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Father Rosica Is Manipulating You

I received the following comment from a kind reader called genetically Catholic. 

Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki’s is a participant in the Synod, and keeps “copious notes” on interventions on his blog. In Polish of course.

The blogger at torontocatholicwitness blog says that what Fr. Rosica is reporting, ” is in total contradiction with what I have read on Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki’s blog. Fr. Rosica may be unaware, but this Prelate keeps copious notes on interventions”.

The blogger translates some of Archbishop Gadecki’s notes on the torontocatholicwitness blog – one is of an edifying intervention by Cardinal Sarah and the other, a rebuke by the Greek-Melkite Patriarch of Antioch, His Beatitude Gregory III Laham. See them here at:

I followed the link, and invite you to do the same. 

You will read the most astonishing and blasphemous challenge to Our Lord from a piece of satanical waste called Cardinal Jose Luiz Lacunza Maestrojuan, and the prompt and clear rebuke from the (Catholic) Greek-Melchite Patriarch.

I wish someone explained to me what business Cardinal Maestrojuan has in calling himself a Christian, much less a Catholic. The man is clearly a Jew, and he clearly refuses Christ and the New Testament.

On a different note, this is further evidence that Father Rosica is not reporting to us what is said at the synod, but the fantasy version he wants to sell you to please his boss Francis and the Lavender Mafia.

I wish I could read Polish in order to follow what Archbishop Gadecki reports. It is wonderful to see faithful Catholic prelates using blogs to alert the faithful about what is happening.

In the time of internet and mass blogging, Father Rosica cannot go very far.

Though I am sure he can stoop very low


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