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Cardinal Marx, The Multi-Faith Guy

Cardinal Marx has some homework to do

Cardinal Marx asks God to listen to the prayers of Infidels.

One wonders how far Catholicism is from the mind of these people. The first thing that a Cardinal – or any Christian – should ask concerning Muslims is that God may give them the grace of conversion. The second, third and fourth too.

The idea that an infidel should pray and a Catholic – a Cardinal at that – should ask God to listen to those who deny the Son and the Holy Ghost (thus also clearly disfiguring the Father) would be ridiculous if it wasn't deeply offensive to Christian thinking.

The Cardinal is here simply saying that God should listen to infidels irrespective of their infidelity. At this point, why not ask God to listen to atheists? At this point, what value does it have to believe in Christ? At this point, what prevents this man from asking Luther's intercession – he certainly believes him in heaven – for whatever pet project Catdinal Marx has?

The entire meaning of being a Christian, and more specifically a Catholic, is being reneged. The problem of not being it is being willingly ignored. One is clearly proposed an image of the world in which what is important is to believe in something wordly like peace, social justice, and the like; a world in which salvation is a recompense for fuzzy feelings. One who talks in this way is not even Christian anymore: he is a multi-faith guy supporting any religious feeling – nay, any allegedly good intention – whatsoever.

Who made this man a bishop and a Cardinal? Oh wait, it wasn't Francis!

The rot has been growing for a long time before Francis. It nourished itself on rubbish like Assisi, and an overdose of fuzzy feelings. It was multi faith propaganda way before Francis appeared on the balcony in St Peter.

We are now only witnessing the explosion of the bubo.



Nomen Omen; Or, Cardinals Are Not What They Used To Be


If you want evidence that Cardinals are not what they used to be, look at the photo above and the linked article from the Eponymous Flower, and reflect on the following:

  1.  Cardinals used not to use the vulgar gesture the Cardinal uses in the photo; and yes, in Germany everyone understands the meaning. It is also very difficult to think that the Cardinal might have done it “by mistake”. Look at how his second finger is carefully held by his thumb. 
  2. Cardinals used to know what they were talking about. A man so confused that he is able to state, in front of journalists, that he “thinks” that “unanimity prevailed” should take the habit of thinking twice before he speaks. It’s not so difficult to see whether a vote was unanimous or not. Plus, it is clearly a lie that it was.
  3. Cardinals used to be Catholic. This one here clearly isn’t. Beside the other lie (that AL would be in sync with the two Synods) it is just plain Protestant to say that if a document clearly states something at variance with what the Church has always believed, it is fine for any Catholic to believe the lie.

Cardinals are not as they used to be.   

This one is, for sure, much nearer to Friedrich Engels than Jesus Christ.

Cardinal Marx And The Cult Of The Papidians.

Not so fast, fatty...

Not so fast, fatty…

From OnePeterFive, a very interesting blog post about the past and present declarations of the aptly named Cardinal Marx.

I invite you to follow the link and read the story there.

I will here limit myself to focusing on one particular phrase, and examine the possible implications as I can see them from here. Emphases mine. 

“We must try to remain together,” he said. “The Church is the only institution in the world that can reach unanimous agreement. Thank God we have the pope.We bishops do not have to decide. Church unity is not in danger. And once the pope has decided, we will abide by his decision.

So the man is saying that in the end the bishops (and by extension, the faithful) have nothing to say or worry about. There is a Pope. He will make a decision. We will abide by it. Because unity. 

Wow, vow.

Not so fast, Your Disgrace.

We aren’t a cult of “Papidians”. If the man tells us to commit spiritual suicide, we do not follow him. The Pope himself is bound by the Truth, and has the right to be heard – or the more so: obeyed – only when what he says is not in contrast with what the Church has always said, and what she commands him to defend at the cost of his life. 

In Cardinal Heretic’s mind all depends on the man; and what the man decides, we must follow. This is 100% Fuehrerprinzip. Catholics think differently. And frankly, I thought this darn Fuehrerprinzip had already caused enough damage in Germany. 

Now, why does Fatty say such a thing? I can imagine only three scenarios: 

  1. He has insider info that Francis will stage a golpe during of after the Synod. He is paving the way for the Golpe and selling the notion that whatever the man says, we must follow. 
  2. He has realised he cannot lead the Germans to a “German way”, and cannot follow up on the threat of having their own cake baked by them, all for them, after the Synod. Therefore, he is preparing the emergency exit that protects him from the rage of his adulterous and perverted followers: we have tried, you see, but it was a non-starter. It would have plunged the Church into chaos. Sorry, no can do. 
  3. Francis has told Marx and Kasper to stay quiet, because he will set things right at the end of after the synod. And he is lying to them. 

I find the first scenario improbable, but not impossible. Marx is the head of the German Bishops’ Conference. If Francis has decided to whisper something in the head of one or two, it’s Kasper and him. However, Francis would be stupid – and probably suicidal – to ignore the warning signals coming from pretty much everywhere. If Francis wants a golpe, he can try to stage it without a synod, every day he feels like it. He has not done it not because he has no instruments to do it, but exactly because he fears what would happen afterwards. If anything, this and last year’s synods both make it more difficult for him to make any move in that direction. It is difficult to think that even a stubborn, thick pope may ignore the message that is being shouted in his ears to such an extent.

The second scenario is, I think, the most probable. The Cermans have leaned so much out of the window that if things go wrong for them – which is the most probable outcome – they must now let the big schism follow the bold words. Will they have the guts to do it? I doubt. How will they justify their caving in? With the unity of the church, and the necessity to follow the Pope. Because unity. 

The third scenario is also possible, as it presumes that Francis is a lying, scheming Jesuit, which he is. However, I can’t imagine Marx and Kasper do not know it. Therefore, they would heavily discount any such promise from the man and avoid any public declaration that builds on such a promise.

Mind, though, that scenario 3 is not incompatible with scenario 2, which makes Marx’s statement doubly understandable: Francis promises, and Marx does not believe a word of what he said. Therefore, he releases the statement above.

If Francis delivers, he has paved the ground. He Francis does not deliver, he has paved the ground, too.

Not quite stupid, Your Disgrace …


Cardinal Marx’s Schism Threat Reeks Of Desperation

Coldly looking down on Catholicism: Cardinal Marx.

I will leave it to another post to comment on the open threat of Schism that Cardinal Marx has formulated, and that was everywhere yesterday evening. The words used by the Cardinal are so provocative, so unbelievably stupid that they deserve a detailed “copy and paste” I cannot do now.

What I notice here, though, is that the unworthy, schismatic Cardinal would not even think of formulating such threats if he had some founded, realistic hope that the Synod will, less than eight months from now, substantially accommodate the heretical requests of Prostitution & Simony Inc, aka the Church in Germany.

If, therefore, the heretical line has no chance to pass, a schism will have to be threatened and, possibly, put in place. Not officially, of course, but unofficially: exactly as the Dutch did with the notorious “Dutch Schism”, which ravaged the Dutch Church from the mid-Sixties to the beginning of the Eighties and delivered to Catholicism in the Netherlands a blow from which it never recovered. On that occasion, the Dutch started doing everything the “Liberal Presbyterian” way, but stopped short of saying “we are officially in Schism”. No doubt, Marx & Co. are planning to do exactly the same. This will not be an easy task (I am sure there are plenty of Catholics left in Germany), but it is feasible seen the very strong tendency of the German people to follow the Obrigkeit without questioning, and even to the point of self-destruction. I have already written that this man should be defrocked. It is clear I was right.

Still, the main point here is another one: it appears that Cardinal Marx is throwing the towel on the Synod.

This makes sense. The idea of an open clash of worldwide proportions is not viable for anyone but the maddest of pothead Popes. Francis knows that such an atomic mushroom would atomise his Pontificate. His lío does not extend to self-destruction.

We have seen last October, in the clearest possible way, that If Francis sees that the revolution cannot be accomplished without grave harm to himself – make no mistake: he does not care a straw for Christ or Truth – there will be no revolution. In the months since October he has tried to push his heretical, unChristian, sacrilegious agenda, but he has clearly met with strong resistance both and public and – it can be safely assumed – private. The signs are multiplying that he is about to give up on the project, fearful of months of negative barrage before the Synod.

Mind: we do not know what goes on in the head of a man who thinks it a capital feat to steal a crucifix from the hands of a dead man, admitted to smoking marijuana and had once found a stash of it on his luggage when he was Archbishop, has a notorious heretic as a spokesman for the English speaking Countries, lives under the roof of a homosexual, finds it normal to consort with Trannies, and the like. We do not know. The man is just a walking disgrace.

But that he is so detached from reality that he does not understand in what troubles he will put himself if he keeps running head on towards a very hard wall: that, perhaps, he has understood.





Cardinal Marx Should Be Defrocked


Once-Catholic (hopefully, at least) Cardinal Marx is on record with the following words:

“Luther did not aim to split the Church, but, with his calls to reform, wished to draw attention to grievances that obscured the message of the Gospel,”


“After 50 years of joint ecumenical dialogue, it is possible for a Catholic Christian to read Luther’s texts appreciatively, and to learn from his thoughts.”

The first statement cannot be the fruit of crass ignorance. It must be willed deception. Luther was not simply a reformer. He was a heretic. His home-made theology was at variance with the Church, and led countless in the same pit of error and probable perdition. To say that a heretic merely wants to “draw attention” to “grievances” is pure deception. I do not need to tell you what the Cardinal’s motivation is: the Kirchensteuer, and the resulting need to be mainstream, accepting of everything, ecu-maniacal, and simply wrong.

The second statement is just as interesting in its evil intent. To read from a Cardinal that it is possible to read the texts of the possibly worst Heresiarch ever appreciatively, and learn from his thoughts, is even worse than to say that it is possible for a Catholic Christian to read Mein Kampf appreciatively, and learn from Hitler’s thoughts; because whilst Luther hasn’t willingly staged a Holocaust, the devastation he has created, and the loss of souls he has enabled, vastly exceed the limited genocide, of limited human bodies, staged by Hitler. 

Cardinal Marx should be defrocked. Not only he is useless as a priest; he is outright dangerous in even willingly inviting his own sheep to delve into in heresy and learn from it, at the same time downplaying the very heresy as a “call to reform”.

One thing the Cardinal should learn from Luther: to state openly that he is a heretic. I doubt we will see such a step from him.

The year 2017 – with the resulting “celebration” of the Heresiarch – is rapidly approaching.

One wonders how the Church in Germany will survive it.


Nomen Omen: Cardinal… Marx

This Marx here never made it to Cardinal. He lived in pre-V II times, you see...

This Marx here never made it to Cardinal. He lived in pre-V II times, you see…

The German bishops have picked the new head of the Bishop’s conference as successor of the (un)worthy Archbishop of Freiburg, Robert Zollitsch. 

Now put yourself in the shoes of these brave men. They must pick someone with the right Modernist cards, because they need someone ferrying them in the Land of Sacrilege, where public adulterers receive communion and therefore continue to pay the Kirchensteuer. But this Modernist prelate must be one in the graces of the Man In Black Shoes, because they will need some lobby work here and you can’t bee too careful when you are asking the Vatican to sanction your mass sacrilege.

Fortunately for them, there is a man who ticks all the boxes: Cardinal Marx has a solid record of enmity of Christ, and is therefore very well suited for the Creat Tcherman Revolution; but crucially, he is also a member of the gang of eight, which means he has the ear of the Pope. Yep, he’s the man. 

Therefore, the very aptly named Marx is now elected the head of the German Bishops’ Conference. What does he do first? He lets it be known that he considers it a “viable path” that “divorced people who recognize their failure can, after a penitential period, seek readmission to the sacraments.”

There. The man leaves no doubt as to why he has been chosen for the position. 

Lord, have mercy. And in your good time, free us from this papacy.


Cardinal Marx, Enemy Of The Sacred.

As I have already mentioned, Cardinal Marx is one of the “Gang of Eight” and therefore, at least in theory, one of the most powerful prelates in existence.

He is also – and I have mentioned this too – not recognisable as a Catholic, as his very recent and very public spat with Archbishop Müller shows.

Marx has not lost another occasion to show what a circus tool he is. He has blessed what might well be the most un-catholic altar – bar ironing boards and, perhaps, picnic tables – ever installed in a Catholic church.

The “thing” looks like this:

As you can see (or not, as the case may be) the thing is barely visible. It truly tries to disappear. More so, in fact, that an ironing board would.

But it must be an altar. It has, too. It is no security cage for a race car, because there is no car around it. It might be a cage for the transport of cats, but it seems it doesn't even have a base, so the cat would have some trouble being transported around. You could renounce to move it and put birds in it, I suppose, but I think around the thing is what happens to be a church, and I doubt birds would be allowed there.

No. It must be an altar.

Now, what moves one like Marx to consecrate a thing like that? The hate for altars, of course, and all they represent. The destruction and desacralisation of everything hallowed by the ages. The desire to strip the liturgy of any remnant of sacrality in every detail.

I wonder where the (as far as I know, obligatory) relic was put. It must be somewhere in the strange, thin board at the top. But as generally an altar has his relic walled inside to make profanation and theft very difficult, in this case they both appear very easy.

God is allowing us to see to what extent Satan has infiltrated the Church, using evil men who have long lost both faith and decency to inflict as much damage as they can.

Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, Lex Vivendi.

Let us not be blind. This is happening under our eyes.

We ignore it at our peril.



Public Adulterers: And So It Begins

Cardinal Marx doesn't like this yoghurt.

Soon-to-be Cardinal Mueller may be a heretic, but one must say he is not one to shun a fight. Compared to Francis or some of his colleagues he might even pass as orthodox, which alone gives you the measure of the state of decay in which the earthly Church – seen in his human component – has sunk.

You will remember the obscene proposal of the Diocese of Freiburg concerning “pastoral care” for public adulterers. Archbishop Zollitsch of Freiburg had to distance himself from the proposal, but the proposal is still very much there. Soon-to-be Cardinal Müller doesn't like that a bit, and rightly fears that if such abominations remain in the public sphere the pressure will build to meet their demands; at least in part, and obviously in a “pastoral” spirit. In case you don't know, our satanical little Kirchensteuer-prostitutes suggest that their pimps, erm, the faithful can be accepted to receive communion if they “in conscience” think there's nothing wrong with… being public adulterers.

How very stupid. How very Modernist. How very… Francis.

Mueller sees, then, very well where the debate is going: “conscience” as the new religion, and he therefore allows himself to point out we already have a religion, and this religion does not allow to take conscience as the measure of right and wrong.

Enter Cardinal Marx (nomen omen?) of Munich and Freising; another one of the “Gang of Eight” and therefore nowadays authorised to feel like a Mini-me of Francis. Marx says that Müller can't stop the debate. It's not clear to him why there should be no debate about fundamental truths of Christianity. Like, hey, the world has changed, bro.

I doubt Müller will manage to bury the discussion under a thick layer of yoghurt. You can clearly see a tendency from the most subversive elements (like Marx himself and obviously Maradiaga, who already talks as if he were the Pope himself) to call Francis as their mentor. Francis has put so many stupid slogans into the world (the “field hospital of mercy” comes to mind) that it is now child's play to say ipse dixit.

We see already here the poisoned fruits of the instancable modernist propaganda of the Bishop of Rome: first he sets the avalanche rolling with the interview on the plane returning from Rio, then he decides to have some Lio, and an extraordinary synod for that; a synod by which the general atmosphere and the expectations created by his own carelessness – or design – will contribute to create huge pressure for “change”; then he leaves his lieutenants to fight it for themselves, remaining himself free to decide the policy that will maximise his popularity among the stupid and the deluded.

I do not think anything good will ever come out of the Synod. The Rhine will try to pollute the Tiber to satanical levels never seen before. In the long term, not even that will serve our German Jezebels: the old-ish people will die anyway, and the younger generation will stay more and more away from an organisation of tambourine-playing old men obsessed with social issues.



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