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Canada: Gaystapo Wants To Recruit Children

I have written some time ago about the Gaystapo activity in Canada. A new and not surprising development in that country is the new initiative of the Canadian Prime Minister Christy Clark (a kind of Pelosi without the botox; at least she doesn’t pretend to be Catholic) meant to mobilise children into that kind of behaviour for which homosexualists are best known.  

The operation is – besides being disgusting, and cloaked under the convenient excuse of the “bullying” – the obvious consequence of the Gaystapo ideology so well represented by Ms Clark. If you click the article, you’ll find a couple of example of involuntarily funny examples of liberalese, with words like “heteronormativity” sprinkled around with liberality worthy of a drunken lesbian.

More explicit is the Prime Minister herself, who says plainly she sees a need to “change our culture”, that is: that Christian (and pre-Christian) environment by which “heteronormativity” is defined as expectation of normal (as in: normal) behaviour, and disgust in front of abominations.

We will see the end of this craze as we have seen the end of communism, and environmental madness, and I would not want to be the young-ish politician who, when normality sets in and the vast majority starts to impose decency again, will be mocked for decades to come with his support for sodomy and otherwise sexually perverted behaviour.

But no doubt the sooner the majority wakes up, the better for everyone.


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