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As You Sow, So Shall You Reap: Priests’ Revolt Officially Extends To Germany

He knew being “saddened” was not enough: Pope Saint Pius X.

This is a very good example of what happens when those who are in charge refuse to do their job, and unless something happens fast we must brace ourselves for much, much more of this.

Since last summer, an open revolt has been going on in Austria, with more than 300 priests and deacons clearly and openly espousing heretical positions. Just click on the “Stop” sign on the right hand side if you want to know more.

The man in charge and with the task to stop this mess is their – unofficial – ally, but he is also a personal protege’ of Pope Benedict, so nothing happened to him. Nothing happened, of course, also to the priests themselves, who were simply told they are being naughty, or rather “unhelpful”. Clearly, they feel encouraged to go on – with a distinguo here and a small concession there of course – and are the heroes of their own rebellious parishioners.

When such things happen, either one acts to quench the fire at its beginning, or he must accept responsibility when the fire unavoidably extends. The Church is very hierarchical. It is not that no one is in charge, and it is not that no one is responsible. The man in charge is, ultimately, the Pope, and the Pope has the responsibility to watch that bishops and priests behave. He is there for that. If he doesn’t do it, he is a bad Pope. It truly is as simple as that, and how good the Pope personally is does not count. Unfortunately, we live in an age where the virtuous life of a Pope easily helps to conceal the shortcomings of his work. Until a major heresy explodes of course, at which point history’s verdict will be merciless, and deservedly so.

There is one man in charge, then, and the bucks undoubtedly stops by him. In this case, the man in charge threatened – very vaguely – after many months, and we had hoped that at last the Vatican steamroller would start moving. Alas, this did not happen.

On the contrary, the German clergy – encouraged by such evident lack of action – started to become very nervous, and to challenge  the Vatican in a thinly veiled manner to protect the interest of their …. sponsors (or better said: clients), the Kirchensteuer-paying German Catholics, many of them divorced and desirous to have things their own way.

Now it appears not one or two deranged idiots, or one or two deranged theologians, but 150 priests from the second-biggest German diocese, Freiburg, admit to giving communion to remarried divorced Catholics, and Benedict XVI starts to look more and more like Paul VI, without the excuse of V II. 

The strategy of the Austrian-German-Swiss (very soon) priests and hierarchy is all too clear: they want the money of the Kirchensteuer  and are scared by the  growing number of Austrian-Germans-Swiss (non)pewsitter  refusing not only to accept Catholic rules (for which clearly said clergymen don’t care two straws) but also to pay the Kirchensteuer (for which clearly said clergymen care a lot). Therefore, the shepherds must show they care for the sheep, and call their cowardice and – if we are honest – prostitution “pastoral care”.

In Rome, things aren’t much better and, actually, they are very possibly worse. The man in charge does pretty much… nothing, and unavoidably encourages (unwillingly, of course) the revolt to spread. These priests aren’t stupid: they know which side their bread is buttered, and can recognise an harmless and indecisive Pope when they see one.

These priests – secretly backed, or openly not strongly opposed, by their bishops – are clearly using the tactics already used with Pope Paul VI: mass revolt first, and what, oh what can a Pope do – if he is a bad Pope, that is – but to make concessions to them? This is, my dear readers, all the difference between a good and a bad Pope: the good Pope acts, the bad Pope first doesn’t act, and then says “how can I act, now?”. Mind, the good Pope always acts: if the disease if more dangerous, the cure he will apply will be more energetic. He would defrock not 150, but 15,000 priests if needs be. This is why generally he does not need to defrock many of them.  The bad Pope finds some accommodation, because by admitting he will not act when the revolt is big he admits he can be strong-armed. As a consequence, his Church  will become a sort of unofficial priestly democracy, led by the populists and the heretics.

Now as in Pope Paul VI’s times, the heretical priest have recognised the weak Pope and – in this case, also seeing that the Holy Father is increasingly more frail, and approaching death – see a good opportunity to strike hard. This is nothing new: we have seen this with the altar girls, and with the countless abuses and irreverent practices then become accepted. We are now seeing this with the abuse of Holy Communion, and the sheer number of the rebellious priests involved in this unspeakable mass sacrilege from the very altar puts the Holy Father in front of the alternatives between showing strenght or letting the chaos go on. But the Pope seems to have no strenght, so the chaos will – bar pleasant but improbable surprises – go on.

Please note the Holy Father – also here, in pure Paul VI manner – positively encourages the revolt (unwittingly, I think) not only avoiding to take any serious action against the Austrian priest and their unofficial protector and mentor, cardinal Schoenborn, but also – and not more than a couple of days ago – expressing himself in a very mealy-mouthed way about the suffering of the divorced and remarried, as if this suffering had come down from the sky like hail or drought. As always, when you say to people they are oh so suffering without telling them who is the responsible for this,  they’ll ask you why you should add to their suffering; and if you don’t have the balls to say what is what, you’re in trouble.

As you sow, so shall you reap.  The Holy Father’s lack of action has predictably led to the necessity of acting even more harshly now, and if he does not act – which he probably won’t, besides declaring urbi et orbi how saddened he is – there will be even more painful battles to be fought down the line. Alas, being sad never solved any problem, nor does it substitute in any way the need for action. It merely encourages the heretics to become bolder.

I have to say that, unfortunately, this Papacy has up to now given proof of a rather spectacular incompetence as far as concrete action is  concerned, and the increasing frailty of the Holy Father might make the next year or two a remarkably catastrophic phase in the history of the Church. I hope the next Pope is a very strong man, or this post V-II mess will accompany all of us to our grave. A pity, as I for myself had hoped to live long enough to see the end of this V-II madness, as I have seen the end of Communism.

At this point, I think it is fair to say the Church would be infinitely better off with fornicators like Alexander VI, personally immoral but energetic and never a unwitting friend of heterodoxy, than with your typical “modern” Pope: personally very pious, but more or less incapable of managing the Church in a decent way. This kind of Pope confuses millions, and contributes every day to the loss of countless souls. But he is very pious and goes to confession every day, so he should be fine when he dies. I’d personally be less sanguine than that.

We must pray for the Pope that he may somewhere find the courage to deal appropriately with heresy, or to consciously pave the way for a successor hopefully able to do it.

If this goes on, brace yourself for the schism of the century; courtesy of a very saddened Pope Benedict XVI.


An Austrian Mass

Please be strong and look at this video, at least for a while (hat tip to Rorate Caeli).

Notice the priest of dubious virility, the din at Mass, the entire travesty he makes of it.

You may also want to know that the bunny in fact reads the bidding prayers. One of them is along the lines of:

“Give those who are in charge within the Church the courage to tackle problems and difficult questions and to look for new ways of solving them”

This being Austria, I don’t think it is difficult to understand what this is aimed at. I haven’t finished to hear the prayers, as the adrenaline had reached a dangerous level.

In the meantime, all these children will grow up thinking Mass is a circus where they can laugh out loud. I wonder if they will take it seriously when they grow up?

St. Micheal the Archangel, defend us in battle. 

The effeminate priest reminded me instantly of the one I had the displeasure of seeing in action in Bruges. Am I the only one noticing that a certain type of priest is the readiest to embrace heterodoxy?


Austrian Heresy Not Our Concern, Says Lombardi

Vatican Speaker Lombardi said there will be no “dialogue” with the Austrian heretics. This is, says Lombardi, a pastoral problem, and as such must be dealt with by the competent authority, the local bishops.

One wonders.

Firstly, I do not think the doctor has ever ordered one must “dialogue” with people whose positions are so shamelessly heretical. Still, it seems nowadays without offering “dialogue” one doesn’t go anywhere, and simply defending Catholicism by disciplining those who injure it is someway not in fashion anymore, or “sensitive” enough. Some one must dialogue with the heretics, says Lombardi. Of course he must. Merely, it won’t be Rome.

Secondly, this intervention it is truly indicative of how excruciatingly slow (others would say: ineffective, and inefficient) the Church’s workings are. An open heresy explodes. The local authorities do pretty much nothing for now nine months. The Vatican says the local authorities must deal with the problem. Only, the problem is clearly not dealt with, nor does the Vatican deal with the fact that it is isn’t.

In short, it would seem that talking is seen as a legitimate substitute for acting. In the meantime, the heresy goes on, the appeal to disobedience is still on the internet, and there are rumblings in Germany and Ireland.

Brace yourself for some more talk. Possibly even “dialogue”.


Facta, Non Verba

Correction will not come from itself: Austria.

A Pope’s role is traditionally twofold. On the one hand, the Pope is there to give an example. On the other, he is the one responsible for correcting abuse, and paying attention the shop remains orderly and tidy.

In order to do the first, there’s no need of flexing any hierarchical muscle: a Pope will make clear through his actions what the main points of his pontificate will be, and the others – from the cardinals and bishops down – will take notice of this. This is the easy part.

Where the problems begin is in the second aspect, the normative or prescriptive one. Assuming most Popes – at least most Popes of the modern era – are sincere believers in good faith and sincerely want the best for the Church, this is where the best of men can prove deficient in his role as Pope.

Put it in a brutal way, a Pope is like two parents – for the avoidance of doubt: of different sexes, and married to each other – who lovingly show their child how to behave, but at the same time – and as expression of the same love – must be able to correct or punish them when they insist in not doing it. It belongs to the experience of everyone of us that the most loving parents  will run a great risk of completely fail their role as educators if they cannot manage that most important part of their loving interaction with their children: the prescription and enforcement of correct behaviour.

This in my eyes elementary concept has been somewhat forgotten in the last decades, or at least it would seem it has been played down considerably; at the point that a Pope is nowadays basically expected to be weak, and those strong Popes of the past – those portrayed with a vivid eye, perhaps a strong beard, and a clear “don’t play with me”-attitude – make a strange impression, as if they were out of character. The situation has become so extreme that in the modern times some commentators will tell you the Pope has “acted” when he has publicly criticised this or that other group of rebels. No he hasn’t; he has talked, and talking is nothing without the acting.

In the last decades – and particularly after Vatican II, though Pope John XXIII apparently  had the same thinking – the new mantra has been that the Pope indicates the right way, and the theory goes that in time the sheep will uniform themselves to the direction and will, out of sheer love for the Church, conform themselves to orthodox thinking. The theory is beautiful besides being very convenient, but in practice it works in the same way as it would for the parents deciding they will raise their children in a completely anti-authoritarian way, and live to see them either in prison or given to addictions.

When the Dutch Schism came, Pope Paul VI thought it would be enough to just explain to his own heretical bishops how to do things the right way. It clearly didn’t work, and the schism was put to an end only after Pope JP II (he too, only after too many years of “encouragements”) crushed them in the Eighties. Exactly the same was made – or rather, not made – with the so-called “liberation theology”, with the same pattern of Paul VI whispering “be good, children” and the children not believing their luck until, at some point and far too late, discipline was finally imposed.

Now we should ask ourselves: has the method worked? Has the softly-softly approach to the Dutch Schism given any contribution whatever to the end of such schism? Has the Vatican inaction on the so-called “liberation theology” produced any effect whatsoever?

The simple answer to this is: no, it hasn’t. Repression, on the other had, has.

We are now in front of an analogous situation in Austria. The revolt is there. It is unmistakable, very open, carried on through the internet under the sun, nourished with open appeals, and defined by a clear and clearly willed intention to disobey the Pope in clearly doctrinal matters; that is, to disobey the Church; that is, to becoming openly heretic, though the words are obviously not spoken.

The revolt has gone on, very openly, since last Summer, and the local hierarchy is obviously complicit. What to do? “Lead by example” and wait for the phenomenon to deflate from itself, for some strange reason not known to us? Or do what a Pope is there for: correct and, if necessary, punish?

We must consider this rebellion is not the result of some fringe group, or some isolated nutcase, suddenly deciding they want to have Catholicism their own way. This rebellion is the result of a non indifferent part of the Austrian clergy drumming for years to have things their own way already whilst their shepherds looked on, or were pleased. Make no mistake, many of the priests certainly have mistresses, as otherwise they wouldn’t risk an open confrontation with the Vatican, from which they can – when it comes – only be crushed. Others are most certainly homosexual – don’t forget Austria is the country of the Sankt Poelten Seminary, then closed as a result of the open homosexuality which had almost completely taken over the place; open homosexuality which certainly had not started the day before the apostolic visitation, and whose poison must perforce run through the vein of the Austrian church as I speak -. Lastly, many of them – nay, simply all of them – do not believe in the role of the priest, or in the Real Presence, as you can easily ascertain by visiting their site. I wonder how many of them believe in God in the first place.

These people do not wake up in the morning asking themselves how they can be more orthodox, or more attuned to the Pope’s wishes. They have their own ideology, and their own private agenda. They will pursue this agenda – under the smokescreen of the ideology – as long as they believe they can get away with it, and they will only stop when the only alternative is to be crushed.

We have seen the same in the case of the Dutch schism, and of the so-called liberation theology. It is in the nature of such movements, and in the dynamics of such confrontations. The Holy Father can write as many books as he wants, travel as much as he wants and even issue as many warning as he likes.

Until he acts, nothing will happen.


Priests As God Intended

Orthodoxy in action: auto da fe'.

From Father Trigilio’s Black Biretta‘s blog, the content of a press release from the Confraternity of Catholic clergy:


HARRISBURG, PA (6 April 2012)

Five hundred priests and deacons of the national association, the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy, pledge their complete loyalty and obedience to the Pope and Magisterium and, by means of fraternal correction, exhort their dissident Austrian brothers of the ‘Pfarrer Initiative’ to repent and recant. Disobedience among deacons, priests and bishops is not only scandalous to the faithful but injurious to the Mystical Body of Christ (the Church). We are not just resigned to the discipline of celibacy and merely tolerant of the doctrine of a male priesthood, we totally accept and embrace them. The marks of the Church (one, holy, catholic and apostolic) are personified in the Petrine ministry. Hence, to obey the Pope is to obey the Church, the Bride of Christ. Like Judas who betrayed Christ, dissident clergy betray the same Lord by their prideful refusal of submission to lawful authority.

Dissent from Magisterial teaching and disobedience to Papal authority are incompatible with Catholic Christianity. Jesus founded the Church and instituted the Sacraments. Holy Orders is one of the sacraments and it is the essence of the hierarchy (which means an orderly chain of command). The soul of Holy Orders is obedience. Clergy must lead by example, as did Our Lord, who submitted to the will of His Father. When Deacons, Priests and Bishops disobey the Church and her chief shepherd, the Pope, they do a grave disservice to the people they have been sent to serve.

The CCC professes allegiance to the Holy Father, especially in all matters of faith and morals. We see obedience to the authority of the Church as obedience to Christ. As the Bishop of Rome, the Pope is head of the Church. Vatican II and the Catechism (1992) define his authority as, “supreme, full, immediate, and universal,” by divine institution.

Rev. Fr. John Trigilio, Jr., President of the Confraternity said: “As all priests renew their promise of obedience each year, we urge our fellow clergy all over the world to imitate Jesus in His humility. Pride prevents one from obeying. Jesus who was Priest, Prophet and King, founded the Church so she could continue His work of teaching, sanctifying and shepherding. He simultaneously created ordained ministry in order to implement that three-fold mission. Hence the deacons, priests and bishops of the Church exist to serve and service is substantially obedience. The cleric submits his will as did the Son to the Father.”

O for more priest with this attitude. Specially in Europe, when there is dire need for orthodoxy.

On a depressing note: isn’t it very telling priests from the other side of the Pond must issue this kind of appeal, because an incompetent – or worse – Archbishop would not deal with the matter in a halfway acceptable way?


Heresy in Austria: Pope Benedict Speaks

Finally, the engine was started…..

Dear reader, I herewith admit to a grave fault; at least, grave in a blogger.

The fact is, the Austrian heretical movement (abetted, covertly if not overtly, by the disgraceful Archbishop Cardinal Schoenborn) makes my blood boil to such an extent, that I try to avoid writing about it for fear I would become too vitriolic even for this blog, or else get a stroke.

Still, I have checked every now and then and until the last weeks I have noticed nothing more than the usual, as the Italians say, “fried air”:

a) the Cardinal pretends to recall the heretics to order whilst paying attention to be perceived, in the broad public opinion, to be seen as doing so only unwillingly and only for the sake of his office. He is about the church tax money and his own popularity, you know.

b) the excuses put forward to justify this inaction are the most stupid imaginable, like the one going along  the lines that if you start fighting heresy, heresy will erupt. Asses. No wait: cowardly, heretical asses.

c)  The Vatican doesn’t express more than some subdued grumble (one invitation here; one observation there), possibly (or probably) because cardinal Schoenborn is a personal friend and protegé of the Pontiff.

There now seems to be a change at least as far as point c) is concerned. Rorate Caeli reports the following words from the Holy Father (emphases mine):

Recently a group of priests from a European country issued a summons to disobedience, and at the same time gave concrete examples of the forms this disobedience might take, even to the point of disregarding definitive decisions of the Church’s Magisterium, such as the question of women’s ordination, for which Blessed Pope John Paul II stated irrevocably that the Church has received no authority from the Lord.  Is disobedience a path of renewal for the Church? We would like to believe that the authors of this summons are motivated by concern for the Church, that they are convinced that the slow pace of institutions has to be overcome by drastic measures, in order to open up new paths and to bring the Church up to date. But is disobedience really a way to do this? Do we sense here anything of that configuration to Christ which is the precondition for all true renewal, or do we merely sense a desperate push to do something to change the Church in accordance with one’s own preferences and ideas?

There can be no doubt the country in question is Austria, and the “call to disobedience” the literal translation of their “Aufruf zum Ungehorsam”. Where does this, then, leave us? I see only three possibilities:

1) This is a last public warning for Schoenborn: either he now starts to act decisively, or the Pontiff will do it for him, and he won’t be pleased at the result.

2) This is a last public warning for the heretics: if they do not back pedal, the Pope will crush them. Schoenborn will not be touched because he is a buddy, and will continue to play the part of the modern prelate who crushes the heretics, because you got to do what you got to do.

3) The Pope spoke, but his words will not be followed by facts, and he will be content with, so to speak, paving the way for the actions of his successor. Successor who will not be Schoenboern’s buddy, so the latter will have to prepare himself for rather tough times.

We shall see what the future brings. Personally I think 3) is the most likely scenario, followed by 2), followed by 1).

What I think can be said, is that the Pope’s words represent the starting of the engines of the Big Vatican Heresy Steamroller. The  steamroller will move very slowly, but when it does it will crush everything on its path.


As Heresy Now Spreads To Flanders, Vatican Is Sound Asleep.

in Bruges... again!

Dear readers,

Some of you will have read of my rather perplexing experiences in Bruges, Flanders.  Rather a couple more – says my stats table – have read, or at least clicked on, my several posts about the Heresy in Austria.

In what appears to be the deserved punishment for the Vatican’s incompetence and culpable inaction, the heresy now spreads to Flanders, where – as I write this – no less than 211 priests have signed a sort of petition explaining things the poor idiots “don’t understand”.

Unfortunately, your truly can help with German, but he is totally at a loss to interpret that strange-sounding mixture of guttural sounds called Flemish. For this reason, I will have to rely on the always excellent Rorate Caeli for a list of those things the poor idiots – or worse; read my post about Bruges – don’t understand. They seem to be the following:

1) We do not understand why the leadership of our local communities (such as parishes) is not entrusted to a man or woman, married or unmarried, professional or volunteer, who received the necessary formation.

2) We need dedicated shepherds. We do not understand why these fellow faithful cannot lead Sunday services.

3) In every living community we need liturgical leaders. We do not understand why – when there is no priest – a service of Word and Communion is not allowed.

4) We do not understand why skilled laypeople and formed religious educators can not preach. We need the Word of God.

5) We do not understand why faithful of good will who remarried after a divorce have to be denied Communion. They are equally part of the community.

I regret the demise of those blessed times when a slap in the face was the way such questions – when posed by, say, an unruly child; adults would obviously, being adults, not pose them – were dealt with. Unfortunately, nowadays the children aren’t treated that way anymore, and many of them seem to have become priest.

Why they did that, is beyond me. Unless they’re homosexual or pedophiles, of course.

Still, I do not want to hide from you the fact that in my modest opinion, the biggest culprit for this mess is the Vatican, and one wonders how many countries – or parts thereof – will launch such “initiatives” before someone in the right chambers wakes up, smells the coffee and starts being Catholic instead of regaling us with the usual platitudes about how good bishops are supposed to be, without caring to do anything when they – regularly – don’t.

The northern European barn  is slowly, but surely burning. I can’t hear the Vatican sirens anywhere.

The time for empty talk has passed. This is the time for sharp and decisive action, for exemplary excommunications, for punishment and restoration of sound Catholic thinking. Beginning, of course, from Cardinal Schönborn but now – alas – having to go much further than some diocese lost in Mitteleuropa.

The Neville Chamberlain policy didn’t work. It never could, it never will.


Austrian Heresy: Meowing Gets Louder

Add Austrian accent

I have written in the past about the Austrian heresy, a shame for the entire Catholicism that has gained a pretty high place in my list of links (basically, after the Blessed Virgin alone).

We write today the 25 September and whilst there has been no substantial change in the matter – the internet site with the call to disobedience is still there, but the Archbishop doesn’t care about such minutiae like more than 300 of his priests and deacons openly calling to heresy – the Archbishop’s language is, as expected, slowly becoming more aggressive. If you have followed my previous blog posts in the matter, you know that the Archbishop is forced to quench the revolt in order to keep his job, but wants to do so by giving as many Austrian as possible the idea that he would be on their side, if he only could.

We have now some small movement in the matter as after the anticipated “discussion” with the heretics, the Cardinal has given several interviews to Austrian radio and television, basically announcing an escalation if the revolt continues.

Let us see how Reuters reports his words:

“If in our diocese here I would step out of line with the community of the Catholic Church then I would lead our diocese into a schism. I am not ready for this and I think no Austrian bishop is ready for this,”

This is, as expected, 100% Schonborn. He imagines a possibility (“If I were to”) that clearly implies a possibility of him doing so. The Cardinal doesn’t say “this is absurd and therefore I won’t do it; the proposers are heretics and they must give a full abiura or be defrocked”, which he should have done months ago. He says instead : “If I do it this will lead us to a conflict with Rome”. This is fully in line with the previous declaration of the Cardinal, where not once have I seen him on record saying that their requests are simply doctrinally wrong. His problems have always been: a) unity with Rome, and b) obedience. By doing so he clearly shows that he “gotta do what he gotta do”, but doesn’t say that the heretics are wrong in the matter. If this is a shepherd, I am a giraffe.

Still, slowly but surely the Cardinal must start to initiate some kind of escalation; then his ignoring the revolt (which continues to grow, albeit more slowly now) can be fatal for his own position.

The problem is well-known and I have dealt with it in my previous posts. Schonborn must quench the revolt, but at the same time he wants to give the vast number of church tax paying Austrian Catholics supporting the heretics the impression that he would so much like to be on their side. He doesn’t care two straws for the confusion that he engenders among the faithful, for the danger of contagion to Germany and Switzerland, or for the reputation of the Austrian Church. What he wants is to save the money coming from the dissident, by at the same time saving his own job.

Read all the story in this light and you will have a very clear picture of what is happening. Yes, one day he will quench the revolt. He will simply have to. But not one day too soon, and not without having done all he can to show the Austrian wannabe Catholics that he is obliged by his office to follow those dinosaurs down there in Rome.

The direction of things seems to be that the heretics will continue to be heretic, but will claim not to be such; they will lose face whilst claiming not to, and the Cardinal will keep his job whilst claiming to have been “sensitive” to the “instances” of the heretics. Dialogue, discussion, and bla bla.

On their Internet-site a newsletter (number 10) has appeared making clear that whilst the title “Call to disobedience” will remain notwithstanding the criticism they have received, they consider their disobedience (let us remember here: doctrinal disobedience, this is no SSPX!) in the sense of ….. being obedient to the Church. Jeez, these people should become Anglicans!

I also notice that the number of new priests and deacons adhering to the initiative starts to stagnate as the day of reckoning slowly approaches. Basically, more and more of these wannabe modernists (more than seldom with Freundin or even Freund, one would think)  start to understand that they are nothing more than the Cardinal’s useful idiots, helping him to show to the Austrian dissenters how sensitive to their plight he is whilst sacrificing the rebels on the altar of his job. They had it coming, one must say, but this doesn’t make the Cardinal’s behaviour any more acceptable.

The Cardinal needs our prayers. He needs to be removed, too.  This scandal has gone far too far, for far too long already.


APPEAL (Sticky): Please Help Stop The Heresy In Austria!

Peter Paul Rubens, “The Victory of Eucharistic Truth Over Heresy”

Cardinal Schönborn, Protector of Heretics

In Austria, in the middle of Europe, a heretical movement has already gained the approval and open support of more than 250 priests, around 6% of the Austrian clergy. Their “Call to Disobedience” is openly advertised on the Internet.

All the members of this heretical uprising are still in good standing as Archbishop Cardinal Schönborn refuses to do anything to effectively counter this heretical insurgence. He limits himself to obligatory meowing, but in fact he helps the heresy to spread through his inaction.

Cardinal Schönborn’s motivation is – besides his vanity and desire of popularity – the money of the Austrian dissidents. His desire is for the vast number of Austrian dissidents to continue to fill the pockets of the Austrian Church. For this reason he pronounces some faint words of circumstance, but in fact allows the heretics to continue their work undisturbed.

This scandal must stop. Souls are at stake. Cardinal Schönborn’s inaction, motivated by vanity and greed, endangers souls and makes the work of the devil. Every day that this uprising is allowed to survive the reputation of the Church is damaged, the Magisterium sabotaged, the faithful confused. Cardinal Schönborn doesn’t care, provided he is popular among the dissident and they continue to finance the Church.

This shame must cease. The heretical priests must be punished and Catholic orthodoxy restored.

Please help by sending your protest to the following email addresses:

Congregation for the Clergy:

Papal Nuncio in Austria:

Holy Father:

Cardinal Schönborn will not act unless forced to. Please stop this scandal by sending your protest emails and forwarding them. You may want to forward (and mention in the protest emails you send) the links to blogs written by priests as they will be very effective. Two beautiful examples are EF Pastor Emeritus and Father Z.

Please take the time. Souls are at stake. Heresy is spreading in the middle of Europe.


Stop The Heresy In Austria!


Austrian Uprising: Cardinal Schönborn Makes the Work of the Devil.

This would make a proper doormat inscription for the Archdiocese of Vienna.

Today marks one month from the unspeakable call to open revolt from more than 250 Austrian priests. Including the deacons, their number exceeds 300.

Now please consider this:

1. Austria has around 4200 priests (not bad at all  for a country of 8.2m inhabitants. But I digress… ), which means that at the moment around 6% of the Austrian clergy is openly heretical. 

2. The list of the members of the “Pfarrer-Initiative” is not updated anymore. This might have to do with the desire not to embarrass Cardinal Schönborn, who might be forced by the Vatican to do something when it is clear that the movement is growing further.

3. An anonymous letter is enough to have a priest immediately suspended. An open call to disobedience and adhesion to blatant heresy isn’t, if Cardinal Schönborn is your archbishop.

4. Besides being the head of the Austrian bishop’s conference, Schönborn is the Archbishop of Vienna. This means that (if the information found on the internet is accurate) he is the superior of both Helmut Schueller, the priest vastly recognised as the leader of the movement, and Hans Bensdorp, the priest in whose name the internet page has been registered. These two leaders of an heretical movement which has now swept away 6% of the Austrian Priests are still in good standing, and so are all the others. What on earth is happening here?! Whose side is the Cardinal on??

5. These heretics are so sure of impunity, that their internet site now has an invitation to their annual assembly in Linz, in November. Among the heretics it’s business as usual. They know that they have nothing to fear from the Archbishop.

One month on, Cardinal Schönborn hasn’t been able to do anything else than make some obligatory noises about the rebels being “disobedient”. He allows them to continue undisturbed. He hasn’t suspended anyone of the more than 250 openly heretical priests. He hasn’t even provided for the taking down of the internet page.

If you want to know what the motivations of this disgraceful Cardinal are you can read here; or you may want to learn from the Cardinal himself how to spread an heresy.

After one month, there can be no excuse for such scandalous  inaction . Cardinal Schönborn is clearly doing everything he can to allow this heretical movement to grow. He is their best ally and their most scandalous accomplice. 

Please help to stop this unspeakable shame by directly addressing the Vatican, as Cardinal Schönborn will never do anything unless forced to.

Addresses are as follows:

Congregation for the Clergy:

Papal Nuncio in Austria:

Holy Father:

Please also help to stop this scandal by forwarding this information. You may want to forward (and mention in the protest emails you send) the links to blogs written by priests as they might be more effective. Two beautiful examples are EF Pastor Emeritus and Father Z.

Please take the time. Souls are at stake. Heresy is spreading in the middle of Europe, in the total absence of any will to do something effective against it.


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