O Tannenbaum

Killing Babies, The Conservative Way

Unknown to many even in Europe, Northern Ireland has resisted the abortion madness until the Year of the Lord 2019, when the Government of the allegedly conservative Theresa May tried to force them to. The degree of autonomy enjoyed by Northern Ireland would have allowed them to reject the measure, but as the locals are deeply divided and actually not making their legislative chamber work, the measure passed.

The local medical personnel is now fighting for at least conscientious objection, which the allegedly conservative Theresa May obviously denied them. This gives you the measure of the scale of evil currently pervading the so called conservative mainstream, now reduced to a movement aimed at paying some less taxes whilst they unquestionably sanction everything from abortion to institutionalised sexual perversion.

We now have a Prime Minister with a fresh, very strong mandate. If the guy has conservative blood in his veins, he will intervene to at least protect the rights of coscentious objectors. If he (as I deeply fear) is just another little prostitute with his finger in the air, trying to gauge where the blind blows, he will likely be in trouble anyway as many doctors and nurses choose to leave the profession – and may the Lord reward them richly for it – rather than serving their Nazi masters.

Yes, we have just avoided falling in the hands of rabid Communists. But this here is a very sober reminder that whilst the situation has not become worse, it is still dire.

Pray for the good doctors and nurses of Northern Ireland.

The allegedly conservative Government wants to force them to kill babies.

Good King Wenceslas

Two Peas In A Pod

Retard Thunberg advocated for putting politicians “on the wall”, then said she did not mean to mean what she actually meant, then decided she will take holidays from not going to school, because those catamaran holidays are so stressy, you know.

She shows all the symptoms of FrancisDisease: extemporaneous blubbering without a brain to support the activity, self-pitying and public emphases on how hard you work for humanity, unquestioning belief that the world has absolute need of your contribution. If she only went around looking for wheelchairs, she could be suspected to be the fruit of some Francis’ late-age indiscretion.

It is not difficult to understand how these two are two peas in a pod. But whilst Greta has an admitted mental condition that warps her understanding of the world (no excuse, of course: if you know that your brain doesn’t work properly, stop telling other people how to use theirs), Francis’ rants seem to be the fruit of a set of conditions: arrogance, self-centredness to the point of obsession, air-tight lack of faith and, clearly, lack of basic intelligence.

Greta is getting out of the way for Christmas.

Dear holy farter, could you be so kind and do the same?

Hark The Herald Angels Sing

White Christmas

Angels From The Realms Of Glory

Three Abject Losers

It was glorious. It was like a replay of that night in June 2016, or of the sleepless  night I spent watching Trump triumph.

At 10 PM, the Exit Polls emitted a clear verdict: a Tory victory closely resembling a landslide. But exit polls can be insidious, and I told my old heart to just wait and see how the night goes.

The night did not disappoint, and the blows came fast and hard for the Communist Party of Britain, aka Labour. It went on all night, with the other Public Enemy, Mssss Jo Swinson, managing to not be elected in her own constituency: a defeat and humiliation of historic proportion. She had bragged about her chances of becoming Prime Minister. Snowflake Generation has no contact with reality.

During the night, I had a long time to reflect.

The young and not very smart leader of the Lib Dems has not a little in common with the Evil Clown, the holy farter, the prophet of Pachamama. The arrogance of thinking that they know best, think best and are best is common to both of them. The low degree of intelligence and an uncanny inability to understand how much they embarrass themselves when they open their mouth is another one. Francis is, to his great luck, not exposed to such polling. But Swinson is, and her party had to witness, during the weeks of the campaign, how the more the public knew their new leader, the less they liked her: dragging down the entire party, who had made a heavy image and propaganda investment on her (predictably, “first female here”, “first female” there).

They also both share the unbelievable arrogance of insulting their own constituents: Francis with his pretence of teaching a new religion, Swinson with the chuzpah of openly proclaiming that she, as a Prime Minister (I would not be surprised she believed she could really do it. As I write this, the LibDems are at 11 MPs out of 650, and she is not one of them!), would just have ignored and nullified the will of the people. Democracy a la carte.

Shut up, children. Jo Swinson knows best.

Still, I see the greater resemblance with Francis in the other, even greater loser of the night: comrade Jeremy Corbyn.

Resentful, acidic, promoter of a politics of blank envy, raw hatred and shameless handout politics, Corbyn is the third in a trio that sees Maduro and Francis as the other two proponents of Unlimited Envy as a viable political message. They have lost Morales recently, and I am sure both suffered greatly for it. Corbyn’s rhetoric was just as openly, unashamedly stupid as Francis’, both in his communist ideals (these people wanted to nationalise parts of the communication industry, besides launching a raft of anti-capitalism initiatives really hard to believe) and in his shameless appeal to the Muslim vote. It is, I dare say, clear at this point that Corbyn allowed anti-Semitism in his own party to go unchallenged – and fuelled it himself, notwithstanding the many formal protestations – on purpose, in order to excite and mobilise the “militant” Muslim vote. A huge “wink-wink” exercise was going on, by which Corbyn pretended to distance himself form anti-semitism and support of Hamas, whilst quietly asking his Muslim, and especially Arab Muslim voters to pay attention and draw the conclusions.

It failed gloriously. Both Swinson and Corbyn now see their political career in tatters. Swinson might never recover and, bar exceptional efforts at networking and rich protectors, will likely end up as a third-rate journalist, or cashier at Tesco’s, before long.  Corbyn is a far more rooted, navigated politician, and he will resume, from his safe seat in rich Islington, the role he had for many years: leftists firebrand and outright emmerdeur. He has been refining the role for decades now, he’ll do that in his sleep. If we are lucky, he will also destroy the entire party in the process, because he seems intentioned to try to have Corbynism survive Corbyn, with a bloody civil war inside Labour not improbable at all.

Bergoglio, Corbyn, Swinson.

Three faces of the same stupidity. Three example of suicidal arrogance.

But most of all, three abject losers.

We Three Kings

Retard Of The Year

The Great Cretin has obtained the highest honour a stupid, faithless, obsessed world can bestow to her beside the Nobel Prize: the “Man of the Year” award from Time Magazine.

People in Hong Kong are risking their lives to fight an oppressive Communist dictatorship, but the fantasies of the champagne-sipping, jet-flying bourgeoisie of this XXI Century are more important than freedom.

This clearly underendowed, but extremely arrogant girl, who is not attending school for who knows which fake reason, will now make another step forward towards her probable end: madness, addiction, or suicide. Such is, all too often, the destiny of people with not enough brain to understand that they are not special, the world does not revolve around them, and the media industry will ditch them very promptly when a new, fresher, more promising circus attraction has been found.

Nor do I find any reason to justify or absolve this monstrously arrogant girl. She is old enough and, whatever her mental (never a word was more approptiate) challenges, aware enough to know better, and she doubles down on her arrogant insistence of being heard with her even more arrogant insolence of talking everybody down. Princess Retard certainly makes no compromises with us, the thinking proles.

I am very glad that I have stolen her dreams. What is a dream to her is an Orwellian nightmare to sane thinking, hard walking folks. She will spend her next years in an unreal mixture of adulation, exploitation and, most of all, manipulation, until the devastating moment when she realises that she was nothing more than the useful idiot of industrial groups and political schemers.

I will not cry when she crushes under the burden. At seven, and certainly at ten, a child can commit a mortal sin. At her age, she is supposed to realise not only the vast stupidity, but – and this grates me the most – the astonishing arrogance of a young woman thinking that the entire world owes her obedience.

Go away, you and your dreams, Greta.

You are just a stupid, arrogant, blind tool of people much more intelligent than you, but with the same lack of shame.

Bianco Natale

O Come, All Ye Faithful

Clown The Older And Clown The Younger

The appointment of Cardinal Tagle to the Congregation for Evangelization is another of those involuntarily funny moments of this clown papacy: incompetent faithless leftist appoints another incompetent faithless leftist to do something in which neither of them believes.

Still, the appointment will allow both to virtue signal like there is no tomorrow (I actually hope that, for Francis, there will be no tomorrow), and fly around the world in order to tell us Catholics how very, very bad we are. It is as if we were the forced public of these two clowns, and not allowed to leave the big, rainbow-coloured circus tent until they both do us the favour and die.

Still, I for myself will refuse to stay seated, even if I actually have a life subscription. I will leave the circus (not the Church) and insistently refuse to pay any attention to what Clown the Younger and Clown the Older are doing; which is, by the way, the reason why I ignore that lewd man’s now almost daily antics anyway.

I suggest you contribute to the work of evangelization by utterly ignoring these two abject scoundrels and frauds. If will be not only a feat much appreciated in heaven, but also a useful exercise in the disgraceful case that Tagle is appointed as Francis II The Stupidly Smiling, the successor of the Evil Clown Of The Great Mess.

You don’t want to see that stupid, forced smile for the rest 40 years, do you?

Away In A Manger

The Blessed And The Buffoon

I would like to say a word about the controversy surrounding Fulton Sheen’s beatification.

Yes, I am disgusted by the behaviour of, as it is clear enough, Cupich & Co. Yes, I think the reasons adducted for the freeze are stupid and very short-legged. Yes, I think this is, in abstract, a shame.

Still: who wants a good guy to be beatified by this clown? How does this serve the cause of sanity?

Archbishop Sheen’s beatification would only confuse the (very) simple, insinuating in them the doubt that, if Francis did the right thing on this, he might actually be doing the right thing on other issues, too.

This is why I am terrified that Francis might actually proceed to the Beatification not only of Fulton Sheen, but of Pius XII, too!

Look: no sane Catholic needs this lewd cretin, this vulgar commie, this shameless buffoon for anything. There is nothing useful he can give to a faithful Catholic. It is, actually, better that he keeps doing and saying stupid things all the time, without the occasional sensible beatification.

The man will die. God willing, he will not see Christmas. Otherwise, it will be a bit later. But he is 83, overweight, without half a lung, and accustomed to fits of rage. It looks like this clown will not run his circus for very long; and if he does, it looks like he will make himself more and more ridiculous as years go by.

Being beatified by Pachamama Francis sounds almost like an insult.

I honestly can do without all day long.

Oh Holy Night

O Little Town Of Bethlehem

The Problem With Offsetting

So young, but already such a bitch….


I honestly thing this article got it wrong. Offset, if it is really carried out, does not reduce your emissions, but it does offset them. If (and this is a big “if”) I plant enough trees that they compensate for the CO2 I produce, then I have not reduced, but I have offset.

Still, I have two problems with the concept of offsetting through the oh so beautiful planting of trees. The first concerns the working of plants in itself, and the second the consequences of offsetting on a planetary scale.

Firstly: how would it work, exactly? I am not an expert, but I remember from school time that plants emit CO2 in the night. Not sure about the entire percentages, but it looks like every plant, by and large, offsets in some measure (probably not a small one) its own oxygen emissions during the day with CO2 emissions during the night. Plus, a lot of the difference likely goes in the plant itself, which at some point will die or burn, offsetting a lot of C02 from actually decomposing. When you net the effect of both nocturnal CO2 production and the CO2 trapped in the plant (which will be released in the atmosphere, one way or the other, again one day) I fail to see the great advantage here.

Still, let us imagine that I am wrong in this, and – summa summarum – the planting of trees does produce a great net benefit in the production of oxygen, or the decreasing of carbon dioxide.

In this case, one of two must be true:

  1. The planting does work, and work in such an efficient manner that this can be the remedy for the alleged problem of growing CO2 emissions. Why, then, is this not the emergency, instead of changing our way of life? Why are not all environmental organisations of this planet pushing for the planting of trees in China (an extremely cheap measure seeing the labour cost over there) instead of curbing the lifestyle of us Westerners?
  2. The planting does not work for whatever reason. Why, then, do enviroNazis allow the very concept of offset to be advertised and sold, no doubt at a healthy, capitalistic profit?  If global warming is a global problem, that offsetting can never address, then it is only a feel-good excuse, no doubt profiting those who actually claim “emergency” in some way or other.

Of course, this is all bollocks anyway. The Lord in His wisdom could never have made a planet that suffers from more of His children being born and living an innocent, sinless life. Similarly, it is stupid to think that an omnipotent God is fooled by cars’ and aeroplanes’ emissions of a perfectly natural and non toxic element, unless we all follow Greta Thunberg, who clearly is smarter than Him. 

And this, my friend, is at the root of the issue.

A stupid world, that has forgotten God, thinks that it can understand the way Creation works; and when people forget God, they start doing a lot of stupid things.


In The Bleak Midwinter

‘Tis The Season To Be…. Watchful


The Advent is on us again and, like every year, countless people flock to the mulled wine stands, still enjoying the Christmas atmosphere though many of them certainly either do not believe in Christ, or don’t care.

In the last years, the tradition of Christmas Market has seen another popular usage rapidly establishing itself: the attempted massacre. Last year, five were killed in Strasbourg, and in Berlin in 2016 twelve were the victims of a joyful encounter of different people and different cultures. Modern Christmas Markets have anti-terror barriers, to remind everyone that the attack on Christianity has already begun, and this is only the start.

You would think the voters would learn. Well, some do. But it’s a darn slow process.

I doubt it will ever end, at least in the decades to come. The Christmas Market is destined to be a symbol of the way we, the Christians, are being attacked in our own Countries.

I would like to say “be vigilant”, and certainly it is good to be watchful. But the best think to do when visiting a Christmas market is likely an Act of Contrition, as sincere as you can muster.

There aren’t many ways to avoid the impact of an exploding Joyous Encounter Bomb after all.


God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen

The First Nowell

Peasants Discussing Nuclear Fission


There is online one of the endless articles addressing the constant decline of the Church in Germany. 

As everything that comes from the CNN, the article is unable to even begin to explain what the author is talking about, because the author does not understand jack of Catholicism and thinks that the crisis in the Church is due to factors like the scandals in themselves, rather than focusing on the causes of the scandals (abandonment of God, of liturgy, and of tradition, and infestation of the Church with homosexual priests). Reading the article is like reading XVIII Century peasants discuss nuclear fission.

Still, this is not what I want to direct your attention to. What I want to direct your attention to is this snippet:

Christian Bauer, a theology professor at the Innsbruck University, said the issues the conference will discuss are not new.
“How is power checked and balanced in the church, how can we go beyond the homophobic and misogynist church… all these are old issues, but they became urgent in a new way since the abuse crisis have started,” he told CNN.
You couldn’t make it up.
The Church in Germany is plagued by homosexual priests, and the conveniently picked “theologian” clearly thinks that the answer is… more homosexual priests in the Church besides more sodomy in the German society at large.
Boy, I’d like to know for which team this guy bats…
The article describes the Church in Germany as “headless chicken”, because the author does not understand anything of Catholicism and must attribute the crisis to a kind of lack of managerial guidance. How typical of these fools. If they had an ounce of Catholicism in them, they would all understand (priests, bishops, theologians, journalists) that the crisis in the Church in Germany is due to 1) lack of Catholicism and 2) sexual perversion, and that the two actually go hand in hand and interact every day in the wider picture of the Church in this extremely troubled XXI Century.
It truly is appalling to see so-called professionals either not understanding anything of what they are writing about, or – which I don’t think is the case, but would be even worse – understanding and wilfully trying to divert the attention from the crisis of Catholicism to a sort of policy or governance issue.
The headless chicken are not only in the Church.
They go around writing about Her.





I happened to read, back to back, an article about the flailing campaign of the “Horizontal Senator”, Kamala Harris, and another one about the extremely creepy “blessing” of the holy farter, Francis The Commie Clown; a blessing without Jesus, without cross, without actually even the … blessing, or anything that would actually indicate a Christian, much less a Pope.

It seemed to me that the two stories sent the same warning: evil people are going to lose in the end. Some sooner, and some later. Some after a handful of years in the spotlight, some with only months; but they all lose in the end.

Harris’ campaign is so broke they have not bought tv ads for months now. The internal squabbles are frightful. She lost her key campaigner to Bloomberg, and having put her own sister at the helm of the campaign (note to donors here : the money you give to the campaign will likely be used to cushion family members to a nice, privileged existence) does not seem to have helped, either. She is on her last legs, and is failing miserably even in the State dumb enough to send her to the Senate.

I see a nice parallel here with the Evil Clown. Whilst his job is assured for life (but only because of the cowardice of bishops and cardinals), he will not remain in office for very long, either. Like Kamala, he is now despised by the same people who elected him. Like Kamala, he has lost face, and will never get it back. Like Kamala, he rode a short wave of popularity that persuaded him that he was really the man of the hour, and when he tested his clout he discovered he just doesn’t have any.

Granted: Kamala clearly owes her Senate seat to her prowess in bed, but we don’t know about Francis – though, frankly, by the scale of evil I would not be surprised of that, either -. Also, Francis has a level of shocking dumbness and arrogance that I do not think even Horizontal Kamala can match. Still, whilst their similarity ends at some point, they both epitomize the leftist loser when the world catches up with him.

Harris will soon disappear into presidential oblivion, and I think after this debacle she will not find it easy – her horizontal currency being now devalued – to defend her Senate seat when the time comes.

Francis will, at some point hopefully in the near future, disappear too, and he will likely end in a pit in hell so deep that even the Evil One will struggle to see down there. He will, though, have all the time in hell to do what he likes most: curse and insults everybody as he throws tantrums.

Losers, both of them.

The Holly And The Ivy

Sussex Carol

Francis’ Total Trainwreck

Reader Catholic Muscle has alerted me to this, and it really makes for entertaining reading.

We have here the crumbling of an old, stupid man in front of questions that I would not even define “challenging” (I would call challenging questions like “are you homosexual?” “Are you A Socialist?” “Do you believe in the bodily Resurrection of Our Lord?” “Why did you allow Pachamama on the altar?” “What excuse do you have for not answering the Dubia?” and the like), but that go merely as far as, say, mention a certain Archbishop Vigano’.

Francis, who either was not prepared or, more likely, does not care to even prepare, proceeds to a series of self-goals that would be cringe worthy, if we did not already know the nature, attitude and character of the man.

Before I start, note this: the style, the articulation of this man can be defined “childish” at best, and “stupid” more appropriately. He just cannot talk, because he cannot think. Reading Francis is like reading the rant of some twelve years old who believes himself brilliant, but is mocked by his peers.

On the walls, the man is really so stupid that he wants us to equate a wall built to keep one’s own people prisoner, to the many walls (including his own!) that have always been built to keep the enemy out. Perhaps, at five, a child might struggle to understand the difference. But to make the comparison with adults really shows the stupidity of this sad individual.

On the riches, the man can only spout his trite socialist mantras. To him, it is a problem that there are rich people and, actually, rich people are the reason why there are poor people. Effing Commie. Had he an IQ higher than 22, he would understand that rich people make everybody around them better off. But no, he must be envious of those who had more than him when he grew up and became an adult. Because, my dear reader, you are clearly in front of a professional, lifelong scrounger, who obviously joined an order merely to have a solid, respected position in life, hating the hand that fed him for the majority of his remarkably evil existence.

Then we have “wymyn”, when the Holy Farter cannot see the difference between Christianity and Islam. I truly hope he does not accuse us one day for the women who have to endure genital mutilation. Still, in his usually stupid way, Francis goes for the applause here. Look at me. I am a feminist pope. Isn’t it grand?

It goes worse and worse from there, and I invite you to read the article in its entirety and the excellent arguments, and vast examples of past behaviour, that the always excellent Chris Ferrara makes against the man.

We get here into meltdown territory. We have attempts at self-defence that are so stupid, so childish, so arrogant that one really does not know whether the man is so stupid that he cannot do any better, or is so arrogant that he does not want to even make the effort of being better. 

Towards the end, we have the oh so ‘umble comparison of his ‘umble person with Our Lord. The stupidity and arrogance of this man reach their summit, at least for this interview. Once again, one wonders whether this is a pope or a guy still wearing shorts.

Please make the link posted above circulate. It is good that every Catholic you know sees the level of embarrassment this man subjects himself to, very possibly thinking he has been smart in the process.

This papacy has definitely become what I have been predicting for years: the progressive self-denunciation of a man too stupid, too arrogant, just too damn thick to understand the dig he has worked himself to, and unable to get out of it because unable to think any other way, and unable to show even a microscopic amount of that humility for which he praises himself so highly.

I hope he dies today.

I invite you to pray for this outcome, for the good of the Church we love.





Reasons To be Thankful


I wish with all my heart a happy Thanksgiving to all my (particularly US) readers.

I am reflecting now on the things that I am grateful for. Not to “the world”, or just grateful “in general”. No, I am thinking about what is that I am grateful to God for.

And it seems to me that the thing that, when I am on my death bed (and by extension, on this day), I will be most grateful for is my beautiful Catholic faith. I mean by this the mere fact – utterly unmerited, of course – of being born, baptised, and confirmed a Catholic.

God knows, if I had had the misfortune of being born in a Muslim family, I would now resolutely march towards almost assured damnation. If I had been born in an atheist household, I would likely be in possibly an even worse situation. If I had been born in a Protestant household, unless perhaps a very devout one, my chances of salvation would objectively not be the ones I have now, comfortably resting on the deck of the Barque of Peter.

Yes: the Barque of Peter is dirty, in dire need of maintenance, steered by a vulgar, drunken, cursing helmsman, and unable to stay the course in a halfway decent fashion whilst she is mercilessly shaken by the strong winds and the fierce waves of the secular society. But I know that the barque will never sink, and this is – in the great scheme of things – good enough for me, and a huge blessing.

Therefore, on the day of this beautiful tradition, I will not write about, and will try not to focus on, the thousand problem plaguing the Church, or the latest antics of the holy farter (hat tip to reader Sage Hart for this apposite nickname!).

No: on this day, I will pray my prayers of thanksgiving for the great grace of being a Catholic, and the great comfort of being a member of the One Church, no matter in what shape She may be today. I hope, one day, to be ferried by this Barque safely to ( I think) Purgatory, and from there, one wonderful day, to Heaven.  God has made His Barque such, that the helmsman will never be able to prevent Her from transporting to safety all those who are meant to be saved. On that day, the drunken helmsman will be totally irrelevant.

It is a great grace, to be a Catholic.

Let Francis drown in his own bile. Today, I will focus on the great gift he will never be able, with God’s grace, to take away from me.



Pope Fart Blathers About Atomic Weapons

It is well known that at times, even intelligent people need to adjust to new situations and put them in the proper contest.

When the Brits introduced the Longbow, the effects of its proper use were so devastating that voices were raised, asking to have them banned as contrary to the Doctrine of War. Of course, this was tosh, and common sense soon prevailed.

The same happened again when firearms were invented, and cannons introduced a devastation unknown to all previous generations of Christians. Once again, common sense prevailed in the end.

If, therefore, intelligent people can be taken aback by the invention of new weapons, it is not at all surprising that a stupid man like Francis would, almost three quarters of a century after Hiroshima, still think that atomic bombs are something contrary to Catholic doctrine.

The argument might have deceived even honest hearts in the Forties and Fifties, but it does not make any sense nowadays, when it is clear even to my squirrel that it was exactly atomic weapons that gave us the longest period of peace in the history of the West. Plus, even my squirrel’s buddy knows that, once the cat is out of the bag, you cannot put it back in again. If, say, the United States were to disarm and deprive themselves of atomic weapons, we would all be at the mercy of the first rogue regime who manages to get even rudimentary atomic bombs and rudimentary rockets to deliver them to us. The idea of a world without atomic weapons is, in this day and age, too stupid to even discuss it.

Trust, therefore, Francis to try to look good with this rubbish on his way back from Hiroshima. Francis thinks that it is bad to have atomic weapons. “Your government is bad, dear Brits, Americans and French. You need to disarm yourselves. Otherwise, how will North Korea be able to blackmail you all? They are Commies, you know. Quite after my liking!!”

Pope Francis should be nicknamed Pope Fart, as it seems that nothing else comes out of his three neurons when they start working very hard on something to say on the aeroplane.

As to his new idea that the Catechism should be changed to include his newest fart, one wonders why Pope Woke waited the seventh year of his pontificate to introduce Christianity to this novelty. This is pretty basic stuff. One would imagine that, if this is what he thinks, the issue would be a real emergency to him. But you see, this man decides his priorities as he goes along, and has never been interested in being logical or at least not appear stupid in the least. Plus, he was so busy crushing faithful Catholic orders, you see….

Keep farting, Evil Clown.

At this point, nothing you say has any traction.

It only stinks up the plane.



What Is The Use Of Cardinal Dolan?


Cardinal Dolan has, recently, again refused to excommunicate New York State Governor Mario Cuomo for his murderous – even for abortionists standards – abortion law. His reasoning: If Cuomo is not going to be moved by excommunication, what’s the use?

This logic is very interesting. Let us apply it to other situations of life.

If a thief, or a murderer, or a paedophile, want to continue thieving, or murdering, or raping children, what’s the use of jail sentences? If an adulterer lives in public sin and wants to continue to do so, what is the use of withholding communion and confession?

You might think that Cardinal Dolan is utterly and completely stupid, or that he has forgotten the basics of what he learned, many years ago, in seminary. I disagree with you. Let me give you my take.

Cardinal Dolan has lost his faith a long, long time ago. He does not believe in God. Therefore, he does not believe in the Sacraments. Therefore, he does not believe in the importance of withholding them when necessary, for the sake of the salvation of the person involved and in order to give the faithful reassurance that their pastors take the Sacraments seriously and are still are able to defend the faith.

When even a Protestant pastor publicly calls for a Cardinal to do his job, you know that something has gone terribly wrong. God forbid, this man were to become Pope. We would have a pathetic attempt at a comedy show instead of a Pontificate. Thankfully, it is improbable that a US American be made Pope. For now.

Dolan is sold to the world. He is a mediocre politician with no faith, no morals and no decency. His logic is self-defeating and a travesty of Catholicism. His inaction shames the entire Church. The shame is so obvious and evident, that even heretics must call him to… orthodoxy.

Who made this tool a Bishop? John Paul The Not-So-Great. Who made him Archbishop and Cardinal? Benedict The Coward.

The issues in the Church surely predate Francis. This guy is a perfect example of them.






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