The “Real Popes” Reblog

The “Real Popes” Reblog

Stupidity Beyond Belief: “Make Your Own Religion!”





This truly is too stupid for words, but some Jewish group or other really thought this out, and even set a reward of $5,000 for it. And no, I am not kidding.

After you have noticed the young, possibly fetching, woman in a very fashionable oriental posture, you may direct your attention on these words, which truly redefine the very concept of senselessness. 

Imagine a religion or philosophy that cuts across boundaries, strengthens our sense of community and acts as a force of good. Design a new philosophy to live our lives, a framework for a new belief system — or a reimagining of an existing one. 

This is too stupid even for the Kindergarten, which means it is just challenging enough for your average HuffPo reader. The promoters of the initiative want you to invent a new religion (ok, you can also be an atheist; but we are interested here in the possibility that it may be called and thought of as, in fact, a religion), but in the same breath they tell you this religion must be of their liking. They also do not prove (showing their promoters know jack of philosophy in the first place) that to cut across boundaries, or strengthen a very abstract “sense of community”,  would ipso facto constitute a “force for good”. If they had a multitude of “Bible-Bashing Christians” among them I am pretty sure they would think differently, and I am curious as to how the new religion will integrate the Aryan Brotherhood, the Ku Klux Klan and those unforgotten comic heroes, the Illinois Nazis, thus “cutting across boundaries and strengthening our sense of community”. 

Not sure whether the liberal audience can grasp even this kindergarten nonsense, the brave promoters go on with more senseless waffle:

“The whole point of this challenge is to empower people to think about solutions and explore how religion can act as a powerful force for good,”

I almost spilled my coffee when I read this. So what they are saying is that your religion is wrong (because hey, there’s not much of KrisnaKrisnaHareHare going on around), but you should feel empowered to propose a solution of your own invention for it, basically apostatising in a very formal way. 

Good Lord! It’s the triumph of stupidity! If someone already believes in a religion, then he will, qua definitione, believe that this religion is true, and that challenging it is a sin. If, on the contrary, a person does not believe in any religion, he is already – as everyone of his ilk – the author of his own religion, which we might call the religion of “whatever suits me right now, and I am perfectly happy with it”.

The absurdity of the thinking is shown in the rest of the article, where the freaking Jews call Jesus a “philosopher” (please, dear Angels, take note of this! Thanks, I knew you would!) and go on patronising the entire religious phenomenon as something which has gone badly wrong up to now and must now be fixed by some (for the standards of HuffPo readers) smartypants.  Jesus was a “genius”, you see, though they don’t like his “philosophy” all that much. The Dalai Lama is – even if he looks more and more like a retard very much in love with himself – another one. Will you be the next one? Come on, give it a try! You can be a Jesus if you really want! But you must try! Try and try! You’ll succeed at last!

I understand the $5,000 might look interesting; but really, someone should ring the ball and call the children back in the nursery.  

The sad truth is that the times have become so stupid that people can seriously make it to a publication for at least non-incapacitated people with nonsense like this. 

I suggest that Pope Francis also participates with his own entry. Actually, the entire contest seems written for him. FrancisChurch is nothing to do with Catholicism, the old nincompoop has been trying to persuade us that Catholicism is wrong and must be fixed, and he goes around promoting exactly that kind of nonsensical “let us all be friend with those that will rape your daughters” that is so apt to “cut across boundaries” and “strengthens our sense of community” until the Islamists come to power and the music changes. Yep, FrancisChurch is just enough stupid that it might take the biscuit.  

These people are looking for a “genius”, and they do not say it in jest. 

Boy, how the Jews have fallen.

One understands why Francis thinks they are the same religion as FrancisChurch. 




The Smoke Of Satan is Smoking The Vatican


“You still don’t get it, do you?”


I felt so sick after reading this, that for two days I did not feel about writing, lest I should write things I would regret. And I have to write about this, I have to, both because of the gravity of the fact itself and because I have already written about the matter when I did not have all the facts. 

A couple of days later we can say this: 

  1. The fact happened. Lutherans were sacrilegiously given communion within the very walls of the Vatican. It sends a shudder down my spine. Truly, the smoke of Satan is smoking the Vatican. 
  2. The confirmation of the original news comes from a very reliable source, and as I write this no word of denial, and no word of condemnation from anyone inside the Vatican. 
  3. The details of the event are appalling. The proddies present themselves for a blessing, and the priest officiating gives them communion; which, being proddies utterly unaware of their own responsibility in this immense sacrilege, the dumbos (among them a so-called bishopess), also accept.   

The events beggar belief. I ask the following: 

  1. Who is the priest who has committed the sacrilege? Has he been disciplined? (I know, I know…). 
  2. Where the heck is Cardinal Mueller? 
  3. Speaking of this: where is everyone else? 

Heresy and sacrilege happen to the right and to the left of Francis; in front of him and behind him; the floor above him and the floor below him; but hey, there should still be people breathing, who think he is not responsible. 

This, without considering the heresies and utter nonsense the man spits himself, and with the sheer quantity of which yours truly can’t even cope, for sheer lack of time. 

The man must be removed. His papacy must be bombed like it’s Dresden in 1945. Nothing must remain of it but some smoking rubble.

Stop being the sensitive chap, or gal. The Church is being openly and frontally attacked. This is no time for niceness. This is no time for reserve. Never has there been a pope like this one. The situation is unprecedented. Our reaction to it must be unprecedented, too.

May God strike Francis down today. I wish his soul salvation, but I wish this papacy an immediate and very brutal end. This has gone beyond even the parody of Catholicism. We are now at the open war against Catholicism, fought from within the very walls of the Vatican. And in all this, what I see is the outrage of a handful, the indifference of most, and the utter inactivity and acquiescence of those who should know better, and I am talking here of our so-called shepherds. 

Even simple priests, who are at higher risk of retaliation from their own bishop, dare to criticise very openly, and with more than justified bitterness, what the man is doing day in and day out. But our bishops, and cardinals, think it wise to do pretty much freaking nothing. 

Pope Blessed Pius IX is told to have blessed a delegation of visiting Proddies, not unlike this one, with the following words: 

“Ab illo benedicaris, in cujus honore cremaberis. Amen.”

“be thou blessed by Him in Whose honour thou shalt be burned. Amen”

How the times have changed! The holy man is now in Heaven and in the presence of the Lord. I doubt, therefore, he will be rolling in his grave. But I, who am still struggling here below, am certainly about to vomit in my bathroom.

The rumoured, but so fitting, blessing of the late, saintly Pope is, by the way, extremely fitting also for all those Bishops and Cardinals who are shutting up day in and day out, as this lewd old man insults Holy Mother Church and confuses the faithful every single day.

For two days I was too sickened to write about this. Now I have it past me. It should not be said I have not raised my voice.

Buy boy, just to think of that man poisons my blood.




The Second Maundy Thursday Reblog

The Second Maundy Thursday Reblog

The First Maundy Thursday Reblog

The First Maundy Thursday Reblog

Everyday Sacrilege, Everyday Silence.

Let's allow Lutherans to receive!

And it came to pass the Evil Clown might have this too to answer: that a delegation of heretics – and therefore, qua definitione, excluded from communion – has been sacrilegiously allowed to (try to) receive communion within the very walls of the Vatican.

The news are confused for now and I cannot access, as I write this, the original source in Italian. My take is as follows:

The news that the Proddies have been allowed to receive sacrilegiously is either true, or it isn't.

If it isn't, it says an awful lot about the times we live in that the news could spread, and a Lutheran publication state the fact as happened, in the first place. The gravity of the situation would be not less apparent because the fact has, in hypothesis, not taken place.

If it is, this is further evidence that Pope Francis must be removed. There is no way even the most retarded Pollyanna could believe that such an event could – whether the Evil Clown was present or not – be effected without the Pope's not only acquiescence, but positive will.

And do you know why this happens? Because Francis releases scandalous videos and no one of his Cardinals rebukes him; because he talks heresy every day and every single bishop shuts up; because a climate has been created in which heresy – and at this point, very possibly, practiced sacrilege – is seen as a normal, everyday occurrence.

Heretic is who heretic does.

I – and, I am sure, every sound Catholic – do not care a straw for formalistic considerations about when formal heresy has been reached. The man eats, breaths, and preaches heresy every day.

Besides the extremely grave facts in themselves, every new episode of practised heresy and walking over Catholicism makes it a little easier for Francis to, one day, break every taboo and officially declare some heretical doctrine as binding. Can't you see he already accuses Catholics of “sinning” for being Catholic?

May heaven punish as they deserve those bishops and cardinals who choose to stay silent when such things happen. May they receive the just retribution for their betrayal.

Nil inultum remanebit.

They should think of it.







Gotta Love Ted Cruz

SPARTANBURG, SC - APRIL 3:  Senator and GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz answers questions from local media following a town hall meeting at the Beacon Drive-in restaurant on April 3, 2015 in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  The Beacon Drive-in, traditionally a popular venue for campaigning politicians, was Cruz's 2nd stop of the day in South Carolina.  (Photo by Richard Ellis/Getty Images)

I do not write much about the 2016 election, but I try to follow it as closely as can reasonably expected from a European. As good news keeps piling up (the establishment pussycat Jeb Bush basically nowhere, and the traitor Santorum not even on the radar screen) I live in terror of seeing my favourite candidate, Ted Cruz, start veering toward the centre in order to “broaden his appeal”, which is what candidates do when they want to lose both race and face (Santorum docet).

When I read this (disregard the video, I am talking about the article) I could not avoid a great sense of relief.

Very intelligent guy, Ted Cruz. Not blinded by ambition like Santorum. I truly hope he will stay the course and refuse to water down his message, though you can bet your hat there will be no lack of “advisors” suggesting to him he does just that.

The way I see it, Cruz is not necessarily running for the 2016 race, though I hope he will make it both against Trump and Clinton. Cruz is trying to reshape the soul of the country, as Reagan once did. The strong, unadulterated message will slowly become part of the landscape, and likely prepare the ground for a strong run in 2024, or 2032. The man is young, and extremely gifted. If he does not waste his talent and does not compromise his stance, he is bound to become a permanent fixture of American politics. I leave it to others (and possibly to the electors in November) to decide if he can defeat Clinton, assuming (as we all do) she will get the nomination. But the worst of the worst would be seeing Cruz “pulling a Santorum” and starting to vomit politically correct crap to please the stupid masses who will never vote for him anyway.

Reagan did not change with the country. He made the country to change. Cruz has the talent, the time and, hopefully, the integrity.

Let’s hope he does not waver.

Up to now, it seems to me he has no intention of doing so. 



Summa Iniuria? Francis And The Sin Of Stupidation

Pope Francis, aka “Evil Clown”, has given another example of his mediocrity and, alas, sheer lack of education.

The leitmotiv of the man is always the same: if you refuse to embrace heresy you have a “closed heart”, because suddenly an unchangeable God wants to “surprise” you in ways only he can fathom.

I know, this is heretical propaganda. I know, the man is an enemy of Catholicism. I know, one is tempted to wonder what kind of profession his mother exercised.

However, at times the man manages to reveal his ignorance in ways that put a smile on your face. In honour of the man, I will call this the “sin of Stupidation”.

Such a word does not exist, you will say; and if it existed it would have another meaning. But if Francis was never deterred by such obstacles from producing an involuntary comic effect, I will not be deterred from producing a voluntary one.

If you are a devout Catholic you commit the sin of divination, says the old ass. Don't believe me? Read here.

I know, it's not only the sin of “divination”. It's also “idolatry”. If you keep believing what Christians have always believed, you are culpable of idolatry.

Boy, this one is rotten. So rotten in fact, that a delicate problem presents itself to your humble correspondent.

Would it really be a sin to kick this man's ass until he understands the first three things of Catholicism? Would it not be a work of mercy instead? I know, I know: a Pope should not be kicked in the ass. But this man is such an extreme example of papacy going wrong that it is difficult to me to not advocate for an exception to the sacred rule. In some extreme cases one might be able to apply the old Latin saying: Summum ius, summa iniuria.

I will wait patiently, and with more than some hope, for some orthodox theologian convincingly espousing the theory that, in extreme cases like this one, a Pope should be kicked in the ass all the way to Termini station, both for the sake of his own soul and to protect the faithful from his hilarious (for us) but still very dangerous (for too many others) rubbish. Until that moment I will, with great sadness but in obedience, encourage all my readers to refrain from kicking the Pope's ass all the way to Termini station.

He has lived like an ass, let him die like an ass.

The sin of Stupidation is a very grave one.



About Wikkimissa

[EDIT: European part of Wikkimissa has been found here. With many thanks to reader, well, ” Tradicionalna Latinska Misa”].


I had noticed before Christmas that the Wikkimissa site was down. I had hoped in a temporary “building site”, but last weekend the site was still unresponsive.

Now worried, I started to go around and look for information, and if my French is worth anything I can assure you there is nothing to be alarmed.

The site hosting the server has taken down the site and deleted all the content, or at least this is what my French allowed me to understand. Apparently, the way the site was organised/built led the server to believe it was a spam site.

Emmanuel, the person who runs Wikkimissa, has assured he has all the material at home and can rebuild the site. However, this will be a time consuming exercise and, the man having a job and all, will require some patience.

Please say a prayer for the good man, and let us hope the site is up and running again by next time I am on holiday in Continental Europe… ;)


The Name Of Francis Is Evil Clown, & The Danger Of Irrelevance.

I have written a new book!

As the Year Of False Mercy is on its way to becoming the greatest embarrassment of this very embarrassing Pontificate, we were informed that the Unholy Father has published a new book, titled “the name of Francis is Evil Clown”, or something of the sort.

Two days, and the thing has already almost disappeared from the news. Which makes sense, because the book has the same tosh Francis repeats day in and day out, and is therefore as interesting as the weather forecast of the past three months, or three years.

The Year Of False Mercy is sinking into a well-deserved irrelevance. The stupid book probably already did it. The Pope is about as interesting or worthy of notice as a drunken old man at the tavern, ranting against the government.

The name of Francis is Evil Clown, and a Pope's punishment for stupidity is irrelevance and ridicule. He made of himself one of the many stupid micro celebrities seeking the limelight for a minute. Being the Pope, he had his quarter of an hour. But now he's getting as old as yesterday's reality show hero.

The only way Francis can now really make a sensation is with a nuclear explosion of heresy. Stupid and vain as the man is, only a compact and strong opposition from his own hierarchy offers security that he will not dare to push the nuclear button. Alas, his gradual sinking into irrelevance makes the event less improbable, and the appalling silence after Videogate might well embolden him to do more and more. This is an addict allowed to be near the giant whisky bottle without supervision. He might well see in a bigger revolution the solution to the problem of his increasingly more evident irrelevance.

This is why I get so angry at our clergy, and this is why their desertion deserve every punishment that Divine Justice will, in due time, throw at them.

Francis is sinking in a sea of stupidity and irrelevance of his own making. This is good news on one side, and is very dangerous on the other.

A stupid, vain ass addicted to popularity and bishops unwilling to criticise him publicly, no matter what. I see all the ingredients for a big disaster.

Let's hope that much more is happening behind the scenes than transpires from interviews. If not, we are in dire straits here.




Videogate: Where’s The Clerical Outrage?

Satanic is who satanic does: Cardinal Ravasi, the David Bowie fan.

Satanic is who satanic does: Cardinal Ravasi, the David Bowie fan.


The heretical (and blasphemous) video from the Evil Clown is some days old, and many have been the voices that have been raised against it. However, as I write this I cannot recall one, not a single one from a bishop or cardinal.

I would be very grateful for every link of bishops or cardinals openly criticising the video. In the meantime, here is an extremely respectful message for bishops and cardinals from yours truly. 


Dear – and less dear – bishops and cardinals. 

Wake up. The heresy is among us, and you are made to eat Satan’s shit every day.’

If you do not react now, when will you have the guts to react?

Can’t you see that Francis is spreading heresy in bigger and bigger doses, waiting for the moment when he is able to officially proclaim heresy and have the thing considered just normal, and the obvious consequence of what his entire Pontificate has been? This is what the Germans call Salamitaktik: the great heretical project is being advanced one slice at a time, and as you reflect that no slice in itself is big enough for a big confrontation, the entire salami is going away; the plan is to cut this particular salami in bigger and bigger slices until Francis can announce that the old salami is gone, and the great project has been completed: the salami-free Church is now born.  

Can’t you see that Francis can only be stopped (as happened with the Synod, twice) if there is strong and vocal opposition?

Actually, can’t you see that the man does not learn from veiled threats and keeps pursuing his heretical project? Can’t you see that when veiled threats do not work, it is now time for the open ones?

I know you are successors of the Apostles, but I wonder more and more often of which one.

Being a bishop means to bear the relevant responsibility. This responsibility is the necessary counterpart of the honour paid to you. Ubi honor, ibi onus. Already being a priest should mean one thinks (almost) nothing of martyrdom. But being a bishop means to be destined for it. Of course, every Christian should, if unavoidable, be ready for martyrdom. But let us not water down your responsibilities here. From you it is expected so much more than it is expected from the common priest – for which the bishop is often the first and more immediate enemy -, much less from the common layman.

You are the ones supposed to lead the charge, not the ones talking about illegal immigrants, social justice, poverty, and secular rubbish of the sort – rubbish that every third-rate politician can spit much better than you – whilst the eternal Rome, literally, burns.

I could not find one single bishop or Cardinal openly condemning the infamous video. I can find many a faithful blogger, many commenters, and some journalists. But not one bishop or cardinal. Not one.

We laymen are the one who lose, at times, friendships, and strain family relationship. We choose not to avoid conflict even with those we love most and open wounds in our families, and in our hearts, that might never be healed. We have not chosen to be priests. We have not accepted to become bishops. Still, we pay a price every day.

In the meantime, you simply look the other way as the Pope shows all the theological prowess of a junkie Trannie prostitute in an Argentinian slum.

I trust in the Lord, and am confident that – in His own good time – he will put an end to this. But heavens, as it looks now it does not seem He is using you, at all. 

I cry to the angels in heaven that they may look upon your behaviour, and ask the Lord to count it against you if you die unrepentant, and to punish it in a way commensurate to your treason. 

But what am I saying. I know they do. It is you who don’t. 

As we write the year 2016, one cannot avoid to think there are many more bishops on the side of David Bowie than on the side of Christ; and another number, possibly the biggest one, of tepid careerists firmly intentioned to do nothing, and to hope for the best. As if an heretical pope would, like a pimple, go away all by itself.

This Pope isn’t a pimple. He is a bubo. He must be dealt with. By you. 

When you are in hell, where – bar a huge miracle of mass repentance –  many of you will land, you will change your mind about what was safe and what was dangerous.

You are bishops, not simple priests or laymen. It is demanded of you more than of anyone else that you stand up for Christ. It is your first duty. It is all you are supposed to be. Not only it is the most important part of your job description. It is the counterpart of your very comfortable and privileged existence, at least in every Western Country one may care to mention.  

May the Lord punish your treason as you deserve. 

Keep eating Satan’s shit. Enjoy. It will do you good.

It will prepare you for an eternity of shit to come. 







God Is No Respecter Of Pop Stars

I am reading around some of the echoes of the death of David Bowie. The stupidest is, predictably, Cardinal Ravasi. This one is such an ass that when someone dies who has spread for several decades an aggressive anti-Christian message he does not have anything better to do than tweet some nonsense appreciative of the songs of the pervert and of his life of cross-dressing and bisexual scandal. Not only one wonders whether Cardinal Ravasi knows what it means to be a priest. One wonders whether the man is a homosexual himself. That he is an ass dressed in red, however, there can be no doubt.

Ravasi gets the biscuit. But there must be many not very far away for him. Countless fans will, as I write this, easily persuade themselves that if there is a hell – which, I am sure, many of them doubt – the man has certainly avoided it because, say, he loved some good cause – which public figure doesn't… – or engaged himself in some public and very easy battle – see above… – or even recited the Our Father at some celebration of his very faggoty singing colleague, Freddie Mercury.

Erm, no. If one does not repent of his sins, much less believe in God, he can pray the Our Father as much as he wants, it will be to no avail. If one lives a life in total opposition to everything that is Christian, very publicly doing so and even building an entire singer's career upon it, one public prayer isn't going to wash. Besides, in the confused mind of the average pot-smoking Bowie fan an Our Father at a public commemoration is something just cool, because so easily emotional. That Freddy Mercury, the person for whom Bowie said that prayer, was a sodomite to his very last hours – the ladies please look away now, but I was told in 1992 by reliable sources that the autopsy found on his stomach the sperm of one or many men, I forget the details… – did not seem to have inspired any fear of the Lord in Bowie himself as he prayed it.

The fact is that God is no respecter of persons. Being a famous singer or actor will count exactly zero, zilch, and zippo when the day of the redde rationem comes. On the contrary: a man like Bowie, who was the embodiment of scandal, will have to answer for decades of worldwide leading astray of souls.

If Bowie saved his sorry ass – which I wish him, but consider very improbable – it is not because he was famous, or good at singing, or good at acting, or a lover of kitten and daisies. It was because in his last moments he was given the grace to reject everything he was for many decades.

Fame, honour, fans, do not count anymore when one dies. It was a long party, and one wished that it could go on forever; but now the time is up, and one must give an account and be judged accordingly. There is no indication whatever that Bowie was prepared.

This leads me to the last point of today. In my opinion, the fear of the Lord of many a Catholics, and of many a blogger, is easily seen when these events occur. One who thinks that, say, you can be a public sodomite all your life and save (cough) your ass just with one or three vague public utterances of something vaguely resembling goodness obviously thinks it much easier for everyone else to be saved. This shows a clear lack of fear of the Lord, because it is obvious the blogger or quisque de populo thinks that he'll must be feared only by Pol Pot and very few others.

If the death of one like Bowie does not fill you with dread at his very probable destination, I must question your fear of the Lord. This one was a very, very prime candidate. Fame will not be of any avail to him. Actually, fame very probably lulled him in a false sense of security, and pumped his ego to the very end.

The same goes for that other bunch of perverted idiots like Elton John and Mick Jagger (the latter, by the way, an ass-buddy of Bowie himself). The world, which is stupid, praises them to the sky; but the clock is ticking, and they should take heed and wake up whilst they can.

God is no respecter of pop stars.



Reblog: Liberation Papology

Reblog: Liberation Papology

(from the very first days of the Pontificate).

Recently At A Novus Ordo Mass

When you are in front of the King of Kings, you behave accordingly.

And it came to pass that almost at the end of the NO mass an insisted, alarmed shouting emerges from the pews. Strong, persistent, and very loud.

The NO priest gives us the “What the Francis” face; but he does not say anything, and goes on.

The noise keeps coming. It's uncontrolled now, it's a very loud, shrill shrieking. The NO priest tries to ignore it, but then snaps, interrupts his prayer and says, in a rather imperious tone, “can this stop, PLEASE!”, or words to that effect.

The din goes on unabated. Again, it is a repeated noise, a very shrill, uncontrolled shriek.

Turns out a poor boy, evidently retarded or with some sort of brain damage, was sitting in the pews, and for some reason was having some sort of panic attack, possibly triggered by the honest attempts of the mortified parents to persuade him to be silent. My prayers went – as, I am sure, those of most of those present – to both the boy and his parents.


This episode led me to a reflection. A reflection that will not please the “Patheos” crowd; it will not because, while it is logical and devout, does not sound well in these ipersensitive, effeminate times of ours.

If the noise made by the crying baby at mass is not a desecration of the same – a desecration for which, obviously, the parents, not the baby, have to answer – then the insisted screaming of the poor retarded or otherwise brain damaged boy isn't a desecration either, and should be accepted in the same way.

If the noise made by the poor boy (and we can expand this, and easily imagine one of those poor boys who scream for fifteen minutes at a time, and not because of ill will) is not to be tolerated at Mass because it is a desecration, then the baby or the unruly child must not be tolerated, either.

I do not need to tell my readers – but it might be salutary for the occasional Patheos reader who chanced to land here because, say, some overweight bitch linked to me – that the fact that the crying baby does not allow you to hear the homily is neither here nor there. Whilst you are expected to be there and it does you a world of good, the Mass is not about you. I know: it is unbelievable that I have to explain this. Alas, such are the times.

We live in times of such distorted religiosity and community-fixation that parents think it quite normal that the screams in church desecrate the Mass; their excuse for this apparently being that after the desecration has occurred for some time they will get out with the baby; which is, by the way, another blatant contradiction: if it is not wrong that the desecration takes place, the baby should stay and everyone in the church happily rejoice at the gift of parenthood; if it is, the baby or the unruly child should not have been there in the first place.

Our priorities have been completely subverted, because our faith has been forgotten. I have it from an extremely solid and conservative priest that in Christian times it was considered a given that if there are no alternatives to a child desecrating the Mass, it is certainly appropriate and not sinful at all that the person who mind him does not attend. Granted: in past times extended families made alternative arrangements easier; but the principle remains.

Not so today. Today the priority is the “community”, the mass attendance, perhaps the desire to avoid the neighbour in the pews thinking that Mrs Jones “skips Mass”; and, often, the desire not to have the Sunday morning inconvenienced by having mom and dad going at two different masses as one spouse cares for the baby at home. Harrod's beckons, you understand.

Either disturbances at Mass are a desecration, or they aren't. If they aren't, let the boy scream for forty minute, poor innocent soul, and pray for him and his parents in the meantime. If they are (and they are!) let us be consequent on this, let us put Christ before the “community”, and let us start going back to the sound principles of old: that the Church must be attended to in the most reverent silence by everyone; that parents answer for their children; and that the parents should make alternative arrangements if they can, or one of them should stay at home if they cannot, without this being seen as an offence to the new god, the congregation. And yes, it is the sacred duty of every parent to teach a little child from the tenderest age about sacredness and appropriateness of behaviour, to enforce proper behaviour and to make it his care and his responsibility that his children are able to attend Mass and be a credit to God and family. It beggars belief that no restaurant nowadays would brooch the unspeakable din that goes on in many Novus Ordo Masses. It is the best indication of how far our Christian feeling has deteriorated.

When I was a child, every little child like me was so imbued with the sense of sacredness of a church, that he had to shut up and be silent I do not say inside – where he was not allowed unless there was total security of proper behaviour – but outside of it. There were even expressions, like in religioso silenzio, due to the obvious fact that silence is what you had in a religious setting! Similarly, people who wanted to indicate a situation of extreme silence used the comparison with a church. “come in chiesa!”

These linguistic usages are disappearing.

There is no silence in church anymore.

Thinking of it, there isn't much of religion, either.



Reblog: The Pinocchio Mass

The Pinocchio Mass


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