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Catholic Church Conservation On The Kirchensteuer

From Catholic Church Conservation, some beautiful lines of comment on the recent Kirchensteuer turmoil.

Cathcon- this gives a whole new meaning to Pay and Go (mobile communications package in the UK and I think beyond).     The next step will be credit card access at turnstiles- he says half-jokingly.  It is morally worse than the sale of indulgences, as while the purchase of an indulgence was a pious act, it was not the only means to salvation.    I have visions of crowds of Germans assisting at Mass in France or other neighbouring lands on a Sunday.

I suggest that the German bishops now proceed to ask the Pope to silence Bishop Huonder, who has unilaterally dismantled the Swiss system (the equivalent of the German Kirchensteuer) and substituted it with voluntary contributions, against the dictum of the Swiss law, and who is on record  with the following statements (translation is mine):

„Noch immer wissen viele nicht, daß die Katholische Kirche als solche für die Mitgliedschaft keine Steuern verlangt und daß sie in fast allen Ländern kein mit der Schweiz vergleichbares Steuersystem kennt.“

“Many still do not know that the Catholic Church as such does not demand any tax for her membership, and that in almost every Country she does not know a tax system comparable with the Swiss one”


  „Auch darf ihnen unter keinen Umständen mit der Verweigerung der Sakramente gedroht werden.“

“In addition, not under any circumstances can they be threatened with the refusal of the Sacraments”.

I wonder who is the real Catholic?

We must pray for the leaders of the German Church and for the Holy Father, a clear accomplice of the German simoniacal troops, and who in his old age is fabricating disasters in rapid succession.


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