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Italian For Catholics: “Strofinarsi Alle Gonne Del Potere”.

Mamma, mamma! Look how successful I am ! Exhilarating!

There is in Italian a rather imaginative expression, “strofinarsi alle gonne del Potere”, or “to rub oneself to the Power’s rocks”, which describes the behaviour of those who seek proximity with the powerful in order to gain personal advantages of any sort.

I must think of this expression rather often, as this is exactly the behaviour I see in countless prelates of the Church.

It would be wrong to believe that such behaviour is moved by the desire to obtain truly tangible material advantages: I do mot think Archbishop Nichols prefers to dine out rather than using the services ( I imagine) of his own cook, nor do I think they find the luxury hotels or sumptuous banquets particularly worth eating (ok, in Cardinal Dolan’s case the doubt might be justified; but I digress…). I even exclude that the search for favours for relatives and dear ones will play a major role.

In my opinion, two factors are here heavily at play: loss of faith and vanity.

An archbishop, say, who believes in the Christian God would never even THINK of abetting sodomy under any  guise whatever, as in “we are oh so nuanced” (Nichols) or “it’s a commitment so it can’t be so bad” (Woelki & Co.). No, one who is able to say such things has lost his faith a long time ago, perhaps converting to some strange dalai-lamaesk wannabe cult of sort, more likely having lost faith in the supernatural altogether.

Only at this point can, I think, vanity set in, perverting the innate and in a way unavoidable sense of self-esteem and desire of recognition in an utter prostitution to the worldly gods of popularity and mass approval. Everyone has an ego of course, and in some of us this ego will have a rather strong character; but it is when the gratification of the ego comes before everything else – for example the sense of obligation to the habit, even if one has lost the faith – that things become really serious.

When, therefore, loss of faith and vanity meet, the above mentioned episodes happen; or, on an almost equally worrying scale, one insists in being photographed together will the very powerful and very evil, merrily laughing as if the said evil and powerful were not staging the Holocaust  every day and even threatening the very freedom of Catholics.

But this does not seem to really matter. What matters is that the one or the other (Brit or German or American; fat or thin; Archbishop or Cardinal) is seen to be at the very top, and very much in “tune” with the “times”.

May God forgive them.

Unless they repent, I don’t  bet my pint He will.


After Mueller’s Appointment, Modernist Troops Take The Offensive

Cardinal Woelki, another gift of Pope Benedict to the Church.

The appointment of Archbishop Mueller to the CDF was the signal for the Modernist troops to start an attack in defence of the money they cash from the not-so-faithful in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

This time, the openly heretical assertions come fromt he youngest Cardinal, Woelki, an appointment of Pope Benedict both as Archbishop and Cardinal.

Woelki, whose diocese lies in Berlin (last time I looked, the city in Europe with most lesbians compared to the population), is reported by the Tablet as follows

Commenting on gay men in relationships he said he tried not to see them as just violating natural law but as people trying to take responsibility for each other in lasting partnerships. “We must find a way of allowing people to live without going against church teaching,” he said.

I do not know whether the Cardinal really said (the Tablet might have twisted his real words) about perverts “trying to take responsibility”, which is as intelligent and as Christian as to say that a paedophile is trying to take responsibility for the child he rapes, or a zoophile for the dog he screws. I do not doubt the Cardinal’s concept, as truly expressed, were alarming  enough. But the words literally quoted are  of the same heretic content: in the view of the Cardinal, it is not people who have to conform their actions to church teaching, but the church teaching which must be conformed to their actions; they can, otherwise, evidently “not live”.  

This is another brilliant appointment of Pope Benedict. This man will contribute to the election of the new Pope. The Vatican – this man is a Cardinal, remember – is rapidly becoming a theological madhouse, with particularly the German prelates doing whatever they can in order not to lose the money of the Kirchensteuer, which makes of the German church the wealthiest on the planet.

I sincerely hope the Cardinal (who according to Wikipedia had a rather good start as Archbishop, saying that homosexual acts are against the order of creation: which is obvious, but in these times not automatically said) will now correct the “Tablet” and either point out to their mistake and interpretation errors, or else make it very clear that he is true to the line. Possibly without V -II quibbles and explanations as to how freedom is slavery, and war is peace.

Otherwise… otherwise, what? Can you imagine Archbishop Mueller really forcing this man to orthodoxy? Really? 

It may well be that Pope Benedict has plunged us in the most serious crisis in the history of the church.  This new phase of the crisis might develop with assorted – mainly German-speaking – Cardinals expressing themselves in the usual duplicitous, slimy way – see above – against every Church rule and doctrine staying between them and the money of their poor sheep. The Vatican would, then, do  nothing beyond the usual feeble meowing every now and then, in order to hide behind the fig leaf of pretended orthodoxy whilst allowing the German (and other) Cardinals to be perceived to be “modern” and “on the side of the people” by their sugar daddies.

The Holy Father will in the meantime, no doubt, work on his next book.


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