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Romero: No, The Pinko Is Francis.

Just in case anyone would believe the words of Archbishop Paglia, that it was the Pontiff Emeritus to unblock the beatification of Archbishop Oscar “Che” Romero, please click here. Hat tip to the Pewsitter.

The Archbishop declared himself, on the 20th April 2013 (Hitler’s birthday, by the way) that on the anniversary of the assassination of the Archbishop his beatification was unblocked. The man met with the Pope on the same day, so he knew.

How Paglia can now say an obvious falsehood concerning Romero’s beatification is difficult to understand. He is the very one who gave the announcement. Does he have such a short memory? Does he confuse reality with dreams? Is he, then, fir for the job? Is he, perhaps, just a liar?

My impression is that Francis doesn’t get away with murder anymore as he used to do until October, and his men now try – in a very unintelligent way – to limit the damage by smearing the poor Pontiff Emeritus.

Lies have short legs.

The legs of this lie positively suffer of dwarfism.




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