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The Commie Cardinal, His Homo “Close Friend” And The Merciful Protector Of Commies, Perverts And Thieves

Cardinal Maricadiaga.... No, wait...


Cardinal Maradiaga is, apparently, not having a gay old time as accusations of personal enrichment have reached him even as his “close friend” auxiliary bishop is accused not only of being inverted, but of having given Church money to his “intimate friend”, or friends as the case might well be. Link on Gloria TV.

One wonders how could Matadiaga not know of the gravely depraved tendencies of his “close friend”. One wonders also, if you allow me the thought, about how close this close friend is to the Commie Cardinal. One can also not avoid thinking that the inverted bishops might know things about his Cardinals that should rather remain in the closet.

Let our be yeah be yeah here: if a Cardinal has a close bishop friends that turns out to be a homo, it is perfectly legitimate – nay, it is sane – to suspect that: a) the Cardinal might be a homo or even an active sodomite, and/or b) that the “close” friend is an agent of the homo Mafia who can avoid being kicked out because he knows compromising facts about the Cardinal.

Maradiaga has, today, resigned, certainly in the previous knowledge that the Evil Clown would refuse to accept his resignation. But if he thinks that this is the end of his troubles, he is very badly advised.

What, therefore, do we have? Cardinal is a potential thief, his close friend and auxiliary bishop appears to be a homo, and the homo also appears to use Church money to… you imagine that very well.

Francis, the Merciful Protector Of Commies, Thieves, and Perverts, has come to the rescue for as long as he can.

I can't even manage to be angry, as the Evil Clown has now shot himself in the foot once again.

I Can't wait for the guy berating us again, starting from tomorrow, for being decent Catholics.



The Smoke Of George Soros Has Entered The Church


Francis is breathing with gusto…



I am pretty sure you already know about the scandal first unveiled by LifeSiteNews (actually, by Wikileaks). However, I think I might add a reflection or two of my own.

The first reflection is that when an openly evil man like Soros, who is against everything the Church stands for, thinks he can influence Vatican prelates through financial support it is obvious that something very, very wrong is going on within the Vatican walls. This would be true even if neither Cardinal Maradiaga nor Pope Francis were open to such kind of influence. It would be true because of the very fact that the like of George Soros think that they could influence the Vatican.  Put in another way, the leaks show how corrupt Francis is even if he does not willingly accept the help of the likes of Soros. He is morally corrupt exactly because he thinks like them without need of monetary corruption.  

The second reflection concerns, more directly, Cardinal Maradiaga. In his case the corruption is, more likely than not, monetary besides being moral. This does not mean, of course, that Maradiaga uses such donations to put money in his own pocket (though I want to go on record and say I would not be surprised at all if this were the case: one who thinks so evil can do a lot of evil). Still, it seems to me impossible that Cardinal Maradiaga does not know about such donations, and does not consider them an easy way to maintain a net of people through whom he can distribute favours and exercise influence. 

The third and last reflection is, I am sure, in the mind of many: is this not the tip of the iceberg? How many “catholic” organisations are funded, directly or indirectly, by the open, public enemies of the Church? Should not Pope Francis, who always has such a big mouth about transparency, order an impartial review about such “donations”, and force all his bishops to answer about what happens in their own dioceses as well? Not holding my breath… 

The smoke of George Soros has entered the Church. 

Francis doesn’t seem fazed at all.  



Cardinal Maradiaga, The Lady-In-Waiting

I do not know if he is the only one who has noticed this, but I have it from Vox Cantoris: an astonishing tweet of Cardinal Maradiaga stating that:



Maradiaga hell



Vox Cantoris charitably wonders whether the man’s account has been hacked. More realistically, I think the man is just being his usual heretic self.

Read the tweet again.

The man flatly denies the possibility of damnation. Your pastoral accompaniment is “authentic” (that is: not characterised by the “exclusion” typical of the “rigorists”) if the pastor 1) always walks with the person and 2) knows that whatever road the person chooses, it will lead to heaven.

This clearly is a new religion, which aims at taking the place of Christianity.

Christianity very clearly poses boundaries to the “walking with the sinner”. The sinner is invited to repent; he is welcome as a repentant sinner anytime; but he is not allowed to participate in full to the sacramental life of the Church in the same way as the one who is not in grave and open, scandalous rebellion to God. For our religion, the pastor is not one who “accompanies”. He is one who – as the name says – leads the sheep.  In Maradiaga’s world there is no place for a shepherd, merely for a lady-in-waiting. There is no need to lead any sheep safely to the sheepfold, because there are no ditches or ravines where they might fall, and no wolves wanting to devour them.

The pastor who “always accompanies” is totally useless as a pastor. He proclaim his own superfluity. Every friend can “accompany” one. Actually, someone who is an accomplice in the sins of his friend will do exactly that which Maradiaga praises as so pastoral: “always walk with the person”. For this pathetic excuse of a priest, being pastoral means being the contrary of being a pastor. This is satanical. Satanical.

Then there is the second bomb. The second bomb is bigger because so openly heretical, but the two are closely intertwined because you could never understand the second part of this heretical statement without the first or describe the first without hinting at the second.

In the world of Maradiaga, High Priest Of Satan, the only possible outcome is heaven. This must be so, in order for Maradiaga to justify his transformation from pastor (who leads) to lady-in-waiting (who accompanies). If the man admitted any possibility of hell – that is: of the existence of ditches, ravines, and wolves – he would as a consequence have to admit the necessity of being a pastor, that is: of leading the sheep, telling them where to go, using the rod and the staff to make them go where he wants. 

Hell is denied. Satan is believed if not exactly non-existent as an entity, certainly unable to do any damage to anyone of us in concrete. This is exactly what Satan wants, and this is exactly what Maradiaga also wants.

The man should be exorcised.

After being defrocked, of course.





The Wheat, The Tares, And The Pope

The wheat...

The wheat…

This morning, those of you who have attended a NO Mass have listened (or will listen) to the parable of the wheat and the tares.

As I was intently listening (the priest had an extremely loud and theatrical voice, full of zeal and passion; a very effective Gospel reader) I could not avoid making the following two reflections: 

1. The reading is, in the present situation, very consoling. It is clear that we must face the abundant tares currently present within the Church, and accept that the field will be a mess until the harvest is imminent. The enemy has planted so much tares within the Church that countless Bishops, Cardinals, even the present Pope clearly belong to the tares rather than to the wheat. The tares are so abundant that they cannot be estirpated without seriously damaging the wheat harvest. More crucially, God will not get rid of the darnel before His appointed time. The Galantinos and the Veras, the Maradiagas and the Kaspers, and even the Bergoglios are the tares sowed by the Enemy to ruin the harvest. Like the tares, they are everywhere in the field. Some of them will, hopefully, repent. It is very realistic to think that most of them will not. The latter will, in due time, be gathered and burnt. 

Let us say it once again: God will not cleanse the field for us before His appointed time. We must live with the damn tares. This is God’s will and God’s plan. Thinking of impending end of the world are, with great probability, nothing more than a pious hope born of the refusal to accept that the field has always had an awful lot of tares. The world was always meant to have a lot of tares, and the Church has never be deprived of them. Unfortunately, in this age the seeding of them has been particularly effective, and the darnel is now everywhere. It’s a very messy field. But in essentials, it is how the field has always been. 

... and the tares.

… and the tares

2. I doubt Bergoglio reads the Gospel other than to try to extract some of the stupid, populist, socialist, childish, or simply unintelligible nonsense he regales us so often with. I know he very probably does not believe in God, does not think he will stand in front of his Judge, and does not care a straw about doing his job as a Pope is expected to do. But I do wonder: if Francis were – perhaps after drinking a grappa too much – to make an effort to read the Gospel seriously and try to understand what it really means, how could he not be shocked at the parable?

It is clear to everyone with a brain to Dalai Bergoglio damnation is a very remote possibility; an event from which he clearly excludes all those who are “in good faith” and “seek the Lord”; actually, an event from which he is happy to exclude even those who do not believe in the Lord, at all (which makes sense, and squares perfectly with the extremely strong suspicion he does not believe in the Lord himself). In Bergoglio’s world, hell must be something reserved to “Pelagians” (that is: devout Catholics), “judgmental gossipers” (meant are again: devout Catholics), mafia bosses, and … well, no one else, really. There is, in fact, no need to even convert anyone to Catholicism, because Christ has already done the job for pretty much everyone. 

In Francis’ field, the tares are very sparse, and mainly made of devout Catholics.

How would, then, this probably tipsy Bergoglio react, if he were to really pay attention to what the parable says? How would he explain the obviously huge quantity of the tares? How could he deny that the tares are so abundant that they cannot be uprooted without destroying the entire harvest?

 Now: the usual Bergoglio would probably tell you that Jesus was just being cunning, and was deceiving his disciples so that they do not no bad things like, say, going back to Judaism (no, wait! This can’t be! Buddy Skorka is Jewish and perfectly fine where he is! please pick another example, will you?…). But tipsy Bergoglio, who for a moment forgets his own rubbish thinking and tries to really understand what Jesus says with the parable, must be simply terrified.

No worry, though. The event is not very probable.

We all know when Bergoglio is tipsy he is more likely to grab the next smartphone around and send a “video-selfie” to a so-called “brother bishop”, than to read the Gospel and try to get some use from it.



Now, More Than Ever

Father Blake has the usual interesting reflections about bloggers becoming less active of late, and concludes that, faced with the present Pontificate, many may prefer to scale down the activity.

I have not noticed any dramatic decrease in the blogging activity of the bloggers I follow; but the bloggers I follow tend to be a rather tough bunch, certainly not inspired to be silent by the barrage of heresy they are now confronted with every day. On the contrary: the heretical bullying of our Bishop of Rome and of the other prelates is met, in case, with clearer words.

Oh, if I had had a blog like theirs when I was lapsing from the Church. Oh for people around me ready to make clear to me that the bunch of idiots now running things are but a momentary flatulence in the digestive process of a Church that will expel all these heretics out of Her bowels, and will let them fall in the deep of the canalisation and, from there, in the mouth of Satan, where they belong. Oh for people ready to call a heretic a heretic, and an idiot an idiot, and a clown a clown, irrespective of their wearing the habit. But most of all: oh for brave people making very clear to confused Catholics that Truth can never change, and those who tamper with it will, bar an always welcome but not very probable repentance, pay the most horrible price for their insolence. Truth is an immense block of granite. The likes of Bergoglio and Baldisseri are merely stupid teens in Beavis and Buttheads style; they scratch at it with forks and dirty it with spray paint: thinking, in their arrogance and stupidity, that they will make any permanent change to it. Beavis and Butthead against Christ The King, that’s what it is. The outcome is all too predictable.

I read the reaction of Cardinal Baldisseri to the poor Italian priest expressing himself in an extremely soft way about public adulterers, and wonder when the likes of Baldisseri will own allegiance to Satan overtly, as they do it covertly, but with such rage, now.

These people have now become so shameless in their bullying, that of all times this is the one that should see blogging activity increase, not decrease.

Picture the usual halfway formed Catholic – or Christian – unable to understand what is happening, not well formed enough to mount his own reaction, and with the nagging suspicion that there is, in the end, no difference between the Church and a political party, ready to shift “priorities” as the mood around them changes. And therefore, no Truth. And therefore, very probably, no God. One blog, one blog only can make a huge difference in such lives. Then, they will say to themselves, I am not alone. Then, there are many like me. Then, there is a lot to learn and read, many other blogs like this perhaps! Perhaps books, and fora, and conferences! Then, Truth has not died!

Oh, how I yearned for information like the one I hope to spread with my blog; how would I have delighted in a call to battle with my fellow soldiers, rather than calls to be a nice neighbour who never kicks the cat, loves peace, sounds at all times like a man of questionable virility, and never forgets to water the plants.

True, we all had the Gospels. True, self-evident Truths were as self-evident then as they are now. But for most people, including myself, it takes the clarion call to discover the one and the other; it takes the place where one can go and be told: “we are not in the business of appeasing here; we are in the business of fighting for Christ. You will lose friends and acquaintances, you will be considered a very strange man and a hypocrite; you will be belittled, provoked, perhaps worse. But the Truth we fight for, it has already won; and may we, with God’s grace, avoid going down the canalisation, and in the mouth of Satan, like those stupid grown teens”

Now, more than ever, it is the right time to blog. Now, more than ever, it is the time to find harsh words against the Jezebels who prostitute themselves, and dare to prostitute the Church, to all kind of evil; against the army of prelates now competing with each other in becoming the willing accomplices of prideful adulterers, and shameless sodomites. They do it so that their own popularity may be increased, so that they may have a life of privilege and power, uncaring of a God in Whom they do not believe. But He looks at them, and will deal with them at the time He has appointed.

Some of them will repent, but the rapidly soaring tone and scale of the attack should leave no doubt in the mind of sensible people about the scale of Satan’s offensive. The 13 March 2013 marked the start of this offensive, and now we see the military operations in full preparation for an almost unprecedented, all-scale attack, that might well start in October and, let us make no mistake here, is coming to us in any way,without fail, unless the Lord calls an end to this madness first.

Love for the Church requires, it demands from us a righteous anger in direct proportion to the attack moved against her; the minions of Satan daring not only to confuse with weasel words, but – as in Baldisseri’s case – to openly attack with great virulence obvious expressions of Christian orthodoxy, and good priests trying to do their job, must be openly confronted, and presented to the confused, but hopefully thinking Caholic readership as the traitors, the bullies, the friends of the Enemy they are.

Whenever you read about one of them, reinventing Christianity for the sake of their own popularity, think of it: they are but temporary flatulences in the digestive process of the Church. The Church, accustomed from the start to deal with toxic waste, will expel them from Her bowels all right, like so many before and after them; to end up down in the canalisation, and in Satan’s mouth, where they belong.





Cardinal Maradiaga has just finished complaining that there is a “resistance” mounting among the high ranks of the Church, with the one or other murmuring that they have made a mistake on that fateful day.

Some people will be encouraged by these words, but in my eyes they can be easily overstated, and the importance of the critical stance towards the Bishop of Rome' s antics exaggerated.

We already know that among Cardinals there has been sharp criticism to Cardinal Kasper's impious, sacrilegious proposals to open ways to allow public adulterers and concubines to receive Communion, as if this were useful to anything else than sending them (the concubines) to hell more safely. But this was only the opinion of a bunch of Cardinals. The Synod in October will see a massive participation of bishops, and you can be sure there will be no shortage of Western European ones – I mean not only from the German-speaking area – ready and willing to sow their satanical confusion.

Of course, the bishops of other continents will fiercely oppose the proposal; but you see, the beauty of the “pastoral” approach is that one can always say he is adapting to particular cases, and regional specifics.

“You can keep your ban on communion for adulterers, my dear African Bishops” – the German ones will say – “but by us a more nuanced, truly pastoral approach is needed”. This way – and with the massive support of the Bishop of Rome, who thinks so much of Kasper – it will be fairly easy to overcome resistance. “Hey, the doctrine isn't changing”, will they say to their colleagues, “there's no need to be overly excited. We are merely doing our job as caring shepherds”.

Why, then, Maradiaga's utterances? Because every revolution needs accusations of counter-revolutionary activity to be pushed forward. Maradiaga is certainly as bad as his interviews, but I can well imagine the last initiative is the fruit of the Pope's encouragement to stir things a bit and warn the reluctant souls about the Great Changes about To Pass. Resistance will be met, as Cardinal Maradiaga has made very clear, with charges of counter-revolutionary activity.

No, I do not think Maradiaga has released this interview because he feels weak; rather, I think he feels strong enough to start with his revolutionary, preparatory cannon fire.

Let us renew our prayer effort.

October will be atrocious.



Well, I Had To Smile…


The way the Bishop of Rome starts to tackle administrative simplification in the Vatican is by…  creating another administrative layer and using the usual tricks of the political trade: a new organism with a new name, more red tape, and lots of grandiloquent talk.

Both IOR and APSA remain (obviously; only revolutionary nutcases would have thought the Vatican would close its own bank), but now there is an Ueberministry  meant to do what was supposed to be done before, too. Or do you think before today there were no auditing, no controls, and no accountability rules? Cue subterranean power struggles for who gets the money to spend, and who controls whom. That at the end someone might be held accountable, is not certain. The Commander-in-Chief is one who puts his perverted buddy at the head of the Vatican bank, and leaves it there when the scandal erupts. Oh yeah, this is the one who wants to clean up the Vatican.  

This reminds me all too much of the usual politicians’ reaction: let’s change some names, move a couple of offices here and a couple of competences there, and create a new organisation with a new name that we can put on our flag. 

The height of the hypocrisy is to say  the wealth of the Vatican must be used to help the needy. Clearly, someone seems to think up to yesterday it was used to buy Mozzettas. 

Now don’t get me wrong: it might even be that in future corruption in the Vatican will be reduced, and accountability become more effective. But as always, if this happens it will be because there is a real will to make it happen and men willing to fight for it; not because more red tape has been created, more potential for conflicts of attribution and rivalry between various organs has been generated, and a new name has been fed to the press.

I hope the transparency begins by telling us how much the army of consultants hired by Francis is costing. Hey, “the Church must use its wealth to help the poor”, so one thinks he is entitled to know… 

I will wait for the results for a very moderate amount of confidence. For the moment, I notice the methods are the same used everywhere else.

At least we have some good news: at the head of the new Ueberministry was put Cardinal Pell.

It could have been Maradiaga.


Cardinal Maradiaga And The Other Clowns

One year later, the circus was in full swing.

Cardinal Maradiaga is, without the shadow of a doubt, having the time of his life. Inebriated with a newfound, worldwide notoriety, the high-fiving Cardinal keeps giving free-wheeling interviews, in which he speaks as if the Church were his toy, to play with as he pleases.

Not happy with throwing around with journalists his idea about a possible Pontifical Council led by “married couples” – which is stupid enough in itself, but should be kept for internal discussions anyway; unless of course the Cardinal wants to force the one or other hand – the man abandons itself to declarations that astonish in their populism; a populism pushed to a degree unknown, to my knowledge, even to Francis.

Firstly, the Cardinal says the laity “are the majority” of the Church, as if the Church were some kind of democratic organisation in which you have rights merely for being “majority”. Secondly, he says “we can't go on like this”, thus passing a very hard sentence on the way the Church “went on” since Jesus' time. Thirdly, he informs us that the “Spirit” is “pushing” in his direction, and one wonders whether his back carries the signs of the “Spirit's” obvious “pushing”.

We have now sunk to pure circus level. We have reached “big brother” lows of superficiality; Church policy has become a media show, the “X-factor” for the tambourine Catholic masses.

Why is this? Because the Commander In Chief is such a one, of course. He is the one who started the circus and keeps it running; it is no surprise at all that others want to have a place on the stage in Circus Bergoglio, just on the side of the Head Clown himself.

The fish stinks from the head down. Always. If you complain about the stink and refuse to see whence it comes, you are being willingly blind.



Maradiaga In Medjugorje Show?

It says here Cardinal Maradiaga will participate to an event that will take place in Honduras and seems to be, for what I understand, a kind of US pendant to a “mother” pilgrimage in Medjugorje. Last year the “seer” Dragicevic was also there, but this here he is busy making money elsewhere, so no seer for the unfaithful.

We will have to wait whether this really happens before commenting. At least I will do so.

But the very fact that the news does not seem absurd tells a lot about Maradiaga and the direction of the V II Church.


Cardinal Maradiaga And Reality

Cardinal, XXI Century.

In his latest, boorish provocation to Still-Archbishop Müller, Cardinal Maradiaga has made some statements to the tune that Cardinal Müller must take account of reality.

If you ask me, the Cardinal has piddled out of the urinal for at least two reasons. Let us see them.

Firstly, the idea that Church teaching is in utter contrast to the tendencies and inclinations of us wretched sinners is nothing new. It is, actually, the reason Christ founded the Church in the first place. The Cardinal must be a very uneducated man if he does not know that “reality” was always well populated with, say, concubines, illegitimate children, and moral trespasses of all sorts. The Church is called to operate in the world exactly because the reality of the world is one of sin. To claim that Church teaching and praxis must be adjusted to reality is to embrace the purest Religion of Man, and to deny the role of the Church in the first place.

I can vividly imagine Maradiaga listening to Christ and saying to him: “Loosen up, Bro. Look at the world around you!”

Secondly, from a different point of view it seems to me that Maradiaga is unaware or willingly forgetful of the fact that God and His Truth are the ultimate reality. What I mean by that is that in my book God's laws have a far more granitic quality, are infinitely more real than any ephemeral earthly weakness. God's rules existed before the first concubine was born, and will exist forever after the last one has died. Therefore, Truth is real, is the authentic “reality” of things in a way compared to which every earthly “reality” is but a transient phenomenon. By demanding that the “reality” he can observe around him shape the Ultimate Reality that is supposed to shape it, Maradiaga shows his utter neglect of that ultimate and superior reality he will have to face one day.

I can imagine that one day the following conversation will take place:

“But, but… Lord, why it's so warm here?”

“Loosen up, “Bro”. It's just the reality of which you were so fond”.



“Loosen up, Bro”

Yes, he is really high-fiving around. Go figure.

One is at a loss to say whether Cardinal Maradiage is more arrogant, or Bishop Francis more incompetent. What seems clear to me is that both are masters of their respective discipline; this,very charitably assuming Francis does not actually want these public controversies. The Cardinal allows himself a level of familiarity and public defiance that can only be called boorish, and no doubt he does so because he feels his new appointment to “Turbo Cardinal” lets him think he can play the MiniMe of the Bishop of Rome unpunished.

Francis, though, created or encouraged every bit of this very public mess. In June last year he said to the progressive nuns dressed in everyday clothes they shouldn't be worried about what the CDF writes to them, thus clearly and publicly undermining the authority of both the office (the CDF) and the person (++ Müller). In Brazil, he invited the faithful to “make a mess” like a teenager overcome by revolutionary hormones. Moreover, with his appointment of the “Gang of Eight” he has created a power central – again, a very public one – whose members now feel entitled to exploit their position of prominence even in matters not pertaining to the specific reason of their appointment: administrative reform.

Francis is the one who has fathered this mess also in other, very grave ways. His continued attacks (as in: attacks) to Catholic orthodoxy encourage the worst among his followers to do the same, and to do so in the certainty not only of impunity but of overt or covert approval. Furthermore, Francis' obsession with public utterances and his tragic inability to keep his mouth shut – which he would do if he had some fear of The Lord – encourages others to do the same. As a result, disagreements among Cardinals are now – if the one who disagree is a chap like Maradiaga – carried on very publicly, in a very aggressive way, taking liberties not even politicians would allow themselves to take. In the reign of Francis, now degenerated to a shameless quest for popularity, it is not surprising that internal disagreements have become popularity wars.

“Loosen up, Bro” is the public and explicit message Maradiaga sends to Müller.

What an arrogant boor. And what a fitting man for this Papacy.



The Church Of “Che”

Cardinal Maradiaga is one of the members of the “Gang of Eight” and, if he is representative of the average quality of the members, it is fair to say nothing good will ever come from this strange new organ, the latest tribute to “collegiality”.

Maradiaga is a populist of the worst sort, which seems to be pretty much a speciality of South American Cardinals. The media report his exploits in the linked article and elsewhere.

There is in Maradiaga – and in those like him – an all too obvious tendency to put earth before heaven, and instrumentalise the Church to make it match with his upside down vision.

A Cardinal that thinks that “economic inequalities among world citizens” (“world citizen”: what an idiotic and oxymoronic expression, by the way) are a problem in itself is a Cardinal who has a huge problem, because he is only a socialist in a red robe, one to whom Christianity has become – an ideology.

The poor will always be with us. Some people will – unless you follow the socialist ideology, or manage to create a Communist dictatorship – always be vastly richer than others. The complex fabric of this earth is made in such a way that poverty can spiritually help the poor, and riches can not only alleviate the need of the poor, but promote the spiritual advancement not only of the rich, but of the poor themselves. Never has Christianity had a problem with the fact that some are born rich, or very rich, and many other poor, or very poor. Inheritance tax is not a Christian concept, it is a socialist one. Jesus never even advocated income tax; he advocated works of mercy, and compassion for those in need. The modern concept of “wealth redistribution” is just not in the Gospel. If anything, the existence of economic inequality is a very good way to teach us to put our hopes in the next world rather than in this one, and to invest our time in preparing for what is really important – our eternal destiny – rather than what is far less relevant in the great scheme of things – differences in material prosperity -.

Jesus taught us to perform works of mercy. He never criticised Nicodemus or Joseph of Arimathea for the fact that they were rich. Note that both are canonised saint, and clearly Zacchaeus remained, for all his restitutions, a very rich man. If Cardinal Maradiaga thinks that in Jesus’ times social inequalities were any littler than today he hasn’t been paying attention at school, and should stay nearer to the Gospels rather than abusing them for his socialist slogans.

Socialism has no part in Christianity. None whatsoever. Rich and poor will always be with us, and the difference in material possession between the very rich and the very poor will always be staggering. They will also have their own challenges, so that we can’t say how we would have fared spiritually if we had been born, or had later become, rich.

Still: one is born the son of the Duke of Westminster, another is born the son of an unemployed alcoholic. Do not question the wisdom of all this, unless you want to blaspheme.

The rich must help the poor. But make no mistake, they will still be rich. Whenever one comes to the conclusion – as the Cardinal clearly does: he is South American after all – that inequality is a problem, and equality therefore the aim, he has abandoned Christianity and transformed it into an earth-centred ideology – note this word: ideology – that has completely lost sight not only of the real aim of Christianity, but also of the fundamental wisdom and providential order of this world.

Has the Cardinal no eyes to see? Does he not see inequality going through the very fabric of Creation? If we observe reality with open eyes we see utter inequality not only in wealth and material possession, but also in intelligence, strength, health, ability or talent, beauty, wit, spirituality, & Co.

We are all equals in our human dignity, but boy, we are so astonishingly different in everything else! If it is unjust that one be born rich and one poor, why should it be just that one is born intelligent and strong, and another weak and stupid? Should we disfigure the beautiful girls in order to decrease “inequality” with the ugly ones, or amputate the strong man to make him more like the cripple? We don’t do it, nor do we demand that such “inequalities” be fought against. We thank God for the unmerited graces He gave us in His mercy, and have compassion for those not graced in the same way (though certainly graced in others we might not be able to see). We help alleviate poverty we see around us (a very relative concept in the West, anyway) and thank God for the financial security he may have given us, or petition Him to give it to us if we lack it. In every aspect of life, inequalities and brutal differences in the human condition help us to march toward Salvation, if we only see them properly.

In the end, life is not fair, nor it is supposed to be. The Church of “Che” distracts the faithful from the real issue – salvation – and directs them towards earthly ones: as if the world had been made the wrong way, and the omnipresent inequalities themselves were not Providence at work. The Church of “Che” does not see Providence: she sees the injustice, because to her the inequality itself is injustice. Pure earthly thinking, and a very populist one at that: aiming at the easy applause, and the popularity that comes from pandering to people’s envy; which latter is a cardinal sin, by the way.

This world is utterly and completely dominated by inequalities of all sorts. The answer to all these apparent “injustices” is not stupid populism, but Jesus Christ.

If you long for fairness and justice, don’t look at Cardinal Maradiaga.

Look towards heaven instead.



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