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Satan’s Preys Splatter, Or: The Activist, The Skyscraper, And The Walkway.

It’s a sad, sad life…

The Wall Street Journal informs us that a BLM activist lawyer, called Cheslie Kryst, who rose to fame for becoming a very woke Miss USA in 2019, committed suicide in the most gruesome way, plunging to her death from the roof of the Manhattan skyscraper where she lived, and splattering her undoubtedly beautiful face and body on the very expensive walkway below.

Make no mistake: she is very likely in hell, where many of these Satan Preys Matter people will, also, end their miserable existence. Still, I have said an eternal rest for her. Not because I am a soppy guy, but because I pray for my enemies.

There are so many things that are just wrong here. The BLM activist lived in a very expensive place in Manhattan, actually showing that elite professions and elite neighbourhoods are not precluded to Blacks. Alas, she could not switch her brains on hard enough to understand the fact, and chose to downplay the hard work she had put into her studies and profession in favour of easy virtue signalling. That she would support a Marxist, besides racist, organisation to booth adds to the deafening cognitive dissonance or, if you prefer, the breathtaking hypocrisy.

But it does not end here. Marxist activist decides to participate to Miss USA; which, try as you will to make it woke, remains the very embodiment of the patriarchy and of a mentality that encourages women to be beautiful and desired by men. Nothing wrong with that, for me; but for a Marxist feminist racist lawyer, again, this is hypocrisy at its very finest.

We also know from the WSJ and from another article (I think it was from the Gateway Pundit. I might be wrong) that the woman was, in short, looking for purpose at the age of 30 when Christian girls, attractive or not, are full of purpose at the age of 4.

In addition, we know that she, in pure feminist bitch style, had implicitly criticised the organisation who made her Miss America because she was, at 28 years of age, among the oldest winners, also touching on the fact that she was now approaching thirty (again, something that is never traumatic to any person of faith). But mind, this criticism did not prevent her from posting, on her social media account, very slick, most likely professionally shot pictures of quite an attractive woman. More hypocrisy, then, and more narcissism. But hey, if you are a BLM activist the only one who will pay attention is… Satan.

The article has the usual whining about what a wonderful person everybody says she was. She looked grand, I’ll give you that. As for wonderful, I beg to differ. I see a very narcissist, attention-seeking, full of herself, and full of other things besides, personality. And no, don’t tell me that I do not know her. I know her based on the way she chose to present herself and wanted to be seen.

Playing feminist and taking part to a beauty contest; crying racism and being the very evidence of the absence of it; looking for validation in a Marxist, perverted, anti-American, divisive movement when working in the very opposite sector of activity, and criticising ageism and patriarchy whilst constantly promoting her very good looks are, to me, signs of a stunning hypocrisy; the kind that, again, Satan promotes and tries to turn to his advantage.

With obviously no faith, and no other god than the constant search for self validation and attention, as the “glory” of a largely forgotten title fades and ages promises to soon start ravaging a great beauty, it is no great surprise that a cold walkway should be where this particular journey ends.

The splattering of a Black Life that clearly did not Matter to its very owner is a reminder to all of us of what can happen when Christ is substituted for self validation with every possible means, and for shallow virtue-signalling that leaves nothing but death and destruction in its wake.

I am glad nobody else was hurt.


If she had hit, upon her “landing”, another BLM professional, that would have been a very fitting end to the story.

Citizens’ Lives Matter, UK Style

Yesterday was a good day for Britain.

You will ask: “How so, Mundabor, if there was a big riot in Bristol?” Well, it was a good day for two reasons:

  1. Why the riots happened, and
  2. How the Country reacted to them

The riots happened because of a new piece of legislation increasing the powers of the police in certain circumstances and generally limiting the ability of subversives to disrupt the lives of decent citizen. Make no mistake, this is the result of the mess caused by Extinction rebellion and BLM, whose UK ripples also saw statues toppled and other Marxist shenanigans this side of the Pond. The new legislation makes it more difficult, and punishes with jail sentences up to ten years, “wild cat” stunts of unemployed idiots and even more stupid university students who, say, block underground trains, or the like. Again, this cuts the legs of extremist Marxist organisations like Extinction Rebellion, Antifa, and BLM. You will now have to mobilise a very, very hard core criminal to make him risk 10 years in jail for a virtue-signalling stunt.

Rather predictably, therefore, the protest ended up in riots, as Marxists are very apt at having the violent taking over this kind of exercise, and hoped to start another “spring of love” here in the UK, Seattle-style. Apparently, the mess happened live on TV. Apparently, the police had a poor show (as you expect from very possibly the most emasculated, PC police force in Europe; and so badly funded that, apparently, they were even short of the horse mounted troops they would have needed), again live on TV. An embarrassment, for sure.

However, this is not the US.

When some Extinction Rebellion idiots jumped on top of underground trains and blocked the traffic some time ago, they were taken down and given a sound thrashing by the very white collar people you see around in London every day. Whatever you say of Londonistan (and I could go on for a while), there are still a lot of people around the UK who have a no-nonsense approach to life, and will not be #metooed, or BLMed, or Extinction Rebellioned by these cretins. Rather, those wanting to push subversion under their nose will have to deal with them on the spot.

In short, there is no fertile ground for this kind of actions. You can’t take an entire Country hostage with your “racism” narrative. People really do not care if they are called “racist” or “fascist” when they reject insanity. They are, also, much better at smelling a Marxist because of their long experience with them, something which the American Citizen must still learn. This is exactly why the Government promoted the new legislation, and why yesterday riot’s were a total flop for the subversives.

Also, in the UK there are cameras everywhere. I suspect that, as happened with the riots in London, a methodical man-hunt will now start and will lead to the arrest of those (directly) responsible for the street violence; and no, it will not end with immediate releases because of some Soros-backed prosecutor refusing to do his job.

Learn from your former Masters, America. Stop drinking the Kool-aid of “racism”, environmentalism, and all other excuses used to push a Marxist agenda.

Wake up, smell the coffee, and get ready with that police baton.

The same as in the UK, the population will be on the side of decency.

The Self-Eating Machine


A founder of BLM Los Angeles has equated Biden to Trump, calling Oldfinger Joe and the leftist who support Biden, in so many words, “violent White Supremacists”.  

The female states that there is no substantial difference between Trump and a candidate who, and I quote, “represents the same system”.

Let that sink in.

You might say that this is an isolated episode. I say that this female clearly enjoys more than some recognition in BLM/Antifa circles. She talks for the “movement” in an somewhat official capacity as co-founder of the LA BLM. She clearly has traction.

I would also say this: that for one who speaks openly, many smart silently. Chances are they will not comply in November.

Leftists with a brain (albeit an evil, often sexually perverted, invariably baby-killing one) realise that they are, once again, the useful idiots of the people they hate. Some of them, like Bernie, embrace the suck and enthusiastically support the people who screwed them (Bernie will have his motives and advantages, as he knows that his survival as an “independent” Senator in Vermont depends on him not rocking the boat, and do what his masters say). Others, like this female here, really can’t stand the entire situation and lash out at Biden out of sheer frustration at their Marxist program being, unofficially but clearly enough, thrown away in order not to scare the leftist mothers in the North Carolina, Nevada, or Arizona suburbs.

And really, Biden is a mess. He is for fracking in Pennsylvania and against it in California. You may think he forgets, but I am pretty sure he can still take notes and re-read them. No, Biden is merely telling people what they want to hear before he starts – if he wins, which I don’t think he will – pursuing the globalist, war-mongering, coal-killing, immigration-boosting, baby-killing design of his puppet masters, with some cosmetic concessions to the extreme leftists like “Black Lives Matter Day”, “Greta Week”, “Earth Halloween”, or the like (whatever his billionaire puppet masters allow).

Congratulation, Lebron. You truly are a moron.


The less insane leftists should profit from this to learn a valuable lesson:

Marxists are like piranhas. There is no way to appease them. They will eat everything in sight. When they have finished with their preys, they will eat each other. It’s what they do. It’s in their genetic code.

Biden has now been equated to Trump and violent White Supremacists by an important representative of a movement likely amounting to, say, 3%, 5%, 7%, perhaps even 10% of their 2016 Black vote. Mind, we are not talking of the moderate Blacks here, who are already leaving him in great numbers. We are talking here of the very voters for whom Democrats have embraced, supported, condoned or ignored violence, arson, chaos, and murder on the street for several months now. 

Smart tactic? You be the judge. I’d say they lose 40% of this group (let’s call it 7% X 0.4 = 2.8% of the Black vote) and they are done for in places like Georgia (if they had hopes), Minnesota, or Michigan.

As it is now, it looks to me like the Democrats are a bunch of losers veering hard to the left, and committing mass suicide, because Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Nadler, and a couple of others are afraid of being AOC’d in their own district, and prefer to damage the party they lead rather than run the risk of being challenged by leftist nutcases in their own turf themselves.

It will work for them. It will not work for countless lesser Dem politicians down ballot.

It will, I think, spectacularly backfire for both Joe, and the Hoe.


Pope Weasel And The Just Aspiration Of Communism


Pope Weasel regaled us – during a recent Angelus in front of the usual three dozen curious who did not want to spend for Ripley’s Believe It Or Not – with a bit of his wisdom:

In addition, in these weeks we are witnessing numerous popular protests all over the world – in many parts – expressing the growing unease of civil society in the face of particularly critical political and social situations. While I urge the demonstrators to present their demands peacefully, without giving in to the temptation of aggression and violence, I appeal to all those with public and governmental responsibilities to listen to the voice of their fellow citizens and to meet their just aspirations, ensuring full respect for human rights and civil liberties

This is, at the same time, ambiguous and subversive, in the same way as Francis generally is.

On the one hand, Francis restricts his appeal to the  just aspirations of the bunch of communists, anarchists, paedophiles, and others who are now manifesting. In theory, they could have no just aspirations (being a bunch of communists, anarchists etc.) at all, and everybody could be happy.

In practice, it is obvious that this is, for as far as a man like Francis would dare to go, an endorsement of the victimhood so much in fashion nowadays among the above mentioned categories.

“I am not saying that being a Communist is officially good”, Francis implies, “but please listen, listen, listen to them!” In this, there is an implicit judgment that white-on-black racism is still a factor (fake news), that the police needs to be reorganised (more fake news), and that Capitalism has somethign fundamentally wrong in itself (fakest news of all).

By the bye, I am awaiting Francis’ strong, definitive condemnation of “cuties”.

Will I get it?

Will I?





Dads Against Pervs

Woke Domino


I have never been a member of a Board of Directors, but I have been sufficiently near to one or three to learn a thing or two about how certain things work. It might be useful to share a couple of thoughts on this for those who have less experience of these office dynamics.

First: these Members of the Board are not, or not in any meaningful way, invested in the Company’s long-term success. They are employees, not owners.

Second: these members of the Board have one goal in mind, the renewal of their contract.

Third: these members have someone, within the board, who would like to see them out. More importantly, there is also someone who is waiting to leave a mark for himself (contract renewal, perhaps advancement to CEO or Vorstandsvorsitzender), the sort of “junior but smart member”, “fresh thinking”, “future of the Company” guy (or gal).

Fourth: the Supervisory Board is, often, also not made of people directly invested in the long-term welfare of Company. They are “old glories”, people coming from prestigious institutions of the same kind, people put there by investors, but who are not themselves the investors they represent. Their investors (say: funds) are, themselves, steered by employees, repeating the game one level up.

If you put all this together (granted, the elements might play in a different way in any company, but I have seen each of these elements clearly at play more than once), you can better understand why, in one week, momentous decision can be made, perhaps even destroying valuable brands after immense amounts of money to create, establish and protect the goodwill.

Bad Lives Matters (not, not a typo) starts to make noises. In the Board meeting, “rebel guy” puts himself at the head of the movement, and proposes “change” in a kind, very polite, but forceful manner. The times, they are ‘a changin’, and all that. His risk is limited. He is “change guy” after all. He knows, also, that he rides the wave of modernity, and it is dangerous to shut him down. There will be no major shareholder telling him: “Shut up, you stupid boy. I haven’t created this Company from scratch to have a nobody like you destroy all I have made”.

At this point there is a huge wave coming down, and “change guy” (or gal) is happily surfing on it, perhaps seeing himself as the next CEO already. Who will be the first who stems himself against the wave, and risks getting “change guy” (including  surfboard) on his teeth? All too often, nobody. If it goes badly, it will be the end of his contract renewal chances, because “change guy” wants to go up, and has his knives sharpened. There might be calls for his head, too.

It needs love for the company, commitment to the workers, and a great amount of personal integrity to put oneself in the middle of the firing line and draw one’s Peacemaker, come what may. But the Boards I have known and worked with had no Gary Coopers in them, and no desire whatever of a High Noon-style confrontation. How many Boards in the West are like the ones I have experienced? Not all, for sure; but very many, I am afraid.

Does it mean that these board members really agree with the agenda, or care for the Bad Lives Matter (no typo) movement? Certainly not. They are doing what is safe to survive. They always knew that “change guy” (there is often a “change guy”) wants to go up fast. They also knew that their effective seniority in the board can be easily nullified by other facts: say, several wives of Supervisory Board members are on the side of Change Guy, or the Supervisory Board Members are invited to too many rich-liberal-infested parties to really be on their side. They have their agenda, too. They don’t want to be sidelined, or be considered dinosaurs by their influential acquaintances. They might represent other, PC  corporations, and they don’t want to be more realist than the King. I know what they’ll be thinking: “Hey, it’s your money after all”.

And this is, in my experience, how it goes. It does not need a big initial impact. It is like a big domino play where the first piece is the “change guy” (who has been eagerly waiting for something giving him more “profile”) and the rest happens from itself, because no domino piece after the first is strong enough to put an end to the game.

Similarly, decisions can be made, which everyone considers bad, but which are made because… it’s the safe thing to do at the moment. I have seen it happening. It really opens your eyes about the way in which those who are supposed to protect the shareholders go about their job.

I have seen this dynamic at work in relatively conservative companies. I can only assume that this dynamic is absolutely brutal in more or less “woke” companies with diffused property, where there is no dominant figure, and the domino game can build really fast. I am absolutely sure that many, within these companies, know that the woke fashion is madness. But they don’t want to be crushed trying to resist the wave of falling domino pieces. It is enough that one starts it (and one always will), and the “get woke, go broke” dynamics comes into play.

And there you have it:






Meet The Portland Nazis


The burning of bibles in the public square is highly fashionable among people claiming they fight against “racism” and “inequality”. This would clearly mean that they think the Bible is… racist.

Well, perhaps they don’t think that, either. This has never never been about racism. The lives of Blacks, or anybody else for that matter, have never been anywhere near the radar screen other than as a pretext. The aim was, from the start, a Marxist revolution; and Marxists, as we all know, don’t like Bibles.

Gathering very close to each other (which those who really read, instead of burning, the Bible, cannot do), these violent subversives throw away the mask and show the entire planet what their real aim is: a Marxist-Anarchist revolution, by which the more is destroyed of America, the better it is.

Some of them are certainly interested in the establishment of a Communist regime after the Venezuelan fashion; others are, methinks, more interested in a drug-addled, Anarcho-Mad Max-State, a huge CHAZ where drug is cheap, work counter-revolutionary, and you can keep whatever you manage to steal. Add to this the looters waiting on the sidelines, the failures of all sorts, the Bernankified, tattooed lefto-sluts and the Lesbian land whales, plus all sort of other weirdos and perverts, and there you have them, the heroes of the 2020 Democratic party and its official leader, Creepy Joe Biden, aka “Dementia”.

These people are so dumb – or so ignorant – that they do not understand that there is nothing more immediately associating them to their other heroes, the Nazis, than the burning of books in the public square, in well-publicised bonfires meant to expose their intolerance of everything that is good and beautiful.

When you understand the fundamentally, radically subversive nature of this movement, you understand a lot of things: why it is now mainly influenced and fuelled by White failures; why monuments of Abolitionists are vandalised or taken down; why the American Flag is also burned (as happened a couple of days ago in Portland, too).

Racism is nothing to do with this. It never was. It was, always, only a bait for the stupid, of whom there will never be any scarcity, and the naive, who resemble the former very closely by now.

It is a boon for us that these people – like Francis; like every damn hater of Christ out there – are just not smart enough to wear their masks for some three of four months more. Their all-devouring ideology must, will come out in the open. And the bubble in which they live, reinforcing their madness, encourages them to give open, public display of their own anti-Christian, anti-American madness.

Normal people, in the meantime, watch and take note. They will not start twitter wars; they will not organised any counter-burning of Das Kapital; they will not attract attention to themselves, or put them in the centre stage in order to compensate for a failed existence.

But they will take care that, come November, their opinion on all this is duly recorded. As happened in 1968, in 1972, in 1980, and in 2016.

These people are declaring war on the Bible and the flag at the same time. If they think that this can all be smuggled as “anti-racism”, they are even dumber than I thought; and I never thought much of them anyway.





Instant Karma, Garrett Foster Edition

The video tweet below has the episode I was mentioning in my last post.

This was filmed in Austin, where a wannabe tough guy says the people who “hates us” are “too big of a pussy” to do anything about his AK 47. His name is (was) Garrett Foster.

Guy is clearly looking for trouble; but, being a clear case of Libtardation, does not understand that Austin is in Texas, and in Texas a lot of people are; 1) armed, and 2) clearly not pussies.

It seems abundantly clear that no charges will be pressed against the citizen who shot him in self-defence. This means that the police/prosecutors have decided that Garrett Foster threatened the citizen with his AK 47 and discovered, too late, that you can’t threaten someone with a deadly weapon without running the risk of being smoked on the spot.

Mind, I am all in favour of citizen carrying open. But there’s a big difference between carrying a gun and using your gun to threaten and intimidate someone. This is aggravated assault, and justifies a deadly response.

Also mind: citizen called 911 as soon as he could and was cooperative with the police. It seems that if you are an upright citizen, you will be fine even in a liberal stronghold like Austin.

Unless new elements come to light (which, at this point, is unlikely) we will remain to the facts as they are today: Garrett Foster, Libtard, looked for trouble, and instantly found it.

Congratulations, Mr Foster.

You are in a good position for the Darwin Prize 2020.


Instant Karma


In these tense days, I think it my duty to do what I can to bring a smile on the face of my esteemed readers.

The story is here: in short, a very angry woman and a strange human being who might, or might not, be in possession of a vagina brutally assaulted (likely from the back, as he says it was so sudden) a Wisconsin State Senator who was taking photographs of the mob taking down a monument.

I do not know exactly who did what, and it seems that several people participated in the assault. However, these two are considered two of the assailants, probably the main two assailants.

Look at them. The person on the left is clearly recognisable as a female; but, a while after the assault, her look is still expressing ruthless, cold, steely hatred. Meanwhile, the person on the right could be your typical soy boy, but the linked article assures us that this person also has, in fact, a vagina. As we all know that sex is destiny, we will archive her as “female” once and for all.

So, these two individuals viciously kick and punch the Senator, likely from the back, because he was photographing a crime in which the mob was engaging. Make no mistake, they will do time.

One of the two was a “school social worker”. I do not know what a “school social worker” does. There were no “school social workers” where I grew up, and I grew up just fine anyway. I do not even know who of the two disquieting human beings was the social worker, and it pains me to say that I would not be surprised to know that it was, in fact, the one with the blue and green hair, looking like John Goodman’s difficult nephew. Still, look at the sinister light in the other one’s eyes and you would not know what is worse.

The story is funny enough, as it features two violent Social Justice Warriors who were just too stupid to understand that reality would catch up with them sooner or later (the events are around one month old; so, this was later rather than sooner…).

But it gets better…

It turns out the poor Democrat Senator was punched and kicked to a very sorry state whilst trying to explain to his assailants that he was on their side.

Poor, poor Senator Carpenter, caught in the middle of the same destructive violence he supported and celebrated! Instant karma, then…

I wonder if State Senators have immunity, because it seems to me that the guy has self-denounced himself of encouraging violence and incitement to a riot.

This summer of 2020 is giving us a number of these hilarious episodes (a guy almost burned another criminal alive in Portland a couple of days ago; another idiot wounded three fellow rioters accidentally firing his rifle; a third one was dispatched in Austin, hours after bragging that his “pussy” opponents would do nothing against him and his rifle).

I wish I had the time to write about them all…

God knows we all need a smile.








White Lives Thinking They Matter

Follow me for a moment here, and let us play a little game:

When I tell you “Black Lives Matter”, without any picture or video, what associations come to your mind? George Floyd? Rayshard Brooks? Even, say, Maxine Waters?

If you are like me, the associations that come to your mind are pretty much exclusively of young, angry White people smashing, burning, vandalising federal property (the males) or just screaming, filming their own bitchiness and virtue signaling like there is no tomorrow (the females). 

There isn’t much “Black” left in Black Lives Matter. Granted, the founders of the movement are rich in Melanin; but their Marxist message has been hijacked by a mainly White, and very angry crowd.

I will attempt a deep sociological observation here, and I apologise in advance if I am being politically correct in any way, shape or sort.

Marxism is not strong among Blacks. I think that the majority (at least outside of the ghettos) are hard working, serious people trying to make a decent living and caring for children, friends, hobbies, hopefully religion, and such stuff. With them, BLM never had a chance.

If we, however, limit our look at the bad elements, it seems to me that they are mostly interested in what’s in it for them, now: if there is something to loot, or fun to smash, or making it easy to deal drugs because there is less police around, they are all for it. But the long-term, zero-pay, ungrateful project of establishing a completely new, Marxist society and running the risk of having Federal agents giving you a new nose – or several years in jail – without any monetary profit is just not attractive to the average small criminal, gang banger, or dumb ass of the George Floyd / Rayshard Brooks sort.

They just aren’t interested in a new society. They are interested in whatever has attracted the attention of their very low intelligence today, be it getting drunk, passing fake notes, selling some dope, or doing something else that is very stupid and, in the long term, leading to jail. Still, it seems to me that they are willing to go to jail to make money out of drugs, *not* to establish a Marxist Paradise.

For that, we have the professional, lily White, Uber Angry, Leninist Storm Troopers (see what I am doing here?)

They are the failed sociology students, the failed political sciences students, the failed liberal arts students; the unemployed, unemployable full-time protesters; the gender nutcases and the confused no-nuts-anymore cases; the full-on cases of hysteria blaming the world because they have made themselves unable to properly function in it.

They, not the ghetto looters or the petty Black criminals, are – in their majority – the ones who stand in line every evening in Portland, trying to do as much damage as they can before the hatred eats their livers; those who go around smashing windows in Seattle and pining for the next Autonomous Zone; those always ready to chant, cry, agitate their phones around and, in general, make total asses of themselves; those, also, who seem never to have a job to attend to the following day.

The ghetto looter has, at least, a practical approach to his chosen path. These idiots don’t have even that. Dozen of them have already been arrested, and there is no doubt that, in time, federal jail sentences will be generously distributed among them. It’s as if the lingering realisation that they are complete pieces of shit made it so important for them to have one aim, one redeeming feature in their wasted lives, that, for that, they will be ready to go to jail, capturing their incrimination material on video for the jurors to really understand, and almost smell, what pieces of shit they actually are.

Black Lives Matter has clearly become a very angry, very White, very Soya Latte affair in which, as always, White leftists patronise everybody, signal virtue like there is no tomorrow, and condescendingly accept to take on their elitist backs the burden of the poor, persecuted Blacks; Black whom they see as modern Kunta Kintes unable to care for themselves, and awaiting liberation and justice from the Venti Latte Troops.

The fact is: there aren’t many Marxists in the Country. Outside of YWAFs (Young, White Academic Failures), they are basically non-existent. After the first wave of excitement has subsided and the looting possibilities have become very thin, the BLM proposition has become very ungrateful to your average petty criminal. Alas, you can’t make a revolution with the Latte Troops alone. You need an awful lot of smashers, grabbers, committed desperados, dedicated thieving bastards.

Alas, they seem more interested in selling drugs. The White Plantation Owners will never have an army of willing slaves following them. Actually, they are a wonderful PR machine for Trump.

There. That’s Pepe the Frog just in the middle of the Venti Latte Soya.

Enjoy the show. The nation is watching, and November is coming.










Cats’ Paradise

I have just replied to a message stating that women are generally sensible voters… when they are mothers.

I reflect that in 2016, it appears the majority of White women (mothers, or not) voted for Trump against “I have a vagina so I am entitled to your vote”-Hitlery.

OK, woke women were a very tiny minority in 2016; very likely, they are a very tiny minority now.

But they are, most emphatically, not marriage material.

Bitchy, angry, heavily in debt, likely fat and, in any case, made ugly by hate, eligible men will run away fast at the first whiff of romantic interest they detect in … them.

So we might witness, in the next decades, the phenomenon of millions of “Bernankified” (look it up!) women ending up bitter, angry activists well in their Seventies, Eighties and, like a Justice I know of, almost Nineties!

And I wonder: will they they take to the streets with their canes and walking frames, loudly asking for the right of their “partners” (the cats) to vote, lamenting “felinephobia”, demanding “feline equality”  and crying with all the oxygen they have in their lungs (not much) that “Cats’ Lives Matter”?

Absurd, you say?

Not more than thinking that a man is a woman, because he says so.

What I know, is that it will be a cats’ paradise.



Nike Hates America: Woke Companies In The Age Of Madness


Nike has ridden the tiger of racial hatred and easy virtue-signalling for too long. Now, the tiger is turning against them.

Colin Kaepernick, the Most Privileged Unemployed Man Alive, has taken to Twitter to insult the USA and all Americans.  

The tweet (above) is complete with brown fist, closed in the Communist salute.

This must be a heck of a “testimonial”.

Nike has identified itself with Kaepernick many times in the past, to the point of walking back (at who knows what cost) the Betty Ross shoes – already produced and distributed – because patriotism is, you know, racist.

They must now suffer to be identified with this America-Hating, Afro-Wearing clown in whatever he does, at least until they utterly and completely renege him, rescind any collaboration they have with him, solemnly affirm their allegiance to the U S of A and, in general, stop making asses of themselves.

Will they? I doubt. I think they will prefer to ignore the man’s tweet, or try to limit the damage with some platitude that tries to not offend anyone, an increasingly more difficult task in these “communist or racist” times.

But the fact remains: Nike have chosen not to only to support, but to obey a racist, America-Hating man who launched himself on an ego trip of vast proportions to compensate for his failings on the playing field. It worked very well for him, as the money he made from Nike amply compensates for the earnings of the stellar NFL career he did not have any chance of achieving in the first place. But it did not work so well for Nike, who likely thought they would support a harmless do-gooder with an Afro and must now be identified with the man’s reckless and irresponsible attention-whoring.

I hope the message is carried to all Americans, beyond the Independence Day weekend: Nike hates you and the American Values. They clearly side with BLM in the war against America. 

A Company that chooses to identify itself with individuals like Kaepernick must accept to be seen as espousing the same values he espousing, and hating the same Country he hates.

Think of this next time you buy a pair of sneakers, or another sport article they sell.

American Values Matter.

Not to Nike, I am sure.

But, hopefully, to you.






“I’ma Lose My Jobba”, Or: What Has Harvard Become?


Hilarious episode reported yesterday. Bigoted, screeching, hysteric Feminazi threatens to stab whomever says “all lives matter” (therefore, she threatens to stab #metoo!).

She gets fired by her prospective employer.

She posts more videos, blaming Trump Supporters for her being the kind of bitch no one can feel safe working with. In pure bully style, the aggressive threats leave place to crying, and self-pity galore. Her English is pitiful, too.

Still, Bigoted Feminazi is always at the centre of a world exclusively revolving around Bigoted Feminazi. She needs to have her stupid crocodile tears out there in the world. And she is too stupid to understand that she has done things worse, twice.

This one here is a Harvard graduate, which should count for something. She damages that university, too, because one doesn’t need to be a genius to understand that being a Bigoted Feminazi must be pretty much the norm in that once-hallowed institution. I wonder who would run the risk of hiring a Harvard graduate after this. I certainly would look elsewhere.

But, back to her, it’s the stupidity that strikes one most, more than the violence and the arrogance.

You don’t go around threatening to stab people in a video. You just don’t. Every employer, little or big (but particularly big) would be terrified of the consequences of Screeching Feminazi doing something really bad at the office, and the Company where she was about to start working (Deloitte, nor Arnold’s Fresh Burgers) can certainly not run a risk like this.

Best case, you have a hyper-bigoted Screeching Feminazi giving all sort of trouble everywhere; worst case, she assaults someone in the cafeteria with her plastic fork for saying “all lives matter”, then sues her manager for sexual harassment to try to get out of trouble on the cheap.

This woman should work at BLM, or for some Soros-funded organisation. Normal employers, however woke, are not for her.

But then you might think: she will apologise, and say that her passion for S-S-S-social J-J-J-ustice made her say things that she should never had said, and so on, and so forth. This might have come handy by the next interview. But no, there must be more self-pitying, more laying the blame somewhere else, more whining passive-aggressiveness. Recovering from this will be much harder now, because everybody entertaining the thought of hiring Mssss “I’ma stab you” will understand that the first video was not a bug, it was a feature.

Institutions like Harvard should start to seriously reflect about what has happened to them. They send out in the world people obviously so poisoned by the bigotry and the cancel culture of their university, that they are unfit to work in an office environment. Worse still, they are so blessedly unaware of it, so utterly oblivious of the basic principles of decency, that they are not even conscious that, after years of hyper woke culture, they are not going to function anywhere else.

A lot of lives are going to be ruined by the impact of that totalitarian dystopian world called academia and the real world out there. This one here is just a particularly egregious example.

Heck, there are accepted ways of being even a bigoted, screeching, hysteric Feminazi that would not cost the job. 








The Pope Who Won’t Do His Job

The BLM Communist Fist is the new Cross



This very recent article from Breitbart once again shows everything that is wrong with Nincompoop In Chief.

The guy mentions, pretty much in this order:

  1. Justice
  2. Social Concord
  3. Respect for our common home (what’s this: a Condo?)
  4. Bringing people together
  5. Shortening distances
  6. Providing necessary information
  7. Opening minds and hearts to truth
  8. Building bridges
  9. Defending life
  10. Break down walls between individuals
  11. protecting the welfare of others, from individuals to the “human family”
  12. overcome racism, injustice (he already said that) and indifference
  13. give voice to the plea of those in need of mercy and understanding

There is not one of these aims, not even one, that is not intended by Francis (as the article makes clear) in a purely secular way.    

The most striking example is the phrase about the welfare of others “at every level” (point 11), where I thought I had finally found a reference to providing to the spiritual needs of people: you know, Christ. I was, very predictably, wrong. “At every level”, for this clown, does not mean both the material and the spiritual. It means both for the individual and the “human family”, obviously a substitute for the love of God. 

Obviously, Nincompoop In Chief could not avoid giving his indirect, but clear enough support to Black Lives Matter; who, being damn commies and enemies of Christ, are very much after his liking.

The guy just won’t do his job.

And the worst thing is: he wants you to notice it.






Live By BLM, Die By BLM: Meet The Photographer Who Died Of His Own Medicine


Oh well, the photographer killed in Louisville (see, how much lurv this summer contains?) was not killed by a White Supremacist, but by a man of c-c-c-colour. This guy was arrested only days before, and immediately released.

Furthermore, the killed photographer was an activist who supported the “cause”. 

I will not give you the sugary stuff. You can go somewhere else to read this. Say an Eternal Rest for the poor bugger, and reflect that he had it coming. In fact, it is very fitting that those who work to spread racial tension, chaos, and a revolutionary climate leading to Communism should die of the same virus with which they want to infect everybody else.

The motives of the biped who did this aren’t clear. You can see him in the linked article just firing around, senselessly, without an apparent reason.

These are very, very, very stupid people. The motive can range from the intention to blame “White Supremacists”, to the guy being owed 12 dollar by someone in the encampment, to the guy having some “beef” with other criminals in the area.

Arrested only one week before; promptly released; shooting around only days later; in broad daylight. Welcome to the New World of S-S-S-Social J-J-J-Justice.

The photographer was in the wrong place. Well, he actually literally was. He was in the wrong place, doing the work of Satan.

Before any sensitive soul wastes his time writing comment about my lack of “sensitivity”, or feeling all warm theorising that the guy might have had “good intentions”, let me say this: there is no excuse for supporting BLM. There has never been, but most certainly there isn’t now. It is like supporting Stalin, period. 

This “Summer of Love” is evolving predictably badly. It is as if there was a concerted effort to get Trump reelected as leftists of all colours and political shades compete with each other in doing and saying the stupidest, most outlandish things, scaring moderate Democrats. Democrats need more time than other people to open their eyes; but many of them have children, a job, a mortgage, a work ethics, hopes for the future of the ones they love.

I doubt they will see the future that these demented people are preparing for them, and like it.




Keep Losing, Or: The Summer Of Blood

Try to remove those “peacefully” whilst surrounded by thugs…


Even the hard-left BBC does not manage to conceal the utter failure of the Seattle Autonomous Anarcho-Communist Hate Zone known as CHAZ or CHOP.

Almost every day I see newspaper articles with news of a shooting, but no one seems interested in keeping count. BBC is no exception, but I’d say we are at two dead and four wounded in 9 days.

Basically, Liberia.

The chief of police whines that people are “not cooperating”. Hey, Ms Sherlock: they kicked your people out! Why exactly do you expect them to cooperate? 

This is more damaging to the Dems every day. Violence continues unabated. The police are unable to do anything meaningful about it. The Mayor of the “Summer of Love” has to answer all this.

This is only the beginning. When the CHAZ is, at some point, dismantled, people will come out of the woodwork with tales of violence, intimidation, perhaps rape. Serves them right, of course, but it will make other people think.

Concrete road blocks are now frequent. The occupiers have said they will not go “peacefully”. Even a Libtard understands this is now a free republic for drug trafficking and who knows how many other horrible things.

Every day they do not act, they look more impotent. When they are forced to act, they will look like losers, forced to resort to violence to cut their losses. If Trump intervenes in the end, he will be hailed as the saviour from incompetent politicians.

This is a lose-lose for the Dems. They know it, and they know they need to choose how they lose, fast. But the choice is very painful.

So, for the moment, they choose to just keep losing.



Where Mundabor Agrees (Or So He Thinks) With BLM.


Another brutal example of senseless, unjustified, brutal violence against innocent Blacks has made it to the news. 

I wonder how many episodes of the sort actually don’t.

This hemorrhage of young Black lives has to stop.

Black lives matter. I mean, all lives matter, but black lives, too.

I am sure that Black Lives Matter, and all Democrats in power and vocally active in defence of the minorities, will now cry to the sky, and ask extremely vocally for measures that protect young Black Lives.

This is going on every day. It causes the loss of hundreds of Black lives every year, many of them completely innocent. Hundreds.

I am sure, I am absolutely positive, that Black Lives Matter will be decrying this, and the many other episodes all to resembling to this one, vigorously demanding that law and order be restored everywhere, but particularly in the difficult neighbourhoods of cities like Chicago.

Black lives matter. Every one of them. And every life, Black or otherwise, matters in the same way. A black life does not become less relevant because it has unjustly been cut short by, say, a policeman, or a thug. Every black life represent the loss of the same human life. There are no losses that are more special than others. To think so would be to promote, and practice, active racism, dehumanising those deaths that are not politically expedient.

No. Every Black life matters in the same way.

I am sure that Black LIves Matter will agree with me.

How could it be otherwise?


Christ The White Oppressor, His White Friends, And The Instruments Of Freedom

This is a tweet from Shaun King, one of the BLM kingpins and, apparently, not even Black.

Wait before you laugh at the tweet. Reflect on this:

  1. This guy is influential in its own circles. BLM has gained a lot of traction in the last months, courtesy of reckless Democrats and cowardly Republicans.
  2. What is madness today can be fashionable tomorrow. The idea of getting rid of the police would have been laughed as a childish fantasy only two months ago, it is now the official policy of a city like Minneapolis.

These people are satanical bastards. Predictably, Satan uses them and their (probably never sincere) social grievances to attack Christ.

I have great confidence in the ability of the American people to choose sanity in the end. But make no mistake, there is no sanity within BLM, and the melanin issue is merely a cover to achieve a fundamental destruction of all that is good and holy, and the annihilation of Christian America.

If all fails, if the police cowards away and the politicians kneels and the army looks the other way, it will come down to the AR-15 side of the discussion; a side in which our corner enjoys such superiority that it is not even funny (actually, it is; but one is supposed not to say it).

In Europe, you can’t get a rifle for personal defence.

In the US, you can still get an AR-15 with a (fitting) Psalm verse etched into it:

I am not sure Mr King would not call an AR-15 an “instrument of oppression”, like Christ. I, for myself, would call it an instrument of freedom.

People like Mr King remind us that we are never more than one generation away from tyranny.



Corporations, Cowards And Crocodiles


An excellent article in the Federalist outlines the myopic and cowardly attitude of Corporations kow-towing to the Racist BLM Mob. 

The article points out something not frequently discussed: the problem for these corporations does not begin when they get sued. It begin when they start hiring “Diversity Directors”. They create a climate of poison, resentment and entitlement at the same time. It is only a matter of time until this behaviour ends up causing huge bills. Bills, mind you, not only due to litigation, but to the money they keep paying in the very stupid hope of appeasing the mob. 

Newsflash: mobs can never be appeased.

The guy above knew this, because he had a robust dose of common sense and was not afraid of speaking his mind; which is why monuments to him must now be protected by the same mob the Corporations try to appease.

One premise of the article I cannot share: that leftists are better than conservatives at boycotting. I disagree. I would say that:

1. Leftists are good at making noise, and

2,. Corporations are so good at giving up, that one wonders whether they received specialised training.

Nowadays, it is fashionable to admit that you have been an idiot for decades in the hope that this will prevent others from calling you an idiot. Guess how that ends….

Quaker just scrubbed “Aunt Jemima”, a brand in use for 130 years.

Have they been racists for 130 years? If yes, all Board members must resign, now.

It is time for the supervisory board to start selecting their board members according to the attributes they have, of course after they made sure they have the attributes themselves first. Only when that happens the constant stream of money flowing to extremists and bigots will stop, and then the game will become much more interesting than it is now.

As per today, too many corporations feed the crocodile that want to eat them. They should know history, and heed the words of wise man of the past, however endangered their monuments.





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