Star System And Victimhood Vs Wholesome America

One of the sharpest contrasts between the Democrat and Republican conventions was in the people chosen to represent the youth, or the voters in general.

The Dems chose a young singer with painted hair, and also allowed a duet between Dementia Joe and an extremely, and I mean extremely, vulgar rapper. They also chose a woman blaming Trump because her 400 pounds father had died of the Chinese virus.

The Republicans chose Nick Sandmann: a young man like many of us were, persecuted for being against abortion, without purple metallic hair and, in generally, quite the decent young man decent Americans strive to become. Plus, a Cuban immigrant truly moving in his love for America.

It’s a striking contrast: star system and victimhood against wholesome America.

The Dems live in a Twitter and Facebook bubble. They think that being supported by troubled youth and extremely slutty ghetto women works, because that is the sad reality in which they live. They possibly think that only Hillary’s lack of appeal prevented her from being carried to victory by the entertainment apparatus. This is why they double down now, and think that the folksy demented old man may make it this time. They also think that people wil really identify with just another slow intelligence, blaming Trump for the ills of the world.

I think that they are tragically mistaken.

Middle America sees the ghetto singer, and it makes them cringe. They see all the drug addict, confused, childish star youth and are terrified that their children might self-destroy like they do. They see the extreme promiscuity and widespread immorality, and wonder how they can be on the side of those tools. They see the lack of self-reliance, and know it’s the wrong way.

It just does not work. Day one of the Republican Convention saw a lot of speakers whom the Socialist Media belittled as nobodies. But they were not really nobodies. They were people like me and you, they were us. They were the decent, hard-working, Christian people who are the backbone of America. This is why they connected with their audience, and were actually watched instead of being ignored.

Luckily, I do not think that the Dems will learn the lesson. They will keep pounding with propaganda from famous, and unknown losers. They will blame Trump for the next solar eclipse. They will think that they are doing fine.

Meanwhile, Trump appears to have opened a 10 point advantage among Independents.

And that was before the Republican Convention had even begun.

The Chinese Virus And The Abuse Of Catholicism

I can’t find the link anymore, but I am so angry I will write about this anyway. Some clergyman (possibly a Bishop) published an image of the Blessed Virgin and Child… with a mask.

This is wrong – actually, repulsive – in so many ways.

First of all, at least from a logical point of view: The Child is God, besides being Human. He will not infect anyone. He cannot, CAN NOT, be the source of any disease He does not want to spread. The God that raised Lazarus from the tomb cannot be put on a par with some child who could be in danger of either infecting or being infected.

Secondly: the Blessed Virgin. An image suggesting that the Blessed Virgin fears contagion, possibly at the hands of her own Holy Child, is nothing short of blasphemous.

Which leads us to the main point: the abuse of the Christian religion to further a worldly agenda. The reason why we immediately perceive such an image as “off” is, most likely, not directly related to the Divinely bestowed qualities of Our Lord or of the Blessed Virgin. It is the immediate, obvious feeling that Christianity – and Catholicism in particular – is being gravely abused for an ideology that is nothing to do with it. 

This Bishop has clearly lost the faith. He has likely been accustomed for many years now to mix Catholicism with some empty, godless, social-justice, feel-good stuff. This has gone so far, that he will not hesitate to put the Blessed Virgin and Child in a mask, likely thinking, in his godlessness and lack of faith, that he is  sending out some “positive” message.

He is sending out the message that he is an idiot who has lost his faith and should be removed, that’s what he is sending out.

Please correct me if there is no Bishop involved, and I am grateful for any link.

Still: whoever did this may feel good breathing in his damn mask; but when he dies, he might have bigger problems.



On The Occasion Of The Police Shooting in Kenosha, WI, An Educational Video (Achtung! Language!!)

The Background (includes video of the shooting)

The educational video…

Because black lives matter…



Distance From Margaret Sanger Is Not Enough. Planned Parenthood Must Become Anti-Margaret Sanger


I hear all the time about the latest fashion among trendy white-guilt types: not being racist is not enough. You must be anti-racist.

In short, this means that you must attack the entire White Civilisation, and all your White friends and acquaintances, as either utter evil (the former) or, in some way, unavoidably racist (the latter).

I can’t see why these leftist nutcases should not apply the same standard to themselves.

It is not enough to just ignore Sanger, or politely distance themselves from her for the “connections” to eugenics, making as little noise as possible.

Instead, Planned Parenthood should be asked to openly attack and renege Margaret Sanger as a Black-hating, racist, genocidal monster. In doing so, Planned Parenthood should admit:

  1. Their oppression of Blacks  for the entirety of their existence
  2. The systemic racism that Margaret Sanger injected into the organisation
  3. That Black Babies’ Lives Matter.

After that, they should commit themselves to:

  1. Defund such an evil, racially biased organisation
  2. Re-imagine Planned Parenthood into something which, actually, prepares parents for parenthood.

When all this is done, they should:

  1. Denounce Kamala Harris as an evil, racist, baby-murdering Uber Bitch, for being strongly supportive of such an evil organisation.


I have done all the work for you, Libtards.

Let your re-education begin.



Leftist Catfights, Feminism, And The Evil Of Female Suffrage (Achtung! Language!)

She means “huge cake”…


Rose McGowan has started another very noisy catfight with Alyssa Milano. The language is not very ladylike, but then again none of these women are ladies, so this is par for the course.

To an external observer, this kind of behaviour says a couple of things:

Firstly, the vitriol and acrimony that acidic women can mobilise dwarfs everything that men are able to muster, against even their worst enemies.

Secondly, this acidic behaviour is seen, at its most vitriolic, in women of the alternative kind: feminists at large, assorted leftists, promoters or enablers of any kind of “rebel” behaviour (McGowan was once in a relationship with a chap called Marilyn Manson. Look him up…).

Feminism is just pure, unadulterated poison. It makes of women toxic, repulsive war machines, whom men find as amusingly disgusting and strangely fascinating to behold as the Bearded Woman and the Cannon Woman.

Feminism is, also, the easy escape for women who, once beautiful, start to fade and look for other ways  to gratify their vast egos. Just to make an example: I don’t remember Natalie Portman ever talking about feminism when she was in her prime. But when she started approaching her Forties, and started to see roles she would once have competed for going to younger women, she miraculously discovered Hollywood’s sexism. Ouch! Should she ask to be electronically erased from her role in the Episode I of Star Wars, a role clearly obtained thanks to her being an extremely pretty, ready-to-eat, white chocolate truffle? Or was she so thick that she didn’t know it, and realised it only when her beauty started to fade?

Feminism, like all forms of leftism, destroys everything that it touches. It makes of women who could have grown to be sweet wives, mothers and aunts, living a happy life and giving happiness to those around them, resentful, bitter, ugly beings whom even other women look at in repulsion.

Enjoy your online feud, McGowan and Milano. Of the two, McGowan is the lesser witch, and she might slowly be on her way to recovery from witchdom. But she is one of the driving forces behind #metoo, so she is toxic all right. And no, her past is no justification for #metoo, or anything leftist or stupid.


I look at the ocean of poison these women can unleash, and wonder how it was that women were allowed to vote.

I wonder, in fact, how difficult it is to see that reasonable and feminine women will always have their own interests protected by men – and their own big, beautiful hearts and big, beautiful emotions, kept in check by the more rational thinking of their fathers, brothers, and husbands – much better than if they are allowed to vote, unleashing on themselves wave after wave of mass feminism, mass abortion, mass divorce, mass dissatisfaction and, ultimately, mass betrayal of their God-given role as women.

Reflect on this without the spectacles of the uncritical thinking of this age, and realise that female suffrage has allowed women to relentlessly work against themselves, creating an ocean of frustration completely absent in the contented, feminine, gentle, soft and giving hearts I remember in the old women in my extended family when I was a child. How miserable they would consider the life of today’s “liberated” woman, working 60 hours a week in her Forties as she keep trying (without success!) to persuade men that she has a wiener, wondering how she never found the “right guy” as the clock now ticks furiously (answer: because you were toxic to him!) and being slowly, but every year more clearly, eaten alive by the two abortions she had in her youth.

Were the men, and women, of past generations more stupid than we are today?

I think the contrary is the case.

They understood life. We don’t.










You Are Being Gaslighted

The Democratic Convention has, regrettably, come to an end, and with it the constant embarrassment for the Democrat Party and his pathetic ticket of losers.

The highlights:

  1. Bill Clinton told Trump how to behave in the Oval Office
  2. Hunter Biden vouched for his father’s integrity
  3. AOC endorsed… Bernie Sanders
  4. Kamala “Ho” Harris managed to make Hillary look pleasant.
  5. Michelle Obama complained about her life as “oppressed” in her $14,000,000 Martha’s Vineyard mansion
  6. Joe Biden managed to go on for an entire teleprompted speech without believing he is Mary Poppins and starting to sing “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”, failing miserably in the attempt.

No mention of:

  1. Around 900,000 babies killed every year in their mother’s womb, a disproportionate number of whom are, actually, Black.  
  2. Riots eating out many Dem run cities in America.
  3. The total failure of cities like New York to manage the Chinese-Virus, actually helping the virus to spread among the most vulnerable, then blaming Trump for the mass killing they caused.

In the midst of this, the usual Marxist media have showered the old demented man with unprecedented praise, just for spouting platitudes for a while like he’s not demented. They don’t admit it, but they were actually terrified the man would put a huge nail in his campaign coffin with ten minutes of live performance. However, they now have the next problem, as it becomes absolutely mandatory to follow up and get into the lion’s cage (the lion has a blond mane) for three times, at one and a half hour a pop. He will be massacred if his brain manages to cope for the duration, he will be pulverised if he doesn’t.

Meanwhile, Trump is on par with Biden in Minnesota, without considering the obvious secret vote component and the likely vote manipulation of polling agencies terrified of being eaten alive by the angry Twitter mob. This means that he is on track to clean up there, and will likely fare very well in Michigan and Pennsylvania, too. Which means, in a word, R.I.P. Joe And The Hoe.

In other bad news for the Dems, Trump is sailing at 51% approval rateincreasing his approval during the days of the convention. This is astonishing, as you would normally see a boost for the party that is having, or has just had, its convention. In short, this means that the Democrat Convention was a good ad for Trump.

Still, you see a constant gaslighting. The Marxist Media hail as historic a speech that is notable only for Biden saying something stupid only once. The fake polls keep giving Biden an advantage that is a propaganda lie only a North Korean broadcaster could imagine. The press, almost to a man, pretends that this demented old man is not only mentally OK, but a formidable candidate.

It’s all in vain. Trump keeps solidifying his position as the man for law and order when his opponent cannot even recognise the existence of a problem.

I have already written that 2020 reminds me a lot of 1984. However, in 1984 the Democrat convention injected energy and optimism in Mondale’s campaign. In 2020, the endless litany of bitter whiners and assorted losers not only fails to energise the base, but causes more controversy (5 minutes for Uber loser Kasich, whom most Dems hate; 90 seconds for AOC, whom most Dems hate, too).

It was embarrassing. It was like the high school losers and whiners staging a play in which they express their hate for the overachievers and the cool kids. I am, actually, sad that this has ended.

We will now see what the Republicans do. But seriously, the bar now is almost as low as the one concerning Joe Biden.





It’s Morning Again In America: 2020 and 1984


It was the Summer of 1984. Ronald Reagan was riding high, and the Democrats had drifted to the left as a reaction to his (successful, but polarising) policies. Reagan had been insulted, for four years, as a “cowboy”, and derided as an “actor”. He was the guy who would plunge the world into World War III.

There was a lot of Reagan Derangement Syndrome around. On the other hand, there was a lot of quiet approval. Inflation down, economy up, a new sense of patriotism, a newly regained place in the world. Behind the ferocious controversies (and they were ferocious, though less explicit in language than today), it was plain to see that everything was fine above the fruited plains.

The Democrats reacted, as stated, with a drift to the left, as the reaction to Reagan’s unapologetically pro-American policies caused the leftist activists to increase their power within the party. They picked a clearly leftist candidate, Walter Mondale, to unseat the “cowboy”, the “warmonger”, the “actor”. They also continued their drift towards identity politics, and Mondale picked a woman, with no national recognition but fairly good looks, as veep. The newspapers, even in Italy, were full of the “historic” significance of picking someone with certain anatomic details. That the woman was, clearly, not ready for this kind of prime time, bothered few.

The Democrat convention caused a lot of fanfare. Mondale and Ferraro had a brief, and expected, boost in the polls. Those one or two weeks were, perhaps, the only ones when a detached observer might have given them a small chance to make it. It did not go well for them, though it went wonderfully for the West.

It was impossible not to see that it was morning again in America.

Fast forward to 2020, and you know where I am heading. It is, undoubtedly, morning again in America, and notwithstanding the challenge of a virus born of corruption and tyranny, America is growing strong again on the back of the greatest economic recovery every staged before the virus put a short, and soon to be overcome, pause to the play.

The Dems have veered left, more so than in 1984. They have a clear Derangement Syndrome, more so than in 1984. They play identity politics with a ferocious intent, that boxes them into worshipping more and more limited groups: deviant people of all sorts, lazy asses of all races, and women “of color”. They have, once again, felt obliged to choose a woman for Veep; but this woman is far more controversial than the other one.

Their candidate is much more tired, much less credible, much less equipped to face Trump than Mondale was. If, in 1984, you could say that it was not even close, today you can say that it’s not even on the same planet.

The economy is still reeling from the shock of the Chinese virus, and this is perhaps the greatest difference with 1984; but all too many Blacks, and blue collar workers, and decent people of all sorts, remember how the economy was roaring only months ago, and they can now clearly see the push toward the Trump economy roaring again.

Another difference with 1984 is clear. Like in 1968, riots feature prominently in this election. For those who don’t know, riots help conservative candidates. It is a testament to the incompetence of the Democrat political class that they still don’t get it.

Put all these similarities together and you understand why Trump is cleaning up. He has a laser-focused attitude, a clarity of intent again not seen since the days of Ronald Reagan. He is constantly on the attack. When, yesterday afternoon, I saw his call to boycott Goodyear, I had to make a double take, and I was taken aback by the energy, the audacity, the sheer grit of this guy.

He is winning, and is still on the attack. He will not give quarter. Not until November, not after reelection. Trump is not in the Washington game. He is in for the kill.

Look beyond the momentary disruption given to us by a corrupt tyranny and realise, like millions of voters, that it is morning again in America.




“It Was A Debate, Stephen”. Kamala’s Meme Fest (Keep The Children Away)










#SheToo: How Horizontal Kamala Slept Her Way To The Top

This is a slug. Kamala is not this.


Well, we knew it already, but now it’s officially official. 

Willie Brown, once the likely most powerful Democrat operator in California, had a relationship with Kamala and, by his own admission, favoured her career on several occasions whilst she was his mistress.  


I do not know what passes for “feminism” these days, but I think what Kamala did goes under different names, none of them flattering.

I wonder how many Democrat women will “identify” with this oh so progressive horizontal prodigy, whose continuing flip-flopping, sexual and otherwise, shows the only thing she is willing to progress is her own advancement.

The reality is that the Democrats dig a very deep hole for themselves when they created the expectation of a sexist, racist choice for the Veep (if you can’t be chosen because of the colour of your skin, this is racism; if you can’t be chosen because of your sex, this is sexism). At that point they were already in deep trouble, because no candidate of quality was available within the narrow confines of their racist, sexist parameters.

Once the deep hole was there, they tried to get out of it by picking one of the very bad choices they had, and it is already clear it did not go well. The left is barking, the right is rejoicing, the MSM are embarrassing themselves trying to make of this cheap, conniving slut a statesman.

By serving only herself for so many years, Kamala has alienated everybody else. Leftists Blacks are angry because she sent people to jail for marijuana offences, in her “tough guy” phase, and moderates are angry because she has espoused all the madness of modern times, from tranny issues to green new deal. Catholics who still care and pay attention know that she is an extreme proposer of the killing of the unborn, even for the standards of Democrats.

This is why she went nowhere in the Primaries, even after remaining the only person “of colour”. By spectacularly tanking even as the only minority candidate left, she clearly showed that not even the minorities she belongs to like her. More likely, they think of her exactly the same I do.

I do not pretend to be an expert in that irrational, impenetrable jungle called the female mind; but one thing I know: normal women hate sluts. It must be so, because – even in these times – the slutty woman is both a menace to the married woman, and a threat to a woman’s marriage perspectives if she is believed one. In the same way that every man knows that being considered a sissy will greatly harm his reputation with women, a woman must feel – and women feel, a lot – that being reputed a slut will greatly harm her ability to form a bond with a quality man, reducing her to fish in the soy boy pond for her long-term relationship project. I think, by the way, that this is the reason why sluttishness is considered “feminist” by, erm, sluts: because it undermines the family, both the existing one and the one that is hoped for.

The result of this is that Kamala’s obvious horizontal careerism will – though many of them may choose not to be vocal about their aversion to that kind of woman – greatly harm her with very, very many female voters.

So there you are. The talent pool was restricted so much, that no talent was left. What was left was a careerist slut whom nobody likes, not even the people of her own minority, and whom many women will soon learn to hate with a passion.

Great choice, Dems.

This identity politics is working like a charm.




This Is What Losers Look Like

The picture above tells you everything you need to know about the pathetic Democratic ticket for the 2020 Presidential election.

They represent a particular America. This is the America of fear, made of those who cower in their basement (as Biden himself does), who are literally afraid of the air they breathe, and who are very happy that an all-powerful, all-regulating Government (local and federal) tells them in minute detail what to do with their lives. This is the America of laziness, too; a Country where too many just don’t want to go back to work, or want to have a convenient home-office life without any regard for the damage this causes not only to their pupils, but to the finances of their pupils’ parents. Who knows, by the way, how many are using furlough money to travel to Portland or Seattle and wreak havoc with their Country.

Please compare with this:


This is President Donald Trump during one of his many press conferences. Positive, unafraid, optimistic, clearly and pointedly not masked, and so darn manly he makes the two masked, scared kitten above simply disappear.

There is an obvious message being sent by both camps. The Democrat message is: “be as afraid as we are”. Trump’s message is: “be as strong, as courageous, and as unashamedly American as I am”.

Somehow, I can’t imagine the West being won wearing those masks. However, I can well picture Trump on a horse, with his trusted Colt pistol and his Winchester lever gun, working as a sheriff in some dangerous parts, and being very good at it.

The American people may not formulate their thinking in this way. However they, I am sure, perceive this all too well. Besides the daily squabbles, they can clearly see fear on one side and rugged manliness on the other.

Lesbians, Homos, losers, liberal nutcases, champagne-sipping journos and assorted soy boys will like the first image. The vast majority of the Country will prefer to identify with the second one.

Fear is a losing proposition for an additional reason: it will be difficult to maintain a climate of Global Scare until November. When the Dems, invariably, try, they will look like scared kitten, and like liars to booth, even more than they do today.

Trump is doing so fine it is almost scary.

At this point, the biggest danger is complacency.





Blue Lives Matter, And They Will Make Sure Everybody Notices it


Trump is getting a lot of Blue votes. One wonders how it could be otherwise.

What we have witnessed in the last months is not only the glorification of violence, looting and a clearly Marxist ideology. It is the systematic, brutal slandering of the Police as whole (that is: of every policeman qua policeman) from the people who want to run the Country from January 2021.

I have no data about how policemen voted in past elections. But it is difficult to avoid the impression that a good number of them consisted of independent or moderate Democrats, willing to ignore (or not caring for) the systematic killing of the unborn and voting Democrat because of family tradition, lack of sympathy for Trump, trade union affiliation, or some other reason.

However many they were, I think the number of non-Republican-voting policemen is going to be greatly reduced. Not many will keep voting the same party that insults them and their profession in toto, making all of them bad because of the job they have, and making them the symbol of a Country they have decided is “systemically racist” ( I think this includes the many Black policemen; but hey, it gets confusing from here…).

The Democrats are pursuing a course of systematic alienation of all the productive elements of society, bar the Billionaires and the Champagne Caste in the big cities they don’t need to win. When they are not labeling Law Enforcement as racist and criminals as a whole, they are making people who aren’t in law enforcement feel apprehensive about a future with a reduced, demotivated, utterly demoralised police. This is not going to end well for them.

Michigan was won by Trump by a very limited number of votes. Add to those many thousands of law enforcement officers and many of their relatives, right now.

Minnesota went to Hillary with a very little margin, and this without Trump even spending money there. You can safely add, right now, to the 2016 Trump Minnesota votes an awful lot of votes from LEOs and their families; plus, another truckload of moderate, Independent to Democrat-Light inhabitants of Minneapolis, who have already vowed to say loud and clear, in November, what they think of rioters. I can’t see how the Democrats can think they can keep Minnesota at this point.

Looters, good-for-nothings, lazy asses, and other professionals of self-victimhood tend to be too lazy to go to the polling station; you need to pamper them, help them with the paperwork, drive them, bus them, perhaps pay them a pizza. One understands why cheat-by-mail is so important to Dems. If the only living people who would vote for you find the activity too much of a hassle, you clearly need the dead to keep you afloat.

LEOs all over the Country are, however, very much alive. It is safe to assume that many of them are very, very angry as their livelihood is endangered and criminalised. Add their wives to the list of angry people.

They will all speak in November.

They will make sure everybody pays attention.





Check Your Brown Privilege, Kamala! How Brown Supremacism, Bed Skills And Slave Owner Ancestry Make This Woman Utterly Toxic

Kamala Harris is a descendant of slave owners. This is not a right-wing conspiracy. It is stated by her very own father.  

It also transpires that the woman ( I do not say “Lady”: search this blog for “Kamala”, “Willie” and “Brown”) comes from a very privileged background: mama a high-caste Indian and prominent doctor, papa a Stanford professor.

Look, Kamala, we need to talk of privilege and wokeness here.

I have several questions for Kamala:

  1. Will she acknowledge her Brown Privilege? Will she recognise that her privileged background does not entitle her to speak about anything even remotely to do with “oppression”?
  2. Will she denounce the brutal, inhumane caste system in India, and the enormous, unmerited advantage that countless ancestors of her enjoyed for being part of the Brahmin caste?
  3. Will she, consequently, admit that her Indian ancestors are the very epitome of Brown Supremacism; that this Brown Supremacism is more cruel than anything the US have ever experienced; and that she is the very product of this Brown Supremacism?
  4. Can Kamala tell us what, in her estimation, her career would have amounted to, if not for the very intimate relationship with a power broker of the Democrat Party, 31 years her older?
  5. Can Kamala Harris explain to us how her being a descendant of slave owners (with all that this entails: money, education, connections) qualifies her to speak for the oppressed, the fruit of whose oppression she literally carries in her own pocket?

This, of course, just as a beginning. Then we would have to talk in detail about her total support for baby killing (I think for Brahmins unborn Blacks count as Untouchables, so I begin to understand how much Black Lives matter for her), her astonishing veer to the left in matters of environment, and her penchant for keeping people in jail so they can be used as cheap work force to fight fires in Commiefornia.

This woman is a gift that has just started giving.

It will be fun.



Joe Biden, Dumber Than Dem Voters, Picks Failed Phony Kamala For Veep

I have been very charitable in assuming that Joe Biden really picked Kamala, rather than being told by his handlers that she is the one. Still, one thinks that even Joe, in his moments of lucidity, would have considered her the best pick among those to whom he had obliged himself to, that is: a BVWSG*.

Msss Rice might soon be locked up. Mss Bass stinks of Castro to the heavens. Msss Bottoms has implicitly encouraged looting and refused to back her police force. All other Mssss were not well known, and had little to offer besides the BVWSG status. Therefore, it had to be Kamala.

Kamala has, at least, showed her experience in sucking the Brown of Willie, or in being a Senator and California AG, one of the two. In short, not only she sucks, but she undoubtedly knows how to suck.

She was massacred, and I mean really massacred, by Tulsi Gabbard during the debates. Tulsi Gabbard went nowhere (deservedly, because she refused to even denounce the lynching of Trump and had slipped far too far to the left, like all of them), but even this almost unknown third-tier politician was enough to persuade Dem registered voters, many of them certainly activists, that she was no good. She funneled a lot of money to her sister, whom she put in charge of the campaign, showing that she can Biden with the best of them. She was exposed as a phony and a hypocrite, after joking on the radio about her own pot smoking but sending people to jail for what she jokingly admitted of doing herself. Perhaps she should send herself to jail as an act of reparation.

Speaking of reparations: she might well be the descendant of slave holders, and we will certainly know more about this in the coming months. This is also useful as many will know, in the coming months, that many Blacks were slave holders themselves, in the USA and abroad.

Her father considers her (like all of us) a bitch. He has been pretty vocal about this in the last months. I hope Trump makes him a part of his stump speech, and a fixed feature of his virtual (or otherwise) rallies. The guy will also show that school-bus-me Kamala does not come from the ghetto, but from a solidly middle-class family.

And then there is the very embarrassing and compromising matter of Mr (cough) Willie, the influential San Francisco politician and Democrat powerhouse thanks to whose (cough) Brown Kamala climbed the party ranks and was, ultimately, propelled to the position of Californian AG. Brown (sorry, Willie) was 31 years older than Kamala, and you are forgiven for thinking that this “relationship” wasn’t entirely disinterested. The jokes will abound.

Trump already has a name for her: “Phony Kamala”. Trump is a perceptive man, who can give people devastating, because so utterly true, nicknames: Slow Joe, Little Marco, Crooked Hillary, Low Energy Jeb come to mind. Phony Kamala will go very far, because this woman is as fake as they come: fake poor girl, fake feminist with horizontal qualities, fake law-and-order AG; so obviously fake, in short, that when the Democrats knew her better she rapidly went from favourite candidate to total failure.

Speaking of fake: awaiting final evidence here, but I will go out on a limb and add that Kamala might have add to her list of fake attributes a, literally, fake face. If it is true that she had recent cosmetic surgery, it would be the first time a candidate decides to give himself, literally, a new face before running in a Presidential ticket. But then again, Kamala’s face was totally lost already, so one might ask what was the damage here.

Lastly, an internal politics observation. Phony Kamala is extremely ambitious, and I doubt she will be a loyal sidekick to Sleepy Joe. I think she will see herself and the Candidate president-in-waiting, and she will want that everyone knows it. I think this will provide for some frictions between the two (when Biden can think, of course), and perhaps for some big public blunder.

Sleepy Joe and Phony Kamala will give us a lot of entertainment in the months to come.

Be vigilant, be active in your support of Trump. use Twitter and Facebook if you are there.

But have the popcorn at the ready.


*Black Vagina With Social Grievances

Dads Against Pervs

Deserters In Purple


Archbishop Gullickson is reported to say that the Pandemic (better: the nannying craziness that attached itself to it) could be fatal to the Novus Ordo.

I am not as optimistic as he is, and I do not think that the Vetus Ordo will replace the Mass of The Guitars anytime soon. For that, we would need a number of Tridentine Mass opportunities that we still do not have.

However, I think it is safe to say that this Pandemic-Nanny-Craze has caused some long-term effect that will stay with us a while, and might have a very beneficial effect for the Church. Let us see them in detail.

First: an inordinate number of Catholics have discovered that our Bishops have no faith. They have seen  that Christ, the Eucharist, and the Mass do not play any real role in their lives, apart from giving them an excuse to scrounge a very privileged (or worse) living. The faithful have become aware that these Bishops do not serve Christ, but are fully sold to the world, and would do everything that make them look good with the world. I suspect that this crazy enthusiasm for nanny-behaviour is because a number of them would, actually, like to be women, but I have no sufficient statistical data to prove this. Still, the spectacle of hundreds of bishops behaving like old, controlling, acid spinsters has been noticed around the world. This will have consequences in the way they are perceived by their flock in the years to come.

Secondly: the Internet is a great thing. Once deprived of the actual Mass, millions went on the Internet to find at least a virtual one. Low and behold, countless people discovered in this way the beauty and majesty of the Old Rite, which they would not have discovered otherwise. Oh, the irony! God does have a sublime sense of humour.

The sum total of the two facts will amount to this: more and more faithful will start to wonder, and to ask around more or less loudly, who these people are, who seem to think that their job is to keep their sheep away from what is important (the Mass, and the beauty of the TLM), and focused on what politicians say we should all do; and whether they are worthy of the task assigned to them or should not, for the sake of everyone involved, resign and go to back to some obscure parish, whilst actual Catholics are appointed Bishops in their stead.

Most Bishops have outed themselves as unmitigated cowards, hirelings of the secular governments and, in a word, frauds. A number of Catholics have opened their eyes to this; more will hopefully do so in the future, when the Bishops reopen the churches and, first thing, ask for money after deciding that the submissive, unquestioning, cowardly compliance with some government Diktat is more important than the Mass.

“Please help me to deprive you of the Mass again, with whatever excuse, next time” is not going to be a great fundraising slogan.

And in fact, it is difficult to see with what face will a Bishop dare to show himself to his sheep again, all over the Catholic planet. It will be like the deserter coming back to his native village, mumbling something about “peace”, and asking to be given a job as comptroller now that the war has ended.

The majority of Catholics will, I am afraid, side with the deserters. But a growing number of people, who have also discovered the beauty of the Tridentine Mass because of his desertion, will have no time for such people. They will direct their resources to those (Traditional) organisations who are really Catholic, and ask the Bishop to think for himself what he has to do (beside resigning, which would still be the best move) to regain the trust of his sheep; which, if he does not want to do, he can seriously take a hike.

If enough people do this, one of two things will happen:

1) the evil bishops close churches in retaliation to the evil, evil Catholics demanding that their bishops act like ones. There is no obligation to Mass attendance if the distance is unreasonable, and actually our Bishops have told us that there is no obligation to Mass attendance whenever they decide it looks good to say so. Therefore, the devout Catholic will then be free to watch his proper Mass on the Internet without any fault on his part. In the meantime, the Traditionalist orders will thrive and the effeminate, V II, nu-church will rot. Praise the Lord!

2) The evil bishops understand that something must be done, and the TLM is re-instituted in many corners in order to appease these pesky Catholic donors, and avoid a mass exodus to the SSPX-cum-virtual-mass after they have closed enough parish churches.

Let us wait and see.

Who knows: something good might come even from the most egregious defection of the Bishops since Diocletian (sans the violence).

God does have a great sense of humour.











Gen Flynn: This Is My Letter To America

I receive and gladly post (this is too long for a comment).

All emphases mine.


Exclusive from Gen. Flynn: This Is My Letter to America
By Michael Flynn
Published August 5, 2020 at 11:17am

We are witnessing a vicious assault by enemies of all that is good, and our president is having to act in ways unprecedented in decades, maybe centuries.

The biblical nature of good versus evil cannot be discounted as we examine what is happening on the streets of America.

It’s Marxism in the form of antifa and the Black Lives Matter movement versus our very capable and very underappreciated law enforcement professionals, the vast majority of whom are fighting to provide us safe and secure homes, streets and communities.

When the destiny of the United States is at stake, and it is, the very future of the entire world is threatened.

As Christians, shouldn’t we act? We recognize that divine Providence is the ultimate judge of our destiny. Achieving our destiny as a freedom-loving nation, Providence compels us to do our part in our communities.

It encourages us in this battle against the forces of evil to face our fears head-on. No enemy on earth is stronger than the united forces of God-fearing, freedom-loving people.

We can no longer pretend that these dark forces are going to go away by mere prayer alone. Prayers matter, but action is required.

This action is needed at the local, state and federal levels. Action is also required in the economic, media, clerical and ecclesiastical realms.

Decide how you can act within your abilities. Stand up and state your beliefs. Be proud of who you are and what you stand for. And face, head-on, those community “leaders” who are willing to allow dark forces to go beyond peaceful protests and destroy and violate your safety and security.

Churches and houses of worship must return to normal. We invite everyone of goodwill to not shirk their responsibilities and instead act in a fraternal fashion. If for no other reason or with no other ability, act in a spirit of charity.

We cannot disrespect or disregard natural law along with our own religious liberties and freedoms.

I am witnessing elderly people lose their connection to all that is good in their lives: connections to their faith, their families and their individual freedoms, especially the simple act of attending church, something they’ve been doing for decades.

Let us not be intimidated or fear those who cry out that we are in the minority; we are not.

Good is always more powerful and will prevail over evil.

However, evil will succeed for a time when good people are divided from each other and their personal lives — children away from their teachers, preachers from their congregations, customers from their local businesses.

America will never give in to evil. Americans work together to solve problems.

We do not and should not ever allow anarchy and the evil forces behind it to operate on any street in our nation.

No one should have to fear for their very life because some dark, disturbed force is challenged by the very essence of what America stands for.

We are “one nation under God” and it is our individual liberties that make us strong, not liberties given to our government. Our government has no liberty unless and until “we the people” say so.

God bless America and let’s stand by everything that was and is good in our lives, in our communities and in our country.

Otherwise, America as the true North Star for humanity will cease to exist as we know it.

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Beware Of The Wrong People


I am always wary of the people who seem to support us from the wrong perspective or, worse, from a perversion.

I have seen many times that great, multi-channel TV show that is the 2016 Election Night, and I distinctly remember a chap dressed – and with his face painted – in an extremely disquieting way in the ballroom of the Hilton, Trump’s Headquarters. The guy attracted the attention of the liberal cameras, which was very obviously why he was there in the first place. I can’t say that I can admire Trump’s work in the matter of sexual perversion – besides eliminating some of the worst excesses from the Military, which isn’t enough – . Trump just does not want to go there, which shows you that Jaranka’s influence (and his own New York upbringing) have left their evil mark on him.

Even more wary I am of people like Milo Yannopoulos; a guy who now lives with his “husband” and who has abundantly shown that, apart from the occasional brilliancy of his words (a brilliancy which is, in part, made more evident by the contrast with his being, actually, a homo), he is a creepy drama queen, in the game purely for his own self-aggrandizement.

Like many of these people, Yiannopoulos seeks a scene; or, rather, a gaudy, Liberace-style pulpit like the one Archbishop Paglia dreams he could have. I don’t mind if anyone praises something smart that he says (I have done it myself, because I think that everything that helps, helps…), but we must pay attention that the support for the single statement does not become support for the man. The man is, simply stated, not one of ours, and for reasons so obvious that if you need to be told them, it is useless to do even that.

The same happens for people like Bill Maher, who seems to get a lot of what is happening. Maher is like a man blinded by decades of leftism, who is now slowing seeing glimpses of where the ideology he has supported leads in the end. But he is not in any way, shape or form understanding the underlying issue: that leftism is a poison that ends up trying to destroy not only everything that is good and holy, but democracy itself. Instead, the man seems to think that the problem is not being a leftist, it is being a  cancel culture leftist. This is like complaining that milk goes off when you leave it out of the fridge.

Given time, leftist thinking leads to BLM, talk of equality leads to talk of forced redistribution, the encouragement of victimhood leads to looting, talk of “hate speech” leads to cancel culture and Big TechBrother dictatorship.

We should give some space to people from the wrong side who support Trump, or fight against a common enemy, or oppose cancel culture (Michael Moore is another example I have quoted more than once). But in all that, we should never forget that Milo Yiannopoulos (and all those “homos for Trump” groups, however named) will never, ever be standard bearers for us, because they live under the banner of Satan.   

He who has the Cross does not need Yiannopoulos.






“Are You A Junkie?”


Thankfully, I never had Dementia. But I am told that one of its symptoms are, among the obvious ones, sudden burst of aggression. We all remember the “lying, dog-faced pony soldier” months ago; then came the offer to that worker to fight with him, and now the aggressive outburst at a journalist for simply asking what is in the mind of absolutely everyone and his dog these days.

Even by doing that, Biden is showing signs that not everybody is right. He struggles to form words, and this is when he is lucid and has not forgotten that he is running for President.

I would like to say that he lied when he said he had taken cognitive tests when he hasn’t. Not saying the guy is not a great liar. Bot I honestly think he might have forgotten what he has done two weeks or a month ago.

The hard line losers obviously protect him as, predictably, Juan Williams does in this clip. Frankly, at this point, and accustomed to lying in the face of evidence, there is nothing else they can do. The only way out now is to get to the appointment of a VP viable as a credible Presidential candidate – means: no tribalism anymore; no BVWSG*, LGBTQ, or other alphabet salad) – like Doug Jones, or Kristen Sinema, and then gradually but surely put this VP front and centre in the campaign, making clear enough to the voters that they are picking the VP for President. Of course, this is fraught with issues (it should be Bernie, of course; and if it is anybody else, where does his legitimacy come from?). But it allows them to lose with dignity rather than to lose with ignominy.

I dare to think that this is one of the reasons why the appointment of the aspiring VP has not happened yet. With a stable candidate, they could have (in theory) allowed themselves the luxury of a “fringe” VP, meant to capture “certain” votes of some tribe they deem important. But you simply can’t run with a ticket consisting in a demented man and an extremist leftist woman.

Biden will not improve in the next months, and even my cat knows it. He will have moments of lucidity alternating with moments of anger, or of simple mental confusion. There is no way he can stand three long debates against Trump in his condition.

The original sin of the Dems was to allow Bernie to run, though he is an Independent. But hey, they wanted to be inclusive and avoid the internal squabbles. Then they had to shut down the other (mediocre) candidates just to avoid Bernie getting the nomination. At that point they were left with a Creepy Joe already in the process of transforming himself into Dementia Joe.

They are very lucky that the Chinese Virus allowed them to hide their candidate in his basement, but you can’t win a Presidential race from the basement. Those leftists fake journos praising his “brilliant” campaign consisting in just not showing up unwittingly admit that, if you are in his condition, the most brilliant thing to do is to stay in your basement.

Think of any other politician saying to a journalist: “Are you a junkie?” in response to the journalist posing the only question this politician knows he will, without fail, ask.  It truly is beyond belief that a politician of almost 50 years, accustomed to all sorts of slick answers, would answer the question in this way.

Unless, that is, this politician’s brain is slowly, but surely, taking his leave whilst we watch.


*Black Vagina With Social Grievances

Good News: The Squad Is Growing!

An important round of Primaries took place yesterday. I have two considerations on this, though I would want to dwell more on the second.

The first: people went to the ballots, in their very large majority, for this. It is obvious that there is no need for mail-in votes. The mail-in is part of a huge scam orchestrated by Dems to get the White House in the only way they can: by cheating.

The second: we see a strengthening of the extremist wing of the Democrat party. This time, an almost unknown nurse with no political experience unseated a member whose family has held the seat for the last 50 years. This happened in Missouri, in the electoral constituency of the dope-head, robber, and cop-assailant turned “gentle giant”, Michael Brown.

What this tells me is that the riots, the disorders, and the deafening anarcho-communist propaganda weaken the Democrat party as a whole (because they scare away the Moderates and Independents they so desperately need), but also energise the left wing within the party. The Pelosis and Bidens of the world are now very officially between the rock of Trump and the hard place of the Anarcho-Communists; worse, when they try to appease the latter by moving their rhetoric sharply to the left, they lose ground anyway because, by all their flaws, the anarcho-communists are smart enough not to believe in these recycled, re-warmed, $20-000-fridge, hands-in-all-pies, yesterdays’ converts, wannabe revolutionaries of the Democratic Establishment.

Needless to say, this is good news for us. It will move the Party further to the left (certainly because of the now expected new influx of extremists; possibly, because of the desperate attempt of the old guard to further steer towards the left), thus making it even more unpalatable to even more people.

A lot of voters may not entirely like (nor do I) Trump’s stance on the Chinese Virus; but they only need to reflect for three seconds about what would have happened if these people (from Pelosi to Tlaib) had been in charge starting from January of this year, and the decision becomes extremely easy.

The “squad” will soon be a soccer team. Pelosi &Co., who did not have the strength to fight them then, will likely not find the strength to fight them now. The “squad” is going to make a lot of noise, basically drumming for… Trump. Meanwhile, Pelosi & Co. will kneel, and look even more pathetic than they already are.

If the Democrats were smart, and had their own long-term interest (besides the one of the Country) at heart, they would put a clear distance between them and the BLM types; isolating them, not accepting candidates with a racist and Marxist ideology as suitable Democrat candidates, and forcing them to create a new fringe party. This would mean defeat in the 2020 election (that is coming anyway), but a very high likelihood of recovery in the next years as the party frees itself of the toxins of Marxism and presents itself as a God-hating, baby-killing machine of the moderate sort.

They don’t do this. What they do instead is march toward the Left, pandering to people who hate them and want them gone even as they alienate the sympathies of those who like a soft-spoken baby killer; those, that is, who are ready to overlook the lesbian “wife” of the candidate if downtown is clean and quiet, and don’t mind a modicum of eco-nonsense if they can go about their business without fear of riots.

The reality in front of them is now very simple and very brutal: the squad is growing, and the Dems are shrinking.






“Butter, Flour, Eggs, Oil…”

Not on topic, but I couldn’t resist….


This video is from just a few days ago. 

From 0:22 to 0:24 you have the disquieting, scary portrait of the 2020 Democrat candidate-to-be.

Looking in the void, with a scared face, his mouth half open in a typical demented posture, you can literally see into what has remained of Creepy Joe’s brain. Watch as his tired neurons try to digest what he has just said and need two seconds of “look at me, I have dementia”-phase before realising he is on the wrong bus. At this point, the man tries to remember the right answer and… fails again.

The light goes out a second time, during the same speech, and this was captured in the video at 0:59 to 1:02. Again, it is embarrassing and scary. Again, the man cannot resume his train of thoughts. It is not that he, at times, tries to remember the name of the whatchamacallit and fails; this is normal at almost 80, and would not be scary if the man can keep his reasoning together and can show he still “has it”. No, this guy completely loses his train of thoughts and stares at the void, evidently wondering on which planets he is living, before the supply of electricity in his tired brain starts again and normal activity is, for the moment, resumed.

If Trump had one, one moment like this, you wouldn’t be able to see anything else on cable TV!

This is really, truly scary. I can’t imagine what horror show a three hour debate with Trump would become. Trump would not have any mercy of the guy, either, and nor should he!

It is abundantly clear that this guy can’t survive I do not say three hours, but likely even forty, thirty, perhaps as little as twenty minutes of debate without the darkness descending on his creepy brain for two, three, four seconds at a time, after which he cannot resume the train of thoughts of before the brain blackout. Another two months, and the guy might well start his answers with “butter, flour, eggs, oil….” before trying to recover with some lame joke.

This guy needs a quiet environment, a TV screen, a hot cup of milk with some honey, a blanket on his legs, and to be left alone, because what is happening to him isn’t beautiful and we do not wish it to anyone. But hey, he wants to run for President. He deserves no pity and no quarter.

At this point I am awaiting the excuse that he will choose to avoid the debates, all of them.

It will not work. That’s a lot of votes for Trump. But it’s better for Dementia Joe to be seen as a coward than to be blown to smithereens by the impact with the Trump Train, with the Country watching.



Woke Domino


I have never been a member of a Board of Directors, but I have been sufficiently near to one or three to learn a thing or two about how certain things work. It might be useful to share a couple of thoughts on this for those who have less experience of these office dynamics.

First: these Members of the Board are not, or not in any meaningful way, invested in the Company’s long-term success. They are employees, not owners.

Second: these members of the Board have one goal in mind, the renewal of their contract.

Third: these members have someone, within the board, who would like to see them out. More importantly, there is also someone who is waiting to leave a mark for himself (contract renewal, perhaps advancement to CEO or Vorstandsvorsitzender), the sort of “junior but smart member”, “fresh thinking”, “future of the Company” guy (or gal).

Fourth: the Supervisory Board is, often, also not made of people directly invested in the long-term welfare of Company. They are “old glories”, people coming from prestigious institutions of the same kind, people put there by investors, but who are not themselves the investors they represent. Their investors (say: funds) are, themselves, steered by employees, repeating the game one level up.

If you put all this together (granted, the elements might play in a different way in any company, but I have seen each of these elements clearly at play more than once), you can better understand why, in one week, momentous decision can be made, perhaps even destroying valuable brands after immense amounts of money to create, establish and protect the goodwill.

Bad Lives Matters (not, not a typo) starts to make noises. In the Board meeting, “rebel guy” puts himself at the head of the movement, and proposes “change” in a kind, very polite, but forceful manner. The times, they are ‘a changin’, and all that. His risk is limited. He is “change guy” after all. He knows, also, that he rides the wave of modernity, and it is dangerous to shut him down. There will be no major shareholder telling him: “Shut up, you stupid boy. I haven’t created this Company from scratch to have a nobody like you destroy all I have made”.

At this point there is a huge wave coming down, and “change guy” (or gal) is happily surfing on it, perhaps seeing himself as the next CEO already. Who will be the first who stems himself against the wave, and risks getting “change guy” (including  surfboard) on his teeth? All too often, nobody. If it goes badly, it will be the end of his contract renewal chances, because “change guy” wants to go up, and has his knives sharpened. There might be calls for his head, too.

It needs love for the company, commitment to the workers, and a great amount of personal integrity to put oneself in the middle of the firing line and draw one’s Peacemaker, come what may. But the Boards I have known and worked with had no Gary Coopers in them, and no desire whatever of a High Noon-style confrontation. How many Boards in the West are like the ones I have experienced? Not all, for sure; but very many, I am afraid.

Does it mean that these board members really agree with the agenda, or care for the Bad Lives Matter (no typo) movement? Certainly not. They are doing what is safe to survive. They always knew that “change guy” (there is often a “change guy”) wants to go up fast. They also knew that their effective seniority in the board can be easily nullified by other facts: say, several wives of Supervisory Board members are on the side of Change Guy, or the Supervisory Board Members are invited to too many rich-liberal-infested parties to really be on their side. They have their agenda, too. They don’t want to be sidelined, or be considered dinosaurs by their influential acquaintances. They might represent other, PC  corporations, and they don’t want to be more realist than the King. I know what they’ll be thinking: “Hey, it’s your money after all”.

And this is, in my experience, how it goes. It does not need a big initial impact. It is like a big domino play where the first piece is the “change guy” (who has been eagerly waiting for something giving him more “profile”) and the rest happens from itself, because no domino piece after the first is strong enough to put an end to the game.

Similarly, decisions can be made, which everyone considers bad, but which are made because… it’s the safe thing to do at the moment. I have seen it happening. It really opens your eyes about the way in which those who are supposed to protect the shareholders go about their job.

I have seen this dynamic at work in relatively conservative companies. I can only assume that this dynamic is absolutely brutal in more or less “woke” companies with diffused property, where there is no dominant figure, and the domino game can build really fast. I am absolutely sure that many, within these companies, know that the woke fashion is madness. But they don’t want to be crushed trying to resist the wave of falling domino pieces. It is enough that one starts it (and one always will), and the “get woke, go broke” dynamics comes into play.

And there you have it:






Meet The Portland Nazis


The burning of bibles in the public square is highly fashionable among people claiming they fight against “racism” and “inequality”. This would clearly mean that they think the Bible is… racist.

Well, perhaps they don’t think that, either. This has never never been about racism. The lives of Blacks, or anybody else for that matter, have never been anywhere near the radar screen other than as a pretext. The aim was, from the start, a Marxist revolution; and Marxists, as we all know, don’t like Bibles.

Gathering very close to each other (which those who really read, instead of burning, the Bible, cannot do), these violent subversives throw away the mask and show the entire planet what their real aim is: a Marxist-Anarchist revolution, by which the more is destroyed of America, the better it is.

Some of them are certainly interested in the establishment of a Communist regime after the Venezuelan fashion; others are, methinks, more interested in a drug-addled, Anarcho-Mad Max-State, a huge CHAZ where drug is cheap, work counter-revolutionary, and you can keep whatever you manage to steal. Add to this the looters waiting on the sidelines, the failures of all sorts, the Bernankified, tattooed lefto-sluts and the Lesbian land whales, plus all sort of other weirdos and perverts, and there you have them, the heroes of the 2020 Democratic party and its official leader, Creepy Joe Biden, aka “Dementia”.

These people are so dumb – or so ignorant – that they do not understand that there is nothing more immediately associating them to their other heroes, the Nazis, than the burning of books in the public square, in well-publicised bonfires meant to expose their intolerance of everything that is good and beautiful.

When you understand the fundamentally, radically subversive nature of this movement, you understand a lot of things: why it is now mainly influenced and fuelled by White failures; why monuments of Abolitionists are vandalised or taken down; why the American Flag is also burned (as happened a couple of days ago in Portland, too).

Racism is nothing to do with this. It never was. It was, always, only a bait for the stupid, of whom there will never be any scarcity, and the naive, who resemble the former very closely by now.

It is a boon for us that these people – like Francis; like every damn hater of Christ out there – are just not smart enough to wear their masks for some three of four months more. Their all-devouring ideology must, will come out in the open. And the bubble in which they live, reinforcing their madness, encourages them to give open, public display of their own anti-Christian, anti-American madness.

Normal people, in the meantime, watch and take note. They will not start twitter wars; they will not organised any counter-burning of Das Kapital; they will not attract attention to themselves, or put them in the centre stage in order to compensate for a failed existence.

But they will take care that, come November, their opinion on all this is duly recorded. As happened in 1968, in 1972, in 1980, and in 2016.

These people are declaring war on the Bible and the flag at the same time. If they think that this can all be smuggled as “anti-racism”, they are even dumber than I thought; and I never thought much of them anyway.





Say Hello To The New Chaos

I really had to make a double take on this.

The Seattle City Council is moving on with a proposal to completely abolish (not “defund”, which is stupid enough; abolish!) the Seattle Police Department.

In its stead, a new “Department of Community Safety & Violence Prevention” should be instituted.

How this “Department” would operate is clear enough from the “blueprint” given to it: its employees (“Agents”? Not!!) should be “well-versed in de-escalation skills”; something, as we all know, abundantly present in the inner cities, and extremely useful when confronting a violent criminal.

Furthermore, the members of this “community-led” activities (which will, remember, operate in the absence of police) should be in possession of “culturally-relevant expertise rooted in community connections”. By and large, I think this means “making use of marijuana, having had a scrape or three with the police, and being able to master Ghettospeak”. Relatives in jail (= “victims of police”) should also be of great help, though I think most “candidates” to the job will be able to comply with the requirement easily.

Not absent should be, before you ask, “trauma-informed, gender-affirming, anti-racist praxis”. I think this means that people without a criminal or at least an arrest record (that is: not “trauma-informed”) will be discriminated against, whilst the “gender-affirming” PC speak means that everyone who is not on board with Extreme Christphobic Marxism will be hopelessly out of the race. Finally, “anti-racist” obviously means non-Whites, because “systemic racism”, bro…

Brave new world!

I have no idea what probability this juvenile effort to make some people feel important will have. I seem to remember that, in Portland, the equivalent of the City Council can prevail over the Mayor; but I have no idea what happens in Seattle, who is called to approve these measures, and whether this is merely posturing with no chances of becoming reality or a bona fide, concrete project.

What I know is this: if this becomes reality, it will send a shiver down the spine of most Americans, including all Democrats whose brain has not (yet) been reduced to potato mash. But even if it doesn’t, the mere fact that the city council of a Democrat led big, wealthy city can even think of proposing such measures will work for Trump day in and day out until November.

Please forward the attached link to whomever you can, perhaps asking him how he would feel at seeing the police disappear and some petty drug dealers, wannabe do-gooders and assorted deviants with a criminal record appear in their stead.

Soon there might be a new slogan in Seattle:

Get woke, get raped.


Provided It Goes Away

Let me say this at the start: I am against banning Wagner’s or Tchaikovski’s music because they were, respectively, Antisemite and Ephebophile. But hey: they were Wagner and Tchaikovski!

The situation is entirely different when it comes to, say, David Haas. The Archdiocese of L.A. has now effectively banned his music. Yes, the parishioners will, when the churches reopen over there, have to listen to some other rubbish. But at least, not his.

Let me also say to you that I have a yiuge problem with this concept of “grooming” when adults are involved. In the simple world in which I live, and in the sane society in which I grew up, a woman who “felt obligated to perform sexual favors in exchange for professional opportunities” is, most emphatically, **not a victim**, and there is another name for her that is much, much more apposite. But hey, in the age of #metoo, slutting it out for professional advancement has apparently become something a woman has to do, because “feeling…”.

Still, I do not want to quibble on the reasons why horrible music is being purged (no doubt, many more Dioceses will follow L.A.’s example. Being P.C. is the new religion. I am, actually, slowly afraid for Wagner…), because I very much like the outcome.

You might say that the horrible music will be replaced by different horrible music. I answer to this that it is like trying to eliminate ants from your house. Start eliminating, at some point the situation will improve. A long journey begins with the first step, etc.

When more of these wannabe composer’s horrible music is purged from the Mass (the comments to the linked article hint to, hopefully, more action at some point) let us not be too picky as to why the horrible music has been banned. I am happy.

Provided it goes away.




Instant Karma, Garrett Foster Edition

The video tweet below has the episode I was mentioning in my last post.

This was filmed in Austin, where a wannabe tough guy says the people who “hates us” are “too big of a pussy” to do anything about his AK 47. His name is (was) Garrett Foster.

Guy is clearly looking for trouble; but, being a clear case of Libtardation, does not understand that Austin is in Texas, and in Texas a lot of people are; 1) armed, and 2) clearly not pussies.

It seems abundantly clear that no charges will be pressed against the citizen who shot him in self-defence. This means that the police/prosecutors have decided that Garrett Foster threatened the citizen with his AK 47 and discovered, too late, that you can’t threaten someone with a deadly weapon without running the risk of being smoked on the spot.

Mind, I am all in favour of citizen carrying open. But there’s a big difference between carrying a gun and using your gun to threaten and intimidate someone. This is aggravated assault, and justifies a deadly response.

Also mind: citizen called 911 as soon as he could and was cooperative with the police. It seems that if you are an upright citizen, you will be fine even in a liberal stronghold like Austin.

Unless new elements come to light (which, at this point, is unlikely) we will remain to the facts as they are today: Garrett Foster, Libtard, looked for trouble, and instantly found it.

Congratulations, Mr Foster.

You are in a good position for the Darwin Prize 2020.


Instant Karma


In these tense days, I think it my duty to do what I can to bring a smile on the face of my esteemed readers.

The story is here: in short, a very angry woman and a strange human being who might, or might not, be in possession of a vagina brutally assaulted (likely from the back, as he says it was so sudden) a Wisconsin State Senator who was taking photographs of the mob taking down a monument.

I do not know exactly who did what, and it seems that several people participated in the assault. However, these two are considered two of the assailants, probably the main two assailants.

Look at them. The person on the left is clearly recognisable as a female; but, a while after the assault, her look is still expressing ruthless, cold, steely hatred. Meanwhile, the person on the right could be your typical soy boy, but the linked article assures us that this person also has, in fact, a vagina. As we all know that sex is destiny, we will archive her as “female” once and for all.

So, these two individuals viciously kick and punch the Senator, likely from the back, because he was photographing a crime in which the mob was engaging. Make no mistake, they will do time.

One of the two was a “school social worker”. I do not know what a “school social worker” does. There were no “school social workers” where I grew up, and I grew up just fine anyway. I do not even know who of the two disquieting human beings was the social worker, and it pains me to say that I would not be surprised to know that it was, in fact, the one with the blue and green hair, looking like John Goodman’s difficult nephew. Still, look at the sinister light in the other one’s eyes and you would not know what is worse.

The story is funny enough, as it features two violent Social Justice Warriors who were just too stupid to understand that reality would catch up with them sooner or later (the events are around one month old; so, this was later rather than sooner…).

But it gets better…

It turns out the poor Democrat Senator was punched and kicked to a very sorry state whilst trying to explain to his assailants that he was on their side.

Poor, poor Senator Carpenter, caught in the middle of the same destructive violence he supported and celebrated! Instant karma, then…

I wonder if State Senators have immunity, because it seems to me that the guy has self-denounced himself of encouraging violence and incitement to a riot.

This summer of 2020 is giving us a number of these hilarious episodes (a guy almost burned another criminal alive in Portland a couple of days ago; another idiot wounded three fellow rioters accidentally firing his rifle; a third one was dispatched in Austin, hours after bragging that his “pussy” opponents would do nothing against him and his rifle).

I wish I had the time to write about them all…

God knows we all need a smile.








Gun Owners and Creepy Joe, Or: Real Life Polls.

I read today an article on The Truth About Guns concerning gun sales. I quote from memory as I cannot link it here.

First half on 2020 compared to first half 2019. Gun sales plus 95%. Ammo sales plus 139 %. Millions of new gun owners.

This seriously cannot be good news for Biden. I would say that this is another “soft” indicator – or, if you prefer, “real life poll” – telling you what is happening on the ground.

A person deciding to undergo the expense and hassle of buying his first gun – and, therefore, not a gun enthusiast already – in this very particular year is a person who is alarmed.

Let us think: is he afraid of Federal agents sent by Trump? Or is he afraid of looters invading his home, or of left wing nutcases attacking him and his family in his car?

Will he, more likely, be a diehard Trump supporter; or a Centrist, likely an Independent voter?

Is he more likely to blame his newly-discovered need for a gun on Trump team, or on Biden team, which includes all the hard leftist Mayors promoting riots, and whom Biden actually supports?

And once he has realised the practical beauty of the Second Amendment, is he more, or less likely, to support Trump?

Well, call me naive, but I will go out on a limb and think that these millions of new gun owners represent, in great part, new or renewed support for Trump. On the other hand, I can imagine very few of these millions going home and thinking “dang! Trump forced me to buy a gun! Can’t wait for Biden to win and to start implementing some serious gun control measures!”

Do not expect many of these people, for whom the penny dropped sometime between March and June, to publicly state that they will now support Trump. Their Facebook following would be greatly damaged, and possibly decimated. The wife will blame them for the garden parties at which she is not invited. Their colleagues will consider him a White Supremacist, and an uber pariah. He does not want that. Too many liberals around, you see.

Still, I think that most of these millions of new gun owners will either renew or give their confidence to Trump.

Because few things focus the mind more than having to think about how to protect yourself and your family from a bunch of looters enabled by leftist politicians.

Man Up And Get Rid Of The Fear

Man Up And Get Rid Of The Fear  

Please forward this however you can.

Predictably, the Uber Nazi Nannies are censoring this.

I hope Trump and his men take notice of the way big corporations are openly, shamelessly trying to dictate what the public should hear.


White Lives Thinking They Matter

Follow me for a moment here, and let us play a little game:

When I tell you “Black Lives Matter”, without any picture or video, what associations come to your mind? George Floyd? Rayshard Brooks? Even, say, Maxine Waters?

If you are like me, the associations that come to your mind are pretty much exclusively of young, angry White people smashing, burning, vandalising federal property (the males) or just screaming, filming their own bitchiness and virtue signaling like there is no tomorrow (the females). 

There isn’t much “Black” left in Black Lives Matter. Granted, the founders of the movement are rich in Melanin; but their Marxist message has been hijacked by a mainly White, and very angry crowd.

I will attempt a deep sociological observation here, and I apologise in advance if I am being politically correct in any way, shape or sort.

Marxism is not strong among Blacks. I think that the majority (at least outside of the ghettos) are hard working, serious people trying to make a decent living and caring for children, friends, hobbies, hopefully religion, and such stuff. With them, BLM never had a chance.

If we, however, limit our look at the bad elements, it seems to me that they are mostly interested in what’s in it for them, now: if there is something to loot, or fun to smash, or making it easy to deal drugs because there is less police around, they are all for it. But the long-term, zero-pay, ungrateful project of establishing a completely new, Marxist society and running the risk of having Federal agents giving you a new nose – or several years in jail – without any monetary profit is just not attractive to the average small criminal, gang banger, or dumb ass of the George Floyd / Rayshard Brooks sort.

They just aren’t interested in a new society. They are interested in whatever has attracted the attention of their very low intelligence today, be it getting drunk, passing fake notes, selling some dope, or doing something else that is very stupid and, in the long term, leading to jail. Still, it seems to me that they are willing to go to jail to make money out of drugs, *not* to establish a Marxist Paradise.

For that, we have the professional, lily White, Uber Angry, Leninist Storm Troopers (see what I am doing here?)

They are the failed sociology students, the failed political sciences students, the failed liberal arts students; the unemployed, unemployable full-time protesters; the gender nutcases and the confused no-nuts-anymore cases; the full-on cases of hysteria blaming the world because they have made themselves unable to properly function in it.

They, not the ghetto looters or the petty Black criminals, are – in their majority – the ones who stand in line every evening in Portland, trying to do as much damage as they can before the hatred eats their livers; those who go around smashing windows in Seattle and pining for the next Autonomous Zone; those always ready to chant, cry, agitate their phones around and, in general, make total asses of themselves; those, also, who seem never to have a job to attend to the following day.

The ghetto looter has, at least, a practical approach to his chosen path. These idiots don’t have even that. Dozen of them have already been arrested, and there is no doubt that, in time, federal jail sentences will be generously distributed among them. It’s as if the lingering realisation that they are complete pieces of shit made it so important for them to have one aim, one redeeming feature in their wasted lives, that, for that, they will be ready to go to jail, capturing their incrimination material on video for the jurors to really understand, and almost smell, what pieces of shit they actually are.

Black Lives Matter has clearly become a very angry, very White, very Soya Latte affair in which, as always, White leftists patronise everybody, signal virtue like there is no tomorrow, and condescendingly accept to take on their elitist backs the burden of the poor, persecuted Blacks; Black whom they see as modern Kunta Kintes unable to care for themselves, and awaiting liberation and justice from the Venti Latte Troops.

The fact is: there aren’t many Marxists in the Country. Outside of YWAFs (Young, White Academic Failures), they are basically non-existent. After the first wave of excitement has subsided and the looting possibilities have become very thin, the BLM proposition has become very ungrateful to your average petty criminal. Alas, you can’t make a revolution with the Latte Troops alone. You need an awful lot of smashers, grabbers, committed desperados, dedicated thieving bastards.

Alas, they seem more interested in selling drugs. The White Plantation Owners will never have an army of willing slaves following them. Actually, they are a wonderful PR machine for Trump.

There. That’s Pepe the Frog just in the middle of the Venti Latte Soya.

Enjoy the show. The nation is watching, and November is coming.










Heresy, Sodomy, And Corruption: Bergoglio’s Deep Church At Work And Why Trump Should Get A Closer Look At It


This long Marco Tosatti interview to Archbishop Vigano’ reads like a horror tour of all the major plagues of the Church in the XXI Century: doctrinal subversion is fuelled by sexual perversion, amplified by corruption, and the three work together in trying to destroy the Church as the Bride of Christ. In the mind of Bergoglio, Cupich, & Co, the Church should be nothing more than a convenient, comfortable place whence atheist, communists and sodomites promote all the causes of Globalism, as they lead a cushioned, often outright perverted existence themselves.

I invite you to read the article in its entirety (it is not short) because, not for the first time, Archbishop Vigano’ exhibits a lucidity of thought that helps the layman to understand the mechanisms currently at work in the Church better than many denunciations made by outsiders. This is a guy able to explain to you in simple words, say, why an administrative procedure instead of a criminal one is chosen, what the practical consequences are, and why this inserts itself in a broader plan of general prostitution of the Church to the interests of the world in exchange for money and protection from the Western press; a press, I add, which is clearly unwilling to investigate too much about the dirty laundry of an organisation so aligned with them and their secular agenda they can’t even believe it.

Speaking of prostitution: the alleged payment of billions of dollars to the Vatican by Chinese authorities could become a very interesting topic in the next years.

On one hand, you would not expect the United States to embark in a deep review of the internal affairs of another Sovereign Country (the State of Vatican City). On the other hand, the last years have certainly caused the White House to look very, very attentively at the traditional – and less traditional – ways in which Peking (see what I am doing here?) is seeking to gain influence in the West.

Remember this: Archbishops Vigano’ has President Trump’s ear. In fact, it seems to me that this detailed interview had as its main addressee – besides the denunciation of Bergoglio’s schemes to an authentic Catholic audience – the White House itself.

“Look closely at what is happening there”, Vigano’ seems to say. “Look at the way the Chinese have bought the Bergoglian apparatus, and have been corrupting the Church for many years, in order to promote an Anti-Christian and anti-American agenda in the West”.

The way the Archbishop describes the Chinese influence within the Vatican, and the many reasons why this influence is welcome (in order to line the pockets of many), practically expedient (in order to keep the attention of the press away from sodomites and pedophiles), and politically charged (in order to decrease the American influence over the West) will, I think, find attentive ears in Washington; because at this point this is not merely an internal affair of the Church, but an important square in the chessboard of the Sino-American relationships (or, hopefully, lack thereof).

Archbishop Vigano’ is God’s gift to the Church. I do not agree with everything he says, but there can be no doubt that we have in front of us a man of great integrity, vast competence, and in possession of a  very, very sharp mind.

Let us pray for him today, then. Like President Trump, he is one of those sent to us to help and comfort us in these times of distress.


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