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Never Tire Of Winning: Pulling Out Of The Paris Agreement


For my “never tire of winning” series, a new example of the way this President thinks and works. 

Trump has once again demonstrated he absolutely wants to deliver. However, his way of delivery is not a draconian and ultimately unrealistic “everything on day one” method. 

On the one hand, he can tackle the issues one at a time, and pick his battles in the proper order. On the other hand, he loves to tease and keep people in suspense; as if to punish his lukewarm supporters and enjoy the shattered hopes of his enemies. There is in this, I think, a mixture of calculated strategy and amused mastery of the game of politics. 

We see this happening again with the decision to pull out of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. A clear electoral promise was followed by a mixture of harsh statements and more conciliatory messages. Donald The Cat played with this particular mouse for fairly long, before delivering a mortal blow that will remain the more impressed in the consciousness of allies and enemies alike.

Make no mistake: Trump knew what he wanted to do from day one. He decided to build suspense in order to give more emphasis to his decision. He also enjoyed the faces of those who had hoped to the last, not very intelligently, that he would make a U-Turn on a policy already fully implemented (coal, pipelines) in order to please… some fat, smug, German bitch.

I am glad the decision came now. Trump waited to first have the momentum build, then told the other chief of government what morons they are, then built more suspense, then delivered a mortal blow to the Paris Agreement, but not without saying “if you ever become sane again come to me in confidence and we shall talk”. 

Not only he delivered 100% on his promise, but he had a lot of fun along the way. If you understand the way the man works you will have a lot of fun, too. 

We keep winning and winning. Boy, am I having fun. 

Thank you, Lord, for the best President since Ronald Reagan. 




The Day Liberals Stopped Making Children

Yep… Again!

The 1 June 2017 must be remembered, surely, as the day the Liberals stopped “planning” any “parenthood”.

Trump’s destruction of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement certainly means – in their demented heads – that the Planet is marching towards apocalyptic ruin. This ruin is certainly very near (though a bit late already: none of the disgraces predicted by Al Gore in 2006 for 2016 has materialised) and at this point there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to avoid the Great Global Warming Planetary Catastrophe.

Nor do Liberals believe that one makes children to give souls to God. To them, it’s all about quality of life on Earth. Therefore, how can it make sense to beget a child in 2018 who will have to cope – if he survives – with TEOTWAWKI?

No, it cannot be.

Surely, they will draw the consequences from what they firmly believe and stop making children.

Or else they are retarded fanatics who don’t believe themselves in their own fanaticism.

Take your pick.


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