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Homo Mafia Controls American Psychological Association, Says Ex-President.

This is certainly not a reactionary. Rather, one of the moderate liberals who made – too late – the discovery that the perverts’ revolution eats his children.

Still, his observations are highly interesting.  He describes an association gradually taken over by extreme liberals (read: perverts, and those who would like to be it). First, they get rid of the concept of – as far as it goes – scientific accountability. Then they create an ideological climate of opposition to their own ideology. Lastly they factually shut out any opinion divergent from their own. One is reminded of the supposed “scientific” evidence about the biggest hoax of the age, “man-made global warming”.

I am unable to prove any sympathy for the man. I think he is clearly part of the problem. But again, it always works that way, as people do not abandon truth and common sense all completely and at the same time, but rather in groups overtaking each other in stupidity.

Welcome to the real world, Dr. Cummings.


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