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Faggots United Within the Government?

In this rare photo, Peter Tatchell and Chris Smith appear in an elegant onion gravy.

I have repeated only this morning my appeal to the UK resident to participate to the government consultation on so-called “gay marriage”. I refer to the considerations therein made concerning the nature of the “consultation”, what it says about the perverts we have in power and how the Government might try to manipulate the numbers if decent Christians fail to participate en masse.

Cranmer blog now informs us the Queen of Fags in the country, Ms Peter Tatchell, clearly had privileged access to information about how the consultation is going.

Ms Tatchell does not seem very pleased with how things look up to now, and he/she/it has made an appeal (I will not post the link, but Cranmer has it) asking the perverts of the realm to support the cause. A rather desperate battle if the mobilisation of non-perverts has had any success, but obviously a plan with some chance of success if only one part is mobilised.

Now, the attentive readers of this blog will have followed the astonishing episode of the same blogger, “Cranmer”, being the target of unprecedented bullying from the Advertising Standard Authority. The ASA subsequently ( and desperately) tried to backpedal, (and were exposed as pathetic liars by Cranmer’s response) but in the meantime it had come out the head of the organisation, Chris Smith, is a militant homosexual clearly abusing his position to further his own despicable perversion. Obviously nothing happened to Chris Smith who, being a sodomite, is in this country entitled to a protection Pandas can only dream of. Still, the episode told all of us to what extent the homo mafia within the government and quango apparatus abuses their office to further their own agenda.

Now Ms Tatchell appeals shows he/she/it knows something we don’t know, and what he knows is that probably the consultation is going the same way as the petition and the election.

Am I wrong in supposing some highly-placed pervert has passed him the information in order to allow him to mobilise his people and at the same time trying the other side to be made aware of this?

How is it that “Vatileaks”  causes so much outrage among perverts, but this episode doesn’t?

Still, I invite again every UK resident to take part to the consultation: you see how desperate the Government is to manipulate the results and try to, at least, save face.


ASA Chairman Chris Smith Has To Go

Homosexualist Chris Smith has to go.



If you have any doubt concerning the extremely dangerous influence the homosexual mafia tries to win over British media, you only need to go back a bit (or use the search function) and read my blogs of the past weeks concerning the extraordinary PC step of the ASA in favour of sodomites and assorted perverts complaining about the Coalition for Marriage campaign.

It now turns out (again, from the Cranmer Blog) that the ASA chairman, Chris Smith, himself is:

1) a former Labour MP and thus politically not above suspicion in a highly political matter;

2) an homosexual, probably a sodomite

3)  the Vice President of The Campaign for Homosexual Equality, and 

4) that became VP of the organisation mentioned under 3) three years after becoming chairman of the ASA. 

The arrogance and disregard of every principle of decency, not on ly in sexual morals but in one’s political activity, is stunning even for a Labour MP.

The Nazis are among us, and they will  use every means at their disposal to, well, screw us. 

It is a clear symptom of the state of grave illness of the British democracy that this, well, man has not been forced to resign yet.


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