Medjugorje And No End Of Deception, Opportunism And Confusion

Regina Caeli, Ora pro nobis



The news is everywhere so I am sure you will be able to find the links yourselves: the Medjugorje commission has given the most ambiguous, non-answering answer to the scam of Medjugorje, and the CDF has countered with its own, far more critical document.

Alas, the Church of V II appears to have only one commandment: Thou Shall Not Offend.

The commission bent over backward in the most extraordinary way, dividing the apparitions in two groups: the first set of “unannounced” alleged apparitions and the industry of the thousand of alleged apparitions afterwards. In the first case, the majority (but not all, as Church Militant tell us it’s necessary) of the members consider the apparitions supernatural. There is no conclusion of constat de supernaturalitate, because – again, according to what CM reports – for that unanimity would be required. Therefore, even the first apparitions do not pass the test.

The second set is destroyed as expected, though even in this case our heroes stop short of issuing a constat de non supernaturalitate. Rather, it seems to me the conclusion is non constat de supernaturalitate, but I will have to read more in detail.

In a third stunning turn of event, it is proposed to examine the possibility of making of the place a sanctuary, under control of the Vatican, because Medjugorje would encourage “spirituality” and blabla. Apart from the obvious rebellion of following a fake Blessed Virgin who says uncatholic things against the open condemnation of two bishops, with this train of thought the Church should establish Lutheran sanctuaries in all important places of Lutheranism (Erfurt, Wartburg, Worms, the lot) as there is no doubt Lutheranism has produced many very pious men and women.

The entire document is an exercise in absurdity: it implies the possibility that people may 1) see the Blessed Virgin and 2) subsequently be deceived by the devil, or by their own stupidity, or by greed, or by vain glory. This is too stupid for words: any real apparition of the Blessed Virgin must be a transformative experience, it being inconceivable that the Blessed Virgin would appear to people of which she must know they will seed heresy and confusion afterwards. “Let’s appear to these people”, this fantasy blessed virgin would think. “They will exploit me for decades afterwards and deceive countless people, but hey, it’s on them…” . Do the bishops not see how insulting and utterly stupid this is?

These obvious truths seem to escape most of the bishops in the commission, but they actually don’t. What is happening here is a shameless attempt to find something good in a scam, because an awful lot of people who deem themselves spiritual happen to believe in it.

Don’t insult your intelligence thinking that these bishops have been deceived. They are, as they always do, going with the flow, and are avoiding to rock a boat that would cause cries of indignation from a multitude of dumb fanatics in great need of a doctor and a reality check. Heck, Medjugorje is too stupid even for Pope Francis, what else do you need to persuade yourself of its absurdity!

What the bishops want to do is, in the best case, to embrace the crap, put it under the church’s umbrella and let it slowly die of neglect and starvation and, in the worst case, to ride this easy wave of “spirituality”. This is wrong and cowardly. Deception must be denounced as such, instead of allowing countless souls to keep deceiving themselves.

A sanctuary for an apparition which is not acknowledged is truly too absurd even for this pontificate.

Then you can just as well made a sanctuary of both the Santiago Bernabeu and the Juventus stadium because millions of football enthusiasts are praying for Real Madrid’s or Juventus’ victory in the Champions League’s final. Really, the level of cowardice in front of every group of organised lunatics has reached levels unthinkable only some years before.

But then again no cardinals and only one bishop have spoken against Amoris Laetitia, so this is par for the course.







Banalising God: The Ikea Wall Clock As Monstrance



Forgive me if I am saying something wrong here, but I always thought that a Monstrance had to be splendid. Not nice. Not beautiful. Splendid.

This is, very obviously, because the fact that the Monstrance is destined to carry the Blessed Sacrament has as obvious corollary that no material can be too precious, no design too elaborate, no expenses can be deemed excessive.

In the end, the Monstrance – even the most elaborate – will always be the palest attempt at conveying the Preciousness of its content. Still, the more precious it is, the less unworthy the attempt. 

I now see on Father Z’s blog the photo reproduced above, of the “propeller-monstrance” used in Fatima last weekend and carried by the Evil Clown himself.

What immediately strikes me as evident is not the ugliness of the design, but the banalisation of the object and, by reflection, the downplaying of its sacred content. Vatican II and, the more so, its latest version on steroids, aims at taking the divine out of the Church. In the same way as Francis keeps insulting the Blessed Virgin as an ignorant girl of the people, which not only banalises but outright protestantises the way the Church sees the Blessed Virgin, he does the same with this monstrance; which, though certainly made of silver, could be any frame of a domestic clock for people who never learned subtlety.

The design wants to be everyday decoration. The material wants to look like everyday metal. There is nothing here of the exceptional effort, immediately visible to the onlooker, that said “the importance of what is contained here is such that no contained could be too precious”. No, this here looks like an Ikea wall clock that has been dismounted to put a huge host in its place.  

The sabotaging of everything that the Church is and believes is not only made of off-the-cuff speeches and heretical homilies. It is also visual as visible symbols are very apt to convey theological meanings, a fact of which the Church has made the most wonderful use during the centuries. These visual symbols are now demolished one by one: banal and horrible croziers, the demise of the tiara or the sedia gestatoria, the refusal to wear appropriate papal dresses and, now, the extreme banalisation of even the monstrance containing the Blessed Sacrament. It starts with communion in the hand, it ends with the Ikea monstrance.  

To Francis and his people nothing is sacred. Everything must be banalised and reduced to your everyday experience. The Blessed Virgin didn’t know what was happening. She was, perhaps, angry at God under the Cross. Laudetur Jesus Christus must be substituted for buonasera.  The Blessed Sacrament is shown in an Ikea decoration article. 

But woe to the one who builds a wall to keep illegals and criminals out. 







Rabbi (Way) More Catholic Than The Pope



Gloria TV  reports a surreal interview with, of all people, a US Rabbi giving The Francis and the entire Conciliar church a lesson in Catholicism. 

You might say that this is an infidel and that he should convert first, but this is not the issue. The issue is that the decay of the Catholic Church and “the dismantling of the Catholic faith in the aftermath of the [second] Vatican council” is now so evident, so blatantly obvious that even a Rabbi can easily recognise and denounce it whilst looking with some longing (of sort) at the proud, uncompromising church of the past. Strangely, all the while hordes of flip-flop clad Catholics keep clapping and applauding in the church as they feel so, so good for having showed up at the self-celebratory gathering. 

At some point the heresies and blasphemies of Francischurch will be visible from Mars. For the moment, they are visible even to people capable of denying the divinity of Our Lord.

It is as if a policeman were so astonishingly corrupt that even the criminals lament the good old times of the honest cop, when the world still followed its own God-given order.






Keep It Simple

noose (2)

Every now and then I read strange stories about executions in the US. Things like executions being “rushed through” because the substance used to execute the criminal is about to expire.

It all seems absurd to me. 

It is as if a criminal had a sort of right to be executed in the most painless, safe, clinically proven method possible. Such a right has never existed, not should it. 

Either it is unjust to condemn a criminal to the death penalty, or it isn’t. Catholic doctrine has always said it is justified when the circumstances are sufficiently serious. That’s it. Besides the obvious necessity of not choosing a method unnecessarily painful, there is no obligation to go the extra ten miles to make the experience of being executed extremely complicated and extremely expensive, by the way offering to the defence attorneys countless ways to try to delay the (allegedly) inevitable.

In more Christian times all these problems did not exist.  One got either shot or hanged, and that was that. In the Papal States, civilians normally got hanged, though apparently it was not always that way (Tosca‘s Cavaradossi gets a firing squad for an execution that should be fake, but isn’t; it might be poetic licence as he wasn’t a military man, I don’t know). 

Either way, it wasn’t very long, and anyone who wanted to avoid the short suffering that was necessary merely had to avoid being executed. Often, the criminal would die instantly or almost instantly. But honestly, it isn’t too much to ask, say, a murderer to wait thirty second before dying. Tough luck, boy (or girl). You should have thought about it before.

In the Age of Effeminacy, this seems to be too much.  The entire kindergarten assembles and decides what is the absolutely darnedest safest way to execute one. Why?

Murder = noose. This is what the kindergarten needs to be told. In the Papal States, young boys were made to assist to public executions, and no Nazi social worker crying “child abuse” in sight. 

You see a man being hanged. It sits. Which is exactly what is supposed to happen. 

Life is a simple thing, but the loss of faith makes everything complicated. Suddenly innocent children can be murdered in the womb in the most atrocious way, but condemned criminals have every right to the most immaculate white gloves, foxes become more precious that babies, and the planet God has created becomes endangered by one of his most diffused components, which is most certainly not a pollutant.


Let us learn from our very Catholic forefathers, and from our extremely saintly  Popes of the past.

Get a noose and a priest, and be done with it.


Dilbert Blasphemes Climate Change

Oh my, I hope Scott Adams goes around armed….


The Queen Of Vatican Communications

Below Father Martin has a list of very correct things said about him. I wanted to share this as, seen that Father Martin wants the world to know what kind of tool he is, I thought I would help him. However, notice that I do not approve of the use of the word “gay” to mean a sodomite. 

This disgraceful individual, this pathetic queen in priestly clothes, truly embodies everything that is wrong with FrancisChurch. 

Pray for his immortal soul, that he may avoid burning in hell forever. 

Just avoid betting your pint that he will. 



The Ass Dressed In White



It is reported by Rorate Caeli (with the text to prove it) that the Evil Clown is going to refer himself as the “Bishop dressed in white” of the famous “third secret” of Fatima.

The mind boggles. And, actually, laughs a bit, too.

In my eyes one of the following is happening:

1. The Blessed Virgin appeared to Francis and told him he is the Bishop dressed in White.

No, really. Just kidding…

2. Francis has no idea what he is talking about.

This is the most probable. It's also very, very frequent.

3. Francis wants to style himself as a sort of martyr in waiting.

This is, however, too stupid even for him.

I'll go for 2. then.

See blog post title.



Lock Her Up, Mr President!


The welcome firing of Mr Comey from the head of the FBI opens a number of interesting scenarios. It appears evident (to me, at least) that Trump waited to fire the dolt until it became very clear that by doing so he was not hampering an investigation against him. This is why in the short, brutal letter communicating the dismissal, Trump states that Comey told him three times (how biblical, by the way) he was not being investigated. 

It is also evident (because it appears in the letters of the AG and, much more in detail, of the deputy AG) that the way Comey handled the investigation against Hitlery was instrumental in Sessions & Co.’s decision the man is just unfit for the job.

Well, with a smart AG and an FBI deprived of the swamp at its very top it is now the perfect time to put the foot on the gas pedal concerning not only the server (how much we do not know yet about that? Are we really sure Mr Weiner’s laptop did not have more compromising material?) but also the pay-for-play system of the two Clinton foundations. This here is just an appetiser. This is a gigantic swamp waiting to be drained.

Then there would be the matters of the leaks, of the unmasking of US names facilitated by Obama officials, and of the Obama-sponsored wire tapping of Trump communications. These are all issues that will certainly benefit from having a man at the top of the FBI interested in draining the swamp rather than be a part of it.       

Let me close with a couple of ancillary observations: 

  1. Once again, we see here Trumpism at work. He could have fired Comey on the 20 January. He waited for the time that appeared right to him. This man is not in the least as impulsive as his tweets make him appear. 
  2. Trump is walking testosterone. He knew the decision to fire Comey would cause a huge amount of fake indignation in all those who wanted Comey to be fired when it did not suit them. The man not only is not afraid, but attacks frontally with several tweets after firing Comey. The next years will be such fun I literally can’t wait.


The Ass That Keeps On Braying, And How To Deal With It.

Be docile to the Spirit (that is: to my heresies!)....

I am at times – like, I suspect, many – tempted to just ignore Francis. It's not only that the man is so boringly repetitive. It is that one tends to think at times that the entire planet has had enough of this ever-talking man and the best thing to do is to help the world forget his miserable existence.

However, I then reflect that, much as the world has already suffered Francis Overload, the man is still the Pope and will therefore always get more resonance boxes than we would like. There is, in fact, an entire industry – made of Catholic magazines and, in some Countries, Catholicism sections of big newspapers – literally living out of what the Vatican does and the Pope says, and they will not let Francis go unnoticed no matter how many heresies he can spout in one day.

Therefore, it behooves us to do our best so that Francis' heresies, sacrileges, and assorted stupidities be exposed again and again, untiringly. If the man has decided that he has nothing better to do than to promote heresy, we must have nothing better to do than to expose it.

But this is just half of the story and, as I have already done in the past, I must stress another important ingredient in the fight against heresy: the utter demolition and complete destruction of the man's reputation.

Heresy is not only fought with rational (and obvious) arguments about the sanctity of marriage, the importance and meaning of the Sacraments, or the spotlessness of the Blessed Virgin. Heresy is also fought by ridiculing the heretic, exposing his evil dumbness for all the world to see. If we want the Papacy to be upheld, it is necessary that such an insult to the Papacy be utterly and completely insulted, annihilated, incinerated, made the butt of jokes the Catholic world over.

Whatever traction Francis still might have with low-information, low-IQ, high-excuse “faithful” (invaluable immortal souls, all of them, no matter how dumb) is due to the pussyfooting of too many critics towards Francis. If the criticism of Francis had been robustly offensive since, say, 2014 at the very latest, we would today experience a far more discredited Pope.

Ridicule is an extremely powerful weapon. Calling an idiot an idiot is a true wake-up call for many who are slumbering. Disabuse the people around you of the “but he is the Pope” emergency exit. Go all over him with the steamroller. Leave no doubt whatever in your listener as to what you think. Your words as a devout Catholic will carry more weight in those who know you than forty BBC pro-Francis reportings.

Therefore, my suggestion to you is:

1. Never tire of countering Francis.

2. Incinerate the man with everyone you can reach.

Francis is in total opposition to Catholicism, and a massive insult to the Papacy. If you want to defend the institution, you must attack its enemy.

Keep braying, old lewd man.

We are ready.







The Dumb Pretender

Pope Francis will be in Fatima on Saturday for the obvious celebration of the centenary of the first apparition of Our Lady to the three children. Whilst it was obvious the man would travel, I cannot avoid finding his presence in Fatima an insult to the Blessed Virgin.

Reading about an anti-Catholic Pope insulting Catholics and Catholicism from one of the places not only most sacred to millions of them, but most closely linked to the sanely conservative Catholic movement will be the last unreal episode in an unreal papacy. Brezhnev himself, coming to preach communism, would not have been a worse insult than this old lewd man, who will preach something very similar to Brezhnev anyway.

Francis will fly to Fatima and will, for the umpteenth time, spread his satanical “gospel according to Juan Peron”.

Countless faithful bloggers, and a handful of journalists, will counter word for word.

It is a safe bet that no bishop or Cardinal will have anything to object.

It may seem to the superficial that the man is getting his way, but I disagree. The strategy is dumb. Francis can never win with a frontal attack against two thousand years of tradition. He can deceive those who want to be deceived, and try with unconfessed uneasiness to tell themselves that they will be fine when they die, because they are following the Pope. But they all know, to the last one, what is truth and what is lie.

Also, the voices of opposition to this shameless circus are countless, and getting better known to the mainstream as the scandal increases. Some of them will tire, some will die, some might even move to the dark side of FrancisChurch. But the others will go on, and they will see Francis to his tomb all right.

This will never be a winning strategy. It is too blunt, too obvious, too damn stupid. It is a wrecking ball impossible not to notice. It is unavoidable that, in time, the wrecking ball be destroyed and the reconstruction started.

If Francis had been smart, he would have used a much lighter, subtler approach, leaving it to his successors to continue the insidious work of destruction. But Francis is dumb, vain, and petty. He wants the limelight for himself. He does not even seem to care of the contempt of Catholics, because they are people he despises. He cares for the applause of his own buddies: the atheists, the wordly, the adulterers, the leftists, the perverts, the dirty souls of all varieties. So what if his work will fail one day. This does not seem one believing in life after death. He is not concerned with what happens after he has died. He wants to drink from the chalice of easy popularity as long as he lives.

Francis in Fatima is, firstly, an offence to the Blessed Virgin. Secondly, it is a spit in the face of orthodox Catholics. But it is also a surreal joke, an utterly ridiculous freak show made of clowns dressing in black, purple, red and white.

Dumb, vain, and petty. You can only destroy so much with such an attitude.

Make no mistake: the Chuch will swallow this clown whole.



Never Tire Of Winning: Federal Judges


Donald Trump is certainly not perfect, but he is the gift that keeps on … winning.

The recent decision to appoint ten federal judges of various types – all of them in the mould of Judge Gorsuch – shows once again that the man is serious about the return of sanity in the American judicial courts. The number of vacancies is higher than normal, in part no doubt because Obama lost control of the Senate and preferred to wait rather than appoint decent judges. Trump's victory and (narrow) majority in the Senate now allows him to help shape the federal courts for decades to come, through the appointment of young judges with impeccable credentials.

This is another example of how important Trump's victory was not only for the United States, but for Western Civilisation and Christianity in general. We are winning in so many ways that we should count our blessings instead of moaning of what is going slower than we expected.

Remember the sanctimonious Judases? No doubt, they will never be happy. They have decided never to be, lest it sullies their sanctimonious feelings of utter superiority to us mere, corrupt, compromising mortals.

Idiots and traitors. They must be despised now that we have won just the same as if we had lost. They are the scum of Catholicism. I wish we could have a Clinton administration applying only to them.

Yes, not all is perfect. Yes, the daughter and son-in-law are bad influences. Yes, there are people around Trump who try to steer him in the homo globalist direction.

But look at how smart the man is. Is he not delivering way, way more than any other candidate would have done? How realistic is it that, after building half his electoral campaign of the wall, he will cave on it? I'd say he will rather bide his time and then go nuclear on the RINOs, and this is one I would not want to have against me come primary time. How realistic is it that, after clearly ending the War on Coal, he will cave in on the Paris treaty? He will rather use it to expose the stupidity and anti-American attitude of the Obama administration. I have watched his 100 days Pennsylvania rally in its entirety, and I had never seen anything like that since the time of Thatcher and Reagan.

He promised the wall once again, by the way. Just in case the Doubting Thomases got nervous.

In the meantime the wall is being planned, the judges are being appointed, the economy is profiting from a new optimism, the health reform is going forward, the tax reform might do the same too, the ISIS is being bombed, North Korea is being tackled, the pipelines are going forward, the TPP is dead, Canada can't cheat on timber and milk derivative anymore, mining has a future again, I am sure I am forgetting a lot.

And then there is the elementary matter of freedom. It is easy to forget how important first and second amendment are when… they are not in danger anymore. Soon even the Sanctimonious Judases will pretend not to know – or will want you to forget – that they were fully ok with both of them being endangered and possibly hollowed out in ways never seen before, as they revel in their Schadenfreude. It truly seems that there is a particularly poisonous category of idiot that will only be satisfied when he, and all those around him, are miserable.

Never tire of winning. Enjoy these years, and do your utmost that they may go on for as long as possible. And not expect perfection.

Expect victory after victory, and a country recovered to sanity both for its own sake and for the sake of the Western Country looking at it for guidance (and protection).



France Is Not Ready: Say Hello To President Creep

I suggest you abandon hope now that Le Pen may become the next French President. Instead we will get a creep who has basically married his mother with another face. 24 years of age difference. Apparently they met when he was 15 and she 39 and, the times being what they are, it is reasonable to assume they had sex at that respective age. In England, a teacher can go to jail for that. In France, a teacher becomes the First Grandma. Not saying a criminal offence was committed. But again it tells you one thing: creepy.

The French will choose the Creep rather than listening to reason because this Country still has far too many leftists (and even outright Communists) to allow it to look at reality straight in the face. It's very sad, and it means that France (and other EU Countries) will have to suffer many, many more murders before coming back to sanity. It also means that the EU will not be given de coup de grâce today, albeit the EU has already developed a malignant tumour that will not fail to kill it several years down the line.

Brexit will be a success whilst the EU Countries quarrel on debts, monetary politics and refugee politics. The immense, expensive, fraudulent big brother machine that is the EU will be exposed as a failed dream of bureaucratic autoritarian heathenism and, at the same time, German dominance over the rest of Europe. The EU is in the death row already.

Still, the execution will not be today. Too many in France are still part of the problem.

This bubo will have to grow and become very, very ugly to behold before it all ends in a messy, nasty explosion. The French contribute, today, to its further growth.

Congratulation to Le Pen for her well-conducted campaign. I wish she weren't divorced twice, though this would not have prevented me from voting for her. I can't escape the impression that a candidate with exactly the same platform and a different family name and party would have fared better in the second round.

One thing I can say of Macron: with this chap, no one has to fear there will be “grab them by the p@ssy” tapes coming out.



Never Tire Of Winning: Repealing And Replacing Obamacare

I was writing just yesterday my forecast that at some point, Trump would manage to broker a viable solution for the repeal and replacement of Obamacare. Apparently, in those same hours a new vote was announced, and the new law obtained a majority in the House today, allegedly with further improvements now expected from the Senate round.

Whilst I am confident this will pass at some point, I will rejoice after the new legislation is definitively passed.

But I can already tell you this: where Paul “UniParty' Ryan failed miserably, twice, Donald Trump has managed to broker a solution that satisfies the Freedom Caucus (and therefore us) whilst not losing the numerous Cuckservatives sadly still present in the House. The Art of the Deal, indeed!

Note how shrewdly the man makes the best of what he has (he does not have a conservative majority in the House, merely a Republican one) and achieves the double objective of making Ryan look like the incompetent cuck he is whilst showing excellent skills in obtaining what can be obtained and reconciling apparently unreconcilable differences.

Also note this: Trump seems to always have the end result in mind. In order to achieve it, he will always be able to make partial concessions or sacrifices down the way. But the final objective he will pursue with grim determination.

As in this case here. Trump let Ryan smash his project against a wall. Then he picked the pieces, put them together, improved them and got House approval for it. Trump looks as statesmanlike as he deserves, Ryan looks like the cuck he is.

This will take more time but I am confident it will succeed. God willing, the 2018 mid-term elections will give the US a real conservative majority and safer number in the Senate. Then we will see a further improvement of this law.

Never tire of winning.


Never Tire Of Winning: Justice Neil Gorsuch And The Future Of The Supreme Court

Folks, things are going fine.

Read here a detailed report about the exemplary behaviour of justice Neil Gorsuch in his first month at the Supreme Court. You could not wish for better reassurance.

Stop for a moment now, and think what a threat to the entire Western Civilisation we would have been witnessing now if Hitlery had been elected, and had managed to have someone in the mould of the lesbian Kagan appointed. Not impossible to do at all, with 48 votes assured and no scarcity of RINO sellouts.

The appointment of Gorsuch alone is, quite likely, the defining moment of Trump's first term. More important than even the wall. I can only hope and pray that Kennedy decides to announce his retirement next month (as widely rumoured), and I am confident Trump would give us another candidate just as good: an event, this, also extremely important as it would tip the scale in favour of sanity for a long time. Kennedy proved a solemn disappointment, and I am sure the Gipper has rolled in his tomb many times.

If you really want to dream, I authorise you to wonder about the health of Bader Ginsburg, the now 84 years old non-observant liberal Jewess (I wonder how you can have better credentials as a hater of Christian societies and institutions).

Not wishing her death, of course.

God forbid.

Perish the thought.

She can always retire. But at 84 and expecting two terms for Trump I think the old woman will need a certain amount of stamina to make it through 2023 (expect no appointment if she dies in the election year).

Trump's victory already gave us a huge gift in the form of Gorsuch. More may happen. Actually, it is not unthinkable at all that Trump will appoint three judges during his first term alone. That would be more winning, and even more winning.

Never tire of winning. Never tire of thanking God that Hitlery didn't make it. Enjoy the awful lot that you already have and push together with Donald Trump to enjoy what you don't have yet.

It will not be all roses. But in comparison to a Clinton win it will look like the Garden of Eden every single day.



Religious Liberty And The Trump Way

President Donald Trump is about to sign an order on religious liberty protecting Christians from the Gaystapo.

On this, as on much else, there had been rumours Trump was going to renege on his promises. On this, as on much else, Trump will prove he can deliver.

However, it's fair to say we must all get accustomed to Trump's style. He invites Mitt “Meow” Romney to talks for a possible job as Secretary of State : it takes weeks for the world to understand he was simply mocking and humiliating the poor idiot. He appears to favour Ryancare and to want it passed, it takes weeks for the world to understand he did not want to be accused of sabotaging Ryan and was going for the best possible outcome for him (Ryan smashes against the wall, and can't accuse him of anything) or for the second best (Ryancare passes and Trump has merely helped the guy to get something done). Then we will, one day, have another version, that passes, and Trump will get all the merit for stepping up to the plate and doing the job for the incompetent cuck. Boy, this one is a smart cookie.

Trump has a strange style. He isn't there for the fast win. He doesn't care what you think of him today provided he has his eyes focused on his objectives. Those who think he will be caving in on the wall just make me smile. He doesn't need the funding now, and prefers to eat his enemy one bite at a time. Gingrich tried the total war and lost. Trump isn't acting without thinking. Trump is the “art of the deal”, not the Samurai type.

The executive order on religious liberty will probably not be as though as the draft, though politico & Co. have all interest to cry wolf. But again, what has not come now will come later. It isn't smart to think Trump will compromise what has brought him to victory to please little darling daughter and son-in-law, and all those people ranting against whom got him elected.

At the same time, you must not expect a Crusader or an ideological fighter. Trump is a businessman, not a warrior. He is good at extracting all he can (and some more) when he can, with patience or with vengeance according to the situation on the ground.

The “Trump Way” will not please us always. He will not deliver on everything. He will drive us mad at times (Romney? Really??!!); but there is logic and purpose in what he does, and he will end up doing enormously better than every Clinton, Romney or McCain would have done.

Those who are most disappointed in him are those who have thought “America First” meant brutal Isolationism no matter what, or those who thought they had found the Spotless Crusader. Unrealistic positions both.

Three months later, Trump has already delivered Gorsuch, which is huge, and has taken decisive action in many other areas (from the TPP to the coal industry, from the pipelines to North Korea, from Syria to the Canadian wood and milk; this without counting the executive orders battled by absurdly politicised judicial activists). The future already looks much different than if Hitlery had won, and Gorsuch's appointment alone takes care of that.

My suggestion: keep calm and trust the Donald.


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