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“President” Chavez plays Theologian

Now available as Theologian

The numerous fans of “President” Chavez (one of the biggest entertainers and muppets of our time) were already well aware of his many talents. The suavity with which the man tramples common sense is, indeed, worth of admiration as very few of us would, even in our much smaller sphere of influence, dare to make such asses of ourselves.

Chavez is different. He thrives in making you laugh. Like a court jester, he relinquishes every desire of dignity and self-esteem to achieve his aim to entertain and delight. A Rigoletto without the brains. He is at the same level of that other great comic talent, Mugabe; but he has the oil reserves, which makes the utter devastation of Venezuela slower and less pervasive than what Mugabe could, after a considerable and prolonged effort, achieve in Zimbabwe.

In his effort to diseducate and entertain, “President” Chavez has now discovered a new vocation as theologian. The Catholic News Agency reports that he has made his first outing in his new career by stating that “Christ doesn’t need any ambassador” because “Christ is in the people”. This he uttered in the middle of a controversy that led him to call the Archbishop of Caracas, Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino, a “Neanderthal”. This he said publicly but as the laughing response from the paying public was not loud enough, he said it out loud again and now hopes that his reputation as stand-up comedian will increase as his theological fame spreads.

One is at a loss to understand why even a damn commie would go to such a distance to enrage the feelings of the many Catholics subject to his dicta….., erm, “presidency”. In the end, no one needs more enemies than strictly necessary and of those, Chavez already has a vast collection.

One is at a loss. But then again, one will never be a showman – let alone a theologian – in the mould of Mr. Chavez.


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