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Venom Masquerading As Botox

Nancy Pelosi's astonishing tirade against Archbishop Cordileone – an attack that in his virulence surprises even coming from her – should, after we have stopped laughing at the heathen cow, tell us a couple of things.

Firstly, the first that Pelosi dares to defend so-called same-sex marriage as support of… marriage and even dares to lecture the Archbishop with it without the entire Catholic planet laughing out loud tells us to what level of degeneracy Christianity has arrived in the West. I wonder to what extent a person can be called “Christian” who does not get the very basics. This problem is not limited to the heathen cow, rather the cow is very much indicative of the utterly de-Christianised pastures in which she ruminates.

Secondly, the root of Pelosi's attack is also, in the last analysis, to be seen in Francis' disgraceful pontificate. It becomes increasingly more clear that the new theology of “who am I to judge”, launched by the Unholy Father to the stupid masses for the sake of his own aggrandisement, is now emboldening all kind of rubbish religious and rubbish politicians, who see in Francis' continued antics a more and more robust guarantee that they can shoot at Christianity and its representatives without fear of retaliation.

I do not know whether Cordileone (San Francisco) or Wuerl (Washington) is the one who is responsible for the shameless cow's soul, and it might well be the latter. But if Archbishop Cordileone has any possibility to excommunicate Pelosi, he should well and truly act; even at the risk, which is very concrete, that Francis would then proceed to lift the excommunication because hey, who is he to judge…

When this madness has gone, the future generations will look with a mixture of horror and – if they have a robust sense of humour – amusement at the times when an important politician of the Super Duper Power dared to openly rebuke an Archbishop and “teach” him something so shamelessly perverted as true Christianity; and they will shudder at thinking that a Pope allowed all this, and was an accomplice of this destruction every step of the way.

I truly hope Archbishop Cordileone does not soften his stance, and sends the cow to the slaughterhouse by excluding her from communion or outright excommunicating her. I have reasonable hopes on the first, but not much hope on the second.

Unless more and more religious start saying clearly what is what, in ten years' time the vast majority of those living in the West and calling themselves “catholic” will be unable to understand what is wrong with sodomy in the first place, and deem themselves good “Christians” for supporting faggotry.

Satan truly is having a home run.



San Francisco And The TLM

Lionhearts do not grow on trees...

I have it from Rorate Caeli that the Archdiocese of San Francisco now has a TLM “at the request of Bishop Cordileone”.

I was a bit confused at the start as I thought the reason why Summorum Pontificum exists is to allow a priest to celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass without any need for any initiative from the bishop.

I can, therefore, only read the announcement as meaning that, as there was in the entire diocese partout no priest able and/or willing to celebrate the TLM, the good Archbishop had to become active himself and take care that one TLM is celebrated on every day of obligation within the Diocese.

The archdiocese of San Francisco is certainly big and its priests, no doubt, numerous. That the bishop has to “request” the celebration of one TLM says a thing or two about the state of affairs in the diocese. Bishop Cordileone has just started and will hopefully manage to inject some orthodoxy in the diocese, but heavens, he has been left with a lot of work to do.

This goes to show that the appointment of sound bishops is absolutely vital in the proper care of soul. Get it wrong, and a couple of decades will suffice to demolish the healthiest diocese. Get it right, and the advantages will also be seen in a handful of years.

Who appoints the bishops, you already know. The average quality has probably improved in the last years, but it can't be said it gave reason to be impressed. Cordileone's predecessor was also appointed by the same one who appointed Cordileone; and was, without doubt, a failure.

I fear much for the appointments under the current tenure. I am afraid we will see even less Cordileones than his was the case under Pope Benedict.

You can think for yourself the long-term effects on the TLM.

God bless bishop Cordileone, and let us hope lion hearts like him (this is, funnily enough, his name's meaning in Italian) become more and more frequent in the future. But really, it takes a lot of optimism.



Archbishop Cordileone And The Dictatorship Of Stupidity



“they claim the equality of different points of view until they get control of power, and then enforce their view on everyone else, all the while continuing to claim that there is no such thing as objective truth.”

These are words of Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone on occasion of his recent stay in London, and they photograph rather well the historic phase we are living. The Archbishop’s words are brilliant, and I do not think they need any comment from me.

What I allow myself to add is a couple of ancillary considerations, which I think connect well with the beautiful words above.

1. What the archbishop describes is made possible by the degeneration of most modern education systems in the West, whose only aim seems to be to create an army of nincompoops barely able to write, utterly unable to think, and extremely worried about looking good with their peers. This is particularly evident in England, the only country I know whose natives can say with a smile “I can’t spell” without realising they can’t write. In this country, there are people unable to even get the most elementary things right, like the difference between “its” and “it’s” or “theirs” and “there’s”. Many of them have an academic title of sort. They can’t write, but they can vote, and many of them in fact do; which is why the thinking lamented by the Archbishop translates into legislation. 

2. Dim people have always existed, and have been allowed to vote for a long time; but in past times the prevailing Christian mentality avoided the worst, and generally prevented shameless politicians from using them to sabotage Christianity. You can put it in this way, that in our once Christian countries even the slowest benefited from a robust dose of truth and simple common sense, given to them for free and courtesy of their social and religious environment. The collapse of Christian instruction in the last generation or two has created an army of very ignorant people, the more easily manipulated because they are not even aware of being ignorant, or even illiterate. This is the favourite pasture of the modern homosexual lobby, whose aim is to lure the idiots with emotional appeals of zero logical content but great emotional impact (“I just want to be happy! Oh why, why you do not want me to be happy?”). The result is, once again, the drive to the dictatorship of idiocy we are now observing.

It is my personal opinion that all modern Western democracies have contracted a cancer; a disease which might or might not be incurable, but is certainly malignant. Democracy without Christian values becomes the dictatorship of the stupid, and I can’t imagine how this will not lead to a lot of blood being shed at some point. It is also not clear to me why political systems used to promote evil should not be punished by Our Lord, and I would think it rather more probable that the punishment will be as vast as the support for, or indifference to, the evils and perversions allowed or celebrated by most Western democracies.

Western democracies have been digging their own grave for a while, though the astonishing technological superiority and the collapse of Communism have masked the phenomenon for a while. They have now entered a phase of accelerated decay, of whom openly homosexual US Marines are perhaps the most striking example (last time I looked, even the Italian army didn’t want fags. Go figure).

We are digging our own grave, both spiritually and politically. We don’t even have the guts to say “faggot”, but we want to upheld Christian values.All in a very nice way, of course, whilst the Gestapo plans to silence every teacher and parent, and to pervert the very children.

I sometimes wonder how thick people can be.




Of Archbishops And Alcohol

A small, but embarrassing episode (about which I have been alerted by an excellent reader) allows me to give two words about the way we Southern European, blessedly free from Protestant and puritanical influences, see this kind of things.

So Archbishop Cordileone was found above the legal alcohol limit for California.   Big deal. If the California alcohol limits are anywhere near the European average, we are here far, far away from anyone being defined, by any reasonable person, as “drunk”.

Concerning the “guilt”, we Southern European never had such a high expectation of our leaders, even spiritual ones. In these disgraceful times Padre Pio would have been arrested countless times (violent behaviour in public, violence against children, “hate crimes” no end), and even Jesus (a clearly above average drinker in times of massive alcohol consumption) would never have a chance to pass the same alcohol  test poor Archbishop Cordileone fell through. Coming to more recent times, Don Camillo would have been possibly defrocked after several periods in jail (another violent type, and no mistake). I could go on, but you get my drift.

The point is that the Nazi Nannies now demanding to control every minute aspect of our life, being Nazi, tend to set limits way below what would be considered reasonable by a reasonable person. The logic of ruthless repression does not allow any other behaviour, and the logic of nannyism is not satisfied with anything else than ruthless repression.

Of course, a certain stigma will be “linked” to the one who is found wanting: he will be rapidly depicted as a danger to public safety, whilst very probably (I think I can safely say so for the Archbishop, and I am sure this is what happens in countless other cases) the “culprit” was, being a sensible person, not even aware he was in danger of being above the limit or – for which I would applaude him – decided to be reasonable anyway.

It appears now the Archbishop has apologised – with words I find utterly disproportionate to the circumstances – and nothing will happen – thank God – to his appointment.

Still, this should let us reflect about the stupidity of laws an extremely respected Archbishop may be found in breach of, and which is in my eyes more evidence of the stupidity of such laws than of a real failing of said Archbishop.

Archbishop Cordileone is in front of a very tough time, and does not need to be shot at (I do not say the above mentioned reader did this; I am merely afraid of Puritanical currents running in the American blood) because of such a small incident.

If anything, this incident makes him more pleasant in my eyes. A small “Don Camillo”-like embarrassment every now and then can only be good for the soul, particularly if you are Archbishop.

Here’s to your health, Excellency, and I hope the wine was worth of your courage.


Readable NCR Article!

Will he deliver? Archbishop Cordileone.

If there is one chap among the degenerated crowd of the so-called National Catholic Reporter (aka the Fishwrap) who can be read, it is Mr John L Allen.  Whilst it is not clear why the man still writes for said Fishwrap (we must all live some way, I suppose) it is clear he is used by the NCR to smuggle the idea that they be, in a way, Catholic. Which is, of course, tragically wrong.

Be it as it may, Mr Allen has an interesting contribution about some new (arch)episcopal nominations in the US, which have lately fallen on the more conservative side.

This can obviously not have been the work of the Pope, as the good man sees his German Bishops and Cardinals openly embracing heresy every day without even moving his Kleinfinger. Neither seems this to be the work of Cardinal Ouellet, as under his tenure there has been no notable improvement in the average quality of the appointments (and already there are rumours Monsignor Gaenswein will be pushed upstairs; I wonder what his pastoral credentials are). Similarly, Cardinal Dolan must be clearly excluded on the ground of his now abundantly proved cowardice in the face of the enemy.

It seems, therefore, at least realistic that Mr Allen is right when he says Cardinal Burke, who is also a member of the Congregation for bishops, might have been the driving force behind the recent, rather pugnacious US appointments, and it is clear particularly the appointment of Cordileone to San Francisco is an indication of some storm taking shape above the Bay.

Having said that, I would wait before uncorking the champagne, because Cordileone (who is not entirely immune from criticism himself, at least if his positions on death penalty and illegal immigration are the ones Allen implies) might well show he has less of a lion’s heart (Cordileone can be read as an archaism or dialectal expression for Lionheart in Italian) than expected. Whilst there is no doubting the fundamental soundness of the man (I have written about him in the past, and am glad there are still (arch)bishops like him; he is also a stout friend of the Mass of the Ages), whether he will have the guts to do what there is to do in the San Francisco’s circle of hell is a different matter altogether.

In my eyes,  the Archbishop of San Francisco is expected to excommunicate Nancy Pelosi and those like her if he wants to really set the pace, and leave a mark whilst doing it; nothing less will, in my eyes, do and nothing less could create that huge media echo which alone can force the American Catholic to look in the mirror and decide whose side they’re on.

Will the new Archbishop have the guts to do it? I doubt, and I would be very glad to be surprised.

Will the Archbishop be able to be really effective without recurring to the extreme measure of the excommunication? I doubt that too, and whilst he might partially succeed in some way, I think criticism which falls short of publicly severing Mrs Pelosi’ public tie to Catholicism will not have the effectiveness we need.

In short, I do expect Cordileone to have a different tone than his very ineffective and weak predecessor (Archbishop Niederauer; another Benedict XVI’s appointment and carved out of the same wood), but I doubt he will be willing to deliver the all-out fall-out Mr Allen seems to indicate with his  supposed “no retreat, no surrender” stance.

Cardinal Dolan is already working actively at the retreat & surrender preparations should the need for it arise, and I somehow can’t imagine  Cordileone marching almost alone (Chaput come to mind; Vasa of course, a pupil of Bruskewitz; but not many others) on the path of orthodoxy.

We shall see. For the moment, I do think we’ll have Nancy Pelosi wreaking havoc in San Francisco for as long as we will have sodomite masses in new York; courtesy of Cardinal Dolan.


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