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Hags On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown

And it came to pass that for once in their wretched lives, the murderous hags did not have it their way, because a bunch of generally rather tepid small “c” Catholics (with one exception) decided to switch their brains on and do something to protect the elementary freedoms of their countries.

The Nazi Hags are now having a hissy fit as they count the money that will be lost in hoped-for employer funded abortion, and if I understand the events correctly they are now terrified contraception might go the same way. Which, if it were to happen, would be more lost business, and clearly a blow to the culture of death.

Now mind this: most employers will likely continue to fund the abortions of their more or less slutty female employees, persuaded that nobody is anybody to judge; and the same would, of course, happen with contraception if that too were to be definitively struck down. It is only a not-so-small, but minoritarian number of closely held private enterprises and, from what I understand, religious organisations that would avail themselves of the astonishing freedom of not having to pay for your employee's murder of her unborn child. But this is perfectly irrelevant to the Nazi Hags: their dreams of totalitarian Nazi dominance have been, for the time bing, shattered, and they simply cannot bear it.

I suggest, with my tongue firmly in cheek, euthanasia; provided the employer doesn't have to pay for it, of course.

In the meantime, the Brown Shirts are screaming like Hitler has just shot himself, and pay for full-page “hate” adverts on the New York Times; of whom it is very doubtful whether, if things had gone the other way, they would have accepted to publish such an ad from the other side.

For the moment, let us enjoy the hysterical screams of the Nazi Hags. If you have a blog, please let the images in this post (which I have courtesy of Father Z) appear in yours; if you haven't, please tweet them and spread them everywhere.

A victory should never be allowed to go to waste.



Goodness According To Nazis

It’s for your own good, my dear…



The President of a feminist/abortionist organisation has given us another example of the utterly evil, hallucinated “logic” of XXI Century Nazis. 

 Abortion has, as she puts it, two positive effects: 

1) It avoids the pain for the death of a child, and 

2) It prevents mothers from dying of childbirth. 

One truly wonders at what must go on in the brains of these people. At the same time, one becomes chillingly aware of how all the atrocities of the Nazi regime could happen. Dr Mengele could have said the same things, and in reading his words people would have been chilled at the cold-blooded murderous intent. But put on Nazism a thin varnish of feminism, and everything will be fine. 

I will only touch in passing the huge elephant in the room: the obvious observation that for most of Christianity the difference between dying baptised or unbaptised is so huge, that only a dyed-in-the-wool atheist can even think of ignoring it.  

No, let us see this from the perspective of an atheist. 

If the reasoning of Mrs Mengele makes sense, only complete eradication of child birth will eliminate the problem of the bereavement whenever the child dies. Because you see, every child who is born is already condemned to both die and cause severe pain in those who love him. The only thing that may change is that the mother might not be there when this happens; because she has, in turn, caused a huge feeling of loss to other people. Oh, the cruelty of all that! If a birth is bound to cause pain, than it is better that there is no pain… for the living. The unborn clearly do not count. 

Similarly, maximum security for women could be achieved simply by forbidding them to undergo such a dangerous and disruptive, ahem, unnatural process like… pregnancy. Maximum security for the living and, pretty please, no disruption at all in their serene, godless life. Humanity will be wiped out, of course, but who cares…

The unborn, as we have already seen, don’t count. 



Home Abortion Made Easy (And Rather Dangerous)

Hopefully too big for poisons. His head will have to be crushed.

Hopefully too big for poisons. His head will have to be crushed, then, and his limbs tore apart …


And it came to pass a teenage girl was “punished with a baby” (© Obama 2008); which presupposes sex, of course, but modern parents do not really care for chastity, so there you are.

Unfortunately, there were no abortion clinics within the state; therefore, something convenient and fast to get rid of the baby will have to be found, without the hassle and inconvenience of traveling.

Therefore, would-be (actually, would-not-be) grandma bought some unauthorised medicaments lethal poisons on the internet to get rid of the baby fast and on the cheap. I notice the news have no trace whatever of a father. Don’t ask me why I am not surprised.

The poison is bought, and the girl proceeds to kill the baby in her womb. The thing goes wrong, and she must be recovered in the hospital for the complications of a half-botched chemical abortion. Two years later, the mother is charged. She faces jail time, and serves her right.

I cannot avoid noticing a few things here:

1. It is fine if you kill your baby in a far away abortion clinic; it is not fine if you kill it with internet-sourced poisons. The law protects the life of the girl (and the abortion isn’t without danger, either), but the baby’s rights are nowhere to be seen. “Look”, say the prosecutors, “we are perfectly fine if you kill your baby; but please move your ass to the nearest butchering place…”.

2.  One never ceases to wonder at the interior life of such people.  To look on the internet for a poison that would kill your grandchild on the cheap. 

3. Wait for the Abortion Nazis to try to ride this: see, they will say, nowadays to abort a baby isn’t easy enough, so we must provide for more opportunities to kill the baby; otherwise the “vulnerable” parents (or rather parent) will recur to the pill, or to a coat hanger. This argument was used in Italy when there were an estimated few thousand illegal abortions a year, and obviously a death every now and then as a result of obvious, grave criminal offences. Now we are easily above 100,000 deaths a year in the same country. Congratulations. Very humanitarian.

4. The would-not-be grandmother now faces some jail time; I can’t imagine it will be very long.

The baby was killed. 





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