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Good News From Austria

The role of the President is in Austria (like in Germany) more than largely ceremonial. Therefore, the very narrow defeat of Mr Hofer must not dishearten anyone who has the destinies of Europe dear.

What has happened yesterday is a further demonstration that the electorate in Europe is slowly waking up. This process can be made slower, but it can clearly not be stopped by the usual character assassination of everyone even moderately on the right of centre. 49.7% of the Austrian voters clearly do not care how they themselves, or their candidates, are called. They want their own representatives to do their job or go home.

People are having enough of this madness. As more and more elections are held and, one after the other, European voters start to express their rejection of the betrayal of their own elected representatives, more voters are encouraged to speak out among friends, and to put their ballot where their brains are; and political correctness be stuffed.

The Austrian people have clearly had enough. The German people are beginning to show they have almost had enough. A huge rally against this immigration madness took place in Rome only days ago. Even the most effeminate Countries in Europe, the Nordic ones, begin to show signs of returning sanity.

It will take more times, I am sure. But every smart politician (not many around I am afraid) must slowly start to understand that old slogans won't work, and accusation of quasi-Nazism to everyone who dares to speak the truth will be their grave in the end. It is time now for those who want to keep their job to try to save face and slowly go into reverse gear; because it is by now clear enough that to keep going forward means to crash against a wall that will destroy countless careers.

Wake up, cowardly European elected representatives; and start doing your job properly, or face the sack.



Sausages, Beards, And Stupid Popes

Wurst in German means “sausage” and it is certainly not a coincidence that the drag queen who just won the Eurovision contest chose it as part of his, ahem, nom de saucisson.

Mister Sausage has, then, won. Carried, no doubt, but a mixture of the traditional attraction of the working class for freaks, and the newly discovered feeling that it be in some way cool to support a trannie, or whatever the faggot in question is.

What emerges is a world rapidly marching towards de-Christianisation: a traditionally Catholic Country like Austria picking a drag queen for a vocal competition, and the rest of Western Europe abandoning itself to the now usual orgy of cheap, voyeuristic goodism.

Why such stupidity? Because official stupidity has become so mainstream that it is endorsed not only by stupid politicians, but our very own, very stupid (or worse) Pope.

Make no mistake: this freak show winning a song contest is another poisoned fruit of the “who am I to judge”-mentality officially endorsed by the Destroyer. It is the result of the fact that every any sense of moral decency has been been thrown away, from the very Pope, in the name of an extremely selfish, heathenish, stupid desire to feel “good”, “inclusive”, and “accepting”, again, from the Pope down.

I can almost hear the Destroyer say that if this sausage chap “seeks God”, or “follows his conscience”, or whatever stupid nonsense comes to his mind, then who is he, or anyone else, to judge?

Now: freak shows have always been loved by the uneducated masses; but there was in these peasants and factory workers of old no approval of the obscene obesity of the cannon woman; they looked at her in the same way as they looked at the bearded woman: with the childish fascination for the absurd and the grotesque that is one of the marks of the childish mind. I am sure this is at play here, as we have seen for many years now TV shows taking the place of the circus, and bringing the freak shows in childish peoples' homes. But I think something else is also at play here: an almost voluptuous forgetting or throwing away of Christian morality, in favour of the man-made religion of niceness now rapidly conquering the West, and helped every step of the way, maliciously or not, from a Pope to whom being part of such a culture is infinitely more important than defending Catholicism.

Whenever such stupid things happen, we must soberly realise that with his stupidity, his populism, his addiction to popularity and mass approval, the BoR is the main engine of such events, it being obvious that nothing can push heathenism forward like unofficial, but still very clear Papal endorsement for heathenish thinking.

Pope Francis is very stupid, or very evil. He could, actually, even manage to be both at the same time, as intelligence is not a requirement for evil thinking. And he is a Jesuit, which in the last decades has been a byword for both.

Please, Lord, free us from this man or let him come to sense, and give us afterwards a Pope who believes in the God of the Christians instead of a freak amateur Che Guevara, a supporter of heresy and sexual perversion, a man with no respect for Our Lord, for the Blessed Virgin, or for the Sacraments; and a friend of everyone but sound Catholics.



The Real Francis Effect: Austria

Upon close examination, the Francis Effect proved really explosive…

New data are now coming from Austria, where the number of Kirchenaustritte (actually possibly only the refusal to pay the absurd and simoniacal church tax, but a rather telling indicator of the situation on the ground) has increased compared to the last full Benedict year in 2012. You would think the euphoria, press coverage, and exceptionally favourable treatment from the press would have caused enthusiasm and a new wave of young, hip, enthusiastic supporters? Forget it.

Cartoon Catholics all over the planet are doing what their cartoon Pope – who does not even like to be called that way – is preaching: they are realising the utter uselessness and superfluity of the Church in a world in which God owes us everything – justice and joy in this world, and Paradise for everyone in the next – and we do not even owe I do not say our best effort as wretched sinners, but not even faith in His Son, or belief in His existence, much less of course fear.

Francis has degraded himself to “facilitator” of something that will come anyway to everyone – salvation – and simple participant in the extremely crowded arena of advocate for a “social justice” that is, in fact, whining socialism and enmity with the West. Those with a strong sense – no thanks to him – of what the Church is and why She is there will stay anyway; but the tepid, the Catholic by hearsay, the many rebels encouraged by 50 years of Bergoglio-style “pastoral attitude” are going to go away, now unable to see the difference between Bergoglio and Milliband (or Obama, or Merkel) beside the fact the latter have better cars. Other will move to the Evangelicals, or to other Christian (heretical) communities run by people who actually have fear of the Lord and respect for His rules: which both Francis lacks to an astonishing degree.

The real Francis effect is the acceleration of the deterioration of Catholicism all over the West, whilst the orthodox friars of the FFI are ruthlessly persecuted. If Bergoglio & Co. had been put in their places by the Castro family with the task of making the maximum damage in the shortest of times, I doubt the Castro could have been more pleased with the first ten months.

The “strategy” of self-destruction will continue – bar some extraordinary intervention from above – in the years to come, with a VII Church becoming more and more secular and justifying her progressive decay with the fact that the society becomes… wordlier. You don’t say? How ever could it happen?! A real mystery…

Others will, as they always do, blame the sexual abuse scandals for their own failures. An excuse grown now extremely old. What they fail to explain to you is how it can be, then, that the most conservative Orders grow like there’s no tomorrow, whilst the pastoral and caring ones – like, erm, the Jesuits – have reduced themselves to old nincompoops not taken seriously by anyone, not even their own red and/or perverted friends. What is it: the Catholics think the pervs came from the ranks of the Jesuits? Or are they looking for Catholicism instead of “gay rights” supporters?

In time, though, the likes of Bergoglio will become extinct, and the likes of Fellay will continue to grow. Give it two generations at most, and those who are still Catholic will be ready to start the work again. From the catacombs, perhaps; but they will.

This will be, then, the ultimate “Francis effect” of the next decades: the progressive dying of the suicidal “Presbyterian wing” of the Church, so that the real Catholics may emerge stronger in a Church now much smaller, but ready for battle.


Vienna, Schoenborn, Ottomans

Happy now?


One might agree that 600 odds churches are an awful lot for a city of 1.3m inhabitants, even if these inhabitants are  – nominally, at least – very largely Catholic.

Still, it can’t be denied the newly announced project to reduce them to around one-quarter smells of decline, or better said decay. One could also say there was obviously a time where there was need for all the 600-odd churches; but that was before the “spirit” began to “inspire” the Church and, therefore, does not count.

The official mantra is that every one of the surviving churches will have several priests and several
masses a day; but a moment of logic reflection will lead us to conclude that the situation will not be a long-lived one, with the structure already downsizing in prevision of the decline in both priests and mass attendance to be expected in the years to come.  I do not think the idea is to create big churches. I think it is to manage the decline they see coming, fast.

There could be no better demonstration of the mess caused by Vatican II than this attempt to orderly march towards self-extinction. .

Loss of priests, loss of faithful, loss of orthodoxy. The Austrian hierarchy presides over the slow destruction of Christianity in a country – and a city – that have been in the past symbols of staunch Catholicism and – in the case of Vienna – of a legendary fight against the forces of evil.

The forces of evil now sit in the archiepiscopal offices, and ravage Catholicism from the inside; what the Ottomans could not achieve, Schoenborn & Co. are managing rather fast, smiling all the way.

St Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.


Cardinal Schoenborn Invites To Mass

One looks at this video from Gloria Tv and can easily understand why in Austria there will never be problems with heresies, and uprisings of priests and deacons.

The Gregorian Chant is solemn, and beautiful. The atmosphere full of sacredness. The celebration so reverent. The rubrics are followed to the littlest detail. Note the complete orthodoxy of the vessels, which are rigorously in gold or silver, as prescribed. The very traditional host is protected from every kind of desecration (being little, one doesn’t need to break it and there’s no risk of crumbles falling around).

With such beautiful orthodoxy, we can rest assured that heresy and rebellion to the Magisterium will never set foot in Austria. How do they say? Oh yes,

Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi.


French Priests Asks Card. Ouellet For Better Bishops

Bishop Fonlupt, another of the suit-and-tie fraction....

I know, this is in Italian. But what would be the use of your humble correspondent, if he wasn’t able to give a little help when needed…

It turns out that twenty-one French priests have written to the Head of the Congregation for Bishops, Cardinal Ouellet, to ask him for… better shepherds. This after the latest appointment, the one of the apparently notorious bishop Fonlupt (see above a photo of his in unmistakable clerical garments….) , left once again much to be desired.

The letter has been signed, though Messa In Latino doesn’t report the names. Also noticeable is the decision not to allow any seminarian to sign, after a similar appeal from Milan seminarians to have Summorum Pontificum applied in their own diocese led to inordinate thundering and unpleasant consequences.

Messa in Latino puts it, as always, in a refreshingly blunt way:

La media dei vescovi di Germania, Austria, Svizzera, Francia, è da asilo per lunatici; in Italia e Spagna, dove non siamo caduti così in basso, la media è comunque mediocre e di desolante immobilismo.

The average of the bishops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France is at madhouse level; in Italy and Spain, where we haven’t sunk so low, the average is still mediocre and marked by a depressing total absence of action”

Personally, I must say that one begins to see something vaguely approaching a harder stance. It hadn’t happened for very long, surely, that two bishops were kicked out in a matter of months, and three in less than a year. Still, what – I think – must end is the mentality by which an appointment is the result of a compromise between the diverging desires of the Pontiff (for an orthodox man) and of the local clergy (for a lunatic, or a heretic). In the end, there is no way protests from liberals can be avoided and appointing liberal bishops will not appease them (as if appeasement were a working strategy, ever), but only make them more vocal.

Summorum Pontificum is, I think, a point in case. A very lax enforcement of the clear dispositions of that historic motu proprio didn’t facilitate at all a prompt reception of its clear message; on the contrary, it encouraged a huge number of Western bishops into thinking that SP could be boycotted as long as necessary, and destroyed as soon as practicable. Only Universae Ecclesiae will put an end to this; and again, only if seriously enforced.

“Messa in Latino” puts the importance of the matter in such a beautiful way, that I can’t resist reporting and translating the entire concept:

La prima preoccupazione di questo sito è sempre stata per la scelta di buoni vescovi e per questo abbiamo cercato di seguirne le nomine, prima ancora che parlare di liturgia. Perché è dalle risorse umane che dipendono le sorti di un’azienda; e certo, se la Chiesa fosse un’azienda, sarebbe già fallita da molto tempo. Il fatto che la barca vada avanti nonostante certi rematori, è la prova storica dell’assistenza divina. Nondimeno, cerchi un po’ la Congregazione per i vescovi di facilitare il compito alla Provvidenza.

The most pressing care of this site has always been the choice of good bishops and this is why we have tried to follow their appointments, even before talking about liturgy. This, because it is from the human resources that the furtunes of a company depend; and certainly, if the Church had been a company she would have gone bankrupt a long time ago. The fact that the barque continues to go on notwithstanding such rowers is the historical proof of the Divine assistance. Still, the Congregation For Bishops should try to make the task of Providence easier”.

I am confident that Cardinal Ouellet will make Providence’s task somewhat easier; though episodes like Fonlupt’s appointment show that the process will not be as speedy as we would wish.


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