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The Cardinal, The Mother-In-Law, And The Incurable Optimist.



The Archbishop of Lima, Cardinal Cipriani, has criticised Archbishop (soon Cardinal) Mueller for the latter’s obvious sympathy for Liberation Theology. The (already) Cardinal called the soon-to-be Cardinal “naive”, and actually did it twice in one week.

The substance of the criticism is predictable: Mueller tries to recycle radioactive material, and it won’t wash. Instead, the Cardinal’s ruler descends with unmistakeable speed on Mueller’s fingers with the words 

Mgr. Müller’s job is to defend the sound doctrine of the Catholic faith so he should stop being naive and be more prudent.

Note here that Cardinal Cipriani explicitly refuses to “read heresy through orthodoxy”, a game very much en vogue nowadays. He does not bend over backwards to explain that if we understand Liberation Theology as being something different from Liberation Theology, but still Liberation Theology, then Liberation Theology is fine. On the contrary, he sees unorthodox positions being represented and not only says it openly, but states very clearly that Mueller, in virtue of his job, is the very last (but one) who should indulge in such, ahem, Bergoglisms.

Archbishop Mueller had answered he was not upset at being called “naive” (which is rather strange, as the man is notorious for being very easily upset), so the Cardinal repeated it again in order for the words to sink in.

Archbishop Mueller is, as we have already abundantly seen last year (the search function is your friend: right hand column, below the “tag cloud”) one who takes it rather lightly even with dogmas and is therefore not likely to be impressed by the need to be orthodox. Do not expect, therefore, any change on his side.

Still, it happens so rarely that a Cardinal intervenes in favour of orthodoxy, and even has the guts to do so with a man he knows a protegé of the new Pope. Rarely indeed. 

There is a saying in Italy: “to speak to the wife so that the mother-in-law understands”.

In this case, it might well be that the Cardinal criticises the wife (Mueller) so that the person he does not want to criticise, but must perforce get the message, understands the criticism is actually meant for him. Who the mother-in-law would be in this case, I do not need to tell.

Who knows. Perhaps the dissatisfaction with Circus Bergoglio is mounting, and signals are already sent in the right direction. Or perhaps I am an incurable optimist. 


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