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Boris Sells Himself To The Gaystapo

Albrecht Duerer, “The Whore of Babylon”

“If gay marriage was OK – and I was uncertain on the issue – then I saw no reason in principle why a union should not be consecrated between three men, as well as two men; or indeed three men and a dog.” 

Boris Johnson

‘One of the amazing things about London is that not only have we got a declining crime rate, declining murder rate, more theatres than New York, less rainfall than Rome, it’s also one of the few places in the country where the rate of marriage is actually increasing.

‘I see absolutely no reason why that happy state should be denied to anybody in our country and that’s why I’m supporting the Out4Marriage campaign.’

Boris Johnson

The last “hero” ready to sell himself to the Gaystapo is our once not at all unpleasant Major of London, Boris Johnson, known simply as “Boris” a bit everywhere.

Boris has made a great, hopefully fatal mistake: he has openly endorsed so-called gay marriage.

No doubt, Boris is very popular, and he certainly thinks this plunge into sexual perversion will help him to consolidate his support among the vast cohorts of the perverts & their friends. I do think, though, that he might have made a stupid statement too much for the following reasons:

1. Boris isn’ t Cameron. Even babies know Cameron has built his political career on duplicity and flattery. Johnson built his on sincerity and political incorrectness. When he forgets who he is to become a bad copy of Cameron, one can’t see why those who want to kick the man out should support Boris instead.

2. Cameron is losing ground not because he isn’t “pleasant” (he can be glib enough) but because more and more Conservatives want to see Conservatism again, and the voters on the ground clearly start to have enough of this stupid marketing exercise merely benefiting a couple of hundreds,well, prostitutes. How they should change their mind because Boris is a nice chap is beyond me.

3. Alas for them, prostitutes tend to be despised even when they are liked, and I can’t see why Boris should be considered any better than a street worker from true Conservatives, whom in the end he is going to need if he wants to be a real alternative to the Chameleon.

Summa summarum, I think (and hope) the party will realise Boris never made the step from pleasant clown to serious statesman; on the contrary, the power went on his head and caused him to renege his entire persona for the sale of popularity and power, becoming just another little Jezebel. I doubt this is what a growing number of Conservatives (in Parliament and, most importantly, on the ground) wants.


Boris After The Victory

Time to smell the coffee…

So, Boris made it.

As largely expected and notwithstanding a desperate attempt of the communist drunkard to exploit and foment social divisions as he did his entire life, Boris managed to sign another four-year tenancy agreement in City Hall; which, by the by, puts him in a very good position to sign another agreement for an even more prestigious building the other side of the river at some point in future.

But now that Boris did it, and the danger of the red madman has been averted, it is fitting to point out to the shortcomings of the man, and to the danger this means for true Conservatives.

Firstly, Mr Johnson has in the last four years developed an unpleasant tendency to try to compensate his public blunders with a show of political correctness and “sensitivity” simply unknown to him before he was elected mayor.

Boris the Mayor participates to so-called “gay pride” parades and says he is now the Mayor of all Londoners so it’s par for the course. Interesting.  So, the day we get “incest pride parade” will he be there, too?

Then there is the recent episode with the Christian adv he has banned, showing an understanding of democracy and freedom of expression not far from Pol Pot’s, and sailing perilously close to the wind in times his boss the other side of the river is increasingly in trouble – among many other things – because of his anti-Christian “sensitivity” crap.

My impression is that whilst the man remains a talent, generally speaking a sound Conservative, and one of the best politicians around, we risk to lose him if he stops being the good old Boris we all knew and loved and tries to transform himself in another sanitised, harmless nincompoop spitting politically correct slogans because his adviser told him so.

Today, Boris is the one the entire nation looks at. It is clear that he is the designated alternative to the Chameleon, and that his content in Conservatism is vastly bigger. Yesterday shortly before midnight, Boris made his official entrance in Number Ten’s waiting room, and he seems destined to stay there until the current tenant is evicted. 

But please, please Boris, be true to your real character and do not become just another chameleon desperately in search of votes.


To The Polling Place!

Let us elect him, and let’s wake him up!

Today is the day.

Today is the day an economy with a GDP of around USD 560 bn (in 2008) decides who will be its leader, one of the most powerful men in Europe if you look at the scale of his powers.

This man is one of the three or four most influential opinion makers: not only does he influence, directly or indirectly, about one in seven or eight people who live in this country, but his mentality and ways of life (socialist, or capitalist) ends up being one of the dominant traits of the political climate.

May I allow myself to once again repeat the suggestion to not give Boris the first vote, as his stupid declarations about homos have in my eyes deprived him of this right.

Please consider giving him the second vote. It count exactly the same – in actual fact – for his election, but it sends the message a candidate who does not defend Christian values as he should cannot be your first candidate.

Still, the most important task today is to bury the old socialist drunkard, hypocrite friend of Chavez, Red Ken Livingstone.

Let’s bury him as a politician today, and send him in the dustbin of history.

To the polling place! To the polling place!!


Russians Show Some Common Sense

It's official: commie on the right more evil than commie on the left.

Whilst the West sinks in an ocean of political correctness in which pretty much everything is allowed, the Russians still show some common sense.

It appears more than 90% of Russians support a ban on homosexual propaganda. And in fact, I can’t imagine any country in Europe allowing such open show of perversion only 30 or 40 years ago.

Note the difference with London, where mayor Johnson (whom, make no mistake, you should still vote if you ask me, for reasons which have to do with the fact his only real opponent is pure evil)  bans a Christian adv from the underground after having had no problem at all with the homo propaganda the Christian adv was reacting to.

Note also that the opposition to homo propaganda is almost as widespread among younger people than among older ones, and is extremely widespread even by people of communist sympathies.

That some damn Russian commie should teach us basic morality is really a sign of the times.


UKIP Is The Right Vote, And Second Vote For Boris

For those of you who are voting (by mail) or are going to vote for the London mayoral and assemblies election, may I suggest you seriously examine the possibility of voting UKIP.

I know, they are not perfect. No party is. But I see the following in their favour:

1. They have been fighting – effectively, as it seems – against the Brussels mania of everyone else for many years now. The events of the last year or two are a great vindication of what they have always said. It is astonishing our political class was, in general, so stupidly incompetent as not to see what people of simple common sense out there, in the world of business and real life, have been able to see for many years.

2. They are blessedly devoid of political correctness, and do not share the polite absence of every serious political ideal of the other big parties. Farage left promising career prospects within the Conservative party for an organisation considered a fringe group of lunatics for many years. I prefer a man of conviction to one hundred prostitutes of politics a’ la Cameron. I also like the open, provocative, and I would say Mundaborian style of Farage.

3. They are the best way of expressing a truly conservative vote around. In times when the Tories are so perverted in their own way of thinking as to allow their PM to tell them sodomarriage is “conservative” without throwing him away on the spot, there is no better way to help the Conservatives become Conservative again than to vote UKIP. 

Motive number 3 is, if you ask me, really the key. You don’t have to agree with all they say, or with half of what they say; but it is wise to look at what will unavoidably happen within the Conservative party as the UKIP grows.

Cameron has “cameronised” the party and made it the political toy of a bunch of prostitutes of politics, and perverts. He would sell his mother to whoredom and tell you it’s the “conservative” thing to do if he would think it brings him some votes. He has no scruples, no conscience, no morals whatever. A vote for the Conservatives now would mean a vote helping them to continue on this road. 

The last example of this is the leaked suggestions made to his Catholic MPs to go to Mass more often; whilst he supports sodomarriage, is against the right of Christians to wear the cross in the office, and in favour of owners of B&B to be forced to have sodomites under their roof.

If this isn’t being a little whore of politics, I don’t know what is. Then they complain Farage isn’t always politeness itself.

Truly, if you are a Conservative and love the Tories of old, the last you should do now is to vote the chameleons.

As to the mayoral election, I suggest you give Boris your second vote. The beauty of the electoral system is that you can give him your second vote and be – in actual fact – sure it will count exactly as if you had given him the first. I suggest you give the first to the UKIP candidate to send a signal, or to anyone else. What is in my eyes important is that you send a clear message the new Boris – the PC nincompoop in the hands of his PR advisers – is not your first choice, though of course apart from Satan himself few would be a worse choice than Livingstone.

End of the advertisement. Now for some classical music…


Boris’ Beastly Blunder

You should have shut your mouth, Boris...

We all knew Boris Johnson was prone to say controversial things, but generally they were controversial for the right reasons.

To refresh your memory, the man is on record with the following pearls:

“we don’t want our children being taught some rubbish about homosexual marriage being the same as normal marriage”

The expression “pulpit poofs” for homosexual clergy is also his. The most famous is probably the one that if we allow marriages between a man and a man, then why not between three men, or indeed three men and a dog.

This was, of course, before the man was brainwashed by supposed “experts” and transformed in another little slut of politics, like Cameron.  With the result that from un-PC and popular he is rapidly becoming sanitised, politically correct and increasingly criticised from those he needs more: the Conservatives.

Yesterday, Boris made a big mistake: he decided to try an improbable transformation in politically correct “Cameron Cutie” and decided to ban from the London underground a Christian adv campaign aimed at informing homosexuals (the Christians are Anglicans, therefore they call homosexuals “gay”) that there is a possibility of exit from what is a perversion rather than an “orientation”. Boris’ utterly stupid words:

“It is clearly offensive to suggest being gay is an illness someone recovers from and I am not prepared to have that suggestion driven around London on our buses.”

The man has now some explaining to do, because his utterance of yesterday is in such contrast with what he has always maintained that the accusation of being an election whore is perfectly merited.

I know, I know…. it’s election time and for some strange reason at election times everyone tries to be what he is not; in Boris’ case he might have the extenuating circumstance of being probably the politician most persecuted by PR and PC watchdogs on the planet. Still, this show of fake “sensitivity” is beyond stupid if your name is Boris Johnson and even your cat knows very well what you really think.

But this is not all: Boris ukase is not only stupid; it is profoundly illiberal and clearly discriminatory, then it turns out the Christian movement did nothing else than to mimic a pro-sodomy adv appeared some weeks ago. The poofs’ adv is allowed, the Christian one isn’t.

The Advertising Standard Authority had not seen any problem, either. Ah, but they aren’t working the sidewalks, and looking for clients before the mayoral elections….

Now Boris will be sued , and will have the pleasure of having not only his discriminatory behaviour towards Christians, but his cowardice and hypocrisy exposed in the last weeks of the campaign, severely damaging his reputation among those he needs most. The more or less rioting mob in Inner London will vote for Ken anyway, and Boris should know by now he would not take the homosexual vote  (how much is that? 1%? Less? Seriously? What does Johnson smoke in the morning?) if he danced in a pink tutu in Trafalgar Square, singing Elton John songs.

This was bad, Boris. But let us be frank: you deserve it all. You deserve the shame, the accusations of hypocrisy, and the enmity of the Christians, and if there wasn’t Ken on the other side I would say you deserve to be kicked out of the City Hall and thrown into the nearby river.


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