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Four Mongrels Down, One Bitch To Go

Top ranking officials chat before talks at Schloss Herrenhausen in Hanover

Oh, the winds of change! 

This photo was taken only months ago. In the meantime, the Gay Mulatto has seen his legacy destroyed and his backside all but kicked in the dustbin of history; the smug Englishman was unceremoniously told to resign after the Country told him what they think of him; the Italian bimbominchia  (a nickname that will remain attached to him; I will avoid the translation…) received a suppository that makes Brexit seem worthy of a recount, and forced him to go (70% vote attendance, 60% against him; basically a televised rape). The last one, the insignificant chap you see ignored even by his own peers in the photo, has decided that he will admit defeat before he is even defeated.

Only one remains, the German Bitch, in Italy known under the affectionate nickname culona inchiavabile (I will not not translate that, either…). She has announced she will run again next year. I will say only this: make Germany great again!

What do the four mongrels have in common? They all have encouraged and steered the passing of legislation in favour of sexual perversion. It will now take a lot of time to reverse the damage they have done and, unless they and their accomplices repent, I am confident the Lord will find suitable pits in hell for them all. It will take time, but it can be done, and we just had a very impressive (multiple) demonstration of how fast things can change. 

We must work every day on the recovery of sanity, and hope that we will see the day when the damage done by the mongrels and their accomplices has been completely reversed. But the mongrels are all gone or about to go now, and this is enough consolation for the day. 








Obama Is The Worst Loser in 100 Years, And What This Might Mean For Us.

Never heard of this child? Tsk, tsk…



The recent, fantastic result of the 2016 elections shows a picture of complete and utter defeat for the Democrats not only in the Presidential race, where Hitlery was soundly defeated, but also at other levels of American government: Governors and state legislative chambers.

Never since 1920 has the lot of the Democrats been such a dire one. It is as if Obama had managed to bring his own party on the edge of the abyss in only eight years.

It’s not only the savage spending, the socialist rhetoric, the disastrous Obamacare, the kindergarten foreign policy, the anti White propaganda and the continuous stoking of racial hatred which did it. It is, to an extent, also the relentless war on common sense of Obama’s second mandate, from homosexual so-called marriage to the pushing of transgenderism. Less than one and a half year later, the White House lighted in rainbow colours has come back to bite him.

Therefore, when the Democrats stop whining and start examining in earnest what has gone so wrong for them, they will be forced to deal with the issues of fantasy sexual “identity” and fantasy sexual “morality” they have tried to impose on the American people. It has clearly not worked, as whatever traction they got among latte-sipping Whites with useless degrees appears to have been paid very dearly among more socially conservative Latinos, normal Whites, and even Blacks.

I might be a tad too optimistic here, and I realise the Democrats that count still live in a bubble largely populated by exactly those latte-sipping Whites, which is what made them so sure of victory. But defeat at all levels of government is a very good teacher, and they might well decide to look outside of the window, at the real world, and decide that this madness has got to stop.

I do not expect this to happen in the form of official repudiation of transgenderism or of other forms of sexual perversion. But when they realise these issues are toxic for many of the people they need, many Democrats that count might decide to tone down the rhetoric, and look with more favour at candidates (say, to Senator or Congressman, or to Governor and Mayor of major cities) who look at the matter in a more sensible way. In time, this might lead to the end of this sexual perversion craze, as the Republican side now unavoidably starts pushing more aggressively for mental sanity at all levels of public life, from the local mayor to the Mid-Term elections in 2018 and the, I hope and think, glorious landslide in 2020. This, particularly as the Democrats are about to be attacked most virulently on abortion, and might find it wise to abandon side battlegrounds in order to focus on the main one.

Perhaps I am being too optimistic. Perhaps I am just looking at the world around me. We shall see. But one thing is certain: the utter and complete Obama defeat puts us in the offensive on all fronts.



“Gay Icon” Arrested For Pedophilia. Mass Media Ignore It.

Dangerous faggots

Mister (or Miss) Terry Bean, one of the most profiled men of the Perverts' Movement in the US, has been arrested with the very credible accusation of sodomising minors.

This… girl is one of the best known, and most celebrated, Fag Icons in the United States, and a founder of the biggest Fag Group in the land. He is also a darling of the Democratic Party: Al Gore allegedly called him “his friend”, and he was the biggest fundraiser for Obama in Oregon. Photos of him and the Fag President are also around. Birds of a feather, as they say…

You can comfortably say this is the equivalent of a US Cardinal, or of a very prestigious archbishop, in the “fag movement”.

His arrest has been, up to now, ignored by the mass media. Can you imagine the mess that would have exploded if a US Cardinal or Archbishop had been arrested with the same accusations? The wave of excited indignation? The mocking and gloating? The tidal wave if insults?

But no. This here is a fag.

Better shut up, then.



Slovakia Joins The League Of Thinking Countries

Slovakia has now decided to enshrine the only possible understanding of Marriage in their Constitution, following a broad agreement in Parliament.

When the measure is voted, it will mark another addition to those Countries refusing to give up to the pressure from UN and EU, and deciding than a bunch of perverts and their minions will not be allowed to “teach” them what is right or wrong.

I read the news in the same day in which Francis-The-Black-Shod received “punished with a baby”- Obama Bin Muslim, the worst enemy of Christianity the United States ever had.

The main issue of the talk will be, of course, social inequalities.

I see some magazine covers coming.

Congratulations to the people of Slovakia and their representatives for their Christian stance in front of bribery and/or bullying.

Another reason why the EU must die.


The Drama Of The American Voter

I wonder every now and then what I would do if I were in the fortunate position of having a US passport and were entitled to vote for the elections in 2012.

The answer that I would vote for Romney doesn’t come automatic to me, and whilst I might in such a case  end up voting for him I am not persuaded  I should do it, let alone I should as a Catholic feel a duty to do so.

I see Romney as the product of a rather hysterical – if extremely democratic, and beautiful to watch – system by which a candidate is selected thinking of what his adversaries will say of his private life and personal circumstances rather than considering what his agenda as a President will be.

Therefore, the choice for many seemed to be not only – or not really – between Gingrich’s robust Catholicism and Romney’s anodyne and flip-flopping attitude, but – all things considered – whether it would be preferable to have your candidate smeared because of his infidelities, or because of his religious ideas and professional past.   As a result, we find ourselves with a – undoubtedly, bright and capable as a businessman – candidate who doesn’t drink coffee or alcohol – but is allowed to eat coffee ice cream, apparently ; I give up… – , doesn’t watch TV, believes that Jesus visited the United States and a lot of very strange things with that, and is a flip-flopper like very few at this level before him.

But hey, everyone knows no one is going to nail him with some past fling, so he must be fine.

Now, I am surely not the only one who thinks Romney may be professionally capable, but is also a non-coffee-drinking moral vacuum changing his political convictions according to the advantage they can give him. I think he is consciously flattening his positions on Obama’s ones as long as he thinks he can do so without losing the Republican vote altogether. The reasoning seems to be: “Dear Republican voter, however my positions may stink to you, you will end up voting for me because Obama stinks just a bit more”.

I am not sure we should follow him on this reasoning.

Whilst the comparison between the candidates at hand is a fully legitimate one and I would not criticise the one who decided to vote, obtorto collo, for Romney, I think that there is another legitimate comparison: the one between the candidates these mentality produces, and the ones who would be produced if the “lesser evil” voting behaviour were to be abandoned.

A vote for Romney makes it absolutely impossible to have decent Republican candidates. Not now, not ever. If the principle is accepted that between two candidates one votes for the one who is less bad – Romney is undoubtedly less bad – this means the choice will always be between the liberal candidate and a candidate who is just a bit less bad, namely: merely enough to make him distinguishable. This candidate will then only have to near the liberal candidate as much as he can without being burned to be sure of the votes of all those who choose the “lesser evil”. If it works in 2012, there’s no reason why it should not be tried in 2020 (assuming Romney doesn’t die of excessive consumption of coffee ice cream in the meantime) and beyond.

The choice to skip the vote in 2012 – in the sense of not voting for any of the two – is, on the other hand, a signal sent to the Republicans – both the establishment, and the pavid crowds voting in primaries and caucuses – that if they go on this way they will never ever have a Republican president, because RINOs will not get the Republican vote. Not now, not ever. 

A Romney victory would ensure us another eight year of absolute pain, as in 2016 the choice will be between an established flip-flopper like Romney and another liberal madman like, probably, Hillary.  If Romney is told to take a hike, perhaps the Republican masses will start to understand that the McCains and Romneys of the world just do not win elections, and in order to win they need a real Republican or can avoid wasting the time.

Mind, it doesn’t have to be a Santorum; Bush was certainly not considered a hardliner in the US (though he always was in Europe; funny people, the Europeans…) , but he won two gubernatorial elections in Texas followed by two Presidential elections, and I dare to say Kerry and Gore were less extreme in many things than Obama is, and therefore the winning of mainstream votes more difficult. In a word, it worked. Compare with 2012, where Perry got out of the race for forgetting a couple of names and having some small blunder in front of the press. If this is the way the Americans select their candidates, it’s no surprise they must now choose between a liberal madman and a flip-flopping Mormon.

In conclusion, I fully understand those who decide to vote Romney after all. But as Romney is perfectly fine with sodomy, was clearly pro-choice until the day before yesterday and would clearly try to keep as much of Obamacare as he can do without openly quarrelling with his Congressmen and Senators, I wonder whether those who vote for him do not in the end simply vote a pale version of Obama, with some improvement thrown in when it was truly necessary (say: his pro-life stance), and probably reneged as soon as he is elected and starts to think about the 2016 campaign (there is videos around of his former pro-“choice” days; scary stuff, and no mistake).

Basically, trying to save the candidate in 2012 automatically locks one in with the worst possible candidate for 2016 and 2020; a candidate who, when President, would systematically try to please the Democrats at every turn, knowing that the obedient Republican sheep vote for him in any way and the only thing he has to do is to attract 10%-15% of the Democratic vote, and Robert is your father’s brother…

No easy decision at all, anyway.


Why Did The Twin Towers Collapse?

First read here what Hussein O has to say about September 11, 2001.

Then please help me to remember why did the Twin Towers (to say nothing of the rest) collapsed:

1) Tsunami?

2) Hurricane?

3) Catholic fundamentalists?

4) They just felt very very tired?

It must be one of those, I know… I just cannot remember which…


The Great Church Of Compromise (And The Party That Comes With That)

Extremely beautiful video from the, as usual, spot on Michael Voris.

I doubt the lamented tendency to “compromise” is very much an American speciality – the Church in Western Europe behaves not one bit differently, and the political parties are generally speaking even worse than the US Republicans – but he certainly puts his finger on two evils, the intrinsic cowardice of Republican positions in matters of life and sexual mores, and the same phenomenon happening within the Church.

In fact, I think this longish video contains material for two separate issues of the “Vortex” and is most certainly worth the time.

God Bless Michael Voris. If we only had a couple of dozen of Cardinals and Bishops like him – ready not only to say unpleasant things, but to look at the unavoidable battle than ensues with relish – the Church would start to change for the better very rapidly.


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