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Last Pieces Of Advice On Election Day

As I prepare to spend a sleepless night rooting for the unborn (and many other things besides), I would like to give my readers some last pieces of advice.

Stay away from the exit polls

I have already suggested that the MSM be avoided altogether. However, as the day progresses the temptation “to know” will be very strong for some. Please avoid it. They are toxic. They will gaslight you to the very end. Please stay away. Thanks.

If you really want to have an idea of how things are going…

… look here. This is the Florida map, updated every half hour or so, by party affiliation. This is now by total votes, that is: votes by mail plus early vote in person plus vote cast up to… now during election day. As I write this, Republicans are up 148k (at last update before press: it was +133k when I started writing!). This is amazing. If Rs lead even by party affiliation, when you add the expected (small) lead among independents and the obvious, bigger crossover from Ds to Rs than from Rs to Ds (the unavoidable consequence of all those Cubans and Venezuelans, plus a no small number of Blacks, now supporting Trump) you get an idea of what is happening. I think we might end the voting day with Rs up 200k + in the party affiliation, and much more than this in the final tally. Florida is a safe state now, and there will be no “malarkey” in Broward County anymore (tightened rules, and at least one “usual suspect” people kicked out in recent years).

And if you really are not easy to please…

… reflect on this: in the last decades, whenever an incumbent President has increased his vote in Florida, he has very often increased it also in the States which interest us today: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin.

Folks, things are going seriously well, and it is stunning to read on Twitter all those Dems still so confident of victory. They will, I think, cry twice as hard.

Summa summarum: a realistic (not assured, but realistic) scenario sees Trump carrying more or less easily all the States he carried in 2016, ex PA, WI and MI. This is 260 electoral votes reasonably in the bag. No, I don’t think AZ is in play. Close, yes, but lost, no. I might be wrong. But I am often right.

The only thing that Trump will, then, need, is a last assault at the remaining ten electoral vote by winning *one* of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, or the combination of Nevada and New Hampshire. He won the first three in 2016 and is well placed now, particularly in the first two. He is well within the reach of the other two. And he needs only one of these paths, whilst Biden would need all of them.

“But Mundabor, Mundabor! Trump might not win any of those states!” Yes, he might. He might lose Arizona, for all I know. I just don’t think he will. Plus, remember: the incumbent increasing his vote in Florida is quite likely to increase his votes it in WI, PA and Mi, too; all three are States he carried in 2016.

Yes, there will be litigation. Yes, PA will be a mess for days to come, and I think likely that only the Supreme Court will put an end to the Democratic machinations and frauds. Yes, there will be moments when you think things are not going so well. But stay cheerful and pray. Biden surely would want to be in our situation now.

Last pieces of advice

Ohio will likely count the early vote first. Expect an early lead of the Dems in Ohio, hopefully (I would say: quite likely) destroyed by Rs as the night progresses.

Iowa: I seem to remember they do like Ohio: early votes first = early Dem advantage.

Pennsylvania: Scranton and Philadelphia votes tend to come faster than the rural zones. I also don’t know how they treat early votes. Expect a sizeable to huge advantage for Biden at the start (particularly if they count all early vote first), and then enjoy the ride as the Republicans run after the lead in the race.

Florida: Broward/Palm Beach/Miami-Dade County votes tend to come somewhat late, possibly because in the past they had the habit of first deciding how many votes they “needed”. Wait for Broward, Miami Dade and Palm Beach to be depleted of votes before you open a bottle. However, I suggest you put the bottle in the fridge now.

Florida: the panhandle has a different time zone. Expect a lot of R votes to come from there, potentially offsetting the onslaught of “late votes” from, say, Broward.


Conservative Treehouse: see other posts. 

Larry Schweikart will have his live feed here.

Steven Crowder has a youtube channel that should have another live feed (I think language can be raunchy at times. But they are good people).

Peoples Pundit Daily (Twitter feed here) should have a database here. It does not work well as I write this, and I fear it will repeatedly crash if the traffic is too much. An alternative to the damn NYT (who also want your email for a “free trial” to get past their paywall) is the just as damn New Yorker, which has one that seems free from paywall. I’ll try to avoid it, but in a pinch it will do. Lovely typeface, too.

[EDIT: RIGHT SIDE BROACASTING NETWORK appears to have a live programme on Youtube]. 

Guys and dolls, it has been a glorious ride, and I will never forget the excitement and hope of these days of prayer and battle.

We are, hopefully, and God willing, almost there.



Meet The MAGA Sisters

Religious Sisters featured prominently just behind Donald Trump in this video.

Dressed as, actually, religious sisters; sporting MAGA masks; with crosses in their hands; they seem to be praying.

It is a very sad reflection that it is a piece of Catholic news when you have religious sisters actually dressed like religious sisters, and even expressing their support for the anti-abortion candidate.

However, the world being what it is, it is at least a bit of good news, of sort.

Pray for Trump’s victory.

The Novena starts today.

Please Join The Novena For Trump’s Victory

Reader Stéphane Mercier writes: 

Starting a novena this very weekend so that Trumps, well… trumps grandpa B. All your readers might join in and pray the novena if you suggest the idea in a post, dear M.
We all know Trump isn’t a saint, but he’s certainly the one whom the sane world NEEDS to win this election. Like in the Batman movie, “he’s not the hero we deserve, but the one we need right now.”

Excellent idea, and many thanks to you, Stéphane! 

Instead of praying on our own, why not star a big common Novena?

I suggest we start on 

Sunday, 25 October  

It will end on Monday, 2 November. This is exactly the day before the election, so the timing is excellent. 

You can choose your won reflection as you please, or take them from a Catholic site of your choice. 

It’s an excellent idea and I would like to launch it now.

Please forward and spread around. 

Make Democrats Cry Again!  

The Last Debate

“This needs to end before I say that I married my daughter”


Good news for the unborn yesterday night.

Let me count the ways.

The President was Presidential

I confess: I prefer Angry Trump to Statesman Trump. I want to see the lion roar. I want to see the decrepit animal, Biden, looking for cover. I want to see the terror in his eyes as the Lion is about to put his teeth in his throat. Trump has given me both: Warrior Trump and Statesman Trump. Praise the Lord, and pass the ballot (I wish!).

Biden was waning fast

Come on, man! Biden was looking at his watch, and was more blurred towards the end, because his drugs were starting to lose their effect. Plus, he had three full days to alter his circadian rhythms and avoid sundowning. Plus, he might have known the questions beforehand (if you did that, you might be hired by Fox very soon). Still, the old and frail man was, well, old and frail. Trump was, in contrast, quite the guy you would want at the top of the Free World.

Biden fracked himself on energy

Poor Joe lives in the Seventies. In a world with tape recorders, and no Internet. He lies – like he has done his whole life: ask him how many degrees he has! – without reflecting that his lies will live for 30 minutes, top. He managed to screw himself and be seen as a shameless liar by the entire Country. The videos posted by Trump after the debates already have many millions views. He voted himself out of Pennsylvania with his own mouth. This is going to be glorious.

“Who built the cages, Joe?”

Ah, the one with the cages! Vintage Trump! Will be on TV in 30 years! Biden answered with… crickets. I’ll go out on a limb and say this: millions of people will have discovered only yesterday that the “cages” were built by Bronzefaced Bathhouse Barry Boy.

The Laptop From Hell

Trump pressed Biden on this, forcing him to make an ass of himself. You have a drug addict son, Joe, and it looks like you made a lot of money out of him, as your crack-pipe-cum-bag-man. Not looking good, Joe!

The General Impression

Experienced, proven President destroys liar, corrupt wannabe.

Pray that there is no jail for you or your son, Joe.

Ask Anthony Weiner how it ended for him.





Huntergate: Meet The Family From Hell

Hunter Biden is here seen sleeping, together with his inseparable drug (probably crack cocaine) pipe.


Rudy Giuliani just released a long-ish text message. I have it from a Youtube Trump channel containing extremely vulgar language, which I don’t want to link to here. You will soon have the text everywhere, and Giuliani has promised pictures and more material talking to Maria Bartiromo (on “Morning with Maria”) in a matter of hours.

The key parts of the text, which was sent from Hunter Biden to Joe Biden, are the following ones:

  1. “She told my therapist I was sexually inappropriate. This would be with an unnamed 14 years old girl”. “She” is the sister-in-law of Hunter Biden, of whom Hunter was the lover after Beau Biden diedWhat kind of family is this one, I wonder. So this is Hunter texting Joe that his sister-in-law and former lover told his therapist that he was sexually inappropriate with a 14 years old girl. This is not what he says. This is what she says.
  2. “And the reason why she can’t have her out to see me is because I walk around naked smoking crack talking Tom Girls(?) on Face time”. “Tom Girls”, and the question mark, is clearly Hunter misspelling “to girls”. “Face time” is clearly FaceTime, Apple’s videotelephony software. So Hunter states that he, as he himself admits,
    • talks to at least one girl (I think he questions the plural) on FaceTime
    • whilst walking around naked
    • smoking crack
    • all the time. —- Note here that Hunter does not say to “Pop” that this walking naked is something his “sister-in-law slash former lover” maintains. No. This is something he states as a fact, together with the rest.
  3. The bottom line is that I created and caused a very unsafe environment for the kids”. You don’t say, Hunter?!

Now, how serious is this? This is so serious that Mr Giuliani has now given the hard disk to the police.

This looks to me like Hunter Biden having to go down hard, with Rudy Giuliani doing all he can so that the police is actually forced to act (or is shamed, possibly with heads rolling, for not doing it) on the material, and arrests/interrogates the guy who sleeps with his widowed sister-in-law.

“Pop” is, no matter how demented, au courant about everything. He must have been the most leveraged politician on this planet for years now, as there is no possibility in this universe in which the Chinese were not aware at the very least of his son’s crack addiction and, very possibly, of the sordid details of Hunter “Anthony-Weinering” around and (if this was a secret; hey, this is a liberal family, so you never know…..) sleeping with the sister-in-law.

Trump called Hunter’s laptop “the laptop from hell”. But really, I think he is being too gentle. What is emerging is the picture of a family very closely resembling a crime syndicate, in which several members of the family (at least Joe’s son, brother, and son-in-law) all massively leverage “Pop’s” power and connection to make a quick buck (actually, millions of them) and “Pop” gets a kickback for it; all the while having to arbitrage stuff like his son sleeping with the wife of his deceased other son, his son having a crack addiction, and his son talking naked to girls on FaceTime “all the time”, “smoking crack”.

Boy, this is disquieting on so many levels, it makes the Clintons – minus the suspected arkancides – almost look like a normal family.

Stay tuned.



The Lead That Never Was: Why Trump Was Strong In Pennsylvania Pre-Huntergate, And Is Stronger Now.

The historically very serious, accurate Trafalgar Group released a new poll stating that Biden’s “lead” in Pennsylvania factually evaporated.

It would be all fine, if we didn’t know that the clear lead was never there in the first place. Your average Republican does not distinguish between Trafalgar and SurveyMonkey. They just hate, or at least don’t trust, pollsters. They might not want to have the quarrel with the wife and the daughter. They might not want the colleagues to know. They might just want to troll the pollsters. I know I would. 

Trump won this State in 2016. He has gained more registrations than Biden since. He has delivered to the people of Pennsylvania all that he had promised. He is the only pro-Second amendment candidate in a State fond of its gun rights. He is not an unknown quantity anymore, but a tried and tested President, without being part of the establishment.

There is no reason why he should not have won in Pennsylvania, pre-laptop.

But the laptop is now there, and the combined power of the tech giants could not keep it away from the masses. This poll only covers day 1 of Huntergate. Huntergate will, most likely, grow and become more explosive in the days to come.

Biden is on the defensive like he’s Hitler in March 1945. He has now called The Mother Of All Lids: three full days of basement! Granted, he needs three days to memorise that he is running for.. Senator (oh, wait!), but most of all, he needs to stay out of the way of the public, the journalists, the Trump fans more numerous than his own pathetic supporters.

This guy’s campaign is collapsing under our very eyes, with elements of hilarity worthy of Comical Ali. They tell their people that they can’t be complacent, that the Dems are “neck and neck” in most key battleground, and that they need to renew their efforts….

 and then they retire their candidate from circulation for three days straight.

It should be embarrassing to watch.

For some reason, it’s extremely satisfying instead.




Steve Bannon On Biden Inc.

The Biden campaign rendered with an artistic, B&W, old German picture.



Mr. Bannon: Joe Biden is a liar, a fraud, and compromised by Chinese cash. In short, he is a national security crisis. The hard drive combines emails and text messages that show a massive involvement with companies controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. Also, there are 25,000 images that show a drug-addled, depraved lifestyle — one that decent hardworking Americans will not want near the White House.

Revolver News: The FBI has been holding onto the hard drive for almost a year? Any sense of why? Was there any indication that they were seriously interested in criminal case, assuming that there is, in fact, illegal material on there? If not, why would the FBI simply hold onto information like that?Do you think the Biden family is corrupt?Yes No  Completing this poll entitles you to The Gateway Pundit news updates free of charge. You may opt out at anytime. You also agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Mr. Bannon: The President must confront the director of the FBI on why the information housed on this hard drive was not moved on immediately. If the content of the hard drive had been released when received in November 2019, there would have been no impeachment of Trump, and Bernie Sanders would be the Democratic Party nominee. This confrontation should take place this weekend in the Oval Office. If Wray doesn’t have a bulletproof reason he should be fired in the room…

Revolver News: Is there any reason to expect that the contents of the hard drive will be revealed before the election? If yes, will people actually care enough for it to substantially affect the outcome?

Mr. Bannon: The Bidens are about to be hit with multiple stories from multiple media sources based off evidence beyond the hard drive. Fox and Peter Schweitzer have already started but bigger more mainstream companies are going to weigh in. We already have set in motion the various apparatuses that will release everything.

Well, this will hurt….

Plus: Russia is nothing to do with Hunter’s laptop. 

Adam Full-of-Schiff going in front of the cameras yesterday and asserting that this is a Russian plot is, well, par for the course for this man. 

Keep praying, keep working for Trump, keep helping the unborn. Don’t be complacent. Be joyously optimistic that the coming battle will be won, but conscious that there is still a battle to be fought.  




Hunter, Joe, And Depravity

When I first saw the tweet on Youtube, I thought exactly the same as the author of this article: the allegations about Hunter Biden’s computer are of such gravity, that Chanel Rion would expose herself to the risk of ruinous criminal and civil suits if they were baseless, and therefore libelous.

It seems to me that there is a certain category of politician (mainly Democrats), who develop such a disdain for common rules that it destroys them when their quest for power, or pursue of depravity, or greed gets out of control. Anthony Weiner is a good example. Hillary Clinton (though she, sadly, never went to jail) is another. Rod Blagojevich (who had his sentence reduced by Trump, but is still guilty of his crime) is a third one. Power goes to one’s head. Particularly after many years. Particularly if you are a Dem. Particularly if you are uncommonly arrogant.

But what if you are all these things (with the power by proxy), and you are, in addition to all that, a drug addict?

Not trying to be a Sunday psychologist here, but it’s not difficult to imagine a drug addict as a person who loves the forbidden fruit; who is extremely eager to taste what is illegal and dangerous; who desires  to go where normal people don’t; who, at some level, loves to defy them by doing what disgusts them, and enjoys it.

So, Hunter is not very smart, a crack cocaine addict, and he is allowed by “Pop” (perhaps in exchange for  monetary kickback; I have written about this) to be a very powerful man by proxy. What other boundaries might he decide to smash? And is it absurd to think that, drunk on power and desirous to excite himself with his own depravity, he would be not only so dumb as to keep videos of his own perverted antics, but so stupid as to send the laptop to repair with all the material inside, and forget to retrieve the laptop afterwards? You might say that this is something only a crackhead would do; but this, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what we have here!

Mind, I want to be fair: it is not inconceivable (though difficult to believe) that compromising material was planted in Hunter’s laptop when the laptop was not in his control. It is also possible that the material was such that Hunter Biden was put, perhaps profiting of his drug addiction, in a position allowing the Chinese to blackmail both him and “Pop” (which would still be fatal to “Pop’s” career, even without monetary implications, as the man is so China-friendly it’s embarrassing).  Still: if the alleged videos have Hunter on them, then it’s game over, as there is no technology in existence which would allow to counterfeit a video in a manner that cannot be recognised.

I don’t know what will come out of this. But when I read articles like the one I have linked to, it seems difficult to me to believe that “underage”, in this context, means “17 years and 11 months old California Girl stunner”. I think it means something much, much more sinister.

This would be, of course, merely in addition to the pay-to-play schemes involving son, brother and son-in-law; probably with “Pop” putting some of the money in his oh so folksy pockets. Come on, man!

The Bidens.

The gift that, sadly enough, might keep on giving.


Good News From Michigan


The first hard numbers from Michigan are in, and they are very good.

I need to make two preliminary observations before getting into the numbers. One: you can expect the Dems to lead the early and mail vote, as their (generally) superior ground operation is better at “securing” the votes before the election day proper. Two: this is particularly true this year, as the Dems have been conditioned to believe that voting in person, or with crowds, is dangerous and are naturally motivated to vote early, or via mail, more than this happened in the past. Expect, as a rule, a stronger Democrat presence in the early vote this year than this was the case in 2020. Then the 3 November comes, and the cavalry (hopefully) changes the course of the battle.

In Michigan, there is a new element: the electoral law was changed, making it easier to vote earlier and via mail than it was before. If you listen to the MSM, this all but guarantees Biden a victory there, as the section of the Democrat electorate that normally can’t bother to haul their ass to the polling station will be motivated to vote, and give the victory to their half-dead, creepy, corrupt candidate.

So, the Dems felt very safe in Michigan. Then, the State of Michigan revealed that, as per yesterday, around 24% of the expected voters have already cast their ballot. This is a big percentage, but in line with what we have said before: Dem ground game, Virus fears and new electoral law all contribute to an increase in early and mail vote. And the result? Republican affiliated voters are more numerous than Democrat affiliated voters. The site TargetEarly2020 had the numbers, but no snippet because either the graphics seem not to work today (they did yesterday), or TargetEarly2020 have decided to ditch the official data altogether, in order to promote their own “modeled” prediction, which differs from the raw, official data and is, like all the rest of the polls, not fact but fiction (mind: it’s bad news for the Dems anyway..). [EDIT: Targetearly is affiliated with the Democrats. it might explain both their “modeled” prediction and the disappearance of the official data). 

Still, the data is there and it is official: more Republican affiliated voters than Democrat affiliated voters had cast their vote early, as per official Saturday night data.

What does this mean? Does it mean that Democrats have suddenly decided to defy the Pandemic and go vote all together in November cold? Does it mean that Democrats plan to win with the independents? Does it mean that the new electoral law is proving a boon for the Republicans, who are now able to tap on a “distracted/formerly not interested/lazy Republican” clientele who did not vote before, but decided to profit from the new rules and vote early this time? Or does it, very simply, mean that the enthusiasm among Republicans in Michigan is through the roof, and this starts to reflect already in the early vote?

I think the first and second scenario are not realistic. If you ask me, we are seeing a mixture of the third and fourth one. This makes a victory in Michigan, whilst not assured – nothing is assured until the victory is in the bag – certainly more likely.

And in fact, let us reflect on the feelings of your average Michigander as the 2020 election is under way. Has Trump delivered on his promises? Check. Are the prospects for the economy good? Check. Is Trump the one generally considered to be more capable to deal with the economy than Barely Alive Joe? Check. Are the shocking Biden scandals going to help the Republicans? Check. Do the Republicans have an Incumbent running? Check.

Facts, common sense, and early vote data are all pointing in the same direction.

In Michigan, I think Biden has good reasons to be scared.




Biden Destroyed Twice. MSM deflect. Big Tech censors.

Amazing things can happen during one’s sleep.

This time, it was waking up to two astonishing pieces of news.

The first: an email emerged where a Burisma executive thanks Hunter Biden for the opportunity of meeting Pop Joe. This shows that Biden lied when he said he never had contacts with Burisma or his son’s dealings. This is a smoking gun of huge proportions, as Biden was in charge of Obama’s Ukraine policy, and is the one who – as we already know – had one prosecutor who was investigated Burisma (and his son) fired with the threat of withholding $1bn of help to the Ukraine. This piece of news is everywhere.

The second: a text from Hunter Biden to his (I think) daughter emerged, where Hunter admits that “Pop” gets 50% of his intake. I cannot find the article anymore, and the search engines are not helping (there is so much rubbish going on about Biden, it likely gets lost…). I am grateful for relevant links [EDIT: in the comment section!]. This, if confirmed, would mean that Biden was not only exercising pressure on the Ukrainian government on behalf and in order to benefit his son, but was imbibing in the Ukrainian money himself. If confirmed, this is not even a smoking gun, this is a nuke.

We are also awaiting for new revelations concerning China. It’s getting so much fun.

I invite all my readers to think what the MSM would say if the parties were reversed. Instead, we are assisting to the most shameless episode of news suppression ever witnessed. Perhaps worse, twitter and Facebook are on the first line in the censorship. Twitter has apologised and we will see whether they restore things to normal fast (I doubt) and heads roll (I doubt that, too). Facebook still has to backpedal from their shameful censorship.

Apart from Biden pathetic campaign, if Trump is reelected he must make of the fight against these anti-democratic tech giants the priority number one of his second mandate. These people are far, far more dangerous than even an old, corrupt bastard like Creepy Joe.



Playing Devil’s Advocate


Biden oceanic crowd: 3 people (plus some in the trucks?). This is in Michigan. 

I am not one of those brainless Libtards who swallow the propaganda of their own party and parrot it day in and day out. I try to make some simple sense checks to see whether I am not going down the wrong road, purely because I want to think that things are just fine.

So, let us think of the scenario that could, in fact, cause a Biden/Harris victory starting, as always, from reality. Reality tells us that there is a huge enthusiasm gap between Trump and Biden supporters. So, what could cause Biden to win notwithstanding the undeniable enthusiasm gap?

People who hate Trump would vote for Stalin 

Fair enough. There are a lot of people who just can’t stand Trump. They are the TDS apostles, the screaming posters on Youtube and TikTok, the rabid bigots immediately calling you a Nazi for even mentioning Trump’s name. There is a lot of hatred for this man, who is very polarising. Should I be worried?

Not really, I would say. I remember when Reagan was just as hated in 1984. Reagan went on to win in a landslide. Polarising candidates (Reagan, Thatcher, Trump) make the fringes mad, but this does not really damage them with the centre, the moderates, the sane voters. You see them screaming on Twitter, but It’s far more smoke than fire. Yes, people from California, Oregon, Washington, Massachusetts might emerge from their basements in drove to vote Biden. Yes, a lot of people who have not voted in the past will feel good voting against Trump this time. But I think that, as a whole, they will come from States the Democrats are going to win anyway. The Dems will likely win the popular vote again. Let them. Who cares. It will make it funnier to see them cry.

Nobody showing up for Biden does not mean he will not get voted. 

Yes. Better said: yes, and no. Hillary also had abysmal presence at her rallies, and she went on to win the popular won and lose Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin for relatively small margins. If you had looked at the difference in enthusiasm alone, you’d have said she was on course to lose Florida by 10 point. It was “merely” 1.2% in the end. Enthusiasm gap does not translate directly into voter’s gap. People who want to keep abortion will not show up at a Democrat rally, but they will vote for a half-dead, demented, corrupted, creepy guy like Biden without a second thought. 

Still, it would be the first time in my memory that the candidate who seems to have such a lack of enthusiasm behind him ends up winning in the end. The more so, as we all know that there is no reason not to say that one will vote for Biden. Not even the pollsters mention “silent Biden voters”. In my eyes, such a lack of enthusiasm will not translate in a Reagan-like landslide, but it will be enough to make him lose. I can’t imagine that such a disastrous candidate will not cause the loss of, say, at least 1% or 2% of voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan, or Wisconsin. Not many compared to the totals, but probably decisive for the race.

Biden has no one showing up at his rallies because Democrats are afraid of the Chinese Virus.  

Fair enough, at least as partial explanation. We know that the fear of the Chinese Virus is far more pronounced among Democrats than among Republicans. This will translate into more Democrats voting by mail, but still voting, and more Democrats not showing up at Biden’s rallies, but still voting. By the by: expect extremely good, possibly record-braking Democrat mail and early voting data, exactly for this reason.

However, this cuts both ways. If the Dems are scared by the Pandemic, are we sure that they will all go to vote? Postal vote is not possible in several states, and it takes a certain degree of resilience to go to vote knowing one could (cough) “die” of it. I think this is another 1% or 2% left on the ground. And by the by: the Democrats have scared their people for long enough. It will be impossible now to persuade them that it is safe to vote in person. Plus: mail vote is showing a horrible percentage of votes annulled, around 30%. Many Dems are so dumb they can’t even vote by mail. The mail vote might burn for them a lot of votes that would have been perfectly valid ballot votes.

Bonus argument: if the Virus is the issue behind the enthusiasm gap, why are motorcades for Trump everywhere and absolutely massive, and motorcades for Biden are scarce and utterly depressing?

Mail vote will cause more lazy Democrats to vote for Biden 

The argument goes this way: many Democrat voters are so lazy that they can’t haul their backside to the polling station. The mail vote will activate this part of the Democrat vote; and even if 30% of these excess votes are annulled, the other 70% will lead Biden to victory.

If Biden wins (quod Deus avertat!), I will likely think that this one was the biggest factor. However, I don’t think that is really so. Anecdotal evidence says that Democrats manage to have a percentage of registered Black voters similar to the ones among Whites (I remember reading data from Georgia a couple of years ago). If true nationwide, this would indicate that the Dems already manage to capture the “lazy ass” electorate already, for example offering bus or car drives. It seems difficult to me that email vote will translate into more Black votes. It might well simply translate into less car drives. Plus, if they are losing 10% or more of the Black vote to Trump, it will make it even more difficult to get an advantage from this.

I have tried to find as many arguments as I can. I think there is some merit in all of them. I do not think any of them represents a real danger for now.

I will be eagerly awaiting the provisional voting data from Florida. If, as I think, the Democrats will see their advantage unchanged or reduced (or even only slightly increased) compared to 2016, I will see in this a very good sign. This would mean that the cultural preference for early voting among Democrats is not really translating into a substantial Dem advantage (remember: if you are scared of Covid and you can’t vote by mail, as I think you can’t in Florida, you vote early to minimise the queue). 

We shall see.

Please be in good spirit, pray for Trump’s victory, and hope for the best.

2020: The Low-Hanging Fruits, Part II

Part I is here. 


Nevada is difficult to gauge for me, and possibly not only for me. Hillary won this, by 2.42%, in 2016. It seems reasonable to think a strong Trump campaign puts this in play. However, I remember the Republicans spending a lot of money here in 2016 and still losing. If you ask me, Minnesota is where I would spend my money first.

I am hearing that the Trump campaign is spending an awful lot here, and that they feel very confident. They must have data corroborating this. But to me this is still difficult, as it seems to me that Nevada has a lot of transients working in the entertainment industry. With more people coming and going, it becomes more difficult to give a State a well-defined “face”, or cultural traits (like you can do in the Rust Belt) and target your messages appropriately. I will add to this that I have no idea how many people have left Nevada after the shutdown of the entertainment industry, how many have returned, and how they feel about the Chinese Virus.

Still, the Governor is a Democrat; and, like all Democrats, he pursued the “let’s get into full panic mode, because it damages Trump” narrative. How many he forced to leave Nevada I don’t know. But I can’t imagine has so many fans. Nevada also has two Democrats senators. It seems to me that Nevada is a bit the contrary of Florida. Florida is said to hang in the balance, but has Governor and Senators all Republican. Nevada is said to be in play, but it seems to me that they tend to favour the Democrats. Still, the Trump campaign is confident and they are spending a lot. Let’s hope this goes well.


This low hanging fruit does not hang very low. Actually, if you ask me, it hangs quite high. However, it can still be reached. The Trump organisation here has dwarfed previous Republican efforts,  whilst Democrats sits in their basement and await Mom’s permission to go out canvassing. Simply put, the Trump campaign this time has so much more money than in 2016, that they can afford this kind of push in more peripheral battlegrounds. It seems a bit like swimming against the current, but we shall see.

Honorable mention: Virginia 

I will look at Virginia with particular interest. Not because I think that it can be easily won, but because I think that it will be a useful early indicator of the way the night will go. In 2016, Trump led in Virginia until the voter data from Fairfax County (heavily Democrat, and whose voter data tend to arrive last) toppled the situation, giving Hillary a very comfortable 5.32% win. If the vote counting rhythm follows the one of the last election, we should see whether an even more pronounced initial advantage for Trump tells us that the suburbs are going heavily for Trump; this would mean, if you ask me, game over and easy Trump victories in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, whose rural vote data tend to arrive later.

Plus, the Democrats have two danger factors at play in Virginia. Firstly, the Black population is around 20%, and they might leave 1% or 2% of votes on the ground on this demographic alone. Secondly, the heavily civil servants-dominated Fairfax County might, by now, have more Trump supporters than this was the case in 2016; you know, that type of “silent Trump voters” who are terrified of showing their colour in a, basically, DC-Style political monoculture, but actually like Trump. We shall see.

As a whole, I still feel very confident. I do not doubt that, at times, it will seem that the race is close. As it look now, I think that only complacency can defeat Trump. Paradoxically, the absurd polls will help the Trump campaign not to fall in the complacency trap.

Breaking: Biden Runs For Two Offices At The Same Time, Does Not See The Problem

Oh boy, Dementia Joe did it again. Around three weeks before the election, this warrants a huge “Ouch!” from see to shining see.

Not only did the guy obviously misread the teleprompter (something he does often), but he seemed unable to realise what he was saying; he looks like a guy now accustomed to unquestioningly parrot the words fed to him, and who has long ceased wondering whether they make sense to him on the moment.

Later during the same speech, Biden pulled another one, inviting his listener to visit an internet site that does not exist (same link).

This is two huge red flags in one day. Even “punk” singers, certainly no strangers to heavy drugs, can see that he is gone. But no, apparently we should be worried because Trump got some medicines in the hospital, whilst the guy with the brain operation who could impair his cognitive abilities is the brightest thing since, I don’t know, Greta on one of her less retarded days.

Let me say this once again: Biden would be entitled to our compassion (of sort) if he were an old man, sitting on his favourite chair somewhere in Delaware, reminiscing about all the hair he once sniffed, the military guy who almost gave him a new face when he molested his girlfriend, and how he loved to dangle his dong in front of scandalised security personnel, just to show he could. But the guy wants to become President, so he isn’t. I am sure he had enough moments of clarity to wonder what the heck he is doing, and decided to go on anyway.

Dementia Joe has now become a source of continued hilarity. It is so bad, that Dementia Joe has now almost eclipsed China Joe, Two Finger Joe, Creepy Joe, and some other Joe I might be forgetting. Oh, yes, there would be “Joe Biden’s husband”, whoever that guy may be.

There was a time when I thought that Sanders would have been an easier opponent for Trump. I have changed my mind a long time ago, as the old man showed increasingly clearer signs of impairment. Sanders would, by now, be flying around the country, exciting at least the fringe extremists who love him so dearly. He would have a couple of thousands supporters at his rallies instead of, I don’t know, twenty? He would come across, at least, as a man on a mission, fully intentioned to die on the hill of socialism, and fall to the ground singing the “International”. Biden just looks like he could poop his pants at any moment, or have an outburst of anger any evening.

He knew, by the way, that he could not survive the second debate without some major “Biden Moment”, hence why he had his dogs change the rules in mid-game and avoid him a second humiliation. After all, this is the guy who think he can appoint the first (hello Kamala!) Black woman to… the Senate.






#CaravanaPorLaLibertad, Or: Gaslighting Vs Facts


The #CaravanaPorLaLibertad in Miami attracted up to 30,000 cars (this is not me saying it; it’s the local Policia).

Well, I must have a hallucination here. It just cannot be true. The MSM keep telling us that Biden is going strong in Florida, and Trump is losing support among Latino voters. Hey, Biden even played “Despacito” on his smartphone. This worked really, really well…

Also note here that it appears Latinos have a thing for motorcades. There is no risk of infection with a motorcade. What prevents the huge, enthusiastic, totally motivated Biden Latino troops from organising huge motorcades like this showing their support for Biden? I have some hashtags ready for them: #AntifaPresidency, #IAmWithDementia, #Creepy46, #PeePadJoe, #VoteJoeGetKamala.

Alas, nothing of this seems to be happening. Perhaps are all the Latinos in Florida listening to their Biden-Despacito video right now, thinking they must have this guy as president? After all, Florida has voted Democrat in the 2016 presidential elections and in the 2018 Senate and Gubernatorial elections…

No, wait…




#Walkaway. A Lot Of Truths Packed In 47 Minutes.


A lot of Youtube message are full of endless waffling, made by people who are not professionals and, not having to actually write, manage to never get to the point.

Not this one.

This is a 47 minutes video full of interesting information and rich details about the journey of a “Libtard Light” from Massachusetts, who still was smart enough to recognise reality after she had to smash her nose against it many times, during years, in a painful way.

From her family, friends and environment in liberal Massachusetts, to the school system, to the “progressive” education mentality, to her activity as nurse, Georgia H drives us through a real, vivid, lived life journey from the liberal monoculture to the freedom of the Red Pill.

Georgia H is, as you will note, rather easy on the eye; in my experience, this makes it much easier for women to look at Conservatism and abandon their liberal ideology, once they start to seriously notice that the interesting, manly men tend to be on the other side, and her side is full of whining, creepy weirdos with an addiction to soy latte. This is not to say that ugly, or comely, “Libtard light” girls cannot become conservative. However, it has been my experience that, more often than not, angry feminism is nothing more than the weaponizing of a woman’s resentment against men not looking at her. So there is that, too.

The video is 47 minutes long. The young woman is very articulated, and she does not waffle. It’s 47 minutes full of truth.

The video had 1.2 million views in 3 weeks. It is, it appears, the only video ever uploaded by this lady. Therefore, there is no channel with an established audience behind this staggering figure.

This tells you something about the sentiment in the Country. It is not only the many people who participate in the #walkaway movement marches. What should really worry the Democrats is the millions of people who search for #walkaway on Youtube and elsewhere, and find a lot of people telling their stories together with the usual, North Korean propaganda stories stating that it is all (you guessed it…) “fake news”.

Go to vote in November. Encourage as many people as you can to vote. If you can, offer to drive old people to the polling station.

Do all this, and then relax.

I think we are doing just fine.



Kamala Invites Her Voters To Stay Home

Today the hearing for the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett begins, and Kamala has said that she will follow the debate remotely.

You might be excused if you think that she does so because she was such a ***BITCH*** the last time, that she is now fearful of even showing her face in person.

Still, it is not for this reason, or so she says. It is, she says, because no sufficient precautions were taken to avoid her taking the Chinese Virus.

This is interesting.

Whilst I do not know the details of the “precautions” that the Senate is taking, I can easily imagine that they are stronger than the average polling place will be able to adopt.

Therefore, Kamala is sending a clear message to her voters: going to the polls is dangerous; you should think twice before doing it; you might have to stay home if you don’t like the measure taken.

Well done, Kamala. This will scare more people from going to the polls and voting for a useless hag like you.

Joe, Meet Steamroller


Dems are the black stuff…

You read the gaslighting from the fake news industry and the polls sponsored by the likes of NYT and CNN, you think it is going to be a Biden landslide. It’s not even comedy gold by now. It’s North Korean fun.

Ten to fourteen points advantage for Sleepy Joe. Hillary must be jealous.

But wait, wasn’t Hillary also just as sure to win? Actually, she was. Who said it? The same polls who say Joe is winning today. Do you see a trend here?

And then, when the less intelligent Dems are relaxing and start to prepare their virtual victory party with their “gay friends”, this hammer hits them on the head: Gallup (which is not your usual “pay me and I will give you the result you want” polling institution) says that 56% of Americans think they are better off now than 4 years ago.

Mind, this is during the pandemic. This is, also, better off *now*, not on the average of the last four years.

Obama was at 45% in 2012, and he managed to get reelected, favoured by a non-candidate with no trace of testosterone in him as his opponent. Trump is 11 percentage points ahead of Obama, with the pandemic, and we are supposed to believe that Trump is about to get trounced.

The polls announcing a Biden victory will continue all month, likely with some “adjustment” in the last days if the Dems think the good polls are actually demotivating their base instead of creating that most improbable of miracles, “excitement” for Mr Biden. Therefore, you need to choose whether you want to believe the incessant propaganda, or the reality around you.

If I were you, I would pose myself the following questions:

  1. What do I see around me? How many of my relatives, friends and acquaintances are switching from Trump 2016 to Biden 2020? How many from Hillary 2016 to Trump 2020? How many who did not vote in 2016 want to vote in 2020, for whom? What does this say to me when adjusted for the State I, and the people I know of, live in?
  2. What do the people I know say it’s happening in States like Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan or Minnesota? I keep reading of a very excited Republican base; of Republicans defeating Democrats in both new registrations and party affiliation changes in Pennsylvania; of Trump yard signs vastly exceeding the 2016 situation in rural Pennsylvania.
  3. Who is managing to get in front of the cameras with big meetings, motorcades, boat days, and the likes? How is it that, if the Biden people are so excited, no one shows up with his car or boat to support him, whilst the Deplorables get huge motorcades and boat gatherings?
  4. How is Biden doing? When he gets out of the basement, how many thousands of people go to see him, have a wonderful day, then drive back home and tell everybody how exciting it all was, how proud they are to have been there? The excitement should actually be bigger still, because the man does not get out much!
  5. What happens when we compare the polls not with more polls (the polls of polls are just as stupid as the polls of which they are constituted; garbage in, garbage out), but with some solid data from that very reliable source called… the past? How many presidential candidates have finished fifth in the New Hampshire primary and have gone on to win the Presidency? (hint: apparently, zero). How many incumbents have run unopposed and have gone on to lose the presidency? (Hint: apparently, zero). How many candidates have clinched the candidacy on their third full-blown, full USA attempt and have gone on to win the Presidency? (Apparently, zero, if you exclude Reagan; who, if memory serves, in 1968 ran in California only, and won there). Has there ever been a motto along the lines of “it’s the Twitter behaviour, stupid”?

I tell you this: for the moment, I am very, very confident that Trump will win with more delegates than in 2016, it being fully irrelevant how many losers go out of their basement in California, Oregon, Washington, Illinois or Massachusetts to vote for Biden (and… will they?). I will begin to worry only if, and when, reality, not the polls, shows that things are not going as we hope. What I will monitor very closely are the real data when the early voting begins: states like Florida give an extremely detailed daily account of how many voters have voted and how their party affiliation is. This can be compared with 2016 in order to gauge how things are going. For the record, I suspect more Trump voters among Democrat affiliates than Biden votes among Republican affiliates; not only in Florida, but everywhere.

Keep drumming for Trump. Laugh at the “polls”. Reflect that they will likely demotivate one Dem voter for every one they excite. Pray for President Trump and for the victory in November. Do not despair if we lose. Rejoice if we win.

I honestly think we will all rejoice in the end. But it’s not done yet.



The Self-Eating Machine


A founder of BLM Los Angeles has equated Biden to Trump, calling Oldfinger Joe and the leftist who support Biden, in so many words, “violent White Supremacists”.  

The female states that there is no substantial difference between Trump and a candidate who, and I quote, “represents the same system”.

Let that sink in.

You might say that this is an isolated episode. I say that this female clearly enjoys more than some recognition in BLM/Antifa circles. She talks for the “movement” in an somewhat official capacity as co-founder of the LA BLM. She clearly has traction.

I would also say this: that for one who speaks openly, many smart silently. Chances are they will not comply in November.

Leftists with a brain (albeit an evil, often sexually perverted, invariably baby-killing one) realise that they are, once again, the useful idiots of the people they hate. Some of them, like Bernie, embrace the suck and enthusiastically support the people who screwed them (Bernie will have his motives and advantages, as he knows that his survival as an “independent” Senator in Vermont depends on him not rocking the boat, and do what his masters say). Others, like this female here, really can’t stand the entire situation and lash out at Biden out of sheer frustration at their Marxist program being, unofficially but clearly enough, thrown away in order not to scare the leftist mothers in the North Carolina, Nevada, or Arizona suburbs.

And really, Biden is a mess. He is for fracking in Pennsylvania and against it in California. You may think he forgets, but I am pretty sure he can still take notes and re-read them. No, Biden is merely telling people what they want to hear before he starts – if he wins, which I don’t think he will – pursuing the globalist, war-mongering, coal-killing, immigration-boosting, baby-killing design of his puppet masters, with some cosmetic concessions to the extreme leftists like “Black Lives Matter Day”, “Greta Week”, “Earth Halloween”, or the like (whatever his billionaire puppet masters allow).

Congratulation, Lebron. You truly are a moron.


The less insane leftists should profit from this to learn a valuable lesson:

Marxists are like piranhas. There is no way to appease them. They will eat everything in sight. When they have finished with their preys, they will eat each other. It’s what they do. It’s in their genetic code.

Biden has now been equated to Trump and violent White Supremacists by an important representative of a movement likely amounting to, say, 3%, 5%, 7%, perhaps even 10% of their 2016 Black vote. Mind, we are not talking of the moderate Blacks here, who are already leaving him in great numbers. We are talking here of the very voters for whom Democrats have embraced, supported, condoned or ignored violence, arson, chaos, and murder on the street for several months now. 

Smart tactic? You be the judge. I’d say they lose 40% of this group (let’s call it 7% X 0.4 = 2.8% of the Black vote) and they are done for in places like Georgia (if they had hopes), Minnesota, or Michigan.

As it is now, it looks to me like the Democrats are a bunch of losers veering hard to the left, and committing mass suicide, because Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Nadler, and a couple of others are afraid of being AOC’d in their own district, and prefer to damage the party they lead rather than run the risk of being challenged by leftist nutcases in their own turf themselves.

It will work for them. It will not work for countless lesser Dem politicians down ballot.

It will, I think, spectacularly backfire for both Joe, and the Hoe.


The Only Show In Town, Or: Meet The Aikido President

Oh Captain! My Captain!


What we have experienced in the last days is nothing short of a stunning demonstration of the media power of the Media Phenomenon of this Century, Donald John Trump.

Trump gets the Chinese Virus. You would think he uses it to rest and collect his energies for the last spur of this, likely victorious election. This is what, frankly, I would have done.

But Trump is just an extraordinary media guy. His supersized brain starts to think about how to use the forced pause, and make it work for him.

When he has to go to the hospital – a prudent, and very wise decision – he does so as a strong man, walking to the helicopter, and leaving a TV message to the Country before going. A great message of strength and statesmanship. Also, a message of manliness, meant to engender in his viewers comparisons with the old, frail, bumbling Creepy Joe.

Once in, he immediately starts to think how he can use the madness of the rabid left against themselves. Just as the Leftist start to spin their fantasies of a rapidly worsening, perhaps dying President, he puts out a video showing him in a very good shape (for a 74 years old with a nasty flu; operative words here are nasty flu) and destroys the narrative with a show of rugged resilience.

Then, the first Meisterwerk: the SUV run. Make no mistake: when Trump decided to go for the run, he knew that the Left would find some reason to be outraged, and did it anyway. In fact, I think that he did it – besides wanting to thank his supporters –  exactly in order to cause a collective leftist meltdown. Punctually, the left covered themselves in manure accusing Trump of endangering the same people that are near him 24/7. Boy, are these people dumb.

At this point, Trump had lived in everybody’s head – particularly the libtards’ heads – for two days already. Biden was totally cancelled; gone; forgotten; a pathetic non-entity forced to give way to the only person the Planet loved talking about, one way or the other: Donald John Trump.

Yesterday, the President executed another masterful move: the return to the White House, with the grand, solemn, public taking away (almost a ripping out) of the mask, for all the world to see, and the strong, manly, sane message about the Chinese Virus many people, like yours truly, have been repeating for months.

Again, the entire world had to watch, love, hate, criticise, adore; but in the end, no one could be indifferent. Once again, this great Media Master had the planet in his spell. Once again, he knew that his gesture would be controversial, and that the Left would find some way to criticise him, making themselves a laughing stock in the process. 

An obvious comparison is the one with Aikido, a self-defense discipline by which the energy of the attacker is used against him, causing the latter – if the attacked person so wants – extremely serious damage as the attacker’s energy leads to the breaking of his own tendons, etc.

Another spontaneous comparison is the one with an instrument player.  

Trump plays the media like Paganini played the violin.

But Paganini’s violin did not hate him. The press hates Trump with a passion. And still, they are addicted to him; they can’t live without him; they are damned to make their entire existence about him. He plays them like a violin; and they can’t avoid being played, because they live of just that.  

Truly, this guy is without equals.



First Debate, Or: The Only Alpha Male In The Room


I have now looked at and read enough excerpts of the Debate to feel able to give you – if you are interested; Biden isn’t very interesting – my two cents about the entire event. I’ll try to keep it short, because I have many points I would like to cover.

  1. The only positive for Biden: he managed to get through his 90 minutes. If he pissed his pants, we will never know it. His doctor is very good at drugging him; and he actually looked like one who has not forgotten he is running for President. There was no meltdown, no catastrophic failure. His allies are so relieved they are already saying there should be no rounds 2 and 3.
  2. I am sick and tired of hearing that Trump is not Presidential. Trump is Presidential to his very core. He has showed that nobody can intimidate him, that he can take a fight two against one (OK, one of them an old man, but still…) and that there was only one man in the room, and his name was Donald. You want the limp wrist soy girl, call Obama.
  3. The mistakes Trump made were slight, and very easy to point out the day after. He forgot to drum for his $500B Platinum stuff. He was not strong or prompt enough in refuting the “fine people” hoax. I don’t think he hammered Biden on the riots so very much. It would have been better if he had been more insistent on his economic successes pre-Virus. But again, he was in a fierce debate against Chris Wallace, who is a skilled – if unfair – debater. It is not easy to remember everything.
  4. Trump landed some excellent uppercuts to poor old Joe. He humiliated him, with the brutality we all know and love, when Biden told Trump he would have to get smarter. Plus, his “I have done more in 47 months than you in 47 years” is probably the phrase that will go down in history for this debate. He was excellent at pointing out that Biden wants to pack the Court with extremists. He did not forget to cudgel Joe with Hunter. He even moved Joe to backpedal on the Green New Deal, a huge mistake about which Trump will now likely hammer him until November. Nobody is perfect; but yesterday, Trump was seriously good.
  5. Without the shadow of a doubt, Trump was the only Alpha male in the room, and everybody could see it, though most political commenters did not want to even acknowledge the thought. But you know who saw it very well? The Latinos, among which Trump cleaned up. Latinos understand masculinity, are not fazed one bit by the soy boy worries of a candidate being “rude”, and gave Trump victory over Biden to the tune of a crushing, humiliating, Hiroshima-like 66 to 34 according to the very embarrassed journos of Telemundo. Sorry for you, Telemundo journalists. If you don’t want to know what your people think, don’t ask them live on television.

The best indicator that Trump won this, big time, is that the lefties focus on old news no one is more interested to hear, and having to do with his (fully justified) “behaviour”.

Newsflash: the guy has been this way since day one, it has not damaged him one bit, and honest people actually like his refreshing bluntness.

I am certainly forgetting some bits, but I think I have the most important parts. I think Trump did very well in a situation (first debate of an incumbent) that saw several Presidents before him underperform. He was prepared, laser-focused, and ready to show the American people how an effective President goes against his opponents, be they from Scranton or from Peking.

Well done, Mr President.

Keep being yourself, and you will do just fine.

Upside Down: Another Day, Another “Lid” For Zombie Joe



I must confess, I did not know a “lid” was a thing. Apparently, it is when a Presidential candidate “calls it a day”. Which, in the case of Sleepy Joe, is, remarkably often, between 9 and 10 in the morning, as he needs to attend to his semolina soup the rest of the day. A Biden Presidency would consist of 1 hour of work one day, and very possibly 0 hours of work the following day. This must be a joke, but I am afraid the joke is on those nincompoops voting for this decrepit man.

Looking at the other side, I am not sure the use of the expression “working my ass off” is so extremely Presidential, but it is certainly true. Donald Trump is showing quite a remarkable amount of energy as he appears to be, like Stonewall Jackson, in multiple places at the same time. Meanwhile, Sleepy Joe Biden cannot even pronounce five words in a row – when he can read them correctly from the teleprompter – without bungling their pronunciation like a half drunk.

What I think is happening is this: his handlers have noticed that Sleepy Joe “performs” better in the morning than in the afternoon (which, I am told, is sadly typical for dementia patients). Therefore, they are altering his circadian rhythms, making him sleep in such a way that, when he marches to the debate tomorrow afternoon, he will be in his first waking hours, in his “morning” so to speak, and thus possibly – perhaps with the help of who knows what medications; his short appearances have also been attributed to the great frequency of bathroom pauses caused by dementia treatment – reasonably alert for a while.

But it is still a tragedy. This guy can’t make it for more than 20 minutes on a normal day. Even during this time, he is so fragile that he explodes at the mere mention of his cognitive situation. How he thinks he can go on for 90-100 minutes under Trump’s relentless attacks is beyond me. He will need a lot of coffee, two full days of rest, and a lot of luck. God forbid, he plays “Upside Down” on his phone because Diana Ross is having such a great success this year…..

In truth, what is upside down, right now, is a candidacy that surpasses in hilariousness everything we have seen up to now. He is Beto in 2070. Or you might think he thinks he it’s 1984, his name is Joe Bidennikov, and he is trying to make the Politburo.

I am curious to see if he has any activity tomorrow morning, merely hours before the debate.

If not, you read it here first.








First Debate: My Prediction In Three Points

The first debate is approaching and I would like to tell you how it will go. This, of course, if Biden shows up.

  1. Biden loses his train of thoughts many times. Can’t remember anything. Lies like there’s no tomorrow. Accuses Trump of defunding the Police. Invites Trump to settle their differences with a fist fight. Insults Trump in many ways having to do with ponies, and accuses him of being a junkie, or something similar. Thinks he is Joe Biden’s husband, but swears he is married to his sister. Asks Trump to make him a mixed tape. Plays “America the Beautiful” on his phone to prove he is patriotic.
  2. Trump is prepared, witty, robust in his attacks, in excellent form. Makes one little mistake saying a word the wrong way, or something along those lines.
  3. MSM declare Trump demented, and Biden the winner.

You read it here first.

The Dems Against The Panda

Trump’s choice for the Supreme Court. Shooting at it will not be easy.


The suspense came and went. The candidate is Amy Coney Barrett. This is the hand of cards we have been given and we now need to make the best of it, that is: win.

If you ask me, my idea of winning would have been this: three days of barrage about what indecent swine the Democrats were to Kavanaugh, follow by the announcement of a vote without debate immediately after the candidate reaches the Senate floor. This would have achieved the following aims:

  1. Show to the Dems that being a swine has consequences. In this case, utter loss of credibility, being treated like the mob (which they are) and humiliating defeat.
  2. Fast victory in the pocket, followed by a 5 weeks long victory lap as the Dems smash and burn other things because of the very appointment.
  3. Focus on law and order besides SCOTUS in the last weeks of the campaign.

Perhaps McConnell and Graham tried and did not succeed in persuading their Senators to adopt the hard line. Perhaps they did not try at all. What we have here is a mud fest that will go on for weeks. It will, I want to hope, not involve rape or drunkenness, but it might involve anything else, because the Democrats are not interested in their slander being even remotely connected to reality.

I fear that, beside the desire of the weak, virtue signalling senators a’ la Romney not to appear “dictatorial”, there is another motivation at play: the Republicans – who have found, in recent years, an energy totally absent before – actually *want* a harsh confrontation, by which desperate Democrats throw all the mud they can at a person enjoying (as a woman) “Panda Status” among their very own. This mud-slinging will, so the Republicans think in this scenario, persuade more women to vote for the Republicans, at the same time keeping the victory lap and the vote-winning effect of the appointment as near as possible to Election Day.

I can’t say I agree. Firstly, a victory for KO at the first round will always be better than one at the end of the twelfth, no matter how much audience the latter gets. Secondly, it is a rather cynical play to allow for all that time to pass, knowing that the Democrats will use to try to destroy ACB’s family. I am sure ACB is fully ready for this, but still… Still, I will give you this: that the Democrats will not be able to attack the Panda without looking bad. Whatever they throw at Coney Barrett, they will be reminded that they unconditionally support criminals like Jason Blake, and horizontal careerist like kamala Harris. Plus, they will have some difficulties in discounting her rebuttals, because #believeallwomen, remember?

I short, this could, likely, have been a fast victory, with the Democrats tased to the ground and reduced to screaming “Dictatorship!!”. This, they are doing 24/7 now; therefore, it would not get any traction. On the contrary, a massive barrage of replays of the Kavanaugh days would make them look like losers at their losing worst.

Sadly, it’s not going to be.

But I wanted to have this said, because I see dark clouds at the horizon, made exclusively of mud.


Smelling A Mouse, Or: Let’s Talk About “Humble”

I support Dirty Harry’s appointment.


So, we are told that Judge Amy Coney Barrett is “mind-blowingly intelligent” and “humble”. 

Perhaps I should address a couple of issues that humble, mind-blowingly intelligent people should actually have figured out for themselves.

The first one is that no Catholic, no matter how mind-blowingly intelligent, can think that he can reshape Catholic doctrine. Smart or dumb, a Catholic must believe everything that the Church believes and profess everything that the Church professes. This means, of course, not the blind following of what Francis, or some leftist theologian of questionable virility, states, because they are not the Church. It means, on the contrary, the unconditional adherence to the Depositum Fidei.  If this is not understood, no discussion is possible, because you can’t talk Catholicism with a person who does not agree with you on the simple fact of what it means to be a Catholic.

The second, which follows straight from the first, is that a Catholic is in favour of Capital Punishment, full stop. Again, no mind-blowing intelligence is necessary to understand this, but humbleness certainly is.

Amy Coney Barrett is, unless I have been reading fake news, on record with being personally opposed to Capital Punishment. This means that either the mind-blowing intelligence or the humbleness are just not there. She is also not twenty anymore, and as a professed Catholic with a high degree of education, and accustomed to the legal and historic evisceration of the issues she has to deal with, you would expect that she actually knows what the stance of the Church on Capital Punishment is.

I don’t want to say that I smell a rat here, and I will say in her defence that she has refused to stand in the way of capital punishment in her professional capacity. However, I would say that I certainly smell a mouse.

Still, politics is, as Giulio Andreotti used to say, “the art of the Possible”. Trump needs a fast appointment, and he does not want to offer the flank to virtue-signalling, closeted anti-Trumpers, who would ask for nothing better than show the nation their wonderful independence of mind, whilst kow-towing to the mob and looking good in their wealthy Washington circles.

We will know tomorrow. I think it will be Coney Barrett.

I’d have preferred the judge version of Clint Eastwood, or Tom Cotton, or Ted Cruz. But I honestly don’t think any Clint Eastwood-esque judge would make it to Justice before the elections, so this is where we are.





The Decrepit Old Man And The Roaring Lion

Let us forget, for a moment, the obvious ideological differences in pretty much everything between Trump and Biden’s handlers.

Let us look at the two candidates, themselves.

On the one side, an old guy who looks more fragile by the week; who is obviously unable to even read from a teleprompter without making a pig’s breakfast of his prepared answers; who sounds unable to even pronounce correctly and distinctly the words that he manages to read properly; who speaks in whispers; who, in a word, projects only one message: decrepitude.

On the other side, a man’s man; not only in full possession of his mental faculties, but with an energy and resilience enviable in a man his age. A roaring lion, delivering speeches well exceeding one hour with great frequency; improvising, joking with his audience, keeping them entertained, keeping it fresh and sparkly every time, making his case in a way that could never, never be seen as “fed” to him by an army of consultants.

You might say that these things are, in the end, peripheral to the issue, and you would be, of course, right in principle. However, I think that, in practice, the mere visual impression counts. The difference in energy, stamina, ability to entertain, and sheer testosterone is so marked that the casual, low-information voter (of which there are many) would feel disgusted inside at the mere thought of associating with a pathetic, already decomposing loser like Creepy, Sleepy Joe Hiden.

How much do the mere optics count? Half a percent? It’s not little in a close race. It’s the aura of victory that comes from the energetic billionaire, full of life and with the stunner wife, against the old, tired nincompoop, completely devoid of energy, probably struggling to remember his sister’s name, and clearly manipulated by a wife who wants to be President.

Everything, everything but the voter mail fraud is working for Trump. I have heard say (but I have not read anything specific yet), that he would already be 4 points in front of Biden in Florida. Look at the Latino car parades for Biden (less than a dozen cars) and Trump (thousands of them) and you can clearly see where this is going.

Only fraud can stop this steamroller.

I trust that a man of such energy, and so forward thinking, has his lawyers ready for that, too.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Could Have Had Her Wish. She Just Did Not Want To.


It is now three days, and I am growing seriously sick and tired about all this rubbish about Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s “dying wish”.

Firstly, the woman allegedly said she would wish her successor to be appointed by the new President. If Trump wins in November, there will be no new President. Trump will not become “46”, because Presidents are not counted by mandate. Therefore, what the woman said could simply be interpreted as “it would be so nice if they decided not to do anything, Biden won and appointed my successor”. A “pious” (!!) wish. A desire that everything might end well for her.

Secondly, if RBG really had meant to put pressure on the President, the Senate and the public opinion, what prevented her from saying these words on camera? I can vividly imagine Nancy Fraudosi and Alexandria Ochildo-Cortez crying in front of the camera whilst watching it. Of course, against this is the very simple fact that it would be simply unacceptable, as RBG herself knew all too well, to try to put the President, the Senate and the public opinion under pressure with her wishes.

Thirdly, and most importantly, who cares a straw for the politically motivated wishes of someone dying? This is different from the old man dying and asking his son to make him die happy and promise, say, to stay away from drugs, or to enrol in that nurse school, or to become an NRA life member. This “death wish” impacts every single American, born or unborn. Should they all held moral hostages of a power-crazed old woman dying? Thought not…

Lastly, Ruth Bader Ginsburg had it in her power to die knowing that her successor was in line with her ideological, baby-killing, perversion-promoting and, I think, hoplophobic stance. The only thing she needed to do was resign in 2009, at the ripe age of 76. Her successor would have been appointed by Obama, and would have been another disaster like the Fat Dike and the Wide Latina. RBG could, then, have died peacefully, knowing that her legacy lived.

But no. For this people everything is about themselves. They think that the Planet absolutely needs them, and nobody can take their place. Therefore, RBG decided to let her power trip go on for as long as possible, as she was celebrated like a living saint of the church of Moloch.

I don’t know whether the woman said those word, but they frankly sound like her. It could be that she expressed it as a “pious” (!!) wish she did not desire to be made public; it can be that she did desire that other people make it public. In both cases, her wishes are irrelevant.

She is six feet under now.

Politics isn’t made according to the deathbed wishes of the dead.




Fake News, But Not So Much

Choose truth over facts!


Dear all,

in our attempt to atone for the great sin of having been born White, let us see some of the occasions in which Donald Trump showed his racism.

Exhibit one:

“You got the first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

With these words, Donald Trump chose to belittle and patronise Barack Obama, a Senator trying to become President. I doubt even a White Supremacist would express himself in such a harsh way. Trump reminds me of Leonardo di Caprio in “Django unchained”, at the table with Django.

Just shocking. FYI, this was said around 2008, not around 1858.

 “Unlike the African-American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly diverse attitudes about different things.”

Well, I don’t even know what to say here. We all knew (because CNN tells us all the time) that Donald John Trump is extremely racist. Still, this here is of a different quality altogether: this is an open statement that the (in the speaker’s mind) clearly inferior Blacks all think, live and react in the same way, whilst the Latinos are like the Whites.

You would think he is talking about dog training. Atrocious.

 “Well, I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Biden, then you ain’t black.”

Wow. Just wow.

This here is pure “Massa speaks, slave obeys”. White Master just ordering Black Slave what to think. The only thing I miss here is the white pointy cap with the holes for the eyes. You know I like Trump, but this statement really gives me pause. It’s plantation speak, and no mistake.

“I just have one thing to say.. Hang on there”

The “Despacito” fiasco is just another pathetic example of pandering to a minority community and patronising them, treating them like little children who will then, surely, vote for him because he has a raunchy song of theirs on his phone. It’s just too much racism for one day. Do you think Trump would have ever gone to a meeting with the White Community and played some Taylor Swift song to show them he see one of the family, and gets the culture? He must think they are six. How stupid, how damn patronising and racist is that?

I could find other examples, but I will stop here because life is short.

Listen, we like Trump, but there is a limit.


Why I Need A New Popcorn Maker


You don’t wish ill to an old, ill man. But when the old man wants to become President even if his brains are decomposing like they are Obama’s “legacy”, one needs to pay attention.

Watch here. This is a man barely able to read from a teleprompter, garbling every word that is moderately difficult to pronounce and, in general, giving the strong impression of rapid progress in his mind’s deterioration.

Watch him as he desperately tries to persuade you he still has some vitality left by trying to get passionate, which is a contrived and more than a tad ridiculous thing to do if, as it seems here, he is not having an exchange with a crowd (as Trump does, amidst continuous cheers and cries of “U.S.A”), but rather reading a script from a teleprompter in front of either nobody, or a bunch of zombies.

I really, really hope the man can make it through the next two months, and remain the Democratic candidate until election day. I know, it would be fun if he retired and Kamala “Hoe” Harris, who is hated even by her own “coloured” people, were to run for President in his place. But I still think this guy is the best Dem candidate we can wish for.

I can’t imagine how this guy can go through three debates against that force of nature called Donald John Trump. The media will help him in any way they can, but in the end the contrast will be extreme even if Trump shows up drunk, and Biden is kept together by a mixture of adrenaline and cocaine injections.

Sleepy Joe is going down faster than Saddam from the scaffold. It will be cringe worthy, but fascinating to watch. I do not think the man deserves any quarter. I do not think Trump will give him any.

I think I need a new popcorn maker.









The Dems’ Dreadful Dementia And Disorders Dilemma

Poor Dems. Turns out the chicken are coming home to roost, big time, and they don’t know what to do.

Only days ago, after the *entirely justified* shooting of Justin Blake, poor Dementia Joe was still pushing that old, failing party line: blaming the police for every justified shooting, tacitly encouraging riots and looting, and blaming everything on Trump. A strategy that might have had some chance of moderate success with an articulate man like, say, Sanders; but that was destined to failed from day one with a demented old man cowering in his basement, like Creepy Joe.

Sadly for them, they have since started to understand that the policy really, really, really doesn’t work. Dementia Joe was ordered to issue some tepid “condemnation” of violence, which Trump nuked in five words:

“It is too late, Joe”.

And too late it certainly is. The Dems are not going to persuade millions of thinking people to forget that they were singing the praise of anarchists and communists for months, as they looted and rioted whenever they could. For a comparison: the “long hot summer” of 1967 translated in a disastrous defeat for the Democrats in 1968. There were riots in 1968, too, but I am sure 1967 is what persuaded people that the Dems did not deserve to be in power. Riots always push people towards law and order candidates, and that is Trump, not Biden – the healthy Biden, much less the demented one -.

The best example of these people’s incompetence is seen, perhaps, not in Biden’s condemnation of the police after the Kenosha’s *justified* shooting, but in the astonishing feat of managing four days of convention glorifying BLM, and pretending that there is no violence and no riots issue. A gift to Trump for which we will be eternally grateful to this bunch of latte-sipping cretins.

So, what to do? It truly is difficult to find a winning strategy for people who have insisted on losing for so many months.

They can now issue a strong condemnation of the violence. They would be condemning themselves, as this is exactly what they have avoided to do in the last three months. They would also publicly admit that Trump was right from the start. This would be ruinous.

They can keep ignoring the issue. This would be shooting themselves in the head instead of in the foot. Now that the elephant has become bigger than the room, they would look even more North Korean than they managed to do up to now. This is frankly unthinkable.

They can try to stay in the middle, singing their songs of praise for the BLM as before, but also trying to give the American People lessons as to what is good protests and what is bad protests. This will make them (and very rightly so) look undecided and talking out of both sides of their mouth, whilst still making the Republicans appear by far, as the best party for law and order. Plus, BLM will soon be more hated than the Ku Klux Klan. To keep promoting them is a defeat inside a defeat. It’s like betting on Hitler in January 1945.

There is no way of getting out of this. The convention really was the last chance to throw BLM out of the bus and convincingly talk about law and order. They blew the occasion majorly, probably because their Starbucks-clients-based focus groups told them they need to push “equaliteee”. These people really can’t find the sun in the sky.

And they keep shooting themselves in the foot. The mayor of Portland, ted “soy boy” Wheeler, telling the rioters to stop *because they unwittingly help Trump* was another show of total disregard for the welfare of his citizen.

The Democratic Party has become an echo-chamber of die-hard anarcho-communist activists (a minority) and cynical political operators without any shame or scruple, throwing gasoline on the flames in the hope that the fire proves damaging to Trump (the vast majority). I do not know whom I despise the most, but likely the latter, including Biden (in his moments of lucidity), Pelosi, Schumer, Clinton (x2), Obama (x2), Perez and, obviously, Kamala “it was a debate” Harris.

The image I have in my mind is that of a group of prominent Dems starting to dig their grave at the end of May, with a mob around them shouting: “Dig! Dig!! DIG!!!”. So dig they did, in part thinking it would help them, in part because they didn’t like what the mob could have done to them otherwise. Three months later, the hole is 20 feet deep, and they have noticed that the mob isn’t so important, or threatening. But they can’t get out anymore, and if they – for some miracle – did, they would still look extremely stupid for having dug in the first place. At this point, five words are enough to destroy them.

It is too late, Joe.











Distance From Margaret Sanger Is Not Enough. Planned Parenthood Must Become Anti-Margaret Sanger


I hear all the time about the latest fashion among trendy white-guilt types: not being racist is not enough. You must be anti-racist.

In short, this means that you must attack the entire White Civilisation, and all your White friends and acquaintances, as either utter evil (the former) or, in some way, unavoidably racist (the latter).

I can’t see why these leftist nutcases should not apply the same standard to themselves.

It is not enough to just ignore Sanger, or politely distance themselves from her for the “connections” to eugenics, making as little noise as possible.

Instead, Planned Parenthood should be asked to openly attack and renege Margaret Sanger as a Black-hating, racist, genocidal monster. In doing so, Planned Parenthood should admit:

  1. Their oppression of Blacks  for the entirety of their existence
  2. The systemic racism that Margaret Sanger injected into the organisation
  3. That Black Babies’ Lives Matter.

After that, they should commit themselves to:

  1. Defund such an evil, racially biased organisation
  2. Re-imagine Planned Parenthood into something which, actually, prepares parents for parenthood.

When all this is done, they should:

  1. Denounce Kamala Harris as an evil, racist, baby-murdering Uber Bitch, for being strongly supportive of such an evil organisation.


I have done all the work for you, Libtards.

Let your re-education begin.



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