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Gosnell Special

Nazi abortionist conveniently ignored: Kermit Gosnell

I have not written about the Gosnell affair yet, because time is a tyrant. Still, I have followed regularly not only the flow of atrocious details from the Catholic and the conservative press, but the other scandal of the main (read: liberal) media making the impossible to ignore the matter; a very stupid endeavour in a free society, which predictably led to back pedalling.

For those who want to read more (attention: this is atrocious stuff to be kept absolutely out of children’s reach) ” The Pulpit” has a “Gosnell Special”. If you feel like delving into the atrocious details of the matter and the scandalous treatment given (or not given) to it by the media you can do worse than start from there.

To think that in Ireland a huge mess was started for the death of a pregnant woman in a hospital, and now many feel (idiots don’t think; they feel; less work, and one can “feel good”) abortion laws should be changed because of one death that was most certainly not a murder.

Mala Tempora currunt


Ukraine Seeking Abortion Ban

If you google around, you will notice in the Ukraine a bill could be approved banning abortion. I will not link to any text in order to avoid giving publicity to a group of feminists, who have obviously seized the occasion.

It is difficult to find details. What we know is that the religious authorities support the measure, the law would allow abortion only in rare cases like – if I understand correctly – danger for the mother’s health, and the thing enrages feminists, some of them apparently not entirely ugly… (tsk, tsk.. no photos… it is just hypocritical feminists should send beautiful women in topless to attract some attention…).

What is interesting is that the former Warsaw Pact countries seem to be particularly keen on recovering  some of the values Communism had oppressed, or in not losing those that had survived even Communism.

We have seen examples of this with the new Hungarian Constitution, the Russian opposition to homo propaganda, and the pressure to reach a total abortion ban in Poland.

Interesting, isn’t it? In the meantime we have so-called bishops of the so-called church of England praising sodomarriage…


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