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The Tough Cardinal

O for more like him. Archbishop Cardinal Ranjith

On Rorate Caeli, an interesting post about the well-known instructions of Cardinal Ranjith, that in his archdiocese Communion be received exclusively comme il faut. The Cardinal’s position is known and I have, I think, already written about it in the past.

What in my eyes is most interesting is another detail or two, which I would like to share with you.

Please read this. Emphases mine.

[…] kindly ensure that in each Church in your parishes there is an adequate supply of a sufficient number of amices, girdles, stoles and chasubles for daily use. When I come for my parish visits starting from January next year, I will check on this matter personally. Kindly begin celebrating your daily sacrifice of the Eucharist properly clad and that means dressed with the alb, with or without the amice, the girdle, stole and chasuble. This should start immediately. The Auxiliary Bishops and Episcopal Vicars should kindly ensure that this is strictly followed in your areas.

Properly understood this means, if you ask me: a) your Archbishop is watching you, and will take care no one thinks he can get away with some lip service when necessary and then do whatever he pleases at any other time; b) this applies first and foremost to Auxiliary Bishops and Episcopal Vicars, just in case they thought my instructions do not apply to them; c) chop-chop.

Something tells me Archbishop Ranjit’s Archdiocese has no so-called “gay masses”.


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