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White Lives Thinking They Matter

Follow me for a moment here, and let us play a little game:

When I tell you “Black Lives Matter”, without any picture or video, what associations come to your mind? George Floyd? Rayshard Brooks? Even, say, Maxine Waters?

If you are like me, the associations that come to your mind are pretty much exclusively of young, angry White people smashing, burning, vandalising federal property (the males) or just screaming, filming their own bitchiness and virtue signaling like there is no tomorrow (the females). 

There isn’t much “Black” left in Black Lives Matter. Granted, the founders of the movement are rich in Melanin; but their Marxist message has been hijacked by a mainly White, and very angry crowd.

I will attempt a deep sociological observation here, and I apologise in advance if I am being politically correct in any way, shape or sort.

Marxism is not strong among Blacks. I think that the majority (at least outside of the ghettos) are hard working, serious people trying to make a decent living and caring for children, friends, hobbies, hopefully religion, and such stuff. With them, BLM never had a chance.

If we, however, limit our look at the bad elements, it seems to me that they are mostly interested in what’s in it for them, now: if there is something to loot, or fun to smash, or making it easy to deal drugs because there is less police around, they are all for it. But the long-term, zero-pay, ungrateful project of establishing a completely new, Marxist society and running the risk of having Federal agents giving you a new nose – or several years in jail – without any monetary profit is just not attractive to the average small criminal, gang banger, or dumb ass of the George Floyd / Rayshard Brooks sort.

They just aren’t interested in a new society. They are interested in whatever has attracted the attention of their very low intelligence today, be it getting drunk, passing fake notes, selling some dope, or doing something else that is very stupid and, in the long term, leading to jail. Still, it seems to me that they are willing to go to jail to make money out of drugs, *not* to establish a Marxist Paradise.

For that, we have the professional, lily White, Uber Angry, Leninist Storm Troopers (see what I am doing here?)

They are the failed sociology students, the failed political sciences students, the failed liberal arts students; the unemployed, unemployable full-time protesters; the gender nutcases and the confused no-nuts-anymore cases; the full-on cases of hysteria blaming the world because they have made themselves unable to properly function in it.

They, not the ghetto looters or the petty Black criminals, are – in their majority – the ones who stand in line every evening in Portland, trying to do as much damage as they can before the hatred eats their livers; those who go around smashing windows in Seattle and pining for the next Autonomous Zone; those always ready to chant, cry, agitate their phones around and, in general, make total asses of themselves; those, also, who seem never to have a job to attend to the following day.

The ghetto looter has, at least, a practical approach to his chosen path. These idiots don’t have even that. Dozen of them have already been arrested, and there is no doubt that, in time, federal jail sentences will be generously distributed among them. It’s as if the lingering realisation that they are complete pieces of shit made it so important for them to have one aim, one redeeming feature in their wasted lives, that, for that, they will be ready to go to jail, capturing their incrimination material on video for the jurors to really understand, and almost smell, what pieces of shit they actually are.

Black Lives Matter has clearly become a very angry, very White, very Soya Latte affair in which, as always, White leftists patronise everybody, signal virtue like there is no tomorrow, and condescendingly accept to take on their elitist backs the burden of the poor, persecuted Blacks; Black whom they see as modern Kunta Kintes unable to care for themselves, and awaiting liberation and justice from the Venti Latte Troops.

The fact is: there aren’t many Marxists in the Country. Outside of YWAFs (Young, White Academic Failures), they are basically non-existent. After the first wave of excitement has subsided and the looting possibilities have become very thin, the BLM proposition has become very ungrateful to your average petty criminal. Alas, you can’t make a revolution with the Latte Troops alone. You need an awful lot of smashers, grabbers, committed desperados, dedicated thieving bastards.

Alas, they seem more interested in selling drugs. The White Plantation Owners will never have an army of willing slaves following them. Actually, they are a wonderful PR machine for Trump.

There. That’s Pepe the Frog just in the middle of the Venti Latte Soya.

Enjoy the show. The nation is watching, and November is coming.










Dyke Against Dyke, Or: CHAZ/CHOP Gets The Chop


Alas, the Summer Of Love That never Was ended yesterday. 

The immense embarrassment caused by a violent occupation, which an incompetent Mayor tried to smuggle as a potential “summer of love”, had to fail in the estimation of any thinking person; but Democrats tend not to think too much, and to worry tomorrow for the chaos they allow today.

The now defunct CHAZ/CHOP gave millions of thinking Americans a foretaste of the future those fat Marxist dykes at BLM are preparing for them. Bullying, harassment, Liberia-level street violence, criminality infiltration, lawlessness in every possible form (the numberless cars were conspicuously noted, but they are of little consequence when compared to a bunch of people, headed by a self-appointed warlord, deciding they would keep the order! And no, this was most certainly not a militia! This was the reason why militias exist in the first place!).

Even admitting this would be possible, no one ever decided, through democratic elections, the erection of the Autonomous Anarcho-Communist Zone. The police was not allowed in, or obstacles were posed to them, even after shooting and murder had occurred. The anarcho-communists blocked the ways in and out, posing intolerable limitations to the most elementary freedoms for the inhabitants of the zone. What kind of other criminal behaviour went on we will largely never know, but I am pretty sure the little that will soon emerge will give a lot of people pause.

It is irrelevant that a percentage of the population would, at the start, likely welcome the “experiment”, either to signal virtue or, perhaps, as a way to try to meet young, hopefully attractive, “revolutionary” women (I am told Seattle is notorious for being what is crudely called a “sausage fest”). This is something that went past every form of democratic control. Let us be clear: no leftist, but very horny latte boy has the right to decide what autonomous zones he wants to create.

This was, from the start, a total failure waiting to happen, and a great help to Trump’s reelection effort. A help made possible by the myopia and outright stupidity of the Democrat echelons, who failed to recognise the immense potential for damage for them, preferring to appease the mob and get the applause for one afternoon. They are in bed with their lesbians enemies now, because they think the Charge Of The Fat Dykes will help them to defeat Trump. Fools.

In the next days, I will read with great amusement the pathetic attempts of Mayor “Summer Of Love” Durkan to apportion the fault for this catastrophe, which she fully owns, to others; and the more she speaks, the more she will help our cause. She will also likely have more problems: if the protests continue she will look extremely bad after looking very bad. That will be, also, fun to watch.

In short: she is in a very deep hole, and she keeps digging.

A mayor not only surrendering a part of the city she administers to the mob, but calling this debacle “experiment” and “potential summer of love” is not worthy of having any responsibility whatsoever, not in politics and not in any other job. Who would allow her to run a stationery shop? She would give away all the articles, and call it marketing.

Jenny Durkan is the walking, talking (not thinking) evidence that if you can’t do anything well in life, you should become a politician.

Oh, and I just discovered she is another dyke, too.

Might explain why she liked BLM so much, before discovering how stupid she is.







Keep Losing, Or: The Summer Of Blood

Try to remove those “peacefully” whilst surrounded by thugs…


Even the hard-left BBC does not manage to conceal the utter failure of the Seattle Autonomous Anarcho-Communist Hate Zone known as CHAZ or CHOP.

Almost every day I see newspaper articles with news of a shooting, but no one seems interested in keeping count. BBC is no exception, but I’d say we are at two dead and four wounded in 9 days.

Basically, Liberia.

The chief of police whines that people are “not cooperating”. Hey, Ms Sherlock: they kicked your people out! Why exactly do you expect them to cooperate? 

This is more damaging to the Dems every day. Violence continues unabated. The police are unable to do anything meaningful about it. The Mayor of the “Summer of Love” has to answer all this.

This is only the beginning. When the CHAZ is, at some point, dismantled, people will come out of the woodwork with tales of violence, intimidation, perhaps rape. Serves them right, of course, but it will make other people think.

Concrete road blocks are now frequent. The occupiers have said they will not go “peacefully”. Even a Libtard understands this is now a free republic for drug trafficking and who knows how many other horrible things.

Every day they do not act, they look more impotent. When they are forced to act, they will look like losers, forced to resort to violence to cut their losses. If Trump intervenes in the end, he will be hailed as the saviour from incompetent politicians.

This is a lose-lose for the Dems. They know it, and they know they need to choose how they lose, fast. But the choice is very painful.

So, for the moment, they choose to just keep losing.



Little Liberia, Or: How Are You Liking The “Summer Of Love”, Mssss Mayor?


I remember when the Mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan, said that the lawless anarchist zone in Seattle – the one she propped and helped to survive – might become a “Summer of Love”. This level of incompetence and stupidity clearly tells us this woman is a Democrat.

Only a couple of weeks, and the Chaz already counted his first violent death. Plus one wounded. Plus other episodes of violence. Plus the local anarch0-communists impeding the police’s (I mean, Dem police) “safe access to the victims” (what drivel, by the way; one of the two might have been the culprit; perhaps both committed crimes).

The linked article, from the communist, and in the past slavery-supporting, Guardian, tries to paint a positive picture of the zone, but not even they are so blind to reality that they cannot see that this is going – predictably , for everyone with a brain – down the drain very fast.

More shootings since the murder. No one knows much more, because this is a no-go zone now.

Congratulation, Mssss Durkan. You win the 2020 “Stupid Mayor Contest”.

Let us say one death in two weeks, makes an average of around fifty a year. For a zone where people live (or camp) numbering, I would say, no more than the low thousands. Makes Chicago look like a garden. Actually, it makes the Chaz look (because it is) a third-world chaos place like Charles Taylor’s Liberia. This is what the Dems do: they create and promote chaos, and hope they will thrive amidst the rubble. Their lives, their fridges, and their ice cream will be first class anyway.

It appears Mssss Durkan has now changed her mind. People more intelligent than her must have managed to get into her head that the Chaz is going to end very, very badly; that Trump is drawing more capital from its very existence by the day; and that it is now time to cut her losses and declare the entire stuff a failed experiment, perhaps trying to persuade everybody that there was so much lurv at the beginning.

She will now forever be tarnished, in the estimation of everyone with a brain (yes: many of them Democrats), as the Mayor who not only allowed lawlessness and anarchy in her city, but actually praised it as some sort of beautiful experiment.

This is not all: for the poor, dumb Mayor, even cutting her losses might now cause more losses. She is trying to get the anarcho-communist occupation to end peacefully. She might or might not succeed. If the criminal elements in the zone (many of them; the others are largely brainwashed cretins or culpable liberal residents) decide to put up a fight, this will become very fun as we will see another stupid Democrat politician being good at exactly nothing, failing in the promotion of anarchy and in its suppression alike.

I think they will just give money to the criminals and persuade them to go away. Who knows, the criminals might get the money and stay instead…

Little Liberia is going down after only weeks of just another senseless leftist “experiment”, ending like every leftist “experiment” does: violence, oppression, and general ruin. However violently – or not – Little Liberia dies, Liberals will be at pain to fantasise about the “positive aspects” of the “experience” etc.

Meanwhile, countless people with a brain, a family and a mortgage will decide that Democrats can’t be left in charge.




Living In The CHAZ, Or: Unplanned Donations

Restore DC Catholicism has a delightful post about what it means to be a woke cretin in Woke Central, the CHAZ. 

It truly is hilarious. Mommy’s darling, who had money, supplies and laptop stolen, gets all passive-aggressive, and lets the woke world know that he/she/it/whatever it identifies with today will now have to go back to mama, then the idea of working for a living never entered his mind. I don’t think this is a girl. I think it’s a boy, plus a lot of soy. But it’s just me.

However this may be, we are in Woke central, and there is no time for such selfish behaviour as whining that your stuff has been stolen. The answer is comedy gold:

This is a masterful, BLM-age retort. I am sure this is not meant to be funny. This is merely the new reality in Woke Central.

Let me count the ways:

  1. I don’t judge you. I really, really appreciate you. You are such a unique snowflake. And now that I have paid my tribute to your sensitive Woke skin, hold fast…
  2. You are judgmental. Just because things disappear, you call this theft? Who do you think you are? If we weren’t in the same Woke Central, I would call you racist!
  3. Theft isn’t theft if we say so. You have no right to your property. If someone who is “disadvantaged” took it, suck it up, boy! You will now see the thief of your laptop use it, and enjoy your food and your money. It’s the way it works here. Be happy for him. Reflect on your privilege instead.
  4. As you have no right to your property, it’s not for you to call anyone a thief, or yourself a victim of theft. But we will entitle you to call it an “unplanned donation”. Unplanned, mind; not unwanted!  You, me, everybody, we are all in agreement that theft is what we are about in this community. See, it works in this way: you have no right to anything whenever anybody else is in greater need of it than you.  
  5. I don’t judge you. You have been a useful idiot for the cause. You did good today. Now, kindly shut up, before I get angry.

It does not need a genius to know that this is what goes on all the time in this wonderful experiment. The desperate race for who is the most woke; the tyranny of communism that you are requested to like and approve; the gentle, “you need to get in line with the party line” rebuke, Communist Party style; the bullying of the strong and the cowardly servitude of the sheep, who aren’t even allowed to whine.

It truly is delicious.


I must say that I disagree with the idea that Trump should intervene, sharp-ish, and put an end to this. I would agree with the policy if those six blocks were inhabited by solidly-thinking, hard-working, conservative people. However, it seems to me that this commune is established in one of the wokest parts of one of the wokest cities “from sea to shining sea”. I frankly cannot see why this new Animal Farm should not be allowed to take its course, a “social experiment” of which the vast majority of its inhabitants must surely approve and, if they don’t, should approve anyway because this is, ultimately, what they have supported for now many years.

Plus, Trump is the ultimate Aikido-fighter, using the energy of his adversaries against them. If he intervened, his own use of force (or energy) would be universally condemned and the cries of “repression” would rise to the sky. In this way, he exposes the inaction at all level of Democrat power (Mayor, Governor, Senate, House) whilst criticising the chaos incessantly; but he still keeps ready to intervene, if the situation becomes so serious that the Governor must be pushed aside, and must let the grown ups do their job.

This can only have a handful of outcomes:

A) Copycats of the CHAZ pop out in other “Woke” Democrat cities like Portland, Berkeley or San Francisco. If the Dem police represses them, get the popcorn. If they don’t, watch millions of moderate Democrat voters discover the virtues of both Trumpism and the Second Amendment.

B) The CHAZ dies a pacific, slow death of exhaustion. Too many mama boys run out of money, not enough soy beans to go around, vegan food difficult to find and not enough people giving the heroes food for nothing, and the like. In this case, they will look like spoiled children with no spine or brains, and the Democrats will look the more stupid for having supported them.

C) The CHAZ ends up being a very violent place, or the lawlessness forces the police to put an end to it with the baton and the.. taser. In this case, Democrats at all levels will have brutally failed, and there will be no way to hide this. Plus, you will see the flocking of sane people to the tactical Trump vote – just until the Dems go back to halfway sanity – as in B).

Before I conclude, a last reflection on the last words of the theft victim.

He writes: “I might be packing up to leave soon”.

Whatever it is that he is packing, I am sure others will be in greater need of it than him. I see more “unplanned donations” coming, nor do I think it is such an injustice.

Live woke, die woke.






CHAZ: meet The New World


The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle (CHAZ), is making headlines and it might not be long before copycat versions pop up in several other Democrat dominated cities. The Mayor of Seattle has, without any irony, called it a potential Summer of Love. This shows the kind of poison these old 68er have in their heads.

Still, it seems the new world is a worsened version of the old one. Let us see some of its defining features:

Racism:  White people inside the zone are pressured to give money to the people “of colour”. Clearly, some people are more equal than others. Whites must sit at the back of the bus, and they are paying to boot.

Boundaries And Walls: the new world has boundaries, checkpoints, the lot. Why do they have it? Let us see: to keep undesired elements out, avoid invasions from the outside powers and populations, and let the people inside feel safe? I thought they were against, er, all of it?

No Undocumented People: same as the point above, with a variation: the CHAZ people really, really do not want undocumented people inside. The controls are everywhere. You live in the CHAZ? You need to show ID to get in, every time.

Police: the New World Order Boys have their own security service. It is, in fact, their own police. This means that they do not believe in any love-in of the happy insiders. They do think they will need to have some people maintain order to prevent lawlessness from exploding. Plus ca change…

Illegality and Waste:  Leftist tree-huggers donate food to the “new world” inhabitants. The latter invite the homeless to share it. The homeless steal everything. The Revolutionary Youth ask for… more food! Vegan if you can, please. So: resources from the dumb are spread around and appropriated by a minority without scruples, and this causes a request for more resources to be wasted. It looks like they have learned fast how to be a Democrat-run territory.

However, in all this, there is something that is, very clearly, not as it was in the old word, and this is: democracy.

In the old world, the people elected a Mayor, who in turn was in charge of selecting the Chief of Police. The CHAZ has not held any referendum to know whether the locals actually agree with the New Republic. They have no mandate at all. No. What they have done is:

a) appropriate a territory, and

b) impose their will on others.

I thought they considered this stuff, actually, bad? Or is it only bad when… others do it?

This CHAZ is becoming more Orwellian by the day, and one needs to be deeply rotten inside not to see it. My take is that, even in Seattle – where, I think it’s fair to say, they deserve everything that will happen to them –  more and more people are opening their eyes. Outside of the big Democrat run big cities, it is a fair bet that the Democrats will lose more and more ground, and that they will lull themselves into a false sense of security – due to the fake polls that are going around now – until Hurricane Donald makes landfall in early November.

By the bye: I hope the homeless who have stolen all the food go back and demand more of it.

Oppression, hunger, and all that.

It would be interesting to see the answer of the Brave New World (particularly after they discover that food is not unlimited) to the issues that have always plagued the old one.


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