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Faints Echoes Of Meowing Pussycats


Non-Italian Cardinal


There is an article on Antonio Socci’s blog that got me thinking. The article was published yesterday, April Fools’ Day, and when I read it I thought of an April’s fish; particularly for the use of the Italian adjective, “farlocco”, normally a jocose way of saying “fake”, or “pretty dumb”, and would have caused a smile after the announcement of the “fish”. 

However, I write this on the afternoon of the 2nd, and the post is still up there with no “Fish” whatsoever.

The article is long and smart, but the part that interests me is Socci’s assertion that a non-Italian Cardinal got very angry, contacted other Cardinals, then contacted the Pope and, also on behalf of those other Cardinals, let him know that his statements exposed him to the danger of being deposed.

This would be, if confirmed, quite the bomb. However, yours truly observes the following:

  1. What kind of Cardinals are those who ran to the phones for a quotation in an atheist newspaper, but do nothing for an entire encyclical signed by the Pope? It seems unlikely that the Cowardinals would shut up (even the four, after some meowing) following the official proclamation of an alternative morality, but would be suddenly up in arms for the quotation of a 94 years old in an atheist newspaper. Unless…
  2. Unless even Cowardinals are humans, and some of them might even believe in God, and be afraid for their eternal destiny; hence this short outburst of reason; which, by the way, was put to rest when the Vatican denied not even that Francis might believe in heresies, but merely that he would say so openly to a journalist. Still…
  3. … the perhaps most interesting fact is in the rumor itself: this is a Pope who might have been called by a Cardinal more or less kindly threatening him with deposition, and the facts makes headlines, and no one finds it absurd or the fruit of fantasies. This Pontificate is so discredited that rumors of threats of deposition are seen, whether true or not,  as perfectly realistic. 

How the humble have fallen!






Popemakers’ Remorse, Or: The Boomerang Papacy


The twelve Cardinals were available for a photograph.

Antonio Socci wrote it first, and the English-speaking press echoed it everywhere: it appears a number of Cardinals (a dozen, at least) have contracted a bad case of “buyer’s remorse”. They hope to persuade the Evil Clown to step down and go Obama himself somewhere very far, where he cannot cause any more damage. Not, mind, because they have suddenly discovered orthodoxy. Rather, because even they cannot ignore the huge amount of devastation the stellar incompetence of this man is causing at all levels of Church life.

Well, dear girls, this is what happens when you make Pope a South-American dictator with all the marks of his breed: arrogant, ignorant, fairly stupid, absolutely incompetent, but fully persuaded of his own greatness.  

The fact that Socci wrote this, and many outlets were ready to echo the news, seems to show the rumour is considered credible. However, it does not need a genius to understand that a number of the less corrupted Cardinals have been thinking “what have we done” for a long while now, nor is the lower number floated around (a mere dozen according to the London The Times, whilst the original article of Socci in Italian has the far more robust “gran parte”, “a great part”. This indicates a majority within the original Bergoglio voter block, and also shows The Times might have their own sources) the indication of a major earthquake happening. Truth does not depend on numbers, but I doubt Francis will be much impressed by a dozen of kitten meowing. He might, however, be far more impressed by thirty, or forty, or fifty Cardinals, because they could hurt him badly. 

If they were men, that is, instead of kitten.

Men act. Kitten whisper some meowing in the ear of journalists, because they know they will never have the guts to do anything else. I hope to be proven wrong. I believe I will be proven right. 

Anyway, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and the proof of the Cardinals’ worry for their own salvation and the good of the Church can only be a very public denunciation of both Amoris Laetitia and Pope Francis’ silence about the Dubia. The best indication of how weak and emasculated these people are is exactly the fact that they have all the possibilities to completely destroy Francis’ papacy, and choose to meow with some journalist instead. 

More than five months have passed since Francis received the original letter with the Dubia. The silence of the Cardinals is deafening. Whispering bitchy things in the ears of journalists is no substitute for doing one’s job. The time to act is now. 

I notice here en passant that at least eight of these twelve (very probably more, assuming either that the Four Cardinals have not voted for Bergoglio or that Socci is right and they are way more than a dozen) have not dared to come out publicly in defence of the Dubia. No John Wayne among these, for sure. 

We will see if, by some half-miracle, the Cardinals find the guts to do what absolutely needs to be done. I remain skeptical, and think that things will get much worse (perhaps, for decades) before they get better. For the time being, I would be happy enough if not forty, but four Cardinals found the guts to speak out plainly; but I very much doubt that, too. If they ever speak, my pint is on some more meowing that does not give Francis more than an itch. 

I can picture a dozen of Cardinals very vividly, all dressed in red, hidden like little boys behind one of the huge columns in St Peter as Francis passes by, and whispering to each other that at least one of them should come out and confront the Pope; each one of them explaining to the others in hushed tones why it is not prudent that it should be him; letting Francis go by unchallenged as they whisper; and finally deciding, all together, to go bitch with a journalist instead. 

I have this picture vividly in front of my eyes, and I do not know whether to laugh or cry.

The Church will survive this bunch of cowards.

Whether their soul survives this test is a different matter altogether.  





Queering The Church Some More


alarm bellAntonio Socci sounds the alarm concerning the Cardinals being rapidly appointed by Francis.

Now, the number of Cardinals who can be elected Pope will be still roughly limited to 120 (a number Francis has to power to modify, but has not done up to now). One could, therefore, not say Francis is being overzealous. On the other hand, he is being certainly attentive to appoint as many Cardinals as he can within the framework set up by his predecessors since Paul VI.

There is no doubt in my mind Francis does it in order to subvert the Church and make of it a dependency of his own Castroite ideology. There is also no doubt he will use the occasion a) to send signals about what must be done to advance one’s career, b) to reward some of his own minions, and c) to create a wall – as robust as possible – in case he feels like giving open battle in October. I also think he wants to help the homo lobby, with which he is now very evidently linked, in a sort of evil symbiosis, after their obvious help in having him elected Pope.

Socci, and others who fantasise an invalid election of Pope Francis -blithely forgetting papal elections aren’t nullified by administrative irregularities or even worse events like, say, open corruption (search this blog for more; the matter has been discussed ad abundantiam) – obviously poses the question of what will be of these red hats when Francis either kicks the bucket, or resigns.

The problem is, neither Socci nor his companions have an answer to this, because there is no way their appointments could be nullified, bar something huge – say: an ecumenical council declaring Francis heretic either during of after his pontificate -, in which case the nullification of the appointments would have to be traced back to the decision of such a council, not to the technicalities of the election.

We will see what the new names are. I trust the Lord that He will keep His promise of Church indefectibility. I am under the impression that Francis will not appoint exclusively utter bastards in the new position, because this would cause a massive backfiring and a compact wall of bishops against him at every possible occasion; rather, I think he will appoint a mixture of utter bastards, half bastards, garden variety yes-men, and a couple of orthodox ones to save the appearances and, of course, allow the Pollyannas to once again thank the Holy Ghost for the precious gift of this oh so wonderful Pope. The problem with this, from his perspective, is that many a yes-man and a number of half bastards might not hesitate one second to switch allegiance if, at the death of TMAHICH, the demand for a Catholic Pope should become a lion’s roar.

I do not believe these rumours and comments about a dying Pope, though he is the person I wish to see “six feet under” the most in the entire planet (nothing personal, of course; just trying to be a good Catholic who loves the Church infinitely more than this disgraceful clown). Francis’ references to him not being around in ten or so years’ time seem to me nothing but the coquette remarks of an old man fishing for compliments and wishes of good health, rather than the revelation of serious health problems.

The Lord works in mysterious ways and He can strike Bergoglio dead anytime; therefore, there’s no reason to examine at lenght every pound or three he gains or loses, or how strained his Jesuit face appears.

Francis is trying to queer the Church, and to make of it a more than vaguely Castroite social justice warriors’ machine. He will succeed to an extent. He might succeed to a great extent.But he is a fool if he thinks that he will succeed in the end.

He will, ultimately, fail; but not without great loss and devastation, and loss of souls.






Bishop Galantino, And Mainstreaming Mundabor

In the staged pose of the wannabe cool idiot: Bishop Galantino.




Read on the usual Rorate the extremely strong article written by Antonio Socci, with a no-holds-barred criticism of the disgraceful Bishop Galantino, Francis’ own new Secretary of the Italian Bishop’s conference.

Whilst – as Rorate points out – Socci is not a Master of Orthodoxy, nor a Paladin of Tradition, I find the article very interesting not only because it is well-written and factually accurate, but most notably because the bunch of idiots now running the Church begins to be treated with at least one part of the contempt and ridicule they have richly deserved for betraying Christ’s Church.

The bishop in question, Galantino, has now after the atrocious sniping of the “expressionless face” of those praying in front of abortion clinics, forgotten all decency again, and I quote:

“We want to apologize to the non-believers because many times the way we live our religious experience completely ignores the sensibilities of unbelievers, and we say and do things that very often don’t reach them, but rather vex them.”

I will not offend your intelligence telling you all that is wrong in the words of this heathen. I will point out, though, that Galantino has, no doubt, wanted to make himself beautiful in the eyes of Francis. Strong reactions like Socci’s one not only signal the growing impatience of sound thinking Catholics with the continuous barrage of outrageous nonsense now administered to us, but they also show with great clarity that if the head of the Bishops’ Conference and clear protégé of the Pope can be criticised in such a way, the Pope himself cannot lull himself in the impious hope that whenever he says “black is white”*, the press will swallow it whole.

Everytime that the confrontation goes a notch higher – and the confrontation has just gone two, or three notches higher – the Unholy Father gets nearer to the same criticism. It is as if he could hear the shells from the cannons of sound Catholicism now falling increasingly nearer to the Domus Sanctae Marthae.

There will, of course, always be those who contract the Voris Disease and decide to become selectively blind; but in the same way as Voris’ criticism of everyone but the Pope merely exposes his own selective blindness in not criticising the Pope, the harsh – deservedly harsh; less harsh than he deserved – treatment of Bishop Galantino will train many to think in the right Catholic way; and when they start doing so, the army of those who see all the irreligious incompetence, boundless vanity and shameless populism of the Bishop of Rome will grow. At some point, the scandal will, Deo volente, explode fully in the Pope’s face, and will put an end to his dreams of boundless popularity at the cost of Catholicism. If you ask me, this will be the end of this phase of extreme enmity with Truth, because in my opinion Francis has no investment whatever either in Christ or the Devil, but merely in himself.

Kudos to Socci, then, who paves the way to a new tone in the way the press deals with Judas like Galantino.

Mundabor is slowly, but clearly, on his way to becoming mainstream among the sound thinking Catholics.



* post scheduled.


What Socci Does Not Say

Not so easy after all...

Not so easy after all…

If you have not done so already, you may do much worse than visit Rorate Caeli and read there the excellent translation of the article from Antonio Socci appeared on Libero some days ago.

Socci says many very useful things, and he says them very well. He quotes figures, and the figures alone tell you everything you need to know about the real causes of the shameless persecution of the FFI. 

V II is bankrupt. The persecution of the FFI is the necessary step to avoid the bankruptcy becoming too public. Others will follow. If I were a FSSP priest, I wouldn’t sleep very well right now. Only the SSPX, with his presence and courageous witness for sound Catholicism, prevents the total annihilation of every conservative stream within the Church.

Still, this blog post is not about what Socci says. It is about what Socci does not say. But what he does not say, he screams. I quote:

No-one can believe that the Pontiff of tenderness wanted or authorized such a thing. The contradiction between his teaching (“love and kindness, not beatings”) and the concrete practice, which brings to mind the ghosts of the Inquisition, would be too great.

This, my friends, is a very heavy blow, the Italian way.

No one can believe that the Pope wanted or authorised this Stalinian purge, Socci says. If it were to be true, it would be hypocrisy beyond belief, the epitome of double-tongued falseness. Still, Socci knows – like the rest of the planet that follows such events – that Pope Francis has already invited the friars to just shut up and do what they are told. Socci writes about these matters professionally. Make no mistake: he is very informed.

Of course Francis wanted. Of course Francis authorised. To think seriously that Francis is not the man who wanted and authorised this Golpe is tantamount to say that Caesar did not want to invade Gallia, or Hitler Poland.

Socci knows it. He knows that his readers know it, too. His words must resound to the ears of very many of his Italian readers as a massive indictment of this Papacy. An indictment not openly told, and yet screamed.

One thing is clear: Francis will not have an undisturbed media parade. The voices who speak against madness are rapidly reaching the well-educated mainstream. God willing, in two or three years’ time it will be common knowledge Catholics who care don’t like or esteem Francis. 

Francis will always be popular, because populism always makes one popular among the stupid, the lazy and the cowards, whose numbers are frightful. But there will be no triumphal march. There will be a divisive Papacy instead, with open dissent from the many voices speaking for orthodoxy; and these voices will become more and more vocal – whilst still, alas, remaining a clear minority – as Francis appoints his Bergoglini as Bishops and Cardinals, and continues to ravage the Church.

Perhaps Francis thought an iron cross, black shoes, a smaller car and Wheelchair Galore would give him an unassailable position as a modern Robin Hood; a sort of modern Garibaldi whom it would be suicide to criticise. 

It may well work in Argentina, where populism seems to be a second religion. In Europe, it’s another pair of… shoes.


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