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“The Way” On Its Way to the USA

Santiago de Compostela: Cathedral

I have written already about “The Way”, after having seen the film in May.

It now turns out that Martin Sheen

chose the last name “Sheen” after Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, whom he described as having an “extraordinary presence” in his household when he was young.

Also interesting is that

Sheen said that he has been amazed by “the number of young people that have been inspired by our film and are interested in making the pilgrimage.”

Personally, I find it already beautiful that the film made it to the American silver screens, a sure testimony of a pleasing success in Europe. Whilst the Camino de Santiago might say less to an American audience than to a European one, I think that the money is well spent.

Besides, as far as I know the ruthless rules of the US distribution state that if a movie has disappointed in the first weekend, it might not make it to the second. Whilst I do not know to what extent this applies to movies that are not supposed to be blockbusters, the movie starts on the 7 October and you may want to plan it within the first weekend, if you find a screening near you.

Not a revelation, but worth the money for sure.


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