Please Pray For John Vennari



Well, there is no good way to convey this. 

The terrible news is here. 

Vennari is (with Ferrara, Matt and Verrecchio), one of my Four Musketeers. One had a selfish hope he would stay with us for many years more.

It was a selfish hope. It appears the Lord has sent the message, that He wants Vennari with him at some point in the, alas, not too distant future.

Sad as the news is, one tries to see it from a broader perspective. A life of such beauty that goes now slowly towards its end should fill our hearts with consolation, not sadness. We will all be called one day, and I wish so ardently I could, if it came for me today, take the call with the serenity Mr Vennari shows in his post, and with the same quiet assurance of a life well spent.

God calls the good and faithful servants to him, that he may have them near. We, wretched sinners, will have to fight for who knows how long still, and I doubt we will go to our judgment with the same confident serenity of this good man.

John Vennari requests our prayers. Let us do for him a tiny fraction of the good he has done to all of us. 

And let us pray that, one day, we may go to our Lord with the same strong faith he has graced us with, with the same serenity he shows in this hour, and with the same chances of salvation with which he will present himself to His Judge.

Please pray for John Vennari.



The Boris Bus And Us: Two Words About Salvation

Boris Bus

Fear not the Boris Bus…


And it came to pass yours truly had to decide whether to dedicate the evening to blogging about the usual inane bishop (Chaput) giving the usual inane interview (“I know you should vote Trump, but I haven’t the gut to even suggest it”), or get away from all this squalor and spend an evening browsing my beloved Garrigou-Lagrange. Guess who won. 

I re-read a passage in “Providence” that I thought I would share with you. Garrigou-Lagrange is expanding on the theme of “seek ye therefore first the Kingdom of God and His justice: all these things shall be added unto you”. He writes: 

 Those who make it their principal aim to pursue their final destiny (God the sovereign good who should be loved above all things), will be given whatever is necessary to attain their end, not only what is necessary for the life of their body, but also the graces to obtain life eternal.  

(Chapter XVII, pag. 193)

 If you one of those who have a lingering fear that they might slip in mortal sin, and “happen” (in a way) to die in that state, deserving to to go to hell because you have died in mortal sin, these words should be very consoling to you.

Yes, it is true that if we die in mortal sin we will go to hell. But the healthier (and traditionally Catholic) thinking is that a life spent sincerely aspiring to the final destiny is a good indication that God, in His mercy, will providentially care that – wretched sinners as we are – we will not die in mortal sin.

Now, this does not mean that one can now “relax” and look upon sin with a less alarmed attitude, because he thinks that he carries in himself the antidote to whatever poison he might willingly ingest. In fact, such an attitude would, in case, cause every sound thinking person to openly question whether the pursuit of the final destiny is really the principal aim of such a man. If I fear I am in mortal sin, I run to confession and recite an act of (perfect) contrition on the way there; I do not lull myself into the feeling that God has chosen me because I am oh so good, and will take care that I do not die in mortal sin.   

However, the quote above certainly means this: that the fear lingering every now and then in the mind of many a Catholic (“what happens if I am in mortal sin and the Boris Bus suddenly puts an end to my existence”) and often used by those who don’t like Catholicism and probably every other religion (“you have a religion in which the circumstances of one instant determine your alleged eternal destiny”) is a moot point.

God in His Goodness has ordained from all eternity that, at the moment of my impact with the Boris Bus, the state of my soul will be the one that he, in His Goodness, has ordained from all eternity that it should be, rewarding – or punishing – not the behaviour of an instant, but the state of his soul as the result not of a moment, but as the terminal point of one entire existence. I do not, therefore, have to fear that I might die in the, so to speak, casually wrong moment, or in the wrong state of my soul.

If salvation is my constant care, and I sincerely desire to live in a way that merits me heaven one day, I can have a solid hope that a merciful Lord will (from my perspective at least) arrange things so, that the Boris Bus does not knock me out of this world in a state of mortal sin.

Fear not the Boris Bus.

Fear the culture of abortion, euthanasia and sodomy instead.

They can knock your soul to hell more slowly, but more safely than every Boris Bus. 



Godspeed, Mr Bolt!

Just when countless millions are watching...

Just when countless millions are watching…


I know, I know… “Godspeed is nothing to do with “speed” (it is, in fact, middle age English for “may God let you prosper”), but I couldn’t resist the word game… 

The fact is, before the 100 meter race Usain Bolt showed the Miraculous Medal – and his apparently solid Catholic faith – to, I don’t know, one billion people?  This, by the way, on the eve of the Feast of the Assumption. Nice. 

I am not a great fan of Bolt, not only because I do not follow athletics but because I do not like the kind of histrionics and, at times, utter lack of modesty he shows. But hey, everyone is made his own way, and there is much worse than imitating bolts in pathetic, childish gestures or bragging around more than it is appropriate. 

In a time of retreating Christianity and withering Catholicism, it is good to see that someone taken as an example by countless young people is open about his faith and not ashamed of our beautiful, traditional Catholic symbolism; and as we all know, many will be those who have such an admiration for the man that they will, immediately on in tim,e be led to serious reflections by their knowledge that the man is a solid Catholic. 

Godspeed, Mr Bolt.

On Sunday evening, you may well have converted someone, and perhaps more than someone.




Ora Pro Nobis, Sancta Dei Genitrix!

El Greco


As Catholics, it is a great consolation to know that we have a second mother in heaven, to whom we can entrust our tears. The sweetness of this is something I don’t think any Protestant can ever have.

We have a mother in heaven. We can – and should – run to her like little children, and confidently trust in her love for us and her intercession for our prayers.

But we should also ask our sweet mother in heaven that she helps us not only individually, but collectively; crushing heresy – now so widespread even within the Church – and helping us push back and defeat the horde of infidels now slowly but surely attacking our religion, our very civilisation with the active help not only of too many politicians and professional bleeding hearts, but of the very man who should be at the head of our army.

In times in which Popes talks like atheists, cardinals like muezzins and bishops like politicians, it is the greatest relief to know that our religion is based on immutable, rock-solid beliefs; and that even if our clergy has abandoned us, our sweet mother in heaven is on our side not only in our daily tribulations, but in our fights against the enemies of truth and the enemies of Christ.

I suggest once again that my reader take the habit to recite the rosary every day. And I suggest that they make the small effort of learning by heart the Hail, Holy Queen (everywhere on the Internet) and recite it every now and then during the day; perhaps when our fears and sorrow try to take our serenity away from us; and perhaps, also, whenever we hear news about the now ongoing attempt to completely destroy our once so Christian West.  

Ora pro nobis, sancta Dei Genitrix!



SSPX: Reconciliation Is Nothing Without Control.

The news that a Personal Prelature in Opus Dei style would have been offered, and the Vatican's demand that the V II documents be considered intrinsically “dogmatic”, or in any way binding, to all Catholics in all their aspects now set aside, clearly show that the controversy – at least the official one – is not about doctrine anymore.

Here is a big Vatican spider, inviting the fly to take place in the inclusive, very merciful net prepared for it, and perhaps expecting the fly to make itself at home in the net in the name of, I don't know, “unity” or “reconciliation”, or however you want to call the fly's assured destruction.

Not going to happen, says the SSPX. We are going to talk to the spider, and all; we are going to even hover near the spider if the spider has this desire. But we are not going to fly in any net, thank you very much.

This is, put in rather blunt terms, the reason why the SSPX is now apparently working on the “clarification” of some points. Points which – you can bet your last shirt on it – pivot around who controls the order and its assets, and in which way.

As they (almost) say, reconciliation is nothing without control. No amount of pretended “autonomy” is worth anything, if this autonomy can be taken away at a moment's notice. No “guarantees” are worth anything, if the Pope retains the factual ability to renege on them. No terms of reconciliation can be accepted, which leave the SSPX in any way, shape or form unable to protect itself from, well, the spider.

The SSPX must keep control of its own hierarchy and of its own assets. It must keep self-regulation independently from a Pope's ukase. Most importantly, it must keep control of its assets in a way unassailable by the Vatican hierarchy.

If these conditions are met, of course the SSPX will obey the Pope. They already do, actually. They are already subject to the Pope in everything that does not undermine Catholicism or their own proper function. Therefore, if the SSPX would become “institutionally” subject to the Pope without losing control of their assets and chain of command, it would be impossible for Francis or any of his successors to subvert the organisation by, say, deposing their leaders, changing their statutes, and taking control of their assets.

Most people forget that the SSPX was, in fact, recognised and in perfect standing for several years, and became “rebellious” only when they were ordered to close their (at that time, only) seminary and – having control of their assets – plainly refused. This episode is far more enlightening than the more famous episode of “disobedience” with the appointment of the bishops, because it shows that if you have control over your chain of command and assets you have nothing to fear from the spider: you can walk away, intact, anytime.

This has happened once, and can happen again. Let the SSPX be formally subject to the Pope, and let them have the factual and legal ability to disobey if the Pope gives wrong orders; for example rescinding their organisational autonomy, ordering them to hand assets to the Vatican, deposing their leaders and so on.

Vatican saves face. SSPX saves autonomy and safety from the spider's net. Everyone is happy.

Or at least, they should be.



Trump Vs Crooked: Where We Stand


barking hillary

Shouldn’t be so terribly difficult…

Some short reflections on where (I think) we stand. 

Trump is constitutionally unable to avoid gaffes, politically incorrect statements, and fights he might have avoided. He is also, at times, petty in a way that does not do him any favour. 

Whenever Trump makes some mistake, the Mass media attack him like sharks sensing the blood. Unfit. Unstable. Panic among Republicans. The Ship is sinking. Oh why haven’t you heeded us…

The usual spate of biased polls, promoted and paid by notorious liberal magazines and newspapers, follow. They tell us Trump is toast. 

Amazingly, people take these fake polls seriously. They have already forgotten that these are the same pollster who have consistently underestimated Trump’s appeal. Embarrassingly so. But no, they keep trying to manipulate public opinon.

Of course, Trump cannot go on this way. Whilst his mistakes are certainly far less damaging than the polls would want you to believe, someone must  more or less symbolically slap the man in the face (Lewandowski is sadly away)  and tell him he must start behaving like a statesman. Unless he does, he will be probably defeated in the end, because there is a limit to what tepid voters can accept as colourful.

 Consolingly, Trump seems to realise this. He did endorse Ryan in the end, and one can hope whatever mistakes he makes in future will be mistakes caused by passion, not pettiness. I think he has understood by now that he needs a more finely tuned message to appeal to millions of tepid, undecided voters. He does not need to become a puppet, or the usual PC idiot. But he does need to be perceived as statesmanlike rather than capricious.

I do not believe the polls, which I think are all biased by the very mindset of those who make them; which is why they were so tragically wrong up to now. However, I do not doubt that Trump has put himself on a very dangerous path, and that he is doomed to fail unless he understands that he must now start to behave like a President.

I do not even mind so much the controversies with the Muslim parents of the dead soldier. What truly scared me was the initial refusal to endorse Ryan, the petty revenge against the man, using almost the same words Ryan had used. Heavens.

It would have been so easy to just be the better man, and let the entire Country see it. It would have been such a stark contrast to Ryan’s behaviour, and such a powerful business card. Behold Donald Trump, future President, strong in the fight and gracious in victory! Instead of this, we got a kindergarten squabble followed by a belated, forcibly weak endorsement. What a waste. One almost got the impression the man is in this merely for the fun.  

If you ask me, Trump can still win, and he can still win big. His opponent is as weak as can be wished, and she was almost knocked out by… a Socialist. He does not need to be Reagan to win. But as he manages to mobilise the disaffected white males damaged by Chinese imports and illegal immigrants (I think he will do it easily) and the Christian conservatives (I think he will make a good job of it, and Pence will help a lot), he must pay attention that he does not lose the millions of undecided who loathe Hillary, and must only be shown a measure of statesmanship to assuage the fears instilled in them by the media. Of this, I am less sure.     

Trump was born rich, and through his intelligence and ability became much richer. His showmanship also made him very proficient in dealing with the masses. He is not very accustomed to eat humble pie and to realise what he must really change. He must understand that at this point, showmanship isn’t enough anymore. 

The man is obviously far more intelligent than the stupid media want you to believe, so I am still hopeful.

 Let us pray God that the man does not disappoint.

He is the only candidate we have. 






The Barking Candidate

You should take this with a pinch of salt. However, it reminded me immediately of the same female barking in front of the camera some time ago. Hat tip to The American Catholic. 

I am not a doctor, but this makes for interesting viewing.

Particularly for those who question Trump’s fitness to be president because he is a blunt chap.

Can’t wait for the TV debates.  

Meet The Religion Of Evil And War

Soon to be introduced: “Islamic barbie”, with head that can be chopped away and reinserted at will for the little girls to practice.


Follow the link to the little girl spouting Islamic hate and… beheading a doll.  

You know this is not “madness”. You know these people aren’t “disturbed”, though certainly they are disturbing. 

They are devout Muslims, following with great orthodoxy the teaching of their religion; zealous enough not only to give their lives for it, but to instill the same hatred in their little children, girls not excepted. 

It is high time to recognise that these here are the zealous Muslims. These are are the ones who take their religion seriously.

A peaceful Muslim isn’t such because Islam is a religion of peace. He is such because he is a bad Muslim.  And religion having the potential to become the most powerful motivating factor in the life of the people, there is no saying how many of these bad Muslims will become devout Muslims one day, and how many of their children and nephews. 

Religion is a life-changing force. There is no saying who will blow himself in the air in three years time, who is only interested in football, stock exchange and bicycling today. Every ever so tepid Muslim (millions of those in the UK, and out of personal experience most of them not more, or even less serious about their religion than our non-practising Catholics are about theirs) carries in himself the germs of an extremely destructive disease. It’s incubating now, but it could explode one day, or be transmitted down the line. 

It is astonishing how all over the world countless zealous, devout Muslims show with their lives how a devout Muslim acts, and we insist in telling them what their religion is supposed to say and be. 

This is the blind leading the blind.

It may well end in the beheading of a lot of blind.  





Reaping What One Sows


A time for reaping.


France is having a number of summer festivals cancelled. The decision is taken by the relevant mayor, but Paris has made clear there should be no hesitation whenever there is a security concern/not enough police. Clearly, not many mayors will be willing to take responsibility. 

One notices here the different approach to England. In England, days after the bombs of the 7th July 2005 there was a mass gathering (it had to do with the Queen, if memory serves) that saw millions on the streets. The message was clear: “we shall not be intimidated”. Meanwhile, newspaper enjoyed the macabre, but necessary game of the statistical probability of being killed by a terrorist on the underground. As a foreigner, it gave me a very clear message about why some people build Empires, and other don’t. 

The French are sending a message that is just as clear: “we shall be intimidated”.  Even if one suspects that the French government issues such guidelines both for fear of criticism in case of further attacks and in order to facilitate a tightening of screws on security , it remains clear the French at large can be far more easily intimidated than the Brits.  

Good, says yours truly. Enjoy the fruits of decades of madness. Savour multiculturalism. Appreciate the vast spectrum of cultural behaviour you insisted to import in your once fairly solidly Catholic Country. 

When not only Christians, but the average Frenchie (who apparently isn’t) becomes seriously angered at the advance of Islam in his Country, things will begin to change.


Homo Suicide: Myth Of “Homophobia” Debunked

gaystapo (1)

Bad day for the Gaystapo


Pretty bad news (for the Gaystapo) from Sweden, where an extensive research has showed homo “couples” are three times more likely to have one committing suicide than normal couples.

Sweden is a country where it is not reasonable to assume that homos are the object of any kind of I do not say discrimination, but even the lightest reproach. Unless, that is, from the growing number of Arabs; but they are very welcome, so it does not count. 

The same article states the same is happening in the Netherlands, for many decades now at the very forefront of sexual perversion movement. Quoting from the article: 

Studies done of homosexuals in the Netherlands, which is the country most accepting of homosexual behavior in the world, have found that homosexuals suffer from significantly higher rates of mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance abuse disorders, suicide attempts, eating disorders, and panic attacks.

The conclusions are not difficult to draw. However, since the article quoted does not go as far as that, yours truly will allow himself to connect the dots for you at no charge. 

Homosexuality is a repulsive, destructive sexual perversion. The person who has fallen prey of this perversion (better: who has consented to falling prey of this perversion: no one is “born that way”, and a perversion can only fester in one person’s consciousness through his repeated, willed assent to it) is already a wreck. It is, therefore, not surprising that this very grave disorder will show itself together with all kind of other disorders: then the homosexual is not normal, he is gravely damaged at the very root of his consciousness. 

Or you can observe exactly the same phenomenon from the other side of the coin. Satan corrupts a soul through this soul’s attachment to a perversion. Once in, Satan will ravage this soul destroying as much as he can, eating this soul alive from inside, devastating it like a fox devastates the hen house. The ultimate aim of Satan is not, in itself, to make of this person an homosexual, but to gain his soul. Homosexuality is purely an extremely efficient way to achieve the objective. But for Satan, victory is not achieved until the soul has died in mortal sin. Hence, the ravaging must be continued in order to either speed the achievement of the desired outcome, or to make the path to hell safer and more assured. And this ravaging will be so much easier, because the soul is an awful mess already.

Depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, the daily madness of a homosexual’s world (extreme hate for self, the properly called “homophobia”; extreme hate for other perverts, to the point of killing dozen of them in one go; extreme hate for all the others, who “reject” him) follow. 

Whenever you meet a pervert (in the office, or the “friend of the friend”) know that he might not show it, but his life is hell. And this hell is there to make him wish the end of it, and speed him towards the real hell. Disgust of self, and hate of sacredness and purity, cannot but ravage one soul. 

There is always hope, of course. Even Elton John has a guardian angel trying his best even as I write this. But realistically, many of those who have sunk so deep will never recover, and will one day be in the company of Satan. Some will get there faster, and some slower; some after an obviously tormented life, some after an apparently successful life; but they will, bar repentance, all end there in the end.

In the matter of homo suicide, “Homophobia” (aka “Christianity”) is neither here nor there. Homos kill themselves not because Christians hate them (Christians are disgusted from them, but they pray for them and wish them salvation), but because Satan has ravaged their soul to the point of definitive victory. 







“Not My Pope”: #PasMonPape Going Strong

Hhhmmm... This is not good, no?

The hashtag #PasMonPape is going so strong on Twitter, that even the Buggers Broadcasting Communism feel obliged to report about it.

Read behind the usual PC cut of the article, and stop one moment to reflect on the phenomenon: the mass rejection of Francis' madness from (largely) the same secularised people he is always so eager to please.

For too long, Francis has relied on the white cassock to get away with pretty much everything: the (tepid) Catholic troops would shut up because, in their dismal ignorance p, they thought the Holy Ghost must have seen something good in the man, and the non-Catholic troops enjoyed the work of subversion and were therefore ready to overlook the increasingly more outlandish things the man was saying.

This exercise will not pay for long; actually, it has probably already stopped paying. When a hashtag against you become the best trending one in a 60 million Country within hours, there is clearly something very wrong with the “Dalai Lama Project”.

Francis has now broken the barriers of leftist stupidity, and has clearly reached the stinking realm of pro-Islamic, fifth-columns treason. It could not go unnoticed. It has awoken the rage of those very secular minds ready to ditch Catholicism on every other occasion. He is so far out on the side of the enemy, that even our enemies see him as an enemy.

We live in an absurd time, a time of unprecedented confusion: a Pope causing mass protests for clearly being the fifth column of the March Of The Mohammedans is beyond what was considered thinkable only a few years ago. It is the very definition of an upside down world. It is the ominous messenger of even dire times to comes, if the Lord keeps punishing us with this tool.

Be prepared for pretty much everything, but never let your faith waiver.

There is glory to be gained in heaven for keeping your faith, and for protecting your religion, against a Pope doing his (stupid) best to destroy both.





“Hide Or Run”. Say Hello To The Age Of The Lamb

Better than every motorcyclist policeman...

The Metropolitan Police (also familiarly known as “Scotland Yard”) today revealed a new, in time 600-strong “rapid deployment force” created to deal with what we all know (but the Met won't say) is the threat posed by Muslim terrorists.

Well-armed, trained for urban warfare, and motorcycle mounted, the 600 are supposed to be there very rapidly after a terror attack has been launched.

Alas, at that point you and many others will be dead already.

In line with the slightly surreal exercise of training 600 to protect 7 million, the police has suggested that, in case of attack, we should firstly “hide”; and, if it does not work, “run”.

What a continent of pussycats we have become.

This would be the time for the British Government to make new laws making it far easier for the sound population to get a permit to carry, obviously looking closely into the background of the applicant. This would be the time to say to the people of London that in the same way they reacted to the threat of the Blitz all together, they should now all together react to the new Muslim threat and protect each other. The new enemy does not come from the sky, but from the nearest train station, the underground carriage, the double decker bus. It is necessary that the defence is as diffused as the threat is. The best and most immediate defence is always the one put in place by the people who are there, not the largely psychological measure of a motorcycle policeman arriving after you have been executed.

Nor can one say that this is too dangerous, London having too many Muslims. I can't imagine a single Muslim terrorist stopped in his tracks by the fact of not having a gun permit; but I can imagine a huge number of decent citizen prevented from defending themselves for the same reason.

A Country whose police force suggests to grown men to hide and run (I am sorry, dear wife and child; you are clearly not fast enough; but I will remember you fondly…) instead of arming, training and preparing themselves is a Country that emasculates his own people, reducing them to sheep to whom it is told the biker-mounted shepherd dog should arrive fast enough to save, hopefully, some of them.

A man has not only the right, but the duty to protect himself and those he loves. A government that does not allow him to do is a government that conculcates a basic human right of his citizen.

But hey, we will soon have 600 needles in a 7 million haystack.

How reassuring.



Reading Francis Through Satan: Extraordinary Deaconettes



“Let us ‘study’ the bloody obvious and confuse the faithful as much as we can!”


And it came to pass the Evil Clown appointed a “commission” to study the bloody obvious, and debate about heresy. 

Predictably, he included the open dissenter Phyllis Zagano. Equally as predictably, the usual stupid feminist “I want a prick, or at least to be a priest” organisation

“praised the commission’s “gender-balanced” and “lay-inclusive” appointments and mentioned Zagano by name”. 

Therefore, yours truly poses himself two questions: why the Evil Clown does this, and what will come out of it.

The first question has an easy answer: Francis does this in order to sow more confusion about the Priesthood, give some fodder to the feminist pigeons, and enhance his image as the Pope of dissenters, heretics, and perverts. He can’t change the priesthood more than he can change the rules of physics; but what damage he can do, he will. of course, the “commission” will end up stating the bloody obvious, but he will find the way to insert a foot note or two insinuating that maybe, just maybe, things aren’t so clear after all.

However, I think something more subversive than talk will come out of it.

Think of this: the V II church reacted to the Sixties and Seventies by parroting the Protestants with the new position of the “extraordinary minister for making oneself important”.  They are, by universal admission, not ordained. Yet, they parrot the priest as much as they can. A lot of small “c” catholics live with it perfectly well, feel like little priest as they stand there with the chalice like idiots, and do not see a problem at all. 

It stands to reason that this time the same will happen with the office of the Deacon: the Vatican will reaffirm that a Deacon is ordained, and can therefore only be male. However, it will waffle at length about “inclusion”, and end up with the institution of the equivalent of the “extraordinary minister” for the Diaconate. This office might be called the “extraordinary Deaconette”, for example, and be allowed to do as much of what the deacon does (which, I think, will be a lot. What does a lay deacon do? I think he visits the infirms, gives spiritual counsel to people, helps the priest in organising the work of the parish, things like that) and be called an “extraordinary Deaconette”, or some such like rubbish. The rabid feminists will condemn the “exclusion” but welcome the “step forward” (and demand a prick),  the Pollyannas will be all excited that (phew!) “doctrine hasn’t been changed”, and the secular press will praise the Pope who, though clearly uncomfortable with Catholicism, does all he can to demolish reform it. 

Outlandish, you say?

Ever read Amoris Laetitia?




Time To End World Youth Day

A circus-like spectacle that is nothing to do with Catholic devotion.

An occasion of sin – and possibly of very grave sin – for a multitude of hormone-laden teenagers.

A media event never ever used to promote sound Catholicism.

An attempt at mimicking wordly secular events that reinforces instead of stifling the stupidity of our time.

An occasion of scandal due to the inevitable rock bands faking some sorts of Catholicism, with the assorted accompaniment of friars and nuns behaving like drugged Teenagers.

An occasion of even greater scandal and sacrilege caused, and many times documented, by these mega-masses that are, once again, the contrary of sound Catholic devotion.

Last but not least, an occasion for the Evil Clown to jump on an aeroplane, and we all know what this means.

Pray for Pius XIII.

He will put an end to this madness all right.


Catholics and ISIS: Why Pope Francis Is Right


“The ISIS is among us, my dear…”


I must say, for once Pope Francis is right. It is time for us to make an examination of conscience and look at the violence within our ranks.  

Who among us was not shocked at seeing Catholic Fundamentalists burn poor, defenceless Muslims by the dozen? 

Where are we, when fundamentalist Catholics behead poor Muslims, and put videos of it on Youtube? 

Why there is no condemnation every time fundamentalists Catholics jump on a truck and kill 80 innocent people, or attack people on a train with a machete shouting “Christ is great”, or blow themselves up in the air at a music festival?

Why there is never a march made by Catholics not against “all violence” (which is generic and too easy), but specifically against Catholic violence: the beheading, the burning, the mutilations, the beating to death with a metal Rosary, and all those horrible things Catholics do (as Pope Francis reminded us) and no one ever dares to criticise? 

Eh? Eh? No?

Now, you might say that Muslims kill people, too. I open my newspaper and read of the one or other Muslim who has, say, killed his wife, or girlfriend. But this is different.

These are people who commit a crime and happen to be Muslims; still, Islam is nothing to do with their crime. They were not motivated by their being Muslims. They did not commit their crime because they are Muslims, or to promote Islam! Islam is the religion of peace! 

 Instead, when Catholics keep beheading Muslims and shout “Christ is great”, they obviously do this just because they are Catholics! How can we not be appalled at all those beheadings, burning, throwing homos from roofs, mutilations, and all that stuff committed by Catholics, in the name of Christianity, every day?

Do the Hindus commit such acts? The Buddhists? The Shintoists? The Jews? The Muslims??


It’s only, and always, the Christians!

Pope Francis is right. We must stop being such terrorists!

Perhaps we should all convert to Islam?

If we did, then we would live in peace….


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