Enough With These Bishops!

Vox Cantoris has a chilling post about a bishop of the Evil Clown's Satanical Club, who – I do not post the link here, but it is there – “floats” the idea that one of the Apostles might have been homosexual, and Mary Magdalene a Lesbian.

Apparently, The Gospels “don't say”, so “we don't know”.

I allow myself here to follow this brilliant logic and apply it to the bishop. The article doesn't say whether Bishop Córdoba is a child rapist, so we don't know. I am sure Bidhop Cordoba fully agrees with this thinking.

To say it with the words of the blog post's author, “It defies logic that someone would take the position that this man does and not be one”. I fully agree. Unless – and I am making a great effort here – the degree of faithless rottenness of Bishop Córdoba is such that he sees his satanical assertions as a smart political positioning in light of the new course under the Evil Clown. But no, I think the man is most probably a queen.

In case you should think the Evil Clown isn't wreaking havoc within the Church just because he will, if he hasn't smoked his communist brain completely, renounce to a nuclear explosion,

The argument used by this despicable piece of FrancisChurch are also enough to make the blood boil: besides being explicitly mentioned by Our Lord himself as the epitome of evil, godless behaviour – which should be argument enough for a Protestant – sodomy has been uniformly condemned by the Magisterium since the very beginning. That a Catholic bishop, of all people, should ignore path is fact and try to fabricate an extremely stupid biblical argument tells you what kind of evil men we have as bishops.

I will now try to bring my blood temperature to normal, reflecting that the satanical affirmations of this piece of work have certainly not escaped the attention of not only the Angels as a body, but the Apostles and Mary Magdalene in heaven. This, on reflection, is enough to conclude that things will take its course in due time, and I can sip my camomile tea in relative serenity.

Note, however, that Wikipedia seems to state that the man was made a bishop by Ratzinger, giving another example of the atrocious appointments of that nice but far too accommodating man, who was probably even blissfully unaware of what kind of venomous plants he was planting in the middle of Our Lord's garden.

The Church has never said that reprobates would not become bishops. This here stinks of reprobation like Francis' faggot priests stink of sheep.



Young Tsarnaev And The Others

As a (hopefully) good Catholic, I follow Church teaching on what the Church calls capital punishment, and pretty much the rest of the world calls death penalty.

It seems the twelve jurors at the trial of the Boston Marathon Bombers agree with me at least in extreme cases, because they have condemned young Tsarnaev to the death penalty through lethal injection. Now, let us add some cynical reflection to the news, because cynical reflections are exactly what you have grown to expect from this little effort.

1. Young Tsarnaev will, very possibly, never be executed. Far more probably, he will remain on death row for an indefinite, but very long number of years as a very long, very costly appeal and, in case, post-trial legal confrontation takes its course. It is nothing less than astonishing that there should be Countries where the decision about the execution of a sentence goes on for many times what it took to reach that sentence in the first place. It goes to show the immense stupidity of the modern, hypersensitive, so-called “human-rights” infested legal systems. If you asked me, Mr Tsarnaev would now be entitled to an appeal, to be conducted swiftly and accurately. If the sentence is confirmed, the only rights Mr Tsarnaev would then have would be limited to a priest (Catholic, of course; which is the only type anyway), a good last meal and a cigarette before facing the gallows at dawn the following day. But hey, it's just me.

2. The bleeding hearts in Massachusetts and elsewhere will soon find a new hero. Tales of the poor “child” misled by his evil brother will start circulating. Oh, the cruelty of the West! But the child didn't mean to harm! He only wanted to play! He is such a nice guy!

A country that allows a young girl to kill her baby in the womb discusses whether a grown man really wanted to make a massacre. Idiots.

3. Francis The Evil Clown will very probably jump on the bandwagon, as this would give him another wonderful opportunity to undermine Catholic teaching and confuse Catholics the world over, whilst making himself oh so beautiful in the eyes of the liberal crowds.

4. Whilst I approve of the sentence, it seems clear to me it only came about because of the big media impact and the resulting huge pressure on the jurors. The fact that twelve out of twelve jurors had to agree to the death penalty goes to show how high the hurdle was. If Young Tsarnaev had been Black, and had killed three White policemen, I wonder if the outcome would have been the same.

5. One is disappointed – as so often – at the softness of these supposed Jihad warriors. Young Tsarnaev should have welcomed his martyrdom, no doubt savouring the seventy-two girls with recyclable hymen he thinks are awaiting him.

Oh ye bastards of little infidel faith! It is always like that, you know: these Arabs always threat with the explosion of the entire Arab world, and three weeks later they are there taking down monuments, swearing peaceful intent and throwing shoes at their heroes of yesterday; as seen in 1990 in Kuwait, 2001 in Afghanistan and 2003 in Iraq.

Islam is a paper tiger. The West is so superior to them in absolutely everything, that they could be forced to silent submission in no time; they would even embrace the punishment, because Muslims reacts extremely well to violence from their masters (as seen in Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, everywhere). Unfortunately, the West is dominated by a Country run by a cultural Muslim, limp-wristed, liberal atheist moron, so we are making no use at all of our staggering superiority.

Still: Mr Tsarnaev is going to get old in jail. Catholic teaching on Capital punishment is still very far from being implemented.



Cows, Pigs And Goats, Unite!

A group of loonies belonging to that loony factory called Berkeley University has staged a demonstration against the exploitation of cows. If you do not believe me, try here.

This is comedy gold. Absolutely hilarious.

I do not know what statement is the looniest, the stealing of the milk, or the “forcefully impregnate a cow” or the “mother” or “separate her from her baby” statement, or any of the others. Pigs are given funerals, because they are so smart. Goats … oh, well…

I wonder how many of the protesters are against abortion. My bet is “zero”.

Modern secular society demands that cattle are treated like humans, and humans like cattle.

This is what liberalism and drugs do to people. Show this to your children as a cautionary tale.




Vatican: Climate Commies In The Corner

Sandro Magister reports that the announced Clown Encyclical in favour of Environ-mentalist has been postponed because, in its present form, it has no chance of being approved by the CDF.

This is both good and bad news. The good news is that there are still enough people in the Vatican asking Francis not to make an ass of himself at least when writing encyclical letters. Another good news is that Cardinal Müller is once again on the side of common sense, and is willing to stop the worst nonsense at the cost of incurring the ire of Heresy Supremo.

The bad news is that such a reaction could mean that Francis was really such an evil idiot that he wanted to present his own anti-Westerner, protocommie enviro-ranting as a teaching conforming to Church tradition and binding for all Catholics. Whilst this would not have made the madness less mad and the ranting binding in any way, this would have further increased confusion among Catholics.

We are also informed that a delegation of scientist visited Rome in the last days, and put an end to the “science” rubbish. I am sure my readers are far too intelligent to believe Francis can be swayed by logical arguments. Rather, it is clear the delegation was one of the ways used by the CDF to put an end to the worst excesses, sparing us from an encyclical letter influenced by the likes of Raul Castro and Cardinal Maradiaga.

Talking of the latter, it seems to me he is losing some clout in the splendid corridors of the Vatican. It seems to me that whilst Francis does not care a straw about everyday, off-the-cuff heresy and assorted madness, he has decided to draw a line when his pontificate can be seriously and permanently damaged. An encyclical has a character of permanence that an off-the-cuff half drunken video cannot have, and will shape his perception after his death in a far more significant way. Add to this that to set his protocommie rants in stone with an encyclical would ensure constant flak from people with a brain for as long as he lives, and would cause severe embarrassment even among those with half a brain still functioning. If Magister is right, this seems a price he is not ready to pay.

We shall see how this develops. Magister could be badly informed, though I think he seldom is. At the very, very least there is resistance brewing. Still, it seems reasonable to me to take the rumours seriously, because they make a lot of sense seen the circumstances.

Let us take every good news gladly, and savour it for very long. We aren't left completely at the mercy of an atheist commie loony. The machine seems not to like the man very much, both in some top positions and – I am absolutely sure of that, because I know my people – at the level of administration, where one thousands little obstacles will be put in his way in that subtle, but effective way Italians manage so well.

Still: please, please free us from this scourge, o Lord.


If Christianity Makes Sense

Those who, like me, aren’t the youngest anymore must have noticed how different modern Western societies are from the ones in which they grew up. In my case, the difference is even more noticeable, because coming from Italy I have experienced a bigger “jump” to the modern British society than one born here would experience.

It seems to me that Heatenism has now become mainstream, and that heathenish behaviour is considered normal by many of those who consider themselves, otherwise, Christian. The examples are too many to mention, from open and public premarital sex without even a hint of shame, to cohabitation, to open “celebration” of perversion, to open approval of abortion.

The young woman carelessly impregnated by a careless man is not ashamed anymore. She expects your support and approval as “single mother”. Actually, she will often expect money, too. The young colleague will tell you that he is “moving in” with his “girlfriend”, and the fact that the very thought would have horrified his grandmother does not enter his mind. Acquaintances will talk to you of their “gay friend” as if this were something vaguely amusing, very modern, and showing a great degree of “openness” and “tolerance”, XXI Century’s cheapest fare. Add to this the less public, but very real, massacre of children. 

I could go on. You get the drift.

Now, this is exactly the behaviour that you would expect in, and used to read about, heathen societies. No shame, superstition as faith or no faith at all, cruelty to the weak, everyone as he likes it.

One must wonder, then. How were those heathenish societies of old treated by Our Lord? How many managed, do you think, to be saved? And why would a society that chose to forget Christianity be treated less harshly than a society who did not know it?

Can we really lull ourselves in the fluffy thinking that God, in the end, will be the Awfully Nice Guy In The Sky and save pretty much everyone, from Raul Castro to the activist feminist with three abortions her own? If this is so, what does “mortal sin” mean anymore? Why two thousand years of Christianity? Why evangelisation, proselytism, missionary work? Either all that was entirely wrong, or what is wrong is the Awfully Nice Guy In The Sky stuff.

No. If Christianity makes sense, there must be a big difference between a Christian and a Heathenish society. It cannot be simply a matter of nuances, and it cannot be that “nice types” are saved merely… because we like to think so. If Christianity makes sense, great will be – bar epochal changes – the number of the damned around you: those whom you are just observing now in the bus, the train, the office, or the cinema.

If most of those living in a shockingly heathenish, but oh so nice (not to aborted children, of course) society are saved, Christianity does not make any sense and we can relax thinking that The Great Guy has lied to us for some awfully smart reason of his own, and he will take care that we are all fine in the end. But then we cannot relax even in this case, because in this case God has lied to us, and I would find the idea, beside blasphemous, terrifying.

Again, no. Christianity makes sense, and there is no way you can imagine a world where it doesn’t, and you aren’t in big trouble. Therefore, one must conclude that – bar an epochal change – we live surrounded by a great number of reprobates. A terrifying, but a very logical thought.

How do we react to this? In the only way we can. Praying for everyone, even those in most need of God’s mercy, and caring everyday for our soul and for the soul of those we love; so that, in the great shipwreck I seem to observe if I look back to my youth and compare that world with my present one, we can at least help ourselves to reach a rescue boat, and manage to heave on it other poor souls, and as many as we can of those we love most.

I look at the people around me and cannot escape the thought: if Christianity makes sense, very many of these – hopefully excluding yours truly – will be damned. If most of them are saved anyway, and there are no real consequences for living a heathenish life, then Francis is right, Christianity has been pretty useless these two thousand years, is certainly almost irrelevant for salvation and only good, at most, to improve one’s quality of life in the “joy” of a salvation that will come anyway, for pretty much everyone.

If Christianity makes sense, the reality around us is simply terrifying: a multiple nuclear explosion in instalments waiting to happen, and making more victims among souls than all wars in the history of humanity caused in loss of lives.

We, my dear reader, register this obvious consequence of Christian thinking with a renewed effort to save our own soul, and to do what we can to heave our beloved ones – and those we do not know, too – in the rescue boat with us. Terrifying as the thought of mass punishment is, we know the Lord does everything right, nor can we say we have not been warned.

Let us pray more, and better. Let us stay near to the Sacraments. Let us not relent in our effort. Let us not become complacent in the thinking that “we will be fine”.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Its absence must, therefore, be the height of stupidity.


Ed And Francis

After their brutal defeat, the British Labour Party are now in search of a new leader, a new direction and, hopefully, some sense.

Listening to TV and radio programmes here and there one gets one thing: many supporters of the Party just do not get, do not want to accept that Labour is doomed whenever they go down the Socialist way. The decision to elect Ed Milliband as leader was a clear bet against England’ future, as such a party would never have a chance if the economy would recover. But then again, Labour activists were not the kind of people who thought the economy would ever recover. To them, Capitalism – even the very mild British version – was not only evil, but broken beyond repair. To them, Chavez – or a slightly milder version of him – was the way.

The economy recovered. Many British voters understood that this is not the time to put their destiny in the hands of English and Scottish social loonies. Labour lost bad.

Now let us examine Pope Francis near Ed Milliband. The mindset is exactly the same: social envy as a way of life and statism as the cure for every real or imaginary disease. Not only both have their eyes firmly fixed on earthly problems, but both see in Capitalism the origin of them.

Milliband is an Atheist Jew. Now ask yourself: if Francis were to be Jew and Atheist himself, would you notice any difference in the way he thinks and speaks? I wouldn’t. He would be the very Milliband, without the abuse of Catholicism to push his socialist agenda. Which lets me wonder: how can a man believe in God and be so obsessed with a Socialist agenda? Is it not far more reasonable to assume that Francis is a Christian Atheist, and a Socialist, in the same way as Milliband is a Jewish Atheist, and a Socialist?

Ed Milliband is now gone, but Francis is still there. When you get a Socialist at the head of the Church there is no General Election to care for his removal, and Francis cannot be removed as easily as Ed Milliband.

But he is not one bit less Socialist – and very probably, less Atheist – than the other one.



Synod: Francis Quite The Jesuit, Says Magister

Evil, but still Jesuit...


Sandro Magister has an interesting article (in Italian) about Francis and the Synod. In his usual way, Magister says in a polite way what many already know: Francis did all he could to support Kasper, but the October fiasco showed the task is beyond his strength. He also understands – says Magister – that next October the resistance will be much stronger, because people are prepared. Therefore, quite the Jesuit – a word used in Italy with a strong derogatory meaning, though Magister seems to pretend not to be aware of it – he has decided to distance himself from the Kasperites, avoiding the support he had previously given them. Magister follows with a long list of Francis interventions which seems, since October, to strike a more traditionalist tone in matter of family, children etc.

In part, I disagree with Magister. It seems to me that Francis' continuous stress on “mercy” is Kasperite to the very bone marrow. On the other hand, it is undoubtedly true that Francis avoids leaning out of the balcony in a very explicit way in this matter, limiting himself to the covert support he can give with his “symbolic” gestures like receiving Trannies.

It seems to me that Francis will – and I quite agree with Magister on this – be his usual self Jesuit and avoid a confrontation that would crush his pontificate to the ground. Rather than trying to officially change your religion, he will try to direct you towards his own one: the mix of social hatred, third-rate pacifism, third-world rhetoric and environmental madness with which he bores us pretty much every day.

If you must have such an Evil Clown as a Pope, it's better to have a Jesuit one. He will run for cover whenever he sees dark clouds approaching.

Or, as Magister puts it – implying, by the way, that the man is a heretic – he will be a “realist”.



OK, Francis, Show Us The Way!

The extremely stupid statement of the Evil Clown regarding how beautiful it would be if we were to “kneel in veneration before the poor in church” caused Antonio Socci to publish a very neat answer (see here on the usual Rorate). I would like to add a word of my own.

At this point, I suggest that for once in his life Francis practises what he preaches and really does it: kneels in veneration, for all the world to see, in church, before the poor.

This would expose Francis – to all but the very stupid – as a socialist ideologue pushing his – and all the secular minded people's – religion of man. It would be a revealing moment even if Francis had the habit to kneel in front of Our Lord himself, but the more so considering he does not think it necessary.

He will, of course, not do it. The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History clearly knows what would do real and lasting harm to him; therefore, he is content with preaching rubbish he would never dream of putting in practice himself.

Still: it would be very revealing if we could see, once, Francis behave in the way Francis says he should.



Synod: Cardinal Pell Is Clearly Upbeat

Impressive declaration of Cardinal Pell in Rome, on occasion of the March for Life: the Synod, says the Cardinal, will “massively endorse the Tradition” of the Church, as reported by Newsmax.

Now, it is not uncommon at all that a Cardinal would predict no attempts at changing Truth. Truth can't be changed anyway, and you would expect the vast majority of Bishops and Cardinals – open heretics excepted, as in the case of many in Germany – to say nothing else.

What impresses here is the use of the adverb “massively”. The Cardinal has been on the front line of this unbelievable controversy, and it is difficult to think he is not constantly in contact with other Bishops and Cardinals about what is going to happen in October.

Therefore, I think that only one of two is happening: either the Cardinal is the target of willed misinformation aimed at inducing the orthodox prelates to lower their guard before the Nuclear Explosion, or – far more probably – the exact contrary is actually taking place: the Bishops will not accept any surprise and will greet the Synod with a massive call for the upholding of Truth. This will make it impossible for Francis to come out with surprise initiatives, and will leave him fully exposed in any attempt to cross the line of orthodoxy.

It is, obviously, far too early to say that this battle is won; but with God's grace, there are now signals that things at least appear to be going in the right direction.

Francis isn't so stupid that he does not know even a Pope is powerless when he attempts to change doctrine. He can, of course, throw a lot of smoke bombs around and truthfully persuade the enemies of Christ that he is on their side. But the attempt to bang his head against the granite wall of the Depositum Fidei in the hope the wall gives way is a different matter altogether, and would most certainly end up with a broken skull at some point.

There is no way to avoid the nuclear confrontation if Francis is set on it. But one wonders how detached from reality a man – and be him the Pope – must be to make such decisions.

We must keep praying. We must remain cautiously optimistic in the final victory of Christ, but without being overconfident as to what will happen. The Cardinal does it very smartly, contributing to the creation of a climate in which no dissent is allowed, and every bishop is expected to stay the course. Five more months of this, and I can hear the boos and public calls of “heretic” if Kasper & Co. dare to make a move. Which, in such a scenario, they might not dare at all.

We must keep praying for a positive outcome of this bally exercise in stupidity called the Synod on the Family. And for the rapid end of the Pontificate that gave us the stupid exercise in stupidity in the first place.


Castroites Like Each Other

Raul Castro stated, in simple words, that if Francis continues in his ways he might go back to the Church.

Slimy old fox.

What he means is that if Francis keeps being a 100% Castroite, Raul will co-opt him in his own organisation by way of fake conversion.

The words of the man leave no doubt. It is not Catholicism that “impressed” Raoul. It's Francis. But Francis is a Castroite. Therefore, Raul Castro was impressed by Francis' implicit, but open, support of his ideology.

Also, the man does not say he might be getting the faith. His possible “conversion” would not mean that he believes in God. It would mean that he believes in Francis. He would continue to be as much of an atheist as he has always been. As a result, Raoul's assertions only mean that he has understood one thing: that Francis is one of them.

But let us now play this game and let us imagine that Raul truly converts to Catholicism. Would Francis ask him if he now believes in God, or would he be simply satisfied that his social grievances have found another admirer? All of you, I am sure, know the answer.

The Evil Clown has now another – self-interested – ticket holder for his Evil Circus. We register the news without any surprise, albeit with great scandal. Once again, the Evil Clown has chosen the side of the godless. Once again, there will be no scarcity of people ready to praise him for that.

All signs point out to the fact that Francis will die the enemy of orthodox Carholics, and the friend of the likes of Raul Castro.

What this would mean for his salvation, I will leave to your imagination.



The 7 May Massacre

As I speak, the United Kingdom is living the aftermath of a shocking bloodbath. Not entirely a genocide, but certainly a mass murder. No, let me correct it: a public mass execution, Tyburn Tree-style, but multiple times.

Since yesterday evening, when the first exit poll were published, there had been rumours of an incumbent massacre. It was everywhere. Not even the pollsters could believe it.

The LibDems denied vehemently. It cannot be, they said. We are so good, people can't treat us this way. Think of all the “gays” to whom we have told “their love is worth as much as anyone else's”. No, it cannot be. We cannot be massacred in that way. Ten Members of Parliament remaining, out of Fifty-Seven? You got to be kidding me. Lord Ashdown couldn't even see the now giant torpedo flying very low in the direction of his party. Poor man, he is a LibDem. They have some problems coping with reality. If this is true, he said, he would publicly eat his hat.

I hope Lord Ashdown likes hats for dinner; and I hope I will witness his public eating live. For the records, hats can be perfectly edible. One expects a man to keep his word. Even a LibDem politician.

Of the Fifty-Seven not quite ten, but, actually … only eight have survived. The Country has made a massacre of LibDem Members of Parliament in Charles Manson-style; but only after mass sodomisation, which even Charles Manson would have probably considered too cruel. The LibDems probably liked the last bit, as it must have showed them how many facettes – Clegg speaks French, remember! – the love of the British people for them has. They must feel very happy, and very gay, that they have been the objects of such an exercise in non-conventional love.

They were Fifty-Seven before the battle.

They knew they would be casualties, but this is worse than that.

This is not a defeat. This is not even a rout.

This is Afghan ritual disembowelling.

Why, then, does your truly feel the need to express his boundless enthusiasm at the gruesome news?

Firstly, because a party which was the most vocal proponent of so-called same sex marriage has received the Giant Dildo Treatment before their almost annihilation. I am not so naive to think it was because of their support for sexual perversion; but one takes the good news as they come.

Secondly, because David “Chameleon” Cameron will now be forced to fake Conservatism with more enthusiasm. Again, I do not expect a resurgence of Christian values, but I think that things are slowly moving in the right direction. Cameron isn't dumb. He knows he is now far less in control than he used to be, and can't use the LibDems as an excuse. He also knows that the knives meant for his back are, in purest Tory tradition, always sharp. He may be happy he is still in power, but he knows a PM is as strong as his charisma and following, and he clearly lacks both. The demise of the LibDems deprives him of one leg. He won't feel comfortable surrounded by an all-Tory team.

Thirdly, because the only halfway sane party in the Country, the UKIP, has garnered almost four million votes and is now very officially the third biggest party by number of voters. A development, this, that will send very cold shivers down the spine of many newly-elected Tory MPs, and will further contribute to a slow return to something vaguely resembling sanity. The UKIP only got one MP, I know; but I am one of those who think that the cruel first-past-the-post system in use in the UK forces MPs to think of their possible demise at the next election all the time. Ask Ed (cut) Balls if you don't believe me.

The Country went to sleep sensing a big surprise, and woke up with an ever bigger one; this afternoon, the surprise is staggeringly complete.

This Country has moved to the right in a way that even Cameron must find unwelcome. It is by far not enough, but it is a first step.

For the moment, let's enjoy this massacre. You never know what surprises the Lord has in store for us.

And pray, pray for this Country.

Once the Dowry of Mary, now the Whore of Elton



Fr Volpi Alive, Not Well.

The news spread yesterday of the sudden death of Father Volpi was, as they say, premature. Fr Volpi suffered a massive stroke and is now in critical conditions.

The Lord, in His mercy, has given the man ample ways to reflect on his ways before it is too late. Please join me in my prayers for his health and for the good of his soul; because we Christians pray for our enemies, and do not wish hell or invalidity to anyone. Not even to the likes of Father Volpi.



Mohammed Cartoon Context: And The Winner Is…


Mr Bosch Fawstin, with the cartoon above.




Canis Mortuus Est

Will the grieving mother survive the bereavement?



A reader alerted me to this, I think, sacrilegious event, and Father Z now has a blog post.

Of course, the treating of dogs in the same way as humans is not new, and it has been going on in parallel with the degeneration of Christian feeling for a while. Many of you will remember the film “A Fish Called Wanda”, the exhilarating scenes with Michael Palin (k-k-k-.. Ken!) is trying to kill the old woman, and the “dog funerals” she organises. But those were clearly Anglicans, and the mockery of their mockery of the Liturgy did not escape the attentive observer.

Some decades later, some Catholics have clearly acquired the same mentality. The woman describing herself as the “mother” of the dog (I can hear Rick Santorum here: “If she says she is the mother of the dog, then she is the mother of the dog…”) is just as appalling as the behaviour of the priest.

Christians are simply forgetting, or refusing to acknowledge, Christianity. The new religion of niceness demands that no one be denied anything, not even a dog motherhood fantasy. An implicit promise of eternal life of the “mother” together with her “son” cannot be denied in such an event, and the priest appears not at all interested in avoiding public confusion. Most of all, it seems to me, the new religion demands that the “participants” take part in the circus, because it would be unkind to “hurt” the poor grieving “mother” in her bereavement.

Methinks, these people think, in their delusion, that they are being nice and therefore Christian. Wrong. Niceness wasn't born with Christianity. They are transforming Christianity in their own version of a heathen cult. A cult made to measure to suit the fantasies of everyone.

Dogs have no immortal soul. You can't be the mother of dogs. This is not Christianity.

This episode happened in Belgium, the country at the satanical forefront of the euthanasia March.

It seems fitting that the same Country that puts humans to sleep like dogs should also treat dogs like humans.



Judasgate: Let’s Talk About “Empathy”

Empathy is defined as, for what interests us:

the psychological identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another.

I can vividly picture Rick “Judas” Santorum sitting at a table together with rather nervous “advisers” after Judasgate. They were, no doubt, the same people who had previously advised him to “open” to the “LGBT community” and “broaden his appeal”.

They therefore sit all there, and ask themselves: “how can we explain Judas to Christians in a way that makes him look acceptable?”

Apparently, they could not come out with anything better than “empathy“. This means that they are telling us that when Rick “Judas” Santorum is confronted with sexual perverts of the most atrocious sorts, and of the most hardened variety, what he does is not to admonish the sinner, or be concerned about the danger of hell for others. He does not think his duty as a wannabe leader to state very clearly – for the benefit of the pervert, and of everyone else – what terrible consequences this behaviour has.

No. When confronted with such a behaviour, Rick “Judas” Santorum has nothing better to do than to vicariously experience the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of these perverts.

Congratulations, Mr Santorum. You have shot yourself straight in the balls for the second time in a row. You deserve your advisors, and they deserve you. Who knows, Judas possibly felt empathy for the plight of the Pharisees. It's a pity such delicacy of character was so long overlooked.

Now the leftists shoot at you because you aren't still quite like them, and the Catholics are disgusted by you because you are, well, Judas.

I have suspected for quite some time that modern democracies select boneheads, and quite shameless ones at that. There will be rare exceptions; but they will be, as stated, rare.

Rick “Judas” Santorum isn't one of them.




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