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Alternative To Presstitutes TV

Good alternative to the usual prostitutes. 

In Jail Together

No visitation rights, Bill….


For those of you who haven’t followed, this article has a succinct explanation of Servergate. However, Servergate and the attached criminal offences (the obstruction of justice later, if not also the criminal negligence earlier) clearly committed by Hitlery and her accomplices are, at the moment, possibly not the biggest problem of Hitlery. I would count at least other two.

Firstly, the news now emerged that the Clinton Foundation has clearly been under investigation all the time. This will be huge fun to watch, and implicates Bill and (to a far lesser extent, I think) Chelsea, too.

Secondly, the very recent official confirmation that Hillary was given questions from the audience in advance, and shamelessly used them in her Primary debates. This is a smoking gun. This is officially being caught cheating. The CNN now tries some damage limitation. Only a Libtard could think they were not OK with all this.

Flashback for Italian readers: the events of these weeks (and particularly the vast acceleration since Friday) remind me of the weeks leading to the demise of Bettino Craxi and, with him, the factual annihilation of the Italian Socialist Party. The dynamics are exactly the same, and the eruption of popular rage whilst only the corrupt, the interested and the outright idiots try to defend the indefensible is following the same pattern. As it happened in Italy then, lesser fishes will now be helped to survive in order for the bigger fishes (old Bill not excluded) to get caught. Wiener is collaborating with the FBI. He has no interest in protecting Huma or Hitlery. He will be very motivated in protecting himself.

A pervert and his possibly lesbian wife, alone, could shoot the Clinton Clan down. Imagine the possibilities!

We are witnessing more than a politician’s setback. We are witnessing a revolution.

The Witch of the West is not dead yet.

But boy, she is in trouble.




The “Rescuing Pollyanna” Reblog

Rescuing Pollyanna

Where Have All The Men Gone?


Limp-wristed Castro lover.


The question in the title is asked in a LifeSiteNews article, and it is answered in a variety of ways, none of them wrong. Yours truly had his own take on the matter  pretty recently, albeit seen from the angle of enviro-faggotry now becoming spread among the Prius Generation*.

I have abandoned the idea that masculinity was shown by physical strength at about third grade, when I started to learn in detail about men who were either at their strongest in their old-ish age (Julius Caesar come to mind) or those greatness was not in the least dependent from their physical strength (Hannibal, say). However, I am sure a Napoleon exuded a masculinity fully uncaring of his small dimensions.

Masculinity consists in thinking, moving, talking, acting, praying like a man. And you are in front of a man who is made in such a way, you will immediately recognise him irrespective of his physical attributes. Which is why the relatively small Putin commands a respect – and exudes a manliness – his much bigger predecessor never had, not even when sober. Though I do not doubt that, when sober and of same age, Eltsin would have defeated Putin in every lumberjack test.

It is wrong to identify masculinity with physical strength, but it is right to see in Obama’s faggoty demeanor a sign of faggotry. It’s the limp-wristedness, not the physical strength, that makes the unmanly man.

* Prius owners of this forum excluded. Though I wish they had a Mustang. 

Selling Out To The Wolves.

Two of a (V II) kind.

The figure of Pope Ratzinger is becoming more tragic by the month. A man obviously still in full possession of his mental faculties, this man has sold out to FrancisChurch is such an obvious, pathetic, abject way that it is impossible not to feel profound pity, mixed with justified disgust, at his behaviour.

He reminds me of the main character of Giorgio Bassani's novel, Gli Occhiali d'Oro, in which the poor (homosexual) man loses every dignity and reserve, and just abandons himself to his own depravity, not caring for what the world thinks. Benedict is doing exactly the same: in his old age, he is abandoning himself to a shameless orgy of Modernism; shamelessly exhibiting himself in boundless praises of the man he must know is causing faithful – if weak – Catholics the world over sentiments of confusion, desperation, loss of faith, utter disorientation.

The leaking of the famous letter with which Francis has all but proclaimed formal heresy (I will write about it in due time) came only days after the publication of Ratzinger's demeaning licking of Francis' (black) boots. I don't think it was a coincidence. I think when Ratzinger publicly went to bed with Satan, Francis or someone in his entourage decided to have his letter “leaked”.

The spectacle is terrifying. It's like seeing an old man, known all his life for proper behaviour, squandering all his patrimony in a brothel in his last months of life, for everyone to see, without caring of the consequences; nay, telling everyone how fresh and savoury the prostitutes are. With the difference that Benedict is even worse than such a man, his deception far more subtle and diabolical, the confusion he engenders among the faithful much more terrible.

Benedict has demeaned himself to Francis' MiniMe. He gives the impression of someone – like the old man in the brothel – who feels finally free to abandon himself to a behaviour for which he never had the courage before; someone simply giving himself up to Satan, and savouring the moment, and enjoying the excitement of it all.

The man has not been living on Mars since 2013. He has less excuses than Stalin. He has just given way to heretical tendencies that must have been deep for a long time, and have been kept in check by the Church he still had around him. Until, as for the old man in the brothel, the floodgate of decency finally gave way.

The only good aspect of this is that after the pathetic spectacle of an ex pope licking the boots of his successor, not many will want to follow his example. We have had enough of old idiots who resign because they can't be the star of a lurid pop fest. Actually, we have had enough of old idiots, full stop.

What a sad, tragic spectacle. What a cautionary tale. What a pathetic old sellout.

Pray for the old, wretched man.

Not only did he flee from the wolves.

He now longs to be one of them himself.



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