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Cardinal Dolan Eats His Own Churches

Experts were trying to understand why mass attendance was down...

The failing Archdiocese of New York has announced a slimming down plan. Do not believe the pathetic excuses filtered to the friendly press, hungry for the Cardinal's approval, and trying to let you believe demographic changes – people moving upstate; offices replacing residential buildings – are to blame.

The brutal reality is that Mass attendance is at 12%.

Now let us see, what does the Cardinal to encourage Mass attendance and a healthy Catholic life in his diocese? He makes an ass of himself whenever he can, has “no sense of judgment” for openly homosexual athletes (“good for him!”, says the popularity-hungry Cardinal) and in general undermines Catholicism at every step. As is the case for Francis and countless others, he pays his superficial popularity with the slow self-destruction of his Archdiocese. He wants to have his cake and eat it, but it does not work that way. Still, the decline of his diocese does not have to damage him personally. I know one who oversaw a decade-long decline in his Archdiocese, and became Pope.

The Cardinal's appetite for popularity and easy slogans is so big, that it is no surprise his Archdiocese is slowly aiming at self-destruction. What used to be a region full of Catholics of Italian and Irish descent adequately formed in the faith is now an agglomeration of dwindling communities, slowly and gradually eaten up by the Archbishop as he continues to enjoy the limelight.

In all this, there is one good news: the ventilated closure of the Holy Innocent church, home to the only TLM in Mahattan, will not happen. Evidently, the Cardinal wasn't hungry for further controversies with a small, but very vocal Traditionalist community. They proved not easy to swallow. Then, there would have been the little matter to digest the closure of a thriving church. For once, it appears the Cardinal has bitten more than he could chew.

It is very easy to predict that as long as Circus Welcome is in town, Mass attendance will continue to decline and churches will continue to be eaten up by “no sense of judgment” Cardinal Kong. One only has to hope that the axe will fall predominantly of those “welcoming” communities of the “welcoming” type; communities now reaping what they sow, and who will abundantly deserve the longer way to a new and hopefully more Catholic church.

Bon appetit, Your Grace. I hope you feel sated for the time being.




“Popegate” Makes It To Breitbart

Read it here.

the journalists at breitbart seem to do their homework. The linked article also mentions the recent scandal in New York and the tougher predecessor in reprimanding of Monsignor Pope, Father Guranizo.

No word has come out of the Washington, DC, Chancery office if Pope will be punished beyond having his column taken down. They kicked one South African priest out of the Archdiocese and the Holy See Mission to the United Nations after he criticized Cardinal Dolan for allowing the proposed closing of a small parish which serves the Catholic traditionalist community in New York. And just last year a priest visiting from Moscow, Father Marcel Guarnizo, was tossed from the Diocese of Washington for refusing to give communion to a lesbian at her mother’s funeral. 

It is good to know that the betrayal of Catholicism perpetrated by our stinking shepherds is slowly going out of the Catholic circles and finding a wider audience. I can imagine many Breitbard readers slowly becoming more interested in these people: the priest telling it .. straight to the dykes, the other so attached to the Latin Mass, a third criticising the Cardinal Archbishop of New York.

One blog post, one forum comment, one article at a time, we will one day manage to put many, many Catholics in front of the fundamental questions:

what the heck it’s happening?  What kind of Catholics are these? And why have I not opened my mouth before?  


Brave Fag World

And it came to pass that the organisers of St. Patrick's Day parade caved in to popular pressure and corporate sponsorship and decided that faggots, lesbians and all the other variety of militant reprobation are welcome to the parade dedicated to the Saint, because… they are prostitutes.

A Monsignor of the diocese of Washington and blogger of some repute (about whom I have blogged and reblogged on several occasions: Monsignor Charles Pope) then writes a rather blunt blog post, openly questioning non only the opportunity of such exercises, but the smartness of those who continue to cling to such phantoms of the past after they have been, very clearly, highjacked by the Enemy.

And then… what do you think? In pure Soviet style, the Archdiocese of Washington, who publishes the blog, pulls the article.

Catholicism on the Internet presence of a US Archdiocese? God forbid! We must at all costs avoid that the immense fraud of “Inclusiveness”, “no sense of judgment” NuChurch be exposed for what it is!

Let us pull the article, then. We don't want to be “divisive” now, do we? Let's make a united front and march together with the perverts instead. More “inclusive”, you see. In the brave fag world of the contemporary US church, Catholic voices must be silenced so that the little (or huge, as the case may be) minions of Satan do not feel uncomfortable, and can continue to guffaw their bollocks undisturbed.

Thankfully, the almost omniscient (or at least extremely well-informed) Rorate Caeli has the text.

Ah, the beauty of the Internet! The blog post will now soon have a wider circulation that we could ever hope. Reblog the article on your blog, please. Tweet it around. Let the world know at what point of complicity with evil NuChurch has arrived.

Now let me think one moment: who is in charge over there?

Cardinal Wuerl, you say?

This here?

Or this here?

How is it that I am not surprised?

March forward, brave US Cardinals. Hand in hand with militant faggots and lesbians, singing the song of “inclusiveness” in the new “age of Mercy”.

Enjoy their company. You will see it is going to continue for very long after you die.



Fulton Sheen, The Bishop Of Rome, And The Obese Cardinal.

The news of the shelving sine die of Fulton Sheen's cause for beatification comes at the same time as the announcement that the Obese Cardinal will participate to the gay parade (because, make no mistake, this is what it has become) on St Patrick' day.

Dolan is, from what one can understand, behind the decision. But one really can't understand much because, in pure Francis-FFI-style, not much is said.

The beatification cause was now well advanced, the official approval of the miracle expected in just a few months. This is, I am informed, not a miracle in Paul VI-style, but a real one.

Can you imagine the embarrassment of both Cardinal Dolan and the Unholy Father at the prospect of such a beatification? Would they not, then, have to look for a last-minute excuse to prevent it? And if this is so, why then wait for the last minute, when the miracle is already approved? Far better, then, to stop everything in its tracks now, before things get too embarrassing.

We don't know much about this matter.

But I think we know everything there is to know.

Intercede for us, Venerable Fulton Sheen; that we may be freed very soon from this disgraceful clergy.


St. Patrick’s… Gay

Now available as obese Cardinal

Now available as obese Cardinal



The organisers of St. Patrick’s Day parade, who had up to now refused to allow the participation of perverts qua perverts, have now decided that not even saints can be spared from the association with perverts.

You would think that the local Cardinal would spit flames from his mouth like it’s Smaug Day, wouldn’t you?

Well, not if the Cardinal is Dolan, of course.

Mr “No sense of judgment” would never forgive himself if he allowed this beautiful stage to go to waste. Imagine: the TV stations, the radios, and all the secular press noticing how much the Cardinal follows the “Spirit of Francis”. 

This is the one with no “sense of judgment” at people outing their perversion and demanding approval for it. The one licking the plates of Muslims and telling them they are obviously saved because they like their children. The one puttign his fat belly before absolutely everythign under the sun, starting with his God and his Church.

What an obese Jezebel.

I hope – nay: I am certain – that all decent Catholic will stay away from this shame.

Let the fat prostitute spend the day in the middle of perverts. A fitting anticipation of his destiny after death, unless he repents.



The Ape-Friendly Homos And The Obese Gorilla

Spot the red hat

Father Z reports of the ways rich perverts give grants to – get ready for this – Catholic institutions to promote their perverted agenda within the Church. All this is done under the sun, and in tax-efficient way.

One is not surprised at the extent of such evil: sexual perversion is evil, and it is fully illusory to believe that when Satan has got hold of a soul to the point of making her desire what is most disgusting, he will not try to push these souls more and more deep into a cesspool of hatred of Good, and open war to it.

What one, though, asks oneself is the following:

1. How much does the local hierarchy know of this? Or better said: how can they claim they do not know about this? Any trust or entity under the supervision of the Diocese must surely have yearly reports of their ins and out, regularly scrutinised by their supervisors. Every University must, surely, be subject to the diocese's scrutiny if it wants to carry a link to the Church in her name? We are not talking of pocket money here, but of substantial amounts which, being the objects of tax records, must certainly make it possible to trace their movements and ascertain their destination, to the last cent.

2. One reads such news and wonders to what astonishing degree of incompetence and cowardice the Church in the West must have sunk, if perverts even think it possible to undermine it by openly giving fodder to the enemies inside of her. If our prelates did their job in a halfway acceptable way, the Gorilla-friendly Homos would at least fight their satanical battle from the outside. As it is, they are indirectly told: “welcome! Help us lose souls! Can you spare some change, Gov?”

But then one reflects that this a country where a leading member of the hierarchy has the courage, in one of the rare moments in which he is not eating, to shout “Bravo” to someone not only outing his sexual perversion, but endorsing a sodomitical – and his sodomitical – lifestyle.

I therefore wonder who is worse: the homo Apes undemining Catholic teaching, or the obese Gorilla doing exactly the same, under his red hat.



The Wind And The Weathervane.

Not photoshopped.

I have read several articles in the past weeks about two related events in the Archdiocese of New York. The first is the threatened closure of a TLM parish, prospering and perfectly viable. The second is the removal of a good Catholic priest who had dared to speak openly against such closure. Behind both moves is, no doubt, the vast belly of Cardinal Dolan.

My reaction to such news is always the same: it is all because of Francis.

It is not that I want to exonerate Cardinal Dolan, but rather that I have no doubt – and neither should you – that Dolan is a very heavy weathervane, and moves his rather vast corporeal mass in whatever direction he finds more appropriate at the moment. It is, therefore, no surprise at all he would now move to get some brownie points with the Unholy Father and his men in red.

Dolan is, very clearly, looking at the future, and positioning his considerable backside in a strategic position for the next conclave; so that he may, when the time comes, present himself as the right balance between the continuation of Francis' circus activity – for which he is, when his mouth is not full, eminently suited – and a more traditional approach. He might have better cards than, say, Maradiaga, whom even his friends in red might see as too risky a choice.

What is happening in New York is the obvious consequence of what is happening in Rome. The Michael Voris of the world, who limit their criticism to Dolan and forget to mention why he does what he does, are like the old critics of Beria who forgot to mention Stalin in their criticism.

A strong wind of heresy, chaos, stupidity, ignorance, incompetence and perhaps outright evil intent is blowing. The weathervane register the fact and position themselves accordingly.

We should look at the causes, rather than focusing exclusively on the effects.



No Sense Of Shame: Brothel Without Boobs

He is watching Dolan even as you read this.

Read on Rorate about the latest antics of Cardinal Dolan (already mentioned on this blog). The key passage is this:

Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York praised University of Missouri football star Michael Sam for coming out as gay, saying he would not judge the athlete for his sexual orientation. “Good for him,” Dolan said in an interview with NBC's “Meet the Press” airing Sunday.

“I would have no sense of judgment on him,” Dolan continued.

Note the following:

1. Dolan mentions, as Satan himself would do, the Bible. His Christianity is the hearsay version, “do not judge”. Dalai Lama style. Francis-cum-Nelson Mandela. Woodstock galore.

2. the Cardinal obviously quotes Francis. Michael Voris will criticise Dolan, but not Francis. Mysteries of TV production.

3. He (Dolan) puts on the same plane faithful spouses and clearly sodomite – at least implicitly – athletes. “Bravo”, he says to both.

You see? The ones follow the Bible by being chaste spouses, the others follows the Bible by inserting their accessory into the dirtiest hole (and probably, not the only hole) of another man (and probably, many men). Both of them – the chaste couple and the sodomites – are, says the Cardinal, deserving of praise.

No sense of judgment. Bravo.

Now: if the athlete had said “I am afflicted by a homosexual attraction, but I believe all that the Church believes and will therefore avoid the sin of sodomy and pray the Lord that he may give me the grace to overcome this affliction”, the Cardinal would still have been wrong, because homosexuality is a sexual perversion and something about which one does not go about giving scandal. Would the Cardinal say the following words about a person who had outed himself as a pedophile?

“God bless ya. I don't think, look, the same Bible that tells us, that teaches us well about the virtues of chastity and the virtue of fidelity and marriage also tells us not to judge people. So I would say, 'Bravo.'”

Thought not.

But it is actually far worse than that. Dolan's satanical words are clearly an endorsement for the homosexual lifestyle, proclaimed and lived in scandal. This is a Prince of the Church. What times we live in.

It seems to me here that the Francis effect is making all his devastating effects heard. Cardinal Dolan would very probably never have dared to say anything similar to this, had Benedict been still in power. But now that a new wind is blowing, our over-nourished weathervane promptly changes direction, and plauds sexual perversion in the spirit – not the actual words; but the spirit, yes – of what Francis says.

And so the game goes on. Francis starts the mess and clearly indicates, without going all the way, where he wants to lead the Church. His colonels promptly take the hint, and deliver. Lio ensues.

In the nuChurch of Francis that oh so sharply condemns careerism, they are all aligning to follow the new party line, knowing the man will reward a certain type of prelate. They know the Peron in Rome will appoint others like him to bishops, archbishops and cardinals. Dolan obviously has one aim in mind: to be the new Humble One. I doubt he will encourage the practice of fasting, though.

When I think of the Vatican hierarchy of today, “Brothel without boobs” is what comes more frequently to my mind. No, it's not a strong image. I'd prefer the chances of salvation of any prostitute than those of Cardinals like this one.


O’Malley: It Pays To Play Methodist

It says here that O’Malley’s shares are booming, and Dolan’s ones are tanking.

There is probably some truth in this (it is a fact O’Malley was picked, and even Dolan might be a tad too conservative for Francis), but there might be a lot of wishful thinking, particularly considering the general tone of the article. When they have nothing to write, journalists can invent astonishing trends.

What one notices is that O’Malley’s Methodist stunt with the overweight wannabe priestess “who could hardly speak for hours afterwards” is clearly having the desired effect: he is now the darling of “progressives”, the forward-thinking prelate, and the cool man on Francis’ side.

At this point, one can only suggest that the Cardinal profits from the moment and visits the Synagogue in Buenos Aires with a photographer in tow (there was one there also by the Methodists, apparently) and gets an old Jewish blessing from Rabbi Skorka, with photos all over the planet in a matter of hours.

No doubt, many bloggers would hasten to explain to us O’Malley has not converted to Judaism, so it’s all fine.




Proclaiming Christ Unto Death

“The Church exists to proclaim, to be the voice of a Word, her husband, who is the Word,” [the Pope]  said June 24, the feast of the birth of John the Baptist, who died a martyr.

“The Church exists to proclaim this Word until martyrdom. Martyrdom precisely in the hands of the proud.”

Beautiful words from the Holy Father.

Perhaps a phone call to the Imam in New York would be in order.


Meet Timothy Imam Dolan


The de facto Commander-in-Chief of the American Catholics today openly apostatised, officially declaring his abandonment of Christian dogma. Now allegedly moved by Mohammed, he went to visit a local Mosque.

Great was the joy of the still cardinal at being finally able to enter a place considered sacred by the followers of a child rapist. “I thank God that this day has arrived”, said the future Muslim cleric, overwhelmed by emotions after so many years of clearly outdated Tabernacles, Blessed Virgin statues, and worship of Christ and the Holy Ghost as God.

Mr Dolan, now slated for a position of high responsibility among New York Muslims, officially announced his abandonment of Christianity, explicitly saying that Muslims and Christians believe in the same God.

After the future Imam’s official betrayal of Christ, commenters are divided among those who think he is a retard and those who think he is simply a prostitute, with the second faction apparently prevailing for the time being. Sudden insanity has been excluded, and the still cardinal was reported to eat with the usual appetite today.

The new Imam has given a short outline of what he thinks leads to salvation: love of marriage and family, or children and babies is what saves. The Truth, the Way and the Life are clearly, to him, past sell-by date.

Coherently, he has called for Muslims not to lose their faith. Otherwise they might – God forbid! – become Christians…

The new Imam, who has declared Christians and Muslims love “the same God”, is on record for thanking the Muslim for letting him feel “part of the family”, and his blatant denial of the divinity of Christ and the Holy Ghost persuaded everyone.

Today, Timothy Dolan denied Christ, and truly became part of the Muslim family.


The Cardinal, The Public, And The Evil Governor

Cardinal Dolan has found another way to make an ass of himself or, seen from his perspective, to gain more points with the powers that be whilst trying to appear orthodox.

The Cardinal's intervention has already caused an uproar during the weekend, so I will not repeat what many other have eloquently written. I will, though, allow myself a couple of considerations about the motives and the forma mentis of this despicable man.

Cardinal Dolan doesn't care two straws for murdered children, or Catholicism come to that. It is clear to him the habit is a way to pursue a career exactly in the same way as he might have pursued a career, say, in marketing or, rather, politics.

In order to advance his career with the best chances of success, the Cardinal needs to do the following:

1. Be perceived as “strong” by those who do not closely follow his action; basically, he needs to be a “tough guy by hearsay”.

2. Be perceived by mainstream politicians of both colours as a safe bet: one who will never give anyone serious trouble and can therefore be helped to rise high, or at least not hindered from doing so.

3. Create an image of “popular guy”: the smiling uncle Cardinal you'd want at your table at Thanksgiving, obviously hoping he doesn't eat all the turkey.

4. Be seen by his fellow Cardinal as a harmless guy they can elect without fear of surprises; one who will produce himself in that kind of popular waffling they love so much without seriously angering anyone. The Cardinals have just elected one of those, by the way; so it works.

Notice how relentlessly the Cardinal pushes his agenda, and how well it is working for him. Observant Catholics do know he is a bad 'un, but why should he care? His public perception is what counts, and his public perception is doing just fine. The last threat of a “holy war” against a, erm, “Catholic in good standing” may be a total contradiction and an extremely stupid thing to say, but this is not how it will go down in the public opinion. For the masses, the perception will be of a tough Cardinal, because they do not think to the point of wondering what all this though talk will in the end lead to, and how can you threat holy wars without having the gut to say Cuomo is an evil man on his way to hell who must be annihilated. Dolan's wars are, evidently, fought by guffawing.

You can therefore see how the outrage among the fringe group of devout and attentive Catholics does not disturb the Cardinal in the least. Pope Francis will not be Pope forever, and with the years he will grow in stature and in weight (erm, cough) among his fellow Cardinals.

Make no mistake. His strategy is working just fine.



Cartoon Cardinal Dolan Simply Gets It Wrong

Wrong talking and wrong eating: Cardinal Dolan.

Wrong talking and wrong eating: Cardinal Dolan.

This week, that lack of tangible love is being felt by Nicholas Coppola, a gay Catholic living in Long Island, New York who was incredibly active in his parish. After marrying his husband legally, he was informed that he could no longer serve as a lector, visitation minister, food pantry volunteer, capital campaign board member or catechist. He is allowed to enter the church, but his involvement, which was significant, has been curtailed. This is all because someone sent an anonymous letter to the bishop, who then directed the parish to remove him.

This astonishing piece of faggoty ranting appeared on the Washington Post, who have dedicated a piece to explain to us that Cardinal Dolan does not “love” what they call “the LGBT people” (it means faggots, lesbians, and other perverts).

The astonished reader learns from this that there are in the diocese of New York people who must necessarily be self-confessing sodomites, and are allowed to have a “significant” involvement as (it is inferred) lector, visitation minister, food pantry volunteer, capital campaign board member and/or catechist.

More astonishingly still, it appears this unbelievable… gal even dared to stage a mickey mouse “marriage”, and still nothing happened. In order for this walking scandal to be removed from his “involvement” it was necessary that some good Catholic wrote to the Cardinal saying “wake up, nincompoops”, and then something finally happened.

The Washington Post shows, as it is to be expected from such a perverted rag, that they have no clue whatsoever about what Catholicism stays for. But this does not mean the Cardinal isn't to be blamed, either.

With his woolly words about how he “loves” the “gays” and his trying to explain that the Church “gotta listen to people”, this cartoon Cardinal has put himself into a corner. He doesn't satisfy honest Catholics, because Catholicism requires the Truth to be said whole, and the dangers of hell for perverts to be expressed loud and clear; and he doesn't satisfy perverts, because by all his oily talk he is just not in a position to deliver what they want, that is: the “celebration” of their perversion.

Therefore, the Cartoon Cardinal will continue to be despised by Catholics for his betrayal of Catholic values and his refusal to properly teach the Faith, and he will continue to be despised by perverts as he is rightly seen by them as a boot-licking hypocrite.

Unfortunately, the Cartoon Cardinal will also continue to be seen from the worldwide clergy as the type of “pastoral” archbishop they think the world need, thus placing him in a very good position – unless sanity prevails, for which there isn't much hope at the moment – to be one day our next Pontiff, Pope Mickey Mouse I.

Therefore, do not expect that he stops his policy anytime soon.


Cardinal Dolan Is A Permanent Embarrassment

The solution.

“I don’t know. We’re still trying. We’re trying our best to do it. We gotta listen to people”.

This is the kind of waffle Cardinal Dolan managed to tell ABC talking about the ways the Church should allow perverts (he said “gays”) to feel “welcome”.

As a Catholic, one cannot avoid feeling embarrassed at the cowardice regularly put on display by this disgraceful man.

Cardinal Dolan is required to take position on so-called “gay” issues, and what does he do? Does he point out that sodomy is an abomination? Does he remind his audience that exterminating angels aren’t sent on earth to commit a genocide as a post-lunch routine? Does he spend at least thirty seconds talking of the very grave danger of hell for both sexual perverts and those who aid and abet them?

No, he doesn’t. Instead, he loses himself in inane waffle concerning the way the Church should allow perverts to “feel welcome”; inane waffle leading absolutely nowhere, as abundantly proven by the fact the Cardinal himself has no clue how this “welcome” should be put in place without going against Catholic teaching.

The Cardinal is the de facto number one cleric in a country of 360 million, but he is simply unable to pin down simple words like “abomination”. His main concern is the way the Church “gotta listen to people”.

This man is worse than useless; he is a walking threat for Catholicism in the United States. He just doesn’t have the guts to say the simplest things. He answers that he would say to the “gay couple” that the Church “wants their happiness”, but stops short of saying both what is the problem with them in this life and what will, very probably, be the much bigger problem in the next.

This is a shepherd only worried with looking good with his sheep whilst they get near the ravine, fully unconcerned with using his rod and staff and only worried with pleasing them. I am surprised he isn’t a Jesuit.

I shudder at thinking Pope Francis’ age unavoidably makes of this man one of the papabili in the next conclave, unless of course something intervenes in the meantime, like – ideally – what you see in the photo above.

Timothy Michael Dolan was appointed cardinal by Pope Benedict XVI.


Cardinal Dolan Allows A Sacrilege In Front Of His Eyes.

The Guffawing Cardinal found Biden receiving communion absolutely hilarious.

The Guffawing Cardinal found giving communion to Joe Biden absolutely hilarious.

Besides being an open supporter of so-called gay marriages, Biden is, as we all know, an open supporter of abortion, thinking his “personal” opposition should not encroach on the right of others to stage a Holocaust.

On Sunday, Cardinal Dolan found nothing better to do than allowing him to receive communion. I can't avoid thinking he felt encouraged by the fact Pope Francis apparently allowed Biden and Pelosi to receive only a few days ago.

When Cardinal Dolan caves in to public pressure and to the enemy of the Church, the media generally call it “an attempt to create a new dialogue”. I call it cowardice.

The Cardinal's behaviour is more evident if we consider his predecessor apparently always refused to allow the likes of Biden to receive communion.

I wonder if this is just Dolan being Dolan, or if there is something of bigger dimensions going on.

Certainly we will not hear a word from Pope Francis about this. Not just days after he himself allowed Biden and Pelosi to receive.

Mala tempora currunt.



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