on 

Sunday, 25 October  

It will end on Monday, 2 November. This is exactly the day before the election, so the timing is excellent. 

You can choose your won reflection as you please, or take them from a Catholic site of your choice. 

It’s an excellent idea and I would like to launch it now.

Please forward and spread around. 

Make Democrats Cry Again!  

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