Vintage Booklets


Tell Her You’re a Catholic

A short but fascinating and very well written story about the challenges of interfaith marriages. Strictly Pre-Vatican II. A must read.


Impressively well-written booklet about Hell. Concise but rather exhaustive. Not for the sensitive and the politically correct ones. Very useful for all the others.

To Start You Thinking

Apologetic booklet addressed to potential Catholic converts. Rather different from the two booklets above: more in-depth, requires more time to read and perhaps more attentive reflection.
Probably most effective with those who are already giving some thoughts to a possible conversion to Catholicism, but it must really induce every reasonable Protestant to at least “start thinking”.

An excellent effort.

Abiding Sorrow For Sin

Why Marry?

Communism From The Inside

The Labour Question (Doctrine Of Wealth)

A Marriage Handbook

Catholic Corporatism

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John




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