The Economics Of Poverty, or: Robbing the Poor to Give to the Illegal

The Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, has just announced he will give guaranteed health care to, among others, illegals. 

Last time I looked, New York was not some wealthy enclave like, say, the Principality of Monaco. It was, and his, a city with extremely high costs of living, where an awful lot of people struggle even to live in conditions that we in Italy call “dignified poverty”. A place with, and I am sorry to say that, an awful lot of hard working losers who keep voting for the Democrats, who then force them to become even harder working and even more losers.

This latest initiative is just an extreme example of what the Democrats do, all over the Country, all the time: they rob the poor and give to the scroungers and the illegals. 

The Democrats pursue an economics of poverty: they will first import illegals, hoping to make of them regular voters one day (certainly already happening in some measure, by the way, in all those State in which electoral fraud is positively encourage, like the “motor voter” ones). They will then proceed to tax the working poor in order to give substantial freebies to their protected classes and hard sock of their power base: those who don’t work – and often have neither intention nor incentive to do so – and those who depress the wage of those who work legally. As the Democrats encourage the abortion of more and more of their future voters, they must import more and more illegals to compensate for the literal killing of their power basis. The game has gone on for decades now, and you would think that those who work hard to maintain politicians without scruple in power and an army of good-for-nothing and illegals protected and well fed would get the dynamics. Alas, they don’t.

You can bet that New York will keep voting Democrat at staggering percentages – percentages which make it clear that the oppressed feed the very system that oppresses them – as the multitude of people working hard to live in conditions that would be considered poverty most everywhere else in the West keep feeding the system that oppresses them.

Last time I looked, more than 400,000 people out of around 8 million lived in the New York Council House system, once a preserve of the working poor and now a preserve of the single mothers and the chronically unemployed; a natural development considering the economic value of what they would, in time, lose if they were to start working hard in some manual, non professional job. You would think those who work hard to live in shared accommodation well into their working careers would look around themselves and start to get it. I am afraid they don’t, and they won’t.

This is why Bill de Blasio has announced the initiative. He will position himself for further political glory when his time as Mayor ends, with the approval of the very people he exploits to finance his political ascent.

Why this is so is difficult to tell, but my best bet is that the Democrats are good at exploiting social envy, telling the working poor that they are on their side whilst sucking the marrow out of their bones.

Start spreading the news: in old New York, you can work hard all day and come home to live with cockroaches, knowing that your tax money has financed scroungers and illegals.

All, of course, in the name of social justice.





“Brazil First And God Above All”: Jair Bolsonaro Shows The Ways of the Lord.




This guy just made my day.

Let us pick a handful of selected quotes first:

“My electoral campaign listened to the call of the streets and forged a commitment to place Brazil first and God above all.”

“Thank you, my God”

“I place myself before the whole nation, on this day, as the day in which the people began to liberate itself from socialism, from the inversion of values, from big government, and from political correctness,”

If this is not enough, how about the new Minister for Families?

“When I talk about life, I’m talking about life from conception,”

“In this government, a girl will be a princess and a boy will be a prince”

“the government is secular, but this minister is terribly Christian”.

This is quite shocking, in a good way. You can barely believe this is today, in the XXI Century. This is like fresh air finally entering a room full of (liberal) stench. This is – at least as far as values are concerned – Trump on steroids.

This man shows once again that God works in mysterious ways. When He intervenes, He does it in a generally unexpected way, because the world is unable to understand the workings of God. He sends us unexpected people, with unexpected characters and inclinations, who cause an entirely unexpected upheaval of the worldly status quo. He does not send (most of the times at least) great saints and powerful angels. He sends fallible, flawed people like us. They have common names; names like Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Viktor Orban, Matteo Salvini; but also, looking at the past, Benito Mussolini, Napoleone Bonaparte, Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus. They have normally not led, nor in many cases they continue to live, an exemplary life; but at some point, they start – more or less willingly, and at times merely out of political convenience – to do God’s work for their Country.

We look at these sudden changes of landscape, and wonder at the greatness of God, at work under our eyes, for those who have eyes to see.

We get these breaks again and again; whether we use them properly and profit from them in a permanent way is a different matter altogether. It is for us, the common people, to do the most we can as individual to continue in the small scale what God has set in motion in the great one. This is also another aspect of Bolsonaro’s message: the invitation to change one’s Country not only in its deformed legal structures, but in the hearts and minds of his inhabitants.

If the Pope were Catholic, and the clergy straight, Bolsonaro’s work would be much easier. But again, we do not need to be worried about that: have we not seen, and do we not keep seeing, that God works in mysterious ways and always runs to our help in some unexpected manner?

Do not spend sleepless nights thinking about the Evil Clown. Use your sadness and anger to pray more. Try to help in the restoration of sanity as much as you can, and let Providence do the rest.

The government may be depraved, but let the readers of this blog be terribly Christian.



Comical Francis

Bergoglio does at times really remind one of Comical Ali, the PR guy of Saddam Hussein claiming victory against the US even as the incoming US tanks were visible by Western journalists with their own eyes. The level of absurdity of this Pontificate might soon even surpass the apparent lack of shame – and obvious terror of Saddam – of that guy.

Bergoglio dares to scold his own bishops for their lack of credibility at the same time as one if his cronies, Bishop Zanchetta, is accused of the usual sodomitical predatory behaviour.

This Zanchetta guy is a FrancisCreature through and through: protected and promoted by Bergoglio in his time in Buenos Aires, and made a Bishop not much after Bergoglio was elected Pope.

You need to be very naive to believe that Bergoglio would work closely with this guy without ever noticing anything, or have him vetted certainly on more than one occasion without Zanchetta’s behaviour being brought to his attention. There is absolutely no realistic chance that Bergoglio did not know.

What appears extremely likely to me is that Bergoglio not only knew about the perverted proclivities of the bishops and cardinals in his entourage, but actually chose to use it in order to have – even to promote – around him people he could use, and of whose loyalty he could be assured.

This is an extremely dark, evil, disgusting individual. His strategy has always been to lie first, and to lie even more when his lies are exposed. His hypocrisy evidently knows no bounds.

If Comical Ali had been made Pope, I doubt he would have made himself as ridiculous as this disgusting old clown.

Oh well, it’s the beginning of the year. One can hope that 2019 will bury this man six feet deep, to be despised until the end of time.


McCarrick Cover-Up: Francis Is Being Francis Again

Church Militant has it from reliable sources that, in the matter of the investigation against Cardinal McCarrick, a massive cover-up effort is ongoing.

Whilst this would be an extremely stupid thing to do, I must say this is 100% Francis. A sane person would think that Francis would put himself  “at the head of the movement” and lead a serious, concerted effort to show that the Church is not dominated by an inverted mafia. However, Francis is afflicted by massive problems like his stupidity, his arrogance, his incompetence and his total disconnection from reality; this makes it difficult for him to act in a sane way even if – as it might be the case – McCarrick & Co. have nothing substantial against him.

As a whole, I am not “worried” about the predictable whitewashing of this internal investigation. Like most of my readers, I have lost every faith in the ability of the Church to reform herself, and think that real change will come from divine intervention in some way or other, for example through a massive series of arrests of Cardinals and Bishops.

Herein lies the fundamental weakness of Francis’ evil, deeply Clericalist thinking: he can cover up as much as he wants, but in the end the issue is now out of his hands. The investigations will go on and it will be factually impossible to manipulate and control a dozen or more of Attorney Generals, a number of them hungry for red and scarlet trophies, some of them likely atheist or fiercely anticlerical and with a substantial interest in presenting themselves to the voters – when they seek higher office – as fearless enforcers and no respecters of clerical habits.

The Vatican investigation is, apart perhaps as an exercise in good faith, as relevant as an Iraqi commission to investigate corruption whilst the American tanks are advancing towards Baghdad.

Francis was never credible as an ally against church perversion in the first place. His alleged – and very credible – cover-up attempts are, in the end, just Francis being Francis.

I trust that the civilian justice will take its course and cause great damage to this cabal of sodomites. I also trust the pewsitters to be smarter than thinking that Pope Francis is really engaged in a fight against his friends and protectors of a lifetime.

We are here in front of a deeply evil, corrupted individual, with no shred of conscience and no trace of Catholicism in his being. His efforts to cover up or minimise McCarrick’s deeds are widely expected and no surprise at all.

Pray for a Conclave in 2019. The outcome will be uncertain, but at least we will be given a new chance.


In Praise Of Fat Shaming

To begin the year, your truly would like to give you some wisdom from the old world in which he had the blessing and privilege to grow up. A world in which words like “political correctness” were unknown. A world full of beautiful women and manly men, each sex doing their own to keep the proper order of society.

That was a world in which, if you were fat (or drug addict, or alcoholic, or lazy, or a lot of other things besides) it was your fault. There was no worship of bogus “science” trying to explain away and rationalise the absurdity and monstrous deformity of mass obesity. As a result, very few people (astonishingly few compared to today’s Anglo-Saxon world, particularly among the young) were obese, and what was considered “fat” would, today, be considered “normal”.

In the same vein, if you were fat, it was your responsibility to put an end to it. Those people did not have much knowledge of modern nutrition science, you know (the “science” that justifies obesity in practice even as it decries it in abstract). They did not invent excuses for people with “slow metabolism”. They did not blame pizza shops for the fatness of people. They did not blame “inequality” and call for the working class to be able to afford caviar so that potatoes don’t make them fat anymore. They knew that if one was fat, he had made himself so. They knew that no one can say he has not noticed that he carries around 500,000 calories in excess fat. They knew that whatever rubbish food poor people ate, they would be thinner if they would eat less of that very rubbish. A degree of fatness (however, nothing comparable to the monstrous deformity I see around every day now) was observed only in two categories of people: the old and, but only among the working classes, those young women who thought that, as they were not beautiful, a degree of fatness would help them to acquire some feminine attraction to the other sex.

Similarly, the social control was so strong that feminazis and their soyboys would, today, call it against the human rights of the Gluttonous People. Think of this: fat children were scolded in front of the entire school class, and told to be ashamed of themselves.  Overweight girls were publicly chastised by older women with words like “you will never find a decent husband!!”. Overweight boys were considered lazy and gluttonous. And you know what was the result of all this “oppression”? Thinness was the norm, and Italians enforced the norm with their usual, so refreshing, utterly non-PC brutality.

Today I read all that rubbish about Facebook, fashion magazines, scales and obviously bad, bad humans being responsible for the obesity of women. Women, mind my words, apparently so stupid that they are unable to see a beautiful thin woman in a magazine without going home and stuffing themselves with whipped cream and a can of ice cream because… they are not as thin as them.

Thanks for sharing, Ms Zeppelin. And do you have a guardian?

Then you have all the fake “science”, which fails to explain why Italians should be so genetically different from Brits, much less why the Brits of today should be so genetically different from the Brits of two generations ago.

“Ah, but there was no Instagram then!”.

Forget Instagram. I can assure you that 30 or 40 years ago a young girl could walk everywhere in Italy and see a number of young girls ranging from sexy to stunning, live and in 3D; which, actually, should have been a much bigger shock than a fake beauty in a photoshopped image. Guess what: those girls did not take the beauty of the stunners as an excuse to stuff themselves with donuts.

Modern society are rapidly becoming grotesquely deformed on the outside, a fitting reflection of their disgusting deformity inside. The 300 pound girl with zero impulse control is extremely likely to consider homosexuality normal, her own disgusting obesity “body positivity” and everyone who points out to them strangely resembling those old photos of a Zeppelin “oppressive” and “fat phobic”. Their deformity has begun inside way before it translated into half a million calories carried around.

Think rubbish, eat rubbish, look rubbish.

No, don’t give me any “science”. I prefer reality. I prefer a world in which people learn  discipline, and to discipline themselves, from a young age, and in which correct behaviour is brutally enforced, because life is brutal.

And now go on, fat feminist stumbling upon this page: stuff yourself with your two best friends, Ben and Jerry, until you want to vomit, and then blame me.





The Faithless Pope

Father Davide Pagliarani, the Superior General of the SSPX, has given an interesting interview a few days before Christmas.  

I think there are some elements of this interview that merit our attention.

Firstly, Father Pagliarani politely, but openly calls the Pope faithless. Faithless in the real, literal sense, of one who is called to faithfully transmit the faith and does exactly the contrary. Note that the figure and role of the Pope qua Pope is respected and upheld at the same time as the current occupier of the Throne of Peter is politely, but still very obviously thrashed.

Secondly, Father Pagliarani has a very practical and, if you allow me, “Italian” approach to the current problems within the Church. The Pope does not do his job, and actually undermines the faith. Very bad. However, this does not change anything in his being Pope, or in his being wrong. Father Pagliarani works with the situation he has.

Thirdly, Father Pagliarani does not give any answer about when the chaos in the Church is going to end. He merely states that, one day, a Pope will correct all the mistakes caused by the madness seen in the last almost sixty years. He does not promise that this will happen in his lifetime, or in yours, or in the one of your nephew. This basic consideration, that a Pope can be very bad, is something every Italian absorbs since childhood, as natural to him as the sun and the stars. The fact that this Pope is particularly bad does not change anything in this fundamental consideration. Actually, there is no Vatican II Pope that deserves not to be called particularly bad if measured with the standard of orthodox Popes before V II; Francis merely went off-the-chart-bad.

A faithless Pope undermines the faith and there is no seeing when this will end. However, the truths of the faith remain exactly the same. We leave it to God’s Providence to decide when this chaos ends and to providentially adjust things, which will happen in ways we probably cannot foresee now. In my eyes, however, it appears to be in the Providence’s plan that the faithful (or, rather, the unfaithful) are forced to confront the disaster they have put themselves in and realise that at its root is the fundamental betrayal of Catholic orthodoxy set in motion by the Second Vatican Council.

In other words, my impression is that we will have to eat a huge quantity of the shit that two generations of fake Catholics have produced, until the desire for “improvements” and “updates” goes away for a very, very long time, leaving place for the restoration of sound orthodoxy. How much shit-eating will be enough? I have frankly no idea, and  prepare myself to live and die in this sad age of confusion; but safe in the knowledge that the immutable truths transmitted to Catholicism will remain forever, and that it is not my job to decide when this punishment will end.




Easy-To-Keep 2019 Resolutions

As we leave 2018 behind us, I would suggest to my readers some easy actions that will make 2019 better both for them and for Catholicism as a whole.

  • Change the browser setting to DuckDuckGo as search engine. Ditch Google, whose aim is to manipulate you and use you as as a stupid serf doing their bidding even as you enrich them. Google is poison for democracy and freedom. It will take some years before this becomes a more widely accepted fact, but we must start from a minority position and do the best we can to spread our ideas around us.
  • Start weaning yourself out of Facebook. Realise that nobody is really interested in where you have drunk your last latte, or where you are now. Unless you are very attractive, most people will also be rather fed up with seeing you posting pictures of yourself with s silly smile everywhere. Facebook is an exercise in futility and banality. I have never had a personal Facebook account, but what I have seen of other people’s accounts (the self-centredness, the endless banalities, the stunning amount of triviality and hot air) is enough to make me question the sanity of the human race.
  • Get yourself out of Twitter as an active user, but keep using it to follow President Donald John Trump and a few, very carefully selected others. Your quality of life will greatly benefit from the newly acquired free time, and you will have done your best to castrate another enemy of Western freedoms.

Realise than now more than ever, 


all your social media postings are carefully vetted by any potential employer of yours, which opens a very wide door to discrimination against you by any number of feminist bitches or acidic soyboys in the HR departments or by decisions about pay rises, bonuses, promotions etc. 

These are only four easy-to-remember, feasible actions you can start carrying out today. Whilst it sounds cheesy to say that you can change the world one browser setting at a time, the reality on the ground is that individual actions are the most we can do that really has a consequence, however small.

I wish all my readers a happy 2019.


Venite Adoremus Dominum

Coventry Carol

Shepherd’s Pipe Carol

Nativity Carol

What Sweeter Music

Good King Wenceslas

Satanical Delusions

If you have any doubt about what pieces of shit these homosexualists are, look no further than Colorado, when the heroic Jack Phillips. a man who has been persecuted for six years now for not wanting to bake absurd sodomy celebration cakes, is being sued *again* for refusing to bake a case “celebrating” what one of these utterly mad people call “transition” from a dog to a cat, or from a rabbit to an oak, or from a male to a female, something like that but I don’t even want to know the detail.

Every pervert can go to any supermarket and buy a cake to “celebrate” whatever he wants to “celebrate” before the probable, ultimate end of the “celebration”: suicide.

I for myself can guarantee to you that, in my entire life, I never had a cake baked according to my wishes and never got any trauma for that at all. Heck, it one looks for long enough, one can certainly find a baker as perverted as oneself, ready to make for him all the cakes that are desired.

But you see, it is clearly not about the cake. It is about the desire of these people to ram down your throat the acceptance of their satanical delusions.

Thank God for courageous people like Mr Phillips. If he i snot a Catholic, I hope he dies one and in all cases, I have no doubts that he is earning a huge amount of brownie points, collaborating with God’s grace in the fight for, well, nothing more than sanity.


Away In A Manger

The Kindle And The Log

I have not written a lot about the SSPX in the last months, simply because there was not much to write about. The position of the SSPX has been known for a while: they will talk to the Pope – to any Pope, and be a disgraceful one like the Evil Clown – and they will explore possible ways of reconciliation if this can be done without endangering their Catholic integrity and factual autonomy in the face of open heresy.

We all know that the latest round of talk also led to nothing; but many, like me, think that already the talking wasn’t a bad thing, as it shows to the entire Catholic world that the undisputed champions of proper Catholicism do not create their own mini-me “church” and keep the flag of Catholicism high without any Schismatic approach or, worse, direct or indirect Sedevacantist fantasy.

Much as I like the SSPX, and trust them entirely, a little part of me wished – and still wishes – a more confrontational approach to the filth now reigning in the Vatican. I am aware that the SSPX cannot be expected to behave like enraged bloggers; but I would have wished more at least in term of turning up the volume.

The Remnant’ s report about the interview with Fr Pagliarani, the new Superior General of the SSPX, seems to show that things are going in the right direction, as I seem to detect in Father Pagliarani a more muscular tone than the one observed in his predecessor.

It would be wrong to assume, or to hope, that the SSPX will now start using the tones to which this humble effort has accustomed you. There is a place for bloggers and one for religious orders. However, I think that in the next months, as Father Pagliarani develops his own brand of strategy, we will see a little less diplomacy and some more frankness.

The resistance to Francis, and to Vatican II, can and should take many forms: more aggressive in some private blogs, more diplomatic in official organisations. The two approaches integrate each other, as the common pewsitter can better appreciate the fine point of diplomacy once he has, to his great relief, become aware that a lot of people are just as angry as he is. We are the kinde that makes the obvious flames in the fireplace, the SSPX is the great log that keeps a steady fire burning.

The Lord works in His own ways. He is probably using wretched sinners and holy priests for the same aim right now.


Dormi Jesu

Good Riddance, Weekly Standard

The prominent nevertrumper rag, The Weekly Standard, has finally gone from “failing” to “failed”, and not a day too soon.

Whilst the entire MSM apparatus is suffering, damaged by the growing desire of the readership to actually not be manipulated into doing the bidding of a bunch of cuckolds interested only in looking good in their own social circle, the obvious betrayal of everything that is decent cost the Weekly Standard their own hide.

Make no mistake: the most prominent faces associated with the rag, like the insufferable Bill Kristol, will keep prospering as they sell themselves to leftist outlets to play the part of the “conservative”. However, their “conservative ” credentials will be greatly damaged by their utter failure at being taken seriously by those who are conservative in actual fact.

Kristol & Co. are all part of that universe of sanctimonious Judases I hate more than I do hardline Liberals. Every reverse they have is good for the conservative and, more specifically, Christian values they so obviously ignore, or even despise, even as they pretend to care for them.

The betrayal of 2016, in such a delicate moment, is one from which there can be no recovery and no redemption. It is totally unacceptable to stab the Country in the back and then claim, at some after the stabbing, to have seen the light. It is as if Benedict Arnold would be allowed to join the United States again after Yorktown.

Good riddance, Weekly Standard.

I hope the “Blaze” follows you in the grave soon.


The First Nowell

Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day

Candlelight Carol

Oh Du Froehliche

All Bells In Paradise

Allah U Every Damn Time

And it came to pass the attack in Strasbourg was motivated by Islamic fanatism. Religion of peace, and all that.

I trust that the normal people, the common men and women who care for their children, will slowly understand what is happening and will, at some point, draw the consequences.

What I am more uncertain of is how much blood will have to be spilled before, and after, this realisation.

To help you in your reflections, I copy below some thoughtful verses from Rudyard Kipling, The Wrath Of The Awakened Saxon. It is muscularly beautiful, and I find it very apposite. Mind that some texts have English instead of Saxon. The meaning is the same.


It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late,
With long arrears to make good,
When the Saxon began to hate.
They were not easily moved,
They were icy — willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the Saxon began to hate.
Their voices were even and low.
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign nor show
When the Saxon began to hate.
It was not preached to the crowd.
It was not taught by the state.
No man spoke it aloud
When the Saxon began to hate.
It was not suddently bred.
It will not swiftly abate.
Through the chilled years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date
That the Saxon began to hate.
It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late,
With long arrears to make good,
When the Saxon began to hate.
They were not easily moved,
They were icy — willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the Saxon began to hate.
Their voices were even and low.
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign nor show
When the Saxon began to hate.
It was not preached to the crowd.
It was not taught by the state.
No man spoke it aloud
When the Saxon began to hate.
It was not suddently bred.
It will not swiftly abate.
Through the chilled years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date
That the Saxon began to hate.

Bianco Natale

Strasbourg And The Multicultural Mess

The information is still fragmentary on the Strasbourg shooting spree. Therefore, the attacker might not have a link to the (don’t laugh) “religion of peace”. However, the attacker has a name that sounds rather Arab to these ears. We shall see.

The fact is, though, that before the massive influx of the followers of a certain Violent Paedophile these things did not happen. Christmas Markets, which were not called “holiday markets” yet, were peaceful affairs and considered just part of the social fabric.

Now we have multiculturalism, which means that we have very expensive security measures to allow Europeans to live their lives the European way. These measures are also insufficient, as the attacker in Strasbourg was allegedly able to get past them before firing his shots.

The attacker may or may not have an Islamic motive. But one would have to be blind not to notice how the entire fabric of Europe is being changed, slowly deformed into a tragically botched experiment in multicultural utopia.

Europe needs to go back to being European; which means, in its matrix, Christian.

Unless we recognise Christianity as our common cultural matrix, to be respected – if not worshipped – by everyone, we will keep sliding into a bigger and bigger multicultural mess. And yes, the attacker with a very foreign sounding name was, in fact, born in Strasbourg.

The sins of the politicians of yesteryear are being paid by the citizen of today, and very fittingly so.


Faith Of Our Fathers

A Tale Of Two Cities

Macron thinks he is this guy… 

I know the title is banal and abused, but it is also irresistible. I could have written “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair…”, but that would have been even more banal… Still, it seems so pertinent….

Dickens or no Dickens, the facts on the table are simple: as Paris burns (see what I am doing here?) Rome celebrates sanity.   

We see here the simple difference between power used for the people, and power abused by a wannabe elitist minority, led by a pervert married to a child abuser, and directed against the people. 

Now, I do not condone violence, vandalism, etc. But if you know Europe you know this is the way the French convey the message that they are angry. Their vandalism is not justified, their anger is. Macron’s fuel tax rise amidst the usual global warming fantasies was just the (massive) straw that broke this particular camel’s back.

It is not only that the man is incompetent. The root of the problem is that he is totally detached from the problems of the real people, who get up in the morning and go to work, and worships at the altar of the globalist and environmental gods. This new religion is the one to which everyone in his circle belongs, and against which no one would dare to apostatise. Perhaps, until the entire Country explodes. 

I do not pity the French. They have elected Macron, and they will now suffer everything that there is to suffer, and it serves them right, until the violence has become sufficient to (possibly) force a partial return to sanity. But the contrast with Rome is still brutal. 

Democracies aren’t perfect. They are pretty dumb. They encourage alliances of the have nots against the haves. They are often the triumph of the minimum common denominator. They tend to elect mediocre politicians exactly reflecting the mediocrity of the average elector. They are easily manipulated by the media, which force feed the ignorant, the dumb and the evil with their own mantras of anti-Christian ideas, from so-called “marriage equality” to the very concept of “hate speech” to, of course, EnvironMentalism. They are very slow in correcting the course even when it is evident that it is wrong.

But at some point, the breaking point is always reached. We are seeing this in Germany and Sweden, in Austria and in Italy, in Hungary and in Poland. We are seeing it, now, even in France; a Country which elected an anti-Trump granny-lover after Trump’s election.

 You elect a man with a rotten brain, what you get is rotten politics. 

I do not know what will happen now. It is clear to me that Macron can’t continue with his unprecedented waves of arrests, because he can’t play Schutzstaffel for very long. He will have to yield in some way, and will probably try to cheat in that, too. Still, the toy is broken now, and his presidency will be remembered for the gilet jaunes; the product, by the way, of another stupid French Nazi Nanny idea (the obligation to have a yellow security vest in your car; because you know, it used to be that people who got a tire punctured used to be killed in droves…). 

Macron’s presidency is now irretrievably ruined. He will never really recover from this. He is now the Pope Francis of French Presidents. 

Democracies are slow, half asleep, and pretty stupid.

But they wake up in the end.  


God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen

The Inconvenient Host

Francischurch truly is something. 

An accidentally dropped Host is recovered and handled in the proper way, after which it appears that… it starts to bleed. 


We will never know.  A potentially bleeding host is an inconvenience for the Diocese of Buffalo, awakening the possibility, frightening to them, that there might be a God after all, and that He may have targeted Francisbishops like Bishop Malone and his auxiliary, Bishop Grosz. 

The linked article states that the priest witnessing the potential miracle, Father Loeb, promptly informed both Malone and Grosz, and that both told him to get rid of the  Inconvenient Host. It truly is the stuff of nightmares. 

The linked article has two pictures of the host, by the way disposing of the fantasy that the host was “dissolved”. I do not claim to know what has happened from two pictures, but it seems to me we can safely exclude that they might be the result of manipulations from Father Loeb. In sane times, an investigation would have been in order.  In the insane times we are living, the possibility of a miracle is a distraction from social justice, global warming, inequality and all the other FrancisCults currently being followed. 

I wonder how much an investigation would have cost. Not much, I am sure. But I also wonder what signal this would have sent to the faithful out there: that Christ might have chosen one of the most notorious dioceses in the Country to send a message that He is among us, in the midst of troubles, and with many losing faith.

I do not think that faith should ever be based on miracles. But there can be no doubt that the proper investigation of potential miracles is due not only to their potential Maker, but to all those faithful who could find their faith revived and invigorated by them. 

The message that this episode leaves in me is very simple: 

“Miracle? We don’t do miracles in FrancisChurch.  

Get rid of that host. 

It might make us look bad”. 


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