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Exemplary Behaviour (Still: Polite Language!)

Today, yours truly is humbled by the exemplary behaviour of a lady who really taught me (and us) the meaning of pacific, peaceful and, above all, classy protest. The video is somewhat dated, but the comportment of all the parties involved makes it a timeless and useful reminder, in these difficult and controversial times, of how police work should always be.

I think this is the future of effective communication and police interaction in the United States. This is the civil discourse of the future. This is policing for the XXI Century.

Because all lives matter.

The lady in question should be an example to us all. Polite, civil, extremely well articulated, but above all, classy. She expresses her disagreement with the men in blue in a way that makes it impossible not to be touched by her sensitive, gentle nature. She disagrees with them, of course. It’s a free Country, she is obviously allowed to do it.

But it is not what she says (I allow myself to disagree on her message). It is the gentle, ladylike nature of the lady that really strikes me. She is an example to us all.

An applause also goes, if you ask me, to the LEO who, at the end of the conversation, puts an end to the polite disagreement and causes the lady to provisionally cease her polite remarks.

Congratulations to everybody are in order here, I think.

Marked civility, positive interaction, and great final outcome.

This is how it should always be.

Please scroll below to see it for yourselves.





















Treyshawn And Lakeisha Win The Lottery

So you are a “descendant of slaves”. Or so you say. Well, not very many are, but let us say that you are.

You now want compensation for what the United States (the slave drivers in Massachusetts first, the slave owners in Massachusetts later, and the plantation owners in Alabama last) did to you.

Well, let us see. What did they do to you?

They allowed you to be born in the Country of Opportunities. A Country where your far relatives, descendants of those members of your family who were not captured as slave by some tribal chief, and sold to the slave drivers, would absolutely love to be able to move.

You won big, my boy, or girl.

Slavery might have been more or less hard to bear for your slave ancestors. But you, you reap only the benefits! Benefits which, had the tribal chief of your ancestors, or of an enemy tribe of your ancestors’, not sold your ancestors to slavery, you would have never reaped!

You won big, my boy or girl. You drew a big lottery prize, through no merit of your own!

How do you use this amazing opportunity, for which young, black Africans of your age greatly envy you? Aborting your children? Reducing your brains to puree listening all day to a horrible succession of savage sounds you call music? Thinking it cool to be a gangbanger, or pregnant at 16? Thinking it normal that there are no real fathers around, no sense of family, of duty, of sacrifice; no Christians morals, no Christian anything, not even your first names? Calling those you see around you, who work hard and want to do well in life, “Coons” or “Uncle Toms”? Mocking even those who want to speak properly with the accusation of “talking White?” In a word: systematically refusing every possibility of self-improvement and sabotaging yourself at every step?

Listen here, boy or girl. It is a great privilege to be born in the United States. Had I been born in the United States, I would pray every day for my slave ancestors, but I would not be resentful one bit for the opportunity that their misfortune afforded me, or towards the Country that put me in this fortunate position!

I would consider myself a winner of the whole situation; I would want to make my unknown, slave ancestors proud! I would want to show them that out of oppression became freedom, and out of poverty, prosperity! All this, thanks to America, the great Country where I (would) live!

Reparations? For what, for having been put in an extremely enviable situation? For living in Country people literally risk death to (illegally) reach?

Your slave ancestors did get a rough deal.

But you, my boy or girl, you have won the lottery.

Black Girls’ Lives Matter, Or: Enemies Of Christ, Child-Killing Thugs Strike Again

A car approaches a place where it is not supposed to be. Two armed thugs approach the vehicle, inside which are a mother and her eight years old daughter. Some discussion ensues. Both thugs open fire, killing the girl.

You would think this is something that could happen in some war-thorn, disease-ridden, savage African Shithole Country. Actually, it happened in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, in the year 2020, which will likely be remembered as a year of total madness.

Eight years old girl dies for peeving a thug. Thugs with IQs in the low thirties go around undisturbed, unchallenged by a police made impotent by opportunism and political correctness. This is the reality of a big Democrat-run city as I write this. Power-hungry Dems are destroying every big city in the United States. Very sad but, alas, Democracy at work.

The irony is cruel, but it must be noticed: those who wanted to eliminate police wanted to create, from a start, a Thug’s Paradise, where criminals reign supreme and are police, prosecutor, judge and jury. It made sense for the criminals, but it shows how stupid all others were, and still are.

A lot of people have the blood of this little girl on their hands. The Mayor of Atlanta joined the attacks on the police in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, possibly thinking that this despicable move would open her the doors to the Presidential Ticket (vagina=check; dark skin=check; insanely woke=check; so yes, she was in with a chance). She has to answer for the looting and the murder that followed her criminal inaction.

But it not only the Mayor. All those woke idiots who have cheered the disorders are morally responsible for the violence they have contributed to unleash. This savage movement would have never had any traction, would never have gone anywhere, without the support of a multitude of dumb do-gooders. They have been, and still are, the enablers of thugs.

Black Lives Matter is a subversive organisation, in enmity with Christ, bent on destroying Christian Civilisation as we know it.

At this point, whoever does not see the crude, shocking facts on the ground is a part of the problem, an accomplice of thuggery, and an enemy of Christ.

Ah, I almost forgot: the two people killed in the CHAZ, the more than a dozen people killed in Chicago and New York this past long weekend, and the poor girl were all…. Blacks.

If these Anarcho-Communist, subversive thugs really intended to protect Black lives, they would do exactly the contrary of what they are doing now. They would call for more funding for police, more law and order, more severity in the prosecution of criminals.

Your average plantation owner in the South, circa 1845, cared for his slaves infinitely more than this gang of thugs. Let that sink in.

But hey: check your privilege, Mundabor, White boy….

Live By BLM, Die By BLM: Meet The Photographer Who Died Of His Own Medicine


Oh well, the photographer killed in Louisville (see, how much lurv this summer contains?) was not killed by a White Supremacist, but by a man of c-c-c-colour. This guy was arrested only days before, and immediately released.

Furthermore, the killed photographer was an activist who supported the “cause”. 

I will not give you the sugary stuff. You can go somewhere else to read this. Say an Eternal Rest for the poor bugger, and reflect that he had it coming. In fact, it is very fitting that those who work to spread racial tension, chaos, and a revolutionary climate leading to Communism should die of the same virus with which they want to infect everybody else.

The motives of the biped who did this aren’t clear. You can see him in the linked article just firing around, senselessly, without an apparent reason.

These are very, very, very stupid people. The motive can range from the intention to blame “White Supremacists”, to the guy being owed 12 dollar by someone in the encampment, to the guy having some “beef” with other criminals in the area.

Arrested only one week before; promptly released; shooting around only days later; in broad daylight. Welcome to the New World of S-S-S-Social J-J-J-Justice.

The photographer was in the wrong place. Well, he actually literally was. He was in the wrong place, doing the work of Satan.

Before any sensitive soul wastes his time writing comment about my lack of “sensitivity”, or feeling all warm theorising that the guy might have had “good intentions”, let me say this: there is no excuse for supporting BLM. There has never been, but most certainly there isn’t now. It is like supporting Stalin, period. 

This “Summer of Love” is evolving predictably badly. It is as if there was a concerted effort to get Trump reelected as leftists of all colours and political shades compete with each other in doing and saying the stupidest, most outlandish things, scaring moderate Democrats. Democrats need more time than other people to open their eyes; but many of them have children, a job, a mortgage, a work ethics, hopes for the future of the ones they love.

I doubt they will see the future that these demented people are preparing for them, and like it.




Where Mundabor Agrees (Or So He Thinks) With BLM.


Another brutal example of senseless, unjustified, brutal violence against innocent Blacks has made it to the news. 

I wonder how many episodes of the sort actually don’t.

This hemorrhage of young Black lives has to stop.

Black lives matter. I mean, all lives matter, but black lives, too.

I am sure that Black Lives Matter, and all Democrats in power and vocally active in defence of the minorities, will now cry to the sky, and ask extremely vocally for measures that protect young Black Lives.

This is going on every day. It causes the loss of hundreds of Black lives every year, many of them completely innocent. Hundreds.

I am sure, I am absolutely positive, that Black Lives Matter will be decrying this, and the many other episodes all to resembling to this one, vigorously demanding that law and order be restored everywhere, but particularly in the difficult neighbourhoods of cities like Chicago.

Black lives matter. Every one of them. And every life, Black or otherwise, matters in the same way. A black life does not become less relevant because it has unjustly been cut short by, say, a policeman, or a thug. Every black life represent the loss of the same human life. There are no losses that are more special than others. To think so would be to promote, and practice, active racism, dehumanising those deaths that are not politically expedient.

No. Every Black life matters in the same way.

I am sure that Black LIves Matter will agree with me.

How could it be otherwise?


Black Voices Against Madness Matter


This guy is seriously good (bar the tattoos, of course).

I discovered him yesterday, when I watched this video. He has solid common sense, and actually talks like a man who refuses to be indoctrinated and brainwashed.

He has already had 1.65 M views (yesterday were less than 1.6 M), and I can well imagine that a good number of these views were actually by Blacks.

Things are changing. As the Economist keeps virtue signalling with a laughable prediction that Biden has an 87% probability of winning  (mind; Hillary had 91%!), people like this honest man start singing a different tune.

In 2016, I remember Diamond and Silk. I think Candace Owens came later. Now we also have Officer Tatum at 1.6 million views on this video, and 797k subscribers on his channel. We have the Hodgetwins at more than 500k subscribers. A sample below



Listen to them and you will really understand how much is changing, and how the likes of the Economist’s shills with their fake polls live in Cuckoo Land.

First, we need to have Trump win in November. At that point, the dam gates in the Black community will open.  In time, they will address issues like single motherhood, abortion, all the evils coming from life in the plantation, courtesy of the Democratic transfer policies.

Congratulations to these counter cultural warrior for a better world, and against the darkness of Black Lives Matter.

Christ The White Oppressor, His White Friends, And The Instruments Of Freedom

This is a tweet from Shaun King, one of the BLM kingpins and, apparently, not even Black.

Wait before you laugh at the tweet. Reflect on this:

  1. This guy is influential in its own circles. BLM has gained a lot of traction in the last months, courtesy of reckless Democrats and cowardly Republicans.
  2. What is madness today can be fashionable tomorrow. The idea of getting rid of the police would have been laughed as a childish fantasy only two months ago, it is now the official policy of a city like Minneapolis.

These people are satanical bastards. Predictably, Satan uses them and their (probably never sincere) social grievances to attack Christ.

I have great confidence in the ability of the American people to choose sanity in the end. But make no mistake, there is no sanity within BLM, and the melanin issue is merely a cover to achieve a fundamental destruction of all that is good and holy, and the annihilation of Christian America.

If all fails, if the police cowards away and the politicians kneels and the army looks the other way, it will come down to the AR-15 side of the discussion; a side in which our corner enjoys such superiority that it is not even funny (actually, it is; but one is supposed not to say it).

In Europe, you can’t get a rifle for personal defence.

In the US, you can still get an AR-15 with a (fitting) Psalm verse etched into it:

I am not sure Mr King would not call an AR-15 an “instrument of oppression”, like Christ. I, for myself, would call it an instrument of freedom.

People like Mr King remind us that we are never more than one generation away from tyranny.



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