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Sister Act

If you peruse the National Schismatic Reporter today – we all do it every now and then; it keeps you informed about Satan's latest moves – you'll find a piece about the conclave from a female called Maureen Fiedler. Her bio says a lot of fluffy things about her (radio work, “social justice” activism, “gender equality” activism, “peace” activism, PhD in Applied Idiocy (or “Government”; one of the two) and it also informs us that, lesbian or not, she is supposed to be nun (though from the photo you'd never imagine it, of course).

Today, sister reinvents Christianity for the exclusive benefit of her more or less enlightened readers from the Liberal madhouse.

We are, first, informed the Church is not democratic. This shocking revelation, of which she was possibly not aware when she tools her vows of fidelity to… social justice, pacifism and sexual perversion, clearly forces all of us to confront Jesus' shocking lack of democratic sensitivity. It would have been so easy to let the Five Thousand democratically elect their own representatives; but no, Jesus had to decide all by himself, appointing twelve leaders without even the shred of a public consultation. I mean, really? Who does He thinks he is, God?

The Chap (He can't have been God, after all; God is democratic; everyone knows that…) even gave a shameless display of atrocious sex discrimination, appointing – would you believe that – only males for the office! Not even a lesbian among them, let alone a real woman! Really, what was He thinking?!

It gets worse than this. I mean, we can understand Jesus might have wanted to pander to His Roman Masters, who in those times didn't “do” democracy anymore; he might have been afraid (we knew he was often afraid, particularly when he saw “sister's” female ancestors walking around) of the Jewish establishment and thus timorous to appoint lesbians (or even real women) to his Board Of Directresses… But seriously, not even a mention that His Church was supposed to have democratic elections, Wymyn quota and at least one good dozen LGBT members among the Cardinalettes? Seriously? What an amateur…

Thankfully, we are now in 2013, and Sister got it right. We are therefore going to eliminate the construction faults of the Catholic edifice by inserting democracy, pacifism, socialism and sexual perversion into the structure of an obsolete behemoth not even really improved by Vatican II.

Then, and only then, Catholicism will be really authentic, as shown by the champions of Catholic authenticity, those from whom “Sister” says we should learn.

To wit: The Protestants.



The Charge of the Heathen

Heathen Fest Now and Then. Source: Genny Kindred

It is that day again. June 21st, that is. As every year, hordes of alternative people will descend on Stonehenge to feel part of something they probably don’t know anything about but perceive as being someway “cool”. Many more will not converge on Stonehenge but will go on endlessly with their far too patient friends about some kind of strange now-recovered religiosity formerly oppressed by those most cruel of all people, the Christians.

As every year, we will watch the endless procession of middle-aged single leftist women (regularly divorced or who never got the opportunity to divorce in the first place) seeking for that elusive specimen called the “feminist man” (they don’t call it that way, though; we do); young alternative girls from third rate universities desperately trying to get an identity and an ego boost; males from the same looking for easy prey among the former; and in general the entire horde of people for whom a whiff of second-hand “spirituality” is a good way to have some “fun” (read: get drunk).

In time, some of them will discover that all this is but a fix of a light spiritual drug, utterly unable to quench their thirst. Some others will, sadly, never learn and spend the rest of their days in a haze of wrong and easy spirituality – this is the key word: easy -, jumping from one alternative religion to the other every time that the initial excitement has vanished and every time swearing that this time they have really found the way. Others still will, even more sadly, never care for all this and just look for the booze and the opportunity to socialise (read: get someone in the sack or try to persuade some oldish chap to spend his remaining years fathering your children; if he earns more than their natural father, that is).

All this would be rather funny if looked at with the amused eye with which those who got in contact with the Truth observe the follies of this world. Still, we Catholics must recognise that the Catholic Clergy is not without fault in all this. The abysmal catechesis of the last decades has created a situation in which millions of Catholics (some of them, in their way, serious truth seekers) are left in the dark about Catholicism in such an appalling way that they turn to other experiences out of simple ignorance of the richness and greatness of the Catholic doctrine. It is not that they refuse the Church. They have simply never been taught to accept Her, have never been put in contacts with the vastness of Her message, with the answers She provides, with the Wisdom She imparts. Common places and vague, easy aspirations for “peace ‘n justice” is all they got instead. It is sad, but not surprising that of those people gathering in Stonehenge today, a non insignificant number will be cradle Catholics.

What a waste, what a disgrace and what an accusation against the countless priests and bishops who have deserted their posts in the fight for Catholic values and folded the banner of Truth to embrace that of convenience, political correctness and shallow, easy popularity.
Catholicism is not about telling what people want to hear, it is about telling what people do not want to hear but is good for them. Stonehenge is, in part, the result of the utter failure of the English Catholic clergy to live up to this simple fact.


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