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Homophobic Australian Parliament Discriminates Against “Loretta”

We are informed after days of debate the Australian Parliament has decided to face reality and reiterate that a marriage is between a man and a woman.

Make no mistake, this is still a rotten Parliament, utterly friendly to the sodomites and ready to sanction scandal and abet perversion. The country is, apparently, even worse than its Parliament, being – allegedly, but I do not doubt it – in its majority in favour of the so-called “gay marriage”.

Still, the elected representatives seem at least in their majority able to preserve a bit of decency or, failing that, a bit of logic.

“Look” – they seem to say – “we support pretty much every kind of perversion and would never dare to be counter-cultural or, even, Christian. But this here is a matter of simple logic and of facing the realities of life, and there’s no way two Lorettas can be considered “married” unless we want to cause in the future generations the same hilarity the Monthy Phyton video caused today in heterosexual people.  Therefore, we will continue to be your bitches in everything concerning sexual perversion, but we will stop struggling against reality and we suggest Loretta does the same”.

At least in that, they are right.

Who knows, perhaps now that this decision has been made the one or other Australian will, even in the horrible cultural environment he finds himself in (this is the country “Anty Moly” hails from; not good at all…), start thinking in a halfway rational way and decide that this madness has gone on for long enough, and the encouragement of sexual perversion must stop.


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