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The Future Of The Gay Scouts Of America

Too late, madam. Time to pack.

Too late, madam. Time to pack.


Seen from the Internet, things are moving fast in the matter of Scoutism.

I am informed several local groups have been disbanded already, and it is easy to imagine many who have not died a sudden death already will die a slow and painful one in the years to come. Several Catholic groups (both for boys and girls) are already being organised, and I cannot imagine Protestant denominations will not react in pretty much the same way in those local realities where they are strongest.

This will of course have a deadly effect on the Gay Scouts. As Christians find alternative ways to organise Scoutism, they will be more and more infected by the perverted elements, transforming themselves in that kind of outfit only Obama would call Christian. At some time they will reach the tipping point, and even the average, indifferent, post-Christian (or Mormon) parents will understand to send their children among a bunch of perverts isn’t really the best idea no matter how “progressive” one says he is. At this point, the end will come fast and if the Gay Scouts survive, it will be as the outdoor activity section of the so-called “gay” community and their closest friends.

The Gay Scouts have sealed their own fate, because they have forgotten the reason why they exist in the first place.

It will be a pleasure to see them decline and whiter.


Fag By Association

Read here about some of the initiative that are already being proposed to replace the Gay Scouts of America.

Predictably, other “Catholic” groups are already finding excuses not to abandon them.

This is not only profoundly cowardly, it also exposes their youth to the dangers of a world in which a pervert is accepted as such, as pervert, without anyone having to say anything other than how “inclusive” he is.

It is beyond me how a Catholic (or Christian) parent could allow his son to remain in an organisation in such frontal opposition to Christian teaching. They must be aware that their sons' membership alone will give scandal, and even if their own sons will not become sodomites themselves (which most won't; though some unavoidably will as the perverted environment allows Satan to work at ease on some troubled souls), they will probably be infected by the vicarious effeminacy so clearly seen in those who talk of their “gay friends” as if being a sodomite was a badge of honour, and at some point begin to talk, think and dress like faggots.

He who walks with the lame learns to limp, says the wise Italian, and there is no way proximity with perversion will not leave its mark in some sort of perverted thinking. Correspondingly, the wise Italian will judge people from their friends and acquaintances, well knowing that the environment one chooses will shape one to a degree. To tarnish people by association is not a matter of “prejudice”, as the stupid politically correct society would want you to believe, but of sound thinking and common sense. Besides, I wonder how many liberal parents with “gay friends” would be non-judgmental if their boy started to associate with right-wing extremists.

At some point, the Gay Scouts will clearly wither, like the Presbyterians; but as in the case of the Presbyterians, this will not happen overnight, and it is necessary for Christian parents to act now.

Keep your boy away from the Gay Scouts.

Don't make of him a fag by association.


Gay Scouts Of America

And so the Gay Scouts Of America have decided that young faggots can flaunt their perversion in front of your children, and get in touch with them. It will take some time before faggotry paves its way to the leaders, but it appears clearly unavoidable as once you give up the principle the rest will follow from itself.

I am now curious to see what excuses bad Catholic bishops will take to justify the permanence of Catholic boys in this organisation, now officially dominated by Mormons, liberal Proddies, and corporate money.

I truly hope the sane elements among the Boy Scouts will defect and create parallel organisations, something certainly not difficult to do once the local organisation is … already there.

I also make an easy prediction: the numbers will continue to go south, and the cry for the admission of homosexual leaders will become louder in just a few years' time. It is the logic of the Presbyterians; which is illogical, but they don't know that.

The Boy Scouts of America (and of many European Countries) join the number of organisations now polluted by the satanic influence of the times, and which therefore deserve to die. Which they will do one day, but not before helping to ruin countless souls.


Boy Scouts Of America Look Into The Abyss

The Boy Scouts Of America (and not only of America; in other countries the situation is much worse) remind one of the Presbyterians: when the number started to dwindle, they gave away their values thinking marketing comes before ideals. The problem with that is that you generally end up failing on both sides.

I must smile when I read the pro-faggot faction claiming the decreasing membership can be countered by angering many of those who are still members, as if their belonging to the organisation were due to coincidence, or fate. It makes the same sense as to think that as boxing is declining, it is now fitting that aspiring boxers should also learn ballet.

I find the idea also stupid because it is not that the Boy Scouts have some special monopoly on their activity. They are based on territorial units which can easily detach themselves from the mother ship, or be cloned into rival organisations faithful to Christian values. The “brand” of the Boy Scouts may well still have some traction, but only as long as the existing organisation does not collide with the values of the generations before them, after which they will go, in the public perception, the way of the Presbyterians.

I do not have much hope Thursday's vote will go the right way: it is obvious that a caste of paid functionaries scared for their jobs will do all they can to have things their own way; but when the defections come, redundancies among them will be unavoidable anyway.

Loss of value, loss of prestige, and ultimately loss of jobs. This is what happens when an organisation formerly inspired by Christian values sells itself to the fashions of the day, and allows bad marketing to take the place of sound thinking.

Farewell, Boy Scouts of America? We'll soon know…


Boy Fags Of America?

Available soon with stilettos?

Soon wearing stilettos?

The ongoing controversy about whether openly homosexual boys should be allowed to be members of the Boy Scouts of America is indicative of the confusion reigning in the mind of many people nowadays. I see a lack of elementary reasoning that is simply revealing of the utter failure of modern school systems.

You can read comprehensive articles with a short google research. My comments to what I read around are as follows:

1. Sponsors will withdraw money unless the policy changes.

Come on, this is stupid. If there’s one reason why the Boy Scouts exist, is to let boys grow with a moral spine. The idea that morals should be subordinated to sponsorship is exactly the kind of thinking a Boy Scout should never have.

In addition, the argument is self-contradictory. If it is considered discriminatory that there is a national ban on faggotry, it is only a matter of time before it will be considered discriminatory that some local groups do not allow homosexuals, with the resulting withdrawal of sponsorship. Once again, those making the argument of “sponsorships” simply do not think straight.

II Membership

There has apparently been a decline in membership in the last ten years or so, which according to some implies a crisis. Now, it depends. Membership is not really an indication of real success, particularly if membership is obtained by losing one’s core values. On the contrary, every process of self-finding will cause such a phenomenon, as the organisation purges itself from elements who should not be there in the first place. A world where even the Boy Scouts constantly measure their “success” in quantitative terms is a very sad one, and I can well imagine this mentality might also be a cause of the decline in membership.

III The Rabbi

A strange Rabbi complains the Boy Scouts would, if the ban persists, continue to privilege one religious view above all others. You don’t say? Last time I looked, the Boy Scouts were clearly inspired by Christian values. The US may well be a very strange Country in many ways, but the idea that Christian, Jewish, Sikh, Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist value should be included in what would probably be the stupidest experiment on earth is rather new to me. Another sign of the times.

IV  The Method
The methods used by the leadership of the organisation remind one of the way David Cameron treats his own party. The grassroots are informed of what the leaders have decided, and they are asked to implement the policy. This is the more shortsighted, as the grassroots in this case are largely constituted by religious organisations having – as they, ahem, often do – a certain way of understanding life.

In conclusion, the impression is generated that a bunch of people either professionally employed by the organisation, or with a vested interest in its membership number and cash flow, have decided that Mammon is going to be the new source of inspiration for the Boy Scouts of America, and were dim-witted enough to say it rather clearly.

If you ask me, this matter should tell the basis organisation of the Boy Scouts of America that they are being led by the wrong people, and the defenestration of all proponents of faggotry at the top of the organisation should be carried out as a matter of course.


Three Cheers For The Boy Scouts Of America

My Duty To God.

In a rather astonishing show of social conservative spirit, and in a world where more and more institutions begin to bow to the common madness and accept homosexuality as normality, and the indecency of proclaiming one’s perversion out loud a civil right, it is extremely comforting to know the Boy Scouts of America have shown a very long finger to the madness of our times.

This is, mind, no fringe group, counting in the US more than 2.7 million young member and another 1 million volunteers. The Episcopalians would be proud of being able to boast such figures.

You may say it is surprising the Boy Scouts of America reviewed their policy in the first place, but with the benefit of hindsight (and considering this is not a Catholic organisation) it is fair to say this might have been the best way to put the calls for “reform” to rest once and for all.

This is how the Chief Scout Executive of the organisation puts it:

“The vast majority of the parents of youth we serve value their right to address issues of same-sex orientation within their family, with spiritual advisers, and at the appropriate time and in the right setting. While a majority of our membership agrees with our policy, we fully understand that no single policy will accommodate the many diverse views among our membership or society.”

Behind the thinly veiled political correctness, you can read a couple of very clear messages: the parents are overwhelmingly on the side of reason, and those who disagree are very welcome to leave the organisation.

Expect now the usual avalanche of indignation from champagne-sipping, more or less straight, adulterous urbanites (those kind of people unlikely to send their boys to the boy-scouts anyway), and the usual screeching of the organised faggotry.  I read around about a chap with two lesbian “mothers” complaining about the policy, clearly not complying with the moral standards which have (not) been transmitted to him. You don’t say?

The population of the United States is, in their vats majority, still sound thinking and with some fear of the Lord remaining in them. It is now their duty to attack the work of corrupted and satanic judges and use democracy to restore sanity.


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