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Bruce Jenner’s Reverse Madness

Your life as a madMAN.



And it came to pass rumours began to circulate that Bruce Jenner realised he can fill himself with hormones, dress like a pathetic old queen and even amputate himself, but he will always be a Bruce. He would, therefore, be thinking about (in his mind) re-Brucing himself again. How this should be possible I frankly don't know, but I suspect the details are too gruesome for me to stomach. By the by, Fox News loses this link and the relevant page clicks because their page isn't appropriate for a Catholic blog.

You would think the man is starting to recover some sanity, but I suggest you wait a bit for that. The man is allegedly still oh so happy he has encouraged in others the same madness he has practiced on himself. Therefore, this one is still one for the devil, who is now clearly trying to drive him to suicide; his most probable destination anyway unless he repents and, as they say, “gets religion”.

By the way, I'd love to know if taxpayer money was involved in the Original Madness, and whether in that case more taxpayer money would be spent on this Reverse Madness. Improbable, but you never know.

If it depended on me, the thing with the bed one made would be mentioned. And no, I have no sympathy whatsoever for the man. He isn't becoming one of us. He still support the flip-flopping of one's “gender”. This is just a “flop” after the “flip”.

What stupid times we live in. This arrogant, perverted cretin belongs in the madhouse. He is made a hero instead.






Rick Santorum, The Trannie And The Illinois Nazis

Rick Santorum has made an ass of himself once again.

Desperate to show himself as acceptable to RINOs, our non-hero has been on record with implying that he would accept an “endorsement” from Bruce Jenner, the trannie now going around saying she wants to be called Loretta, or such like….

Mind, I have not found quotations where Santorum uses the words “endorsement”, and he simply speaks of the vote. But Santorum certainly understands that whilst it is impossible to refuse a vote, to welcome an endorsement signifies that one is pleased that certain corners supporting one and, in fact, that one finds some merits in them. Santorum’s statement is a novelty (and, for us, a scandal); which is exactly why it makes the headlines the man is now desperately seeking. 

I have not read anywhere that Santorum corrected the many articles on the press speaking of “endorsement” and making clear he does not wish the endorsement of notorious perverts. Not only this shows some desperation in my book, but it also indicates that our Judas is extremely desirous to be linked with the Trannie as much as he can. 

Above is the link to the delightful snippet of the “Blues Brothers” movie concerning the Illinois Nazis. 

Would Rick Santorum have accepted an endorsement from them?


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