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May Confusion Be With You

The Eponymous Flower has an interesting post about the “Star Wars Mass”, another pathetic attempt to interest children in the Truth by confusing them, and making it more probable they won't take the Church seriously when they grow up.

Already the use of comparisons that goes beyond, perhaps, a passing reference used to explain the difference (so that the young boys and girls do not end up believing the “Force” is the Holy Ghost) would be too much; but the use of a toy light sabre at Mass isn't funny anymore.

Children need to be told from the start that what is taught to them is by far the most important thing in their lives, and the way they learn and apply what they are taught will decide of their eternal happiness or damnation. This is no matter for jokes, or toys; not at Catechism, much less at Mass.

Dumbing down the Truth for children will cause many of these children to see Catholicism as a dumb child's play when they grow up, and already the turmoil of adolescence will take care for the light sabre & Co. to be dismissed as child's fable. How great the risk is that the child of Truth is thrown away with the dirty water of such stupid exercises, everyone can see.

I was perhaps five years old (perhaps four) when my grandmother (I had two grandmothers: the military Fascist and the soft Fascist; this was the military one) brought me in front of a crucifix, made me kneel, and told me in the sweetest voice she could muster words to the effect that I must pray Jesus to forgive me for my sins, or I will go to hell forever.

I was very, very young, and was rather terrified at the news. I started to cry, which attracted the attention of my mother, and some words ensued. I now realise my grandmother's initiative was due to her fear I would not receive sufficient instruction in the years to come; a fear which was in part unfounded but with some truth in it. She therefore probably thought she must do what she can, when she can.

I heartily agree with you it was probably too much, too abrupt, and too soon. But I would lie to you if I told you the experience was, in the balance of things, a negative one, though it certainly felt rather bad on the day. It certainly instilled in me proper, and I mean proper fear of The Lord.

Beats the light sabre every day.



An Austrian Mass

Please be strong and look at this video, at least for a while (hat tip to Rorate Caeli).

Notice the priest of dubious virility, the din at Mass, the entire travesty he makes of it.

You may also want to know that the bunny in fact reads the bidding prayers. One of them is along the lines of:

“Give those who are in charge within the Church the courage to tackle problems and difficult questions and to look for new ways of solving them”

This being Austria, I don’t think it is difficult to understand what this is aimed at. I haven’t finished to hear the prayers, as the adrenaline had reached a dangerous level.

In the meantime, all these children will grow up thinking Mass is a circus where they can laugh out loud. I wonder if they will take it seriously when they grow up?

St. Micheal the Archangel, defend us in battle. 

The effeminate priest reminded me instantly of the one I had the displeasure of seeing in action in Bruges. Am I the only one noticing that a certain type of priest is the readiest to embrace heterodoxy?


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