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Nil Inultum Remanebit


I never liked Berlusconi for the many reasons you all know, but I still had the hope for many years that if not personal conviction, at least a sense of elementary decency would prevent him from supporting the homo agenda.

Berlusconi has lived, politically speaking, for many years on the many who knew he is a pig, but chose to vote for him because this pig would defend, and be it only for political opportunity, the values they cherished.

In these two decades, many of these voters have died, and a new generation of value-free voters has been moving the social centre of gravity of the Country. A shocking demonstration of this was during the last electoral campaign, when Barlusconi's camp announced a massive offensive on traditional values, which was then immediately forgotten. No doubt, the extensively used poll institutes had told Berlusconi this was not a winning horse anymore, and perhaps a clearly losing one.

I knew Berlusconi is an opportunistic bastard. I was, though, not prepared for this morning's newspaper headlines, announcing his words of strong support for the homosexualist agenda, and his concubine's membership of “ARCI Gay” (a formerly Communist perverts' organisation), with the declaration made even more offensive from the concubine's statement that she is, being the concubine of a married man, also not new to victimisation.

This being Italy, the newspapers gravitating in Berlusconi's area today suddenly discover the importance of “battles” to give “justice” to perverts. It truly, truly, truly makes one vomit.

Whilst resistance remains, it is now clear civil partnerships are a done deal, and this will be only the start. Make no mistake, homo marriage and adoptions for perverts will follow shortly thereafter. The country demands a great jump backwards, or better said a great jump in an ocean of shit. It will get what it deserves. May it enjoy every mouthful of it.

I read these news in shock – a shock only partially mitigated by the fact I knew it would happen at some point; but in fact caused by the sudden, shameless, French-style abandonment of the front from Berlusconi and his people – and think of the shock of millions of faithful Catholics in the Seventies, when the then ruling Democrazia Cristiana allowed his MPs and voters to vote “according to conscience” in matter of divorce and abortion; a cowardly subterfuge which, no doubt, will be used this time, too.

The mask has been thrown away, and the chosen occasion was the “pervert pride day” of yesterday.

Now let me think, what has the Pope spoken about yesterday? When the local clergy is the first to work against Christianity, how can the Christian front win?

The only thing that helps me to keep sanity in the now fast sinking of my Country into a pit of perversion is the thought that Up There everything is seen, and accurately recorded. Liber scriptum proferetur, in quo totum continetur. I know that the Angels will give witness of Berlusconi's and his men shameless behaviour, and of the clergy's betrayal; starting, of course, from the Unholy Father himself.

They may think that He Who has made the eye has no eyes to see, and He Who has made the ear has no ears to hear. Fools.

I wish hell to no one, and even today I will have to find the strength to pray for Berlusconi's, his lackeys' and his concubine's salvation.

But on days like this one one gets to understand, to feel on his very skin, why hell exists and why it is so profoundly, majestically just that it be so.

May a merciful God keep me and them away from it.

But it is a just God, and a Rex tremendae majestatis. I at least have not forgotten it, wretched sinner as I undoubtedly am. They (Francis, Berlusconi, and their lackeys and concubines) have, and trample the Truth for their own shameless, coldly calculated advantage. Openly, arrogantly, under the sun. Celebrated by the world, supported by an army of stupid cows and oxes oblivious of God, of Truth, of Punishment.

I know countless angels see, and cry to Heaven. On this day, allow me to say that the words of the Requiem give one a great consolation:

nil inultum remanebit.

Nothing will remain unpunished.




Crucifix: Victory Is Ours!

Christus Vincit! Christus Regnat! Christus Imperat!

In the very early days of this blog I wrote about the scandalous decision of the mickey-mouse tribunal called Europe’s Human Right Court (an organisation not even part of the EU and mainly created, as all these institutions are, to give jobs to the friends and the friends of the friends), that said that a crucifix in a schoolroom was, well, not atheist enough.

It seems a long time but it was, in fact, a little more than eights months ago. Today the matter comes to its provisional (and hopefully: definitive) conclusion with the decision of said mickey-mouse tribunal (appeal, this time) that er, no, well, the crucifix is a religious symbol but, er, ah, well, it also isn’t.

What has happened is, in my eyes, very simple:

1) the “court” is a motley conglomerate of well-connected, lefty cretins mainly without experience as a judge, or a legal background in the first place;
2) said cretins enjoy playing God, but they would also like to keep their, no doubt, very well paid jobs;
3) in order to do so they must avoid ending in the centre of the public opinion, their incompetence and ideological bias exposed;
4) their decision about the crucifix was clearly against point 3). They angered the Vatican and the Italian government massively, and the latter were certainly not isolated at all. In short, our cretins were biting more than they could chew.
5) A backpedaling was clearly in order, as otherwise the shutting down of this useless, senseless, non-Eu (“what”? Yes. “Are you sure?” Yes, I am) organ would have become a real possibility.

Only eight months after the blunder, the solution: the absurd decision (which everyone pretends to believe) that the Crucifix is a social symbol.

The Crucifix. A social symbol.

What’s next: that Muslims bow in direction of the Mecca because it’s good for your back?

Of course, crucifixes have a vast social importance in countries like Italy, or in places like Bavaria or rural France. A country that is Catholic in its very social fabric will obviously see its religious symbols acquiring a cultural role. They’ll be part of the landscape like the pizza, the Weissbier, or the baguette. But this role is there exactly because of its religious significance, not because, say, Italians like football, pizza, beautiful women and, of all things, crucifixes.

By all the efforts of my imagination, I really can’t see how the realistic depiction of a Man horribly suffering whilst being tormented to death can be something of a social phenomenon. Cricket is a social phenomenon, not crucifixes!

Be it as it may, the idea of the “social” significance has been the argument of the Italian government from the start. Gotta love these Italians, really 😉 : always ready to twist and turn with suave shamelessness, as long as they reach their goal 😉 . The “social” argument allows the Italian government to play “secular” whilst making very clear (what, make no mistake, more than 99,99% of the Italians will immediately grasp) what the real issue is and where the journey goes. At the same time, this kind of argument allows the above mentioned cretins (or their colleagues, equally concerned with their job) to backpedal in a halfway elegant way, keep their job, congratulate themselves on the continuation of the lucrative employment and promise to themselves that they won’t do anything so stupid anymore, ever.

Once again, I must point out to what I have written on several occasions: that the government of the rather uncontrolled Berlusconi is making things for Christianity that a Cameron would find not only inconvenient, but positively “intolerant” and “discriminatory”. Whilst I do not think that any of them has big chances of avoiding hell, my pint is on Berlusconi any day.

Summa summarum, the situation as per today is that a huge suppository is hovering around the offices of the so-called Europe’s Human Right Court.

I wonder whether the suppository is a social symbol, too.


Why Cameron Is Worse Than Berlusconi

Now served to little children, courtesy of the PM.

If anyone had any doubt about the war on Christian values waged by a Prime Minister who dares to call himself “Conservative” and by his government, one doesn’t need to look further than here to understand the scale of the fraud perpetrated by Cameron & Co. against the solid Britons, those who still have values.

A country whose average citizen shows a level of ignorance of basic spelling skills that in most foreign countries would be considered bordering on illiteracy* finds it fitting to pervert its own children from kindergarten age. A country whose head of Government has the temerity of calling himself “conservative” embarks the country’s school system in a “celebration of perversion” meant at making the unacceptable openly approved or – as it is fashionable to say today – “celebrated”.

This government betrays the many millions of families who ask from it to at least not make their life more difficult in raising their children in the proper way. This governments sets to openly sabotage them and the values they share. There is absolutely nothing in the work of the government that could be even vaguely defined Christian anymore.

Not only we have to live with an openly atheist deputy PM, for whom the idea that the mother is the spouse best fitted to raise a baby is “Edwardian” (he means it in a derogatory way, of course), but we have to witness a Prime Minister that with one face says that he wants to protect family values and with another of his many faces says that two homosexuals are a family….. I can’t wait for the day when Cameron calls “a family” the marriage of his son with his dog and declares it wonderful news that makes him – as it is now also fashionable to say – “proud”.

If these abominations came from the reds, who are ideologically oriented toward the destruction of everything that is good and sacred, I would be very angry but I would understand the perverse logic of the events. But when those meant to protect the fabric of the country set to destroy it in such a way, even exploiting little children in pure Goebbels manner to further their rotten ideological agenda (Clegg) or their prostitution to fashionable trends (Cameron), this is really beyond comprehension.

The Conservative party has become the hostage of a totally value-free marketing man, of a moral vacuum with a posh accent who could sell his mother to whoredom wihout blinking an eye and call this “conservative”, and of an ideological fraudster of the worst kind.

God knows how much I hate Berlusconi, how much I am ashamed of the indecent spectacle he gives of himself and of the way he damages the institutions and the Country’s reputation (if any) abroad. But give me ten thousand times one who is intemperate in private and protects Christian values in his government work than a fake, despicable, slimy, oily, anti-Christian buffoon like Cameron.


* see the caption of the photo above; just one of too many examples.

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