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How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Bishops

Stalin and Beria are at work again.

Stalin and Beria are at work again.


It seems the Evil Clown is now proceeding to a mini-purge of unwanted bishops. How he does it? he has them accused by his liberal Berias of mishandling the pedophile situation and forces them to resign unless they prefer to get fired. Bishop Nienstedt is the last of an already long series, and if you follow this blog you will have read of some of them here. But of others (Like Finn) I have not reported, because it is difficult to keep pace.   

This is a very easy game. It isn’t difficult to accuse any bishop of not having done enough in a certain situation; particularly so, when the enough is defined by those who want to get rid of the bishop. 

You will, I am sure, understand: a Pope flirting even with formal heresy, and spitting pure poison out of his lewd mouth day in and day out, cannot tolerate anything other than perfection from those he does not like. This is how things go nowadays. 

St Joseph, please intercede for us to give Francis the grace of a happy death, fast. 


Courageous Bishop Refuses Communion To Militant Homos

Please, please one like him in Westminster too!

Why, oh why have we to cope with a joke called Vincent “Quisling” Nichols when the US have so many Bishops who could be sent here to relieve us of our misery?

You can read here what has happened in Minnesota, where Bishop Nienstedt has refused to give communion to a group of militant homos wanting not only to receive communion notwithstanding their open rebellion to the Church, but even do so wearing a visible sign of their revolt, rainbow buttons and sashes.

The decision of Bishop Nierstedt would be to commend unconditionally, and a rare good news worthy of being shouted out loud, if the fact had not been tainted by a grave episode of scandal after the mass, when a priest obviously squarely on the pro-Homo side has hastily celebrated a Mass for the homosexualists, during which they were allowed to (try to) receive communion by the same priest.

It is now the clear duty of Bishop Nienstedt to bring his disobedient priest rapidly and clearly into line, then isolated episodes of orthodoxy are – whilst always commendable in themselves – much diminished in their importance and in their teaching value if dissent is allowed to flourish among the very priests of an orthodox Bishop.


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