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Cardinal Ouellet Is Ready And Willing.

Marc Cardinal Ouellet

Marc Cardinal Ouellet


Cardinal Ouellet has given an interview (good Lord, is any Cardinal able to survive without giving interviews nowadays?) saying pretty much the same things Jim Hacker was saying in “Yes, Minister” before becoming Prime Minister: one feels there are other, more qualified candidates, and one is not desiring to candidate; but one would feel able to step in if one were required, etc.

The Cardinal also said he is “somewhat afraid”, which I think in pre-conclave parlance means “I do not want to sound arrogant, but boy, I am ready…”.

Cardinal Ouellet has, thankfully, not said how he desires to pander to feminists, or in which way the aggiornamento must be aggiornato, &Co. In this he shows himself, if you ask me, vastly more “papabile” than the recent primadonnas looking for an applause before the curtain falls, and basking in the attention given to them before all eyes are set on the new Pope.

It seems to me Cardinal Ouellet is saying: “Just ask, and I am your man”.

Good. I’d prefer one who does not give any interview in these crucial days and prepares himself with prudence and discretion for the scrutiny of the 115 who really count rather than the countless curious who don’t; but I personally like a potential Pope to be excited, not scared, at the prospective of being in charge.

In my modest opinion, not many are born leaders, and those who aren’t rarely grow to the task once they are required to lead. Personally, what I would prefer is one who feels ready for the task, and eager for battle; one who has spent years saying to himself ” If I were in charge, I’d put an end to (put here any one of the infinite problems caused by papal timidity, conciliar thinking, or straight inaction)”; one who dreams of a strong, assertive, pugnacious Church led by a strong, assertive, and pugnacious Pope.

Is Ouellet this kind of man? We can’t really know. A prudent Cardinal wanting to be a warrior Pope – or something resembling to it – would not openly advertise his intentions, but rather point out that, were he to be asked, he would, though probably not the best candidate, take the burden on himself, and so forth…

I notice in the meantime that to my knowledge neither Cardinal Scola nor Cardinal Bagnasco have given interviews directly touching their own chances; if they did, I missed it.

May it last until Monday, and then may the real decision be taken without any regard for the mood of the people, or of the press.

O Lord, please give us a strong and orthodox Pope.


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