Maundy Thursday Mass: Where’s The Trannie?

The Unholy Father chose another jail for another liturgical abuse. The chosen ones were six men and six women (therefore mercifully correcting Our Lord’s obvious sexism), and in order to give every sniffing pansy his moment of good feeling one of them was a single mother, a shining example of the new Family In The Time Of Mercy.

I missed the homo; which is strange, considering how much The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History loves to be near them. Actually, I missed the Trannie, too, seen that Frankie’s not very delicate sensitivity does not recoil in front of public, unrepented scandal and calls this complicity with abomination “mercy”.

But then I reflect that the Trannie on all Good Friday newspapers must have crossed the mind of Francis, sometime between two big plates of pasta, or whilst waiting for another portion of tiramisu. The fact is, the sheep do not stink enough yet for this. He must keep shitting heresies on them for another year at least; then, perhaps, in 2016 we will have the Trannie in the newspaper, all in tears, praising Francis to the sky for his oh so un-judgemental attitude.

Still, still…

Two years ago, the world stopped and watched a Pope do something so incredibly stupid, and so pleasing to them.

Two years later, they barely notice.

Modernism gets old very fast.


“Catholic? You’re Fired!”

Pat Archbold has been sacked by the National Catholic Register, a publication now officially on its way to becoming as bad as the rag ending with “Reporter” instead of “Register”.

Mr Archbold says he wants to spare us the “gory details”, but they truly aren't difficult to fathom: increasing pressure to conform to the Age Of Madness, and a writer who does not want to betray his Catholicism by doing so.

Mr Archbold says, revealingly enough, that the problems have manifested in the “last two years”, and the reference to The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History could not be more evident. The truth is that the “official” Catholic outlets (all of them: from the Catholic Herald to Radio Maria to the Reporter's owner EWTN, the latter clearly going down the drain fast) have the choice between defending Catholicism and kow-towing to the Age of Madness, and they invariably choose the latter. They are not even lukewarm. They are just plain sold.

I have no doubt about this: if Francis were to die of pasta overdose, and a halfway decent Pope were to be elected in his stance, all those who now sack the Archbolds of the world would suddenly discover a new orthodoxy in them, and would actually vigorously deny they ever departed from it. I pity and despise them.

As the official Catholic space is occupied by sycophants and assorted plate-lickers, orthodoxy will more and more express itself through unofficial channels: the blogs, the discussion boards, the small independent initiatives.

Sooner rather than later, the likes of the “Register” will discover that acquiescence is bad for the business, as people don't need to buy a magazine that has the same crap with which Francis carpet bombs them all the time. Papal and fake-Catholic fluff is available every day for free: why pay for it?

My congratulations to Mr Archbold for choosing to pay a personal price rather kow-tow to the Francis Crowd. I am glad to know this will have little impact on his and his family's finances. Mr Archbold shows that making money from Catholic writing is nothing worthy of censure for him who is steadfast, but also that those who do not get any money from their writing have one problem less. EWTN does not like what they write? Oh well…

This is a time of very clear persecution of Catholics from the very top of the Church, in a frenzy of heretical stupidity that starts from Francis and trickles down to the lower echelons of power. It is the time when it is not possible to stay a decent Catholic without the “official” Catholics making you pay for it.

It will not work. With lies one can impress only those desirous to hear them. The “Register” & Co. will discover that, as already happened to the “Tablet”, the embracing of Francis' strange ideology leads to loss or readership. They will, in time, go away just as the faithful desert St Peter Square. Stupidity can be had for free on BBC or Fox News anytime.

Those who care for Truth will find other ways. It's in the nature of things. They will find personal blogs, small family magazines, home made TV stations, family videos, and the like.

These people think they can silence Catholicism.

Fools. The day will come when they all know better.



Oh Ye Of Solid Faith!

I must confess, I had not been subtle at all. The fact is, I did not want to cause to the one or the other a heart attack.

But then again I am pleased to say that no one, absolutely no one of those who have commented bought it. This is a great difference from last year, though obviously last year had no precedent and this year had…

If anyone else was as gullible as to buy it – which required an effort, anyway – I beg him to accept my humble apologies, together with a stern warning as to what kind of damage such attitude may do to him… ;)

It was fairly easy to spot. Still, I am very pleased. The reaction of most of you obviously was: “Mundabor pulling a Werling? No way!”

No, I did not pull a Werling. With God's grace, I never will until I die. I may stop blogging one day if circumstances require it – and, for the avoidance of doubt, I have no intention whatever of doing so now – but I will, if God's grace assists me, never betray the flag and move over to the Hippy Army.

Most of you got this, I think, in an instant. Others perhaps needed a minute or two, but that's ok… ;)


April has come, and it still is very cold here.

If you were among those in shock, please forgive your humble correspondent for trying to bring, amidst the tragedies of the times In which we are living, a bit of Spring's lightheartedness, and perhaps a smile or two, in the life of my readers.

God bless you all, as always.

(Even those who, in case, had so little faith in me that they swallowed it hook, line and sinker… )



Important Announcement

(Edit: April’s Fool, of course!)


I have been thinking about this for a while. I have tried to resist it. But I can’t do it anymore.

I have been reflecting on what an incredibly ugly person I have become. Ruthless. Heartless. Judgmental.

I have no mercy in me. And I realise now, that God is Mercy and nothing else.

I have, therefore, decided to shut down this blog. I have deceived myself and you, dear readers, for too long. Now it is time to face reality.

I would like to apologise to some categories of people I have deeply offended.

The Gays are obviously first. I do not know how I could be so harsh against them. If God made them that way, who am I to judge?

Then the atheists, of course. I am sure God, in His mercy, will save all of them. Don’t ask me how I know. I just feel it. Powerful things, feelings.

Then there are all others, but particularly those whom I have, very unjustly, mocked as “Pollyanna”. Whilst I was mocking them, they were teaching me silently, patiently. Now I know. Not only my apologies, but my thanks to them.

The Holy Father should also not be forgotten. From him I have, in time, learnt what Mercy really is. Not easy at the start, I’ll admit. But it works on you. It must have been the Spirit.

You will realise, my dear readers, that after such realisation I cannot continue with this blog. It would be hypocritical, and stupid.

You should Also know (full disclosure!) that I have known a wonderful person. She is a stripper in a London nightclub. She has taught me more than you’ll ever know.

Caring. Compassionate. Loves animals. Protects the Environment. How ugly I am in comparison.

And Mercy. Yes, she taught me mercy.

Well, that’s that, folks.

Happy Easter to everyone.



Theology As He Goes Along: Francis And The Damned

On Rorate have appeared some reflections from the usual Scalfari, the journo-buddy of the Unholy Father (he also has a Rabbi-buddy and a Faggo-buddy; but this is the journo-buddy).

Scalfari report a “very clear” answer of Francis, indicating that God simply annihilated the Damned, instead of condemning them to everlasting fire.

First things first: Scalfari is many things, but he is not a liar, and he would not misrepresent the words of Francis. We have already seen it with the famous interview, now officially published in book form after the Pollyanna had accused Scalfari of being, in a word, gaga.

No. Scalfari would not misrepresent Francis. If he writes that “Francis' answer is very clear”, you can believe it. The idea is nonsense, of course.

As far as I know, the idea was born in Protestant circles a long time ago. As the Proddies became more and more unable to cope with God's Infinite Justice, the concept of hell became more and more embarrassing to them. If you define God as “Lurv”, hell isn't easy to swallow. They were obviously also unable to cope with the simple fact that an infinite offence deserves an infinite punishment, probably out of lack of faith in an infinite God Himself.

Francis has the same problem. Devoid of Catholic thinking, unable to cope with God's Justice, very probably not believing in God at all, he does not hesitate to make his theology as he goes along for the enjoyment of some atheist journalist.

The annihilation of the damned as opposed to their eternal punishment is in blatant contrast with the words of Our Lord himself, and is therefore taboo for every intelligent Christian. Francis is neither, and Scalfari isn't Christian; this is why they concoct such “tea-time” absurdities.

The annihilation of the damned is, also, a hell as the atheists would have it: non-existent, and a punishment that is in nothing worse that what they are expecting anyway. It is more “pleasing an atheist”, than “punishing him”. It is something that, in a way, allows the atheist to say on this earth that he would be right even if he were wrong; it is, of course, something allowing him to make a mockery of Christianity itself, in which he will most certainly not start to believe because some idiot – Pope, or not – tells him he has no hell to fear.

The idea does not make sense. But Francis does not make sense, either. So I am not surprised he would float it around with the arrogant chutzpah of the boor made powerful.

This man is embarrassed of his Catholic job. Everytime he comes in contact with atheists he needs to let them know that he is on their side of the barricade, and against those insufferable rosary-counters stinking of holy water.

This is what he does all the time, in public and – it becomes increasingly clear – in private.

On Friday, Francis will abuse of the Stations of the Cross to attack the Capital Punishment. More enmity with Catholicism, more heresy, confusion, sheer ignorance, stupidity or, most probably, lack of faith and evil intent.

There is no need to doubt the truthfulness of Dr Scalfari's assertion. There is no reason to doubt Francis' war on Catholicism, either.

As we approach the third Easter with The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History in charge, here's hoping there will not be a fourth one.



“Good Without God”?

Every now and then, you hear or read around about people claiming to be “good without God”.

I think the expression does not make sense. Let us see why.

In order to be considered objectively good, a man would have to comply with standards of goodness that are both objective and immutable. They must be objective, because otherwise this alleged “goodness” degenerates into mere self-appreciation. They must be immutable, because if good and bad change with the time goodness becomes mere conformism to accepted rules. This, at least, in what concerns the basics and the fundamentals; not, of course, the particular mores of this or that age, or region.

God is Goodness, and Goodness is based upon God. Take God away from the equation and you will not find any instance of objective Goodness anywhere, merely senseless emoting.

Christians, and particularly Catholics, have a set of fundamental rules they cannot dispose of or manipulate in any way, at least if they want to be truthful and refuse to lie to themselves. These fundamental rules are objective, because fixed once and for all in Church doctrine; and they are immutable because coming from God, Who cannot change. God, Who is Goodness, tell us what Good is. Neither God nor Good can ever change. Therefore, Goodness is – in its fundamentals – immutable and eternal. This is the only way it can work.

I am unable to find anything of the sort among atheists of every colour and shade. They define their goodness upon the fact that they have decided, for themselves, that they are good according to their own private metre of goodness. It's like saying that you are intelligent because a jury formed by you, you and you has unanimously decided that you are.

What is, then, this “goodness” they claim? Merely the fact that they like themselves. Which isn't difficult, I dare say, and something most people who aren't self-hating perverts manage without any problem whatsoever every day of the week.

Three abortions? What a heroine of reproductive rights! Anarcho-bully? Ah, a shining example of “fighter” for “change”! Enviro-terrorist? Look, look how he heroically fights for our future!

This is a game in which you get to decide if you are a winner. An emotionally-driven nonsense with no base in logic. The triumph of smugness and self-adoration.

But then again atheism has no logic, and makes no sense. It does not surprise that it should attract those who are unable to think logically.

And now please excuse me. I am not one of those “good without God”, but one of those “wretched sinners with Him”.

Therefore, my time is now better employed with prayer.



Germanwings: May We Please Have Non-Muslims Pilots?

The Gateway pundit has reported German sources who say the Co-pilot of Germanwings who flew himself and 149 others to death had converted to Islam. The German prosecutors let us know that there is no religious motive, and the girlfriend dumping him or a more generic depression were at play.

I want to believe the German prosecutors would not go as far as to willingly suppress a possible motive as too dangerous for their career and too explosive in general, but I cannot persuade myself that this is not possible, either. Germany is PC central, and the German prosecution service is attached (other than the Italian one, which is why in Italy not even Prime Ministers are immune from prosecution) to the Government, which means that incurring the ire of the Justice Minister and the Chancellor is not going to be good for your career, at all.

In any way, I have not read any official confirmation that the man had not converted. Which makes it probable, if eye witnesses say he was frequenting the mosque, that he had, and the prosecutors simply consider this a non-event as far as the investigation is concerned.

I beg to differ.

Girlfriend dumping or no girlfriend dumping, it is clear that Islam (the “religion of peace”, remember?) is just one of those thing which might transform a depressed whino into a mass murderer. Add the hate for the West to the already explosive cocktail of depression and romantic disappointment, and there you have it: Satan’s party trick.

I wonder now: how can any aeroplane with a Muslim pilot – particularly a convert, but not necessarily – be a safe aeroplane? Granted, most Muslim pilots are certainly peaceful people with no intention of trying to fly into some skyscraper or simply on the ground, but you can never know when the next “sleeper” (convert or no convert) will strike. Shall captains, therefore, never go to the bathroom anymore? How can we make the cabins accessible in case of emergency without making them accessible to terrorists in 9/11 style? We can’t escape this fact, that this kind of behaviour is compatible with orthodox Islam, and would be praised by those who take it seriously. The fact that most muslim actually don’t does not change a iota in this elementary fact.

I would at least have the option of choosing a “certified non-Muslim operated aeroplane”, as this would do much for my ease of mind. But I suppose this goes against the oh so sensitive PC legislation in the EU, so I guess that other aeroplanes will have to go down before sanity takes charge.

The irony of this is that, if the motivation was a religious one, not even the Islamists will profit of it. There isn’t much glory in killing 150 people in a mass murder you can’t put your label on, and whilst it will make some bastard in some mosque very happy the first element of terrorism act (spreading fear) would not be reached anyway.

But in the end – and to close – it could be that the Islam component was simply that: was moved a suicidal man to fly another 149 “infidels” to death with him.

May I have a non-Muslim equipage, pretty please?

I am afraid not. At least until sanity comes back.



Pope “Who Am I To Judge” Is The Worst Pharisee Ever

That finger, he uses often.

Every day God sends on this vale of tears I must read something about the Pope… scolding Catholics.

This would be enough infuriating in any Pope. But it drives one mad when the person doing the scolding is the “who am I to judge”, “you are fine if you follow your conscience” Pope.

I cannot imagine a worse example of Phariseism than this. At least, Stalin did not try to present himself as the “who am I to purge” dictator. This one here bitches around with every second breath, but has the nerve to play tolerant and non-judgmental.

I am, today, not talking about the sabotage of Catholicism that these rants – all of them, no exception – have as their only aim. I am talking about the sheer shamelessness of being the world champion of what he ceaselessly reproach to others: a cold-hearted enemy of Christ; a first-class Pharisee; and the bitchiest prelate on earth.

“But Mundabor! You are being guilty of the same crime of which you accuse him! You criticise him all the time!”

Of course I do. I do, because he deserves that I do so. I am very far from being non-judgemental. I try to judge with right judgment, and know that when my time comes I will be judged according to how soundly I have followed this command. Non-judgmentalism isn't a value. It is the end of all values. It is a world made for homos and trannies. It's the world to which Francis wants you to acquiesce.

It is high time that at least authentically conservative newspapers (a couple of those in Italy, some other very few abroad) start to say to Francis “shut up already!” when he keeps ranting. It would be another reality check and a welcome reminder, in the months approaching October, of the forces he has against them.

I am sick and tired of this cretin spitting everyday the same hate for Catholicism in a slightly different way. If God has decreed, out of all eternity, that hell is his final destination, I hope he goes there soon. If God has decreed, out of all eternity, that even a piece of work like this one is allowed to save his sorry ass (what a consolation for us all, who do not go around insulting the Bride of Christ every day, with the excuse of Christ!), I hope he goes to Purgatory soon, too, and felicitations to him.

But please, Lord, let this plague go to an end.



Germanwings And The Devil

The details of the Germanwings tragedy have now emerged, and they make for a chilling reading. The 28-years old co-pilot profited of a bladder-pause of the captain, locked him out of the anti-assault cabin and slowly, coldly flew the aeroplane to his and everyone else's death during eight minute of lucid evil.

Was he mad? Of course not. Madmen aren't allowed to fly aeroplanes of Lufthansa companies. Was he depressed? No sign of that, and depressed people tend not to kill 149 other people, either. Did he have one of those strange things like Asperger's syndrome, which apparently make some people insensitive to other people's suffering? Can't imagine this wouldn't be noticed in a pilot.

The newspapers, unable to find answers to the simplest question, will obviously say “lucid madness”, and that's that.

I call BS on that, and have another answer: Satan.

The modern world, so PC and inclusive of every bastard, avoids and even ridicules the mention of Satan. Things must have a perfectly clear medical reason, and this medical reason must exculpate the perpetrator as thoroughly as possible. Unless he is a right-wing one, like Breivik.

Satan was at play? Come on, Mundabor: you don't believe that, surely?

I do, I do!

It is utter senseless wordliness to think that the devil does not try to find a way in a man's consciousness – and conscience – and move him to commit horrible acts: child abuse, murder, rape, sodomy, and the like. He must find a way first, and then he will do with his victim what he can.

At times, Satan will manage to instill in such men – or women – a great desire to do harm, preying on their hate, or envy, or vanity. Charles Manson's, Waco's, Breivik's and other tragedies of the sort can be only explained in this way.

It is very reasonable to suppose that we are here in front of another of such satanic “bingo” experience, as for what I know pilots are regularly tested as to their psychological fitness. And please notice the cold-blooded system of slowly losing altitude, and the obvious result that only in the very last seconds the passengers realised – or rather, started to realise – what was happening.

Two days ago I posed the question of whether the flight gave the people the time to die prepared. It would appear the window was very, very limited, and who knows how many were taken in Satan's net. Looks like a chilling, satanic bingo to me.

We can reason away the presence of Satan in the world at our heart's content, but we do so at our own risk. We can attribute atrocious acts invariably to momentary loss of reason, but we show with this attitude that we are the ones who refute to reason. Satan is there, working in the shadow, and throwing his nets.

Let us profit from events like this tragedy to be reminded of Satan's workings. Let us not hide the reality of satanic influence behind worldly considerations. Souls are at stake.

As abundantly seen the day before yesterday.



Liberals: Too Wimpy For A Firing Squad

I am informed that Utah might reintroduce execution of capital punishment via firing squad, as the extremely sophisticated poisons needed to execute people in a way halfway satisfying your typical faggo-liberal Latte-sipping whino become scarce.

Obviously, the pansy army has reacted calling a firing squad “barbaric”.

Please look at the implications. If a firing squad is barbaric, then every foreign military operation of the US is “barbaric”, the “American Sniper” was a top Barbarian, and everyone who carries a firearm is basically a savage. See where they are going?

There is nothing wrong with a firing squad. Honest, truthful, manful way of executing someone. Is it painful? Rarely for long, I would say, and in many cases only for an instant. But a propos pain: how many murderers take special care that their victims die an absolutely painless death? How many can say to the judge: “look, Your Honour: I went to extraordinary expenses to buy the best poison that money can buy; the one that would give my victim an absolutely non-barbaric death! Could I please receive the same courtesy from the taxpayer? I know it's expensive but cut me some slack, I am dying here…”

My hunch is that they aren't very numerous, and your garden variety death row inhabitant is not very averse to inflicting pain, either. But I digress…

Execution is meant to have the convicted killed. Get over it. You do not want to get executed? I do not think is a very difficult thing to do.

In Mundabor's Utah, things would run like in the good old times: civilians (men and women) get hanged, whilst soldiers and people executed by the army get the firing squad. Easy peasy.

Is, then, execution by hanging “barbaric”? Were the Papal States barbaric? Were they unable to find anything more “civilised”, like giving people some poisoned herbs in Socrates style (no great fun, that, I bet), or giving them a warm bath with complimentary wrist-cutting in Seneca fashion? Did they want to save the expense of the bullet? Or did those wise men of the past not think, instead, that hanging is just a perfectly adequate and functional way of execution, and perfectly fitting for the purpose?

“But Mundabor! Mundabor! Some of them do not die instantly! They will slowly suffocate for thirty or more seconds!”

Get a grip, and grow a pair. When you or I die (of a stroke, or heart attack) our farewell from this vale of tears might be not a bit less painful. It might,min fact, be a lot more painful, and for a much, much longer time! Is God, then, barbaric? Should we all, then, receive an injection to avoid the danger of pain, before a cruel God inflicts us some pain far worse than any hanging, let alone firing squad?

As far as I am concerned tell me where to sign for thirty or forty second of pain (or whatever it is God in His wisdom decides to send me) if they allow me the grace of final repentance. Who knows how many, who had mocked the priest offering them the crucifix, saved their soul in the gasps of death? Who is better off, that man or the one who got his neck bone snapped instantly, and died unrepented?

It is nothing less than astonishing that wussydom is so prevalent nowadays that hanging, or even the firing squad, are considered “barbaric”. What a bunch of limp-wristed pansies.

Ask Pope Blessed Pius IX how a criminal should be executed.

He will have no hesitation.


Every Day Is Germanwings Tragedy Day

We do not know much, as I write this, about the tragedy in the French Alps, where a Germanwings Airbus crashed killing all the 148 (it seems) on board. We do not know whether a distress signal was launched or at least attempted. We do not know whether any of the victims knew they were about to die, at all.

Here is hoping they knew. I always wondered how many atheists there were in WWI trenches during a massive attack, and I always thought they must have been rather scarce. The same must, I think, happen in an aeroplane about to crash. Actually, the latter even must concentrate the mind even more wonderfully.

Here is hoping they knew; and that they had the time to recommend their souls to their Creator, to Whom their life belongs, before having to give said life back to Him.

What a tragedy in the tragedy to think that many of those onboard (what is the atheist percentage in a European aeroplane these days? How many public adulterers, on average, in the seats of an aeroplane in the Age of Mercy, without the slightest hint of repentance? How many women with an abortion on their conscience, pushed away in the remotest region of their consciousness without ever dealing with the harsh truth of the matter?) could have simply smashed to their death without the slightest warning of what was about to happen. Chilling. Far more chilling, in fact, than the tragedy itself, then the loss of life is a very trivial matter when compared with the loss of soul.


Which leads me to another, far more chilling consideration. Every day is Germanwings Tragedy Day. In the fat, sated, spoiled Old Continent very many must die every day simply surprised by death: in their sleep, in sudden car or street accidents, of aneurism, of a sudden stroke, or in the many other ways in which we can be suddenly summoned to our judgment completely unprepared. And now let us reflect how many must, in your average European city bustling of people going about their business, live in mortal sin without even the slightest hint of preoccupation. This, my friends, is another big, big Germanwing tragedy happening every day.

Pray for your dear ones. Pray for your not-quite-so-dear ones. Pray for those you don't know. Pray for criminals, drug addicts, child rapists, killers, communist, and sodomites. Pray that they may receive the grace of all graces: the grace of final repentance.

As for us, I have taken the habit of reciting the Act of Contrition (the old one) every day. It helps one to realise one's caducity and keeps the mind gently, but frequently, on what really counts in life. What really counts in life is that we and those we love avoid damnation. In comparison, nothing else really counts.

Every day is Germanwings Tragedy Day. It is only that the BBC prefers to ignore the fact.



De-Baptism, Or Proclaiming Oneself An Elephant

An obscene initiative was taken in Bologna, in which, among other things, “ceremonies” of “de-baptising” were held. But not only that. Desecrations and blasphemies beyond imagination. Satanical. Utterly satanical.

I cannot find anymore a blog post I read this morning about the – thankfully – vigorous reaction of Cardinal Archbishop Caffarra. But I have found this, in Italian. I do not go into details. Again: things have happened which I do not even want to repeat. I will leave it at that before I get angry. If you read Italian, be prepared for stuff that will test your coronaries.


Here, I would like to make some consideration about those who have chosen to commit such an impious act as the attempt to completely separate themselves from a most vital sacrament as the baptism. I say attempts, of course, because the idea of debaptising oneself is as smart as the idea of proclaiming oneself an elephant.

Many of them – who knows how many – have performed the “ceremony” in utter spite of Christ who gave them the sacrament of Baptism. Others – hopefully, many – may have done it in utter ignorance of what the Sacrament is, and thinking that they are doing nothing more than giving back, so to speak, the party card. Oblivious, as many in Italy are, that the Church is vastly more than a shop meant to promote Jesus, and that when you separate yourself from the Church you are refusing Jesus.

Still, still… ignorant or not ignorant, I cannot imagine anyone, irrespective of his degree of ignorance and confusion, who would have an inner shudder, a deep uneasiness, a sense of sacrilege in doing something like that. And I do not mean merely in a day in which the most satanical things have happened. I mean always (this de-baptising thing has been going on for many years now in Italy).

I feel pity, I feel sadness and compassion for the stupid wretches. Even if they do this only out of ignorance and stupidity, this ignorance still has a rebellious arrogance in itself that may well, alone, seal their fate.

The militant faggot has chosen Satan already, and at the moment of death will, on discovering his fate, probably react with anger and acrimony at the “homophobic” and “repressive” God. But the idiot who just wasn’t idiot enough that he would escape hell must be very surprised on discovering, with sudden and devastating terror, that such an inclusive, tolerant, open chap like himself is now doomed forever.

Unicuique suum. To each his own. Those who – with different degrees of evil and stupidity – have decided to proclaim themselves elephants (or not baptised anymore, which is possibly even more stupid) will, bar an always welcome repentance, receive each his own.

I doubt there will be great fun in it.


Let’s See Who Is More Stubborn

Catholic bloggers serving a Flugabwehrkanone as Francis' bombers fly again over Catholicism.

For the umpteenth times, The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History, known among friends as TMAHICH, exhibits himself in another senseless, anti-Catholic rant against Capital Punishment. I would call him stupid, but Francis isn't stupid, though he certainly is not a genius. He is an evil enemy of the Church, and a man of average or less than average intelligence believing himself a messiah of the poor.

I read around heavy cannon fire to this latest act of sabotage. I found this one particularly beautiful.

But this is not the object of this post. The object of this post is whether I should go on writing the same things, which all my readers (or almost all of them) already know.

The answer to this is: yes, I will. I will if it bores you to death. I will if you feel the sudden impulse to throw your tablet from the window of your train. I will if you feel the urge, on the same train, to cry: “Aaaarrrgghhhh! Not AGAIN!” on reading the last post about TMAHICH's one thousand times repeated stupid or evil statement.

I have to do it, because he does. I have to keep talking of the same old issues, because he keeps doing the same. I will not start a series of blog posts about, say, the works of mercy and us and pretend Francis can simply be ignored. Francis can't be ignored, because he is the Pope who keeps being Satan's most valuable ally day in and day out. I know you are fed up. You do not even imagine how much I am. But if the man keeps sending his bombers, we Catholic bloggers will have to keep giving them some good Flak.

As long as Francis keeps sending down bombs, we must fire our cannons. He does not tire, nor should we.

Let us see who is more stubborn. This thing might backfire when the flak becomes too much to bear (remember the planned carpet bombing of the Sacrament of Communion in October? He aborted the mission all right when the flak caused too much losses), but in any way he should never take us by exhaustion.

If I die before Francis, at least I will have the consolation of departing this wasteland and vale of tears knowing that I remained at the cannon to the last. If, as it is far more probable, he dies before me, this is one gunmen who will see the big, fat, humble white bomber going down in smoke with no little satisfaction, and waving his helmet in the air.

Let's see, then, who is more stubborn.

Please don't throw your tablet out of the train's window.

It damages the environment. Pretty much the only thing which, if you listen to TMAHICH, will send you to hell, in the company of all those rosary prayers and doctors of the law.



Mercy Kills Unborn Babies

Every now and then, the Unholy Father says a word or two about abortion. It never is a real frontal attack, because apparently we all know he is a son of the Church so why talk like a Pope; but at least it is something.

The problem with that is that the radical Neopagan ideology of the man makes his words sound hollow – or rather, appear hypocritical and no more than a fig leaf – even when he happens to say something which, in itself, is right.

Francis has been aggressively promoting the new “religion of mercy” for months now, and more aggressively so since the slap he got in October. This new, continuously promoted alternative religion has no place for God's justice, at least for the almost totality of people of whatever faith and none. If God cannot be imagined as doing more than slapping us on the wrist, every kind of crime will ultimately be unpunished. If atheists are saved if they follow their conscience, faith as a necessary ordinary requirement – together with work – for salvation is completely forgotten. If God is “in love with us”, the relationship between the Creator and His creatures that is so emotionally evoked is not the one of a loving, but when necessary severe father, but the one of a sixteen years old girl upon beholding the young man of her dreams.

Besides being profoundly heathenish, this thinking kills babies.

In this kind of New Age, “We Are All So Wonderful And Unconditionaly Loved” pretend religion there is no sanction whatever for being Stalin, much less for the murder of an unborn child. Everything is wonderfully aimed at a wonderful final destination upon reaching which we will know in what wonderful ways God wonderfully provided for all the people we have aborted, or gassed, whilst following our conscience or, more simply, whilst being a tad naughty and getting a slap on the wrist. God, who is so madly in love with us, will always forgive us everything, so why worry? And actually, who is everyone to judge?

This is what kills unborn babies. This refusal to put a woman in front of the atrocity of what she is about to commit, and to the terrible pain of hell that following one's “conscience” can easily lead to, is all Satan needs in order to whisper to the mother that there is nothing to be worried about, her murdered baby “will be fine” because “God is Lurv”, and she will obviously be fine because she follows her wonderful conscience where the Spirit leads her.

In the age of mercy, an holocaust of unborn children produces nothing but… mercy. If Hitler had been a woman he could have imagined all those millions Jews happily basking in the grace of God, and would have died believing himself a saint. On a smaller scale, many feminist and dissenting nuns do exactly the same; only, they do not dispose of their own Vernichtungsmaschine and must be content with accompanying – morally or physically – young mothers to the slaughterhouse of their own babies.

Francis does, in a slightly subtler way, exactly the same. His blabbering about a mercy deprived of justice is an open invitation to every kind of selfish cruelty, an “all you can sin” buffet without even the digestion problems, a new religion that makes a mockery not only of God, but of the very concept of religion.

Next time Francis says a line or two about abortion, use it to be reminded which side's work he is making.



Homos And the “P Word”

I stumbled upon a rather good article about the obscene celebration of sexual perversion to which St. Patrick's Day Parade has been, well, perverted by, oh well, perverts and those who are accomplices in their sin crying to heaven for vengeance.

However, it seems to me that in this way no battle will be ever won. The way I see it, this article and the many contributions like this have one serious shortcoming, that should be addressed.

You will notice that the “P” word is never spoken. Sexual perversion is a serious matter, which, by its own very nature, cannot be reduced to simple “immorality” as the one caused by the weakness of human nature. I wonder how many would write that child abuse is immoral and, well, premarital sex is also immoral. Some sins cry to heaven for vengeance, and some not. Some sins go with our nature, some sins go against it. We must make this distinction, or we will give the impression that sexual perversion is just on the same level as common human weakness, or that all grave sins are much of a muchness. They aren't. Hell isn't a common room, either.

Words convey messages. If the message is to be strong, the words used to convey it must be strong, too. I do not expect a priest to write “faggot” in his article, but if words like “gay” and “LGBT” are used in in implicit acceptance that they are the proper way to describe perverted people, then I do not see how we can persuade anyone that is not already persuaded.

The garden variety homo (or dyke, trannie, and all the circus tools of the sort; perverts all of them) never hesitates in employing a very emotionally charged, inflammatory language against you; and if you answer to his accusations of “homophobia” without telling him that he is just a pervert who would, in better times, have gone to jail for his perverted scandal*, then we are going to go absolutely nowhere; because we will be perceived, and rightly so, as people afraid of their own argument, and therefore unable to oppose more than a meowing to the roaring of Satan's lions.

They insult us. We answer by adopting their own language, and being oh so attentive not to hurt their feelings. No battle was ever won sounding the trumpet of the enemy.

The “P” word must come back in the debate about… perversion. There is no other way of tackling the issue than by saying loud and clear what the issue is. Similarly, the word “gay” and expressions like “LGBT” must be refused legitimacy and be used only in an ironic or mocking way (yes, mocking; mockery wins wars), never calling perverts the way the want to be called, but always calling them what they are.

Refuse to do so, out of a misguided sense of “charity” or politeness, and it will not be long until the very use of the word “pervert” will make you persecuted. A persecution which you will have called on yourself out of your own desire to be polite with people with no desire at all to be polite to you.

The Italian says: “chi agnello si fa, il lupo se lo mangia”, or “he who makes himself a lamb, the wolf eats him”.

Perverts are wolves. Be a lamb with them, and you will be eaten.


*In some European Countries the homosexual scandal, not sodomy in itself, was a criminal offence.




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