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Suggestions For My Beatification

Pray that it does not die because of global warming!

Dear readers: at some point I will, like everyone of us, kick the bucket and, hopefully, be sent straight in the direction of Purgatory.

During that time of suffering and atonement, it would be a great consolation to me to know that, on earth, I have been beatified. Beatifications are not infallible, so I do not need to worry, from purgatory, that things aren't exactly like Pope Francis V thinks. I am, also, sure many of you would want to see me beatified; though you don't know anything of my sinfulness; an ignorance that is, in these cases, very convenient.

The way I propose you go about after my departure from this vale of tears is the following: any time something bad might happen, ask for my intercession that it may not happen.

For example, if I were now dead – sorry, but not right now – you could ask for my intercession for any or all of the following:

1. That there is no war over Crimea.

2. That there is no war over Eastern Ucraine.

3. That the conflict in Syria ends.

4. That Chelsea does not lose (half of you; the other half, that it may lose) against Atletico Madrid.

5. Put here three or five of your dangers you ask me to see averted.

6. Repeat the following day.

You will, then, soon notice a lot of these dangers have not transformed into the feared tragedy. You have asked me for intercession, and what was feared has not happened. If this is not a valid cause for beatification, I don't know what is, do I?

At this point, you will have tons of material to push my cause.

I am confident that, as similar causes are swiftly advancing, with your help I will reach the coveted prize still in the very first phase of my permanence in Purgatory.

“Blessed Mundabor Of Blogdom”.

Yep. Sounds good.

You don't need to start now. Wait that this blog has suddenly stopped publications for some months first. Then start with everything you can:

“That road crossing is dangerous; oh Mundabor, pray for me that I may not have a car accident in it!”

I see myself in the company of soon-to-be Blessed Paul VI already.



The Beatification of Vatican II Goes On.

Padre Pio, pray for us!

I have barely left the keyboard after writing about the impending “Beatification of V II” and already the Vatican lets it transpire the beatification of Paul VI is rather imminent, and we will soon know what happens with John Paul I.
I will not add much to what I have already written, then I am sure many of you perfectly echo my sentiments without the need to repeat unpleasant words. In the end, beatifications are NOT expressions of  the Church’s infallible Magisterium and if a Pope wants to make a pig’s breakfast of the institution this may happen without anyone being seized by Sedevacantist doubts.

I for myself will smile at this very questionable effort, very much in bad taste, of beatifying in one stroke both V II and… oneself once one has gone, and will rather  wonder at who the next candidates for beatification will be. Bugnini comes obviously to mind, but Martini might be another one if time allows.

The desperate attempt to give any credibility whatsoever to an entire age of superficiality, desire of popularity and theological drunkenness must fail, because ridicule has never been able to avoid exposure by means of a couple of medals given here and there. One is reminded of those old Soviet fat cats heavy with medals no one knew how they had deserved. A big medal is on its way for Pope Paul ( a man whose escape from Hell, if actually achieved, should give great hope to everyone of us, as the consequences of our actions play on an infinitely smaller scale and we never accepted the responsibility of being Popes), but frankly it does not let him look any better than the old Politburo members.

One day, this farce will end and the Church will look with horror at a time when Popes beatified each other serially, and the Catholic world said pretty much nothing.
I would have looked with great pleasure at the beatification of Pope Pius XII, but frankly I do not know that I would be able to rejoice now that the institution begins to resemble the Nobel Peace Prize.

Not a good time to be a Catholic. When some Proddie makes a mockery of this serial papal beatification, I think I will do the wise thing and shut up. Which I don’t do very often.


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