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Is Cardinal Schoenborn Homosexual?

Is it fair to say this is a Duck? Read on...

Is it fair to say this is a Duck? Read on…


First an appeal to the SSPX, if they were ever to read this: can you please stop referring to homosexuals, lesbians, & Co. as “gay”? If even the SSPX starts using this sloppy language, where will it end?

Quit saying “gay”.


On the matter: once again, Cardinal Schoenborn (a man recently considered as papabile, which tells you something about the present state of things within the Church) shows himself a rather extreme aider and abettor of homosexual perversion.

The SSPX goes in detail on this, also giving a rather comprehensive account of a small part of the antics of this satanic Cardinal in the last years. 

In this specific instance, the Cardinal is on record with the following:

There can be same-sex partnerships and they need respect, and even civil law protection. Yes, but please keep it away from the notion of marriage. Because the definition of marriage is the stable union between a man and a woman open to life.

(EDIT: The Cardinal’s Secretary denies these were the words or the intention of the Cardinal: see below).

The Cardinal thinks that sexual perversion: 1) needs respect, and 2) needs civil law protection. Spoken like a true sodomite.

If a Cardinal would publicly declare that bestiality needs respect and civil law protection, but just please don’t call it marriage, wouldn’t you think he has that very perversion? Well, then.. 

Therefore, the suspicion is more than justified that the Cardinal is a homosexual himself, because such a level of defiance of God’s laws – in every priest, but particularly in a Cardinal – is probably rooted in an inner disobedience born of one’s own perversion.  In these cases, some might still have the gut to do their job even if they themselves do not comply with the required standard – Cardinal O’Brien comes to mind – but it is fair to say it is far more likely that perverted clergymen will rather try to subvert the standard instead. In doing so, they will use the usual code words employed by homosexual priests during the past decades: the need to be pastoral, the “charitee”, and such like; proving that most perverts have no idea of what being pastoral, or being charitable, means in the first place.

You can put it in another way: it is difficult to think a normal person can arrive to such level of complicity with perverts, unless he is a pervert himself. Life is a very simple thing, and what would have caused alarm bells to toll in every sensible person only two generations ago is now more difficult to detect, because the aggressive (actually: passive-aggressive) clericalism engendered by Vatican II makes it far more difficult for sound thinking people to pose the obvious question, “is the Cardinal a poof?”, without being accusing of being “uncharitable”.

Also please think this: there has been a widespread talk about the homosexual infiltration within the Church, up to the highest echelons. The effeminacy of the V II Church is more than evident to anyone who can compare the pre-V II and post-V II attitude. The takeover of entire seminaries through perverted priests, in turn co-opting perverted seminarians, is well documented (Maynooth was rather extreme; St. Poelten was even worse), and it is simply not possible that this is turn did not create a net of homosexual bishops, helping each other to positions of power.

This is universally known, and the problem of homosexual infiltration is widely acknowledged. Still, it would seem these homosexual prelates exist only in an abstract sphere, or are acknowledged only a posteriori,  when they get officially exposed (“Miami Vice” is a prime example; see also here for more information on what happened over there). In daily life, it seems most people think these homosexual prelates are just non-existent.

It’s just like Fascists in Italy in May 1945: everyone knew they were there, only no one was supposed to be a Fascist…

You know what? It just can’t be. The net of homosexual bishops is working for Satan as we speak. They further the infiltration of the church through both homosexual clergy and homosexual ideas; they pollute Catholicism every day with their sugary talk about “pastoral care”; they want their sheep to forget the very bases of Christianity; they are creating a new religion in which their own perversion is fully accepted through the simple trick of not calling it “marriage”; they pervert the mind of their sheep by inoculating in them concepts of “love” and “commitment” that can only exist in the mind of perverts. They exploit their position of authority to smuggle ideas that would never be accepted by simple – and gullible – Catholics if they did not come from bishops or Cardinals. They are a cancer that is going into metastasis, working hand in hand with the civil authorities of many Western Countries. 

Do you think these people exist only in theory? No, they exist in practice. We see them at work. Look at Cardinal Schoenborn, and you’ll see a prime example.

Aristotle famously said that if an animal looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is a duck.

Cardinal Schoenborn thinks like a poof, acts like a poof and quacks like a poof.

These people must be stopped, and I do not think giving First Holy Communion to children in Roman parishes is what is going to stop them.


EDIT: Cardinal Schoenborn’s secretary has written to the Tablet stating the Tablet has “grossly misinterpreted” the Cardinal’s words. Strangely, though, what he does is simply rephrase the words, which in the original text were clearly attributable to him.

My comment: the Cardinal wanted his words to be “non attributable” ( a common trick when one wants to throw the stone and hide the hand). The Tablet was too weak with their expression “leading Cardinal”, which clearly referred to Schoenborn, instead of using the usual expressions like “highly placed officials have expressed to the Tablet the opinion that…”. As it was, everyone, starting from the SSPX and the Vatican, understood who is the culprit. At this point Schoenborn had to backpedal with another common excuse (“gross misunderstanding”), which to me is code for “I said “non attributable”, morons”.

I gladly link to the letter from Mr Prueller, but I do think the excuse does not wash. In my eyes, Schoenborn still quacks like the duck above. As to Schoenborn’s record in matters of homosexuality, it is clear enough without any need for unwanted attributions, and doesn’t change anything substantial in the matter, apart from showing one of these days Schoenborn will, if he does not pay attention, put himself in huge trouble. Please also note the SSPX article, which reports several scandalous episodes concerning the Cardinal’s attitude towards homos, is still online as I write, if without the Tablet quote.

I suspect Schoenborn got some unexpected flak from the Vatican, and decided to discover orthodoxy – for the time being – through his secretary.

As far as I am concerned the post, the duck, and the suspicions stay.



The old mother of Cardinal Schoenborn (92 years old, God bless her…) has expressed her fear her son might be elected Pope, an event which would obviously cut the Cardinal's “family time”.

I am sure I express the opinion of all readers when I say we will fervently pray that she can continue to see her son as much as she likes.


Not The Usual Pope Benedict Blog Post


If you are sensitive about the Pope, stop reading now. If you continue, consider that I will, most certainly, not publish your comment.


The surprise decision of the Holy Father to step down is only a few hours old, but I am sure you have already read all the sugary stuff your liver can muster.

You are, I hope, not a reader of this blog because you want to read the sugary stuff. If you are, you will be disappointed; but frankly, you haven’t been paying much attention, either.

I have waited before starting to write this post, and have not “stopped” a blog post – and a very bitter one – written two days ago, and scheduled for this evening.  I haven’t, because I do not think that simple facts of life change because of our emotional reactions to historical – and today was truly historical – events.

Again: if you are the sensitive type, stop now. If you continue, it’s your problem. Chiaro?

I am fully persuaded Pope Benedict was (allow me the past here) a deeply kind man, intentioned to do good, and sincerely loving the Church. The fact that he was not “telegenic” and “media effective” as his predecessor made it more endearing to me. He did not “kiss the earth”, did not indulge as often in populist gestures, did not spend half of his time traveling like a mad gipsy, or a candidate to the American Presidency. Even in his being less communicative, and more difficult to “sell”, he was more authentic to my eyes than his predecessor. He did not have a beautiful smile, and yet he dared to smile. He knew he wasn’t the darling of the masses, and wasn’t really bothered. He was also, as a Pope, generally more intellectually aware, and less prone to trust the wrong people blindly.

Still, he was a Pope with a deep, irreparable construction mistake: he was a product of the Second Vatican Council.

Like all his predecessors from John XXIII on, he never reigned, he merely presided. Like all of them, he made the bidding of the local Church hierarchies, not really caring of how badly they represented the ideas that he, as the Vicar of Christ, had the duty to defend. Like all of them, he was that kind of person no one in his entourage really fears or really respects. He was the equivalent of those weak teachers we all remember from school: good and well-intentioned chaps, for sure; but in the end, just unable to do their job properly.

He seemed to see his role as the man who is saddened when things go wrong, rather than the man who is responsible to care that things go right. He saw a string of his German colleagues abandon themselves to the most ludicrous heresies (yours truly has reported at times; many other times his liver did not allow him to touch the subject); he saw his Archbishops, like Vincent “Quisling” Nichols, defend “civil partnerships” without punishment. Oh wait, he did not make Nichols Cardinal! This must have been his idea of punishment.

He made people like this one bishops, and for one who comes to such dubious honors there are many who make less an ass of themselves, but aren’t really better. He made another, even more unspeakable tool of Satan like this one a Cardinal. He let this man  confuse Catholics without uttering a word to rebuke him (only one of the very many examples you can find on this blog), and lastly, he let this man – an extremely fresh appointment – attempt the demolition of the Catholic culture remained in Italy on occasion of his very first speech in his new position. Again, there are extremely numerous episodes, I merely mention those who are most recent or most striking.

And how could one forget the relentless work of fostering and protection of heresy in Austria tirelessly promoted by this man? How could one forget that the Pontiff allowed his own Kumpeln to get away with simony? How can one ignore that those belonging to his personal circle of friends and proteges (not only, as mentioned, this one, but even this one) were allowed to confuse Catholics at every step without being bothered in the least?

True, this Pope was less naive than his predecessor; but as for protection of his own favourites he wasn’t shy, either. Cardinal Schoenborn, once his favourite students, allowed total freedom of heresy, from laser masses to Medjugorje to the protection of heretics. Mueller, his text editor, put on the fast lane to archbishop and fox guarding the hen-house; Gaenswein, his aide, made a bishop weeks before resigning.

Is it a surprise that he was so little respected, and so little feared, that even his own butler – a sincere and truthful man, apparently, if very naive himself –  thought it necessary to defend the Pope from …. himself? Can you imagine even Paul VI treated with so little esteem?

Certainly, the Holy Father did something good. Certainly, he also made some good bishops’ appointments (I like Egan a lot, talking of a recent one who concern me from near). But really, one had the impression the man doesn’t really know what he is doing, he merely does what is told and comes back to his books.

Oh, his books. This was the first Pope I know of who not only loves theology, but keeps seeing himself as a theologian after he became Pope, and judging from his work almost a full-time one. His production since ascending to the Papacy is impressive. Did he really take his job seriously, one wonders? Was he Pope mit Leib und Seele, or did he consider the papacy an unpleasant chore, taking refuge in his beloved theology as soon as he could? But whilst he wrote his books, devoting to them consistent and precious energies – particularly at his age – that should have been employed in … being Pope (doing things like paying attention to whom you appoint as bishop, for example; or taking the time to rein in your unruly Cardinals; or purging a couple of religious orders among the very worst; or other unpleasant things like that) his own clergy devastated the body of Christ in France, in Spain, in England, recently even in Italy. He was, literally, writing whilst Rome burns.

He will, though, be remembered – hopefully for him – chiefly for Summorum Pontificum;  which, really, not only defined but epitomised his papacy. Afraid of his own courage, or simply afraid of being Pope, or perhaps never wanting Summorum Pontificum to be really effective in the first place – which I suspect – he started the work and forgot to implement it, a bit like those people so intent in imagining their own future company they never start one. It is now five and a half years and the implementation of Summorum Pontificum is a joke if we want to be gentle, and stable or going backwards in the last two-three years.  His own bishops weren’t impressed in the least  at the measure, and started to boycott it – and him – with a zeal one wish they would put in the defense of Catholic values. This they did either because they got signals the Pope wasn’t interested in the implementation of Summorum Pontificum, or because they just didn’t care what the Pope did or wanted; see the above mentioned teacher.

If your own butler doesn’t respect or fear you, how will your own archbishops?

The archbishops knew their “client”, and profited from his weakness, indecisiveness and sheer hierarchical incompetence – you can say of Pope Benedict what you want, but he wasn’t born a leader of men – for all it was worth. When – in a rare gust of courage – the Holy Father dared to appoint Monsignor Wagner as bishop (auxiliary, if memory serves) of Linz, the Austrian church revolted. Promptly, the Pope caved in. At that point, it was clear who is (not) in power.

I will, today, renounce to describe you some less savoury aspects of the Pope’s personality; aspects about which I have written, but do not think it appropriate to write today. It has to do, mostly, with the way the SSPX was treated, but again I will not write about this today.

The kindest thing that can be said of Pope Benedict is that he is a kind, gentle man of studies, who failed – yes, failed, and failed badly; look around you, with homosexuals advancing everywhere under his watch, and nothing  near the hell on earth he should be making for every elected politician – when he had to really rule people, really take decisions, and run a complex organisation like the Church. He could simply not do it, and preferred to  take refuge in his books and studies instead, hoping to be an halfway functioning “Vatican II” Pope and do what he could with the character and inclination God had given him. It didn’t work out.

But I really do not think this is the whole truth. The whole truth is that Benedict has failed because he is a Pope of Vatican II, and was destined to fail like all the Popes of Vatican II were destined, are destined, and always will be destined to fail.

In the simple world I live in, a papacy is not measured by the number of books one has written; or by the increase in Kirchensteuer-money; or by the crowds waiting for one at the airport (look at the “triumphal” England visit; two years later we are talking of so-called same-sex marriage, and most Catholics just don’t give a fig). The way I see it, a papacy is measured by the number of brave priests and bishops thundering against the perversions and madness of our times; by the number of Cardinals bravely promoting the faith in the face of open dissent, hostility, hatred, or loss of income;  by the number of vocations, the activity in the seminaries, the assertiveness of religious orders truly devoted to Christ, and the constant defiance of secular thinking at all levels.

Nothing of this, I am afraid to say, was to be seen during Pope Benedict’s pontificate. Like his predecessors, meowing was the order of the day, whilst rapacious bishops and cardinals continued to rape the Bride of Christ every day. All this has happened under his watch, and of all this he is responsible. Then if one is in charge, he is also responsible.

And here I come to the last aspect, in which I pay to this Pope a last compliment among the not many I have paid him from this minuscule blog.

All the Popes of Vatican II are failures – bar JP I of course; probably for lack of time  – but Pope Benedict has the immense merit of being the first one who has realised it and has drawn the consequences.

Obviously, he saw the great offensive Satan is launching all over the Western world. Obviously, he saw his sheer inadequacy at being a match for such an attack. Perhaps, incidents like the one with Paglia – a man of colossal incompetence and sheer stupidity and lack of faith, appointed by him, and mocked by the entire thinking Catholic planet at his very first public utterance in his new role – has persuaded him that he really wasn’t even able to make mediocre choices anymore, and from now on he would have become worse and worse in his appointments as his ability to select the right (erm, less wrong) people weakens with age.

The decision the Pope has made public today is – with Summorum Pontificum – the most important and most beautiful of his career, and I have frankly – and again, with the exception of Summorum Pontificum – never liked him as I like him today, or prayed for the health of his soul like I did today, because it takes an awful lot of guts to have the courage to admit one can’t do the job; particularly then, when one is the kind of person who was never noticed for his guts.  I so wish Paul VI had done the same, and I am sure many of my readers would today think so much more of him if he had done so.

I do not think one serves the Church by serving on your plate a ton of molasses on a day like this. If you think so you have wasted your time, and you are reading the wrong blog.

We are living our Dunkirk, and we cannot go on with the Neville Chamberlains of this world, no matter how well-intentioned or how much fond of writing they are. 

We need a Churchill now, and we need it fast.

Dear Lord, please, please give us a strong Pope.


Heresy In Austria: Meeooww!

walketh about seeking whom he may devour

walketh about, seeking whom he might devour…

My six readers are certainly aware (they should be at least, as the post is prominently displayed in my right hand column) that the heresy in Austria has been going on pretty much undisturbed for now far too long.

I do not report about the minutiae of this endless non-story, as the only thing worth nothing is the absolute inaction of  Cardinal “I support Medjugorje” Schoenborn, here and there interrupted by some positive non-action like pointing out to the rebels their careers might suffer if they continue rebelling. Their careers might suffer? You don’t say? Ah, there must really be some smart people at work in Austria. It must be the mountain air.

It has now transpired the Vatican itself has finally moved with devastating energy, and is going to fall on Father Schueller with all the weight and the lethal energy of a timid pussycat. The meowing is, in fact, so terrible that the entire Catholic world is astonished at this show of feline determination.

What has happened is that Monsignor Schueller has been… deprived of the title of Monsignor.

What a fall. Sic transit gloria mundi. Words fail me.

I must say, this display of ruthless determination reminds me of the most glorious days of the Spanish Inquisition, and no doubt the present Vatican hierarchy will be remembered as an example of ice-cold willingness to ruthlessly meow against heresy. Nil inultum remanebit.

My own cat could not have done better, I assure you.

Meoweth about, seeking whom he might amuse...

Meoweth about, seeking whom he might amuse…

Father Schueller himself feigns indifference and says it’s no big deal, he never cared for the title anyway, and he will continue undisturbed to organise a revolt against the most basic principles of the Church (whilst obviously continuing to be a priest in good standing). We do believe that he will continue to spread heresy undisturbed; but come on, being deprived of the title of Monsignor must be a terrible, terrible blow. I shudder at the thought. Ugh!

In case, though, you would think the Vatican is being too harsh in their meowing, and that it is utterly insensitive of them to not only ignore, but even cruelly punish the sincere cry for “reform”, “inclusiveness” and all the other words ending with “ness” coming from the country who gave us Mozart, Haydn, Schubert and … Hitler, please consider the Vatican is not always so unbelievably harsh.

They are, for example, extremely gentle with the SSPX, allowing them in their wisdom not to be in full communion, and demanding from them that they become a bit more like Mons Father Schueller in order for them to be allowed to be in full standing again.  Now, this is smart, isn’t it?

I must now leave you, because the terrible news coming from Rome forces me to go and have a camomile tea.

The times are changing, for sure.

We must not be afraid of inaction anymore.


SSPX-CDF: Journey Into The Vatican Corridors

Cardinal Schoenborn will be called to judge the SSPX’ orthodoxy.No, I am NOT joking…

On the usual Rorate Caeli, the translation of a rather saucy leak from the Vatican corridors: the Pope had the text of the SSPX’ reply to the Preambolo Dottrinale beforehand, and did not raise any objections.

This has been largely anticipated, and in fact it would have been rather inconceivable, and against the most elementary rules of prudence, that Bishop Fellay would give his official answer without having received unofficial confirmation that the Pontiff had given his green light. In the end, and if we are honest with ourselves, we know perfectly well a theologian Pontiff does not need the CDF – composed in part of individuals like Schoenborn – to know whether the answer his acceptable. Still, the fact itself the matter was leaked makes it rather intriguing.

Why then, will you ask, the three weeks of waiting to examine the document, and then the big meeting, and the big decision everyone knows has already been taken?

If you ask me, this is nothing to do with the Pope wanting to know what the CDF thinks on the matter, but about the Pope forcing the CDF to toe the line on the reconciliation.  The CDF is expected to say what they think beforehand, but they also clearly know what they are expected to say. If they criticise the SSPX’s answer, they will be silenced by the Pontiff and exposed as irretrievable tambourine-men. If they approve, they’ll have to shut up afterwards.

All in all, it could be this procedure isn’t all bad after all…


Cardinal Schoenborn Asked To Explain Himself.

Dark Brown and very thick: Sachertorte.

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has asked Cardinal Schoenborn to “explain” his recent decision to reverse the decision of one of his priests, who has annulled the election of a Gemeinderat (parish council member) because one of the “elected” was not only homosexual, but an unrepentant sodomite even living in a registered civil partnership. Now, people like Vincent Nichols would obviously look the other way and pretend (insulting our intelligence, and endangering his soul; if he believes in its existence, that is) one should be “nuanced” in these matters; but the priest in question was a tad more Catholic and had annulled the vote.

Enter the Cardinal, who couldn’t wait to show the Austrian “Catholics” what a friend of perverts he is, and reversed the decision.

This is, in case you don’t know, the same man who doesn’t do anything beyond the strictly obligatory to counter the heresy in Austria. The reasoning of the (hopefully heterosexual) Cardinal is always the same: I want to look good, let Rome look bad, and try to appear to my local heretics as the good man who tries to defend their stance as good as he can. Alas, one is a Cardinal and has a job to do; but his heart goes out to them,and feels with them…

This time, it appears he will have to endure some slight unpleasantness. The CDF – up to now not really aggressive in the matter of the heresy – has now decided to pat him on the cheek and tell him the least audible of the “naughty boy” imaginable. The Cardinal is invited to say why he reversed the decision (which, clearly, everyone already knows) and if he does not answer to the letter (this detail shows a clear sense of self-esteem from the members of the CDF; they basically invite him to ignore them for the time being) he will be asked to confer next time he is in Rome.

Also note the “Standard” says it appears the Cardinal will not be asked to reverse his decision. That would be too harsh, surely…?

If you do not find this terrifying, I can’t blame you and Schoenborn, who is himself a member of that august congregation, will probably not find his sleep much troubled.

Still, if I were the ineffable, oh so modern and oh so vain Cardinal,  I’d start to be slightly worried anyway.

Everyone knows  Schoenborn is a former pupil and protegé of the Pontiff, which circumstance certainly goes a long way in keeping him away from big trouble even when he most deserves it, which is rather often (Medjugorje also comes to mind; and the laser Masses; and the Western Masses; the man is a real piece of work, or you would say of Sachertorte). As long as Pope Benedict lives, nothing worse than a letter of the CDF in which the latter expects to be ignored will happen to him. But the Pope is becoming increasingly more frail, and I doubt he will stay with us for, say, another decade. When the successor is elected, the good Cardinal could find himself in the Sachertorte up to his very neck, and if this happens I doubt he would be able to chew all of it.

One is reminded of another protegé of a Pontiff, called Marcial Maciel.  The death of JP II was basically the end of the road for him.

Schoenborn might not be a pervert, but he certainly makes everything possible to help them, so I wouldn’t say he is much better than Maciel anyway.  He is probably worse, because Maciel did not give scandal. 

I wonder what the Cardinal thinks of the reconciliation with the SSPX?


On Father Guarnizo Again

Repetita Iuvant

Excellent blog post from George Neumayr at the American Spectator (a magazine I link to; there aren’t many).

In the Guarnizo affair, it appears Wuerl was the real engine of Father Guarnizo’s, well, undeserved punishment, and the man on whom the  blame must be apportioned. I wasn’t there, of course, but as I tend to believe (sinner that I am) a priest with a spotless reputation rather than a lesbian wannabe Buddhist activist, and there’s no doubt in my mind Guarnizo did what he had to do, did it as quietly as he could, and is now punished for having acted as a true priest should.

Some of the most interesting passages from this interesting blog post:

Cardinal Wuerl’s silence is deafening. He still hasn’t commented directly on his baldly unjust “administrative leave” order to Fr. Marcel Guarnizo. Nor has he explained to the faithful why Barbara Johnson, the self-described practicing lesbian and Buddhist to whom Fr. Guarnizo properly denied Communion, enjoys a canonical right to the sacred species.

Perversely, Cardinal Wuerl has at once violated the canonical rights of a faithful priest while inventing out of thin air a “policy” that orders his subordinates to distribute the Eucharist to anti-Catholic activists and defiant mortal sinners.

The word “pastoral” should make the faithful groan at this point. It is one of the great weasel words of the “spirit of Vatican II” Church in America. The word “pastoral” invariably dribbles from the lips of bishops like Cardinal Wuerl who regularly expose their flocks to wolves. Jesus Christ said that the “good shepherd” watches the gate. Cardinal Wuerl’s “policy” is to leave it wide open for the Church’s fiercest enemies. This is why the Pelosis and the Barbara Johnsons just keep coming up for Communion. Since Cardinal Wuerl refuses to control the sacrament, they will.

A Church official who has watched Wuerl’s persecution of Fr. Guarnizo with horror commented to me that if Jesus Christ had served in Cardinal Wuerl’s archdiocese “he would be on administrative leave too.” Unlike the Cardinal Wuerls, Christ never felt the need to play patty cake with the enemies of the Church. He liked struggling sinners but not unrepentant ones who seek to defile his temple.

I have no desire to participate in this worldly game of ring-kissing in which the Cardinal Wuerls wallow. They enjoy the trappings of their office without actually exercising it for the good of souls. They demand 13th-century obedience while behaving like 21st-century flakes who play church in costume and staff.

As St. Augustine said, God does not need our “lies.” He needs our truth-telling, even if that truth-telling means wounding the egos of derelict successors to his disciples.

Kudos to Mr Neumayr and the American Spectator. This culture of “sensitivity” has to stop, and be replaced with a culture of Catholicity instead.

What being “sensitive” leads to is under everyone’s eyes.


Heresy in Austria: Pope Benedict Speaks

Finally, the engine was started…..

Dear reader, I herewith admit to a grave fault; at least, grave in a blogger.

The fact is, the Austrian heretical movement (abetted, covertly if not overtly, by the disgraceful Archbishop Cardinal Schoenborn) makes my blood boil to such an extent, that I try to avoid writing about it for fear I would become too vitriolic even for this blog, or else get a stroke.

Still, I have checked every now and then and until the last weeks I have noticed nothing more than the usual, as the Italians say, “fried air”:

a) the Cardinal pretends to recall the heretics to order whilst paying attention to be perceived, in the broad public opinion, to be seen as doing so only unwillingly and only for the sake of his office. He is about the church tax money and his own popularity, you know.

b) the excuses put forward to justify this inaction are the most stupid imaginable, like the one going along  the lines that if you start fighting heresy, heresy will erupt. Asses. No wait: cowardly, heretical asses.

c)  The Vatican doesn’t express more than some subdued grumble (one invitation here; one observation there), possibly (or probably) because cardinal Schoenborn is a personal friend and protegé of the Pontiff.

There now seems to be a change at least as far as point c) is concerned. Rorate Caeli reports the following words from the Holy Father (emphases mine):

Recently a group of priests from a European country issued a summons to disobedience, and at the same time gave concrete examples of the forms this disobedience might take, even to the point of disregarding definitive decisions of the Church’s Magisterium, such as the question of women’s ordination, for which Blessed Pope John Paul II stated irrevocably that the Church has received no authority from the Lord.  Is disobedience a path of renewal for the Church? We would like to believe that the authors of this summons are motivated by concern for the Church, that they are convinced that the slow pace of institutions has to be overcome by drastic measures, in order to open up new paths and to bring the Church up to date. But is disobedience really a way to do this? Do we sense here anything of that configuration to Christ which is the precondition for all true renewal, or do we merely sense a desperate push to do something to change the Church in accordance with one’s own preferences and ideas?

There can be no doubt the country in question is Austria, and the “call to disobedience” the literal translation of their “Aufruf zum Ungehorsam”. Where does this, then, leave us? I see only three possibilities:

1) This is a last public warning for Schoenborn: either he now starts to act decisively, or the Pontiff will do it for him, and he won’t be pleased at the result.

2) This is a last public warning for the heretics: if they do not back pedal, the Pope will crush them. Schoenborn will not be touched because he is a buddy, and will continue to play the part of the modern prelate who crushes the heretics, because you got to do what you got to do.

3) The Pope spoke, but his words will not be followed by facts, and he will be content with, so to speak, paving the way for the actions of his successor. Successor who will not be Schoenboern’s buddy, so the latter will have to prepare himself for rather tough times.

We shall see what the future brings. Personally I think 3) is the most likely scenario, followed by 2), followed by 1).

What I think can be said, is that the Pope’s words represent the starting of the engines of the Big Vatican Heresy Steamroller. The  steamroller will move very slowly, but when it does it will crush everything on its path.


Cardinal Schoenborn Disgraces Himself Again

Cardinal Schoenborn, protector of perverts. Note the word "saint" is not there.

In the personal conversation I had with Mr. Stangl, I was impressed with his pious attitude, his humility and his firm willingness to serve. …

These are the words with which Cardinal Schoenborn commented the fact that his diocese decided to confirm the election of an homosexual, living in a registered civil partnership, in the local parish council. 

If this weren’t satanic enough, you may want to know that the diocese is very happy with the high participation to “church life” of the parishioners, whose “church life” finds expression in electing with large majority a self-confessed homosexual with institutionalised wannabe  “marriage” to show his “love” to his partner.In Schoenborn’s world, “popular participation” is the new word for “orthodoxy”.

Mark my words: don’t be surprised if one day we should discover that Cardinal Schoenborn himself is a homosexual, or a paedophile, or both. Such level of complicity with sexual perversion generally does not happen by coincidence. This here is the same level of reckless, demonic devastation of Catholic values we have seen in Belgium, and when the entire tone in the Diocese is given by the “progressive” bishop, we might discover the bishop is like this one; or that among his priests there are people like this one.

The problem with this individual is that he is bent on sabotaging everything that is Catholic, and does not care a straw for what his truly Catholic parishioners think (or for his eternal salvation, in which I think he stopped believing a long time ago; or else he is on drugs). He will do whatever it takes to be popular with the masses, both because of the money of the Kirchensteuer and because of his alleged (and easily believable) boundless vanity. Another mark of many homosexuals, by the way.

Cardinal Schoenborn makes the work of the devil day in, and day out. In the meantime, we hear about the 600,000 people who have greeted the Holy Father in Mexico, and made him an “honorary Mexican”, and I truly wonder……..

In not punishing or removing him (better both, I should say), Pope Benedict makes the same mistake of John Paul II: he trusts the wrong people, and does not listen to the voices of reasons when they are about people he likes; as a result, his papacy will be tarnished by his ill-selected friends like the papacy of his predecessor. We are all human of course; but good Lord, at some point this huge, huge scandal will have to be stopped.

Schoenborn must wish Pope Benedict a very long life. Something tells me when this Pope is gone, he’ll go down like a stone.


P.s. Don’t forget: this is the hero of the Medjugorje crowd.

As Heresy Now Spreads To Flanders, Vatican Is Sound Asleep.

in Bruges... again!

Dear readers,

Some of you will have read of my rather perplexing experiences in Bruges, Flanders.  Rather a couple more – says my stats table – have read, or at least clicked on, my several posts about the Heresy in Austria.

In what appears to be the deserved punishment for the Vatican’s incompetence and culpable inaction, the heresy now spreads to Flanders, where – as I write this – no less than 211 priests have signed a sort of petition explaining things the poor idiots “don’t understand”.

Unfortunately, your truly can help with German, but he is totally at a loss to interpret that strange-sounding mixture of guttural sounds called Flemish. For this reason, I will have to rely on the always excellent Rorate Caeli for a list of those things the poor idiots – or worse; read my post about Bruges – don’t understand. They seem to be the following:

1) We do not understand why the leadership of our local communities (such as parishes) is not entrusted to a man or woman, married or unmarried, professional or volunteer, who received the necessary formation.

2) We need dedicated shepherds. We do not understand why these fellow faithful cannot lead Sunday services.

3) In every living community we need liturgical leaders. We do not understand why – when there is no priest – a service of Word and Communion is not allowed.

4) We do not understand why skilled laypeople and formed religious educators can not preach. We need the Word of God.

5) We do not understand why faithful of good will who remarried after a divorce have to be denied Communion. They are equally part of the community.

I regret the demise of those blessed times when a slap in the face was the way such questions – when posed by, say, an unruly child; adults would obviously, being adults, not pose them – were dealt with. Unfortunately, nowadays the children aren’t treated that way anymore, and many of them seem to have become priest.

Why they did that, is beyond me. Unless they’re homosexual or pedophiles, of course.

Still, I do not want to hide from you the fact that in my modest opinion, the biggest culprit for this mess is the Vatican, and one wonders how many countries – or parts thereof – will launch such “initiatives” before someone in the right chambers wakes up, smells the coffee and starts being Catholic instead of regaling us with the usual platitudes about how good bishops are supposed to be, without caring to do anything when they – regularly – don’t.

The northern European barn  is slowly, but surely burning. I can’t hear the Vatican sirens anywhere.

The time for empty talk has passed. This is the time for sharp and decisive action, for exemplary excommunications, for punishment and restoration of sound Catholic thinking. Beginning, of course, from Cardinal Schönborn but now – alas – having to go much further than some diocese lost in Mitteleuropa.

The Neville Chamberlain policy didn’t work. It never could, it never will.


Special Evening At Circus Schoenborn

Circus Schoenborn: now available online






Isn’t it beautiful, technology?

Nowadays, you can experience an apparition in the comfort of your home, sitting in front of the computer, with your favourite tea.

This being  a new and bold era, the Blessed Virgin gives you her schedule, and lets you know beforehand when and to whom she will appear. We all have busy lives, you know, so she gracefully accommodates our schedule.

Not only this, but the Blessed Virgin is now a priest, too – it must have to do with the vocations crisis, I suppose – and therefore will bless all the objects you keep near the computer during the announced ceremony, erm, gig, erm, apparition. Exactly like a priest would; or a priestess, or…. er, wait….

You don’t believe all this? How dare you? This is organised under the protection of none other than Cardinal Schoenborn, the protector of heretics and patron of blasphemers!

It must be true, right?

Can’t wait for the apparition.

Prepare the popcorn.



Austrian Heresy: Meowing Gets Louder

Add Austrian accent

I have written in the past about the Austrian heresy, a shame for the entire Catholicism that has gained a pretty high place in my list of links (basically, after the Blessed Virgin alone).

We write today the 25 September and whilst there has been no substantial change in the matter – the internet site with the call to disobedience is still there, but the Archbishop doesn’t care about such minutiae like more than 300 of his priests and deacons openly calling to heresy – the Archbishop’s language is, as expected, slowly becoming more aggressive. If you have followed my previous blog posts in the matter, you know that the Archbishop is forced to quench the revolt in order to keep his job, but wants to do so by giving as many Austrian as possible the idea that he would be on their side, if he only could.

We have now some small movement in the matter as after the anticipated “discussion” with the heretics, the Cardinal has given several interviews to Austrian radio and television, basically announcing an escalation if the revolt continues.

Let us see how Reuters reports his words:

“If in our diocese here I would step out of line with the community of the Catholic Church then I would lead our diocese into a schism. I am not ready for this and I think no Austrian bishop is ready for this,”

This is, as expected, 100% Schonborn. He imagines a possibility (“If I were to”) that clearly implies a possibility of him doing so. The Cardinal doesn’t say “this is absurd and therefore I won’t do it; the proposers are heretics and they must give a full abiura or be defrocked”, which he should have done months ago. He says instead : “If I do it this will lead us to a conflict with Rome”. This is fully in line with the previous declaration of the Cardinal, where not once have I seen him on record saying that their requests are simply doctrinally wrong. His problems have always been: a) unity with Rome, and b) obedience. By doing so he clearly shows that he “gotta do what he gotta do”, but doesn’t say that the heretics are wrong in the matter. If this is a shepherd, I am a giraffe.

Still, slowly but surely the Cardinal must start to initiate some kind of escalation; then his ignoring the revolt (which continues to grow, albeit more slowly now) can be fatal for his own position.

The problem is well-known and I have dealt with it in my previous posts. Schonborn must quench the revolt, but at the same time he wants to give the vast number of church tax paying Austrian Catholics supporting the heretics the impression that he would so much like to be on their side. He doesn’t care two straws for the confusion that he engenders among the faithful, for the danger of contagion to Germany and Switzerland, or for the reputation of the Austrian Church. What he wants is to save the money coming from the dissident, by at the same time saving his own job.

Read all the story in this light and you will have a very clear picture of what is happening. Yes, one day he will quench the revolt. He will simply have to. But not one day too soon, and not without having done all he can to show the Austrian wannabe Catholics that he is obliged by his office to follow those dinosaurs down there in Rome.

The direction of things seems to be that the heretics will continue to be heretic, but will claim not to be such; they will lose face whilst claiming not to, and the Cardinal will keep his job whilst claiming to have been “sensitive” to the “instances” of the heretics. Dialogue, discussion, and bla bla.

On their Internet-site a newsletter (number 10) has appeared making clear that whilst the title “Call to disobedience” will remain notwithstanding the criticism they have received, they consider their disobedience (let us remember here: doctrinal disobedience, this is no SSPX!) in the sense of ….. being obedient to the Church. Jeez, these people should become Anglicans!

I also notice that the number of new priests and deacons adhering to the initiative starts to stagnate as the day of reckoning slowly approaches. Basically, more and more of these wannabe modernists (more than seldom with Freundin or even Freund, one would think)  start to understand that they are nothing more than the Cardinal’s useful idiots, helping him to show to the Austrian dissenters how sensitive to their plight he is whilst sacrificing the rebels on the altar of his job. They had it coming, one must say, but this doesn’t make the Cardinal’s behaviour any more acceptable.

The Cardinal needs our prayers. He needs to be removed, too.  This scandal has gone far too far, for far too long already.


Vatican Beats Cardinal Policarpo With A Feather

The Vatican prepares itself for Cardinal Policarpo's caning.

Cardinal Policarpo, the hopefully tired and emotional Cardinal of Lisbon who was subsequently forced to backpedal  has now been summoned to Rome to discuss the matter, says Messa In Latino.

One shivers at the thought of the terrible chastisements awaiting him. Reading Ordinatio Sacerdotalis aloud perhaps? Being told “tut, tut” by the Holy Father himself? Receiving an actual reprimand? No, the mind recoils from the last one. It would certainly cause an intervention from the United Nations, and President Obama (Now called “AA+”  from his most intimate friends) would call for an armed intervention before discovering that Cardinal Policarpo is, actually, not homosexual.

In the meantime, the heresy in Austria goes on undisturbed and the “call to disobedience” is still online, under the paternal eye of Cardinal Schoenborn.

No Roman Holidays for him, I’m afraid.


APPEAL (Sticky): Please Help Stop The Heresy In Austria!

Peter Paul Rubens, “The Victory of Eucharistic Truth Over Heresy”

Cardinal Schönborn, Protector of Heretics

In Austria, in the middle of Europe, a heretical movement has already gained the approval and open support of more than 250 priests, around 6% of the Austrian clergy. Their “Call to Disobedience” is openly advertised on the Internet.

All the members of this heretical uprising are still in good standing as Archbishop Cardinal Schönborn refuses to do anything to effectively counter this heretical insurgence. He limits himself to obligatory meowing, but in fact he helps the heresy to spread through his inaction.

Cardinal Schönborn’s motivation is – besides his vanity and desire of popularity – the money of the Austrian dissidents. His desire is for the vast number of Austrian dissidents to continue to fill the pockets of the Austrian Church. For this reason he pronounces some faint words of circumstance, but in fact allows the heretics to continue their work undisturbed.

This scandal must stop. Souls are at stake. Cardinal Schönborn’s inaction, motivated by vanity and greed, endangers souls and makes the work of the devil. Every day that this uprising is allowed to survive the reputation of the Church is damaged, the Magisterium sabotaged, the faithful confused. Cardinal Schönborn doesn’t care, provided he is popular among the dissident and they continue to finance the Church.

This shame must cease. The heretical priests must be punished and Catholic orthodoxy restored.

Please help by sending your protest to the following email addresses:

Congregation for the Clergy:

Papal Nuncio in Austria:

Holy Father:

Cardinal Schönborn will not act unless forced to. Please stop this scandal by sending your protest emails and forwarding them. You may want to forward (and mention in the protest emails you send) the links to blogs written by priests as they will be very effective. Two beautiful examples are EF Pastor Emeritus and Father Z.

Please take the time. Souls are at stake. Heresy is spreading in the middle of Europe.


Stop The Heresy In Austria!


Austrian Uprising: Cardinal Schönborn Makes the Work of the Devil.

This would make a proper doormat inscription for the Archdiocese of Vienna.

Today marks one month from the unspeakable call to open revolt from more than 250 Austrian priests. Including the deacons, their number exceeds 300.

Now please consider this:

1. Austria has around 4200 priests (not bad at all  for a country of 8.2m inhabitants. But I digress… ), which means that at the moment around 6% of the Austrian clergy is openly heretical. 

2. The list of the members of the “Pfarrer-Initiative” is not updated anymore. This might have to do with the desire not to embarrass Cardinal Schönborn, who might be forced by the Vatican to do something when it is clear that the movement is growing further.

3. An anonymous letter is enough to have a priest immediately suspended. An open call to disobedience and adhesion to blatant heresy isn’t, if Cardinal Schönborn is your archbishop.

4. Besides being the head of the Austrian bishop’s conference, Schönborn is the Archbishop of Vienna. This means that (if the information found on the internet is accurate) he is the superior of both Helmut Schueller, the priest vastly recognised as the leader of the movement, and Hans Bensdorp, the priest in whose name the internet page has been registered. These two leaders of an heretical movement which has now swept away 6% of the Austrian Priests are still in good standing, and so are all the others. What on earth is happening here?! Whose side is the Cardinal on??

5. These heretics are so sure of impunity, that their internet site now has an invitation to their annual assembly in Linz, in November. Among the heretics it’s business as usual. They know that they have nothing to fear from the Archbishop.

One month on, Cardinal Schönborn hasn’t been able to do anything else than make some obligatory noises about the rebels being “disobedient”. He allows them to continue undisturbed. He hasn’t suspended anyone of the more than 250 openly heretical priests. He hasn’t even provided for the taking down of the internet page.

If you want to know what the motivations of this disgraceful Cardinal are you can read here; or you may want to learn from the Cardinal himself how to spread an heresy.

After one month, there can be no excuse for such scandalous  inaction . Cardinal Schönborn is clearly doing everything he can to allow this heretical movement to grow. He is their best ally and their most scandalous accomplice. 

Please help to stop this unspeakable shame by directly addressing the Vatican, as Cardinal Schönborn will never do anything unless forced to.

Addresses are as follows:

Congregation for the Clergy:

Papal Nuncio in Austria:

Holy Father:

Please also help to stop this scandal by forwarding this information. You may want to forward (and mention in the protest emails you send) the links to blogs written by priests as they might be more effective. Two beautiful examples are EF Pastor Emeritus and Father Z.

Please take the time. Souls are at stake. Heresy is spreading in the middle of Europe, in the total absence of any will to do something effective against it.


“Keep The Customer Satisfied”: Cardinal Schönborn and the Kirchensteuer

In order to try to understand what is happening in Austria, it is perhaps useful to inform the readers about a peculiarity of Austria, Germany and Switzerland. In these countries, you can pay a kind of voluntary tax, or more simply said a tithe, through your normal income tax. This is called Kirchensteuer in Germany and Switzerland, and Kirchenbeitrag in Austria.

This means that:

1) the taxman will do everything for you, and give the money to the relevant church;

2) Once you have registered for the tax, you’ll pay automatically in proportion to your income tax (Germany) or to your taxable income (Austria);

3) In Germany, the procedure to get out of the tax was considered, last time I looked, bureaucratic and unpleasant, so that there is a kind of psychological/administrative disincentive to the dreaded Kirchenaustritt, the getting out of the system.

In the countries where it is in place, the Kirchensteuer ensures vast sums of money to the relevant church organisations. This is why the German priests are probably the best off of the planet (the Swiss ones might beat them, though), and I can easily imagine that the Austrian ones are not left very far behind.

Now, in order to try to understand the (shameless) workings of Cardinal Schönborn’s mind, you must understand that in Germany and Austria, a lot of people pay the Kirchensteuer, who don’t go to Mass or even believe in God. This has cultural and historical reasons: in the traditionally Protestant Germany the belonging to a church is more strictly linked to the paying of the tithe; but even among Catholics, the paying of the Kirchensteuer is often seen as a kind of “doing one’s duty”: I don’t go to Mass, the reasoning goes, but I do my part financially so it’s all right. Don’t think that the German clergy does anything to persuade them that this is not true!  Various other elements traditionally concurred, like the scandal of the parents if one started to talk about Kirchenaustritt, the shame of telling one’s parent that one doesn’t even believe in God anymore, the fact that the Germans live in small(ish) villages in greater percentages than Brits or Italians, the clear Christian roots, the diffused moral conservatism, etc. A colleague of mine was once told in no uncertain terms that in case of Kirchenaustritt she would be disinherited. You understand from this that the grip of the Kirchensteuer-system on the country was, in the past, rather strong.

After V II we therefore had a very strange situation: millions and millions of people who have forgotten – or haven’t been taught – the very basics of Catholicism, but who are the one who pay for it. This creates, in my eyes, several distortions:

1) Many Catholics have started to believe, in their culpable ignorance, that their paying gives them the right to meddle in the way the shop is run from the theological point of view. Austria is an extreme example.

2) The Catholic Church in these countries has become a fat, satiated, overinflated, bureaucratic, ministerial apparatus providing a service to their non-churchgoing clients: the Church has lost them as solid Catholics, and she now panders to their wishes in order not to lose them as good spenders. We see this in Germany but, most clearly, in Austria.

3) There is no incentive for the local priests to have a vibrant, orthodox Catholic community. The priest knows that the shop lives largely out of those whom he never sees. He knows that the thread which keeps them linked to the Kirchensteuer-system is rather feeble, and becomes more so as the older generation dies. Therefore he tries, like Simon & Garfunkel, to keep the customer satisfied.

4) The dissatisfaction has become more virulent with the scandals; scandals which have hit Austria particularly hard and by which the late Pope Blessed John Paul II distinguished himself with his well-known talent for trusting the wrong people, then denying reality, then denying reality again, then doing nothing, then protecting his friends, then finally doing too little, and too late. This has caused permanent damage in a country where church attendance was already dwindling and respect for and obedience to the Church as an institution not taught at all.

Mind that this situation is different from, say, Italy. In Italy you pay a part of your taxes to either the Church or some other organisation of your choice, but you can’t choose whether to give or not. In Germany and Austria it is different: once you get out, your net pay increases.

This is, then, the situation Cardinal Schoenborn is facing: great dissatisfaction with church scandals from people who haven’t been properly instructed, and therefore think they can make the rules. At the same time – again, these people not being properly instructed – the hierarchy is afraid of telling things as they are, lest a mass exodus from the voluntary tax occurs.

The edifice is now trembling, the Kirchenaustritte fastly accelerating, and the Church in Austria reacts….. trying to keep the customer satisfied.

Now: if Cardinal Schoenborn believed in God, he would simply do what is right and trust that Providence will always give the Church the money it needs; he would strongly call his sheep to obedience, punish the rebels, instruct the others, and be an example of orthodoxy himself. In short, he would do his job and serve God instead of Mammon.

Instead, Cardinal Schoenborn authorises the exhibition in the Cathedral museum of a work of (degenerate) art showing the Last Supper as homosexual orgy, a feat possibly beyond Peter Tatchell. He authorises the strikingly sacrilegious Western Masses, and this for three years in a row and not caring for opposition. He flies to Medjugorje without consultation with the local bishop, further encouraging the very questionable – and censored by the local bishop – “nuChristianity”, “Madonna at teatime”, “ecumaniacal” practices going on there. He expresses himself more or less in favour of married priests (not a heretical position in itself) with reference to the (homosexual, but don’t tell him) pedophile scandal to please the angry liberals. He expresses himself in conciliatory ways towards sodomites living together.

This is not the behaviour of one who believes in God. This is the behaviour of one who, in plain language, doesn’t care a straw for anything else than his own popularity among the public and the proceeds from the  Kirchensteuer.This is the simony of modern times.

This explains, I think, his behaviour and the constant pandering for the favour of the angry Austrians sitting (or more often, not sitting) in the pews. He silently encourages rebellious behaviour in his priests so that they can give the angry spenders the motivation to stay in and continue to pay; when an open uprising erupts, he does as little as he absolutely must, at the same time sending a clear message that he is not the enemy of the heretics, Rome is; he authorises the above mentioned blasphemous exhibition initiative to pander to the atheists and show them that he really doesn’t care for God, so they have nothing to fear from him (but they can continue to pay to please their mother, bitte sehr); he makes a mockery of the mass (see also here for another mass after his liking) in order to please the ignorant crowds.

In doing all this, Cardinal Schönborn always pays attention not to stretch things too much: he is always ready to backpedal (blasphemous exhibition; western masses; Sodano criticism) when he must, but he always does things in a way which lets him appear the “good, sensitive, modern guy” even when he must cave in. You see how it works here: I’ll show to my customers that I am such a capital chap; and then I’ll backpedal if I have to, deflecting the criticism in Rome’s direction.

This is how Cardinal Schoenborn is presiding over the slow destruction of Catholicism in Austria. His example might find imitators in Germany and Switzerland, particularly if the “Call to Disobedience” is not stopped very soon; he will do the latter when the pressure becomes strong enough, and not one moment before; as always, paying attention to appear like the good guy; the one whose bills atheists, militant homos and rebellious Catholics can continue to pay in good conscience. I so wish the Cardinal would hear from Rome some words from the same song:

you’re in trouble boy,

and now you’re heading into more.

Don’t hold your breath.


“Call To Disobedience” Still On The Internet, Cardinal Schoenborn Still Fast Asleep

No, he is sleeping, really.....

It would seem unbelievable that in a world that reacts to news in a matter of hours, the heretical call to disobedience from around 250 Austrian priests is still online.

Furthermore, no news has reached the internet of any serious disciplinary proceeding against the initiators of this uprising. We all know how fast a priest can be suspended pending investigation, and the news made public so that what these priests say or have said is not confused with priestly ministry. This doesn’t seem to apply to heretical priests calling to disobedience, at least not if Archbishop Cardinal Schoenborn is in charge.

This uprising has in the meantime more than 250 priests as followers, but the internet site has not been updated so we don’t know how many they have become in the meantime. The only reaction of Cardinal Schoenborn has been some obligatory meowing centred on the need of obedience, without a word of clear condemnation of the delirious theological position of the rebels.

As I write, all the priests calling to open disobedience, and whose names can be read under “Mitglieder” on the internet page, so openly shameless and sure of impunity are they, continue to be in good standing and continue to spread their heretical ideas and to confuse the faithful.

This call to disobedience is demolishing the Church in German-Speaking Countries with every day that it is allowed to stay online. It gives the Austrian Catholics the impression that rebellion be legitimate; it makes it more probable that such rebellion may spread to other German-speaking countries; it makes a mockery of the office of the priest and of his promise of obedience.

Every day that such a scandal is allowed to survive, Cardinal Schoenborn makes himself beautiful with the vast mass of Austrian “rebels lite”; those who don’t know much about Catholic doctrine, but pay the “church tax” the Cardinal is clearly after and are now, polluted by the heresies their own priest have encouraged, refusing to pay en masse; at the same time, the Cardinal gives these “catholic lite” the impression that they do have a leverage against Rome. Fools all of them, but the biggest fool is the Cardinal, who doesn’t do anything sensible (obligatory meowing not being anything sensible) to stop this and allows his desire for popularity and Kirchensteuer-money to come before sound Catholicism, the prestige of the Church and the soul of his sheep.

The initiative has started on the 19th June. If the Cardinal had been awake – and thinking about Catholicism rather than about his Kirchensteuer proceeds – the initiative would have been stopped in a matter of hours, the responsible suspended pending investigation, and an example given to everyone. This is what a shepherd does who doesn’t want heresy to spread among his sheep. Cardinal Schonborn does, of course, the exact contrary and we now have more than 250 priests in the uprising.

I can’t imagine any better way to help them to spread the heresy than the sort of fake ex officio rebuke, but in practice complete inaction, that Cardinal Schoenborn is staging.

This scandal must be stopped; the initiators and all those who have given their support suspended, investigated and asked to offer a complete retractation or – better, say I – be defrocked. Most of all, the priests responsible must be ordered to take the site down, now.




Cardinal Schoenborn Invites To Mass

One looks at this video from Gloria Tv and can easily understand why in Austria there will never be problems with heresies, and uprisings of priests and deacons.

The Gregorian Chant is solemn, and beautiful. The atmosphere full of sacredness. The celebration so reverent. The rubrics are followed to the littlest detail. Note the complete orthodoxy of the vessels, which are rigorously in gold or silver, as prescribed. The very traditional host is protected from every kind of desecration (being little, one doesn’t need to break it and there’s no risk of crumbles falling around).

With such beautiful orthodoxy, we can rest assured that heresy and rebellion to the Magisterium will never set foot in Austria. How do they say? Oh yes,

Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi.


Cardinal Schoenborn Under Criminal Investigation

Please take this and Chris Gillibrand’s English version with a massive amount of salt.

In Austria there very probably is, like the rest of Continental Western Europe the obligation from the prosecutors to open an investigation wherever criminal charges are pressed. It is not like in the Anglo-Saxon countries where, say, the police can decide not to proceed. The investigation must start and then, if considered unfounded, it can be archived – but the matter will now take its course anyway.

There would seem to be two separate episodes. Again, the news from “” is fragmentary and rather confused.

A) A Girl is sexually abused by a Franciscan in 1984; ten years later she says this to Schoenborn; Schoenborn does not denounce the Franciscan to the police, but the man is not allowed to teach anymore, it i snot clear to me whether now in 2011 or then, in 1994. It is also not clear to me whether this is the episode in question – I’d rather think not – but the way the matter has emerged until now this seems to me to be absurd to even consider. The lady is 45 now and therefore she was 28 in 1994; unless she is not able to think for herself, she was perfectly able to press all the charges she wanted triggering, as already said, an inevitable investigation. I can’t imagine that in 1994 there was an obligation in Austria to go to the police when informed of such an episode. Again, the man admitted the charges and is not allowed to teach; whether this happened in 1994 or only just now is not very clear.

B) In what would appear to be a separate episode, in 1994 the same lady would have been sexually assaulted by the Director of the Pontifical Mission Society, Leo Maasburg. She would have spoken to Schoenborn asking him to do something about it, that is: to talk directly to Maasburg. Whether Schoenborn talked to Maasburg or not, he didn’t go to the police and today, seventeen years later, the lady presses charges against Maasburg and Schoenborn and accuses Maasburg of “sexuelle Noetigung”, “sexual assault” and – I gather – Schoenborn of “not having prevented the crime” (if this is the crime we are talking about; which by the mixture of facts with the Franciscan above is not clear, either). Once again, the lady could have gone to the police every day that God sent on earth in these last 17 years.

Schoenborn’s office says that: a) it is not true that the lady asked Schoenborn to put pressure on Maasburg; b) that the facts were at the time depicted in a much less serious way as they are now, and c) that the conversation happened during a confession (“Beichtgespraech”; literally, “confession discussion”).

The information is very fragmentary for now, rather confused and confusing and I will have to leave it at this until tonight, when hopefully better information will be available.

I wonder whether to both Cardinal Schoenborn and Leo Maasburg the same discipline will be applied that is used for countless priests – we know the recent famous case – accused of misconduct.

I also warn from Schadenfreude, rash judgement or demands for the man’s head. From the information available up to now, if what has happened justifies a criminal case God save us all: every adult would now be able to come out and ask for money because hey, twenty years ago he mentioned something to a priest and he hey, did not run immediately to the police. A nightmare.

Thankfully, in Continental European legal systems we do not have the “creative jurisprudence” I notice in the US, there are statutes of limitations, and people are generally not allowed to accuse third parties of not having used the brains they should have used themselves.

Just to make a comparison (Continental European legal system are all rather similar; it’s largely because of Napoleon), in Italy the obligation to go to the police and denounce a crime is given only in very few extremely grave cases, like the information that a terrorist attack is planned, or a coup d’etat. Everyone can, though, go to the police himself and at that point, a criminal investigation must start. Same in Germany. Same, I am rather sure, in Austria.

More on this in the evening.


Dum Romae Consulitur: Austrian Rebellion And Sheperds’ Inaction

Actively doing nothing: Cardinal Schoenborn

Dum Romae Consulitur, Saguntum Expugnatur, reports Titus Livius that the ambassadors from Saguntum said to the Romans. “Whilst in Rome they discuss, Saguntum is taken”. History tells us that the Roman hesitation in acting decisively in the defence of Saguntum led to the ultimate destruction of the latter without doing anything to avoid a confrontation that clearly had to come anyway.

Fast forward to AD 2011. Another Curia Romana is in power now, and a similar situation is presented to them. Whilst in Rome they discuss, Austria gathers supports for an open revolt to almost every conceivable Church rule (from male priesthood to male celibacy, and from apostolic succession to Church governance) without any noise coming from Rome, and the weakest of ex officio criticism from the Austrian clergy.

The blog post of E F Pastor Emeritus about the 313 priests and deacons signing the open appeal to rebellion is as recent as last week. If you visit the page, they today have 317, with the number of adhering priests increased from 250 to 255. This in merely one week, with the page warning that in summer the updates will be irregular. For the record, the huge title of the page means “Appeal To Disobedience”. The bishop sends his greetings.

Also worthy of notice is that the supposedly sharp meowing of Bishop Kapellari didn’t come from the number one of the Austrian bishops’ conference, but from its number two. Methinks, Cardinal Schoenborn is too intent on enjoying his holiday to deal with the matter of more than 300 priests and deacons (and counting) adhering to a public invitation to open heresy. Or perhaps he is not even on holiday, but he simply thinks that such a matter of small importance as the call to open rebellion from 250 of his priests (come on, folks: Austria has 8.5 million inhabitants, 250 priests in an awful lot by every conceivable standard) doesn’t deserve a word from the boss, the second in charge being fully sufficient for the widely expected “sharp” official meowing. Or perhaps Cardinal Schoenborn is simply doing what he can to help the rebels without openly compromising himself, helping their rebellion to grow by giving the obligatory criticism as low a profile as this is possible without attracting Rome’s lightnings.

I know that this is the country where the clergy authorises western masses, laser masses, and blasphemous representations of the Last Supper. But even so, one would expect the meowing to be more energetic, and from the top cat.

Not happening. The number of openly rebellious priests and deacons grows; they will take more courage as the weeks and months go by without any reaction going beyond the meowing. The absence of a strong reaction will consolidate in the minds of the simple and of the poorly instructed (in Austria, evidently, the vast majority) the impression that the Church has a weak reaction because she is wrong; that she doesn’t act decisively because she knows this would be an injustice. This will, of course, not appease the rebels, who will feel more and more encouraged to become bolder (though I can imagine with much difficulty how one can be bolder than that: by starting to “consecrate” wymyn priest perhaps? or by declaring that satanic rituals now fulfill sunday mass obligations?….).

At this point, it is difficult to imagine that the Austrian hierarchy will suddenly find the guts to put an end to this. Firstly, they don’t believe in God (if they did, they would never countenance blasphemous material in the diocesan dome museum in Vienna). Secondly they don’t care a straw for Catholic orthodoxy (if they did, there weren’t western masses, nor laser masses). Thirdly, they are evidently not displeased with the behaviour of their priests (if they were, they would have had in the past many ways to threaten the vast majority of them into submission, which is something they do rather well when they want to).

Decisive action is now, reasonably, only to be expected from Rome. Unless this action is exemplarily harsh the ferments of rebellion will remain, as you can’t expect to reeducate a priest in such a decisive opposition to everything Catholic with gentle words more than you could avert the attack of an angry rottweiler by telling him a joke about David Cameron.

Whilst in Rome they discuss, in Austria heresy spreads.


Archdiocese Of Vienna Promotes Blasphemous Exhibition

Atheist, Communist, Stalinist, and blasphemous; therefore ideal for the Archdiocese of Vienna: Alfred Hrdlicka

Please imagine (I won’t show you the video, and you’re welcome) a so-called work of art depicting the Last Supper as a homosexual orgy. Not something highly symbolic and abstract, mind; no, I am talking of shocking realism here; with nude bodies, penises dangling around and all the rest you can, at least in part, imagine.

I can’t express with words the disgust that I prove for people who are able to even conceive such kind of blasphemy. The fact that I chose not to link to the video is, I believe, evidence enough that this is truly strong tobacco; but if any of you really, really want to see it, has the story and more than one video.

It turns out that the author of such (never word was more appropriate) entartete Kunst, or degenerate art, is Alfred Hrdlicka, a self-confessed (gloria tv again) “Atheist, Communist and Stalinist” but evidently friend of the Archbishop and/or some of his friends. Mr Hrdlicka, a true man of the Enemy, died some time ago without any public trace of repentance, so that it is rather reasonable – and in conformity to the user’s manual – to assume that the scenes of perversion he produced are much more real to him now than they were at the moment of his, erm, creative effort.

You would obviously assume that never would a believer even think of giving his own exhibition space to give publicity to such blasphemous excrements as the ones copiously produced by Mr Hrdlicka, as every consideration about the (assumed) artistic value of the work must certainly be completely wiped out by the obvious reflection that there can be no excuse whatsoever for blasphemy.

On the other hand, you would also – I think – conceive that in these disturbing days, when anti-Christian feelings are very much à la page, some atheists without any consideration for propriety and decency and without any fear of the Lord could well conceive of such vulgar display of blasphemous atheism as the one I did not show. Perhaps, someone like Stephen Fry would condone such vulgarity and aggressive atheism; but I’m not so sure that even Stephen Fry, an avowed enemy of Catholic values, would want to link his name to such overt attack to Christianity; to such vulgarity; to such outright indecency.

You would, I think, be right on both accounts.

And this is why the exhibition was organised by the Museum of the Cathedral of Vienna, which is very near the Cathedral itself. This is also why cardinal Schoenborn waited for the exhibition to become an international scandal (again, as reported by Gloria tv; there are several videos on the matter; they all show the “work”, though) before arranging for the removal of the blasphemous excrement.

When a Cathedral museum shows work of such blasphemy that just a couple of decades ago not even the most obdurate satanist would have dared to show in public; and when an Archbishop and Cardinal waits for the matter to become an international scandal before acting, one can certainly be forgiven for thinking that from many extremely wide openings (say: all windows, and all doors) the smoke of Satan has entered into the Archbishop’s offices and surrounding buildings, has made a barbecue, organised a bonfire, smoked the entire place pitch black, then proceeded to call Satan and invited him to make himself comfortable in the premises for as long as he wants, and to organise exhibitions in the nearby museum as he pleases.

Quo usque tandem…


Western Mass… again? Petition And Useful Addresses

I have written last year about the scandalous Mass allowed every year by the every inch as scandalous Archbishop of Vienna, Cristoph Cardinal Schoenborn.

The event might happen  – and is, in fact, scheduled to happen – again this year, unless sincere Catholics the world over manage to let Cardinal Schoenborn either see the light, or get a well-deserved slap from Rome.

Click on the link for the details. Mind, though, that this is rather strong stuff.

You can sign’s petition here

If you feel like wasting some time, you can politely complain (in English too) by the Archbishop at

You can write to the Congregation for the Clergy denouncing these scandalous shepherds at

The email of the Papal Nuncio in Austria is:

Or you can write to the Holy Father himself at

Come on folks, let’s do this. The mass will be stopped or not as the case may be, but the stronger the uproar, the more difficult it will be to go on with such scandals.

In addition, please consider that Schoenborn is, in theory at least, papabile and the public uproar will certainly not help him when the time comes.





Western Mass at the Schoenborn Corral

Austria: Liberal Catholic attending Mass.

Bored of the Catholic Mass?

Can’t stand sitting there in the pew without anything practical to do?

Think you are just wasting your time?

Fancy a “Costume Mass”, where you can sport your new western costume?

No time in your life for sensible things like smoking, eating and drinking beer?

Or perhaps not a Catholic, but you’d like to have a Catholic Communion – for a change – nevertheless?

We have what you want! Cardinal Schoenborn is your friend! This year he has expressly authorised (for the third time) our new and beautiful…… Western Mass!

Look for yourself on how modern, relevant, hip and FUN Catholicism can be!

“Things cannot remain as they are”. This is not I, dear friends, saying so. Who am I to say such things? Why would you ever believe me? No, this is the Cardinal himself! What a jolly good fellow he is…..

Come visit us next year! You’ll be able to sit at a table in a pleasant Biergarten whilst a western band plays some beloved evergreens. You’ll be able to take a sunbath with your little child, have a chat with your friends and in general have a lot of FUN, all whilst the Mass goes on. No time losses, no boring queues, no having to listen, no inconvenient fast times anymore! You’ll exchange the “sign of peace” across the tables. At Communion time, just go up and get your host in your hand; try not to have ketchup on them but hey: you’re eating, right? Just please stand up when the priest asks you to, you’ll feel very pious. And oh,  please do, do try to be somewhat silent during Communion. We are very reverent.

Look at the video: how happy everyone is! How satisfied! Particularly the priest, entertaining you about the necessity to “change the way the Church does things” and to “reach out to everyone”. Capital fellow. So nice.

If you’d like to participate next year, please do give a look at the video and see that we are not telling lies. The video is in German (Austria, again; lots of fans in the area; beer is good, too), but we trust you’ll have a clear picture of what is happening anyway.

Before you look at the video, please send the children to bed and do not show this to sincere Catholics of an advanced age, or with a heart condition. We must take care, in a non-judgmental manner,  of our less fortunate brothers who are unable to understand that we have to change and reach out to everyone.



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