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Power Overdose: The Rise, Chuzpa, And Fall Of Andrew Cuomo.

Some elected politicians understand their office as service. They are rare, but they do exist. Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump, or Margaret Thatcher are examples known to us all. If I look at the Italian politics, I can find not only giants like Alcide De Gasperi, Francesco Cossiga and Oscar Luigi Scalfaro (before his old age ruined him), but also less famous, but excellent people like, just to make an example, our very own, unforgotten Giovanni Marcora.

It’s not only that these people weren’t thieves. It’s the way they understood their office.

Service. Dedication to the Fatherland. Love for their own people.

Most of the other politicians belong, I think, to the whore category. They do and say what needs to be done to get elected. Once elected, they are order takers of those who can influence or decide about their reelection. They make every compromise that it is possible to make whilst staying out of jail, bartering their position with cushioned positions and various privileges for themselves and their families. They have no dignity. They are like the crack addicts of politics, getting their own power fix in a way that is deeply destructive to their soul and conscience whilst remaining small fishes all their lives.

Then there is the third category: the alpha sharks (includes some female sharks). They are the ueber predators, the buccaneers of elected politics. They will normally come out of political monocultures, dominated by one party to which they will obviously belong. They will build a career spanning decades, and as their power grows, a mixture of killer instinct, learned behaviour (often, a powerful papa is behind their skills) and accumulated sleaze will keep them there. I think most of them enrich themselves or their close relatives in one way or the other (Nancy Pelosi’s husband makes a lot of money in share dealings mysteriously proving right in light of subsequent government decisions; I wonder how that may be?), but apart from the money, what they crave most is the power. If the small fishes are crack addicts, these ones are the big cocaine junkies.

The feeling of invincibility that comes with long years of unchecked power is both very addictive and very dangerous. It appears to me that, in many cases, they just become oblivious of the dangers of unchecked behaviour or, actually, excited by them. They push their abuse to the point where a part of the pleasure is not the abuse itself, but that everybody knows they can get away with it. A dangerous development, this one, because it’s like playing with explosives. In a democracy, there is no system so corrupt that it would not expose such a politician to, at least, the risk of a comeuppance. I am not saying, here, that corrupt alpha sharks (of both sexes) always see their careers destroyed. But the risk is there, always, because they court it as their hubris tempts fate more and more. If I think of Italy, Bettino Craxi (who died abroad, wanted by Italian authorities, and chose to die of diabetes in a miserable country without extradition to Italy, rather than have both proper care and jail in a civilised one) is the most famous example.

We have assisted, in the last months, to the slow death (politically speaking, of course) of another such alpha shark. Like Craxi, Andrew Cuomo reacted to the accusations against him with more defiance and more intimidation. Like Craxi, he obviously got a huge kick from his feelings of quasi-omnipotence. Like Craxi, he refused to take the exit discreetly and chose to fight to the last drop of blood instead. Many times, in the last months, the obvious resilience and hard-skinned counter-maneuvering of Cuomo reminded me of Craxi. Like Craxi, he went down in the end.

For Cuomo, it’s no jail yet. He will possibly be spared the fate, as on the one hand the Democrats absolutely do not want the genocide of old people perpetrated by several Democrat Governors to get traction and, on the other hand, criminal action and jail term for sexual harassment seems to put at risk too many of them. Still: addiction or not, he is likely smart enough to know that there is no recovering from this fall.

This was a guy surrounded by such an army of sycophants that he won an Emmy award as even the entertainment world begged for favours at his court. He was seen as a future President. Imagine a guy as corrupt as Biden, but smart, determined, and with that unspoken, but always present, “strong man” allure. A Clinton without the cigar. Ambrosia for Democrats.

All this is at an end now. Like Craxi, Cuomo failed to understand the need to cover himself and, most importantly, failed to understand that, no matter how many people are licking your boots, there will still be those who wait in the shadow for the right moment to cause your fall.

Cuomo’s undoing was – astonishingly enough – not the genocide of old people he ordered, or the terror regime he encouraged to distract the attention from the massacre he himself had caused. It was the way the Democrats have now elected as their chief way to get rid of male politicians who need to go before too many questions about them (see above: genocide) are asked. As a real alpha male (albeit of the wrong kind) he was also a suitable sacrificial victim on the altar of the #metoo religion; an altar which seems extremely selective in the choice of Democrat sacrificial victims (Biden, a serial molester like no other, is still in the highest office, though he often doesn’t remember it), but ruthless once they have been selected.

Craxi would never have gone down for inappropriately touching women (something he did not need to do and, I am sure, he never did, easily available women flocking to him like they always do to powerful alpha males). Cuomo had to suffer this ignominy, but at least he will likely avoid jail.

Trump is riding a wave of popularity unknown for, after Reagan, in a former President; a wave coming, inter alia, from the consciousness that the man actually won big. He has, now, the satisfaction of seeing Cuomo go down in infamy as he ponders whether to accept a 2024 nomination that would be his for the asking.

Trump is a politician of the good kind.

Cuomo, like Craxi, overdosed on his own power.

Some Career Advice For Andrew Cuomo

It is Sunday now and things are getting worse and worse for poor, poor baby-killing Andrew. As everyone and his dog is now calling for his resignation, it appears even his staff has had enough and they are now voting with their feet. (I hope they don’t get paid if they don’t work; but even if they are working from home, it’s clear they don’t want to be seen near the guy).

Now, Andrew should understand this: however this ends, he is toast. Even if, for some improbable joke of fate, he insists on not resigning and the news cycle manages to save him, he is utterly and completely destroyed. There will be no new term, there will be the constant threat of impeachment, and he will be buried by insults (from both sides) every time he opens his mouth, which he loves to do so much they gave him an Emmy.

In other words, Andrew Cuomo is, at this point, irretrievably damaging a brand that had a lot of tractions among baby-killers, aka Democrats, for a long time.

If I were one of his woke friends, and would be sitting with him in sort sort of pub, protected by the insults of the general public, I would say to him that it is time to think what he wants to do after politics. He is, more likely than not, still able to leverage the many favours he has done to many, many powerful people and get some extremely well-paid position in the private industry. But he needs to understand that if he goes on this way, his particular brand of baby-killing will become so toxic that it will be difficult to do even that.

Not, mind, because of the baby-killing. Democrats are, as we all know, all very much in favour of that, and those who are personally opposed are collectively supporting it (as in: “I am personally opposed to the reintroduction of slavery, but I respect the opinion of those who think differently”, or the like). Not even for the killing of 15,00 Grannies, least of all for lying about their deaths. No, the problem is that Cuomo has gone against the most sacred of the sacred cows of the Democrats: he has made himself liable to the horrible accusation of sexual harassment of women whilst White.

It does not look good, does it? Male, White, and very powerful, Cuomo represents everything that is wrong with humanity for a good chunk of the Democrats electorate. He will just not be allowed to get away with it. Joe Biden “different cultural norms”, happily applied by Dementia Joe to the extermination of entire populations, will not be used to help him. Nor will he be able to appeal to the moral standard applied to every rap and hip hop singer in the Country. They are mostly Black, and Democrats, who claims they are not racist, seem unable to expect the same standard of behaviour from Blacks than they expect from Whites. Still, neither Cuomo, nor any other Democrat, can say that this is as racist as racism comes.

Look here, Andrew. Nick Clegg, a UK politician, managed to almost destroy his party, lose face and be despised by everyone in just a handful of years. But then, his being a complete moral vacuum landed him an extremely well remunerated, and possibly even powerful, position at Facebook! If you are a leftist, it does not matter how badly you fail, provided you know when it’s time to go. This, Andrew, is something you will have to think about very hard.

I know, I know. You love power over everything else. You also enjoyed the bullying, the threatening, the flexing of your considerable political muscle. But you see, all this is now gone. Accusing you of mistreating people is rapidly becoming the most popular sports in the Country, before (woke) Football and (half woke) Baseball.

Your game is over, Andrew.

Do the smart thing, resign now. Keep a low profile for a while, and then collect the favours powerful interests of all sorts owe you. If you are smart now, you will be fine.

In the end, there will people out there who are so dumb and corrupt, that they thought you were good for an Emmy!

Cuomo Has To Go, But Will He?

The situation of Andrew Cuomo becomes more and more untenable.

First, the huge scandal of the Chinese Virus-ill people sent to nursing homes to infect the others and causing thousands of unnecessary deaths. Then, the confirmation that Cuomo had had the number of deaths “massaged” in order not to look (too) bad, and at this point we were already firmly in Watergate territory. At that point, an extremely aggressive and bullying attitude came to light: phone calls threatening people’s careers in the early hours of the morning, or intimations to immediately retract a statement, or else.

Now, a fourth bomb has exploded under Cuomo’s chair: the accusation of ****** sexual harassment ******.

Democrats ******* believe all women *******, so Cuomo is now toast. Better said, it would be if the Democrats practised one tenth of the stupid things they preach.

They did not want Kavanaugh (who proved a coward and a traitor, but this is another matter) to be appointed because of nebulous accusations that perhaps, in an unknown year, in an unknown location, decades earlier, he may have done something inappropriate. This time, we have one of his staffers (100% MAGA-free liberals, all of them, for sure) accusing him of trying to force himself on her and forcibly kiss her.

Predator!!! Toxic male!!!

The ******survivor******* has now (finally) blown the whistle on him and denounced the ****** sexual harassment ******.

If the legacy media had any integrity, they would have been covering this extensively for weeks now. I don’t see anything of the sort. Most of all, I miss the outrage that leftist media like CNN and MSNBC would have shown if Cuomo had been a Republican.

Cuomo has to go. But he is fighting, at least for now, with the legacy media helping him any way they can.

Democrats really have it too easy.

The Cardinal, The Public, And The Evil Governor

Cardinal Dolan has found another way to make an ass of himself or, seen from his perspective, to gain more points with the powers that be whilst trying to appear orthodox.

The Cardinal's intervention has already caused an uproar during the weekend, so I will not repeat what many other have eloquently written. I will, though, allow myself a couple of considerations about the motives and the forma mentis of this despicable man.

Cardinal Dolan doesn't care two straws for murdered children, or Catholicism come to that. It is clear to him the habit is a way to pursue a career exactly in the same way as he might have pursued a career, say, in marketing or, rather, politics.

In order to advance his career with the best chances of success, the Cardinal needs to do the following:

1. Be perceived as “strong” by those who do not closely follow his action; basically, he needs to be a “tough guy by hearsay”.

2. Be perceived by mainstream politicians of both colours as a safe bet: one who will never give anyone serious trouble and can therefore be helped to rise high, or at least not hindered from doing so.

3. Create an image of “popular guy”: the smiling uncle Cardinal you'd want at your table at Thanksgiving, obviously hoping he doesn't eat all the turkey.

4. Be seen by his fellow Cardinal as a harmless guy they can elect without fear of surprises; one who will produce himself in that kind of popular waffling they love so much without seriously angering anyone. The Cardinals have just elected one of those, by the way; so it works.

Notice how relentlessly the Cardinal pushes his agenda, and how well it is working for him. Observant Catholics do know he is a bad 'un, but why should he care? His public perception is what counts, and his public perception is doing just fine. The last threat of a “holy war” against a, erm, “Catholic in good standing” may be a total contradiction and an extremely stupid thing to say, but this is not how it will go down in the public opinion. For the masses, the perception will be of a tough Cardinal, because they do not think to the point of wondering what all this though talk will in the end lead to, and how can you threat holy wars without having the gut to say Cuomo is an evil man on his way to hell who must be annihilated. Dolan's wars are, evidently, fought by guffawing.

You can therefore see how the outrage among the fringe group of devout and attentive Catholics does not disturb the Cardinal in the least. Pope Francis will not be Pope forever, and with the years he will grow in stature and in weight (erm, cough) among his fellow Cardinals.

Make no mistake. His strategy is working just fine.



The Correct Way to Deal With Pro-Abortion Politicians

Sadly, Andrew Cuomo was not looking at his excommunication

First of all, a suggestion: may we start explicitly avoiding using terms like “pro-choice”, “family planning”, “and “gay”?

Choice doesn’t apply to the murder of babies; planning children means actually planning to have them, and “gay” doesn’t mean homosexual.

Coming to the point: the already mentioned Bishop Aquila (one who takes his job seriously, as you can read here) has given an interview to the Catholic World Report, letting drop something rather similar to a bomb concerning the way a bishop should deal with Catholic Pro-Abortion politicians. Let us read him:

How should the Church respond to Catholic politicians who support legalized abortion?

Bishop Aquila: Their particular bishops can use the process of correction that is given to us in sacred Scripture, especially in Matthew’s Gospel. Our Lord tells us to speak to the person, and then take two or three others with us if he does not change.

If he still does not change, the Church can speak to him, which is done through the bishop. [The bishop] exercises the authority of Christ. Christ then says that if that person is still obstinate and will not change, treat them as a tax collector or Gentile. Expel him.

We do this out of love for the person, seeking his conversion. He needs to understand that the salvation of his soul is in jeopardy because of the positions he is taking.

Catholics are called to defend human life, particularly that of the unborn. The Church’s teaching is clear. If we don’t challenge public officials who reject this teaching, we leave them in their sins and confuse the faithful.

One doesn’t know how to begin, so many are the points which Bishop Aquila makes very clear in just a few words:

1) At a certain point, a bishop must act and excommunicate the politician.

2) The bishop must do it out of love for the man, and desire to save his soul.

3) Catholics are called to defend human life. It’s not an option for anyone, much less (so much is clear from Aquila’s words) for a bishop.

4) The Church’s teaching is clear. No ifs, no buts, none of the excuses used in the last decades. Abortion goes against Church teaching. It must be fought against.

5) The bishop who doesn’t act: a) fails to help the sinner, and b) confuses the faithful.

You know, and I know, and everyone knows, that there are at the moment a handful of bishops who are, in this particular juncture, specially called to action by these words. I frankly can’t imagine that bishop Aquila’s words may have been spoken without having those particular situations in mind.

I do hope that in the coming weeks and, if must be, months, more and more US Bishop will raise their voice not only defending the point in principle but, like Aquila, elegantly suggesting to their colleagues the way to react to what happens in their dioceses.











Archbishop Dolan: Battle On Marriage Goes On.

Archbishop Dolan of New York

Read here the latest post of archbishop Dolan of New York about the recent disgraceful legislation in the US state of New York.

The Bishop makes clear that the battle doesn’t end here, and very laudably dares to say very clearly that what is called homophobia by the fraction of the unrepentant perverts is, in fact, theophobia, “hatred of God”.

I am glad to hear that the Bishop doesn’t want to let the matter rest and promises that the battle will go on. This confirms me in my opinion that this issue is going to stay with us and might well become one of the main themes of the 2012 electoral campaign. I am also pleased to hear that the Church is not going to be intimidated by any calls to force her to admit the “moral validity” of homo so-called “marriages” or face criminal charges. I think that Archbishop Dolan and others in the Church in the US recognise that if they don’t accept the battle now, the battle is going to reach them anyway, but not on their terms and in a position of rear guard, as the liberal Nazis try to suffocate every expression of opinion that doesn’t correspond with their own as “hate speech”, or the like. I particularly liked the archbishop’s beautiful words that “no unfortunate legislative attempt can alter reality and morality”.
Kudos to the archbishop, then.

Still, I allow myself two considerations:

1) In order to be effective, words must be followed by facts. The excommunication of the people who, as Dolan himself says, “scandalously claim to be Catholic” is in my eyes indispensable not only to try to save their souls, but more to the point to make the Catholic population aware of the gravity and scandal of such positions.

2) In this respect, Archbishop Dolan’s record is not entirely free from blame, as in his very own diocese scandalous homo masses continue to be celebrated, and behind words of convenience homosexual lifestyle continues to be promoted by the (of course) Jesuits of the church of St. Francis Xavier, where participation to so-called “gay pride” marches continues to be promoted and advertised, and rather blasphemous symbols like a rainbow crucifix can be seen (no, ladies: Jesus was not a homo; nor did he approve of homosexual practices. Cfr Mt. 10:15; nor can the Cross ever be misused in such a disgusting way).

Catholic doctrine requires that when war is waged, the intention must be to win it. Nothing less than all out confrontation is required if we want the Catholic electorate to wake up to the danger for the Christian future of the country, for its freedom of expression and, let us not forget, for their own souls.

Archbishop Dolan has been, I think, rather good at launching the car in the first gear. It is now time to put a heavy foot on the clutch pedal and get into second and third.
Starting from his own diocese.


Homo Marriage: We Are Winning, Not Losing

Norman Rockwell, "Family Grace"

Extremely interesting blog post from the “American Papist”, Thomas Peters. In his blog post, Peters point out to a clearly visible, but often not sufficiently considered reality: that the overwhelmingly liberal mass media greatly increase the feeling of inevitability of homo marriage by stubbornly ignoring their many defeats, and giving enormous space and “historic significance” to their very rare victories.

Stop for a moment and reflect what the liberal media (that is: the vast majority of the mass tv channels in the US and Europe, and the majority of mass newspapers) would have said if in the US there had been thirty popular consultation about the so-called homo marriages and the perverts had won all of them. And now please think that the reality is that they have lost them, all of them. It’s 31-0 for Christian values, and counting!

If this kind of results had been achieved by the other side, the call for the end of the debate would be deafening, and every opposer treated as an undemocratic nazi.

Or let us examine the legislative part of the battle, the arena where the homos try to transform their clear minority in the country in a majority by attracting representatives of the people ready to please them in exchange for favours. Well it turns out that this year they have already lost in Maryland and Rhode Island, and only won in New York; it’ 2-1 on the legislative front then, but there are at least other six states – let us count them: Minnesota, Indiana, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Iowa and Pennsylvania preparing themselves to reinforce marriage as the only…. marriage, or to reverse past decisions favourable to the homos.

Not persuaded yet? Look at a liberal state like California, where the homos have lost several times through either popular vote or law initiatives, and are now trying to overturn the people’s decision through an homosexual judge living together with his lover (or mistress, I suppose; or both; no idea what disgusting “arrangements” these people make).

Or perhaps you think that wherever homosexual so-called “marriage” legislation is passed, the situation is irreversible? Think again! Iowa and New Hampshire are two points in case, California is another example of sort (with the victorious Proposition 8 being the people’s answer to pink judicial activism). Wherever you look, people don’t sit and say “oh well, it had to happen I suppose”, but they react.

This, mind, even before the massive Catholic machine has been mobilised. If the US bishops started to say it as it is in a way that can’t be ignored, things would change in a matter not of decades, but probably of years, and the great risk for puppets a’ la Andrew Cuomo to be wiped out would soon let them decide that it is better for them to shut up like as many children when the headmaster enters the classroom.

Thankfully, in the United States more and more people are starting to understand what your humble correspondent has been saying from pre-blog times: homosexuality is the front line of the Christian war. Re-establish a Christian attitude to this, and abortion and euthanasia will be won on the momentum created by this recovery of Christian values.

Sad as it is to say so, too many people are still numbed to the atrocity of abortion, as – as they say in Italy – “the laws of one generation are the morality of the following one”. Not so for homo “marriages”. This is a battle that every Christian can fully grasp now and the re-discovery of his Christian values in one matter will unavoidably lead to a more mature reflection on all others.

Therefore, be in good spirit and wait for 2012, when pro homo representative and senators will hopefully get a pounding (these things can be pretty brutal, look here and tell me if you’d want to be in one of the pictures) and the people will wake up to the reality that they have the right to demand a Christian country and a legislation fruit of the will of the people rather than of judicial activism, or corridor politics. When the pendulum starts to clearly swing back in the US, it will only be a question of time before the same happens in Europe. At least in Southern Europe, where the ability of the Church leaders to mobilise the masses and shape future generations would still be very high, if they did as much as to wake up.


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