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Cardinal Cupich Blasphemes Our Lord, Encourages Apostasy, Feels Good With Himself


You got to be really scared at the attitude of this creepy guy, cardinal Cupich.

His Youtube address to the Muslim community for Ramadan has a grand total of 751 views as I write this (not from yesterday; from the 6th of May), showing that the Mohammedans have really taken to heart his message, avidly linking to it and drinking every word of the guy telling them how to be Muslims as he so eagerly praises them for being infidels; which, we gather, is so beautiful that Catholics want to be with them during Ramadan!

Oh, the depths of spirituality of Christ-denying infidels! I am so moved, so moved! Add me as viewer number 751 to this scandalous broadcast, most offensive to the Most Holy Trinity even as he patronises those who deny it!

Apart from the now usual blasphemy of considering, in a veiled, unspoken but implicit way, Muslims and Christians as worshiping the same God, Cupich just does not want to climb down from his non-existent audience’s backside: his “holy month of Ramadan” is only one of the many expressions of dhimmitude, together with sugary, emotional references to the festive meals with which the Mohammedans interrupt their fast, etc. It truly is an appalling demonstration of condescension and submission at the same time.  Cupich really explains to Muslims how to do things as he waxes lyrical (or at least he tries) about the beautiful spiritual fruits that fasting has on infidels (but he does not say the last part).

This is a professionally packaged video with 751 views (including mine, I think) in more than seven days. It really shows not only the appalling irrelevance of this people, but their boundless vanity as they want to appear in public, forcing their stupid message of blasphemy and apostasy to people utterly disinterested in listening to it!

I do not know how many employees the Archdiocese of Chicago has, but I do not put it past Cupich to have put a dozen of them to click on the video several times to avoid total embarrassment.

A goal which was, of course, not achieved.


Muslims Are Infidels Who Believe In A Different God

It isn't difficult.

For a Christian, Christ is God and the Holy Spirit is God.

If anyone says that the God of the Muslims is the same god than God, he denies both the divinity of Christ and the divinity of the Holy Ghost. One can only hope that this unfortunate person simply does not know what he is talking about, because otherwise his punishment will be, if he dies unrepentant, both fearful and eternal.

As a Christian, I cannot agree with a Muslim that he believes in the same god as we do. I can concede to him that, in his misguided ignorance and wrong belief, he thinks that he believes in the same God. I will, with prudence and charity, make him aware of his fateful mistake, which is exactly why Christians properly call Muslims infidels. But I will never, ever, as a Christian, state that his is a right statement.

We only need to read the Athanasian Creed to fully understand the enormity of the blasphemy of equiparating in any way the false god of the Muslim to God.

And the CatholicFaith is this, that we worship one God in Trinity and Trinity in Unity. Neither confounding the Persons, nor dividing the Substance.

We cannot in any way downplay the Trinity without denying it. We cannot pretend to momentarily forget both the Son and the Holy Ghost because the Father bears, it would appear, some resemblance to the false god of the Muslims.

And in this Trinity none is afore or after Other, None is greater or less than Another, but the whole Three Persons are Co-eternal together, and Co-equal. So that in all things, as is aforesaid, the Unity in Trinity, and the Trinity in Unity, is to be worshipped. He therefore that will be saved, must thus think of the Trinity.

The Three Persons are Co-Equal. The Son and the Holy Ghost are just as great as the Father. They aren't appendices of a father who would, then, be the most important part, and the same for both religions. If there is no place for Son and Holy Ghost, clearly there can never be the same Father. We can't just ignore two of the Persons, distort the third up to the point of making it unrecognisable, and make an equivalence with an imposture. It would be like saying that Muslims have the same traffic lights we have even if they have no use of both the amber and the green, which they consider both evil. In fact, in that case not only the traffic lights would be different, but even the red would have a different nature and function.

I could go on with this until tomorrow morning, as Christ as Lord (that is: as God) is so much an integral part of Christianity that every attempt to deny it and maintain the deity of Islam as the same god must seem absurd at every step. I believe that God became man and died to redeem us. They think it an unpardonable sin to believe exactly the same thing. How on earth can anyone think that we believe in the same God? How can a god be the same as God, whose believers maintain that he “has no son?”

Then let us look at our beliefs and theirs. The Mohammedans believe in a grotesquely sensual heaven, in which the elect, erm, go at it the whole time with dozens of women, eat like pigs and and drink like fish (yes, they drink too!), and are surrounded by servants and untold luxury all the time. How on earth can this be the same god as the Christian one? This is a deity for goat-rapists, drunkards, gluttons and slave drivers, bearing no resemblance to God.

Again, one can go on ad infinitum. However, I will conclude with a couple of quotes from Our Lord Himself:

Whoever does not honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent Him.

He that heareth you heareth me; and he that despiseth you despiseth me; and he that despiseth me despiseth him that sent me.

Heavens, what more does one need… To say of God that he is merely a “prophet” isn't being nice, it's being blasphemous, it is being insulting to God. It is a blaspheming, and therefore despising, of the Son that can only be, ipso facto, despising of the Father. You can't just say:” the Son and Holy Ghost I refuse; but I'll get the Father, thank you so much….”

Therefore, Muslims despise not only the Son and the Holy Ghost. They despise the Father, too!




Keep Dreaming, Nuncio.

"The Bad Shepherd", Peter Bruegel The Younger.

If you ask me, only one of the two can be true:

1) some people live on the moon.

2) some people find it convenient to talk as if they did.

The latest example is the utter lack of realism in the Christian-Muslim “dialogue”. The naivety of his most ardent proponents it even surpasses the “ecumenical” process a’ la ARCIC.

A beautiful example of this delirious mentality is the (thankfully) retired nuncio of the Vatican for several Muslim countries, El-Hacheb. The chap seems to live in that beautiful world in which children start to march all together for world peace and behold, it becomes a reality. Among the measures our chap would like to see more seriously implemented are schools filled with Catholics and Muslims. Let us mix all together, ponders the man. That in this way a serious Catholic teaching becomes impossible (because it makes the occasion of conflicts even nearer) doesn’t seem to worry him as his implied solution seem to be to dilute Catholicism to make place for “diversity”. Catholics will become a little more Muslim, and Muslim will become not one bit more Catholic but hey, it sounds so good.

This ecu-maniacal thinking is deluded because it starts from the assumption that if Christian and Muslim would only know each other better, they would avoid being in conflict. This is more than naive, this is outright moronic and the fruit of total disregard of the simple reality under the sun.
Christians and Muslims have been living together in several countries for many centuries now; the idea that conflicts be caused by not knowing what the other thinks is more than outlandish and the fruit of the same delusion which has caused the creation of that other child dream made expensive reality, the United Nations; namely, the thinking that just because people talk, wars stop happening.

Christians and Muslims fight each other because they know each other good enough, not because they don’t. The real facts the ecu-maniacal sissies do not want to understand (or conveniently pretend not to understand) is that Christianity will never be compatible with Islam, and Islam will never be compatible with Christianity.

Besides being theologically incompatible, an even bigger obstacle is that they are both expansive: both want to convert the world, an exercise in which – say – Jews and Buddhists are not interested in the least. The reasons of conflicts between Christianity and Islam is built-in in the way both religion work, and no amount of daydreaming and wishful thinking will ever change an iota in that. Christianity and Islam can, at best, avoid actual war and they actually do it most of the time. But even that might not be possible, or not be expedient and this is another reality conveniently forgotten nowadays.

But then again, the former nuncio also wishes for summer camps where the young of both religion meet and spend some day together, which gives you the measure of his detachment from reality. Muslim parents sending their daughters in a holiday camp with Christian boys? “That will be the day”, I hear the Duke saying…..

The simple fact is that for too long the pretension of childish dreams of “peace” has been conveniently used to mask cowardice; that ecu-maniacal efforts and fantasies of “dialogue” have been used to disguise the unwillingness to become vocal and aggressive in defending Christians in predominantly Muslims countries; that the fundamental nature of the conflict between Christianity and Islam makes the end of such a conflict utterly unrealistic; that only a moron can give any credibility to a “dialogue” with members of a religion which allows them to lie to further its interests.

It is high time that we stop burying our head in the sand, abandon the convenient blindness of political correctness – what is political correctness if not the demand that one be blind, lest he be offended by what is plain to see? – and start to hammer into the heads of the Christians that Islam and Christianity are fundamentally incompatible and there is no place for any coexistence of the two. Not from a theological point of view (because we must work to convert the whole world, not to convert the non-Muslim one) and not from a practical one (because Islam has the same ideas we have, and there’s only one planet to convert).

This conflict is here to stay. It is inherent in the way the two religion work. Nothing short of the eventual defeat of Islam will change it.
We need to wake up to this elementary truth.


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