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Incidents At The Frontier

Make no mistake: he is invading Poland.

Every time some prelate does something scandalous, there is no shortage of supposed background scenarios. The FFI isn't being trampled on because they are orthodox, it's because there are “internal divisions” (no one knows exactly in which form) and there is an enquiry concerning “possible abuses” (no one knows which; must be terrible things, anyway…).

The same is happening now with the Fisher More College: there are other things in the background; the college is drifting on a conservative course; the priest wasn't authorised; the priest might have been SSPX, or perhaps not; crypto-lefebvrianism was ripe; perhaps Sedevacantism, too; one doesn't really know; I mean, what do we know…

Let us look at the facts instead. The facts are that Bishop Olson has not written to the College a letter of pastoral direction; warning them, say, from the new sin of “excessive doctrinal security”. No, he has written to them saying, in so many words, “I order you to stop the TLM, for the good of your own soul; but you can celebrate the NO instead, because there's no danger for your soul in that”. The letter was read to those affected, and then (oportet ut scandala eveniant) leaked. These are the facts.

There can always be “something else”. There is always “something else” happening in pretty much everything. But it is astonishing that wherever a prelate is to be justified, utterly irrelevant circumstances of facts become the reason why something wrong was made.

Facts are facts. Hitler invaded Poland because he wanted to invade Poland. “There were incidents at the frontier” is a perfectly irrelevant explanation for the invasion, whether the incidents were – hypothetically – there, or not.

Open your eyes. The facts are there, for everyone to see.




Thomas More College: Will Bishop Olson Backpedal?

The day after a shameless, open attack to Summorum Pontificum, and the scandal is now everywhere.

The obvious arrogance of a Bishop thinking he has something to say as to whether a priest can or cannot celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass is compounded by the arrogance – truly typical of Francis; his minions learn fast – with which the man clearly implies the TLM is bad for the attendants' soul. I am sure he would prefer a Pinocchio Mass to the Tridentine. At least when I look at the picture.

Bishop Olson is a beautiful example of the type of bishop Francis will give us. The rather stupid grin in the picture above is typical of the modern non-authoritarian bishop; one who will insist in being seen as a harmful uncle, but will not hesitate to bully those who are in the way of his destructive agenda without any sense of shame, and perfectly sure of impunity. A bully, and an enemy of Christ. These V II smiling uncles are all the same.

Will the bishop backpedal in front of the obvious recognition that he is going ultra vires?

Why would he? He is leading the charge of the sans Mozzetta, and unless a phone call from Rome praises him and tells him he was a good boy, but it is now time to reassure the neocons before the next assault, there is no need for him to admit any mistake, or fear any consequence from higher places.

It astonishes me how there are people who do not understand where this is going. Francis might not have the gut to officially abrogate Summorum Pontificum, but by now it should be obvious to a moron that he will not do anything against those bishops wanting to play sheriff on their own diocese, and SP be stuffed. Unless he should, every now and then, see the need to give some birds food to his neocon pigeons, in which case we will have some symbolic gesture that will fill the Pollyannas with delight. “Look, he has visited the tomb of St. Pius X! Must be orthodox, then!”

This is not about Dr King, or internal affairs within the College. The TLM is obviously nothing to do with internal squabbles. It's the Sacrifice of the Mass, not an internal appointment.

No. This is about an entire world. A world that is growing all over the West and is crying to heaven the failure, the arrogance, the irreligiousness, the stupidity, and the unspeakable arrogance of the V II apparatchiks who are ruining the Church whilst smiling like cretins.

Bishop Olson incarnates them perfectly. Not one month in the office, and he is already in an extremely good position to win the 2014 Francis' Helper Of The Year Award. He probably dreams of the cover of Vanity Fair. Hey, the Humble Francis did not have anything against it, either.

Pray for the soul of this confused man. And of the one who made him bishop.



“For Your Own Soul”: The War Against The Traditional Latin Mass

You will soon hear him talking words of appeasement.

If you have not done it already, please click on Rorate, who are following on this mess with admirable energy.

The facts are there, and I will not repeat the facts. I will, though, add some questions and answers of my own.

Why is bishop Olson doing this?

Because he can, is the simple answer. The man is certainly conscious of the fact that he has no right to stop the Tridentine. But why should he care? He knows he is acting on the “spirit” of this wonderful Pontificate. By putting himself at the head of the movement, bishop Olson earns brownie points by His Humbleness. However this matter ends, he will be one of the winners.

Lio is hip. Francis will be grateful.

What does this mean?

It means that it is open season on Summorum Pontificum. One year on, it is time to aim higher. At the latest after Benedict's death, the oppression might well become serious. This is just the second skirmish, following the example of the Humble Leader with the FFI. Francis does not need to intervene. He will look as SP is trampled. Sending videos to “brother bishops”, probably.

What will happen now?

Traditionalists will be in an uproar. Neo-cons will suggest, as always, silence and cowardice. “Do not test the Pontiff's patience!” – they will say – “Remember: Summorum Pontificum could be abrogated! Do not be divisive and allow the TLM to be massacred one church at a time! Otherwise, it will be your fault if you lose everything!”.

At that point, it will be for Francis to act. I doubt he will act as long as Benedict is alive. I even doubt he will abrogate SP as long as the SSPX is alive. But he might test the water, and see how this piece of lio goes. He will probably allow a diffused mobbing of the friends of the TLM. He might, though, gently invite the bishop to relent on this occasion, but noting how horribly divisive the TLM is. He looks god. Traditionalists look bad. Idiots praise his moderation. Then, the next round follows.

How shall we react?

We shall not listen to the Grima Wormtongues demanding that we accept to be crushed, in order not to be crushed. We must be vocal, and angry. We must cry to Heaven the scandal not only of this bishop, but of this pontificate.

Do not be cowed into silence. If you have a blog, please link to Rorate and follow the matter. Write to whomever you will be invited to write, sign the petitions that will undoubtedly come. Do not for one second believe that silence or acquiescence is an acceptable answer. The wolves will ask you to be a lamb. Be a tiger instead.

What happened to Poland?

Poland was invaded. It would have been invaded anyway, even if it had not sought the protection of Britain and – for what was worth, and if memory serves – France. If you believe that acquiescence would have saved Poland, you are just the man Grima is targeting.

This is the situation we are in. The demolition troops are in charge.

It's Pinocchio time.



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