SSPX: Back To Normal (Hopefully) And Two Words About The Future

It's time...

As it is now known, the CDF has recently (that is: when still badly led by Cardinal Müller) sent a letter to the SSPX in which the Vatican states exactly the same conditions for the reconciliation with the SSPX that caused the last attempt to fail. Besides secundary matters, the crux of the question was the acceptance of V II from the part of the SSPX, an acceptance on which the Vatican now officially still insists.

Predictably, the SSPX has refused, and this is the end of that.

One would be tempted to think that the Vatican had no intention to allow an unconditioned reconciliation with the SSPX in the first place, and Francis may well have had this intention from day one. However, it would be naive to think that the SSPX embarked in the new negotiations without a reasonable hope of success.

What I think gas happened is that a not irrelevant franction of Vatican functionaries and dignitaries has been pushing for an unconditioned reconciliation with the SSPX, prospecting to the Unholy Father its advantages in terms of “diversity acceptance” and with the possible further benefit of the now “reconciled” SSPX avoiding calling Francis “Modernist through and through”. Francis has either weighted his options during this time or, more probably, told his people that he was doing so in order to enjoy a more prudent SSPX for as long as practicable. This is a Jesuit, which in modern parlance is synonymous with “atheist, possibly homosexual, church-hating devious liar”. It is, therefore, more reasonable to assume that Francis was lying all the time rather than to charitably imagine that he really gave the thought of unconditioned reconciliation a honest chance and the benefit of a long reflection.

So: what changes now? I don't know because I don't know to what extent the upper caeli said of the SSPX believe – at this point naively, if you ask me – that some small door could still be open.

In my eyes, however, something very important should change.

1) The SSPX should stop focusing on a reconciliation that will clearly not happen during this pontificate at the very least, and start firing from all cannons at the heretical work of subversion we are witnessing every day.

2) In a less immediate perspective, the SSPX should wonder whether the times do not call for a more aggressive leadership than the one of Bishop Fellay. I am not doubting the personal integrity of the Bishop, but one who states that a reconciled SSPX would avoid criticising too loud or too harshly (I have written about it) is just too much on the soft side, and in my eyes not good enough for the present time.

There is a time for peace and a time for war. This is a time for war.

I am not sure Bishop Fellay is the best man to lead it.


The Mega Concelebration

One of the many madnesses of this mad era is the … Mass Concelebration of the Mass.

I read today of a Mass concelebrated by more than 150 “celebrants”; last week I heard on the radio of another one of more than 100.

Like all the rest that has to do with Vatican II, this gesture takes the faithful away from God and directs it toward the faithful. Look at us, it says. We are such a joyous group we can barely believe how good we are.

Can't imagine for anything to do for all of them but three at the most. Unless, that is, they do stupid things like reading the Gospel in unison, one hundred of them.

Catholicism is being brought out of Catholicism. A creepy celebration of man is taking his place. This is just stupid. It is, in fact, even worse than the mega masses followed on a mega screen one Km away (and therefore actually seen on TV). It is a sort of mass self-celebration.

You may say that we have bigger fishes to fry, but… have we? The Liturgy is the beginning of all things. The state of the Liturgy also tells you the state of the Church.

We are clearly in very, very bad shape.


Memento Mori, Dubia Cardinals!

First things first: in your charity, say an “eternal rest” for the soul of Cardinal Meisner, one of the “Dubia” ones, who just died suddenly at the age of 83. Every soul has infinite value. His Guardian Angel must have suffered a lot.

After that, allow me to be, as always, brutally frank.

Either the confusion engendered by Amoris Laetitia is not a matter of great importance – and in that case the entire sanely Catholic world is obsessing in vain and Francis is right: these are just squabbles for theologians – or it is pretty much the gravest crisis in the history of the Church.

In the first case we are all idiots. In the second case, I wouldn't want to be in the shoes of the late Cardinal Meisner. Because his day of reckoning has just arrived, and if he wasn't prepared I shudder to think where he is, very probably, now.

If you think that faint meowing is enough to save a Cardinal from the accusation of dereliction of duty and betrayal of the sheep entitled to him, Christ and Catholicism must be kindergarten trifles to you; matters of little importance, warranting some remarks perhaps, but never to the point of becoming loud or, quod Deus avertat, unkind.

If, however, you think that there is nothing more important than Truth; that this Truth has been trampled, insulted and disfigured for now seventeen months; and that no one, not even one of the very Princes of the Church had the nerve to denounce the document, then you understand in what danger of damnation the Cardinal has put himself, and what has very probably happened to him if he was not prepared. Which, for the avoidance of doubt, I wish him with all my heart no matter what a coward and traitor he was.

The fact that this little, afraid little kitten, who at 83 was more concerned with his earthly comfort for the short rest of his life than with his eternal salvation and the horrible judgment of posterity, might even be considered anything approaching a brave man or a defender of Catholicism really says it all about the state of extreme decay in which we have descended – and in which prelates like Meisner have plunged us with decades of cowardice and accommodation -. I do not say the first generation of Christians, but every generation of Catholics before ours would have considered such a man a great shame, a counterfeit of a Cardinal and utterly unworthy of the priestly habit.

Spare me your sanctimonious mercy. Have mercy, instead, for one billion Catholics abandoned by pampered hirelings like this one; living a life of privilege, comfort and prestige every day they betrayed our Lord in the most shameful way. And the greatest shame should be the one of those who wanted to be the heroes when they thought there was no danger in it, and caved in the most embarrassingly spectacular way when this turned out not to be the case.

There was only one Apostle at the foot of the cross. But all others died as martyrs in the end. Cardinal Meisner died on his holiday.

Say another “eternal rest” for the poor useful idiot of the Evil Clown.

And shiver.



CDF And CINO Nonsense

Waiting in terror for the next encyclical letter...

I am utterly amused at reading around the usual, professional plate-lickers wannabe conservative journalists describe the new choice of the Evil Clown for the CDF (no idea whether the press will end up calling him Ladaria or Ferrer or both) as a “conservative” one. It cannot even be Pollyannism. It must be willed deception.

Look: Francis has been insistently, tirelessly insulting the “doctors of the law”; the “rigid”, “inflexible” clergy and laity and, in general, all those who do not support his heretical agenda. What on earth leads one to believe that he would choose exactly one of them to replace Müller?

If Francis' “rigidity” remarks had been only a very rare events one could, with a great effort, have had at least some hope that the man has interest in spreading nonsense himself whilst caring that a solid CDF chief keeps him out of trouble. But this is exactly what is not happening.

Firstly, Francis has stated on dozens of occasions what “qualities” a CDF chief should have. Secondly, the utter cowardice and complete silence of his Cadinals (even the meowing ones, of course) have persuaded him that… there is no need for prudence! Clearly, and bar some kind of miracle, he will not be challenged by his Cardinals; not now, and not ever.

After AL has remained unchallenged, there is nothing in his way to produce documents even less ambiguous in their heretical thinking. The downside is some more meowing at the most, and more than likely not even that (if the Four Cardinals dare to express more Dubia after the next encyclical I am afraid I will not be able to stop laughing for days).

It is utter nonsense to think that Francis may even consider the appointment of anyone but the most docile instrument of his destructive ideology. The evidence for this is overwhelming, utterly devastating.

To say that Ferrer is in any way, shape or form is pure nonsense, utter propaganda; it is Fake News, fake “c”atholic way.



Cardinal CockLovingErio, Part II

Meet the Cardinal

And it came to pass the identity of the Monsignor who lived in the splendid apartment at the Vatican and hosted drug-fuelled homosexual orgies was revealed: the delicate flower is Monsignor Capozzi, very unfortunately Italian, from Salerno, and an unworthy priest for more than two decades.

I doubt he will be even defrocked, much less receive a hard jail sentence. He might, in fact, receive the “smell of sheep prize 2017” for his tireless work in defence of sodomy.

But who is the Cardinal who protected him? How can such a man defend himself from the accusation that he knew all of his Monsignor's activity and either supported him in that, or was forced to give the man the splendid apartment, the luxury car, and the closing of both eyes out of sheer terror of what the Gay Mafia would otherwise do to him?

You guessed it right: he is no other than Cardinal CockLovingErio; who, several days after the bomb exploded, is not even thinking of resigning, nor is there any rumour he might do so.

At this point it is almost secondary to know whether said Cardinal is a literar lover of cock or not. His total complicity with and subservience to the homo agenda makes the distinction prett irrelevant. It's like wondering whether Stalin believed in Communism. The practical result is exactly the same.

I can't wait for Father Martin or Father Rosica to be involved in a similar scandal. But then again, will it have any consequence for them? I doubt. They will win the “smell of sheep” prize 2018 and 2019 and nothing else will happen, the usual cockloving Cardinal who protects them will be easily found.

As Francis' papacy becomes a grotesque caricature of a Pontificate, you can be assured that they homo parties will go on at the Vatican, albeit in different premises.

Perhaps Monsignor Ricca will be asked to provide them?



4 July 2017: Making America Great Again!



Clearly not unleashable.

So, will Cardinal Müller, now that he has been very unceremoniously been kicked out, be “unleashed”?

Come on. Be realistic here.

Firstly, the man has shut up when he had the greatest duty to speak. Any criticism of AL now will expose him to the very justified accusation of being a weathervane.

Secondly, the man has already given an interview downplaying his disagreements with the Evil Clown. Not only is this in accordance with the previous point, but once again shows that under that red cassocks no reproduction organs are to be found.

Thirdly, Müller could appear as conservative only when compared to Francis. His theological credentials when he was chosen for the job were horrible (I have written many times about this). This is not a man who can serve as the spearhead of seriously intended orthodoxy. By the way, he was appointed by Benedict for being the editor of his own books, another confirmation that career by incompetence and personal proximity has not started with Francis.

No, what the man will do is what all V II ominicchi do: shut up, promise allegiance, tell the world what a wonderful papacy this is, and hope in some other satisfying appointment. This is the behaviour that brought us to this situation in the first place, and Müller never gave any indication of being part of the solution rather than of the problem.

However, I can guarantee you this: that if he now sneezes when asked about Francis there will be no lack of people claiming that the sneeze is a clear, obvious criticism of Francis.

We are in trouble because the clergy is cowardly, and the laity asleep.




The Satanic Duo: Mundabor’s Little Survival Guide In The Time Of The Church’s Pancreatic Cancer.



The news that, of all people, another damn Jesuit has been appointed at the head of the CDF is a call to all of us to be prepared to deal with the coming earthquake. Today I would like to mention an important point my readers should, I think, both heed and divulge as much as they can. 

We don’t know when this is going to end. Too often I read people persuaded that it can’t be long now until the promised intervention of the Blessed Virgin happens. This is both dangerous and presumptuous.

It is dangerous because it exposes the person who so thinks to a big disappointment, and possibly loss of faith, when the present mess keeps going on, and getting worse, year after year. Make no mistake, the devil will do what he can to inoculate into the mind of those faithful the thought that the protracted chaos and failing of the promised heavenly intervention is evidence that the Church is not indefectible; therefore, we have been lied to; therefore, there is no God, &Co.

It is presumptuous because it is simply arrogant to think that one knows God’s plan, or when things have gone far enough, or when we have been punished long and hard enough for the madness of Vatican II. 

We don’t know how bad this will become, and we don’t know when it is going to end. It’s as simple as that. What we can know, though, is that the events that are unfolding in front of us are God’s punishment for the rebellion bearing the name of Second Vatican Council. God is punishing us for our rebellion and arrogance, and it only shows more of that arrogance to think we can decide for Him when it is that we have been punished enough, and when the punishment will end.

Yes, we have vague indications. When all seems lost, the Blessed Virgin will intervene. But when is it, that “all seems lost?” It seems to me that there are a lot of people around for whom this seems to be happening again, and again, and again! 

We don’t know, period. The future might give us atrocities not even realistically assumed today. What we must do is to strengthen our resolve that we will keep faithful to Christ and His Church no matter what. As things get worse and worse, this must be for us simply the way to understand how terrible the rebellion was, and how deserved the punishment that followed. 

At some point, everything will seem lost. Can’t imagine that this means ambiguous encyclicals letters promoting heresies and sacrileges actually too easy to detect.

No; I fear it will be mind-blowing, truly earth-shattering. 

Prepare yourself for a papacy openly, publicly, insistently “celebrating” all the work of the devil: euthanasia, abortion, fornication, sodomy, you name it. Now, that would be a scenario where “all seems lost”. 

Prepare yourself for the nuclear catastrophe: a successor of Francis that is far more intelligent (not difficult) than, but just as evil (well possible) as Francis; one like Schoenborn, say, who will have all the damn Pollyannas screaming in girlish excitement that “we now have a conservative Pope!!!” as the man keeps destroying, but in a more subtle way; easily duping the idiots with a fake “conservatism” that is merely a facade after the antics of Francis.

Prepare yourself, perhaps, for even more shocking events than the ones above; like, say, a Pope declaring his “love” for a Cardinal, or a “change” of “gender”, or the like.

“But this is absurd, Mundabor! It will never happen!”

Says… who exactly? How many did, in 2012, predict “Amoris Laetitia” only four years later? How many did, after the Revolt Of The Kitten at the first Synod, predict such an obvious dereliction of duty from our entire body of bishops and cardinals?

It is exactly when the up to that point considered absurd happens, that “all will seem lost”. If you think that Amoris Laetitia is it, you just haven’t been paying attention to the dynamics at play, or to the extreme cowardice of our prelates, or to the immense scale of the rebellion of Vatican II. 

Vatican II was an unprecedented rebellion. Something different in its very nature from the lust, greed, or ambition influencing Popes and clergy of the past. Vatican II is the Church’s pancreatic cancer. It is not for us to decide when the chemotherapy has become strong enough. We know that the Church will survive. But we also know that nothing will remain unpunished.

Be wise and do not think that you know the hour or the day. Rather, use the current events to better reflect on the enormity of the offence made to God by the madness of Vatican II. Use them to strengthen your faith rather than expose it to danger with a presumptuous attitude. Observe the decay of this corrupted, but still beloved earthly church, plagued by cancer, knowing that the cure will only come when the patient has become almost the ghost of himself: extremely thinned, horribly disfigured, given to delirium, and not recognisable but by the Elect.

Love the Church. Love the Church and believe in her even when she is disfigured, thinned, delirious, and barely recognisable. Pray that she may recover her health, but do not live under any illusion that you will see it in your lifetime. You have only been promised that she will not die.

About the extent of the disease, the disfiguration and delirium it would cause, and the time of recovery you have been given no promise at all. 




CDF: Francis Officially In Full Maduro Mode


“Yes! I am THAT stupid!” 


The Evil Clown has appointed a Jesuit who believes that everyone will be saved as the new head of the CDF. 

Can’t say I am sad. Actually, I was hoping for a bomb like this one. 

Whilst some among the lesser endowed in the cerebral department might have believed that if Mueller is fine with Francis’ heresies, perhaps we shouldn’t worry too much after all, anyone who shows any kind of belief in this heretical tool will be able to be insulted without any hesitation; nay, he will out himself as a heretic with his very words.

Francis is now in full Maduro Mode. Once again, his stupidity has prevailed over whatever prudence has remained. He will stage such a spectacular road crash that any element of doubt will be forever removed from the mind of everyone who is not an obdurate enemy of Christ, or a heathen choosing to believe in a novel religion because it is easier for him than to defend Christ.

Also importantly, the Curia will lose face to such an extent that it will become more and more difficult for the SSPX to talk “reconciliation”. Mueller might still have been seen as an halfway acceptable partner. This one will have the SSPX delegates vomiting at his mere sight.  

This is a Jesuit double-whammy. Who, with a brain in his head, will ever trust them? 

Can’t wait for the two idiots’ next works:

Fornicationis Laetitia

Sodomitici Connubii

Ecclesiam Diaboli 

& Co., & Co. 

Thank you, Lord, for making everyone’s discernment so easy. 

Remember, folks: oportet ut scandala eveniant. It is much better for sincere Catholics that this bubo explodes and forces everyone to confront its stink, than to have it growing and growing as the weak and stupid try to persuade themselves it is nothing so bad after all. 







Cardinal Pell: Meet The Drunkard & The Junkie Accusing Him.


His legacy is alive and well in Australia


One really couldn’t make it up.

The accusers of Cardinal Pell are:

Accuser one: drug addict; knows jail from the inside (clue: not as a guard) for a violent, drug-related crime; appears to accuse people of having molested him as a profession.

Accuser two: alcoholic; criminal record; broke; appears to accuse people of having mistreated him as a profession.

Both accuser say the “crime” happened in the late Seventies, and consisted in “inappropriate touching”.

Say the criminal drug addict and the criminal alcoholic.

From the linked article:

Australian law enforcement is claiming that Pell’s case is being treated like any other historical offense. No, it isn’t. Police do not give a rip about someone coming forward to claim someone touched them over their bathing suit 40 years ago. But this is a Catholic priest, and a high-ranking one at that. This is a big fish in the eyes of law enforcement.

Could not agree more. 

The question now is this: does the obvious anti-clericalism of the Australian public and justice system arrive to the point of doing all they can to obtain the conviction of Pell? I would say “no”, but I wouldn’t be so sure.

A system that allows no statute of limitation for the accusation in questions, and which mounts a trial on the word of two criminal addicts and obviously desperate idiots, can do everything and anything.


Cardinal Mueller Deservedly Kicked Out

Light indeed

Cardinal Mueller's time at the head of the CDF has finally come to an end.

Can't say I am sad, or that the sack was undeserved.

Cardinal Mueller, never a paragon of orthodoxy himself but certainly fairly orthodox when compared to the Evil Clown, has presided over the most terrible pronunciations of various kind of a Pope, ever, and all he could do was to say in various ways “nothing to see here” or “heresy publicly proclaimed should be read as if it weren't heresy; because you see, otherwise it would be heresy”.

What has his cowardly silence got him? The sack. As it was clearly foreseeable.

I have had enough of people who, with their silence or cowardice or cover-up, help Francis to confuse the faithful. They are nothing more than a writing on the tin that says “this bleach isn't poisonous if drunk in the proper way or if you pretend it isn't bleach”.

Let Francis appoint a full-fledged idiot who will do his bidding to the end. It will be much easier for even the simplest Catholics to recognise truth from lie. Francis will propel himself against a wall of heresy and shame, because left to his devices he is just too darn stupid to do things in a subtle way.

We must welcome the dismounting of whatever alibi this ridiculous Curia still has. Let them do things their own way. They will expose themselves as heretical faggots in no time.

Good Riddance, Carninal Mueller.

Your yogurt was never any good anyway.


Benedict Is No Friend Of Ours

Drunk on V II: Pope Emeritus

Pope Emeritus, who for one who wanted to be forgotten by the world talks an awful lot, is on record for saying that The Lord wins in the end.

No shit, Sherlock!

It surprises me that some have taken this fairly obvious point as a critic to the new Cardinals Francis has appointed.

Benedict was receiving those very Cardinals, something which he was under no obligation to do. He entertained himself with them in a very cordial manner. There is nothing in the linked article that shows he is in any way dissatisfied with them.

We should stop seeing in Benedict a sort of princess held in the tower by an evil wizard, or a man suffering in silence the papacy of Francis. The man is not silent at all, and when he speaks of Francis he invariably supports him, as the two interviews released in the last months, and about which I have reported, abundantly show.

The man is a total and complete disappointment. He is through and through a Vatican II man with merely a thin varnish of I do not say “conservatism” (I do not think he even deserves the adjective after supporting Francis), but merely prudence or timidity. His first and last allegiance go to V II: he promoted a vaguely more conservative version of it, but it is clear to him V II is the priority and Benedict and Francis only two slightly different flavours of it.

Forget Benedict as our ally.

Think of him as the well-spoken, multi-lingual useful idiot of the heretics and perverts in the Vatican.




Perverts Under The Sun And The Anti-Midas

Hhhmmm... It is good that they didn't invite me after all....

Let us come back to the episode of the Cocaine Fag Partying Monsignor recently arrested in the very old building of the Sant'Uffizio (the old CDF of when they believed in Catholicism and had therefore much more to do).

How do you keep secret, in a place like the Vatican, perverted orgies with drug consumption?

You don't. You simply can't.

Therefore, the very reasonable assumption here is that such parties were the object of whispers of various kind, and the Cardinal who supported the arrested Monsignore is either a pervert like him, or too afraid of the perverts' lobby, or just too dumb to be a Cardinal. Albeit I much favour the first hypothesis.

However, I would like to make two other considerations:

1) For something like this to happen, much more must have been going on for a long time. The impudence of Monsignor Fag's behaviour is not born overnight. It grows slowly, nurtured by many years of complicity and silence and, very probably, the protection of powerful Cardinals.

The rot in the Vatican must have biblical proportions. Obviously, and very much in character with the rest of the man, Francis joked about the existence of the “gay lobby” and asked whether they go around with the badge. Well they possibly do even that by now, you lewd old nincompoop.

2) Nothing really happens by chance. It is difficult to imagine that the Vatican Gendarmeria has not known for a long while that drugs 'n fags were part of the menu in Vatican palaces. Is one, therefore, so far off the mark thinking that there are still some people in the Vatican with some sense of decency, and who decided that something must be done irrespective of how Francis might punish the “culprits” not of the deeds, but of exposing them?

Someone should watch the movements of the upper echelons of the Vatican police. Before you know, it could be run by Father Rosica or Father Martin.

3) Hopefully no one will say that “good Francis” is draining the swamp. Not only Francis is the swamp, but he has exposed himself on this a tad too often, for example with the episodes of “Don Mercedes” and of the Chilean bishop (no time to check names now ; do your homework).

Perverts run under the sun in the Vatican, many of them certainly in clerical habit. They grow so impudent that they think the Vatican palaces the best and safest placed for drug-propelled Fag Parties. All this has, of course, begun many years ago, but there can be no doubt it has become worse under Francis.

Francis is the anti-Midas. Whatever he touches turns to shit. There is absolutely nothing in which he is not a total disaster.



Cardinal Pell, Settling The Scores, And The Statute Of Limitation

Thought I would post this here...

In another very eventful day, Cardinal Pell was forced to leave his post and fly back to Australia to defend himself from charges of boys molestation.

I take these charges cum grano salis. Two men apparently allege that the Cardinal touched them inappropriately in… the Seventies. Unless the two have been frozen shortly after the alleged facts and have been thawed very recently, I would take such accusations with great, great care.

Not, mind, that I consider Pell above suspicion. It is merely that in my eyes this thing of criminal proceedings for alleged facts of the Seventies has to stop, and it has to stop in any case; unless it is for genocide or, just perhaps, multiple murder.

Statutes of limitation exist exactly to avoid easy abuses like the one we might be confronted here; and in any case it is very reasonable to say that he who has shut up for forty years, including at least three decades of adulthood, should now forever hold his tongue; too many nameless priests have already had their lives ruined by people imagining, or pretending, to remember episodes many decades later. Madness, says I. Let us learn from civilised countries like Italy (last time I looked at least) and let us put an end to this nonsense.

My gut feeling (which might be wrong) is that someone is trying to settle scores with Cardinal Pell by slinging dirt at him; and not finding anything of KO value, has recurred to the easily trumped-up accusations of people in their forties. What a coincidence, huh? As we all know, some of the dirt will stick anyway.

Imagine how easy would be to make such accusations against Burke, Caffarra, or Brandmueller. Some old fag willing to state he thinks he remembers he was molested et voilà, the reputation is gone forever.

But even if I am wrong, and Pell is guilty, and obviously a fag or a perv, the statute of limitation should apply anyway. We are sliding into witch hunt land, and this makes it too easy to target good people.



Cardinal CockLovingErio?

Who will, who will then be the Cardinal who abetted the homo orgies of his own trusted Monsignor in the same building of the CDF?

We don't know. 'Course we don't. We don't take part in homo orgies, do we now?

However, this Cardinal – whoever he may be; and who will he be, one wonders? – must perforce be a damn fag so much smelling of dirt that his sheep must smell him from the Castelli Romani! Francis will be so pleased at his man carrying with him such a fashionable fragrance. They can them fudge packers for a reason after all.

We don't know who this Cock living Cardinal is. But what we know is that there is a pretty notorious Cardinal who might well be him.

Who, you will ask?


Ah, dear readers, don't be so curious! Don't you know that many of these Cardinals are either homos themselves, or blackmailed by the homo lobby because of indiscretions in their private lives, or are just too terrified to go against Francis and his rainbow-coloured minions?

Can't wait for the same revelations happening about, say, Monsignor Ricca.

We know who his “Cardinal” is.



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