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How Archbishop Burke deals with heretics.

Archbishop with bite: Raymond Burke

Catholics complain very often that when heretical priests go around talking rubbish the reaction of the competent bishop is non-existent.

This seems not to have been the case here, where an entire board has been excommunicated for professing the usual Presbyterian nonsense. They wanted priestesses of course, and married priests to boot (says something about their priest, methinks), and communion is not inclusive enough so they wanted to give it to non-Catholics, too.

The bishop who acted and excommunicated the entire board was none other than Raymond Burke, the Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura or, if you prefer, the highest-ranking judge in Catholicism after the Pope. Burke is now one of the brightest stars in the Vatican firmament, with a red hat already in the post and a solid reputation as papabile. Goes to show that showing some guts does not have to be detrimental to one’s career. Ah, if ++ Nichols had known….

Seen with European eyes, the entire episode has some strange colours. The church board apparently owns the church. The new bishop makes a reconciliation proposal involving the church’s property rights; the community votes on that and chooses to remain a heretical group owning their own church. Fascinating.

Even more fascinating is the mentality of the remarkable would-be Presbyterian chap formerly masquerading as a Catholic priest, Mr Marek Bozek. Mr. Bozek claims that “the people have spoken, in ancient Rome the Christians used to say ‘Vox populi, vox dei”.
Vox Populi, Vox dei is an old saying (and I think: not Roman, but merely in Latin) which no Catholic would ever take literally or consider theologically meaningful as it goes completely against everything Christianity is and represents. But that’s a feminist priest for you.

In the same ballpark is the statement of a Mr. Zabielski, a formerly excommunicated member of the board who has in the meantime come back to the fold. “I don’t think he’s taking his church in the direction of a Roman Catholic church anymore”, says Mr. Zabielski about Mr Bozek, thus implying that there was a time when supporting priestesses etc. was purest Catholic orthodoxy…. I don’t know how traditional Polish liquors are called but boy, they must be strong.

Be it as it may, Mr Bozek seems not to have very clear what the Church is, but he seems to have very clear that he would like to marry. Perhaps the “chosen one” would soon have a beautiful job as “priestess” already lined up? Still, one is happy that there are people around who still prefer to remain excommunicated and look at the situation in the eye rather than to stay within the Church and spread their heresies from there. At least they won’t be able to say, that day, “I didn’t know this was against the Church’s teaching”…

But look at the positive side: now that Mr. Bozek’s little community of vox populi, vox dei-supporters has decided to have the Truth expertly made to measure by a tailor of their choice, they might be able to follow the example of some daring Anglican “pastoress” and give communion even to dogs. How very inclusive!


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