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New Evidence in Favour of Pope Pius XII

Pius XII, "Pastor Angelicus"

Interesting article on the National Catholic Register about the newest findings regarding the way Pope Pius XII helped the Jews.

In April of 1939, just one month after Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli was elected Pope, the U.S. Jewish Veteran magazine called the new Pope’s leadership “a source of great satisfaction to Jews.”

“Pope Pius XII is known as a staunch friend of Jews,” the veterans wrote, noting the success of his election despite the attempts by anti-Semitic Fascists to prevent it.

The March 1939 issue of the magazine also expressed the community’s “fervent hope” that Pius XII would “have a long and successful reign; that he will fill the spiritual vacuum left by the decease of his predecessor, and that he too will be sanctified by the love of his fellow men.”

Here must be said – what many people nowadays conveniently forget – that Pius XII was Mussolini’s candidate, and the worst possible choice for the Nazis. The Nazis knew his stance when he had been the Nuncio in Bavaria – that is, the Nuncio for Germany as there was no nunciatura in Berlin – and knew that he was the driving force behind, and the actual writer of, Mit brennender Sorge. The Voelkischer Beobachter was savagely critical of Pacelli’s election.

Another very interesting piece of information is about the situation in Poland:

[…] then-Cardinal Pacelli had intervened to block an anti-kosher law in Poland in 1938.
Had the legislation passed, it would have forbidden Jewish ritual practices and constituted a “true persecution for Jews,” Pope Pius wrote at the time.

The facts are the facts, and the day the communist lie about “Hitler’s Pope” ( a lie conveniently adopted since by everyone with an axe to grind) is debunked among the great public is getting near every year.

No doubt, news like this one will multiply in the years to come, and the opening of the vatican archives will give additional impetus to the re-establishment of sanity. At that point, I think, there will be no obstacle for this great Pope’s beatification, whose beatification prayer is already approved.


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