Heretical Popes



Gustave Dore': Dante and Virgilio among the heretics.

Gustave Dore’: Dante and Virgilio among the heretics.

Why This Page. 

John XXII, The Heretical Pope

How To Get Rid Of A Heretical Pope (Own Blog Post)

The Remnant: Can The Church Depose A Heretical Pope? 

John XXII: The Heretical Pope (with links to four “Remnant” Articles)

  1. I red the Remnant articles, great ones …

  2. If we’e going to use engravings from Gustave Dore, the picture next after that shown might be appropriate, as it illustrates the beginning of Canto 11 which mentions “Pope Anastasius” [II – 496 to 498], whom Dante, misled by the Liber Pontificalis, deemed to be a heretic.

  3. A friend of mine gave me your website as I have recently returned to the Church after 18 years of being a sedevacantist. I am the only one in my rather large family who has made the return — the rest of the family, our priests and others in the chapel where we attended Mass are horrified at my decision and are constantly after me with arguments to return. I wondered if I could garner some assistance, as I really don’t have answers to their proofs that the Newchurch is not the Real Church. If you’d like to know where they are coming from (and what some of the issues that I now face are), please listen to:
    [edit: email cancelled]

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